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U.S. Army Garrison Daegu

Father & Son Adventure Night Grilling, games, and DJ Dez

20 June at the ECC

JUNE 2014

BOSS Brings on Summer with a Beach Blast and B-B-Q Back Cover & Page 6

“Paws to Read” USAG Daegu Library Summer Reading Program kicks off 21 June

U.S. ARMY GARRISON DAEGU Jim M. Bradford Commander, USAG Daegu CSM Michael E. Diggs, Sr. Command Sergeant Major William E. Christman Deputy to the Garrison Commander Robert Lattanzi Acting Director, Family & Morale, Welfare and Recreation

The FMWR Outlook is a monthly publication of USAG Daegu Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the information in this publication, please call the FMWR Marketing Branch at 768-7563, email to or visit us at building S-1211 (room #221) on Camp Henry. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. The appearance of commercial sponsors or advertisers in this publication does not constitute an endorsement from USAG Daegu or the DoD.

2 FMWR Outlook

TABLE OF CONTENTS Date of Issue JUNE 2014 Published by USAG Daegu FMWR Marketing


FMWR Directory Facilities/Additional Activities



2014 Liberty Fest




Camp Henry Army Community Service


Camp Carroll Army Community Service


FMWR online event calendar


How to stay in touch


Camp Walker Evergreen Golf Course


Camp Walker Evergreen Community Club


Camp Walker Hilltop Club


Camp Henry, Henry’s Place


Camp Carroll Hideaway Club






Camp Henry Auto Skills


Commercial Sponsorship Opportunities


Camp Walker Arts & Crafts Center


Camp Walker Community Activity Center


Camp Carroll Community Activity Center


“TITANS” House Band Schedules


Camp Walker Bowling Center


Camp Carroll Bowling Center


Child Youth & School Services


Camp Walker Kelly Fitness Center


Camp Henry Fit-To-Win Center


Swimming Pools


Camp Carroll Fitness Center


Bus Schedules


Business Operations Division (BOD) KN Holiday Operation Hours


AAFES Movies Schedules


Daegu American Red Cross


USAG Daegu Community Fair

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BOSS Beach Blast

Laurel Baek Marketing Director DSN 768-7563 (off post 053-470-7563) Email Pae, Yun Su Marketing Illustrator DSN 768-7661 Email Pak, Won Kyu Marketing Illustrator DSN 768-7472 Email

The FMWR Outlook magazine is printed monthly and distributed free to thousands of Service Members and civilians throughout the Area IV communities. Find out how to advertise your business or special event, call 768-7563 (053-470-7563) for advertising rates and publication deadlines.

FMWR Outlook 3

Directory of FMWR Facilities Camp Henry / Camp Walker DFMWR DAEGU Camp Henry, Building T-1211, Room 219 DSN: 768-7939 Mon – Fri: 0800-1700 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed NAF SUPPORT DIVISION DSN: 768-7588 / Mon-Fri: 0800-1700 Sat, Sun & US Holiday: Closed GARRISON ISO BRANCH Camp Henry, Building T-1211, Room 202 DSN: 768-7001 / 768-8850 Mon-Fri: 0800-1700 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT BRANCH (FMB) Camp Henry, Building T-1211, Room 204 DSN: 768-8123 / Mon-Fri: 0800-1700 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed SERVICES BRANCH Camp Henry, Building 1712 / 2FL DSN: 768-7572 / Mon-Fri: 0800-1700 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE (ACS) Camp Henry, Building T-1103 DSN: 768-7112 / Mon-Fri: 0800-1700 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed COMMUNITY RECREATION DIVISION (CRD) Camp Walker, Building S-335 DSN: 764-4432/ Mon-Fri: 0800-1700 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed Kelly Fitness Center, Camp Walker DSN: 764-4800/4225 Mon-Wed & Fri: 0500-2100 / Thu: 0600-2100 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: 1000-1800 Indoor Pool, Camp Walker / DSN: 764-3873 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 0600-1900 Thu, Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed Outdoor Pool, Camp Walker / DSN:764-4553 Wed-Mon: 1000-1900 Tue; Closed Fit-To-Win Center, Camp Henry / DSN: 768-6604 Mon-Wed & Fri: 0500-2000 / Thu, 0600-2000 Sat & US Holidays: 1000-1800 Sun: Closed 4 FMWR Outlook

Community Activity Center, Camp Walker DSN: 764-4123 / Mon-Sun: 1100-2000 Entertainment, Camp Walker DSN: 764-4440 Mon-Fri: 0800-1700 / Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed Library, Camp Walker / DSN: 764-4318 Wed-Mon: 1000-2000 / Tue: Closed Arts & Crafts Center, Camp Walker DSN: 764-5692 Wed-Sun: 1100-2000 / Mon & Tue: Closed Auto Crafts, Camp Henry / DSN: 768-8164 Tue-Fri: 1000-1900 / Sat, Sun: 0900-1800 Mon: Closed BUSINESS OPERATIONS DIVISION (BOD) Camp Henry, Building T-1211, Room 221 DSN: 768-7716 / Mon-Fri: 0800-1700 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed Evergreen Club, Camp Walker / DSN: 764-4060 Breakfast: Sat 0700-1100 / Sun 0700-1000 Lunch: Mon-Sat, 1100-1330 Dinner: Tue-Sat 1700-2030 Sunday Brunch: 1000-1400 Gazebo: Fri-Sun & US Holidays, 1200-1700 Henry’s Place, Camp Henry / DSN: 768-7300 Lunch: Mon-Fri, 1100-1330 Dinner: Wed-Sat, 1700-2030 Bar Open: Wed-Thu, 1630-2100 / Fri-Sat: 1630-2200 Sundays, U.S. & KN Holidays: Closed Henry’s Game Room Mon-Fr: 1100-1500 / Wed-Thu: 1630-2100 / Fri-Sat:1630-2200 Hilltop Club, Camp Walker / DSN: 764-4985 Mon-Thu & US Holidays: 1630-2200 Fri: 1630-0200 / Sat: 1200-0200 / Sun: 1200-2200 Game Room opens at 1100 Mon-Fri Evergreen Golf Course, Camp Walker DSN: 764-4601 / Mon-Sun: 0530-1830 Halfway House: 0830-1730 Driving Range: 0700-1730 Evergreen Pro Shop, Camp Walker / DSN: 764-4628 Mon-Sun & US Holidays: 0700-1700 Bowling Center, Camp Walker / DSN: 764-4334 Lanes, Game Room & Beverages: Mon, 1630-2100 / US Holidays, 1130-2100 Wed-Thu, 1630-2100 / Fri, 1630-2300 Sat, 1130-2300 / Sun, 1130-2100 Snack Bar: Mon, 1630-2030 / US Holidays, 1130-2030 Wed-Thu, 1630-2030 / Fri, 1630-2200 Sat, 1130-2200 / Sun 1130-2030 / Tue: Closed

Directory of FMWR Facilities Camp Walker / Camp Henry

Camp Carroll

CHILD, YOUTH & SCHOOL SERVICES (CYSS) Camp Walker, Building S-257 DSN: 764-5298 Mon-Fri: 0900-1800 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed

Army Community Service, Camp Carroll DSN: 765-7900 Apple Blossom Cottage (ACS, Cp Carroll) DSN: 765-7049 Mon-Fri: 0800-1700 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed

Child Development Center, Camp Walker DSN: 764-4834 Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri: 0530-1800 Thu: 0615-1800 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed School Age Service, Camp Walker DSN 764-5072 / 764-5297 Mon-Fri: 1400-1800 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed Middle School / Teen Center, Camp Walker DSN: 764-5721 Mon-Fri: 1400-1900 Sat: 1300-1900 Sun & US Holidays: Closed Youth Sports, Camp Walker DSN: 764-4859 Mon-Fri: 1300-1700 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed School Liaison Service, Camp Walker DSN: 764-5702 Mon-Fri: 0815-1715 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed

Community Activity Center, Camp Carroll DSN: 765-7484 Open 7 Days a Week: 1100-2000 Hideaway Club, Camp Carroll DSN: 765-8574 Cashier Cage & Game Room Tue-Thu: 1100-2300 / Fri: 1100-0200 / Sat: 13000200 / US Holidays: 1700-2300 Snack Bar Tue-Thu: 1700-2100 / Fri: 1630-0130 / Sat: 17000130 / US Holidays: 1700-2300 Sun & Mon: Closed Bowling Center, Camp Carroll DSN: 765-4470 Sun-Thu & US Holidays: 1100-2200 Fri & Sat: 1100-2300 Snack Bar Closed Mon-Fri: 1330-1700 Cactus Jack’s Dining Room Mon-Fri, 1100-1300 Wed-Sat: 1630-2100 (Dinner) Library, Camp Carroll / DSN: 765-8407 Thu-Tue: 1200-1900 Wed: Closed

Cable TV, Camp Walker DSN: 764-5596 Mon-Sat: 0800-1700 Sun: Closed

Fitness Center, Camp Carroll / DSN: 765-8287 Mon-Wed & Fri: 0500-2100 Thu: 0600-2100 Sat, Sun & US Holidays: 1000-1800

Army Lodging, Camp Walker DSN: 764-5536 Mon-Sun & US Holidays Open 24 hrs. 7 Days a Week

Indoor Pool, Camp Carroll / DSN: 765-7708 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 0600-0900 Thu, Sat, Sun & US Holidays: Closed

Veterinary Clinic, Camp Walker DSN: 764-4858 Mon-Wed & Fri: 0900-1600 Tue, Sat & Sun & US Holidays: Closed Apple Tree Gift Shop, Camp Walker DSN: 764-5641 Wed & Thu: 1100-1600 1st & 3rd Sat: 1000-1500 (2nd & 4th Sat: Closed) Mon, Tue, Fri & US Holidays: Closed

Outdoor Pool, Camp Carroll / DSN: 765-4274 Tue-Sun: 1100-1900 Mon: Closed Army Lodging, Camp Carroll DSN: 765-7722 / Mon-Sun & US Holidays Open 24 hrs. 7 Days a Week

“Making A Difference” FMWR Outlook 5

July 4th in front of the Camp Walker Exchange / 1400-2100



Private Organizations wishing to participate may contact Darryl Chandler or Sarah Garcia at 764-4432.

6 FMWR Outlook

BOSS 3rd Annual

Music & B-B-Q Festival at Mr. Seo’s Plum Farm Free Transportation Contact your BOSS rep for details FREE Dinner Music Special Guest Sponsored by

Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) BOSS Meetings Camp Henry/Walker Meeting Wednesdays, 1000 at the Camp Walker CAC Camp Carroll Meeting Wednesdays, 1330 at the Camp Carroll CAC

BOSS Coordinator SGT Freeman, Arie Office phone: 764-4426 email:

Walker/Henry President SPC Mark Schriever 010-2166-9558 Email: Carroll President SPC Rich, Brian 010-5770-4298 email: FMWR Outlook 7

Saturday, 7 June

$10 due at sign up! 35,000 won due the day of the trip Depart from Camp Walker CAC at 0900 and Camp Carroll CAC at 1000 Splash in the water and soak up some sunshine! Your ticket to the water park also includes 5 FREE rides at the amusement park (GyeongJu World)

44 slots available for single and unaccompanied Soldiers. Contact your unit BOSS representative or SPC Archie-010-2783-3046 8 FMWR Outlook

Scream Free Training the Trainer

Scream Free Training for Parents

5-6 June, 0830-1630, Camp Henry ACS Training Room

5 June, 1000-1130 Camp Henry ACS Multipurpose Room

Please call 768-8090 to sign up. Space is limited (20). FMWR Outlook 9

Spouse Orientation 2014 Camp Walker/Camp Henry Dates: June 12/13 & 26/27 August 7/8 & 21/22

July 10/11 & 24/25 September 4/5 & 18/19

Time: 0900-1500 (both day 1 and day 2) Location: Camp Walker Chapel Sanctuary (day 1, mandatory) Camp Henry ACS Classroom (day 2, optional) Day 1

Families will be picked up at 0800 in front of the Camp Carroll CAC Briefing time: 0900-1200 at the Camp Walker Chapel Sanctuary Lunch/windshield tour: 1200-1400 (ECC, George and Henry) Completion: 1500 – Camp Carroll CAC Day 2

Shuttle offered from Camp Carroll to Camp Henry -Child Care is available when attending this event!Must be registered with parent central to use child care

Orientation is mandatory for spouses to receive a ration plate Dates are subject to change due to mission requirements POC: Relocation Assistance Program Manager

DSN 768-8130 / Cell 0503-368-8130

10 FMWR Outlook

Organization Point of Contact (OPOC) VMIS Training Become an OPOC for your volunteer organization. Learn how to manage volunteers in VMIS. 10 June, 0930-1100 Theater Reception: Newcomers Orientation 10 & 24 June, 1000-1500, Camp Henry Movie Theater Mandatory Personal Financial Management Training for First Term Soldiers This class teaches how to develop a personal budget; recognize signs of financial trouble and where to get assistance; the importance of credit; how to establish a savings account, emergency savings and long term savings; how to make the best consumer decisions; how to plan for large purchases; and how to plan insurance needs on life, auto, personal property, and home. 11 June, 1000-1600, Every Second Wednesday, ACS Class Room Mandatory Commander/ SNCO Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Briefing Covers FAP, definitions of abuse, senior leaders’ roles and responsibilities, reporting POC, Area IV trends, and services available to combat abuse. Class satisfies initial and recurring training requirements for unit commanders and senior NCOs. 12 June, 1000-1200, Camp Henry ACS, FAP Training Room

ACS, CAMP HENRY (Bldg. T-1103) / 768-7112

FMWR Outlook 11

Understand Your FICO Score This class teaches you what a credit score is, how credit score is determined and how to improve or maintain a good credit score. Bring your computer and you can access your FICO score for FREE. This class is open for Active Duty Service Members and their spouses. Limited to 15 participants per class. Registration is required. Call 768-7112 to register. 18 June, 1300-1400 or 1600-1700, ACS Class Room Real Life Management (RLM) Marriage Series with CH Cook (This is a continuous four part session) RLM uses a tool that measures an individual's attitudes and decision-making tendencies in the areas of relationships, finances, health and other behavioral choices. The system is built around the administration of a"3-Minute Survey." The training will discuss the attitude patterns of people, needs, and stress and distress choices. 9,16, 23, & 30 June, Chapel Annex, Camp Walker Each session is 1700-1900 (meals provided and space limited) Family Member Resiliency Training 20 June, 0900-1200, Camp Henry ACS Classroom Newcomer Subway Tour 21 June, 0915-1530, Camp Walker Lodge Sponsorship Training Become a qualified Sponsor or spouse sponsor, and learn the ins and outs of sponsorship in Area IV. Qualified Sponsors are vital to the successful reception of incoming Soldiers. To be an effective sponsor, you must know what is expected of you and where to find the information incoming Soldiers are likely to request. All this information is provided monthly during Sponsorship Training at Camp Henry ACS. Training is short, informative and open to all active duty soldiers and spouses. 23 June, 1400-1500, Camp Henry ACS Conference Room Money Management This class teaches you how to manage your personal finance. 25 June, 1300-1430, every fourth Wednesday, ACS Classroom Army Family Team Building (AFTB) L Level Participants expand leadership skills, effective communication techniques and mentorship skills by taking the training modules. They also learn about the different leadership styles, how to run an effective meeting, how to manage group conflict and how to coach and mentor others. 30 June, 0900-1600, Camp Henry ACS Classroom 12 FMWR Outlook

ACS, CAMP HENRY (Bldg. T-1103) / 768-7112 Intermediate Korean Language Class The intermediate Korean class is for students who have advanced from the basic Korean Class. Class helps students to further develop their Korean speaking skills by learning to properly construct and speak sentences. Every Monday and Thursday, 1200-1300, Camp Henry ACS Conference Room Basic Korean Language Class Class is an introduction to the Korean language and aimed at helping nonKoreans learn how to pronounce, write and read the Korean alphabet along with learning a few basic Korean words. Every Tuesday and Friday, 1200-1300, Camp Henry ACS Classroom English as a Second Language (ESL) Class Classes are designed to help foreign born service members & spouses develop their English language skills with the help of sentence structure and conversation. Every Wednesday, 1600-1700, Camp Henry ACS Conference Room Craft Class - Hanji This class is for the beginner: Participants will make a small project with precut hardboard and colored Hanji. Also, learn how to make rice glue that will be used on the Hanji craft. Every Thursday, 1330-1530, Camp Henry ACS Conference Room Prescreening for School Lunch Program (Free and Reduced) Bring your most recent LES. No appointment is needed. For more information contact the Financial Readiness Program Manager at 768-7112.

GET Your FICO Credit Score (FREE) Available FREE of charge to all active duty service members and their spouses. Contact the Financial Readiness Program at 768-8127 or 768-7112 for an appointment FMWR Outlook 13

Paid advertisement

14 FMWR Outlook

ACS, CAMP CARROLL (Bldg. S-998) / 765-7900 Theater Reception: Newcomers Orientation 3 & 17 June, 1000-1500, Camp Carroll Movie Theater

Organization Point of Contact (OPOC) VMIS Training 5 June, 1000-1130 Become an OPOC for your volunteer organization. Learn how to manage volunteers in VMIS Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) Training 5 June, 1330-1500, Camp Carroll ACS Classroom Labor & Delivery Workshop: Find out what really happens during labor and delivery. Learn how to recognize the signs and stages of labor and get an overview of pain management techniques. 12 June, 1000-1200, Camp Carroll ACS EFMP Celebrates, “Summer is Here� 13 June, 1000-1400, Camp Carroll ACS Baby Basics Class: Learn about newborn appearance, making the choice to breast or bottle feed, diapering, bathing, sleeping and lots more. 19 June, 1000-1200, Camp Carroll ACS Recipe Exchange Serves as a way for military spouses to come together and share food ideas. Dishes are brought in by each spouse for everyone to sample and share recipes. 20 June, 1130-1300, Camp Carroll ACS Kitchen Water Safety Training June 23, 0900-1030, Obong Lake. Sign up at ACS. Infant Safety Get answers to common questions about baby safety. Sponsored by the Family Advocacy Program 26 June, 1000-1200, Camp Carroll ACS Spouse Group Meeting & Birthday Celebration June 27, 1330-1530, Camp Carroll ACS Lounge Hanji Class This class is for beginners who are interested in Hanji Craft Every Monday, 1000-1130, Camp Carroll ACS Training Room

FMWR Outlook 15

ACS, CAMP CARROLL (Bldg. S-998) / 765-7900 English as a Second Language (ESL) Class ESL classes are aimed at helping foreign born service members and spouses develop their English language skills with the help of sentence structures and conversation. Every Monday, 1000-1130, Camp Carroll ACS Conference Room Korean Language Class (Advanced) Helps develop Korean speaking skills with an entire class devoted to speaking Korean and focusing mainly on sentence structure. This class is for those who have advanced from the basic and intermediate classes. Classes are held once a week over the span of 8 weeks or more as needed. Every Monday, 1400-1530, Camp Carroll ACS Conference Room Dakjongi Doll Making Class Dakjongi Doll class, a beautiful Korean art, consists of making the frame of the dolls and wrapping them with Korean Hanji paper until the shape and design are completed. The class is designed for students who want to experience Korean culture and art with a brief historical explanation of the art and what each chosen design means in Korean culture. Classes are held over a period of 12 weeks. Every Wednesday (4, 11 & 18 June, 1000-1130), ACS Conference Room KN Military Communication Service Classes are held to help Korean military and civilian personnel employed by the U.S. Army who want or need to improve their English speaking abilities. Through learning pronunciation, sentence structure, and conversation, students develop better English speaking abilities and can better communicate with Americans. Classes are held twice each week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays, 1000-1130 / Fridays, 1330-1500, Camp Carroll ACS Conference Room

Playgroup For parents and children (ages 0-4), with a focus on stress management for moms. Every Tuesday, 1000-1200, Camp Carroll ACS FCC Room Computer Class Computer classes are designed to help students master the Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Students learn the fundamentals of Windows and how to use Windows application programs and basic computer structure. Every Tuesday, 1030-1200, Camp Carroll ACS AKO Room English Conversation Class This class is for foreign born spouses and family members who need to improve their English comprehension and speaking skills. Every Wednesday, 1330-1500, Camp Carroll ACS Training Room 16 FMWR Outlook

ACS, CAMP CARROLL (Bldg. S-998) / 765-7900 Korean Language Class (Basic) The basic Korean class is an introduction to the Korean language with its aim to help non Korean speakers learn how to pronounce, write and read the Korean alphabet along with learning a few basic Korean words. Classes are held over the span of 8 weeks. Every Wednesday, 1330-1500, Camp Carroll ACS Conference Room Korean Language Class (Intermediate) The intermediate Korean class is for students who have advanced from the basic Korean class. The intermediate Korean classes help students to further develop their Korean speaking skills by learning to properly construct and speak sentences. Classes are held over the span of 8 weeks. Every Friday, 1000-1130, ACS Conference Room Quilting Class: Every Friday, 1000-1130, Camp Carroll Conference Room Oriental Art Class Classes consist of students who have advanced from calligraphy class and will now learn to paint traditional black and white oriental art using black stone ink and oriental art brushes. Every Friday, 1330-1500, ACS Conference Room Free Credit Score & Analysis Check you free FICO® credit scores—and the educational information and tools in the FICO Standard product—available free of charge to eligible active duty service members and their spouses. For appointment, please call 768-8127

FMWR Outlook 17

The Ultimate Information Tool for Tracking What’s Happening in FMWR 30, 60, 90, 120 Days Out and More! Download a FREE “QR reader” from your Apps Store and Scan the code – then save to Favorites!



•Find out what’s happening in FMWR on A DAILY BASIS. •FILTER ACTIVITIES BY CATEGORY OR LOCATION (i.e. if you only want club info, choose clubs under the “Select Category” dropdown. If you only want ACS, choose Army Community Service from the “Select Location” dropdown). •Click on the event to get a pop-up box with more details – you can even SEND YOURSELF EMAIL REMINDERS or share the event on your Facebook! •Use the calendar to help plan your own organization events. •Get school liaison information about DAS and DHS. 18 FMWR Outlook

How to stay in touch with what’s happening in Daegu USAG Daegu Facebook:

FMWR Facebook:!/fmwr.daegu “Friend” us

Looking for community information? •Pick up a copy of the FMWR Outlook magazine (AAFES Movie Schedule and Bus Schedules are also included) •Find the Outlook magazine online at (search “FMWR Outlook” or scan the QR code on the cover) •Listen to AFN Daegu radio at FM 88.5 (FMWR Marketing and Activity Managers share the air, and AFN Daegu posts FMWR activities and events on their Facebook) •Pick up a copy of the weekly Morning Calm Newspaper •Check out the banners on Camps Walker, Henry, and Carroll •Turn on the Command Channel (Ch. #3 – closed circuit). To place an ad, email: . •Look for posters and flyers in FMWR facilities •Contact your FRG Leader •“Friend” the DHS Facebook at “DoDEA Daegu High School” •Visit the Daegu American School website at (DAS) at •Send and receive “Hot Apple” community information emails. Email: (watch for our FMWR weekly Morale Update on the Hot Apple) •Check out the Stars & Stripes “PStripes” for upcoming USAG Daegu events •Ask any FMWR Customer Service Representative •Online calendar for public viewing! Get the complete FMWR annual event list in one location. FMWR Outlook 19

Pro Shop Father’s Day SALE 13-14 June Free Golf Lessons 14 & 28 June, 1000-1130

Golf Course: 764-4601 Pro Shop: 764-4628

Free Golf Clinic 20 June, 1730-1830 7 Days a Week 0530-1830 (Golf Shop 0530-1900 (Driving Range)

- Pro Shop / 9-Holes / Driving Range -

Welcome to FGTO! Would you like to sell your household goods or your POV? Under the SOFA agreement, we are the only authorized means for you to sell your duty free items in Korea. We will give you advice and appraisals on all of your unwanted items. We can be of great assistance to you. Please do not hesitate to call your local Foreign Goods Transaction Office (FGTO) for any advice or questions. We are here for you! Paid Advertisement

Foreign Goods Transaction Branch Offices Area Covered

FGTO Branch

Phone #

Area Covered

FGTO Branch

Phone #

Area I

Dongduchun Camp Casey Bldg #1709

(DSN) 730-6685 (Com) 031-869-6685

Area IV

Daegu Camp Henry Bldg S-1320

(DSN) 768-8874 (Com) 053-470-8874

Area II

Yongsan Camp Kim Bldg #1241

(DSN) 724-4371-(3) (Com) 02-797-5203

Area VI

Kunsan AB Bldg #1104

(DSN) 782-4811 (Com) 063-470-4811

Area III

Osan AB Bldg #806

(Com) 031-611-7474

“El Diablo” Style Friday, 6 June, 1300 (Shotgun start) Open to all authorized golf course users. Four-person teams (form your own team) Format: 1st six holes – one best – ball 764-4601 2nd six holes – scramble rd 3 six holes – alternate shot Entry Fee: $25 plus applicable fees Entry fee includes the following Meal following play Longest drive (men’s & women’s) contest Closest to the pin contest Door prize giveaway following play Pro shop gift certificates for top teams NO HANDICAP REQUIRED! MULLIGANS? NO SUCH THING! Start signing up your team today! FMWR Outlook 21

EVERGREEN COMMUNITY CLUB / 764-4060 Located in the Camp Walker Evergreen Community Club overlooking the 1st Fairway (Entrance on the golf side)

BREAKFAST Sat & US Hol: 0700-1100 Sun: 0700-1000 SUNDAY BRUNCH 1000-1400

LUNCH Mon-Sat: 1100-1330

DINNER Tue-Sat; 1700-2030

To enhance your dining experience, Legends respectfully requests that groups of 6 or more call ahead for a reservation.

Join us at Bogey’s for a Night of

RELAX at Bogey’s Wed-Sat, 1700-until 764-4060

“TRY IT” Night

FUN & GAMES with

22 FMWR Outlook

We will provide fabric markers and snacks.

Graffiti &

Thursdays at Bogey’s Come in and enjoy different complimentary snacks, music, games, and friends!

All guests wear a light color tee-shirt.


Friday 27 June, 1900 Evergreen Club

EVERGREEN COMMUNITY CLUB / 764-4060 The Evergreen Community Club would like to introduce the lead in our kitchen,

Chef Yi, Chong Min Evergreen Sunday Brunch 1000-1400 in the Ballroom SOFA guests are invited to make brunch reservations by calling 764-4060

Father & Son Adventure Night

The Evergreen Community Club presents the first Father & Son Adventure Night! The adventure starts at 1800 hours with grill your own steaks, burgers, and dogs . The BBQ will be accompanied by fun and games until 2130 hours. DJ Dez will be on hand pumping out the party tunes.

20 June, 1800-2130 Join us at Legends on the 14th & 28th of June for Steak & All-You-Can-Eat Crab Leg Nights! The meal includes a 10oz Ribeye Steak, all the Crab Legs you can eat, hush puppies, baked potato bar, Legends salad bar, and dessert for $37.95 We are offering a 15% discount on all parties over 10 people. Reservations are highly recommended! FMWR Outlook 23


2-for-1 Steak for Dads $19.95 10% OFF For Dads

Father’s Day Brunch Sunday, 15 June 1000 at the Evergreen Club Reservations highly recommended!



Evergreen Community Club 764-4060

Legends Lunch Special Fridays, all day Enjoy Our Fish Special: $10.95 Meal includes fried catfish, mixed greens, homemade macaroni & cheese, cornbread and sweet tea.

Legends Dinner Specials Tuesday Nights, 1700-2030 King & Queen Prime Rib Dinner King’s 12oz Prime Rib: $21.95 / Queen’s 8oz Prime Rib: $15.95 Dine on a delicious prime rib dinner that includes a salad, nonalcoholic beverage of choice and dinner rolls. A la carte menu available.

Thursday Nights, 1700-2030 All-You-Can-Eat Sirloin Steak Buffet: $21.95 Get a 15% discount on parties of 10 people or more. Meal includes sirloin steak, two vegetables and starches, dinner roll, and Legends limited potato and salad bar with dessert.

Legends would like

to request that on parties of 6 persons or more please call ahead for a reservation to ensure table and space is prepared to enhance your dining experience.

“Backspin” (AKA The Gazebo) is NOW OPEN! Stop by to quench your thirst and enjoy the patio. A limited food menu is also available. Hours of operation will depend on customer participation throughout the month of June. FMWR Outlook 25

Camp Walker Hilltop Club 764-4985

4 June: CLUB CLOSED for maintenance Please join us for dinner at “Legends” in the Evergreen Club Mondays, 1700-2100 Beef & Burgundy All-You-Can Eat Buffet: $16.95 (No takeout)


Tuesdays, 1700-2100 2-4-1 Ribeye Steak Dinner: $21.95 Wednesdays, 1700-2000 Naked Chicken Wing Night; 30-cents per ounce


Thursdays, 1700-2100 All-You-Can Eat Pizza & Pasta Buffet: $12.95 (No takeout) Fridays, 1700-2000 Chicken & Shrimp Stir Fry with Steamed Rice: $10.95


Saturdays, 1700-2100 Rotisserie Chicken (New Item): Full Bird: $12.95 / ½ Bird: $6.95

Thursdays Sundays, 1230-2100 Large Pizza (Supreme, Vegetable, Pepperoni or Hawaiian): $11.95 Beverages sold separately! Fridays

Game Room / Mon-Fri, 1100 Free fountain beverage for players! 26 FMWR Outlook



Sundays 1230-2100 Supreme, Vegetable, Pepperoni or Hawaiian

FMWR Outlook 27

Camp Walker Hilltop Club Hillbilly Night with C&W Music We supply the hats! You have the fun! 6 June, 2000-0130 Latino Night w/Limbo Contest 13 June, 2100-0130 / Door prizes! Salsa Bachata Merengue Hilltop Club Reggaeton


R&B & Hip-Hop

Ladies Night with D.J. Cadi 20 June, 2100-0130 Door prizes! Soul Train Night 27 June, 2100-0130 Door prizes! 28 FMWR Outlook

Hilltop Club

C&W Block Party & Pig Roast Mechanical Bull Riding Dancing Contest & Games Door prizes! / Margarita Special $5

28 June / 1700-0100

Roast Pig 1700-2000

Rotisserie Chicken is also available. Ask your server for details!

FMWR Outlook 29

20% OFF

Dad’s only

Father’s Day / 9 June / 1700 Monster T-Bone Steak

Paid advertisement

30 FMWR Outlook

Henry’s Place 768-7300

The Bar Is Open! Show off your vocal talents every Saturday at Henry’s from 2000-2300. Enjoy our complimentary snacks and sing a few lines, or just spend a fun evening with friends. FMWR Outlook 31

Monday-Friday, 1100-1330

Lunch Special “A or B” A ( $9.95) / B ($8.95) Beverages are included.

Monday-Friday, 1100-1330 Daily Lunch Special

10oz Ribeye Steak: $11 French Fries / Vegetable / Baked Beans / Roll / Ice Tea & Lemonade

Henry’s Place / 768-7300 Wednesdays at Henry’s Place/768-7300

Texas Hold ‘em

Weekly Winners -1st $75 / 2nd $50 / 3rd next week buy-in. -Points are awarded each week. -After 8 weeks the top 9 point earners from the weekly tournaments play for 1st $500 / 2nd $300 / 3rd $200. 32 FMWR Outlook

Sign in at 1800 Game begins at 1830 Must have12 people to play. Poker tournament with a complimentary meal.

Henry’s Place 768-7300

Dining Specials

4 & 6 June Club CLOSED for Korean Holiday

Wednesdays, 1700-2000 Enjoy our Catfish Special $8.95 Includes green salad, fried catfish, baked potato, vegetable, dinner roll w/butter. Beverages sold separately.

Thursdays, 1700-2000 Turn n’ Burn Grill-Your-Own-Steak NY Steak (10oz): $11 Ribeye Steak (10oz): $11 T-Bone Steak (16oz): $16.95 Beverages sold separately.

Fridays, 1700-2000 Fried Chicken Gizzards with French Fries: $4.95 Free Snacks

Wed & Fri, 1730-1830

FMWR Outlook 33

Check out our NEW SNACK BAR Menu & Bartender’s Drink Specials! 4 & 6 June Hideaway Club opens at 1700 for the Korean Holiday

Camp Carroll Hideaway Club / 765-8574 Live Band “TITANS” Every Wednesday, 1830-2130

Featuring “Show Your Talent” If you think you can hang with a professional band then come on by and “Show Your Talent” by either singing or playing drums, guitar or keyboard.

“TITANS” Happy Birthday US Army Sat, 7 June, 2100 Food & Music!

Father’s Day BBQ & Manicure Sat, 14 June, 1900 $10 per person! 34 FMWR Outlook

Live Band “TITANS” Every Friday, 2000-2400 House DJ, 2400-0200 (Top 40/R&B Complementary snacks at 2000 Salsa & R&B (Your request) House DJ Big Easy & Al 7 Every Saturday, 2100-0200

Every Thursday Camp Carroll Hideaway Club 765-8574 Sign in at 1800 Game begins at 1830 Weekly Winners: 1st

Poker tournament with a complimentary meal!

$75 / $50 / 3rd next week buy-in. Points are awarded each week. After 8 weeks the top 9 point earners from the weekly tournaments play for 1st $500 2nd $300 / 3rd $200

The Hideaway Club has TV’s with the latest programming, cool and very refreshing beverages, a snack bar, music, and pool table. It’s the perfect place to get with friends and relax! Planning a party? Want to make it into an event? Need a location to hold it? Stop by and speak with the Hideaway Club staff so they can make your party into something special! We do promotions, hail and farewells, birthdays, and receptions! If you’re looking to do something unique … please contact, Mr. Mark McIntosh at 765-8574 to make an appointment so he can personally assist with your party planning.


Hideaway Club Music & DJ Schedules Tuesday & Thursday, 1700-2300. Classic Rock Wednesdays, 1830-2130 “Titans” House Band Show your talent Friday, 2000-2400 “Titans” House Band Friday, 2400-0200 Top 40 & R&B (House DJ) Saturday, 2100-0200 Salas & R&B Music (House DJ) FMWR Outlook 35

FMWR Outlook 36 36 FMWR Outlook 36

FMWR Outlook 37

38 FMWR Outlook

FMWR Outlook 39


Put it on

40 FMWR Outlook

Auto Skills, Camp Henry 768-8164 (Bldg S-1415) / Tue-Fri, 1000-1900 Sat-Sun, 0900-1800 / Mon, Closed

Fees & Charges Wash Rack & Vacuum Cleaner $4 per half hour Bay/Bench/User Fee $4 per hour Vehicle Lift Fee $ 4 per half hour Drill/Hydraulic Press $1 per use Steam Cleaner-Staff $10 per ¼ hour Do-it Yourself Steam Cleaner $5 per ¼ hour Do-it Yourself Tire Balance (Include weight) $4 per wheel Do-it Yourself Tire Mounting $4 per wheel Staff Tire Mounting w/Balance $10 per wheel Staff Tire Repair (Include weight) $8 per wheel Staff Tire Balance (Include weight) $8 per wheel Wheel Alignment $45 (starting) Do-it Yourself Welding (Gas/Arc) $5 per ½ hour Staff Welding $7.50 min. POV Inspection $19.95 Oil Change Labor $15 (starting) Engine Diagnostic $15 A/C Service Varies Service Call or Jump Starting (Off post) $25 per vehicle Service Call/Jump Starting (On post) $15 per vehicle Mechanic Labor Rate $32 per hour Overtime Fee (After closing) $42 per hour Temporary Vehicle Storage $2 per night In Excess of 20 Days $4 per night Car Wash Service $20 economy size Car Wash Service $30 luxury size

Do-It-Yourself The Auto Skills Center has trained instructors and mechanics to guide customers through a wide range of repairs and maintenance.

FMWR Outlook 41


Is your company or business interested in reaching more than 15,000 U.S. Army Soldiers, U.S. Department of Defense civilian employees, contractors, their Family members, and Korean Soldiers assigned to the U.S. Army Garrison Daegu community? USAG Daegu encompasses 4 military installations plus depots as far south as Busan. You now have an opportunity to directly market your products and services to all members of the USAG Daegu Community as a sponsor of one or more of our Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (FMWR) events.

주한미군 대구 게리슨 관할 내에 15,000여명 이상의 주한미군들과 그들의 가족, 영내 미국 직원들과 한국군인들이 볼수 있는 광고를 원하십니까? 저희는 대구에서 부산까지 남쪽으로 창고를 포함한 4곳의 대형미군기지 군사 광고를 관할하고 있습니다. 귀사께서 주요 FMWR 부서에 하나 또는 그 이상의 후원사가 되어 지원을 하시면, 이 지역 부대 지역사회 에 모든 이들에게 직접적으로 회사의 제품과 서비스를 홍보 할 수 있는 광고의 기회를 얻으실 수 있습니다.

SPONSORS HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO Display, distribute products and services during a major event on a USAG Daegu installation (Camp Carroll, Walker, Henry or George). USAG 대구(켐프 케롤, 워커, 헨리 또는 조지)에서 주최하는 주요 벤트기간동안 상품를 전시하고 홍보물을 배포하고 있습니다. Have your company or business name and logo appear on event-related advertising and promotional material. 저희 이벤트와 관계된 인쇄광고물이나 판촉상품에 당사의 이름과 로고를 넣을 수 있습니다. Depending on the scope of the event, engage one-on-one with members of the USAG Daegu community who attend the event. USAG 대구에서 주최하는 이벤트에 참석하는 사람들에게는 직접 판촉활동을 할 수 있습니다. Receive a free full-color advertisement in the FMWR Outlook magazine distributed to all personnel throughout USAG Daegu. * Advertisement type dependent upon the level of sponsorship. (후원사의 광고 유형에따라 다름) USAG 대구 지역 내 모든 켐프에 배포되는 FMWR 칼라 월간 잡지에 무료로 광고를 실어드립니다. Call DSN 768-7563 / From off post, call 053) 470-7563 or email 후원과 광고에 관심이 있으시면 연락주시기 바랍니다. 일반전화 053) 470-7563 또는 이메일 email FMWR Outlook 42

Camp Walker Arts & Crafts Center (In the Community Activity Center)

Matting & Framing Class Instruction will be provided by the Arts & Crafts Center staff by request and during normal operation hours. Pre-registration is required!


Friday, 6 June / 1700-2100 Please bring in your crafts and have a little fun with other crafters. If you’re interested in crafting or learning a new craft, please come and join our new group! Class instruction will be provided by Donna 010-2191-3496

Free Watercolor Painting Class

Fridays, 1500-1600 Class instruction will be provided by Mr. Ha, Byung Jae 010-8258-4377

Free Pencil Drawing Class

Saturdays, 1300-1400 Class instruction will be provided by Mr. Robert Holdgate 010-7661-4111 FMWR Outlook 43

Camp Walker Community Activity Center 764-4123 Recreational 8-Ball Tournament 21 June, 1400 Free Entry Trophies awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners. If there are 6 players, 1st & 2nd place winners will receive trophies.

Recreational Table Tennis Tournament 28 June, 1400 Free Entry Trophies awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners. If there are 6 players, 1st & 2nd place winners will receive trophies.

RENTAL SERVICES Air Bouncies/Costumes/Fishing Equipment Ice Chest/Podium/Snow Cone Machine Karaoke Machine/Small PA System/Popcorn Popper Fog Machine/Spotlight/Inflatable Boats Canopy/Folding Chair & Tables/Century Camp Stove/Propane Lantern/Multi Purpose Room and TV & Meeting Rooms

44 FMWR Outlook

Busan Haeundae Beach Sand Festival 7 June Camp Walker Community Activity Center Transportation fee: $15 (adult) / $10 (under 12) Bring your snacks or Korean won to buy food. No pets are allowed on the bus. Bus: Departs from the Cp Carroll CAC at 0800 and the Cp Walker Commissary at 0900. Return approximately 1800-1900.

Oedo Island & Geojae Prison Camp Tour 14 June Camp Walker Community Activity Center

Sign up Now!

Camp Walker CAC 764-4123

Transportation fee: $15 (adult) / $10 (under 12) Oedo Island Additional Fee Boat: 19,000 won (adult) / 12,000 (under 12) Admission: 8,000 won (adult) / 4,000 won (under 12) Geojae Prison Admission fee: 4,500 won (adult) / 3,000 won (13-19 yrs) / 1,500 won (8-12 yrs) Bring your snacks or Korean won to buy food. No pets are allowed on the bus. Bus: Departs from the Cp Carroll CAC at 0600 and the Cp Walker Commissary at 0700. Return approximately 1900-2000. Refund/Cancellation Policy If MWR cancels the trip, a full refund will be provided to participants. If participant cancels less than 48 hours prior to the trip, no refund will be issued. FMWR Outlook 45

Father’s Day Trivia Camp Carroll Community Activity Center

Game of Life (Board Game) Camp Carroll Community Activity Center Sunday, 22 June, 1400

Sunday 15 June 1400 Sign-up now! 765-8325 or 764-4123 Bring your father and play the Father’s Day trivia. See how well you know your father and win prizes.

Sign-up by calling 765-8325 or 764-4123 Trophies awarded to 1st & 2nd place winners

Camp Carroll Community Activity Center (CAC)

Paintball Range on Camp Carroll Make your reservations today! 765-8325 or 764-4123

46 FMWR Outlook

Storage Containers for RENT Contact the Camp Carroll Community Activity Center 765-7484 or 765-8325

Ulsan Grand Park Tour Sat, 21 June / Camp Carroll CAC Sign up in advance by calling 765-8325 or 764-4123 Transportation fee: $15 (Adult) / $10 (Kids 12 & under). Depart from Camp Carroll CAC at 0800 and the Camp Walker Commissary at 0900. Bring won for food and snacks

For more information, please call 765-8325 or 765-7484

Daegu Spa Valley Water Park Tour Sat, 28 June / Camp Carroll CAC 765-8325 or 764-4123 Transportation fee: $10 (Adult) / $5 (Kids 12 & under). Depart from Camp Carroll CAC at 0900 and Camp Walker Commissary at 1000. Bring won for entrance fee and food and snacks.

FMWR Outlook 47

Camp Walker Hilltop Club Every Saturday, 1930-0030 / 764-4985 Camp Carroll Hideaway Club Every Wed, 1830-2130 / Every Fri, 2000-2400 / 765-8574

Camp Walker Evergreen Community Club Every Sun, 1000-1330 / 764-4060 48 FMWR Outlook

CAC trip to Daegu EXCO 21 June for the


Depart: CW Commissary Parking Lot (1000) and Return: (1600) Transportation fee: 15,000 Won Bring your own lunch or Korean won for lunch. Registration Deadline: COB., 16 June For more information, call 764-4123 or visit us at Bldg. S-335 FMWR Outlook 49

Camp Walker Bowling Center / 764-4334

Cp Walker Bowling Center cleans all lanes at 1630 for Friday Night leagues. Friday Night League is over around 2130. Limited lanes are available at that time.

4 June, 1800-2000 21 June, 1500 (6 games) Middle School Student 9-Pin-No-Tap Bowling Good Neighbor Bowling Program Tournament Entry fee: $20 Prizes will be given by high score 1st & 2nd.

Child’s Birthday Bowling Party

16 June, all day Father’s Day Special 2 games and shoes with one combo meal is just $10 for all fathers

$15 per child includes a kid’s meal, 2 hours of bowling and free shoe rental!

Unit Bowling Parties & Group Activities - $25 per lane. Free shoe rental and one hour of bowling. If you bowl for more than one hour, you must pay for the additional hour.

19 June, all day US Army Birthday Special Red Pin Bowling

Lane fee: $3 per game Shoe rental: $2.50 per game

Win a free game when you get a strike on the red head pin. 50 FMWR Outlook

The Camp Walker Hilltop Club will deliver large pizzas to the Camp Walker Bowling Center by request 764-4985

Every Monday, 1700 / Buddy Bowling `

$20 for 2 people, plus one large cheese pizza, and 1 hour of bowling (shoe rental not included)

Every Wednesday, 1630-2100 / Mid-Week Bowling Madness Adult - $2.50 per game / Children - $2.25 per game / Shoes $2.50 On Wednesdays you can use up to 3 free bowling coupons per person.

Every Saturday, 1900-2300 / Extreme Bowling Adults - $3 per game / Children - $2.75 per game / $2.50 shoe rental

Every Sunday, 1130-2100 / Red Pin Bowling Adults - $3 per game / Children - $2.75 per game / $2.50 shoe rental. Bowl a strike with a red head pin in the center and receive one FREE game

Every Sunday, 1130 / Family Bowling: $30 One hour bowling includes large cheese pizza w (1) topping Shoe rental is not included (25% savings) FMWR Outlook 51

Camp Walker Bowling Center / 764-4334

Frequency Card Drawings will be held on 28 June at 1400-1600 Camp Walker Bowling Center Frequency Card. Fill your card with stamps, print your name and phone number on the back, then place it in the drawing box at the front desk. You must be present and 18 or older to win. SOFA ID required. Prizes include a 39� TV, adult bike, boys bike, girls bike, bowling ball, bowling shoes and bowling bag. Frequency card raffle on limited cards.

Every Wednesday You can use up to 3 free bowling coupons per person! PLANNING A SPECIAL EVENT or UNIT FUNCTION? Consider the Camp Walker Bowling Center

Camp Walker Bowling Center


1-30 June

25 % OFF

25% OFF all of our bowling equipment! 52 FMWR Outlook

Will open the facility during hours we are normally closed for community and unit, training, team building, NCO leadership development, hail/farewells, promotion parties, birthday parties, weddings, school events, even NBC training can be fun in MOPP levels I, II, and III with teamwork! Units can use their training funds for NBC & team building. Special events with a booking of at least 8 lanes or more, maximum limit of 4 bowlers per lane. $25 per lane - free shoe rental and one hour of bowling. Anything over one hour, pay for one additional hour. Reservation booking and special menu are available and must be done a minimum of 72 hours in advance. Days available Mondays, and Wednesday – Friday from 0800-1600 / Tuesdays Closed.

Camp Carroll Bowling Center / 765-4470 10 June: Bowling Center will be CLOSED for staff training & maintenance

Lunchtime Bowling / Mon-Fri, 1100-1330 $9.95 per bowler: 3 games/shoe rental/hotdog /soft drink $7.95 per bowler: 2 games/shoe rental/hotdog/soft drink

CO-LOCATED with the Cp Carroll Bowling Center

Bowling Snack Bar Rotisserie Chicken Menu

Cactus Jack’s Steak & Wine Night

Full Bird: $12.95 / ½ Bird: $6.95 Full-Bird Dinner: $18.95: Choice of side, seasoned criss-cut fries, 4 dinner rolls Half-Bird Dinner: $10.95: Choice of side, seasoned criss-cut fries, 2 dinner rolls Choice of Sides: Coleslaw, potato salad, macaroni salad

Sat, 28 June

Every Wednesday, 1700-2000 Turn n’ Burn Your-Own Steak Night T-Bone steak: $12.95 / N.Y. Steak: $11.95. Includes corn-on-cob, baked potato, coleslaw.

We are going to BBQ NY Steaks with all the fixins and feature various wines to complement the meal. $13.50 per person to include wine tasting or non-alcoholic beverages.

Cactus Jack’s Chimis-Every Thursday & Friday, 1700-2000 Do you like Chimichangas … I mean do you really like Chimichangas? Then we have the night for you. Cactus Jack’s specially prepared beef or chicken Chimichanga dinner includes Mexican salad, refried beans and Spanish rice. Specially Priced at $12

Monti Cristo Saturdays


Every Saturday, 1700-2000 Ham, Turkey, Swiss Cheese Triple Decker – Egg battered and fried, served with raspberry sauce and fresh fruit, and your choice of ice tea or lemonade.

Lunch: Mon-Fri, 1100-1300 Dinner: Wed-Sat, 1630-2100


FMWR Outlook 53

DOLLAR Menu Bowling Every Monday, 1700-2100 Camp Carroll Bowling Center Pay a $5 cover charge and bowl for FREE from 1700-2100

Sign up now! 765-4470

4 Week Intramural Bowling League Days of play will be 4-person teams determined (Men/Women/Mixed) by the $15 per week bowlers Starts June 3rd, 1830 Camp Carroll Bowling Center

Dollar Menu

Just $1 each Hotdogs Nachos Shoe Rental Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich Fountain Drinks

Camp Carroll Bowling Center / 765-4470 Every Tuesday, 1900-2100 Camp Carroll Bowling Center

FREE Bowling Lessons

Battle Buddies rally up for an evening of fun and friendship at

Every Thursday & Saturday, 1800-1900

$2 Tuesdays $2 per game, $2 shoe rental and $2 draft beer!

Learn the art of bowling from our USBC certified instructor for

FREE! 54 FMWR Outlook

Father’s Day Bowling 15 June, 1600-1800 Camp Carroll Bowling center Entry fee: $10 Entry for 2 games scratch, Youth throws first ball, Adult makes the spare, 2 divisions (under 8 bumper and 9-12 years old) Each division winners receive two free NY steak dinner coupon

Celebrate the Army’s 238th Birthday SOLDIERS Bowl one game and get one free! 7 June, 1700-2100 Camp Carroll Bowling Center

Camp Carroll Bowling Center / 765-4470 Celebrating Families Every Sunday

Early Bird Bowling Special

Daytime Glow Bowling, 1100-1400 One hour unlimited use per lane and unlimited soda for $9 (shoes not included). The kids will love it!

$1.75 per game

Red Pin Bowling, all day If you get a strike when the head pin is red, you will receive a coupon good for one free game the next time you bowl. Free Bowling for Children under age 15 1400-2200 When mom or dad bowl at the normal price, the kids bowl free. Shoes are half price for the whole family!

Every Monday-Friday 1330-1700 (shoe rental not included)

Extreme Bowling Every Friday & Saturday 1800-2200 Enjoy our Extreme “COSMIC” Bowling Night! Spinning disco balls, black lights and laser lights throughout the house! Romping and stomping MUSIC and GLOW IN THE DARK pins.

FMWR Outlook 55

Child Development Center (CDC) Camp Walker Building 223, 764-4834/764-4853 Please stop by to see what the CDC has to offer CDC Full Day Programs Days of Operation: Monday through Friday (Closed on Federal Holidays) Hours of Operation 0530 to 1800, Monday – Friday

Ages Served: Infant, Pre-Toddler (6 weeks-18 months) / Pre-toddler / Toddler (18-36 months) Preschool (3-4 years) / Strong Beginnings-Pre-K (Children must be entering Kindergarten in August 2014 to be eligible for this program)

Child Development Center offers Before-and After-School Care and Summer Care for Kindergarten Children Days/Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0530 to 0730 & 1430 to 1800 School out days 0530 to 1800 / Ages Served: Children currently in kindergarten

CDC Summer • During the summer months 2 day and 3 day part day program will be put on hold at CDC • 5 days part day and full day programs will be operating, this is to ensure children get to participate in summer event • This will take place June 1st – August 31st • Weekly Summer Camp, including trips to bowling, pool, USO, library and other fun field trips.

CDC Army Games • June 13th … In honor of Fathers’ Day, children will join in obstacle course with their parents • Snacks

CDC Playgroup • CHANGES … Playgroup will now be on Friday’s from 1030-1130 • Playgroup is a chance for children and families to come together, play learn, socialize and network with other families • Parents must attend with their children

CDC Strong Beginnings Graduation • June 5th at 1000 our Strong Beginnings Class will graduate … Please join us to celebrate this accomplishment with a great set of children 56 FMWR Outlook

School Liaison Offer’s Corner / 764-5298 Both DODEA Schools Thursday, June 12th – End of 4th quarter / 2nd semester / Last day of school for students. DHS Tuesday, June 3rd at 6pm at the Woobong Art Hall-Graduation CeremonyCongratulations Graduates! Monday, June 9th / Thursday, June 12th: 2nd Semester Exams. DAS Thursday, June 5th – Last day for Sure Start this school year. Thursday, June 5th – Annex building – 2nd floor – 4pm – Last SAC meeting of the school year. A note from the DHS Principal: The School Advisory Committee (SAC) is looking for parents who would like to serve on the board. We hold four meetings throughout the school year and they usually don’t last more then one hour. Each school has its own School Advisory Committee. SAC is strictly an advisory body that has no budget and is restricted from fundraising. SAC 1. Reviews policies and programs currently in place 2. Helps resolve safety issues and other community concerns 3. Lobbies for change when a current situation needs improvement 4. Encourages community involvement in the education of children Please notify a principal today if you are interested for next school year

Parent’s Night Out Saturday, 14 June, 1700-2000 Camp Walker Child Development Center FREE childcare for CYS Services registered children – 6 weeks old to 12 years. June’s PNO is by special request to accommodate the 168th Dining Out. Those attending the Dining Out function will have priority and the remaining slots will open up for all registered families on the morning of 11 June. Call Parent Central Services – 764-5298 or stop by building 257 on Camp Walker from 0900 to 1800. FMWR Outlook 57

School Age Care / 764-5297 or 764-5072 SUMMER CAMP is right around the corner!

Have You Made Plans For Your Children? If you are currently in grades 1-6 you can join us for an amazing summer! School Age Care will have ten weeks of Summer Day Camp packed with great fun. Our theme this year is Holidays. Each week we will celebrate a different Holiday. Camp start time: Monday – Friday, 0800-1800 Care will be available: Starting 0530 at no additional charge Drop-off will be at the CDC and Pick-up is at SAC. Cost is according to category and is charged weekly, NOT monthly. For more information and registration please stop by Parent Central Services, Building 257 Camp Walker or call 764-5298. To register for camp you must be registered wit CYS Services

Parents Don’t Forget … Every child will need a complete change of clothes, shoes, their very own sunblock, towel, hat and water bottle. These items will need to be dropped off at camp every Monday and taken home every Friday. Please label everything. Week 1, June 16-20 Theme – Saint Patrick’s Day: Let’s looks at our Irish heritage and a holiday that is recognized in over 12 different countries. We will take a look at the history of Saint Patrick’s Day and what some of the traditions are. Week 2. June 23-27 Theme – Veterans Day: What a great way for our campers to learn about those who have served in our Armed Forces. We will devote a week of camp to learning about and honoring our veterans. Weeks 3, June 30-July 3 Theme – Independence Day: What is the declaration of independence? How did the thirteen original colonies separate from Great Britain? This is what we will discover this week. 58 FMWR Outlook

Seeking Instructors for … Piano, Martial Arts, Tennis & Hip-Hop Call Rick Silva at 764-5721/4112 or email:

Ballet & Acrobatics Classes Classes at the Camp Carroll Fitness Center Every Mon & Wed Ballet: 3-4 years old, 1530-1600 Acrobatics 3-10 years old, 1605-1630 Ballet 5 years & older, 1635-1700 NEW!

Swimming Class Beginners: Every Mon & Wed, 1600 Advance: Every Tue & Fri, 1600 Evening class: $80 p/month

Drums Class Every Mon, 1600 / $50 p/month

Classes at the Camp Walker Youth Canter Every Tue & Thu Ballet: 3-4 years old, 1600-1630 Acrobatics: 3-4 years old, 1635-1700 Acrobatics: 5-10 years old, 1705-1730 Ballet 5 years & older, 1735-1800 FEE: $60 p/month / $100 for combo

To Register Your Child for CYS Services (Which is Absolutely Free) -Orders and Letter of Employment (if non active duty) -Immunization Record (with PPD result for children 12 months – SAC aged children) -Latest Leave and Earning Statement(s) of sponsor and spouse (CDC & SAC ONLY) -Special Needs Information such as Medical Action Plans -Physical required at time of registration for sports. CDC & SAC needed within 30 days of enrollment date -2 Emergency contact numbers -Family Care Plan, if required – will be needed within 30 days Parent Central Services is located in building 257 on Camp Walker, hours of operation are 0900-1800. Monday-Friday; closed on Federal Holidays. Call us with any questions at 764-5298. FMWR Outlook 59

CYS Services, Camp Walker (Youth Center)

MONEY MATTERS Workshop Entrepreneurship - 4 June, 1600 Planning for College - 18 June, 1600

Have comments, questions, and/or concerns please call the HIRED! Coordinator at 764-5721, 7644112 or email to

The Money Matters Workshops can give you the tools you need to make the right choices in Planning for College; Budget Living Within Your Means; Credit/Debt; Saving & Investing; and Entrepreneurship. Stop by the Youth Center to sign up for these informational workshops that lead to BGCA Money Matters Scholarships. Does a $2,000 to $5,000 scholarship sound good to YOU?

Must have an active Youth Center membership to participate (ages 13-18 years)

Daegu Dolphins Swim Team Registration Until 30 June

POC Mr. Nott at 764-4859

Cost: $65 with additional child/coach discounts Ages: 5-16 / Each child receives a medallion, team picture and shirt

CYS Services Football Registration 1 June – 31 August

POC Mr. Nott at 764-4859

Ages: 3-15 / Cost: $40 per child

CYS Services Sports Soccer Registration 1 June – 31 August POC Mr. Nott at 764-4859 FMWR Outlook 60

Ages: 3-15 / Cost: $40 per child

CYS Services has a

Facebook page! Our local Facebook site, where you will get notices of CYS Services and DoDEA school closures (from your friendly School Liaison Officer). If you want to be notified of Youth Sports Seasons, PAC meetings, and possible scholarship opportunities and Special Community and Saturday events"LIKE“ us today! Look us up in the search function under "Daegu CYS Services“ or go to:!/DaeguCYSS

Youth Center / 764-5721 3 June, 1730-1830 Fun Things About QR Code

20 June, 0900-1400 Rock Climbing Trip

4 June, 1500-1600 Passport to Manhood Meeting

22-24 June, time: TBA Summer Jam Trip

13 June, 1600-1730 Bowling at the Camp Walker Bowling Center with Staff

28 June, time: TBA Yong-In Village for New Members

17 June, 0700-2100 Lotte World Trip 18 June, 1400-1500 Dodgeball at Youth Gym 19 June, 1300-1600 Art Gallery Trip; all club members FMWR Outlook 61

USAG Daegu (Area IV)

Fitness Classes Camp Walker (CW): 764-4800 / 764-4225 Camp Carroll (CC): 65-8118 / 765-8287

Fees & Services Group Fitness Classes: $3 per class 10 classes for $28 / 20 classes for $50

Every Monday CW 1800 Zumba Class – Mercedes Woodberry

Every Tuesday CW 0845 Mission Essential Fitness – Kelly Turner *

Every Wednesday

CW 1800 Zumba Class – Mercedes Woodberry

Every Thursday CW 0845 Mission Essential Fitness – Kelly Turner

Every Friday CW 1800 Zumba Class – Mercedes Woodberry CW 0845 Mission Essential Fitness – Kelly Turner

Camp Carroll Classes No instructors currently available at Carroll

62 FMWR Outlook

CAMP WALKER KELLY FITNESS CENTER / 764-4800/764-4225 Unit Level Softball League Every Mon & Wed, 1800-2100 Camp Walker Kelly Field

Army Birthday Battalion Fun Run 14 June at the Camp Walker Kelly Field Sign-up 0715-0730 / Start at 0800

USAG Daegu All Star Softball Game (Camp Walker vs Camp Carroll) 19 June at Camp Walker Kelly Field Pre-game events (1830) Pitching contest, base running and homerun king

FMWR Outlook 63

Camp Henry Fit-To-Win Center Mon-Wed & Fri, 0500-2000 Thu, 0600-2000 Sat & U.S. Holidays, 1000-1800 Sun, Closed


 Cardio Equipment  Machine & Free Weights  Workout Accessories  Showers & Sauna

64 FMWR Outlook

Post Level

For more information, call 764-4907

Men’s & Women’s

Softball Jamboree 7-8 June at the Camp Casey 21 -22 June at the Camp Humphreys

At LJ, we strive to provide premier urologic care with outstanding physicians and providers, state of the art technology, a comprehensive clinical facility and our dedication to create the best patient experience possible.

American doctor qualification authentication (ECFMG 0-666-991) in compliance with the urologic medical specialist

Mon-Fri: 0900-1900 Sat: 0900-1600 Sun & Holidays: Closed Reservation and consultation, 053)253-5825 (24 hours) MEDICAL TREATMENTS STD Diseases Prostate disorders Circumcision Vasectomy ED

FMWR Outlook 65

Swimming Pools CAMP WALKER Outdoor Pool Wed-Mon from 1000-1900 Closed on Tuesdays / 764-4553 Indoor Pool, Camp Walker Hours of operation until fully staffed Mon-Wed & Fri from 0600-1900 Closed on Thursdays Closed on Sat, Sun & US Holidays / 764-3873

CAMP CARROLL Outdoor Pool Tue-Sun from 1100-1900 Closed on Mondays / 765-4274 `

Indoor Pool, Camp Carroll Mon-Wed & Fri from 0600-0900 Closed on Thursday Closed on Sat, Sun & US Holidays / 765-7708

Sign up now! 765-8118 Children & Adult ( $50) / Active Duty (Free) Wednesdays & Fridays at 1700 Instructor: So, Sang Tae / Ryan White

66 FMWR Outlook

OUTDOOR POOLS Camp Carroll: 765-4274 Camp Walker: 768-4553

INDOOR POOLS Camp Carroll: 765-7708 Camp Walker; 768-3873 Children under the age of 2 enter free.


Outdoor Pool

Fees for

All Active Duty, Retirees, DA and DoD Civilians swim free. Fees & Passes apply to Dependents and non-ID card holders only.

Camps Walker & Carroll

Daily Entry ---------------------$2 p/p / $3 ALL guests (Non ID card holders) Daily Punch Card ------------Punch card w/10 daily admittance = $18 p/p (ID card holders only) Monthly pass ----------------- Unlimited entries $25 p/p (ID card holders only) Family pass -------------------Dependents of E-1 to E7, O-1 to O-4, GS-11 & below Unlimited Monthly Family pass = $40 Unlimited Seasonal Family pass = $100 Dependents of E-8 & above, O-5 & above, GS-12 & above Unlimited Monthly Family pass = $50 Unlimited Seasonal Family pass = $125 FMWR Outlook 67


Bus departs from Camp Walker Kelly Fitness Center at 1300 on Friday, 6 June

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Intramural Softball League 2-30 June Mon-Fri, 1800-2100 Camp Carroll Story Field

16� One Pitch Co-ed Softball Tournament

Camp Carroll Fitness Center 765-8118 765-8287

7 June, 1000-1600 Camp Carroll Story Field To promote esprit de corps in a competitive safe environment. Registration deadline: 4 June by COB. A minimum of 4 teams are needed for the tournament to be held.

All authorized ID card holders 18 and above

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Swimming Block Retrieval Challenge 13 June, 1000-1400 Outdoor Pool, Camp Carroll To promote esprit de corps in a Competitive, safe environment. Register same day of the event. Come ready to dive and retrieve the block in the least amount of the time.

Camp Carroll Fitness Center / 765-8118/8287

Tennis “Super Set 21” Men’s & Women’s 14 June, 1000-1800 Camp Carroll Tennis Court (next to the old clinic, S-294) To promote a competitive and organized safe environment

Registration deadline: 11 June by COB. Minimum of participants otherwise the tournament will be cancelled due to a lack of participation. FMWR Outlook 70 70 FMWR Outlook

PT Seat-In Volleyball Tournament 19 June, 0600-0800 Camp Carroll Fitness Center To promote a competitive and organized safe environment Registration deadline: 17 June by COB. Minimum 4 teams needed (12 players in court at one time) otherwise tournament will be cancelled due to a lack of participation.

Camp Carroll Fitness Center / 765-8118/8287

“Super 21� Racquetball Tournament 27 June, 0600-0800 Camp Carroll Fitness Center To promote a competitive and organized safe environment

Registration deadline: 25 June by COB - need at least 6ea soldier/athletes otherwise tournament will be cancelled due to lack of participation. FMWR Outlook 71

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Daegu Area Shuttle Bus Schedules (Temporary) Weekday: Monday – Friday (Except U.S. Holidays) Cp Henry – Cp George – Cp Walker – Cp George – Cp Henry

POC is Dispatch Office at 768-7936/6722, SFC Craven at 768-8755 or Mr. Isla at 765-7717 Effective 16 Dec. 2013

Note: The 1330 hr bus run will not stop at bus stop #5 (Camp George) during DoDDS school day. Buses returning to Camp Herny do not pick up new passengers going to Camp Walker/Camp George P=Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri only except holidays – P.T. Runs XXX=Bus will not stop at location

Camp Carroll to Daegu Area (Monday – Friday)

Effective 16 Dec. 2014

Camp Carroll to Daegu Area (Sat, Sun, US Holidays & USFK Training Holidays)

FMWR Outlook 73

Local Government Elections/ ROK Memorial Day BUSINESS OPERATIONS DIVISION

Daegu Area Shuttle Bus Schedules (Temporary) Weekend & U.S. Holiday (Cp Henry – Cp George – Cp Walker – Cp George – Cp Henry) Effective 16 Dec. 2013

Note: The 1330 hr bus run will not stop at bus stop #5 (Camp George) during DoDDS school Days. Buses returning to Camp Henry do not pick up new passengers going to Camp Walker/Camp George. XXX=Bus will not stop at location. 74 FMWR Outlook

Camp Carroll On Post Shuttle Bus Schedule Effective 11 Nov. 2013

Note: The post shuttle bus does NOT operate during the hours highlighted on Weekends, US Federal and Training Holidays. This bus schedule supersedes all previous Camp Carroll bus schedule dtd 11 March 2013

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Osan Bus is a mission essential bus, therefore Mission Essential Personnel and those travelling on orders have priority seating. You are not guaranteed a seat going or returning if you are not in the above categories. Please be prepared to return on your own if the bus is full. FMWR Outlook 75

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Daegu American Red Cross Upcoming Classes C a l l 7 6 8 - 7 9 9 3 o r s t o p b y y o u r Camp Henry American Red Cross for more information

Adult, Infant, & Child CPR/First Aid/AED

Saturday, 21 June, 0900-1600

CALL 768-7993

Learn the basic skills to identify and respond to cardiac emergencies, first aid and much more! Certifications are valid for two years .. Course/materials fee is $55. Held at Red Cross Bldg. #1425, Camp Henry

Babysitter’s Training

Saturday, 18 June, 0900-1600 Learn how to care for young children including responding to first aid and choking emergencies, feeding, holding, problem solving, diaper changing etc .. Course/materials fee is $45. Held at Red Cross Bldg. 1425, Camp Henry

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1000-1400 at Kelly Fitness Center REGISTER YOUR ORGANIZATION TODAY! Call the Cp Walker Community Center


FMWR Outlook 79

Seats are going fast! SIGN UP 764-4123

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