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Cover photo by Jimi Cusick taken at Daegu Arboretum




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Editor’s Notes Hi Daegu, Tips for success. Be polite to others. Listen to those with experience. Stay postive in the face of adversity. June issue is out. June is an exciting month, hopefully the rain will stay away for you to enjoy some great outdoor activities. Last month, we incorrectly named a picture, Yongtae Ha is the next to Bosun on the right. Sorry about that Yongtae! This month we have exciting interviews with some of Daegu’s entrepenuers. These folks have established themselves as part of the community that helps make you feel at home in a foreign land. Many of you already know them, but if you don’t, here’s an opportunity to read about how it all began for them. Plus, an exciting interview with Tony Cragg and Tyson Gay. Thanks to our writers and sponsors for making the June issue and every issue of the Compass memorable! Yuri Lee and the Daegu Compass team Managing Editor

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Radio City Music Hall Written by Joshua Wyatt / Photos by Hannah Starner

adorn the shelves along the walls. Having been shown to a table by the friendly staff, we proceeded to flick through some of their collection. We didn’t come across any Western records, but the shelving extended all the way along one side of the bar so perhaps we were simply sat in the wrong place…


hen I first visited Radio City, I was hit by an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia that brought me back to those first few wonderful months in Korea when everything was new and strange. These were times before I became a part of the established ‘foreigner scene’, times during which we could walk down any street and simply ‘discover’ a new place to quench our thirst with a pitcher of Hite or Cass. Lately, I have found myself overly guilty of sticking with what I know so when we wandered out of Traveller’s one night to notice the blinking ‘On Air’ sign of Radio City, it felt like the perfect opportunity to relive those more adventurous moments of not knowing quite what to expect beyond the doorway. As you saunter down the stairs into this basement venue, it’s worth checking out the various vinyl covers adorning the walls. Alongside a few Western records that might be familiar are some rather interesting looking Korean bands that are worth a look. The bar itself seems to be a haven for Korean vinyl lovers as it is home to thousands of records that


The owner has clearly spent a lot of time building up this impressive collection and it’s good to see it getting put to use. Rather than simply plugging in an iPod, the bar has turntables and a DJ to provide the entertainment. As a Korean bar, they play predominantly Korean artists but they threw in the occasional Western track for good measure. We ordered some drinks and sat around casually chatting for a while enjoying the chilled out feeling of the place; until suddenly the lights dimmed and the whole bar was plunged into darkness. We were about to experience one of those ‘What is happening?’ moments. The DJ pulled out some new records and started up what can only be described as a condensed Pink Floyd concert but with dance music. Smoke descended from the ceiling as the previously unnoticed strobe lights fired up and illuminated the bar from

RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL all angles. A huge laser above the DJ booth fired across the whole room, filling the smoky air with an ethereal green wall of light. The other patrons either expected this or simply reacted to it by flooding the dance-floor for the approximate 10 minute show. We simply sat there in a bemused stupor as we watched. Afterwards, the lights simply returned to normal and Hotel California faded in as if nothing had just happened. We sat there and finished our drinks, still slightly confused as the last wisps of smoke disappeared from the room. Whatever happened in there was loud, confusing, hazardous to sufferers of epilepsy, but above all fun. If there’s anything to be taken away from this experience it’s a revival of that ‘give it a go’ attitude which a lot of us have lost having become accustomed to Korean society. Next time you’re on your way to Thursday’s or Travellers, why not stop off for a quick one at that place you always walk by. Who knows? You might just find something worth staying for.


Get your fill at Greeks Written by Lee Flory / Photos by Sangdae Kim


reeks Kebabs has been a staple of Downtown Daegu for more than two years. As such, a writeup in the Compass seems dramatically overdue. Better late than never.

Conveniently (and perhaps strategically) located right in the thick of the foreigner bar area, Greeks is sure to satisfy. Whether you want a quick and portable dinner to go or are in need of some late night sustenance in order to keep the party going, the delicious kebabs that owner Sangdae Kim offers up will hit the spot. Greeks might strike you as small, but let’s instead call the space “utilitarian.” Mr. Kim has maximized the limited real estate. If you choose to eat in, there is enough bar style seating to accommodate four. A nice flat screen television is hung above the small dining area, so you can veg out while you stuff your kebab hole. It is comfortable enough, but you may feel a bit cramped if more than a few people begin to file in. Luckily, the expertly crafted wraps are made for Daeguer on the move. You can grab one of these neatly put together flavor miracles and carry on with your usual Downtown activities (beer pong and cigarette smoking) without worrying about spillage. The menu at Greeks is in keeping with the overall ambiance--that is to say, it’s small. There is a grand total of seven items to choose from. Firstly there is the classic chicken kebab wrapped in pita bread. If that old standard doesn’t do it for you then you can choose to add either hummus or barbecue sauce or both to your kebab. In addition to the basic ingredients, each kebab comes topped with fresh lettuce and delicious, gar-


GREEKS licky tzatziki sauce. Those of you who are familiar with Greeks probably already have your go-to, but, for you newcomers, Mr. Kim recommends the chicken hummus kebab as it is the only one of its kind available in Daegu. Furthermore, the hummus is made freshly with real chick peas and toasted sesame seeds. The hummus is so good, in fact, that Mr. Kim offers it on its own. Take a 16 fluid ounce (470 mLs) batch of it home to enjoy as a healthy dip or spread. The prices at Greeks Kebabs are more than fair. Keep in mind that each item is a meal, not just a snack. The basic chicken kebab is only 4,000 Won. If you want to max out on the extras, the chicken kebab with hummus and barbecue sauce will cost you 6,500 Won. The tub of hummus you can take home costs 8,000 Won and will last you quite a while (16 fluid ounces!!). Beer and soda is also available. Cans of Cass cost 2,000 each while a can of soda is 1,500. Even if you’ve never been to Greeks, chances are you have walked past it. It lies is the midst of many, if not all, of your favorite weekend hangouts. You can find it just beyond the Bermuda Triangle of bag drink establishments, directly across the street from Champs (or, just slightly down the street from MF, Who’s Bob, Thursday I, etc.). Take a cab to Samduk Sobang-Seo or either subway line to Banwoldang Station. Be sure to give Greeks a try next time you find yourself downtown. No matter if your night is beginning or you need a reason to maintain consciousness on the cab ride home, there is a kebab here with your name on it.


Korean Kamping on Namhae Island Written by Ciara Keenan /Translated by Jaeheon Lee / Temple photos by Andre Wolters /


n ancient proverb cites, no matter how long the winter, the spring is sure to follow. After a cold, grey few months, Korea like every other year is bursting into color and ready to awaken once more. So now is as good a time as ever to get out there and see all that this wondrous and versatile country has to offer. While everyone loves a night or two in a love motel or pension, one of the most overlooked and underrated vacation types is camping.

내가 캠핑을 가기로 마음 먹었 을 때, 일상적인 도심에서의 휴 식보다 좀 더 고생해야 한다는 것은 확실했다. 캠핑은 정부의 주요 관광 기획은 아니다. 그러 나 한국 캠핑은 아주 할 만하 다. 한국에는 전국적으로 캠핑 을 할 수 있는 여러 국립 공원 이 있다. 우리가 선택한 여행 지는 남해섬이었다. 한국의 ‘ 보물섬’으로 알려진 그림 같 은 남해섬은 바쁜 도시생활에서 벗어나 한국 사람들이 선호하 는 곳이다.

“겨울이 아무리 길어도, 봄은 언제나 온다”는 오래된 속담 이 있다. 우중충한 몇 달의 추 위 후에, 예년같이 봄의 빛깔이 터지고 다시 한 번 잠에서 깨 어날 준비를 한다. 지금은 교외 로 나가 경이롭고 다채로운 봄 이 우리에게 주는 모든 것들을 볼 수 있는 시기이다. 많은 사 람들이 러브모텔이나 펜션에서 하루나 이틀 밤을 묶는 사이 간 과하고 있는 휴가 중 하나가 캠 핑이다.

The easiest way to get there from Daegu is to get a KTX to Busan followed by a bus that took us directly to the island. You know you have arrived somewhere special when you cross the 80meter high bridge which connects Namhae to the mainland. From the bus, you are afforded scenic views of the rolling hills and green landscape which for many is a welcome

change from the concrete jungle we are used to. 대구에서 남해섬까지 가는 가 장 쉬운 방법은, KTX를 타고 부산까지 간 다음에 남해섬까지 가는 버스를 타는 것이다. 섬 과 본토를 잇는 80미터 높이 의 다리를 건널 때, 특별한 곳 에 도착했다는 것을 알게 될 것 이다. 버스 안에서는 우리가 있 었던 콘크리트 정글로부터 벗어 났다는 표시인 완만한 언덕과 녹색풍경의 아름다운 경치를 감 상할 수 있다.

Namhae is a traditional island that has stayed true to Korean culture. It has remained largely untouched by development and remain dominated by the traditional farming and fishing community. For anyone wanting an insight into Korea before the rapid industrialization period of the last 50 or so years, then this is the place to

When I decided to go camping it became apparent that it took a little more effort than the average city break. Camping is not one of the main tourist strategies of the Korean government, but camping in Korea is very much a worthwhile reality. While there are a number of National Parks to camp in across Korea, the spot we chose to visit was Namhae Island. Known as Korea’s ‘treasure island’ this picturesque island offers a retreat from busy city life and is a favorite with Korean people. Photo by Ciara Keenan


KOREAN KAMPING ON NAMHAE ISLAND go. Spending four days in Namhae, you will be pushed to encounter any other foreigners which offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself with holidaying Koreans. 남해는 한국고유문화가 남아있는 전통적인 섬이 다. 남해는 개발로 인한 손상이 거의 되지 않고 보존되고 있다. 그리고 전통적인 농촌과 어촌 마 을이 다수 남아있다. 급격히 산업화된 과거 50 년 이전의 한국을 알고 싶은 사람들은 이곳으로 오면 된다. 여러분은 남해에서 4일 동안 사색에 젖어있는 외국인 또는 휴가를 보내는 한국 사람 들을 만나게 될 것이다.

A more luxury filled stay on the island would be suited to the Hilton Namhae Golf Resort. It offers modern facilities with a range of spa’s restaurants and bars. I myself was in search of something a little more rustic and so headed straight to Sangju Beach. Along with four friends, we sought a real camping experience by the sea. 이 섬에 머무르는 좀 더 부유한 사람들은 힐튼 남해 골프 리조트가 잘 어울릴 것이다. 이곳은 다양한 온천의 식당과 바 뿐만 아니라 현대식 시 설을 제공한다. 나는 좀 더 전원풍의 뭔가를 직접 찾아 다녔고, 그래서 상주 해변으로 곧장 향했다. 4명의 친구와 함께 우리는 바닷가에서 진짜 캠핑 경험을 하고 싶었다.

Rather than buy a tent, we rented one and it cost around 80,000 for a large tent to fit us all, and we had it for the week. Once at the beach there were plots available to rent for around 10,000won per night, so accommodation for four nights worked out rather cheap. The camp site had all standard amenities from bathrooms to showering facilities, however they were basic and Korean so expect to shower in an open plain shower room surrounded by your fellow campers – not for the faint hearted. 우리는 새 텐트를 구입하기보다 하나를 빌렸 다. 우리 전부가 들어갈 수 있는 큰 텐트 대여 비는 일주일 동안 8만원 정도였다. 일단 해변 가는 1박에 대략 만원으로 빌릴 수 있는 캠핑 장소가 있어서 우리는 4일 동안 편의시설을 좀 더 싸게 사용할 수 있었다. 이 캠프 장소는 욕 실부터 샤워시설까지 모든 기본 시설이 갖추 어져 있다. 그러나 이것은 말 그대로 기본적인 것이어서 소심한 사람들에게는 힘들 수도 있겠 지만, 다른 캠핑하는 사람들에 둘러싸인 훤히

트인 샤워실에서 씻어야 한다.

The site is situated at the beach and is surrounded by tall trees, overlooking the magnificent Sangju Beach. The ground is a little lumpy and the pitches are not overly spacious, with just enough room for your tent, however being just a stones throw from the beach you will not spend a lot of time hanging around the tent anyway. 아름다운 상주 해변이 내려다 보이는 캠핑장소는 해변가에 위치해 있고 키가 큰 나무들로 둘러싸 여 있다. 땅은 조금 울퉁불퉁하고, 캠핑터는 단 지 텐트를 놓을 공간뿐이고 전반적으로 여유롭지 못하지만, 해변에서 돌만 약간 치운다면 텐트를 치기 위해 시간은 그리 많이 들지 않는다.

Sangju Beach is a lively part of Namhae. If you visit the island during a peak time expect it to be busy. When I visited last Chuseok it was densely populated with holidaying Korean families and friends, however it is not overwhelming crowded. Any Brits, who like myself have been to Ibiza, Spain or Ayia Napa, will know a crowded beach when they see one, however continued on p12

KOREAN KAMPING ON NAMHAE ISLAND 그런 곳이 아니다. 여러분의 새 하얀 얼굴을 유지하기 위해 햇 빛을 막을 장소를 찾는데 어렵 지 않을 것이다. 마이클 잭슨 스타일로 태양으로부터 보호하 기 위해 5,000원 정도면 파 라솔을 빌릴 수 있다. 휴가동안 바다에서 노를 젓거나 해리포터 를 읽으며 해변에 누워서 시간 을 보내는 것이 솔깃할 지라도, 남해섬은 많은 것을 가지고 있 고, 해 볼만한 가치가 있다.

Haeoreum Art Village is a great spot for anyone with any sort of artist flare. It is home to a variety of unique exhibitions that paint a story of Korean history. This is a popular place with Korean tourists and it is clear why. This place boast picturesque surroundings and it is a pretty impressive place to serenely pass a few hours. Not only did we get to admire the vast range of ceramics on display here, we also got to actively partake. A number of different classes are available but for 15,000 won we got to create our own ceramic plates which served as a quirky reminder of our trip.

this is in no way similar. You will have no trouble finding a space to soak up a few rays and for those with a pasty complexion there are umbrellas available to rent for around 5,000won shielding you from the sun, Michael Jackson style. Although tempting to spend your days paddling in the sea or laying on the beach reading Harry Potter, Namhae has a lot more to offer and it is well worth checking out.


상주해변은 남해섬에서 활기 넘 치는 곳이다. 만약에 성수기에 섬을 방문한다면 당연히 상주 해변은 붐빌 것이다. 내가 지 난 추석에 상주해변을 방문했 을 때, 이곳은 휴가를 즐기려 는 가족들과 친구들이 꽤 많기 는 했지만, 인파에 압도될 정 도는 아니었다. 스페인의 이비 자(Ibiza)섬이나 아이아나파 (Ayia Napa) 해변에 가 본 적 있는 나 같은 영국인은 사람 들이 붐비는 해변이란 것이 어 떤 곳인지 안다. 그러나 여기는

해오름 예술마을은 일종의 예술 가의 열정이 있는 이들을 위한 훌륭한 장소다. 마을은 한국역 사의 한 장면을 그린 매우 다양 하고 특별한 전시 장소다. 해오 름 예술마을은 한국 여행객들에 게 인기있는 장소이고, 그 이유 는 명백하다. 마을은 그림 같은 풍경을 자랑한다. 그리고 시간 이 소리없이 흘러가는 꽤 인상 적인 장소이다. 우리는 여기서 전시된 어마어마한 규모의 도자 기들을 감상했을 뿐만 아니라 도자기 제조 과정에 적극적으로 참여해 볼 수 있었다. 몇몇 다 른 강좌는 15,000원에 이용 할 수 있고, 우리는 여행 기념 물로 우리만의 도자기 그릇을 만들어 볼 수 있었다.

KOREAN KAMPING ON NAMHAE ISLAND Geumsan Boriam Temple is another pleasant day excursion. What is a visit to anywhere in Korea without checking out the local temple. The temple itself is located toward the topmost point of Geumsan mountain. It is quaint and beautiful, offering a much needed rest after climbing the highest mountain on the island. Enjoy the serene experience and take in the majestic views. If possible hang around until sunset, the views are truly exceptional. 금산 보리암사는 또 다른 즐거 운 일정이었다. 지역 사찰을 들 리지 않고서 한국에서 무엇을 방문하겠는가. 이 사찰은 금산 의 가장 높은 곳에 있다. 이 섬 에서 가장 높은 산에 오른 후 충분한 휴식을 줄 수 있는 진기 하고 아름다운 풍경이다. 고요

한 경험을 즐겨라. 그리고 장엄 한 풍경을 바라보라. 만약에 해 질녘까지 머무를 수 있다면, 그 풍경은 정말 특별할 것이다.

Island spotting was one of my most enjoyable activities. Along the coast there are a number of boats that go on excursions to the surrounding islands. Namhae is surrounded by 68 other islands. Some have people living on them, others remain uninhabited. The tour we went on was in Korean only, however, it was refreshing to travel on the boat and enjoy the sea breeze and scenery with an ice-cream in hand. When boarding, we were asked for our alien cards, however, one of our party forgot to birng one. It wasn’t much of an issue and we were permitted to board, but just incase, it would be worth bringing. Army personnel count all those who board and

who return so if you are planning on smuggling in any undesirables – forget it. 섬 일주(Island spotting) 는 내가 가장 즐기는 것 중 하 나다. 해안을 따라 섬 주변을 일주하기 위한 여러 대의 보트 들이 있다. 남해섬은 68개의 섬들로 둘러싸여 있다. 일부는 사람들이 거주하고, 나머지 섬 들은 무인도로 남아있다. 우리 의 이번 여행은 한국에서 한 유 일한 여행이었지만, 보트 위에 서 한 손엔 아이스크림을 들고 바닷바람과 경치를 즐기며 여행 하는 것은 상쾌했다. 보트에 탑 승할 때 우리에게 외국인 카드 를 보여달라고 했지만 우리 일 행 중 한 친구가 그 카드를 갖 고 있지 않았다. 큰 문제가 되 지 않고 탑승을 허가해 주었지 만, 이런 경우에 대비해서 카드 를 가지고 다녀야겠다. 군인이 continued on p14

KOREAN KAMPING ON NAMHAE ISLAND 탑승 인원수와 돌아가는 인원수 를 모두 세었다. 만약 여러분이 뭔가 바람직하지 않은 것을 밀 수할 생각이라면 지워버려라.

In and around the island there are an abundance of Korean restaurants offering a variety of cuisine. As this is the coast expect the specialty to be sea food. There is literally every type of seafood dish you could imagine and they are all reasonably priced. For those, who like me do not appreciate the offerings of the sea, there is Korean BBQ and some of the most tasty spit roast pig I have ever had. There is also the standard fried and marinated chicken available along the sea front promenade. 한국 음식은 섬 안팎으로 다양 한 요리를 가능케 하는 풍요로 움이 있다. 이처럼 해안에는 바 다음식의 특별함을 기대한다. 문자 그대로 여러분이 상상할 수 있는 모든 종류의 해산물 요 리가 있다. 그리고 요리 가격 은 모두 받아들일 만하다. 바다 에서 나는 것을 즐기지 않는 나 같은 사람들을 위해서 한국식 바비큐와 (내가 먹어 본 적 있 는) 꼬챙이에 꽂아 굽는 맛있 는 돼지고기도 있다. 바닷가 앞 산책로를 따라서 기본 후라이드 와 양념 통닭도 찾을 수 있다.

Nightlife in Namhae is relatively tame. There are a few decent bars that will play music in the background. My friends and I opted for a slightly more chilled and relaxed night time to simply enjoy each others company. One of the girls ingeniously brought a deck of cards and so hours were spent playing a variety of games, winning and losing 100 won coins, drinking mekju and of course soju while looking out at the beach and ocean - unforgettable. 14

남해섬의 밤 풍경은 상대적으로 조촐하다. 배경음악을 틀어주는 몇몇 괜찮은 바가 있다. 나와 친구들은 일행과 어울리기 위해 조금 더 느긋하고 여유로운 저 녁 시간을 선택했다. 소녀들 중 한명은 재치있게도 카드게임을 들고 왔고 다양한 게임을 하면 서 시간을 보낼 수 있었다. 매 게임 100원 씩 걸면서, 잊을 수 없는 해변과 바다를 바라보 며 맥주와 소주를 마셨다.

While a little more difficult and time-consuming to plan than the

average Korean get away, camping is worthwhile for sure. It is different and in no way luxurious, but out of the 8 months I have been in Korea this seemed like one of my most authentically Korean experiences which I would in turn highly recommend. 보통 한국인이 휴가 갈 때 좀 더 힘들게 계획을 짜는데, 캠핑 은 확실히 해 볼만한 가치가 있 다. 이것은 색다르다 그리고 부 유한 것은 아니지만, 한국에서 머물렀던 8개월 중에서 가장 훌륭한 경험 중 하나다.


하나로투어 법인등록번호 : 504-81-69311

Hanaro Tour Company and the Daegu Compass present



2 great pensions 1 night 2 days : close to the action picnic tables & grills availabe : we’ll provide the fuel free mudfest special brew & food to get the party started a legendary house party w/live djs Sign up NOW! SEARCH : DAEGU MUDFEST MADNESS 2012 All photos courtesy of Shawn Perez : check out more great photos @ : full feature coming soon!


6 Tips for a Happier Hangover Written by Kevin Maynard

Hangovers are usually the worst part about the best times and can leave you side-lined for the entire day following a night of fun. Fortunately, with a little planning, you don’t need to have a solo pity party or an ugly headache the next day. Try some of these recommendations and you will be able to get up and go after a few too many.

Things you can do before bed

1. Drink lots of water. Help prevent a dehydration headache by drinking lots of water either during your night out or before going to bed. I would recommend one glass per drink.

2. Take a vitamin C supplement. A pill-sized dose of this potent detoxifier will assist your liver in flushing out all of those cold ones. 3. Take a B complex supplement. Time is of the essence and your liver will need all the help it can get if you’re going to feel well the next day. The B complex of vitamins is essential to help your cells make energy and to shorten your recovery time.

The next day

4. Don’t drink a branded sports drink. Gatorade and Powerade are full of artificial colouring, sugars, and salt (for taste) which will only dehydrate you further. Get your electrolytes by putting a pinch of sea salt into some quality fruit juice or into water with a couple tablespoons of sugar. Coconut water is another nice way to replenish electrolytes.

5. Make your own lemonade. Lemons strengthen liver enzymes better than any other food. Squeezing half of a lemon into a glass of water helps the liver’s detoxifying enzymes and speeds your recovery.

6. Exercise and Stretch. A hardcore workout isn’t the best idea here since you may experience dizziness and nausea. Gentle movements such as stretching, swimming, and yoga will release endorphins, increase blood flow, and create some ease within your body.

Enjoying a night out doesn’t have to leave you feeling tired and unmotivated the next day. I hope these ideas help you out. For answers on more health related topics send me your questions on Facebook at Daegu Personal Training with Kevin. 16


Dongseongro Festival Recap! Group photos by the ‘Classy Scumbags’ / Festival photos by Bridgett Henandez

Congrats to the ‘Classy Scumbags’ for winning the 4th Annual Scavenger Hunt!

Joseph will make your skin healthy and beautiful. Young W Ryoo, M.D., Ph.D (Thomas-Jefferson university hospital, in PA, USA . trained

Joseph Skin Clinic.

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LASER CLINIC S SKINCARE CLINIC FRECKLES&COLORS CLINIC S WRINKLE CLINIC 1. acne (chemical peel, PDT, accutane prescription, MTS, etc ) 2. all kinds of scar removal 3. autologous fat transplantation

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Joseph Clinic 11fl

2.28 Park


Dongseongno, LotteCinema building 11F (Billibow building)


Interview with Mayor Kim Bumil Submitted by Heeran Kim / Translated by Hyunseung Lee / Photo courtesy of Daegu City Hall

김범일 시장은 경북대에 재학 중인 외국인 유학생을 초청, 유 학생의 좌충우돌 대구 생활 적 응기와 유학생 입장에서 바라 본 대구의 개선점, 그리고 시장 에게 궁금한 점을 허심탄회하 게 질의 응답하는 시간을 30 일 가졌다.

Mayor Kim Bumil invited foreign students at KNU to talk, where he listened to stories of their adaptation to life in Korea, accepted their opinions on ways to improve Daegu, and had a Q and A session. 이번 행사에 참가한 외국인 학 생은 독일, 스위스, 라트비아, 슬로베니아, 에스토니아, 터키, 폴란드, 중국에서 유학와 현재 경영, 경제, 국문학 등을 전공 하고 있는 학생들로, 평소 시장 에게 궁금했던 점들을 질문하 고, 대구 생활에서 느끼는 점들 을 솔직하게 풀어놓았다.

Foreign students from different countries - Germany, Switzerland, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Turkey, Poland, China - attended this event with majors in Business, Economics, Korean Language and others. They asked the mayor about things they are curious about, and talked to him about what they had felt during their lives in Daegu. 김범일 시장은 지금까지 시장 으로서 가장 어려운 점은 무 엇인지에 대한 폴란드 유학생 Jakub Ladysz의 질문에 “중앙 정부와 협상하고 때로 는 싸워야 할 경우와, 자금 조 달이 원활하지 못한 점이 어 려웠다.”고 털어놨다. 특히 “2006년 시장 취임 시 부채


수준이 상당한 것은 많은 부담 으로 다가왔지만 지금은 4천 300억 원 가량을 줄이고 예산 도 많이 확보했다.”고 답했다.

"For a mayor, what is the most difficult task to accomplish," asked by Polish student, Jakub Ladysz. The mayor repied, "The moments when we had to negotiate and fight with the central government when we had financing problems were hard.” Also, "when I took office as mayor in 2006, I felt too much pressure because Daegu had a department of a considerable number. However, the department has been decreasing and is now at 430 billion won and we secured a

large amount of the budget." 특히, 김범일 시장은 외국에 방 문한 도시 중 어떤 특징을 대구 에 반영하고 싶으냐는 유학생의 질문에 세계화라고 답했다. 김 시장은 “세계육상대회, 세계에 너지총회, 세계물포럼 등 다양 한 국제행사로 유치함으로써 세 계화를 꾀하고 있지만 내륙지 역이라 접근성이 용이하지 않 다.”며 “국제공항이 생긴다면 대구가 국제적인 도시로 발돋 움하는 데 촉매 역할을 할 것” 이라고 신공항 건설 의지를 피 력했다.

"What features would you copy to make Daegu better than the

MAYOR KIM BUMIL other cities you have been to?" Mayor Kim Bumil replied, "Globalization is the first step," he said. "We tried to be more globalised by hosting various international events like the World Championship in Athletics, the World Energy Congress, the World Water Forum and so on, but it is not so simple because Daegu is located in an inland area." He also expressed his view point on the construction of a new airport. "If the new airport will be built in Daegu, the city will act as the catalyst for growth as an international city." 또 대구텍은 미국 기업이 투자한 회사데 왜 대 구를 선택했는가?라는 질문에는 “대구는 우 수한 인적자원과 구미, 포항, 울산, 창원의 4 대 산업도시의 중심지로 R&D, 부품, 자재 관 련 사업으로 투자의 최적지”라고 답했다.

"Why did DaeguTech, which is invested by an American company, choose Daegu?" "Daegu is the perfect place for the company becsuse it has outstanding human resources and is in the centre of industrial cities such as Gumi, Pohang, Ulsan, and Changwon. It is the best place to invest in business related to R&D, components and materials. 김 시장은 대구의 미래를 묻는 질문에는 “대 구는 인적자원과 근면성이 우수하다. 유럽 경 제 위기와는 달리 97년도 IMF 당시 시민들 이 자발적으로 금을 모아 부채를 갚았다. 이러 한 단결된 시민정신이 바로 대구의 미래”라 고 밝혔다.


Terrace BBQ & Mongolian BBQ Boost your appetite with open air Terrace BBQ & Mongolian BBQ, and get one “FREE” glass of draft beer or a glass of Iced lemonade from 1st of June. Weekdays Dinner & Weekend Lunch/Dinner @ The Square Restaurant/Terrace Price: 45,000 KRW(10% VAT will be added) Children’s Special Rate(Under 6 years old) Free of Charge Lunch & Dinner Buffet

INFO & Reservation:053 664 1168

In response to a general question about Daegu’s future, Mayor Kim Bumil replied, "Daegu has numerous people who are brilliant and diligent. During the IMF crisis in 1997, the citizens of Daegu repayed a department unlike the crisis in Europe. This kind of banded spirit of citizenship is the future of Daegu." 김범일 시장은 학생들에게 만약 본인이 대구시 장이었다면, 유학생들에게 대구란 어떤 의미인 지, 그리고 대구 생활하면서 불편한 점 그리고 개선할 점 등을 묻고 의견을 청취했다.

The Mayor also listened to student's opinions about his overall job and performance, what made them inconvenient, what can be improved and what they would do if they were the Mayor of Daegu.

RENDEZ-VOUS BAR : 053 664 1169

Live Music on every Monday to Saturday From 20:20pm-23:00pm


One More Night! Written by Analie Hintz


n Sunday, I had the pleasure of sitting in on one of the rehearsals for the Daegu Musical Revue’s upcoming show in June. Their theme is Love, Joy and Laughter centered around the highs and lows of love with songs chosen so skillfully by their vocal coach Brandon Payne to illustrate that ebb and flow. The Daegu Musical Revue is an up-andcoming organization in Daegu and is spearheaded by Anika A. Adekayode. However, it has come a long way in such a short period of time. Its first performance was only in November after being officially created in August 2011. Now their venue for this performance has moved, from the smaller space in Buy the Book, to a proper theater and are working towards the completion of a website solely for the Daegu Musical Revue. However Anika informs me that she was working out the logistics for quite some time before the organization got off the ground in August. One thing that really shined through in my talk with Anika was how focused and passionate she was about this project. This focus I believe partly comes from a feeling that we both shared in our talk about how strong and supportive the Daegu community is of new events and diversity in activities. Anika expressed that the goal is to not only put on a great show, which by my brief glimpse of it on Sunday I believe it will be, but also to involve everyone 20

who wants to be part of a Musical Revue, whether they be Korean or foreigner. There is a diverse group of performers who make up the Daegu Musical Revue cast. Those with musical or theater training, those who want to make use of their

English skills and those that simply want to share their talent. For a few of the performers, this will be their first time performing in a musical revue. Their talent was recognized at various moments by Brandon Payne, the revue's vocal coach, stage coach and so much

ONE MORE NIGHT! - DMR PRODUCTION more. Gabriella, for example, could not be included in the final from Banwoldang) was convinced to do the show cast. However, given the rate of 대구 남구 대명동 1892after singing in a NoraeBang with growth that this organization has 31 씨어터 우전 지하1층. For Brandon. Both of her parents had a accomplished so far in such a short directions or more information performance background, but she period of time, I would say that, there are a few options. You can had never thought to get involved with the support of the Daegu join them on Facebook, search for: in something like this Daegu Musical Revue until now. Jasmine Jones “...goal is to not only put on a great saw the show last year the event draws closer, show...but also to involve everyone who As in November and it there will be more informawants to be part of a Musical Revue...” tion there and the Daegu inspired her to join in this year's production. Theatre Troupe's website Others like Colleen, JR (which the Daegu Musical and Tiffany Troung had been part community, we will see this group Revue is partnered with) where of choirs, have had vocal training grow to new heights in the future. tickets will be available at 10,000 at their university or simply missed ‘Til then, I would urge you to supwon per ticket a few weeks before singing. port their upcoming event in June. the date of the show. Another option is to contact the Daegu Whatever the reason, the Daegu The details are as follows: Musical Revue via email at Musical Revue has always been There will be two times: Saturday open to whomever is willing to June 16th, 2012 (4pm to 5:30pm Hope to see you there! give their time and their talent. In and 8pm - 9:30pm). It is titled One fact, some children in the Daegu More Night! It will be located at Daegu Musical Revue community were to be included Woojeon Theatre (near Mybut because of unforeseen events eongdeok which is one stop away


Wax on, Wax off Submitted by Cocorico / / Translated by Yujeong Lee

왁싱이란 신체에 있어서 미용, 위생상 안좋은 부분의 털을 제 거하는 방법이다. 왁스를 녹여 원하는 부위 피부위에 얇게 펴 서 바르고 천을 붙여 제거하는 것으로 오랫동안 사용했던 분 위는 털의 모근이 파괴되어 점 차적으로 털이 적게 난다. 또한 왁싱을 할 경우 제모 뿐만 아 니라 3~3회정도 왁싱을 하게 되면 피부표면의 죽은 세포까 지 제거되기 때문에 피부를 부 드럽고 탄력있게 만들 수 있다. 하지만, 면도기나 족집게를 사 용하면 피부가 늘어지고 멜라 닌색소가 생겨 색소침착이 생 겨 거뭇해질 수 있다. 또한 노 화가 빨라지며 털이 두껍게 자 랍니다.

Waxing is getting rid of body hair for reasons of hygiene and beauty. Melt the wax and spread it over your skin, then put a cloth on it. Then take it off quick and the hairs will be removed. The root of hairs will be destroyed and the hairs grow less and less on the part you’ve waxed for a long time. Also, not only removing your hair, waxing also removes the dead cells on surface of your skin, so that your skin becomes smooth and elastic with 3-4 waxing treatments a week. However, if you use a razor or tweezers, your skin might lose its elasticity, and get melanin so it would darken. Also, it ages faster and your hair grows thicker. 흔히 하기 쉬운 왁싱의 문제점 면도는 가장 쉽게 할 수 있는 방법이다. 일시적 제모, 털의 성장속도 억제나 모질개선 효과


전혀없다. 더 두껍게 자라게 하거나 간지럽 거나 따갑다. 제모크림은 민 감성 성기 부 위에 할 시 접 촉성 피부염을 일으킨다. 색 소침착등의 부 작용이 나타나 며, 다른 부위 보다 털이 두 꺼운 음모의 경우 거뭇하 게 남는다. 왁 싱은 즉각적인 매끄러움을 선 사하며 거뭇하 지 않으며 깨 끗하게 제모하 면 잠잘 때 간 지러움과 따가 움이 없다. 전 문가를 통한 왁싱은 모근을 제 거 하기에 성장속도 억제와 모 질개선 효과가 탁월하다.

Problems of Waxing That You Can Solve Easily The easiest way to remove your hair is shaving. However, it’s just temporary way and it doesn’t help hair grow slowly or help the quality of your hair improve. Actually, it makes your hair grow thicker or your skin itchy or prickle. A depilatory cream can cause contact dermatitis when you use it around genitals. Also, there might be side effects of skin pigmentation, moreover, the pubic hair, thicker than other hairs, could remain in the skin. Waxing removes everything

leaving an immediate smoothness. Removing hairs cleanly doesn’t leave any itching and burning feeling. Waxing by a professional removes hair by the roots and slows the hair growth down and improves the quality of it. 왁싱의 종류 Type of Waxing <눈썹> 눈썹의 형태에 따라 얼굴이 달 라 보인다. 눈썹주위 잔털제거 는 물론이고 깨끗한 눈썹라인으 로 얼굴에 새로운 아름다움을 찾을 수 있다.

<Eyebrows> The shape of eyebrows makes your face look different. You can find new beauty for your face with clear eyebrow line as well as removing

WAX ON - WAX OFF - ADVERTORIAL fuzz near your eyebrows <겨드랑이> 이 부분은 잦은 면도를 하면 색깔이 검게 변 한다. 그리고 피부가 늘어지게 된다. 이곳 은 천연아로마 왁싱이 좋다. 아로마성분을 통 해 통증 완화는 물론 피부각질제거 효과를 보 게된다.

<Armpits> This part can be darken if you shave often. Also, the part of skin might lose elasticity. For this part, Natural Aroma Waxing is helpful. Aroma ingredients reduce the pain and also have the peeling effect. <얼굴> 피부솜털로 화장이 뜨거나 밀리게 된다면 왁 싱을 통해 매끈한 피부로 탄력있게 연출하실 수 있습니다. M자형 이마로 고민하는 사람들 은 계란형 얼굴로 성형한듯 이미지가 확 달라 집니다. 이것이 페이스 왁싱입니다.

<Face> If the fuzz on your face interrupts your make up, waxing can solve the problem. It will make your skin smooth and elastic. For those who worry about their M shape forehead, waxing can shape their forehead as a round shape, and they will get a new image like they got plastic surgery. <콧수염> 남자처럼 거뭇거뭇하게 나는 콧수염 깎으면 더 굵게 보이는 거 아시죠? 자라날땐 더 흉하 게 자라기 때문에 더 고민이죠. 전문가를 통 해서 합리적인 가격으로 왁싱받으세요. 통증 도 거의 없고 효과도 오래 지속됩니다.

<Mustache> Like a guy, you might have a mustache and it’ll look thicker after you shave it. And it’ll look worse when it grows back. So get waxing done by a professional with a proper price. There’s little pain and it lasts a long time. <팔다리> 여름철 반팔 반바지에 왁싱은 기본이죠. 왁 싱 후 매끈한 팔과 다리로 여름철 노출 자신 있게 즐기세요.

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WAX ON - WAX OFF - ADVERTORIAL <Arms & Legs> It’s a basic thing that you have to do to get ready to show some skin in the summer. Enjoy and expose your smooth arms and legs after getting waxing.

Strip free wax This is used for waxing to remove hairs by spreading it on hairs, putting a strip on the skin then taking it off. Lately, it’s called soft wax since there isn’t a strip used for

Cold Wax You don’t need to anything to melt it but use it melts right away with your body temperature. 제모후 피부관리 Skin Care After


<비키 니/브라 질리언> 비키니 수영복을 입을 때 자신감뿐 만 아니 라 이성 과의 색 다른 즐 거움을 선사합니다.

제모 30 분 후에 는 피부 진정시키 는 처방 을 해야 한다. 제 모를 마 친 후 피 부 바깥 BEFORE AFTER 층인 표 피층이 this. This wax is useful for remov자극을 받아 붉게 달아오르게 ing thin and long hairs. 된다. 차가운 알로에젤이나 주 <Bikini/Brazilian> 딩젤로 진정시킨다. 왁싱을 하 Waxing will give you not only 핫 왁스(Hot wax) 면 모근이 제거 되는 동시에 가 pride when you wear bikinis but 왁스 전용 가열기나 전자레인지 벼운 각질제거까지 함께 되기 also different pleasure with your 등에 데워서 녹인 후 사용하는 때문에 연약해진 피부가 자외선 lover. 왁스. 짧고 굵은 모발을 제거 을 받으면 색소침착이 될 우려 할 때 사용한다. 가 있다. 자외선 차단제를 필수 다양한 왁싱 방법 Different ways 로 바르는 것이 좋다.

to wax

스트립왁스(Strip free wax)

Hot Wax You can melt it with a melting wax device or a microwave. It’s usually used for short and thick hairs.

제모 부위에 얇게 발라서 부직 포나 천을 사용하여 밀착시킨 후 뜯어 내는 왁 싱법에 사용되는 왁스를 말하는데 최근에는 소프트 왁스가 일반적이 BEFORE 다. 부직 포나 천 과 같은 스트립이 사용되므로 소프트 왁 콜드 왁스(Cold wax) 스(soft wax)라고도 한다. 가열이 필요 없어 체온으로 녹 가늘고 긴 모발을 제거할 때 사 여 바로 사용할 수 있는 왁스. 용한다.


After 30 minutes, you need to take care of your skin to soothe it. After waxing, the surface layer of your skin would get red and hot because of the stimulation. So put some cold aloe gel or soothing gel on the spot. AFTER Waxing removes the roots of hair and also dead skin cells, so after then your skin might be darker if you expose it to UV light. So you have to put sunscreen on the spot.

WAX ON - WAX OFF - ADVERTORIAL 제모 1일 후에는 성장억제 프 로그램을 실시한다. 제모 효과 를 오랫동안 유지하기 위한 모 근을 자라는 속도를 늦춰주는 케어를 선택하는 방법도 있다. 모근이 제거된 모낭에 이러한 케어 관리를 하게 되면 체질에 따라 자라지 않거나 굵기가 얇 아진다. 제모는 3주~4주 가 량 꾸준히 받아야 하며, 모공 이 확장된 부위에 체모성장억 제제를 발라주는 것이 영구 제 모 효과가 있다. 민감한 피부는 테스트를 거쳐야 하는걸 잊으 면 안된다.

In a day, try hair growth control program. To keep the waxing effect longer, you can choose the care to make hair roots grow slower. Taking care of hair follicles without hair roots keeps hair from growing or makes it thinner.

Removing hair treatment should be done every 3-4 weeks. And use a hair-growing restrainer and you can get a permanent hair-removal effect. Don’t forget to test the restrainer if you have sensitive skin. 제모 3일 후에는 선탠과 목욕 탕 사용시 주의해야 한다. 왁 싱 시술 후 모공이 확장 된 상 태, 확장 된 모공에 세균 감염 이 될 우려가 있으니 당일엔 대 중목욕탕과 수영장, 심한 운동 은 피해주는게 좋다. 선탠을 하 면 화상의 위험이 있고 색소침 착이 될수도 있으니 왁싱 관리 후 3일 이후부터 선탠을 하는 것이 좋다.

After three days, be careful getting suntanned and using public baths. Your skin pores are expanded after you get waxing. So it’s easier to get infected by germs so you shouldn’t

go to a public bath and a swimming pool. Also, avoid too much exercise. Suntanning might burn or darken your skin so do it after three days later. 제모 7일 후에는 개인의 피부 타입에 따라 염증이나 검붉은 흉터로 착색이 되었을경우, 착 색된 피부를 완화할 수 있는 제 품을 꼭 사용하도록 한다.

After seven days, use a skin product to make it brighter in the case your skin got inflamed or black and red depending on your skin type. 자료제공/ 코코리코 전지영원 장/ 053. 268. 5525/ 010 2005 6451


The Otherside of OZ Written and photographed by Andrew Candy / Translated by Yujeong Lee

The Sydney Harbor and Opera House. Bondi Beach and the Great Barrier Reef. The mighty Yarra and Uluru. Chances are you know many of these landmarks. They are all iconically Australian, and yet none of them are getting any further mention in this article. You see, I’m from a place a bit further west of these tourist-enticing behemoths - 3,938km (almost 2450mi) west of Sydney, to be precise. That takes us right over to the opposite side, and the state capital city of Perth in Western Australia. 시드니 항구와 오페라 하우스. 본다이 해변과 대보초. 야라강 과 울룰루. 여러분은 이 많은 유명한 장소들을 알고 있을 것 이다. 이곳들은 호주의 상징적 인 곳이나 이 글에서는 더 이 상 언급되지 않을 것이다. 사실 나는 관광객을 유혹하는 거대한 공간에서 서쪽으로 조금 떨어진

곳의 출신이다. 더 정확히 말하 자면 시드니에서 3,938km( 약 2450마일) 떨어진 곳이 다. 그곳은 시드니에서 정반대 인 호주 서부의 중심지 퍼스 이다.

Western Australia is massive, occupying 2.5 million square kilometers (over 965,255 square miles) and having a total of 20,781 km (12,913 mi) of coastline. Traveling by road from Sydney to Perth takes a solid 42 hours, pit stops not included. Locals call this a ‘bloody long drive’. Perth is smaller than Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane in terms of population, and also the second most isolated city in the world next to Honolulu. Don’t let this deter you though; there is still an abundance of adventure to be had. 호주 서부는 거대하다. 250 만 제곱 킬로미터(965,255 제곱마일이 넘는다)를 차 지하고 있으며 총 길이 20,781km(12,913 마일) 의 해안이 있다. 시드니에서 퍼 스까지 도로로 여행하는 것은 잠시라도 쉬지 않고, 빽빽하게 42시간이 걸린다. 지역주민은


THE OTHERSIDE OF OZ 과 일광욕으로 가장 인기 있는 곳 중 하나이다. 트리그 해변은 스카보로우에서 북쪽으로 몇 km 떨어진 곳에 위치하며 서핑족에게 잘 알려져 있 다. 만약 수영복 없이 지내는 경험을 더 선호한 다면, 스완본 해변의 북쪽 지역이 여러분 구역이 될 것이다. 나는 청소년 때 코틀슬로 해변을 친 구와 함께 걷다가 이곳에 대한 경험을 하게 되 었다. 더 자세히 말하자면 얼마 후에 갑자기 눈 이 닿는 거리 내에서 우리가 유일하게 완전히 옷 을 벗지 않고 있는 사람들이라는 것을 알아챘다. 근처에 이러한 급습을 막을 수 있는 담장이나 벽 이 주위에 없기에 여전히 ‘실수로’ 이런 일이 일어나게끔 할 수 있다. 모래 속에 있는 작은 시 의회 표지판이 그 지점을 지나 ‘옷은 선택인 해 변’을 경계 짓고 있다. 이것을 ‘빌어먹을 긴 운전’이라고 부른다. 퍼 스는 시드니, 멜버른, 브리즈번보다 인구가 적 고, 호노룰루 다음으로 세계에서 두 번째로 고립 된 도시이다. 하지만 이것으로 여러분의 여행을 단념케 하지 마라. 아직 즐겨야 할 다양한 모험 이 기다리고 있다.

Starting immediately in Perth, there are a number of excellent beaches with opportunities for all manner of surf, sea, and sun based activities. Cottlesloe Beach is one of the most popular during the day for swimming and sunbathing, while Scarborough Beach and the surrounding clubs and pubs come alive at night. Trigg Beach can be found a few kilometers north of Scarborough and is well known in surfing circles. If you prefer your experience sans swimsuit, then the northern area of Swanbourne Beach is right up your alley. I gained first-hand experience of this place as a teenager while walking along Cottlesloe Beach with a friend. Deep in conversation, after a while we suddenly realized we were the only people as far as the eye could see who weren’t completely stark naked. It’s still very easy to ‘accidentally’ accomplish this, as there aren’t any fences or walls preventing such incursions. A small city council signpost in the sand simply demarks it as a “Clothing Optional Beach” beyond that point. 퍼스에서 여행을 시작하면 서핑, 바다, 태양 아래서 즐길 거리가 가득한 멋진 해변들이 있 다. 스카보로우 해변이 주변 클럽과 펍이 밤 에 활기를 띠는 반면에, 코틀슬로 해변은 수영

Heading about 3 hours further south along the coast is where the real fun begins - bigger beaches for a start; some of them hosting international surfing competitions. Margaret River is a great example: the river mouth around Prevally being the most spectacular in my experience. Margaret River and the surrounding area is also very well known for its fantastic wine. The wineries are extremely tourist friendly with almost all continued on p28

THE OTHERSIDE OF OZ of them having cellar doors open to the public. I spent a fantastic five or six days down there a year or so ago sampling many delicious reds, and throwing the odd chocolate or cheese factory in to mix it up a little. Kangaroos, emus, and other native wildlife are common sights, especially if you stay at a caravan park outside of town. Emus spook pretty easily but troops of ‘roos hang out right by the caravans, and you can get to within a few meters of the females for some great photo opportunities. Kookaburras gather on mass towards dusk and their laughing calls are pretty special. 해변을 따라 남쪽으로 3시간 이상 가면 진정한 재미가 시작 되는 곳, 더 커다란 해변들이 나타난다. 그 중 몇은 국제 서 핑 대회를 주최하기도 한다. 마 가렛 강이 아주 좋은 예이다. 프리밸리 근처 강 입구는 내 경


험상 가장 장관이었던 곳이다. 마가렛 강과 그 주변 지역은 환 상적인 와인으로 잘 알려져 있 다. 와이너리들은 관광객에게 매우 친절하며, 대부분 사람들 에게 저장고 문을 열어준다. 나 는 1년 전쯤에 별난 초콜릿과 치즈 그리고 수많은 레드 와인 을 맛보면서 황홀한 5,6일을 보냈다. 캥거루, 에뮤, 다른 토 종 야생동물을 어디에서나 볼 수 있고, 특히 여러분이 마을 밖 이동식 주택 주차장에 머문 다면 더 많이 볼 수 있다. 에뮤 는 매우 쉽게 겁을 먹지만 한 무리의 캥거루들은 이동식 주택 바로 옆에서 놀곤 한다. 또한 여러분은 암컷에게 몇 미터 이 내로 접근하여 멋진 사진을 찍 을 기회도 얻을 수 있다. 그리 고 웃는 물총새는 황혼이 다가 오면 무리를 짓고, 새들의 웃는 소리는 꽤 특별하다.

The country several hours north of Perth is completely different from

the south: red desert sands barren one day and blooming as far as the eye can see with wildflowers the next, huge rocky gorges with pools just begging to be dived into, oceans where dolphins and whales come close to within arm’s reach, and wildlife including seriously large lizards that run on their two hind legs when at speed. I’ll be saving that story for another time. 퍼스 북쪽에서 몇 시간 떨어진 시골은 남부와는 완전히 다른 곳이다. 붉은 사막이 매끈하고 황량하게 있는 날과 눈이 닿는 데까지 야생꽃이 가득 피어나는 다음날, 웅덩이에 다이빙하라고 애원을 하는 바위 협곡, 돌고래 와 고래가 팔이 닿는 거리 내 로 가까이 오는 대양과 엄청나 게 큰 도마뱀이 뒷다리로 급속 도로 달려오는 야생동물들. 다 음 번을 위해 그 이야기들은 아 껴두겠다.



I am an art apimmediate neighpreciator, but I bor is Korean, admittedly don’t and she makes know much delicious food.” about art, beyond So while Cragg’s the way it makes stay in Daegu me feel. So was only going my lack of art to last a day, he knowledge, left does experience me intimidated Korean food and during the mohospitality on the Interview by Mandy Shimizu / Profile photos by Hannah Starner / Exhibit photos by Christopher Cote ments leading up regular. to interviewing tors were hustled upstairs and set Tony Cragg, a world-renowned Cragg said, “I am a Sculpture around a glass table to commence sculptor. Freak.” While artists are often the interview portion of the event. noted for drawing inspiration from Despite having traveled for 30 Before the interview, I had an hour love found, love lost, or life experihours, Cragg was so patient as and a half to examine and make ences, Tony seems to be inspired every word was translated, and he observations about his sculptures. by sculpture itself. was willing to answer all questions My first impression was that about his art, thoroughly and they were impressive in size and He believes that we live in an genuinely. stature, and that there seemed to impoverished material world. He be more to them than what I was noted how humans’ main mode This was Cragg’s second showing seeing with my eyes. I could see of survival is using materials, in Korea. He had an exhibition the hidden figures in some of the whether it be to make a shirt, a years ago at Seoul’s National sculptures, but I couldn’t help but chair, or a bottle, so the result is Museum of Contemporary Art, feel overwhelmed with the suspiwhat he called an utilitarian world. which he said was a good show cion that something was escaping He said, “one meter of forest has and experience. The WooSon my novice art eye, and after speakmore form than the whole of a Gallery, is a new gallery in Daegu, ing with Cragg my suspicions were city,” and it is this idea that makes with a very contemporary style. confirmed. him so passionate about sculpture. Cragg said, that the exhibition spaces in Korea are beautiful and After Cragg arrived at the gal“The important thing about his experiences have left a positive lery, all seven journalists, seven sculpture is it is not utilitarian. It impression of Korea on him. He photographers, and two transladoesn’t have to follow the rules of added, “I should also mention, my

self-noted ‘Sculpture Freak’

continued on p32



DAEGU BANK : BEOMOEDONG Remember the city just a few weeks ago? Filled with dark and heavy atmosphere… Now, people wear colorful clothes and flowers are blooming. It seems everybody welcomes the spring. 얼마전까지만해도 툭툭하고 짙은색상의 옷들로 도시가 가득 찼었는데 이젠 사람들도 꽃들도 알 록달록 아름다운 옷을 입고 봄이 왔음을 한껏 반 기는 것 같습니다.

Here I introduce Beomeodong branch Daegu bank, the Mecca of finance in Daegu. Beomeodong branch is located at Beomeo crossroad, which is famous for the multitude of financial institutes in Daegu. It makes the personnel of Beomeodong branch have the most specialized knowledge in every field and offer customers the best service. That is the reason why the customers keep visiting Beomeodong branch. 안녕하세요? 대구의 금융 1번지라 불리우는 대 구은행 범어동지점을 소개합니다. 저희 범어동지 점은 모든 금융기관의 밀집 지역인 범어네거리에 위치하고 있기에 업무별 최고의 직원들이 최 상의 서비스로 고객을 맞이하고 있어 한번 방 문했던 고객은 잊지 않고 다시 찾는 지점으로 유명합니다.

Beomeodong branch’s other nickname is “Global branch,” because the number of foreign customers is sometimes bigger than that of Korean customers. It is due to the many language institutes and English village near here. 또한 인근에 많은 어학원들과 영어마을이 조 성되어 있어 외국인 고객 분들의 이용이 많으 신데 가끔은 창구에 한국인보단 외국인이 더 많아 글로벌지점으로 부르기도 한답니다. 외 국인이 많이 찾으시는 데는 또 다른 이유가 있습니다. 외환담당자의 핸섬한 외모와 유창 한 외국어실력, 무엇보다 신속한 업무처리!! 그래서일까요? 외국인 단골고객이 많답니다.

Other reasons for having many foreign customers are foreign business assistant’s professional attire, fluent foreign language abilities, and fast transaction! You can easily find Beomeodong branch in front of the Beomeo metro station. Good accessibility and cozy interior are also Beomeodong

branch’s good features. Visit us and experience the high quality service. 지하철 범어역 입구에 위치하여 교통이 편리하고 넓고 아늑한 실내공간이 구비되어있는 대구은행 범어동지점을 방문하시어 오늘은 최상의 서비스 를 경험해 보세요~

Contact: Jang Sejin, Sales assistant (T:053-753-6965) 외환,환전 문의 : Jang Sejun, Sales assistant (053-753-6965)

TONY CRAGG SCULPTURE FREAK INTERVIEW manufacture. So sculpture in a sense, always opens up the possibility of what we don’t know,” said Cragg. When asked if the human figures that could be seen in some of his iron and bronze sculptures were intentional, Cragg responded, “Of course, what I make I intend to make.” He explained that geometric and organic are two different terms for looking at the world. For instance, human beings seem very organic, but if you break our bodies down onto smaller levels, we are very geometric. While pointing to is right hand he explained that there was a reason our fingernails and thumbs are where they are. It’s because, “all material in the world is a function of something, so I try to reflect that in the work,” said Cragg. One of Cragg’s biggest influences is Medardo Rosso, a man credited with being one of the first modern sculptors. Cragg says that Rosso made us, “look at sculpture the way we look at each other.” The other large influence he mentioned was Marcel Duchamp, who created the concept of the “readymade.” Duchamp would take every day objects, such as a bottle rack or a snow shovel, and display them as art. “He showed us that you can take terms surrounding an object and change those terms, and effectively completely change that object,” said Cragg. Cragg’s passion for sculpture and art is intoxicating. Even for an art-novice like myself, he gave me a greater

appreciation for his work and the works of other sculptors. He believes that sculpture is “an incredibly vital and important discipline, and that it is a rare human activity.” Cragg deeply appreciates the history of sculptures and sculptors who came before him. He says the development and history of sculpture over the last 120 years is a fantastic story. However, Cragg said, “I know it goes back thousands of years, but I sincerely believe the new function of sculpture has only just begun.” Near the end of the interview Cragg touched upon something that I think non-artists, like myself, sometimes have trouble understanding. He said, “You have to understand that we have no idea of absolute reality. Nobody can imagine absolute reality. So the reality we see is just the tip of the iceberg. So I imagine in the future, science will go on to discover many things and new realities, but those realities can’t be grasped without art. They can’t be understood and will have no value without art. That’s why art is so important.”



Jisan Valley Rock Festival Written by Aaron Murray / Photos submitted by Jisan Valley Rock Festival Organization

The sun has come out of its Winter stupor and yellow dust is soon to be a thing of the past. This can only mean one thing: ladies and gents, it’s high time to plan your Summer adventures. July holds a special place in the heart of the waygook with the mess at Boryeong being a highlight of every Summer. This year, though, the mud could be displaced by the jamboStone Roses ree in the last week of July at Jisan Valley Rock Festival. Jisan has slowly built a reputation on the international festival circuit. Last year, the festival’s biggest to date, saw Chemical Brothers and Arctic Monkeys take the stage. There has, however, always been a feeling that the festival was playing second fiddle to world famous Fuji Rocks festival in Japan. Well, as the old adage goes: If you can’t beat them join them, and Jisan, rather than directly compete with Fuji, has joined forces to share headliners over the course of the weekend. Both festivals have announced that professional genre swappers Radiohead will take pride of place at the top of the bill. They will be joined by the comeback tour of The Stone Roses. We are being made to wait for the rest of the line-up but it’s worth reflecting on the two bands who, to use an irritating but accurate cliché, cannot be missed. No matter what your opinion of the two bands, their position as two of the most culturally celebrated, and important, acts of the last two decades cannot be doubted. The Stone Roses singlehandedly created the Britpop phenomenon that gave birth to Oasis, Blur and others. Their debut album, which placed in Time magazine’s top 100 of all time, turned British youth culture on its head and represents the perfect fusion of rock and rave, the dominant musical fads of the time. The band’s reformation can’t be overstated – the first tickets 220,000 tickets released were gone within an hour – and we’re very lucky people that they’ve included Korea on their reunion tour. Radiohead are a band that attracts the laziest of criticism along with the most enthusiastic support. Depressing, say some; genius, say others. The latter are right, the former are just waiting to


be converted. The band’s appearance at Jisan –their first on

Beady Eyes

Korean soil - comes after yet another sold out arena tour in the US and sees the band tour their eighth studio album, The King of Limbs. Few bands have been around for so long, through so many genres and yet Radiohead have retained a consistency befitting the genuine talent of every band member. The true greatness of Radiohead is that they were indie while Britpop dominated, they introduced Electronica to the masses and then they created a batch of young pretenders – who will never truly match the band’s work - in their wake. If those two weren’t enough then cast your eye to other bands announced for Fuji – Jack White, Explosions in the Sky, The Shins – and get your fingers crossed that they’ll join the party. This year’s line-up is the first which is likely to be the envy of festival goers worldwide; Boryeong best be ready, it has serious competition!





n Korea, an inquiry into a person’s favorite hobbies is likely to garner “shopping” as a response, and for good reason. Korea is famous for its loud, off-beat style and Seoul is often referred to as the fashion capital of Asia. From big brand names to the innumerable (and inexpensive) small boutiques, it seems that Koreans and the similarly-sized foreigners who live among them have limitless choice when it comes to clothing options. But among the low-priced, mass-produced heaps of stylish duds available in Daegu remains a remnant of what is becoming a bit of a lost art—custom tailoring. In 1970, a talented tailor named Moon Kyu Kim opened the




Written by Brad Piepkorn / Photos submitted by Vanity London

doors of his custom suit-making business called London Tailors and quickly made a name for himself. Recently renamed Vanity London, this establishment has become synonymous with quality and luxury among Daegu’s bestdressed citizens. From politicians to celebrities to high-ranking military officers, Vanity London has suited them all. The interior of Vanity London appears exactly as you would imagine an established, high-end tailor’s shop to look. Upon entering its doors, you are greeted by the smell of expensive fabric and the sounds of soft vocal jazz. The walls are lined with custom shelving upon which sit hundreds of imported fabric samples—the largest selection in Daegu. The decor is formal, almost Victorian, but with Korean elements infused throughout. The sitting area consists of a large chaise longue and coffee table

stocked with fashion publications. There is also a dining-style table and chairs, which I can only assume is where the tailor and the customer get down to brass tacks. The rest of the space is filled with marble topped hutches and end-tables, and antique sconces illuminate the many photographs of Daegu’s rich and famous wearing the suits made here. Despite the ritzy vibe, the staff is very friendly and down to earth. In fact, Vanity London is currently experiencing a bit of a renaissance in the form of Moon Kyu’s son, Do Hun, who has been gradually taking over the company. Inspired by his father’s success in Daegu, Do Hun decided to study at the renowned Bunka Fashion College in Japan. After graduating,

A TOUCH OF CLASS Do Hun traveled for three years gathering inspiration from many different countries including Australia, the Philippines, and Cuba. Having also been influenced by Japan’s strong family business culture, Do Hun decided upon his return to Korea to take the reigns of his father’s enterprise. He hopes to bring Vanity London’s reputation for luxury and quality into the 21st century by modernizing some aspects of his father’s company. For now, though, Vanity London continues to focus on it’s specialty of custom-made suits, and what fine suits they are. While the tailors at Vanity London say they are happy to accommodate any wishes of their customers, they concentrate mainly in British-style suits. Most of the fabrics used in their creations are imported

from Italy and England and your fabric choice will ultimately affect the price of the suit they craft. 95 percent of stitching on a Vanity London suit is done by hand which means it takes some time to complete, typically about three weeks (and two or three fittings). Understandably, a hand-stitched bespoke suit by the most accomplished tailor in Daegu does not come particularly cheap. Price tags vary greatly depending on the design and fabric chosen, but a basic two-piece suit starts at about 850,000w while a more remarkable ensemble (consisting of more pieces and made from higher quality fabric) can cost upwards of 5,000,000w. Of course, suits are not the only custom garments available. If you are looking to make a smaller investment in your wardrobe, consider a custom shirt

which runs around 80,000w or a hand-made tie for 120,000w. Vanity London is open from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. 365 days a year and is located near Jungango subway stop. The simplest way to find it from the subway is to go out of Banwoldong Exit 14 and walk straight (past Quiznos) until you are just across from the Wooribank. Vanity London is opposite the bank. Non-Korean speakers may find it prudent to bring a translator though the staff does speak some English and has crafted many pieces for foreign teachers and military personnel. If you are looking for a suit that you can truly consider an investment and want something better than “good enough”, Vanity London comes highly recommended as the place to go.


TYSON GAY - INTERVIEW Interview by Kenneth Quillinan / Photo credit Rich Kenah from GlobalAthletics Management


yson Gay has had a career full of ups and downs. His personal bests have established him as the second fastest athlete in the 100 meters and the fifth fastest athlete in the history of the 200 meters, with times of 9.69 (which is a US record) and 19.58 seconds respectively. Unfortunately for Gay, his career to date has been littered with questions of what might have been if it was not for a recurring hamstring injury that has halted his progress on numerous occasions, including his absence from the World Championships in Daegu last summer. However, he seems to be back in shape and determined to make an impression at this year’s Olympics- could this be his time to put the past few years of heartache behind him? He had this to say: It has been a rough few years for you on the injury front. How are your current preparations going? Are you on track to be 100% for London?

Preparations are going well. I make a little progress every day. But I need to focus first on our Olympic Trials before I think about London. What were the reasons behind pulling out of the 200meters? Do you feel that the 100meters holds a better opportunity

for a medal? I just realized that because of last year’s surgery and the careful recovery I needed to make, I just want to be conservative and focus on the 100m How do you feel mentally ahead of the Olympics? Are you cautiously optimistic that you can upset the odds or will any color medal be deemed as a success by you? I feel focused and will rely on my experience in other major championships to get me to where I need to be. Like any other athlete, I want to win gold. But I judge success as knowing that I performed the best I possibly could on any given day. Do you expect to be a part of the 4x100 relay? I hope so…


TYSON GAY Personally, I feel and hope that you can wipe out all the bad experiences/memories from previous events if you just get that bit of luck you so richly deserve. With so many untimely injuries in your career, do you ever wonder what might have been or are you always looking forward to what may be? Injuries are part of our sport and when you push your body real hard...they are bound to happen. I am still looking forward to being 100% fit and 100% healthy in a big race. You are not planning to race before the US trials in June? Is this still the case? Was this your own decision? Still deciding whether I need a race or two before the Trials. We’ll see. Yes, it is my decision.

What are your personal goals ahead of London? Goal 1 – make it to London. Goal 2 – Make the final Goal 3 Win There is no doubting that a fully fit Gay Vs Bolt will be the highlight of these games. You have beaten him before and he showed in Daegu that even he can make untimely errors. Have you become a little more cautious at the start off? Do you fell one false start and you are disqualified is fair? I am not a fan of the rule but it is what we need to follow so I can deal with it, I think. I just think there are too many outside factors that could cause a false start. Is there any other match up/duels that you are looking forward to spectating or is it all about focusing on yourself come July? Women’s 100m will be interesting, I think. The 2012 Summer Olympics (the Games of the XXX Olympiad) are planned to take place between 27 July 2012 and 12 August 2012.

June 28 @ 10pm

Jeff Schulman

Apart from Bolt, which other 100M sprinters have caught your eye ahead of the Olympics lately? In an Olympic year, everyone needs to be careful. If you focus on one athlete...others could surprise you. So I am just trying to focus on what I need to do.

Li ve Com e dy w i th Br i a n Ay l w a r d

ALWAYS DOUBLE DOWN *Thursdays will now feature pour your own Rum/Gin/Vodka for 6000 won. *We hand you the bottle and you decide how much to pour into your drink.



BEATING Photos of Aaron Laforest and Mark Walsh by Dyren BillupsAdams / Photos of Jason Cresswell by Jeffrey Manzer / Photos of Meredith and Kayoo by Hannah Starner / Interview of Aaron Laforest by Gary Lynn / Interviews of Mark Walsh and Meredith and Kayoo by Scott McLaughlin / Interview of Jason Cresswell by Craig Gardner

We take a look at the people who have beat the odds and established themselves as part of the business community here in Daegu. These folks have defined themselves with their craft and exemplary service to Koreans and foreigners alike.

Aaron Laforest - The Holy Grill 38



Mark Walsh - Sydney St. Pub


Meredith & Kayoo Persian Piercing

Jason Cresswell Travlerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bar and Grill


Aaron Laforest - The Holy Grill

I was assigned to do a story about the restaurant the Holy Grill. So first I looked at my Daegu Compass to find out where it was at, and then I contacted Aaron Laforest the owner and operator of the Holy Grill. I asked him what

fundamentals from them."

brought him to Korea and did he have any formal training at a cooking school? He told me that he was backpacking though southeast Asia in 2000 and had a layover in Korea.

in 2000. Now 12 years later, the power struggle continues. They were married in Thailand in 2006. Having never eaten at the Holy Grill, I took my wife Maria and my friends Mike and Kim Smith to try it out. I had the Cajun chicken sandwich, which I shared with my wife. Mike had the Sheppard's pie and Kim had the Philly cheese steak sandwich. We enjoyed each dish.

As we talked, I found out that his wife is his right hand in running of the restaurant. He told me that her name is Vanessa and she was his boss at his first teaching job

answered my questions. I found out that there are two Holy Grills. One downtown and the other in southwest Daegu, Sangin-dong off the main street next to Home Plus. Smaller and doing mostly takeout and delivery. The downtown

"I never got on the plane. I was completely self taught. I actually never even worked in a restaurant before I opened my own.â&#x20AC;?

"I never got on the plane. I was completely self taught. I actually never even worked in a restaurant before I opened my own. Both of my folks are pretty good cooks and are always hosting dinner parties. I definitely learned some 40

After we ate, Aaron sat with us and

restaurant has been opened for about eight months. Everything is made from scratch. Also the menu has changed over the years, Aaron likes to keep it fresh. The Holy Grill is open from noon to 2pm and from 6pm to 10pm Tues - Fri, Saturday from 2pm to 10pm and on Sunday noon to 3pm. Sunday he offers a brunch menu. Aaron was very excited to tell me that he will be opening a food truck, the first in Daegu! His

BEATING THE ODDS - AARON LAFOREST plan is to be up and running by the first of June, with various routes throughout Daegu. He stressed that he would be at Camp Walker from 11:30 to 1:30 with a full menu available. Aaron and his wife Vanessa are nice people, serving great food. I would recommend the Holy Grill to everyone. We enjoyed a good meal! So will you! Telling it like it is, your friend Gary.


Written by Kenneth Quillinan


“Closer” by the DTT Written by Rachel Brownwell



Kayoo has been running up and down these kimchi streets for more than 15 years--he stopped counting at 15. He began this life adventure, after moving from Japan, by living in Seoul, later moving to Pohang to relax by the ocean and run Persian out there, then Gyeongju, and now living and working in Daegu for about 7 years now. All those years running Persian and bringing merchandise, like bags and piercings, from Seoul or other countries. He met the Mrs. four years ago in Daegu and she started helping him around the shop by making the website and “stealing” jewelry from his shop. Kayoo’s always been the business man and Meredith came to Korea as a teacher. They were married over a year ago in Daegu and have a cute little guy named Cyrus. What inspired you to start a tattoo and piercing store in Daegu? Daegu has a great downtown area and it’s pretty much a college town. Other cities, like Seoul, where Persian initially came to Korea, is spread out and has many “downtownish” sort of areas. The really great thing about Daegu is there is only one main downtown’s so easy to meet people, run into them again, well, and that’s kind of how we met...The downtown area gives this familiar, almost homey feel, and you don’t need to run all over the city to try to meet with just go downtown. Our store in Gyeongju, is smack in downtown, too. We like having business in places that have a centeral meeting spot for a lot of peeps. As far as the nature of our business, we’re artists. Kayoo’s been doing this for more than 16 years; most of those years in Korea but also in Japan and Thailand. What sort of roadblocks did you encounter when you started this endeavor? Was it difficult registering for a business? Did you have a Korean friend help you or were you able to do this 44

Meredith & Kayoo Persian Piercing

on your own? Yes, it was difficult and there were many roadblocks. But you know, if you really want something, you can make it happen. Kayoo speaks crazy, amazing Korean so with that he set out on the maze of getting down to business. Kayoo learned it all along the way without prior training before Korea. One of the biggest roadblocks to running this business was customers coming into the store and running away because they thought they would need to speak English to shop with us.

BEATING THE ODDS - MEREDITH AND KAYOO Literally, come in the door, mouth drop, and jet out the door. We still get customers that ask if it’s okay to speak Korean; but most Daeguiites now know and our sign outside that reads “Hangukmal OK” (Korean OK) helps a lot. As far as running a legal business in Korea, there are a few routes to achieving that but the laws are always changing, maybe it will get easier for foreigners to open businesses in the near future. Who is your main clientele? Foreigners or Koreans? Do you think the next generation of Koreans is starting to breakdown the old stereotypes that tattoos are only for gangsters? Our customers are mostly Koreans and many of them are students from elementary to university....we do a

Yep, if you come in here and you don’t know what you want, chances are you’ll walk out with something written in Persian on your bod. Many people bring in there own designs which we use or tweak a little to make it more successful as a tattoo. We do what the customer asks and provide our advice or feedback, too. We hear a lot about the taboos of tattoos in Korea, but not so much piercing. In the West, we think belly button rings and nose rings are quite natural, how about in Daegu, what’s their attitude towards these types of piercings? I’d say they are probably about as popular here as they are in USA, these days. We probably sell more nose

“The really great thing about Daegu is there is only one main downtown’s so easy to meet people...” lot of piercing! As far as tattooing goes, yes, Korea has changed drastically. People, yes, people as in guys and gals, ask for “cute” tattoos if that’s any indicator. Can you tell us about the inks and equipment you use? There are people out there that are afraid of getting a tattoo because they don’t want to get a disease. Can you help us dispel this rumor? Well, first off, yes, you should be really, really concerned about that disease stuff whether a piercer, tattooist, or even nail shops in Korea or any country. You should be aware that laziness does prevail in a lot of shops as far as tools, needles and inkwells go and they aren’t changed as often or cleaned as well as they should be. Not saying they all do, but it is something that you should consider before a service. At Persian, the most important part of our job, we honestly believe and adhere to, is providing clean tools, new needles, ink wells for every customer. Persian Piercing is Bloodborne Pathogens Certified, an American certificate that’s standard in shops of our nature in the USA. Do you have a signature tattoo you recommend for people who come in and aren’t sure what they want? Or, do most people bring in their own designs? Are you able to replicate any design?

piercings to foreigners. Belly piercings are a mix of both foreigners to Korea and Koreans. What is surprising is how many Korean customers have gauges, you know the big hole in the ear, even ones you could fit a few fingers through. What advice can you give future store owners? Do you think Daegu is in a state of change where the economy and culture will become more international? The most important thing would be learning Korean. Then, getting familiar with their Internet search engines like Naver, etc so you’ll be on their radar. Third, acquire a great deal of patience and work ethic; because all new ventures need those things. Daegu is becoming more international and a lot of Koreans are excited about it. Daegu is a nice place because it’s not too big, it’s not too small, it’s just right.



Mark Walsh talks to the Compass about his venture Sydney St. Pub in Keimyung niversity district. What inspired you to start a pub in Daegu? After meeting my wife in Sydney Australia and living there for several years together, we decided to move to Daegu because it’s Tina’s (wife) hometown and we have family and friends here. The main plan to open a pub in Daegu arose many years ago because getting into that sort of business in Australia is almost impossible to set up Mark Walsh - Sydney St. Pub unless you are a millionaire. We found social pub to accommodate/entertain foreigners and more opportunity in Daegu with lower Koreans in Daegu was a must. Not only that, I love building costs, cheaper bills and rent. pubs haha. We have a lot of prior experience in the hospitality and teaching business after owning a homestay busiWhat sort of roadblocks did you encounter ness for foreigners in Australia and a Gyosupso (small when you started this endeavor? Was it difficult English academy) in Korea and with Tina’s experience registering for a business? Did you have a Koas a head chef at a pub in Australia, opening a very rean friend help you or were you able to do this on your own? There weren’t any hiccups registering Sydney St. because Tina’s fluent in Korean and we were able to obtain a license after paying a fee. Why did you choose Keimyung University area? Why not downtown? I chose Keimyung because my parent-in-laws own a building right near the East gate and we were able to get a good deal on rent and I felt like it would be a safer way to invest our life savings. We were very concerned about spending such a large sum of money renovating a building owned by a stranger because we wouldn’t have been able to create Sydney St. the way we wanted it and there was always the concern of being kicked out after a rental contract. 46

BEATING THE ODDS - MARK WALSH Keimyung is a fun area with a lot of Korean and Foreign students and teachers, so I think we made the right choice. How did you come up with your menu? Is it difficult finding ingredients for all your food? We put items on the menu that we have eaten, cooked and loved at pubs in Australia. We have updated our menu twice and added items to accommodate the tastes of all our customers and friends from abroad and Korea. We even have vegetarian items on our menu now. The burritos, double beef sandwiches and fish & chips are big hits! Some ingredients are expensive but not too hard to get because we have many suppliers for drinks and food and some ingredients are made from scratch. There are some food items that are very hard to get so we can only cook and serve them on occasion. We usually make an event for those items. What are your plans in the future? Do you plan on opening more Sydney St. Pubs? We are deciding whether to branch out Sydney Street or set up an extra different style of business (e.x a pension, rock/dance bar etc.....) We have to weigh up all the pros and cons and come to a decision soonâ&#x20AC;Ś..



What is the most difficult part of doing business as a foreigner in Korea? The most difficult part of doing business as a foreigner in Korea would have to be the visa issues for those who don't have the correct visa and then the language issue for everyone else. The first obstacle to doing business in Korea for the majority of foreigners here would be not having the correct visa such as an F-series visa. For those here on a teaching visa, specialist visa, or military visa etc, it's not really possible to open a business without major investment. But once you get past that obstacle, then language would probably be the biggest issue. Although my Korean is nearly fluent, there are still a lot of challenges when dealing with suppliers and sourcing things. Unless you are a native Korean speaker, my suggestion is to have some members of your team


Jason Cresswell - Travlerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bar and Grill that are Korean. That will help speed things up a lot and it will be sure that things don't get lost in translation. For example, if I need to verify something with one of our managers, it's ok for me to ask them to repeat it or to say it in a different way if I don't understand initially. But, doing that with suppliers or other people you do business with is not nearly as comfortable. So, depending on your level of Korean, you will need to either get someone that you can communicate with in Korean with your level of Korean, and they do the high-level Korean communication tasks, or if you don't speak any Korean, you will need someone that is bi-lingual. I

don't think it's possible to get very far in business in Korea without the language. What would you say is the single most important aspect to your success with Travelers? I think the single most important aspect to our success at Traveler's is that we actually care and that we love our customers. That's not just a cliche, we actually do love our customers and we have reason to. It's because of our customers that I am able to have a job where I pretty much go and hang out with people in a fun environment everyday. I love what I do and it never feels like work. I wouldn't

BEATING THE ODDS - JASON CRESSWELL be able to do that if it weren't for our customers. So, we try to show that genuine appreciation by being sincere in our effort to serve our customers well, give them the food and drinks that they are craving, and show that we really care about them coming to our place. That's not just the owner speaking, the same goes for our staff too. Our Korean staff gets the opportunity to meet people from around the world, work in a fun environment, and often create new friendships with our customers. They also always tell us how polite and kind foreigners in Korea are to the staff. So, overall, I think the key to our success thus far is a sincere appreciation of the people that keep us in business. If you had it to do all over again, what would you do differently?

There are certainly a lot of small details that we would change or do more efficiently now that we have opened two places and know how to do it properly. But, as far as major differences, I think I would consider a space a bit closer to the main intersection downtown where the majority of bars that cater to foreigners are located. Although we do great as a starting place, I think we could benefit from the foot traffic that tends to stay in that area later in the evening. Who knows though, maybe in the future you might see a Traveler's in that area. This has all been a learning experience and it would not be nearly as beneficial if everything went smoothly. So, I'm glad that there are always bumps in the road so that we can do better on the next try.

Can you give a short history of the two Travelers? Having been in Korea for quite a while, I knew it made sense to use that experience toward opening a business in Korea that caters to foreigners here. Honestly, I was trying to think of things other than a restaurant/bar that caters to foreigners because it seemed a bit too cliche. You see it and hear it all the time; "Foreigner opens bar in Korea." I didn't really want to be that guy. But, after going over it so many times, we realized that, like it or not, two of the major things that our target audience spends their disposable income on is food and entertainment. So, why try to reinvent the wheel? If we could provide a place where people feel at home and give them quality food and big portions, I thought we could be successful. So many places seem to mess it continued on p50

BEATING THE ODDS - JASON CRESSWELL up that it seemed kind of simple. Just give people value for their money, great food, strong drinks, a positive, clean, fun environment and show them that you care. I was surprised by how many places weren't actually getting these basic points right. At the time, I was living in Bundang, just south of Seoul. The area has a couple of "foreign bars" but none of them had a bar & grill style like we have. Basically, if Westerners in the area wanted a real burger, they had to make the trek to Itaewon. We thought if we could provide them a place locally that has the burgers, wings, and beer that they were craving, they wouldn't have to make the trip up to Itaewon so often. Luckily, we were right and we have now become a big part of the foreign community in the area. So, that leads us to Daegu. My in-laws are from Daegu and Daegu is where I spent my first year teaching in Korea in 1999. Being a family business, it made sense for Daegu to be our next location. So, we started doing our research and considering the viability of a location here. There were certainly many places that catered to foreigners in Daegu, but again, we thought that if we could get the right combination of food, atmosphere, and genuine appreciation for our customers, that there was room for us here. So, we put our team together for the Daegu location with my brother-in-law and his two best friends and started hunting for a location. The space we found was large and had lots of potential. I signed the lease, we got construction going, and here we are!


Can you share a funny/horrendous/frustrating situation you encountered during the time that you have been doing business in Korea? Although there are always going to be stories of people taking their clothes off at the bar, things getting broken, people sleeping in stairwells etc, I would prefer to focus on the positive. I think one of the more interesting stories is that a couple of months ago, we had our first "Traveler's Couple Wedding". About a year and a half earlier, two of our regular customers had their wedding reception party at Traveler's. That's fairly common. One of the groom's best friends came in from Australia for the wedding. At the reception, he ended up meeting a girl that was also there for the wedding. Let's just say that they hit if off well. A couple of months ago, it came full circle and the new couple also got married and had their wedding reception at Traveler's. It was great for us to be part of the birth of the couple and to celebrate their marriage with them. The couple was very appreciative too and couldn't say enough about how Traveler's was such a big part of their initial meeting and subsequent court-

ship. It feels great to be part of this kind of thing and it's a small example of the atmosphere that we are hoping to create. Any advice or comment that you would like the readers to know? As for advice, I will say to stay focused on what you want to do and to always keep it in your mind. If you are teaching now but aspire to run your own business, either in Korea or elsewhere, the best advice I have is to continually focus on it and take whatever small steps you can toward accomplishing that goal. Just never lose your focus and if you can do that, eventually you will be where you want to be. Mostly, I would just like to thank everyone for their support of Traveler's. It means a lot when I hear people tell me that they come to Traveler's to get a taste of home or that Traveler's was a big part of their time in Korea. Our goal is to provide a place where people can feel comfortable and create great memories of their time in Korea. We can provide the venue, but it's all about the people that show up and the people who show up have been great.


Yecheon Archery Tour Written by Craig Gardner / Photos by Yuri Lee

Saturday morning (May 26) was a beautiful morning for a small group of adventurists to gather in Daegu (getting sustenance from Starbucks) to join Hami and Yuri from Daegu Compass for a tour of Yecheon-gun. Our first stop was Chosanjeong, a traditional vinegar manufacturer, that has set the highest standards for the industry. A factory tour ended with us making vinegar/ milk yogurt and a jar of pickled vegetables for each of us to take home. The proud owner and staff were extremely helpful...except for dealing with the pungent smells of vinegar, mold and fermentation. Euchhhh was the general consensus! We then stopped at the Samgung Inn, a riverside traditional restaurant for a noodle lunch, relaxation by the river and for the brave... pounding rice cake or riding a traditional bicycle that turns by throwing your weight to one side or the other. It seemed as if the thinnest of our group were successful, while those of us packing a little more weight were unceremo-

niously dumped on the ground. On to tofu making at the Chuleongdari village. Picturesque by a lazy stream, this village was very special -- surrounded by old buildings and trees that screamed for one to pause in today's hectic world. We ground soybeans, watched the milk and ground paste slowly boil into a soft tofu and finally being squeezed and pressed into the blocks we are so familiar with here in Korea. The kimchi provided and warm tofu we watched come into fruition were truly fresh and heartily consumed; our so-full stomachs were then challenged by a turbulent swaying rope bridge that crossed the stream (we naturally were responsible for the movement). The final stop of the tour was the Yecheon Archery range where we were greeted by Choi Won Jong, Olympic record


holder and his wife, Kim Moon Jeong, Asia Games gold medalist. We learned, took aim and shot -- many of us found our abilities improving as we sent $100 arrows toward the targets under the watchful eyes and guidance of true experts in the field. Though we were a small group, nonetheless our time in rural Korea was very enjoyable. The scenery and people helped turn a gorgeous day turn into a wonderful memory provided by the great folks at Daegu Compass. Special thanks to Hami and Yuri for their leadership and assistance. Huzzah! To end on a humorous note: just remember it's all fun until someone gets hurt! (P.S. Everyone returned safe and sound.) Craig R. Gardner, English Professor, Yeungnam University



Far from the truth >_< Written by Kevin Coughlan

New Super Weapon After the failure of their recent rocket launch, North Korea is believed to be pursuing other avenues in order to demonstrate their military might to the world. Their first step is logically to invade the South, and the South Korean Defence Ministry has unearthed startling new evidence of a new and far deadlier threat to come. Harnessing the natural power of the earth, the North has created a truly terrifying weapon which could wipe out all Korean life as we know it. Up to 100 metres high and 100 metres wide, capable of firing an endless stream of deadly projectiles, the North is believed to be nearing their goal of a Superfan. Normal fans - known to cause thousands of deaths every day, and representing the single most common cause of death in Korea - have long been considered a threat. But the Superfan could have the capacity to utterly wipe out the population of whole cities in a terrifying and gruesome manner: by moving a series of blades in a circular motion and gently manoeuvring some air particles around. Lee Yung Park, brave survivor of numerous previous fan attacks, recently spoke out about the horror of how her 97 year old grandmother was brutally murdered in her sleep by a fan. “She went to bed that night as normal, with the devilish fan whirring malevolently away in the background. I didn’t 54

like it, I knew it would lead to trouble, but she wouldn’t hear of it. Something about it being 100 degrees outside.” Clearly upset, Ms. Lee paused for a moment to wipe away a tear and continued, her harrowed anguish clearly etched onto her face. “We found her in the morning, lying dead in the bed. Not a mark on her, not a scratch. That evil bloodthirsty machine had coldly and calmly struck her down during the night.” The Superfan could be up and operational within a matter of months. The UN is not believed to be unduly concerned but the Koreans know just how deadly serious this threat is.

5th season Koreans are growing dismayed by the increasing number of Westerners who stubbornly insist on going against accepted wisdom, and claiming that they also come from countries which have 4 seasons. Knowing this to be obviously false, as the outside world clearly only consists of the polar icecaps and the equatorial tropics, Korea is to create a 5th season to stand out from the clearly insane crowd. Given the accepted current seasons of boiling hot summer, icy cold winter, and 3 average days in between the two, Korea must find one which is sufficiently different

to be unusual and noticeable. With that in mind, government officials have devised a new season, to be known as imaginary weather season. In keeping with the imaginary yellow dust problem and phantom nuclear radiation leak from Japan, this season will happen solely within the heads of the Korean people. There will be no clear guidelines, with each individual expected to create their own mental vision of the weather and behave accordingly. Because of the well known independent and creative thought of Koreans, there is no limit to how varied and colourful the resulting season could be. We may see one person in tshirt and shorts, convinced that it’s the perfect day for a trip for the beach, while another is covered and muffled up against the elements. Or everyone will do the exact same, but that seems so unlikely around here.

FAR FROM THE TRUTH World speed record Scientists, car enthusiasts and 100 metre sprinters worldwide were being gently wheeled away in various stages of distress and confusion yesterday afternoon as the world landspeed record was utterly shattered by an elderly Korean woman who spotted the last available seat on a subway carriage. Despite numerous obstacles in her way, including women and children, Ms Kang (estimated age 124) was determined to get the chair, and reached it in a frankly shockingly short time. Other train users recall seeing a multicoloured blur for a split second of time, and several reported hearing a loud cracking noise as the limits of time and space were put to the test. Upon reaching her seat a few milliseconds after spotting it, Ms Kang sat quietly, and glared ferociously around at anyone she disapproved of. Which is to say everyone, especially the foreigners. Intrigued by the phenomenon, scientists are developing ways to increase the speed record still further, and to see if they can harness the enormous power being generated somehow. Their first idea consists of arranging a large group of several hundred ajummas in Banwoldong station, bringing in a completely empty train and watching the colossal rush and resulting energy it creates. It is believed the initial charge would power the subway for up to an hour. Further ideas include: - using ajummas for training elite police SWAT teams to handle an extremely fast, constantly moving and totally unpredictable target; - training waiters for the unexpected â&#x20AC;&#x201C; when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re used to having your elbow jostled at 300 miles an hour, the normal working day will hold no dangers - using them in NASA to save on having to work up the machines to Mach 4 when some people seem to travel at that speed all the time anyway. Officials remain baffled why no ajummas were entered in the 2011 World Athletics Championships in Daegu last year, where their legendary speed, ferocious competitive nature and ability to lift 19 times their own body weight would surely have resulted in a huge haul of medals.

NOVOTEL BBQ EXPERIENCE - ADVERTORIAL Experience Novotel Daegu City Center Live cooking BBQ Station, where guests can interact directly with the chefs. Have your desired ingredients prepared in the open kitchen, feel the unique atmosphere overlooking the city's downtown and "28th Park", appreciate Chef ’s BBQ Choices (Fresh seafood, various meats, grilled vegetables …) and the high-class service. Starting from 1st of June, guests also may receive one “FREE” glass of draft beer or Ice Cold Lemonade. Make your dinner an unforgettable moment at the most elegant dining place in Daegu where the Best of Western & Asian foods are mixing together to create something special.









JUNE 2012

This is an overview of our May events. For more information on events in our calendar, check out the next two pages or email : events@daegucompass. com. Please email us your event information by May 15th for our June 2012 issue.





the 6th Daegu International Art Fair @ EXCO

One Drop East Concert @ Suseong Artpia Haeundae Sand Festival @ Haeundae, Busan




Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

2 for 1 Wing Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

Haeundae Sand Festival @ Haeundae, Busan

B-boy Noreum Machi @ Daegu Culture Art Center




9 Daegu Street Motor Festival @ Junggu Car Road (6.9-6.10)

Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

Daegu Design Festival @ Daegu Stadium (6.5-6.12) the 6th Daegu International Art Fair @ EXCO



Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

12 2 for 1 Wing Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill


Daegu Street Motor Festival @ Junggu Car Road (6.9-6.10)


19 2 for 1 Wing Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill






23 Pottery and culture Tour @ Yecheon (Sign up at www. daegucompass. com/pottery)

Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

2012 DIY Hand Made EXPO @ EXCO

Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

16 One More Time! @ Woojeon Theatre

2012 DIY Hand Made EXPO @ EXCO

Daegu Design Festival @ Daegu Stadium (6.5-6.12)



Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

Happy City of Waltz @ Duryu Park Hall


26 2 for 1 Wing Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

27 Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill




Novotel Café du Commerce @ Novotel 8FL

The Four Cellists 2012 @ Suseong Artpia



Event Calendar JUNE 1 - 15 THU-SUN 6.1~6.4 Haeundae Sand Festival

Time: 6.1~6.4 Price: : Free Place: Haeundae, Busan Ticket: 051)749-4000

SAT 6.5 B-boy New Wave Korean music group Noreum Machi

SAT 6.2~6.6 the 6th Daegu International Art Fair

Time: 19:30 Price: R:20,000w / S:10,000w Place: Daegu Culture Arts Center Ticket: 053-606-6132 http://artcenter.daegu.go.k

Time: 6.2~6.6 Price: Free Place: EXCO Ticket: 053-257-8900

SUN 6.5~6.12 Daegu Design Festival

WED 6.9~6.10 Daegu Street Motor Festival


Time: 6.5~6.12 Price: Free Place: Daegu stadium Ticket: 053-803-3933

Time: 6.9~6.10 Price: Free Place: Jung-gu Car road Ticket: 1600-2145


JUNE 16 - 30 Event Calendar SAT Time: 6.16 Price: 10,000w Place: Woojeon Theatre (near Myeongdeok which is one stop away from Banwoldang)

6.16 One More Night!

Ticket: daegumusicalrevue@ Time: 10:00 ~18:00 Price: Free Place: EXCO Ticket:

Time: 17:00 Price: R:50,000w / S:30,000w Place: Suseong Artpia Ticket: 053)668-1800 www.

Time: 22:00 Price: Free Place: Traveler’s Bar and Grill Ticket: Just show up and prepare to laugh!

Time: 19:00-22:00 Price: 35,000W Place: Novotel Daegu 8FL Ticket: 053.664.1169

FRI 6.14~6.17 2012 DIY Hand Made EXPO

TUE 6.23~6.24 The Four Cellists 2012

SAT 6.28 Live comedy with Brian Aylward

WED 6.28 Café du Commerce “Summer Party”


Spotlight Photography Butterfly enjoying the spring flowers at Herb Hillz Eco theme park. (Photo by Lillian Stevens)

Pedestrians enjoy downtown Daegu on a rainy Saturday night. (Photo by Bridgett Hernandez)



How to > Get there bring the Compass with you and show the taxi driver your destination

This is a guide to all the art centers in Daegu. Various art centers play a range of art performances: from musicals, nonverbal performances, operas, and classical plays. Check out our event calendar on p57 for some of the events playing this month. 61










9 6



2. Ganga (Indian)

4. Pita Bono (Sandwich)

7. Japanese (Sushi)

3. Tasting Table (Italian)

1. Napoli (Italian)


5. Business Bar

6. Bin (Italian)

9. Africa (Pasta & Coffee)

8. Hai Long Bay (Vietnamese)

Minature Golf

10. Long Bar

Cafe Francessco

La Bella Cucina (Italian) Dusan Ogori 두산오거리

Suseong Lake Suseong Land (Amusement Park)


New York New York (Steak)

Suseong Lake area is one of the classiest places in Daegu. A perfect date area. After taking your sweetheart out to a nice meal, I’d recommend Napoli, Ganga, La Bella Cucina or New York New York, take a stroll around Suseong Lake until you come upon the famous ‘duck boats’ and paddle your way into each other’s hearts. Next, swing by the minature golf course and Suseong Land. Thanks to the photogs who took the great pics you see here. Aygul Sarvarova, Jeremy Taylor and Chanel Barlow. Photos by Aygul Sarvarova, Chanel Barlow and Jeremy Taylor

Suseong Lake area offers a change of pace to the hustle and bustle of downtown. Suseong Lake also boasts an amusement park (Suseong Land) reminiscent of those carnivals you went to with your parents at the local fair ground. There’s something to be said when you are on the back of the seahorse with a safety bar that barely locks you in place as you float for a few brief seconds in mid-air before being plunged back down in your seat. Thrilling, exhilarating are just a few choice words to descrribe the experience.











Seomun Market is Daegu’s biggest market. There are multiple areas dedicated to similar products. BARGAIN, it’s challenging, but fun. We hope you have an awesome time and try to enjoy and see as much of the market as possible. We would like to thank Dyren J. Billups-Adam for his photos of the different areas. Thanks bud!

6 7

1 Traditional Clothes, Souvenirs


2 3 68

Food Court

Knicknacks, clothes, food


Textiles, Blankets, Leather goods

Women’s Clothes


9 Wholesale Clothing

Parking Lot

Main Entrance (5min walk to subway)

Bargaining tip : Ask for a discount in Korean, “Gga Gga Ju Say Yo.”

to Seomun Market Subway Station



10% Off1 month or 15% Off3 months

10% Off

20% Off or Free Side Dish

10% Off (Cash only)

15% Off

750w off per 2 Kebabs

10% Off (Cash only)

10% Off

One (1) Free Shot / One shot mixed drink with order

10% Off (30,000w or more) FREE Garlic Cheese Bread w/ purchase of 2 Entrees (October)

20% Off Entrees

10% Off

Designed to give you, the foreigner, the treatment you deserve while living or traveling away from home.

1,000w off per drink

Discounts and special offers at your favorite bars, restaurants, clubs, coffee shops, and on-going special events.

20% Off 10% Off (Cash only)

W1000 Off Entree’s & W500 Off Beverages

10% Off

W2,000 Off Monthly Item + W1,000 Soft Drinks

25% Off or Buy 2, Get 1 Free

10% Off All Drinks



BB CREAM - Korea’s best kept skin secret Written by Christine Kaaloa

Why do Koreans have such luminous and flawless skin? For a country fixed on skin-deep aesthetics, plastic surgeons, immaculate dress styles, pinpoint-fluffed hair and healthy diets, it stands to consistent logic that Koreans would know how to ‘create’ great-looking skin! Back in the U.S., I spent hours in Sephora, dropping anywhere from $40$70 on various bottles of moisturizer and spot lightening potions. It was a walletsplitting chore to maintain my face. Moreover, the results weren’t noticeable. Then came foundation makeup. It went on like a thick mask and had my pores gasping for air! I hated it so much, I wore it, only when necessary and it came off just as quickly. BB cream changed all this. What is BB cream? BB cream (aka Blemish Base) is one of Korea’s beauty secrets. Hallyu stars use it to get flawless-looking, radiant skin on-screen, but Koreans all over use it to create a clean and clear complexion. In fact, BB cream’s gotten so popular that it’s recently migrated over to the United States! BB cream is a 2-in-1 cream, combining skin care and makeup. It goes on like a light foundation, but it has sunscreen, moisturizer, skin brightening, concealer and occasionally, stuff like ‘anti-wrinkle’ or ‘lifting’ cream. My skin seems to like it. It conceals my blotchy skin tone and appears smooth and natural. Best of all, my skin looks ten times more rockstar glamorous than it is! Where can you buy it? Faceshop, Missha, Tony Moly, Laniege, etc…There are many types of BB creams out there and each brand store has at their own version. The options in Korea are bountiful. 70

BB Shades of whitening: Is it for everyone? BB cream comes in 2 shades: light beige and natural beige (otherwise known as light and lighter). Thus, if you have dark or olive-tanned skin, you’re out of luck. Asia is synonymous with whitening solutions and the halo around BB cream is that it gives “radiance ” to your skin. How much radiance? It was night. I was leaving Faceshop, where I’d applied a sample of BB cream to my face. I accidentally caught a glimpse of myself in a passing window and felt a twinge of horror. My face literally, glowed in the dark. I was a floating head! The next day, I went back to the store, changed my color to the shade darker and applied a thinner spread. It blended quickly into


my skin, creating a perfectly smooth and radiant (but natural-looking) surface. My skin’s flaws were concealed and best of all, it felt natural to the point I forgot I had it on. That was it. I was addicted. Does prolonged usage really improve the texture of your skin? The claim is that BB cream will improve your skin from the inside out, but it’s probably fortified with just as much toxic junk as other skin products. Nevertheless, my skin feels more firm, moisturized, stronger and resilient. I’ve actually noticed less acne breakouts on my end. On the “whitening” front however, my sunspots and freckles haven’t diminished and my skin is only brighter when I have the BB cream on. Nevertheless, it’s changed the way I feel about makeup from a zero to a hundred. I love the way BB cream makes me look and it’s made my daily application of moisturizer and sunscreen no longer a chore, but an incentive to beauty. Who doesn’t want gorgeous skin? With BB cream, I have it.


Downtown Eats Drinks


Photos by Ivan Broida, Vacquer Richard, Fuzz @

The Daegu Compass and it’s volunteers have come up with this comprehensive guide to the bring you the best places to enjoy the night in beautiful downtown Daegu.


\ Won’t break the bank  \ Who cares, hav’n funz \ \ \ \ Millionaire Club

\ \

Definitely a date place. Everyday 11am – 9pm Pasta, Handmade Pizzas


Map on p62

\ \

053.424.8200 Everyday 11:30am – 10:30pm Western American Food


Map on p62

\ \

053.421.8577 Everyday 11am-2am Pasta and Coffee


Map on p62

\ \

053.257.2220 Everyday 11:30am – 10:30pm Samgyeopsal - thick slices of pork belly

Map on p62

Burnham’s Burgers \ \ 053.254.3320 Everyday 10:30am – 11pm Burgers and Milkshakes


\ \

053.426.2268 Everyday 11am – 4am Mexican & Bar

Club That

Map on p62

\ \

010.8247.3939 Everyday 6pm – 4am Burgers, Mojitos, Wine


Map on p62

Map on p62


Dijon 053-422-2426 11:30am-9:30pm French Mediterranean

Map on p62

\ \

Havana 053-257-9007 12:00pm-11:00pm Pasta, Salads, Coffee

Map on p62

\ \

The Holy Grill 053-255-4048 11:00am-10:00pm Sandwiches and Tex-Mex

Map on p62

\ \

JJ’s Bar and Grill 010-4013-9879 Tue-Sun 5pm – Late Tex-Mex and Burgers

Map on p62




Double cheese and ramen! Everyday 11am – 9pm Fried chicken and rice

Map on p62

\ \

Lazy Diner

Interesting interior

Everyday 11am – 10pm Burgers and Breakfast

Map on p62

\ \

Little Italia Chef studied in Italy.

Everyday 11am – 10pm Pasta and Wine

Map on p62

\ \

Mies Container

Electronic music and Bacon Pizza Map on p62

Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Pizza, Salad



Mies Factory

\ \

One of the busiest restaurants downtown. Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Pizza, Salad

Pan Asia

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

South East Asian Cuisine Comes to Daegu Everyday 12pm – 11pm Pad Thai, and other South East Asian Food

Quiznos Subs

Map on p62

\ \

Near Banwoldang for all your sub needs. Everyday 11am-9pm Subs and Sandwiches

Map on p62

Samcho-(Shovel Samgyeopsal)


053.252.1266 Everyday 3pm – 3am Samgyeopsal - thick slices of pork belly

Seoga & Cook

Map on p62

\ \

053.254.9989 Everyday 11:00am – 11pm Korean Western Fusion


Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

053.255.8970 Everyday 4pm– 4am Galmaegisal - Korean BBQ

Map on p62

Traveler’s Bar & Grill \ 010.4591.4869 Weekdays 5pm–CL Weekends 12pm-CL Burgers, Hot Wings, Beer


\ Map on p62

Fuzz @


\ \


9’s, 7’s ~ great beer!

Everyday 11am – 9pm Uzbekistan & Russian Food

Map on p62

\ \


Great lunch specials Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Coffee & Desserts

Map on p62



Different flavored Samgyeopsal.

Map on p62

Everyday 11am – 1am Samgyeopsal - Korean BBQ


Downtown Bars & Clubs

Photos by Ivan Broida, Vacquer Richard, Fuzz @

Daegu thrives at night. Downtown is loaded with bars and clubs to meet everyone’s drinking and partying needs. Challenge yourself and try out places you’ve never been.

Apple Lounge

\ Won’t break the bank  \ Who cares, hav’n funz \ \ \ \ Millionaire Club

\ \

Great interior and good drinks. Everyday 6pm – 4am Cocktails, Electronic music, Wine

AU Lounge

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

Upscale and good for large groups. Everyday 6pm – 4am Bottle service, trendy

Map on p62

Billi Bow & Dart

Fuzz @


Lots of Dart Machines and Pool Table Everyday 6pm – 4am Western food, on 2FL of Lotte Cinema

Blue Ketchup \

Map on p62

Fuzz @


053.286.1000 Everyday 6pm - 3am / Fri, Sat 6pm - 5am Korean fusion food

Bus Bar

Map on p62


Theme bar, fun atmosphere. Everyday 6pm – 4am Korean fusion food

Champs Sports Bar

Map on p62

Fuzz @


New bar in town ~ They came to play. Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer Pong, Darts, Air Hockey, Live Music

Map on p62

Communes \ Longest running bar in Daegu. A must go to. Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer, Trivia Night, Sports


Map on p62

Fuzz @


\ \

Flower Bar Apple is the best!

Fuzz @

Everyday 6pm – 4am Wine and Hooka Bar

Map on p62

\ \

Club Frog

4am~headed to Frog? Everyday 9pm – 4am Hip-hop / Dance / Party

Fuzz @ Map on p62


Gold Label

Good for large groups who drink.

Fuzz @

Everyday 6pm – 3am Top 40 hits / Good Beer

Map on p62

Fuzz @


Go Go Party

Everyone’s favorite bag drink! Everyday 7pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

Club G2

Upscale club, 17,000w cover. Everyday 9pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62


Fuzz @

Club JEEEP 010.7527.4879 Everyday 8pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62



You should experience it once.

Fuzz @

Map on p62

Everyday 6pm - 3am Traditional Korean Tavern



MF Bar


My Favorite bar ~ owners are cool! Everyday 7pm - 4am Darts / Music Requests / Cheap Booze

Old Skool

Map on p62

Fuzz @


Ghetto blaster!

Everyday 7pm - 4am Hip-hop / Dance / Pool

Club Pasha

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

3 : 1 Women to men ratio, always. Everyday 9pm - 4am Large Club / Banging House Music

Teum Lounge

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

Classy lounge with a sexy, futuristic atmosphere. Everyday 7pm – 3am Electronic Music

Thursday Party I

Map on p62

Fuzz @


The best of the best go here.

Everyday 7pm – 4am Beer Pong, Darts, Danc’n

Thursday Party II

Map on p62

Fuzz @


053.252.1266 Everyday 7pm – 4am Beer Pong, Shuffle Puck, Darts

Urban Club & Lounge

Map on p62

Fuzz @


Live Music on the weekends.

Everyday 7pm – 4am Live Music, Darts, Hip-hop

Who’s Bob

Map on p62

Fuzz @


The Bob.

Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer Pong, Dart Machine, Pool


Map on p62

Fuzz @


Compass Connoisseur

Check out these other great eats around town.



Ganga -

A cuisine worthy of Shiva. This upscale Indian restaurant has great curries. There naan is quite exquisite as well. You can even order samosas! Wash it down with a nice mango lassi and you have yourself an aroma massage for your stomach! Check out the Suseong-gu Compass map on p65 for directions. Lunch : 11:30am ~ 3:00pm Last Order 2:30pm Dinner: 17:30 ~ 22:00 Last Order 21:30 Weekend Hours: 11:30 ~ 22:00


Kyungpook Uni. area


Indo Bang Rangi - 3F Restaurant

Sanjay welcomes you! Renovated and redesigned last year, this Indian restaurant is famous for it’s curries. The chef is from India and speaks English very well. Plus, he’s super friendly and will answer all your existential Indian food questions. The restaurant is located on the 3rd floor right across from Kyungdae Buk Moon (north gate). Check the Kyungdae Compass map on p64 for directions. 11am - 10pm everyday (except major holidays)


Maya - 2F Restaurant

A wood-fired tandoor oven seeps into your senses as you enter the door to this fantastic Indian/Nepali restaurant. Relatively new to Daegu, about 2 years old now, this restaurant is a great escape from the retro-urban decor that most Daegu restaurants display. A cozy interior with exotic tapestries of the far east adorning the walls. Reasonable prices and great Thali sets round out this establishment. Check the Kyungdae Compass map on p64 for directions. 11:00am to 11:00pm everyday (closed Mondays)


Sang-in Dong The Holy Grill - Delivery in Daegu



The Canadian owner of Daegu’s legendary downtown restaurant lived in Sangin Dong when he first arrived in Daegu back in 2000. Eleven years later, he’s opened his second location back in the neighbourhood where it all started. Epic hot sandwiches like the Philly Cheese Steak, Bacon & Cheese Holy Cow burger, Santo Burrito or the best selling Cajun Smothered Chicken. Eat it, take out or have it delivered to your school or home.

11:00am to 10:00pm everyday




HOTEL HOTEL GUIDE GUIDE Welcome to the Daegu Compass hotel information guide. We will also be adding a guide about motels soon. Daegu is very spread out, and not all the hotels will be convenient for you. We hope our hotel guide will help you with making your decision on where to rest your weary bones for the night.

Downtown Area Hotels Novotel Daegu City Center Add : 대구광역시 중구 국채보상로 611번지 Tel : 053- 664-1111 Website : Email :

Eldis Regent Hotel Add : 대구광역시 중구 동산동 360번지 Tel : 053-253-7711 Website : Email :

Nam Gu Area Hotels Hotel the Palace Add : 대구광역시 남구 봉덕3동 688-1번지 Tel : 053-471-9911 Website : Email : no - online reservation system

Prince Hotel Add : 대구광역시 남구 대명2동 1824-2번지 Tel : 053-628-1001 Website : Email :


Near the nightlife Roomrates start at 150,000+ won (10% VAT will be added)

Fantastic all you can eat buffet!

Room rates start at 100,000won Close to Hyundai and Dongha Shopping

Near Camp Walker Room rates start at 99,000won Near Camp Walker Clean and Friendly

Room rates start at 105,000won Western and Korean rooms available


HOTEL HOTEL GUIDE GUIDE Suseong Gu Area Hotels Daegu Grand Hotel Add : 대구광역시 수성구 범어1동 563-1번지 Tel : 053-742-0001 Website : Email :

Hotel Inter-burgo Add : 대구 수성구 만촌동 300번지 Tel : 053-6027-171, 173 Website : Email :

Hotel Ariana Add : 대구광역시 수성구 두산동 200-1번지 Tel : 053-765-7776 Website : Email :

Dong Gu Area Hotels Hotel J’s Add : 대구광역시 동구 신천4동 326-1번지 Tel : 053-756-6601~10 Website : Email :

10 min from Dongdaegu station

Room rates start at 240,000won One of the top hotels in Daegu

Room rates start at 330,000won Daegu Casino is open! Room rates start at 110,000won

Across from Dongdaegu station Close to Express Bus Station

Room rates start at 160,000won Walking distance to KTX & Express Bus



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Pohang Tilt Bar and Grill

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Incheon Airport Visitor Desks

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Enjoy a wonderful day trip out in the country. Daegu Compass Caravan explores Cheongsongâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pottery village and the joys of drinking apple soju wine. Break out of the routine and try something new! Deokcheon Village -Songso traditional house -Natural dyes (handkerchief) -Lunch (Soseul restaurant)-Korean traditional meal -Pottery - making own pottery and they will deliver to your house -Apple wine factory -Apple steamed bun factory


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