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한글말 하자! 6 weeks 9,000w/hr

Let’s Speak Korean!

Beginner Classes - Mon & Thu (11am-1pm) Intermediate Classes - Tue & Wed (7pm-9pm) Classes start JULY 9th - only 8 students per class NO Classes from July 30-Aug 4th (Holiday Week) Classroom Conveniently located in downtown (Jungangno Exit 3) Summer Korean Classes with a Certified Korean Teacher

Directions Take the red line one stop north of Banwoldang to Jungangno Exit 3. Walk straight for about 300 meters. You’ll see the yellow sign in the pic. Walk up the stairs below the sign to the 2FL. You made it! MORE INFO SIGN UP HERE

Cover photo by Greg Laychak



JULY 2012

p6 - Apsan Eating p10 - Barbarella



p8 - Daegu Arboretum p16 - Inheung Village p36 - Swimming with the Sharks p48 - Busan Sailing


ommunity and Fun


p26 - Art with Sujeon p30 - Nice Shoot’n Tex p40 - Cheongseong Pottery Review p52 - Daegu Battle of the Bands p54 - Samsung Lions July Schedule p60 - Spotlight Photography

pecial reports p20 - The March Kings p24 - Public vs. Private p34 - Welcome Dalgu p42 - POLY - Champions! p46 - Behind the Decks


seful information p38 - How to Order Food p50 - Beat the Heat p70 - Permanent Makeup p76 - Bar and Club guide p80 - Hotel Guide



p60 - Subway Map p61 - Daegu Culture Theatres p62 - Downtown Daegu Map p64 - Kyungpook & EXCO MAP p65 - Suseong-gu Map p66 - Suseong Lake Map p68 - Seomun Market Map



Editor’s Notes Hi Daegu, Summer is here! Let’s make the most of it by experiencing Korea’s beautiful beaches and countryside. This month we have an exclusive interview with the Daegu Battle of the Bands winner, POLY. You’ll be able to read more about their beginnings on p42. It was an exciting 4 weeks of raw emotion and power as rock n’ roll filled the streets of downtown. You can relive the moments on p52. This edition also features a story about Daegu’s local legends, the March Kings. Another group that has jammed out at Daegu’s best venues downtown. You can read about them on p20. We want to thank everyone again for supporting Daegu’s best information guide. Thanks to the sponsors and readers for making it possible to publish this wonderful guide. Please enjoy the July 2012 issue of the Daegu Compass! Yuri Lee and the Daegu Compass team Managing Editor

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Breaking the Pattern Written by Emma Thompson / Photos by Hannah Starner / Pizza Photo by Emma Thompson


any of us have rather got into a pattern of heading downtown to eat, sometimes we forget that there are other areas of Daegu with excellent foreign food restaurants. I am lucky enough to live very close to an exciting new area you might not have heard of and I wanted to spread the word. Just 5 stops on the red subway line, south from downtown brings you to Hyunchungno Subway station. This area is just around the corner from Camp Walker and very close to Apsan Park; it is often on the way home for those who have been out to Apsan for a date. From Exit 4 of Hyunchungno station the 452 bus will take you straight up the hill and pass each of the restaurants. Or ask a taxi driver to take you to 남명삼거리. For those of you who drive, coming from downtown or exit left from Gate 6 at Camp Walker; at the Hyunchungno junction take a left and drive three blocks. There is plenty of street parking in the area

and some of the restaurants have their own parking lots. Merry-Go-Round, 509 and the Brunch Studio as well as the coffee shops have great lunch choices. Brunch Studio has a Brunch set with sausage and bacon and a great variety of flat breads. Some of the others are more expensive, on average 10-15,000w for salads up to 45,000w for a steak at Beans Market, it must be good! The restaurants have wine and beer choices to make most foreigners happy. For those with special di-

etary needs most of the restaurant owners have enough English that they can amend the dish for you and in my experience (as a vegetarian) they are happy to make any changes you need. ‘Pizza Place’ is on the right, an easy 2 block walk up from Exit 2 of the station. At this small contemporary style Italian restaurant you will meet owner and chef, Chung Hyun Kim. He personally cooks each dish, so do be patient, but trust me it is well worth the wait. You can choose either crunchy Roma style Pizza base, or the chewy Napoli style base. Your pizza will be loaded with delicious tomato sauce and excellent quality toppings. There is also pasta and lovely salads. The Bruschetta changes with each visit; three slices, each with a different topping, always very tasty. Moving on up the hill you will find a coffee corner with six coffee shops including the regular Korean staples: Angel in Us, Starbucks, Café Bene and more. At coffee corner, take a right and


BREAKING THE PATTERN late cake, or perhaps a Peanut Choco Cupcake is more your style, there is something for everyone. I hope I have wet your appetite. I know this area is a little out of the way for most of you, but trust me, all these places are well worth a visit and there are more places being renovated so hopefully the area will continue to grow.

you will find Aix-en Provence on your left. This restaurant has a lovely atmosphere, an outdoor eating area, candle light and a very European feel to the dĂŠcor, it would fit in happily on a little side street in Paris. The menu here has pizza, pasta, risotto and steak choices, tapas style dishes to share and some of the best salads in Daegu. The salads often come with four or five little hors d'oeuvres of the featured ingredient and then the salad on the side. Save some room for dessert! Aix-en Provence do a delightful French Tart, which is not to be missed, raspberry, cranberry or apple, depending what is in season. Across the street from Aix-en Provence, you will find Beans Market. Perfect for date nights and special occasions this restaurant will please, whether you are looking for steak or a simple but delicious ricotta salad. This is another restaurant with a great ambiance, the highest ceilings I have seen for a while and a lovely outside eating area, definitely worth a visit. Just a little further along this street on the left you will find Merry Go Round, with the best balsamic onion and mozzarella sandwich I have had in a while. And finally just before the traffic lights on the right, you will find The Blue Oven. Owned and run by Hye Jeong Youn (who happens to have excellent English) this little slice of heaven has the best cakes in Daegu! Why not head there to chill out on the weekend? Or just pop in after your meal and pick up a slice of cake to take home with you. The Blue Oven is cozy and comfortable with a refrigerator chock full of cakes and brownies. Whether you are a fan of Cheesecake, Black Forest Gateau or Choco-


THE JOYS OF NATURE Written and photographed by Jimi Cusick / Translated by Siron Jang


he Daegu Arboretum, home to over 450,000 plants, is not only a beautiful place to spend a Saturday afternoon, but a blueprint of how a community can revive a dying ecosystem while effectively utilizing limited resources. From 1986-1990, 4,100,000 tons of waste was buried at the site in southwest Daegu. A terrific opportunity to save over 60 acres of land came about when construction began on the Daegu subway system and left the city with over 2.5 million tons of soil. This was more than enough to cover the landfill 6-7 meters high, and from 1997 to 2002, the landfill was slowly “reborn as an urban botanical garden.” 45만여 식물들이 서식하고 있는 대구 수목원은 토요일 오후를 보 내기에도 아름다운 곳이다. 그 뿐만 아니라 지역사회가 어떻게 제한된 자원을 효율적으로 활용 하고 죽어가는 자연환경을 소생 시킬 수 있는지에 대한 청사진을 제공한다. 1986년 부터 1990 년까지 대구 서남쪽엔 4백1십 만톤의 쓰래기들이 매립되었다. 대구 지하철 공사가 시작되면서 2백 50만 톤의 토양을 퍼내며60 에이커(약 242,817 평방미터) 가 넘는 지역을 활용할 수 있는 기가막힌 기회가 찾아왔다. 이 는 쓰레기 매립지를 6-7미터의 높이로 덮고도 남을 양이었고, 1997년 부터 2002년 까지 그 쓰레기 매립지는 천천히 도시의 식물원으로 다시 태어났다.

Along with providing a beautiful backdrop for a weekend picnic, the arboretum runs a number


Arboretum Hours: Mar to May: 9am to 6pm Jun to Aug: 9am to 7pm Sep, Oct: 9am to 6pm Nov to Feb: 9am to 5pm Closed on Mondays Telephone: (053)-642-4100

Address: 284 Daegok-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu By Bus: Samsung Raemian Apartment Complex 1-cha By Subway: Daegok Station (Exit 3)

DAEGU ARBORETUM of educational programs, seasonal exhibitions, and research based programs aimed at species preservation. Plants General, Natural Dying Class, and Landscaping General are just a few of the educational programs offered to help the citizens of Daegu gain a more in-depth understanding of plant life. In September, there will be a Wild Plants Exhibition followed by a Chrysanthemum Exhibition in October. Native species preservation and plant research are done year round by sharing seeds and plants with 130 foreign botanical gardens in 28 countries. 대구 수목원은 주말의 시간을 보내기 위한 아름 다운 배경을 제공하면서, 수 많은 교육 프로그램 과 계절별 전시회, 식물 종을 보호하기 위한 연 구등을 진행하고 있다. 식물 교양강좌, 자연염색 수업, 그리고 조경 수목 관리 수업들은 시민들에 게 식물들의 삶을 좀 더 깊게 이해시킬수 있는 기 회를 제공한다. 9월에는 야생초 전시전이, 10월 엔 국화 전시전이 예정되어 있다. 28 개국 130 여 해외의 식물원과 씨앗과 식물들을 공유하면서 일년 내내 향토 식물자원 보전 과 종 연구를 진행 하고 있다.

Whether you are a jogger looking for a new, beautiful running track, a photographer trying to capture the seasons in Daegu, or you just need an afternoon of relaxation under the sun, the Daegu arboretum has something for everyone. There are several trail routes twisting through and around the gardens as well as a huge plaza at the center of everything where you can unwind and have lunch. A few highlights of the arboretum include the amazing colors of the Flowering Tree Garden, the Aromatic Plant and Herb Garden, the Bonsai Garden, and my favorite, the Cactus Green House. 조깅을 하기 위한 새롭고 아름다운 산책로를 찾 거나, 대구의 봄을 촬영하고 싶은 사람 또는 태양 아래에서 평안한 오후를 보내고 싶다면 대구 수 목원은 모든 이들을 위핸 특별한 무엇인 가를 제 공 할 것이다. 수목원은 정원을 둘러싸고 있는 산 책로들이 있으며, 한 가운데의 큰 광장에서는 느 긋하게 쉬면서 점심을 즐길 수 있다. 다양한 색 의 꽃나무들과 아로마 식물, 분재원 그리고 내가 가장 좋아하는 선인장 온실이 식목원의 하이라이 트라 하겠다.


No Place for K-pop - Barbarella Written and photographed by Robert Dauterman / Translated by Yujeong Lee


arbarella isn’t exactly easy to find, even if it has blue walls. On an “adventure night” with a friend, we walked for 3 hours around downtown before finding it. The owner, Ben, welcomed us in like old friends. With heavy influences from Cabaret Voltaire and Dadaism, this cavern of mirrors is unique to say the least. The most striking characteristics are the music and movie choices. Don’t be surprised to hear CAN, a German Krautrock super group from the 1960’s, rare cuts from the Rolling Stones, and mixes of Trip Hop and Electronica. All of this is set to avant garde films from the likes of Mathew Barney or Laurei Anderson (Lou Reed’s wife), and you’ll have an idea of what Barbarella has to offer. 바바렐라가 푸른색의 벽을 갖고 있긴 하지만 찾 기엔 꽤나 쉽지 않다. “모험의 밤”에 친구와 함 께 바바렐라를 찾기까지 세 시간 정도 시내를 헤 맸다. 주인인 벤(Ben)은 우리를 오래된 친구처 럼 맞아주었다. 카바레 볼테르와 다다이즘의 무 거운 분위기와 함께 커다란 거울동굴은 독특하 다. 가장 눈에 띄는 특징은 음악과 영화 선택이다. 1960년대 독일 크라우트락(Krautrock)의 훌륭한 그룹인 캔(CAN), 롤링 스톤즈의 희귀음반, 트립 합과 일렉트로니카가 믹스된 음악을 듣더라도 놀 라지 마시라. 바바렐라는 매튜 바니, 로리 앤더슨 (루 리드의 아내)부터 아방가르드 영화까지 당신 이 이해할 수 있도록 도와 줄 것이다.

Ben is not your typical Korean. He grew up with a musician father and has always enjoyed classical music. In junior high, he acquired a taste for classic rock. By high school, he graduated to Prog and Art Rock. It was 14 years ago when he had the idea to open a bar near Kyungpook University, but it never came to fruition. Since then, he’s published five books drawing comparisons between Rock music and architectural design. In 2010, he decided that because Daegu had no place of spiritual pleasure,

NO PLACE FOR K-POP - BARBARELLA To get to this diamond in the rough, take exit 14 at Banwaldong station and take a left at the first GS25 on the corner. It’s on the right at the end of the street. Look for the blue walls. 이 진흙 속에 묻힌 진주를 찾아가려면, 반월당역 14번 출구에서 나와 모퉁이에 있는 첫 번째 GS25 에서 좌회전 하면 된다. 바바렐라는 거리 끝 오른쪽 에 있다. 파란 벽을 찾아라.

he would create his own. According to Ben, Barbarella is a haven for people with free minds and experimental spirits that understand and appreciate art. They also make a superb “Bloody Mary beer”. It sounds strange but something any Bloody Mary fan should try. The movie collection is worth a visit alone, and Ben is always happy to show people his world through early film and progressive art. 벤은 당신이 아는 전형적인 한국인이 아니다. 그 는 음악가인 아버지 아래서 자랐고 항상 클래 식 음악을 즐겼다. 중학생 때는 클래식 락에 맛 을 들였고, 고등학교 때 프로그 앤 아트 락(Prog and Art Rock - 주: 60-70년대에 프로그레시 브락과 아트락의 경계선상에 있는 실험적이고 예술성을 살린 락)으로 옮겼다. 14년 전에 경북 대학교 근처에 바를 열겠다는 생각을 했지만, 결 실을 맺진 못했다. 그 때부터, 락 음악과 건축 디 자인을 비교하는 책 다섯 권을 펴냈다. 대구에 는 정신적인 즐거움을 만끽할 장소가 없었기에, 2012년 그는 직접 장소를 마련했다. 벤의 말에 따르면, 바바렐라는 예술을 이해하고 예술에 감 사하는 자유로운 영혼과 실험정신을 가진 사람 들을 위한 천국이라고 했다. 또한 그들은 ‘블러 디 매리 맥주’를 만들었다. 좀 이상하게 들릴지도 모르지만, 여러분이 블러디 매리 팬이라면 꼭 그 맥주를 맛봐야 한다. 영화 컬렉션만으로도 바바 렐라에 들러보기에 충분한 이유가 된다. 그리고 벤은 항상 사람들에게 초기 영화와 진보 예술을 통해 그의 세계를 보여주는 것을 행복해한다.


Daegu’s Hidden Treasure Written and photographed by Laurent Sewell / Translated by Suhyun Lee


yanmar, Bali, Bangkok. These are a few places that Piercing Shop owner, Kyu Hwa Kim, travels to in search of treasure. With precious stones like turquoise, onyx, and dazzling rubies, his trove has a lot to offer only a step away from the downtown’s piercing district. 피어싱 샵을 운영하는 김규화씨 는 보석을 구하기 위해 미얀마, 발리, 방콕으로 여행을 다녔다. 그의 가게는 대구시내의 피어싱 골목에서 단지 몇 걸음 떨어져 있으며 그의 수집품 함에는 터키 석, 오닉스, 눈부신 루비와 같은 귀한 보석류를 비롯해 내보일 만 한 것들이 많이 있다.

For ear rings, prices start as low as 15,000w and as high as 90,000w, depending on placement and jewelry. According to Kim, the outer part of the ear cartilage, called the Daith, is the best seller. You’ll often find him in his shop, working on infants, high-shool

kids and even the occasional ajumma. The craft doesn’t stop there. Kim also pierces lips, tongues, nipples, you name it, with the care of ten years experience and the use of quality surgical steel. 귀 피어싱 비 용은 귀 뚫는 위치와 보석 의 종류에 따 라 15,000원부 터 90,000원 에 이른다. 김 씨의 말에 따 르면 데이스 (Daith)라고 불리는 연골부분 이 사람들이 가장 많이 뚫는 위 치라고 한다. 가게에서는 어린이 부터, 고등학생, 심지어 가끔씩

은 아줌마들에게 까지도 시술하 는 모습을 볼 수 있다. 시술은 여 기서 그치지 않는다. 김씨는 입 술이나 혀, 젖꼭지 그 밖에 어느 부위라도 10년 경력의 세심함으 로 고품질의 수술용 바늘을 이용 해 뚫는다.

What makes his shop, Nac-Ta, stand out from the rest? The silver trade in Bali has kept Kim’s cases stocked with various unique pieces, most set with gems. On his own fingers, you’ll find a nice combination of onyx and silver, but he’s laid out many a prize find for buyers. Among the norm, there’s turquoise in custom crafted silver rings and pendants. As well as onyx wrapped in gnarly silver bands, a few purple amethysts with the upper crust glinting


DAEGU’S HIDDEN TREASURE 운 반지를 착용하고 있었는데 고객 용으로도 또한 많은 상품 들을 전시하고 있었다. 터키석을 박은 주문제작된 은반지와 펜던 트, 실버 밴드가 아름답게 감싸 고 있는 오닉스, 보라빛 자수정 들이 있다. 윗부분의 바깥 층은 핏빛의 붉은 루비와 감람석, 눈 부시게 아름다운 지르콘으로 장 식된 장신구들은 대부분 20만원 상당이다.

with blood-red rubies, peridot and stunning zirconium, most of which runs in the 200,000w category. 다른 피어싱 샵들 보다 그의 가 게인 낙타가 두드러지는 이유는

무엇일까? 그것은 발리에서 들 여온 은제품들이 김씨의 진열장 을 가득 채우고 있기 때문이다. 거기에는 다양하고 독특한 것들 이 많고 대부분은 보석들로 셋팅 된 것들이다. 그는 손가락에 오 닉스와 은으로 만들어진 아름다

With custom designed silver, you get your share of skulls and predatory animal rings, but some of the most exclusive treasurs include pieces like Hindu idol Ganesha, clutching a round opal. For ladies, there’s dainty emeralds and peridot, the most compelling, a crown trimmed with blood-drop sized rubies. For the exotic, Kim keeps cobra-skin wallets frozen in mid hiss, boar tusk, walrus and elephant teeth, and a wicked tiger continued on p14

DAEGU’S HIDDEN TREASURE claw straight out of Myanmar. 해골이나 사나운 동물모양의 반 지를 주문제작 할 수도 있다. 가 장 고가의 제품 중 하나로 힌두 교의 상징물인 가네샤가 둥근 오 팔석을 움켜쥐고 있는 것이 있 다. 여성용으로는 앙증맞은 에메 랄드와 감람석, 그리고 눈을 뗄 수 없게 아름다운 핏방울 사이즈 의 루비들로 가장자리가 장식된 왕관이었다. 김씨는 외국인 고객 들을 위한 제품으로 코브라 가 죽으로 만든 지갑과, 수퇘지 어 금니, 바다코끼리와 코끼리 상아 와 미얀마에서 바로 튀어나온듯 한 사나운 호랑이 발톱도 보유하 고 있다.

He’s done well to keep the familyowned business afloat. Kim puts them first, moving to his mother’s hometown Daegu at the behest of late father, J.D. Kim. And with a newborn baby since June, he admits the store could use more attention. Yet after three years since its grand opening, Nac-Ta has become a central part of Daegu’s downtown piercing district. J.D.


Kim’s other legacy still resides in Seoul where daughter So-mi works as a tattoo artist. 김씨는 가족이 함께 꾸려나가는 이 사업을 잘 운영해왔다. 아버 지 J.D.Kim의 말에 따라 어머니 의 고향인 대구로 이사오면서 이 사업을 최우선적으로 생각했다. 낙타가 문을 연지 3년이 지나 낙 타는 대구시내의 피어싱 골목의 중심이 되었다. 부친인 J.D.Kim 이 남기신 유산으로 딸 소미씨는 서울에서 타투 샵을 하고 있다.

From Samdeok fire station, take the second left at the intersection. Hang the first right before passing the Gallery Zone, and you’ll find the black camel printed on NacTa’s front door. They’re open every day until 10:30 p.m. 삼덕 소방서에서 시내 중심 방향 으로 두번째 사거리에서 왼쪽으 로 돌아 갤러리존을 지나기 전에 오른쪽으로 돈다. 검은 낙타가 프린트된 문을 찾을 수 있다. 그 의 가게는 매일 저녁 10시 30분 까지 열려있다.


하나로투어 법인등록번호 : 504-81-69311

Hanaro Tour Company and the Daegu Compass present



2 great pensions 1 night 2 days : close to the action picnic tables & grills availabe : we’ll provide the fuel free mudfest special brew & food to get the party started a legendary house party w/live djs Sign up NOW! SEARCH : DAEGU MUDFEST MADNESS 2012 All photos courtesy of Shawn Perez : check out more great photos @ : full feature coming soon!


Inheung Village Written and photographed by Chris Anderson / Translated by the Jaguar



or anyone in Daegu, and also those that are doing the Daegu Stamp Trail, Inheung Village is definitely worth a visit. The Inheung Village (also known as Nampyeong Moon Clan’s original residence) is a very small village on the western fringe of Daegu. It is an active village, with most buildings still occupied by some of the original families that lived there since the village was founded in the early 19th century. You can find a number of traditional buildings in this village which is

nestled in a small valley just next to the Daegu Arboretum. There are several different buildings, including: houses, a shrine, a library and a few others. The library is private, and if you are lucky, you might get a chance to see some of the books and documents pertaining to the Moon clan contained within the library. 대구에 있는 사람 누구나, 또한 대구 답사 활동에 참여하고 있 는 누구에게나 인흥마을은 분명 히 방문할만한 가치가 있다.인


(Nampyeong Moon’s Original Residence)

흥 혹은 남평 문씨 주거지라고도 알려진 이 매우 작은 마을은 대 구 서쪽 가장자리에 위치하고 있 다. 그 곳은 19세기 초에 지어진 이래로 여전히 몇몇 후손들이 거 주하고 있는 살아있는 마을이다. 당신은 대구 수목원 바로 옆에 자리잡은 이 작은 마을에서 수많

은 전통 한옥들을 볼 수 있을 것 이다. 다른 종류로 사용되는 건 물, 예를 들면 집, 제단, 개인 소 유의 도서관 등도 있다. 만약 당 신이 운이 좋다면, 문 씨 문중의 몇몇 책과 서류를 볼 수 있는 기 회를 잡을 수 있을 수도 있다.

With most tourist attractions that are recommended by the local tourism agency being very busy places (such as Donghwasa), it is great to find a place to relax and wind down. Inheung Village is just that kind of place. If you are looking for a place to take it slow and continued on p18

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INHEUNG VILLAGE see a different pace of life, you need to make your way there. There is a picnic area where you can sit and enjoy a meal (which you need to get yourself before arriving at the village), and then you can play badminton on the only badminton courts I have seen in Korea. For photographers looking to find a quiet spot to capture the essence of Korea’s past, Inheung Village offers great spots and beautiful buildings that aren’t flooded with tourists. As the village is on the edge of a small mountain, you can also go hiking in the nearby mountains. There are quite a few well-marked trails and if you find the right path, you can even take a short hike to the Daegu Arboretum. 지역 관광 업계에서 추천되는 명소인 동화사 같은 곳은 매우 번잡하지만, 이 곳은 휴식을 취 하기에 아주 좋은 장소이다. 인 흥 마을은 바로 그런 장소이다. 만약 당신이 천천히 신중하게, 또 다른 속도로 삶을 바라보고 싶다면, 그 곳으로 발길을 향해 야 한다. 그곳에는 준비해온 식 사를 앉아서 즐길 수 있는 피크 닉 공간도 마련되어 있다. 또한 내가 한국에서 본 유일한 배드 민턴 코트에서 배드민턴을 즐 길 수도 있다. 한국의 과거 본 래의 모습을 담을 수 있는 조용 한 장소를 찾고 있는 사진애호 가들에게는 인흥마을은 관광객 이 없으면서도 아름다운 전통 가옥이 많은 최적의 장소이다. 마을이 작은 산 모퉁이에 위치 하고 있기에, 인근 산에서 하이 킹도 즐길 수 있다. 길가의 안 내판은 잘 정비되어 있으며, 만 약 당신이 바른 길을 찾는다면 대구 식물원까지 부 담 없는 하이킹을 즐길 수도 있다.

If you are completing the Daegu Stamp Trail, you might be interested in making your way to the Arbo18

retum as well as to Hwawon Resort. All three of these venues are relatively close to each other, and if you time it right you could easily fit all three places into your day.

INHEUNG VILLAGE 대구 답사 여행에 도전 중이라면 당신은 대구 식 물원뿐 만 아니라 화원 유원지로 가는 길에 관심 이 있을 것이다. 이 세 장소는 서로 가까이 위치 하고 있으며, 잘 계획한다면 하루에 다 돌아볼 수 있을 것이다.

It’s pretty easy to get to Inheung Village, and you have a few options, too. If you would like to take the subway, you need to get off at Daegok (the very last stop on line 1). Once out of the station, you could either walk to the village or get a taxi there. If you choose to walk, it will take 15-20 minutes, depending on how fast you walk. I suggest taking a taxi as it is far better to walk on those mountain paths than the streets of Korea. You can also get a bus there, but it’s not as easy as getting a taxi or walking because the buses don’t run often. The Dalseong 1, 2, 3 and 5 go to Inheung Village, as well as the city buses 600, 604, 623, 650, 651, 655 and 836. 인흥마을까지 가는 길은 꽤 쉬우며, 여러분은 몇 가지 교통편을 이용할 수 있다. 지하철을 탄다면, 1호선 마지막 역인 대곡 역에서 내려야 한다. 일 단 내리면 마을까지 걷거나 거기서 택시를 타면 된다. 걷는 속도에 따라서 15-20분 정도 걸릴 것 이다. 나는 한국의 도로를 걷기보다 산의 오솔길 을 걷는 것이 훨씬 낫기에 택시 타는 것을 추천한 다. 버스도 탈 수 있지만 자주 운행하지 않아 택 시나 도보에 비해 불편하다. 달성 1,2,3,5번과 시 내버스 600, 604, 623, 650, 651, 655와 836이 운행된다.

Inheung Village seems to be a great place to go to get away from the buzz of downtown Daegu, and an excellent place to spend some time hiking peaceful trails west of the city. It’s a bit on the far side, so do make sure that if you are looking to get a stamp for the stamp trail, get there before 5pm. 이처럼 인흥마을은 대구 도시의 소음에서 탈출하 는 멋진 장소이다. 또한, 도시의 서쪽에서 평화로 운 도보나 하이킹을 하며 시간을 보내기에 최고 의 장소이기도 하다. 다소 외곽에 위치하고 있으 므로, 대구 답사 여행을 원한다면 그 곳에 오후 5 시 전에 도착하도록 유의해야 한다.

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The March Kings Written by Clayton Whittle / Translated by Hyunseung Lee / Photos by Jaeho Kim


here are few things in Korea that a foreign national can be absolutely sure of. You will be helped when you don't need it. You will be really, really lost at least once. And, Seoul is the only place in Korean for good music. One of these is most definitely true. One just depends on your definition of need, and exactly how lost you are willing to get / before you accept that you need a hand. And one, well one used to be the truth. Can you guess which is which? I really hope so, because it seems pretty obvious to me. 한국에서는 외국인들이 절대적 으로 확신을 가지는 몇 가지가 존재한다. 당신이 무엇인가를 필 요로 하지 않을 때, 다른 사람들 에게서 도움을 받을 것이다. 당 신은 적어도 한번은 꼭 길을 잃 을 것이다. 또한 오직 서울만이 괜찮은 음악을 들을 수 있는 장 소이다. 이 중 하나는 확실한 사 실이다. 하나는 당신의 필요에 대한 정의가 무엇인가에 따라 달 라지는데, 당신이 도움이 필요로 하다고 인정하기 전에 얼마나 길 을 잃어버린 상태로 있는가에 대 한 것이다 . 그리고 마지막의 하 나는, 글쎄 하나는 과거에는 사 실이었다. 어느 것이 내가 말한 것들과 대응될까? 내게는 꽤나 분명한 사실이므로, 당신도 간단 히 추측할 수 있길 바란다.

Now, I won't try to tell you that Daegu can compete with the Seoul music scene in terms of number of bands and venues. If I said that, I’d may as well turn in my journalistic license and go back 20

to eating cold hotdogs and reading Ziggy cartoons (just joking, I never stopped). What I am saying, is that while Daegu may not have the same size scene as Seoul, we in Fashion City will never starve for quality. And the quality of Daegu music will never be so apparent as it is in the sometimes mesmerizing, sometimes insanifying (totally not a fake word) rhythms of Daegu's long time indie royalty, The March Kings. Not only has this Daegu legacy showed their lasting power by staying active in a city that chews up and spits out most bands (usually in the direction Seoul) for almost nine years, they proven their relevance(타당

성) by refining(개선하다) their

sound into a unique mix of 90s grunge(그런지 록), traditional punk, and the melodic(선율의) head-nodable noise that made The Pixies so famous. 우리 대구컴퍼스는 대구가 밴드 나 공연 장소의 양적인 측면에서 는 서울의 음악 씬과 감히 경쟁 할 수 있다고 말하지 않을 것이 다. 만약 우리가 그렇게 주장한 다면, 우리는 아마 기자 자격을 돌려주고 차가운 핫도그를 먹으 며 Ziggy 카툰이나 보는 생활로 돌아가야 할 것이다.(농담이다우리는 그만 두지 않는다.) 우리 가 말하고자 하는 것은 대구가 비록 서울과 같은 규모는 아닐지

THE MARCH KINGS 라도, 패션의 도시에 사는 우리 가 질적인 면에 굶주릴 리는 없 을 것이다. 대구 음악의 질은 오 래된 대구 인디 귀족의 때로는 매혹적이고, 때로는 미치게 만 드는(insanifying, 만들어 낸 단 어가 절대 아니다) 리듬의 음악 을 추구하는 The march kings처 럼 분명하지 않을 것이다. 이 대 구의 유산은 대부분의 밴드들을 씹고 (대부분 서울 쪽으로) 뱉 어버리는 도시에서 9년이나 활 발하게 활동하며 그들의 지속적 인 능력을 보여주었을 뿐만 아니 라, 그들의 음악을 90년대 그런 지 록, 전통적 펑크, 그리고 The Pixies를 유명하게 만들어 준 ‘ 머리를 끄덕이게 만드는 선율의 노이즈(melodic head-nodable noise)’가 독특하게 혼합된 음악 으로 개선해 나감으로서 존재 타 당성을 증명하였다.

Formed in 2003, The March Kings

started as a more traditional punk band. For those of you who have never listened to punk rock, that translates into "they banged on their instruments and turned up the distortion until it sounded like music." Ok, that may be a bit unfair. But there are long time residents of Daegu who still remember The March Kings as near sociopaths, who trashed stages and bars and pretty much anything else they could get their hands on, and who weren't all that interested in how the music sounded. And to be honest, I'd rather like to see that display of anger, as it's hard to imagine the mild mannered front man, Dr. 김재호 ( Jaeho Kim) doing anything other than smiling his honest smile as he courts the audience with a affable goofiness that usually only Hugh Grant can pull off.

2003년에 결성된 The March Kings는 좀 더 전통적인 펑크밴 드로서 시작하였다. 펑크 록 장 르의 음악을 들어보지 못한 당신 에게 해석하자면, “악기를 숨 쉴 틈 없이 연주하며 디스토션(주: 앰프에 심한 압력이 들어가서 음 이 찌그러지게 들리는 소리 또는 그런 효과)이 음악처럼 들릴 때 까지 소리를 틀어대는” 음악이 라고 할 수 있다. 좋다, 사실 나 의 해석은 조금 불공평할 수도 있다. 그러나 여전히 The March Kings를 무대나 바, 그리고 그들 이 잡을 수 있는 것이라면 무엇 이든지 부숴버리는 반사회적 인 격 장애자, 그리고 음악이 어떻 게 들리든 전혀 신경쓰지 않는 사람들로 기억하는 대구의 오랜 주민들이 있다. 그리고 솔직히 나는 이러한 분노의 표현을 보고 싶은데, 부드러운 매너를 가진 리더 Dr. 김재호에게서는 상상하 기 어렵기 때문이다. Dr. 김재호 continued on p23


THE MARCH KINGS Well when you need your fix, you can look them up on facebook, which will keep you updated on their tour dates. Of course, the tradeoff is that you have to use the once more totally overhauled facebook. Even I'm not sure if that's worth it.

는 휴 그랜트만이 해내는 상냥한 바보같음을 이용 하여 관중들의 환심을 얻을 때 짓는 그의 정직한 미 소 외에는 아무 것도 하지 않는다.

But despite their dangerously awesome roots, The March Kings have refined an extremely specific sound that walks the line between a frontal assault on your gentle psyche and a relaxing walk through a brightly lit musical forest. Not sure what that means? Don't worry. I didn't really understand it either. What I do understand, is that teamed up together, 배상민 (bass/vocals), 김재호 (guitar/ vocals)', and 정성훈 (drums) are the best band in Daegu by miles. 그러나, 그들의 위험하게 멋진 뿌리에도 불구하 고 The March Kings는 그들의 음악을 굉장히 구체적인 색체의 음악으로 개선하였는데, 당신 의 온화한 마음에 가차없이 정면에서 퍼붓는 맹 공격과 밝은 햇살이 비추는 음악의 숲을 통과하 는 여유로운 발걸음 사이를 걷고 있다고 할 수 있다. 그 것인 무엇인지 감이 오지 않는가? 걱정 하지 마라. 나 역시 정말 그 것을 이해하지 못했 다. 내가 이해한 것은, 배상민(베이스/보컬), 김 재호(기타/보컬), 그리고 정성훈(드럼)으로 이 뤄진 The March Kings는 대구 최고의 밴드라 는 것이다.

So if you have any self respect, at this point you are chomping(쩝쩝 먹다) at the bits(작은 조각) to hear these guys play live. If you don't have any self respect, you are likely sitting or standing calmly while reading this (how do you live with yourself).

그러므로 만약 당신이 만약 자존심이 있는 사람이라면, 지금 이 순간 당신은 그들의 라이브 음악을 들으려 안달이 날 것이다. 아니라면, 이 기사 를 읽으며 그저 조용히 자리 에 있을 것이다(왜 그렇게 사 는지 묻고 싶다). 당신 자신을 고치고 싶다면, 그들의 공연 날짜를 계속 알기 위해 Facebook에서 그들을 찾아 볼 수도 있을 것이다. 물론, 그들의 공연 날짜를 확 인할 수도 있을 것이다. 당연히, 거래는 당신이 한 번 더 완전히 점검 된 Facebook을 사용해야만 한 다는 것이다. 나조차도 그 것이 가치 있는 일인지는 확신할 수 없다.


PUBLIC vs PRIVATE Written by Ciara Keenan


s molders of young Korean minds, it is generally accepted that we get a pretty easy ride as far as working the daily grind goes. The job itself is sometimes demanding, but nevertheless there is a wide consensus that it’s relatively straightforward and the standard of living here is far from shabby. This may go some way to explaining why many of us are choosing a life here as opposed to the economic catastrophes that await many of us in our respective home countries. Meeting fellow teachers happens continuously and without much effort. As people arrive, leave or contemplate re-signing, the age old debate of public versus private teaching time and time again rules many a conversation between ‘waegukins’. So let’s weigh up a few pros and cons. For many, job security plays a huge factor, after all it is rather important when you drop everything and uproot yourself to the other side of the globe. Private schools can get a bad rap and for good reason. First off, as far as job security goes, public teaching seems to offer more, after all they are run by the Public Ministry of Education. This means there is a direct link to the government which offers accountability and assurance. Private schools however are owned by an individual or are part of a franchise. Although a majority of the time your job is just as safe, there are horror stories of bankruptcy, cut-backs, restructuring and 24

dismissal all in a bid to safe money. It is worth noting that hagwons above all else are a business and a place of learning second. The day to day teaching is also significant. Class size can be anything between 28-35 students in a public school while in a hagwon classes are more likely to be in the range of between 6 – 16. This is a huge plus as it allows more opportunity to build up relationships with the students and get to appreciate the diverse range of personalities. Private school teachers will often teach more classes, usually somewhere in the region of 20-35 per week while public teachers will have around 22, however if business is slow in a hagwon you can expect to teach much less. When it comes to planning, public school teachers are often expected to complete lesson plans and will then conduct lessons in the

presence of a Korean co-teacher. Planning for lessons in hagwons does not seem as stringent and often teachers simply work their way through a straightforward book. It is kind of a compromise either way and depends on what you value most, free time or a more intimate teaching atmosphere. No job would be worthwhile without a decent salary. Hagwons seemingly offer the prospect of higher salaries, ranging between 2.1 – 2.8 depending on experience. However, as the desirability of teaching in Korea has spread and the steady flow of prospective teachers continues, hagwons have began to favor value for money over experience which is typically how the higher salaries are achieved. Overtime at private institutions can be readily available and in some cases it is mandatory but it would definitely seem that it is

PUBLIC VS PRIVATE easier to come by in public institutions. Also, the holidays and the general working hours in public schools tend to be a lot more conducive to allowing for overtime as most teachers tend to be free in the evening. Comparing this to the typically average 9.30pm or 10.30pm finishes at private schools, the only obvious time for earning a little extra cash is the weekends and lets face it, most of us will not want to sacrifice our free time or will be in no fit state to do so. Most of your week will be spent at work and the atmosphere and politics of the place will become increasingly important as you experience bouts of homesickness or whatever else. Life in the pubic school system can be rather lonesome at times. While there is plenty of free time, it can be a

little trickier to find someone to spend it with. As the only foreign teacher at your school, you will be relying on your Korean coteacher to help you put the day in, no problem if your co-teacher is cool, if not it can become a mute filled existence. In comparison, hagwons can have anything between 1 and 10 other foreign teachers. When you touch down in Korea, these are the very people who will surround you and show you the ropes. It is not uncommon for your co-teachers to become a support unit in Korea which will make adjusting and settling much less intimidating. School politics is rife and unavoidable in any education establishment and the politics of some hagwons are said to be particularly tiresome. Managers are renowned for being stressed, temperamental

and even irrational when things don’t go exactly to plan. While you may feel alone at times in a public school, largely teachers here miss out on the crazy director. If you tell a student off for bad behavior and they threaten to quit, your in the wrong, if you are not strict with the bad students and a good student complains, again it’s your fault. However, this is not always the case of course, hagwon directors are more often than not extremely kind and caring towards their staff. Like every choice there are good and bad points on both sides and depending on what you seek from your work in Korea, what may seem bad to you is ideal to someone else. Logic usually wins when deciding which institution you’d prefer to teach at.


SUJEONG ART WITH Written and photographed by Mandy Shimizu



hile waiting for Soojeong outside her studio gallery, I was able to get a small preview of her artwork. Above the sliding front doors of her studio gallery, hangs a table, similar to one that I eat all of my meals on. Painted on the surface of the table is a beautiful, strong and independent woman, all qualities which I was soon to find out were characteristic of the artist herself. Soojeong did not study art formally. In fact, she didn’t start making art until she was 20 years old, when she met her first love and needed a way to express the feelings she was having, and what she found was art. Because she didn’t study art, she says that many other artists think her work is immature. To me, I think while her art does feel simple, it can speak to anyone because most of her art features people and portrays human emotions and relationships.

ART WITH SOOJEONG someone committing suicide as she pointed out the dark ring around the person’s head. So emotionally, her art does have a range from being smitten all the way to death. Her mediums also have a large range as you can find drawings, paintings, and sewn pieces of art, which often incorporate recycled materials as well.

To make her dream, of creating art, come true, Soojeong had to go against the grain in a very traditional culture. Until she was 27, she had done all the right things to do according to Korean standards. She studied hard, went to college to study architecture, and worked at an architecture firm for 3 years. At that point, a strong force was pulling her to make art more than just a hobby in her life. So she quit her job and started pursuing her passion. Now, her family and friends are supportive of her endeavors. She laughed as she told me her father even bought one piece of her artwork. But at the beginning, she says that no one supported her breaking away from the linear path she had been on her whole life. However, her passion kept her motivated to not only create art, but to put it out into the world. She sells her artwork directly from her studio, on, and on her website She will do portraits of anyone for only 5,000 to 10,000 won, if they send her their photo. She says that she has sold her work to people in Australia, America, and even Argentina. When I asked her what inspired her creations most, she said relationships. This is visible in most of her art, which is generally brightly colored and portraying love. She said that she also likes to be funny in her artwork. At that point, my boyfriend, who introduced me to Soojeong, pointed at a piece and said, “like this, this is funny.� In response Soojeong blushed and said that it was actually

When asked about artists that are most influential to her, Soojeong really perked up like she had just taken an espresso shot. She hopped off the ground, where we were enjoying coffee and tea and ran to grab a book, which showcased her favorite artist, Frida Khalo. They way she flipped through the pages and talked about the art was intoxicating. As she ran her fingers along the images, she talked about how she liked the connections, the lines, continued on p28

ART WITH SOOJEONG and the abstract ideas in Khalo’s art. At this point her passion was not something that she was talking about, but it could be visibly seen. Despite not studying art formally, Soojeong has a deep respect for art and other artists. In fact, she likes to learn and take advice from all different sources. Her boyfriend, a traditional Korean painter, is one source. As she talked about him, she proudly found photos of his work and showed me. She was formally involved in a local group in Daegu, called Art Beans, a collaborative effort between Koreans and foreigners to encourage production of, produce, and showcase art. Aside from people, Soojeong learns from traveling and seeing artwork around the world. She has been to Paris, America, Japan, and her favorite place Spain. Soojeong has even done something that most people would never even dream of doing. She trekked the 800 km Camino de

Santiago alone. She is what most girls hope to grow up to be, fearless and independent. After having made the hard choice of breaking away from her traditional life to pursue her passion, she hopes that others will make the same choice. She giggled as she said people should travel a lot and drink a lot. Ultimately though, her advice for everyone is

something that may not be ground shaking in America, but could be for Korea. She said softly and with a slight smile, “do what makes you happy.” Hours: o Monday-Friday 12-7, Closed Saturday, Sunday 12-9 Directions: o You can get to her studio from downtown o Catch the 400 bus from Daegu City Center o Get off at Hyundae Market Stop o Then you will have to get off and back track a little bit until you see a GS 25 o At the GS 25, take a left and walk straight down the smaller street o You will pass Charm Mart on your right, and then you will see Soojeong’s studio shortly after on the left! Website: Also, if you an artist or simply an appreciator of art, check out Art Daegu on Facebook!




Nice SHOOT’N TEX Written and photographed by Jayson Moore / Translated by Jaeheon Lee


or expats who come to settle in Daegu, the typical weekend routine of downtown shenanigans followed by a half day of sleep can quickly grow tiring. What better way to break up the weekends than an afternoon of shooting stuff? 대구에 정착하기 위해 온 외국인 들에게는, 반나절의 낮잠을 자고 서 시내에서 쓸데없는 장난을 하 는 일상적인 주말 일과는 쉽게 지루해질 수 있다. 이런 주말로 부터 벗어나는 방법으로 오후의 사격보다 더 좋은 것이 있을까?

Most of us feel content to spend our time abroad in a drunken haze. It's easy to justify a weekend of binge drinking after five consecutive days of dealing with brats, bosses, parents, and early mornings. It's easy to fall into the trap of wasting away weekends watching seasons upon seasons of HBO shows while hung over. We've all done it. But, it also catches up with us eventually. There comes a time for everyone to blow off steam and escape the city. We all get that need for a new, different and unique experience. Most foreigners don't even know this place exists, and it's a little miracle that it does for those looking for an alternative release. Enter one of Daegu's best kept secrets, the Daegu Shooting Range. 우리들 중 대부분은 술에 취해 비틀대는 시간들 속에서 만족을 느낀다. 5일 동안 연속으로 버릇


없는 학생들과 직장 상사들, 학 부모들을 만나고 이른 아침 일찍 일어나야 하는 우리는 주말 동안 의 폭음을 당연시 하게 된다. 그 리고 숙취에 시달리며 HBO 드 라마들을 보면서 주말을 낭비하 기 쉽다. 우리는 이런 경험들을 모두 해봤다. 그러나 결국 이런 습관은 또 다시 우리 발목을 잡 을 것이다. 이러한 모두들을 위 해 스트레스를 풀어내고 이 도시 를 탈출할 시간이 왔다. 우리 모 두는 새롭고 뭔가 다르며 특별한 경험을 해볼 수 있다. 대부분 외 국인들은 이 장소를 알지 못한 다. 그리고 이곳은 색다른 스트 레스 해소법을 찾는 이들을 위한 작은 기적이 될 것이다. 대구의

가장 잘 알려지지 않은 비밀 중 의 하나로 오라. 대구 사격장!

It is a sprawling and modern complex of indoor and outdoor ranges set amid forested hills in a secluded pocket of the city out towards Chilgok. ( Geumhodong, Buk-gu). What that means is catching a taxi here from downtown should cost less than 20,000W. It's easily accessible and affordable. Nestled on a hill far enough away from the highways and high-rises of the city, it affords a feeling of being perfectly removed from the concrete sprawl . Other than the exhilarating echoes

NICE SHOOT’N TEX of the popping rifles at the outdoor range, it is quiet. Despite its’ idyllic surroundings, the scenery is not the reason for your visit. It's the guns. 사격장은 상당히 넓다. 대구시에서 꽤 떨어진 칠 곡(북구 금호동)에 현대식 복합건물의 실내 사격 장과 숲 속 언덕에 놓인 실외 사격장이 있다. 시내 에서 택시를 타면 사격장까지 택시비가 2만원 이 하다. 이 사격장은 쉽게 갈 수 있고 이용 가격은 비 싸지 않다. 이 곳은 고속도로와 도심의 고층 건물 들로부터 충분히 멀리 떨어져있어서 콘크리트 숲 으로부터 완전히 떨어진 느낌을 즐길 수 있다. 대 구 사격장은 실외 사격장에서 들리는 쾅 하며 터 지는 라이플의 경쾌한 반향 말고는 조용하다. 이런 목가적인 주변환경에도 불구하고 당신이 방문해 야 할 이유는 아름다운 풍경 때문이 아니다. 그것 은 총 때문이다.

The indoor range is equipped with a wide variety of handguns from the 9mm Beretta to the Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum Revolver. There is also a variety of .22s and .38s to choose from, any of which will not disappoint. You can be a suburban gangster or a classic Mafioso, according to whichever gun appeals to you. The price is right too, with no single gun costing over 20,000W for one round. You'll be equipped with the mandatory vests and heavy duty ear muffs. The staff is professional, safe, and totally legitimate. It will bring comfort to see that there are no corners cut here, and that safety is the top priority. The English that is spoken is all the important stuff, so there is no need to feel uncomfortable. 실내 사격장은 9mm 베레타부터 스미스 웨슨 357 매그넘 리볼버와 같은 다양한 권총이 구비 되어 있다. 또한 이곳에는 여러분이 무엇을 선 택하든지 간에 절대 실망하지 않을 다양한 22구 경과 38구경 권총도 구비되어 있다. 당신이 어 떤 타입의 총에게 매력을 느끼느냐에 따라 교외 의 갱스터나 클래식마피아가 될 수 있다. 가격 또한 합리적인데, 한 라운드에 2만원을 넘지 않 는다. 당신은 의무적으로 조끼와 귀마개를 착용 해야 한다. 이곳의 직원들은 전문적이고, 안전하 고, 완전히 합법적이다. 여기서는 시야를 막는 코너가 없기 때문에 관람하기에 편안하다. 그리 고 안전은 당연히 최우선이다. 영어회화도 매우 중요한 부분으로 여겨지기 때문에 불편함을 느 낄 필요가 없다.

After you've signed your life away, and when you're standing with the pistol gripped in your hand looking down the barrel out across to the target, it's impossible not to feel a rush of adrenaline. Something mixed between 50 Cent and Tony Soprano. That's before you even pull the trigger. And then you do. If you've never shot a gun before, the first thing you'll probably notice after you come to and after the split second euphoric blackout, is the kickback. But then you'll fire it again and again until the whole clip is gone. It takes all of twenty seconds. All the clichés everyone tells you about shooting a gun for the first time, they're all true. You'll feel invincible, your legs will become shaky spaghetti strings and you'll completely have forgotten the monotony of the daily grind. It's a perfect way to blow off steam. 당신의 안전사고에 스스로 책임을 지겠다는 서명 후에, 손에 권총을 잡고 서서 총열 너머의 타깃을 바라보면, 아드레날린이 솟구치는 것을 느낄 수 있 을 것이다. 심지어 방아쇠를 당기기 전에 이미 당 신은 50센트(50 Cent)와 토니 소프라노(Tony Soprano)가 섞인 느낌을 받을 것이다. 그리고 나 서 방아쇠를 당긴다. 만약 당신이 총을 쏴 본적이 continued on p32


없다면 격발 후에 아마도 당신 은 (행복한 느낌의 기억상실 이 후에) 첫 번째로 사격반동을 느 낄 것이다. 하지만 그 다음엔 모 든 클립이 나갈 때까지 계속 발 사할 것이다. 그것은 전부 20초 정도 소요된다. 모든 사람들이 말하는 처음 총을 쏘는 것에 대 한 상투적인 말들은 다 사실이 다. 당신은 천하무적으로 느껴지 고, 당신의 다리는 스파게티 면 처럼 흔들리고, 일상이 주는 단 조로움은 완전히 잊게 될 것이 다. 열 받는 것들을 날려버릴 완 벽한 방법이다

The real feat of strength is outdoors where the rifles and clay pigeons await. The pistols are mere introductions in comparison to what the double barrel shot guns have to offer. The prices go up accordingly, but, for 25 shots it'll only set you back around 25,000W. It warrants no justification. The clay pigeons might seem intimidating at first and bring in


to question your aiming abilities, but the spray bullets virtually guarantee at least one hit. The feeling of hitting the target is almost as good as the excitement pumping through your veins. Opening the smoking barrels to empty the cartridges makes you feel like you belong is some sort of Clint Eastwood cowboy movie. 이 곳의 진정한 장점은 라이플과 클레이 사격이 기다리는 실외 사 격장에 있다. 권총은 여기서 제 공되는 2연발 산탄총에 비교하 면 단지 시작에 불과하다. 따라 서 실외 사격의 가격이 올라가 긴 하지만 25발에 25000원 정도 이다. 이것은 적당한 가격이라고 보장한다. 클레이 사격은 처음엔 겁이 날 수도 있고 당신의 조준 실력에 의문이 들 수도 있다. 하 지만 스프레이 총알은 적어도 한 발은 적중할 것이다. 목표을 맞 추는 느낌은 당신의 피가 솟구치 며 흥분할 만큼 좋다. 실탄을 비 우기 위해 연기 나는 총열을 열

면 당신이 클린트 이스트우드 (Clint Eastwood)의 서부영화에 등장하는 것 같은 기분이 들게 될 것이다.

But the real gem of the Daegu Shooting Range is not the guns. It's the pension. There are about ten rooms upstairs in the main hall, equipped with clean bunks, bathrooms and fridges for an overnight stay. You can bring whatever food and drink you please and you're left totally to your own devices. There is access to a BBQ and the place becomes deserted once the sun goes down, inviting horror movie scenarios left and right. Without directly condoning a night of roaming free in a massive, state of the art, abandoned gun facility, to make a true experience out of the gun range, then staying overnight is a must. 하지만 대구 사격장의 진짜 보 석은 총이 아니다. 그것은 펜션


이다. 본관 건물의 위층에는 숙박을 하는 사람들 을 위해 깨끗한 침대와 욕실, 그리고 냉장고가 구 비된 10개 정도의 방이 있다. 당신이 원하는 음식 이나 음료를 가져올 수 있으며, 원하는 대로 장소 를 사용할 수 있다. 여기서 바비큐를 해 먹을 수도 있다. 해가 지고 나면, 인적은 뜸해지고 공포영화의 한 장면처럼 주위가 스산해진다. 이렇게 거대하고 예술적인 멀리 떨어져 있는 사격장에서 밤에 자유 롭게 배회하는 것을 적극 권유는 하지 않지만, 사격 장 밖의 진정한 경험을 위해서라면 이 곳에서의 숙 박은 추천한다.

The shooting range isn't just a testosterone exuding playground either. It's not just for the masculine hunting types of Middle America. It takes a trip to this shooting range to appreciate that gun culture doesn't have to be violent or manly. A trip to the Daegu Shooting Range can show you that, shooting a gun can be pure unadulterated fun. Half the motivation for coming to Korea in the first place, whether conscious or not, is to push our own boundaries and try new things. It can be in the form of eating bondeggi or it can be pushing aside the preconceived notions of shooting a gun, and just enjoying it for what it is. You might like it, or you might not. But at the end of the day, that's what new experiences

are for. 사격장은 단지 테스토스테론을 풍기는 놀이터가 아 니다. 또한 이 곳은 미국 중부 남성적인 사냥 형식 의 장소도 아니다. 이 사격장으로의 여행은 사격문 화가 그리 폭력적이거나 남성적일 필요가 없고 사 격이 순수하게 즐거울 수 있다는 것을 보여줄 것이 다. 한국에 왔던 이유 중의 반은, 자각하던 아니던, 우리의 경계를 넓히고 새로운 것을 시도해보는 것 이다. 그것은 번데기를 먹는 것일 수도 있고 선입 견을 접어두고 사격을 하는 것일 수도 있고, 그리 고 무엇이든 즐기는 것일 수도 있다. 당신은 이것 을 좋아할 수도, 좋아하지 않을 수도 있지만, 결국 가장 중요한 것은 그것들이야말로 새로운 경험이 라는 것이다.


Dalgu, the Tiger Cub, Ready to Make His Debut

Translated by Sun Lee / Photos submitted by Dalsung Park


algu, the youngest member of Dalsung Zoo, has finally been unveiled to the public. The two-month-old tiger cub, who was nursed in secret, made its debut on June 11th at the Carp Pond. Coinciding with his debut, Dalsung Park has remodeled its old enclosures as well as building new ones for the new family. The cub was born on April 2nd and has been raised by the keeper. His birth and existence had been a closely guarded secret due to health concerns; however the baby tiger turned out to be strong enough to be revealed to the public, after two months. Dalgu will be shown twice a day, at 11am at the Carp Pond and at 2pm on the grass or in the shade. Once Dalgu gets used to being outdoors, the park plans to let him out more often. Dalsung Zoo also recently remodeled the enclosures for its animals. The graffiti volunteer group VAN, with 39 of its members, painted the walls in the bear and tiger enclosures, making them look as lively and comfortable as ever. The zoo also extended the opening hours for the deer enclosure, from 2pm~4pm to 11am ~ 5 pm, so visitors can enjoy spending more time with the zebras, horses, ostriches, deer, and other residents. Dalgu is not the only new member


WELCOME TO DAEGU - DALGU to the zoo. The coatis and the coyotes, that were cloned and donated by Dr. Hwang Woo-Seok, as well as one of the children’s favourites, the Japanese macaque, Dalmong, are also ready to entertain visitors. “I hope Dalsung Zoo will become a regular attraction amongst the citizens of Daegu. With the continued support and interest of the public, we will strive towards achieving this goal,” Nogil Park, the manager of the park said. 달성공원은 2개월여간 정성 들 여 키워온 아기호랑이(일명: 달 구)를 6월 11일부터 잉어장 주 변 및 잔디밭이나 그늘에서 매일 두 차례에 거쳐 공개한다. 또 동 물사도 새로 단장하고 새 식구 동물도 맞이했다. ○ 아기호랑이(일명: 달구)는 지 난 4월 2일 출생해 인공 포육으

로 2개월을 넘긴 상태다. 지금까 지 면역력이 약한 새끼호랑이를 보호하기 위해 출산 사실을 외 부에 알리지 않은 채 사육해 왔 으나, 건강상태가 비교적 양호해 전격 공개를 결정했다. - 달성공원은 11일부터 오전 11 시 잉어장 주변, 오후 2시 잔디밭 이나 그늘에서 공개하며, 앞으로 적응기를 거쳐 공개 횟수를 늘려 나갈 계획이다. ○ 또 동물사도 새로 단장했다. VAN 벽화봉사단(회원 30명)의 도움을 받아 곰사 및 사자사 담 장을 동물 캐릭터 벽화로 새로 단장해 딱딱한 동물사 담장의 분 위기에서 훨씬 생동감 넘치며 친 근감을 느낄 수 있는 분위기로 바꿔놓았다. ○ 달성공원은 사슴사(얼룩말, 꽃말, 타조, 사슴 등) 내부 개방 시간을 많은 시민들이 함께 가

까이에서 관람할 수 있게 하려 고 종전 오후 2시 ~ 4시에서 오 전 11시 ~ 5시로 확대 운영하 고 있다. ○ 볼거리도 다양하다. 늑대사 에 새로 들어온 코아티(긴코너구 리), 늑대와 비슷하게 생긴 코요 테(황우석 박사가 체세포 복제 해서 기증함)를 볼 수 있다. 어린 아이들의 인기를 얻고 있는 어 린 일본원숭이(일명: 달몽이) 등 도 있다. ○ 박노길 달성공원관리사무소 장은 “달성공원이 시민들과 함 께하는 공간으로 계속 발전할 수 있도록 다양한 방향을 모색해 나 가겠다.”며 “시민들의 많은 관심 과 성원을 부탁한다.”고 말했다.


Swimming with the Sharks Written by Britney McSweeney / Photographed by Michael Jones


f you’ve ever wanted to dive with sharks, don’t miss an opportunity to do so in Busan. Scuba in Korea, run by Michael Jones, has an affordable program every weekend to let certified and noncertified divers alike walk through the shark tank in Busan Aquarium. First, there is a short lesson on diving safety and regulations in the pool. Michael does a good job of keeping it interesting and entertaining, while still conveying the seriousness of some of the rules. Now is your chance to purchase the DVD, filmed by a video camera strapped on Michael’s head. For 40,000 won, it’s a great deal. The pictures here are still frames from my video. Next, divers are split into two groups, only 5 or 6 people will dive at one time. The first group

is given standard gear, a wetsuit and diving gear. Next, a weight belt, oxygen tank, and goggles are added and we were off to the training pool. This is connected to the shark tank, but is shallow and set off by a gate.

Pool training seemed easy for most people. You breathe into the respirator first above, then below the water. You lay down on your stomach and practice removing the respirator underwater and returning it to your mouth. You practice letting water into your goggles then clearing it out and popping your ears under the changing water pressure. I couldn’t remain calm enough to breathe normally through the respirator - an important part of diving. Michael was incredibly reassuring. He gave me time to try again until I completed each test. If you have any concerns about not being able to, I suggest you put yourself out there and try it. Michael does this every weekend, and is patient. Finally, we were ready to dive! We walked down the tunnel holding


on to a rope one by one. We were paired up with another diver and walked, bouncing around the bottom of the tank for about 30 minutes. Under 5m of water, everything seems to move in slow motion, the dive seemed much longer. There are ten sharks, three sea turtles, a handful of giant groupers, and some sting rays in the tank. There are white and black tipped reef sharks and tiger sand sharks. From the shark tank, you can see the two side tanks separated by glass - one with more string rays and a hammer head shark, the other with a rotating exhibit, currently featuring quick, playful porpoises. The dive was amazing! If you’re an avid “Shark Week” fan, like me, you will find it just as mindblowing and memorable as you’ve imagined. The sharks were literally swimming next to us, seemingly in slow motion, eyes spinning around, watching us. The sharks are big, mouths slightly open, teeth barred. One shark had a scar running along its fin, evidence of a giant grouper’s bite - they may be scarier than the sharks! continued on p39

ALWAYS DOUBLE DOWN *Thursdays will now now feature feature pour your own pour your own Rum/Gin/Vodka Rum/Gin/Vodka for 6000 won. *We6000 handwon. you for the bottle and *We hand you you decide how the bottle and much to pour you how into decide your drink. much to pour into your drink.


HOW TO ORDER FOOD An easy step-by-step guide on how to get food delivered right to your door.

How to Order Food Written by Brian M. Van Hise and Hyerin

Mastering food delivery by phone in Korea is not difficult. Think of all those dozens of restaurants that are just a stone's throw from your apartment. Get past the nervousness of ordering once or twice and you will see an entirely new world of dining possibilities open up before you. Step 1

Step 2 (Your Gu)

Step 3 (Your Dong) Step 4





동구, etc...

두류동, etc...


여기 (Yogi)

달서구 Step 6 (name your food) Food



불고기 (bulgogi)

Street number + Building name + Apt Number


Step 7 (quantity) 하나랑 (1) hana rang

Step 8 (drinks)

세개 (3) say gay

맥주 (beer)

김밥 (kimbap)

네개 (4) nay gay

오렌지주스 (O.J.)

만두 (mandu)

여섯개 (6) yeoseot gay

돈까스 (tonkkatsu)

Step 9

콜라 (cola)

두개 (2) do gay

다섯개 (5) daseot gay

-인데요 (in-dae-yo)


김치찌개 or 된장 찌개 (kimchi or bean soup) 떡볶이 (tteokpokki)

Step 5

사이다 (cider)

가져다 주세요. (ga-joe-da ju-se-yo)

This is a sample conversation you might have when you order food. Try it out to get your favorite dish delivered right to your home. How convenient! Restaurant 여보세요 ( Yeobo say yo) You


여기 수성구 황금동 롯데캐슬 105 동 402호 인데요. (Yogi [insert your Gu, Dong, and You street address here] in-dae-yo)

자장면 하나랑 볶음밥 하나 가 져다 주세요. ( JaJangMyun hana-rang pokkeum bab hana ga-joe-da ju-se-yo) (One JaJangMyun and one fried rice, please.) 그런데 얼마죠? (keuh-lun-dae ul-ma-joe? “How much is it?”)

(My address is SuSeongGu, Hwanggeum-dong, Lotte Castle, Building Restaurant 네. 105, Apt. #402) (nay “all right/goodbye”)

Aaron Laforest - The Holy Grill 38

Mark Walsh - Sydney St. Pub


Michael was quick to point out any animals coming up behind us, making sure we didn’t miss anything. The turtles are beautiful, their legs slowly propelling them through the water, gracefully swimming by. The sting rays seem

to ripple when they move, gliding through the water as though they are flying. It is an entirely different experience inside the tank than staring at the animals through the glass. If you have ever wanted to see

some of the most fascinating sea animals up close and personal, this is an amazing opportunities. Many people head out to SE Asia for a quick course, but even being certified to dive doesn’t present many chances to swing with sharks. For non-certified divers it costs 110,000 won, and certified divers get 20,000 won off. Of course, you also get admission into the rest of the Aquarium, so it can easily be a full day event. Getting there couldn’t be easier - take the slow train to Haeundae. Walk straight down the road for about ten minutes until you run into the beach. Busan Aquarium is on the right, follow the sidewalk to the main entrance. You need to sign up in advance, check out the website at for more info and available dive dates.


Cheongsong Pottery Tour Rewind Written by Craig R. Gardner / Photos by Stephanie Gall


aturday morning ( June 23) broke with that foggy weather that foretells a hot day ahead, but 20 people boarded an air conditioned bus at 8:00 sharp to travel to Cheongsong for a full day of Korean exploration at its best. Our first stop was Deokcheon village, one of those special areas where tradition is preserved in the architecture and rural lifestyle. We toured the Songso traditional house, being treated to a thorough explanation of many of the unique features and symbolism of this "rich man's" home from a well spoken and informed cultural representative from the rural district. From the purifying ondol smoke and Hanja symbols on the roof eaves to the squeaky gate protecting the maidens' lodgings (it sounded like a rooster crowing in the early morn) we learned so much of the rituals involved in Korean culture. However, there was serious competition to our

history lesson when a small green tree frog hopped into our "living in the past" -- reminding us of the immediacy of our verdant pine forest surroundings. To prove the point, a short walk through the surrounding agricultural lands rewarded us with the joy of picking cucumbers fresh off the vine. Still savoring the taste of sunwarmed cucumbers, we shared a traditional (primarily vegetarian)

lunch at the Soseul restaurant that featured a sunken floor so we all looked as if we were squatting eastern style rather than sitting western style. The delicious flavors of the fresh local food were highlighted by the cackling cacophony of a group of village women enjoying their lunch with beer. Next up, a short walk away, we dipped white cotton cloth into organic natural herbal dye to make our own special yellow handkerchief souvenirs. It was a perfect way to digest our lunch as the drying time was spent either cat napping under the trees, searching for four-leaf clovers, playing some traditional Korean games, or just sharing relaxing conversation with new friends. The afternoon brought with it not just the countryside's beauty but


CHEONGSONG POTTERY REWIND portant Intangible Cultural Property Holder, the potter 고만경 (Ko Man Kyeong) at Cheongsong Pottery. A handsome, expressive 80-plus-year old, the famous potter demonstrated his honorific title by turning some pots with clay made from pounded stone from the surrounding mountains. continued on p43

focused more on the local inhabitants. We visited three enterprises (bolstered by generous support from the Korean government and local Cheongsong authorities) which highlighted the entrepreneurial spirit of the area. First, the honor of visiting an Im-


DAEGU’S BATTLE OF THE BANDS WINNER Interview by Rui Dong Jung Lee / Photo by Dyren Billups-Adams p42 / Photos by Greg Laychak p44-45


fter four weekends of Rock n’ Roll - we have a winner. POLY! POLY took to the stage and beat out the likes of Denizen, Levine, and Lady Winchester in the first Daegu Batle of the Bands hosted by Urban Lounge and Horus Music Garage. The battle of the bands was engineered by Greg Henry and Philan Jung. A total of 15 bands competed for glory and cash money! We sit down with the winner to get to know Daegu’s best band, POLY! How does it feel to win the battle of the bands Daegu?

대구 밴드대회에서 우승한 기분 이 어떠신가요?

At first, we were happy to be competing with other foreign bands that were very popular around Korea. We didn’t expect any award, and so we were very happy and excited about our victory.

처음에는 실력 좋은 다른 외국인 밴드 분들과 경연을 펼친다는 것 자체로 즐거웠습니다. 상은 기대 도 안하고 있었는데 우승을 하게 되어 너무 기쁘고 신났습니다!

How long have you been playing together? 함께 팀을이뤄서 활동한지는 얼 마나 되었나요?

The band was formed in the summer of 2011 in Daegu. We have moved up to Seoul and are cur42

rently engaged in various activities mainly at the clubs around Hongik University. It’s been a year since we started our band activities. 2011년 여름 대구에서 결성되 어, 현재는 서울로 상경하여 홍 대 클럽 위주로 다양한 활동을 펼치고 있습니다. 햇수로는 1년 째 활동 중입니다

Who writes the songs in the band?

밴드에서 노래를 쓰거나, 고르는 사람은 누구인가요?

Guitarist Tale Lee (Baby MachoLeader) and vocalist Jaemin Jang ( J.G) are mainly in charge ( 명사/ 동명사 ). 주로 기타인 Tale Lee(Baby

Macho - Leader) 와 보컬인 Jae Min Jang( J.G ) 가 담당하 고 있습니다.

What is your favorite song to perform?

가장 존경하거나 영향을 많이 받 은 노래가 무엇인가요?

Instead of choosing one song, I’d like to say that each member in our band has different taste in music but share a common goal trying to mix a variety of styles.

노래 한 곡을 골라 말씀드리기 보다는, 저희 팀 모든 맴버는 각 기 다른 성향의 음악을 좋아하 고, 다양한 스타일을 믹스 하려 고 노력 중이라고 말씀 드리고 싶습니다 ^^ continued on p44

CHEONGSONG POTTERY The finished product, a beautiful white porcelain, is something that each of us will cherish for years to come: for not only did we subsequentlyhave an opportunity to mold some of the special clay, but we decorated bisquit-fired plates which will in turn be sent to our homes after glost firing. Looking at everyone's work, I can honestly say that everyone in the room demonstrated the truth of Joseph Beuys' quote, "Everyone is an artist." And each of us will be reminded of that experience with our own personalized plate. Next up? The 아락 (Arak) Brewery, housed in a former elementary school, where we tasted their special brew: apple soju. Ranging from 14 to 40 percent alcohol content, the unique flavor of the soju stayed with those who tasted it for the remainder of the trip (being the senior member of the group, I was honored to have the first taste and, needless to say, was among the first to buy a bottle to enjoy at home at a very reasonable price). A hop and skip down the road brought us to a woman's pride and joy. The 찐빵(steamed buns stuffed with sweet red bean paste) establishment was a dream come true for the owner/operator. She explained to us her how through frustrating trial and error, she ultimately found the way to make traditional Korean rice steamed buns with apples and various other local ingredients. The brightly colored buns were as delicious as the owner's joy and enthusiasm. It was a truly filling experience and a most befitting way to end our tour of Cheongsong. Many thanks to Ha Mi Yong for organizing the diverse tour and watching over us with information, humor and love. As the sun set heading back to Daegu, I couldn't help but notice everyone on the bus (except for the driver, the lovely young lady sitting across from me and yours truly) were fast asleep. Perhaps dreaming about the next journey offered by Daegu Compass? Or was it merely the result of good fun, vittles and company? Thanks for the memories! Craig R. Gardner, English Professor, Yeungnam University

POLY - CHAMPION OF DBB What separated you from the other bands in the contest? Why do you think you won?

대회에서 본인들이 우승한 이유 가 무엇이라고생각하나요? 어떤 것들이 본인들이 다른 밴드보다 다른 무언가를 보여줬다고 생각 하나요?

Our band basically gives out a heavy impression, and also tries to create an appealing stage presence for the audience. These aspects have made our band look unique compared to other teams.

저희 밴드는 기본적으로 헤비한 느낌을 가지고 있으면서도 관중 들이 공감할 수 있는 무대를 만 들기 위해 노력하고 있습니다. 이러한 점들이 다른 팀들보다 특 색 있게 보여졌다고 생각합니다.

Have you released any albums or music videos? 혹시 음반이나 뮤직비디오를 제 작해서 배포한적이 있나요?

We have not yet released an official album, but are currently


working on a project. However, in 2011, our band participated in the YAMAHA Festival Korea Final competition after being ranked first in the region of Gyeongsang / Jeolla / Jeju at the YAMAHA Asian Beat band competition. One of our songs is included in the compilation album that was produced by YAMAHA during the competition. If you search for Asian Beat at music streaming services such as and Melon, you will be able to listen to our song called ‘Run Away With Me.’ 저희 정식 음반은 발매하지 않 았으며, 현재 작업 중입니다. 그 러나 2011년 YAMAHA Asian Beat band competition 에서 경 상/전라/제주 지역 1위를 하여 YAMAHA Festival Korea Final 에 출전하게 되었습니다. 그 당 시 야마하 측에서 제작해준 컴 필레이션 엘범 중 저희 곡 한 곡 이 수록되어 있습니다., Melon 등의 스트리밍 음악을 서 비스 하는 곳에서 Asian beat 로 검색을 하시면 06.Run Away

With Me 라는 제목의 저희 곡을 감상하실 수 있습니다.

Where have you played outside of Daegu?

대구외에 어느도시에서 공연을 해보았나요?

We performed in Seoul, Suwon, Ulsan, and Busan.

서울, 수원, 울산, 부산 에서 공 연을 하였습니다.

What do you listen to on your ipod?

평상시에는 어떤노래를 듣나요?

Regardless of genre, we listen to all kinds of music that we think is good including hard rock, alternative rock, metal core, hard core, post-hard core, electro house, dubstep, transcore, K-POP, hiphop, blues, and jazz. 하드 락 , 얼터너티브 락 , 메탈 코어 , 하드코어, 포스트 하드 코어, 일렉트로 하우스, 덥스텝, 트랜스 코어, K-POP, Hiphop, Blues , Jazz등 장르를 불문하고 저희가 들었을 때 좋은 곡이면


How has music influenced your life? Does your family encourage you to play?

거라고 믿습니다. 처음에 가족들 은 대부분 반대하셨습니다. 음악 의 길은 역경과 고난이 많고 힘

저희 맴버 모두는 폴리 라는 이 름으로 하나가 되어, 대구에서의 편안하고 안정된 생활을 포기하 고 서울로 올라와서 꿈을 이루기 위해 도전하고 있습니다. 이 내 용만 보셔도 음악이 저희에게 어 떠한 영향을 주었는지 이해하실

본인의 밴드의 앞으로의 나아갈 길을 말해주세요? 어떤것을 이루 고 싶나요?

First of all, we would like to become the best band in Korea. We would like to become the super band that is loved by all the people and not just by a certain group of mania. Then, we would like to go out into the world stage and make Korean bands widely known to the world. We would like to let the world know Korea through our music.

음악이 본 인의 인생 에 어떤 영 향을 주었 나요? 가 족들은 본 인이 음악 을 하는것 을 찬성하 나요?

All the members in our band, united in the name of POLY, gave up the life of comfort and stability in Daegu and came to Seoul in order to pursue our dream in music. Just by watching this program, you’ll understand how music influenced our lives. At the beginning, most of our families disapproved of our band because pursuing a career in music involves a great deal of hardship and trouble. Even with some musical achievement in the future, it is a fact that financial stability may not be secured. However, we could not give up on music. We made great efforts and won prizes at contests large and small, gradually gaining the trust of our families. They still worry about our future today, but they are very encouraging paying attention to all our activities.

What is in store for the future of POLY?

들기 때문이죠, 훗날 음악적으로 무언가를 이룬다고 하여도, 경제 적인 안정은 보장할 수가 없는 것이 사실입니다. 하지만 저희는 음악을 포기할 수 없었기에 많 은 노력을 하였고, 크고 작은 대 회에서 입상을 하며 가족들에게 도 조금씩 신 뢰를 얻게 되 었습니다. 현 재는 우려는 하시지만 저 희의 음악 적 활동을 주 의 깊게 지켜 보며 격려해 주시고 있습 니다.

일단은 한 국 최고의 밴드가 되 고 싶습니 다. 특정 부류의 매 니아들에 게만 사 랑 받는 밴드가 아 닌, 전국 민에게 사 랑받는 슈 퍼 밴드가 되고 싶습니다. 그 후 세계 무대로 진출해 한국 밴드 의 위상을 떨치며, 한국을 알리 고 싶습니다.


Behind the Decks An interview with Interview Aaron Cho ~ ~


t is rare that we interview an individual who has nothing to gain by our publicity. It could be a case of promoting a CD, an event or exposure for potential bookings. We realize that we act as a conduit for public relations for DJs both domestic and abroad. We try to secure interviews with artists who love their craft, the music they play and produce. Accepting this reality, we try to promote talent that will appeal to our readers in the hopes that it will improve their quality of life on the peninsula. The balance sometimes is difficult to maintain and at times we question whether it has any purpose or substance. Then we meet an artist named Aaron Cho who developed the website Seoul Underground and we see the positive and hear the music in its purity. What were your experiences like abroad? It was pretty cool. I went to the U.S. with my father at a very young age and spent most of my childhood years there. My dad originally went there to get his Ph.D. and I just tagged along. Most of my friends were from different backgrounds, so I had the opportunity to experience different cultures and I believe that this had an influence in shaping who I am today.

When you returned did you experience reverse culture shock? I was accustomed to American customs, core beliefs, freedom of thought, creativity and cultural relativism. It was pretty hard getting used to a more conservative social structure. When I came back to Korea a decade ago, many considered that being different was strange and there was a much higher value for the collective and less respect for the individual. Everyone focused on being better than everyone else

rather than trying something different. This was noticeable not only in social values but also in popular culture. The style of popular music was relatively uniform and everyone pretty much liked the same thing. I was shocked at how the bandwagon effect could have such an impact on society and how the music industry took advantage of this to sell tickets to events where the singers don’t actually sing -- but that was 10 years ago. How has your musical training helped you as a DJ?

This column was published with the express permission of urbanEVENTS.


BEHIND THE DECKS - AARON CHO While living in the States, I was part of the Austin Youth Orchestra and then the Schaumberg Youth Orchestra. It was a chance for me to develop a feel for what sounds good. Being part of an orchestra also helped in understanding the role of a single instrument relating to music as a whole. When selecting my tracks, I pay attention to the role of each sound and the sensation that it creates. As for technique, I consider key modulation when mixing tracks so that I may create the desired effect.

huge clubs with state of the art sound systems, bright lasers, massive smoke machines, and girls dancing in sexy outfits. This is all pretty cool, but I believe that this is just the beginning. The scene is still young and electronic dance music is still new to the public. I predict that it will soon mature and more people will start to search for quality music. Thus, I believe that the current commercial music scene is just part of the evolution and necessary for the underground scene to grow as well.

Do you consider yourself an idealist? I just do what I like.

Whose part of your mosaic? Adroit Joe, Alpha Steppa, Audio Sex, Crab, Didi Bones, Dwell Meshe, DJ Fenner, DJ Jung, Helix Squared, J-Path, Lee Fresh, Lewis Anthony, Mykian, Oilcan Boyd, raiCO, Yann Cavaille, and myself. I hope more artists sign-up to our site, but I am certainly impressed with the talent we have so far.

Why did you call the site Underground Seoul? I believe that labeling things as ‘underground’ or ‘mainstream’ is meaningless because things always change. I just thought that the concept fits because the underground is usually where fresh things start out. Seoul Underground also refers to the subway system and the website was designed to be compatible with smart phones so that one can listen to music underground. What is the raison d’etre of the site? I wanted to make a website that introduced variety and fresh music. There is no big mission. It’s simply an online exhibition. I want it to become a musical ‘portrait’ or ‘mosaic’ of the underground clubbing scene. I choose to write all the content in English with the idea that listeners and other artists around the world may connect to our underground scene and its artists. Do you think there is a division between domestic and foreign DJs? There is no division between people who love music. What are the positives and negatives that exist in the scene? I’m hesitant to judge things as good or bad. I just try to see things as it is. Clubbing is getting quite commercial in South Korea. It has evolved over the years and now, it’s become bigger than ever. If you walk around the streets of Hongdae, you can hear electro beats and catchy melodies coming from clubs, bars, and even small clothing stores. There are

Do you have any advice for those actively involved in the scene? Keep going. Keep moving. Keep exploring.


Busan Sailing Club Written by Ben Jacobson / Special Thanks to Mark Chi


ou need an escape from it all - just admit it. You can feel it every day. The hustle and bustle of the city, especially a densely populated Korean city, has a way of getting to you. The daily grind at work, the late-night drinks after work and the crowded streets incessantly take their toll. And let’s not even mention the cigarette smoke wafting outside. But wait! Before your next beer run, try to imagine a different, more relaxing side of Korea. As you turn to the sea, a friendly breeze touches your face. While

© Joao Estevao Andrade De Freitas |


the sun casts a fleeting, golden shimmer across the ocean, you breathe in the fresh air, forgetting all worries. You listen as waves crash, no longer hearing the clamor of the traffic. With the wind, your stress slips away. Now, it is just you, the sea, and your yacht. Yes, yacht. You can sail alone or perhaps with friends. Oh, you say you don’t know how to sail? The Busan Expat Sailing Association, or BESA, can teach you with lessons for all skill-levels. Instructors have been sailing for decades.

What? You don’t have a boat? BESA has many vessels available to commandeer, from small dinghies to larger keelboats. All you need is the moxie to take on the challenge! As we all come to port with different preferences, our sailboats reflect this diversity. Whether you want to have a relaxing sail on a large boat or push the limit in heavy winds on a smaller dinghy, in the end, it is all up to you. You can do either depending on your mood. On the yacht, you can sight-see, race, party, take pictures,

BUSAN SAILING CLUB or relax with friends. You can do a beach landing at Haeundae. You are limited only by your imagination with the vessel.

I myself am a bit sun kissed at the moment. Earlier today a group

vary as well as the mix up of men and women. Some are English teachers, but we have people from different industries. Actually, some of us aren’t even great swimmers, but the life jackets take care of that. Passion for sailing is what we all have in common. The camaraderie and taste of adventure amount to a unique experience in the ROK.

Now, it is just you, the sea, and your yacht.

BESA has many member benefits and event. Last night was a member BBQ. The suds were flowing and the food was good. But most of all, the company made it a truly memorable night. Three weeks ago, the club participated in the Pohang Cup, an international race where some members placed, winning trophies and prize money. Two months ago, the club raced in the Busan Cup, another large international race. With the summer heating up, so should the events!

of us set sail to Gwangalli Beach. Each singlehandedly captained a BESA dinghy. Upon landing on the beach, the locals curiously watched. Some of us followed the urge and ate that ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’ as others played volleyball. Oh yeah! Not a bad Sunday, might I say! You could call BESA a motley crew. Most of us live in Busan, but many also hail from Ulsan, Geoje, and elsewhere in Korea. Ages

Korea Sailing Mark Chi 010-2858-9470


Beat the Heat! Daegu’s Best Hotel Swimming Pools © Eastwest Imaging |

Inter-burgo Manchon

Inter-burgo Exco

Dates: 6.16~9.2

Dates: 6.9~9.9

Open: Weekdays 10~18:30 / Weekends 10~18:30

Open: 10~19:00 / 7.21~8.26 open 10~22:00

Contact: 053.602.7271

Contact: 053)380-0334~0332

Price: kids -11000w / middle, high school students - 13000w / adults -15000w

Price: kids - 12000w / adults, mid, high school students - 15000w



Battle of the Bands

Highlights Photos by Greg Laychak / Picture of Poly guitarist by Dyren Billlups-Adams

Clockwise from top left : Feed the Boats, Parlour Lingo, Judges, POLY Thanks to Greg and Dyren for capturing some of the energy this year’s Battle of the Bands Daegu produced. Bands from all around Korea came to compete for a chance to win cash and fame! It was a close final vote with POLY edging out hometown favorites Denizen and Levine. We look forward to next year’s contest. In the meantime, check out live shows at Urban and Horus Music Garage weekly. You won’t be disappointed!



Battle of the Bands


Clockwise from top left : Feed the Boats, Love Motel, crowd, POLY



Photos courtesy of the Samsung Lions and iSportsKorea News Agency








































Gentle Invitation to Novotel Daegu City Center In July celebrate its 4th Anniversary! We, at Novotel Daegu City Center, are proud to announce that this year marks our 4th year of serving guest in Daegu. For this unique occasion, from 1st of July to 31st of July, we will organize many different events to celebrate. Scratch and Win Event: Spend more than 44,000 KRW in the Square or Rendez-Vous bar and receive one Scratch card. Many Prizes can be won. From Instant Cash refund to Free Lunch & Dinner for 2 people, everyone wins*!!


On the Anniversary day (8th of July ONLY), 4+1 for outside Terrace BBQ: For 4 paying guest, the 5th one eat for free! On the same day, you may also enjoy a very special Discount: All our non-alcohol drinks and draft beers (domestic beer only) will be at 4,000 KRW only. (10% VAT will be added)

LIKE and share our “4th Anniversary event” and get one chance to win a night in our hotel. 27th of July (Friday) “Beer Festival Event”: Bring your friend to enjoy Friday night with unlimited buffet with draft beer and various events!

Facebook Event: You can have a 2nd chance to win through our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.

*Scratch Card will be distributed on daily basis (with a maximum of 80 Cards/ day) and only to the first 80 customers who fill the conditions. This event applies to the Square and Rendez-vous guests ONLY.

Info & Reservation Email






TUE 3 2 for 1 Wing Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill









Musical “Kholstomer” @ Bongsan Art Center(7.6-7.8)

Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

Musical “Turandot” @ Daegu Opera House



10 2 for 1 Wing Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill



Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill



Musical “Mission Home” @ Bongsan Art Center(7.13-7.14) Funky Band “Groovy’ @ Daegu Culture Arts Center

Der Berliner Philharmoniker 12 Cellisten concert @ Keimyung Art Center



Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

17 2 for 1 Wing Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill




Maksim Mr. Vica Korea Tour 2012 @ Daegu Opera House


Summer Festival in Daegu 2012 Piano Concert @ Opera House


24 2 for 1 Wing Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill Non-verbal Musical “Yean Rigi” @ Donggu Arts and Sport Center (7.21-22)

29 Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

21 POOL PARTY @ Inter Burgo EXCO After Party @ JEEEP

Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

25 Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill


27 Café du Commerce “Beer Festival”@ Novotel Bar B2

28 Yeongduk Beach Party @ Yeongduk beachparty Happy City of Waltz @ Duryu Park Hall


31 2 for 1 Wing Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

JULY 2012 This is an overview of our July events. For more information on events in our calendar, check out the next two pages or email : Please email us your event information by July 15th for our August 2012 issue.



Event Calendar JULY 1 - 31 THU-SUN 7.1 Musical “Turandot”

Time: 7.1 14:00 / 16:00 Price: VIP:60,000w / R:50,000w / S:40,000w / A:30,000w / B:20,000w Place: Daegu Opera House Ticket: 1599-1980

SAT 7.6~7.8 Musical “Kholstomer”

SAT 7.8 Der Berliner Philharmoniker 12 Cellisten concert

Time: 7.6~7.8 Price: R:30,000w / S:20,000w Place: Bongsan Art Center Ticket: 053-622-1945

Time: 7.8 18:00 Price: :130,000w / R:110,000w / S:80,000w / A:60,000w Place: Keimyung Art Center Ticket:053)428-2369

SUN 7.14 AHA! Opera “Cavalleria Rusticana”

Time: 7.14 17:00 Price: R:30,000w / S:20,000w / A:10,000w Place: Daegu Opera House Ticket: 053-666-6000

WED 7.14 Funky Band “Groovy’

Time: 7.14 19:30 Price: 20,000w Place: Daegu Culture Art Center Ticket: 010-5195-8565



JULY 1 - 31 Event Calendar Time: 7.13~7.14 14:30 / 19:00 Price: R:30,000w / S:20,000w Place: Bongsan Art CenterTicket: 010-9226-5561

Time: 7.21 19:00 Price: S:30,000w / R:20,000w Place: Suseong Artpia Ticket: 053)765-5632

Time: 7.21~22 Price: R:50,000w / S:30,000w Place: Donggu Arts and Sport Center Ticket: 053-639-0399

SAT 7.13~7.14 Musical “Mission Home”

FRI 7.21 Summer Festival in Daegu 2012 Piano Concert

TUE 7.21~22 Non-verbal Musical “Yean Rigi”

SAT Time: 7.27 19:00~23:00 Price: 40,000W Place: Novotel Daegu B2F Ticket: 053.664.1169

Time: 7.28 20:00 Price: Free Place: Duryu Park 야외음 악당

7.27 Café du Commerce “Beer Festival”

WED 7.28 Happy City of Waltz

Ticket: 053-422-1206


Spotlight Photography

Cactus at Daegu Arboretum - Jimi Cusick



How to > Get there bring the Compass with you and show the taxi driver your destination

This is a guide to all the art centers in Daegu. Various art centers play a range of art performances: from musicals, nonverbal performances, operas, and classical plays. Check out our event calendar on p57 for some of the events playing this month. 61










9 6



2. Ganga (Indian)

4. Pita Bono (Sandwich)

7. Japanese (Sushi)

3. Tasting Table (Italian)

1. Napoli (Italian)


5. Business Bar

6. Bin (Italian)

9. Africa (Pasta & Coffee)

8. Hai Long Bay (Vietnamese)

Minature Golf

10. Long Bar

Cafe Francessco

La Bella Cucina (Italian) Dusan Ogori 두산오거리

Suseong Lake Suseong Land (Amusement Park)


New York New York (Steak)

Suseong Lake area is one of the classiest places in Daegu. A perfect date area. After taking your sweetheart out to a nice meal, I’d recommend Napoli, Ganga, La Bella Cucina or New York New York, take a stroll around Suseong Lake until you come upon the famous ‘duck boats’ and paddle your way into each other’s hearts. Next, swing by the minature golf course and Suseong Land. Thanks to the photogs who took the great pics you see here. Aygul Sarvarova, Jeremy Taylor and Chanel Barlow. Photos by Aygul Sarvarova, Chanel Barlow and Jeremy Taylor

Suseong Lake area offers a change of pace to the hustle and bustle of downtown. Suseong Lake also boasts an amusement park (Suseong Land) reminiscent of those carnivals you went to with your parents at the local fair ground. There’s something to be said when you are on the back of the seahorse with a safety bar that barely locks you in place as you float for a few brief seconds in mid-air before being plunged back down in your seat. Thrilling, exhilarating are just a few choice words to descrribe the experience.











Seomun Market is Daegu’s biggest market. There are multiple areas dedicated to similar products. BARGAIN, it’s challenging, but fun. We hope you have an awesome time and try to enjoy and see as much of the market as possible. We would like to thank Dyren J. Billups-Adam for his photos of the different areas. Thanks bud!

6 7

1 Traditional Clothes, Souvenirs


2 3 68

Food Court

Knicknacks, clothes, food


Textiles, Blankets, Leather goods

Women’s Clothes


9 Wholesale Clothing

Parking Lot

Main Entrance (5min walk to subway)

Bargaining tip : Ask for a discount in Korean, “Gga Gga Ju Say Yo.”

to Seomun Market Subway Station



10% Off1 month or 15% Off3 months

10% Off

20% Off or Free Side Dish

10% Off (Cash only)

15% Off

750w off per 2 Kebabs

10% Off (Cash only)

10% Off

One (1) Free Shot / One shot mixed drink with order

10% Off (30,000w or more) FREE Garlic Cheese Bread w/ purchase of 2 Entrees (October)

20% Off Entrees

10% Off

Designed to give you, the foreigner, the treatment you deserve while living or traveling away from home.

1,000w off per drink

Discounts and special offers at your favorite bars, restaurants, clubs, coffee shops, and on-going special events.

20% Off 10% Off (Cash only)

W1000 Off Entree’s & W500 Off Beverages

10% Off

W2,000 Off Monthly Item + W1,000 Soft Drinks

25% Off or Buy 2, Get 1 Free

10% Off All Drinks



Look’n your Best All the Time! Submitted by Contour


eel beautiful every time you wake up in the morning. Effective makeup that doesn’t wear off even when you exercise, such

Not only for beauty purposes, but also for purposes of recovering face transformation from scars or diseases by “Medical procedures.”





as running, yoga, or swimming. Stable makeup that doesn’t smear or wear off when you go for a business meeting. Long lasting makeup that keeps your visage vivid even through the night. Incredible makeup that doesn’t wear off during a date or a passionate kiss.


Things that sound too good to be true, usually are, but sometimes there are a few exceptions to the rule. We at Contour, have found

the perfect formula to keep you feeling beautiful no matter what the occasion. “Micropigmentation” which is a simple procedure, not a surgery, producing a beautiful image that will make your face feel more free!

It can be a big news to people who have had medical surgery mistakes and want them corrected: scars after lip surgery, plastic surgery, or burns, shape variation of lips, partial hair loss, nipple & areola reduction after breast cancer surgery, repigmentation,

CONTOUR vitrigo, alopecia, people who are having trouble with make-up because of physical disability, such as visual impairment, injury, rheum arthritis, or people having complex from different appearances. However, there are points we should go over : Europe and the U.S are limited in the procedures they are capable of doing at hospitals. But in Korea and Japan, medical teams should practice procedures at hospitals. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who undergo procedures by semi-permanent makeup, but it is under unhygienic facilities, and the distribution channel is unstable, hence exposing people to blood born diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and AIDS. Therefore, we should get procedure done safely at hospitals. “The Contour” located in Deagu 분홍빛병원, is under procedure by the R.N herself, who was educated in Germany. She received her contour make up license in Germany and also from the American academy of micropigmentation from the U.S. We use ‘Auto Clave’ for disinfection. Each item is disinfected after one use and because we use safe pigments, there is nearly no discoloration. Needles used for procedure are handled as medical wastes, so we thoroughly follow safety precautions to prevent blood born diseases and infections and dispose of them after one use. Makeup which will be maintained for 2~5 years is an important part of expressing yourself and is ‘your’ image, so you should fully consider and undergo the procedure when you feel comfortable and ready. Successful permanent make up will be convenient, economical, and guarantee your beautiful daily life :)


Downtown Eats Drinks


Photos by Ivan Broida, Vacquer Richard, Fuzz @

The Daegu Compass and it’s volunteers have come up with this comprehensive guide to the bring you the best places to enjoy the night in beautiful downtown Daegu.


\ Won’t break the bank  \ Who cares, hav’n funz \ \ \ \ Millionaire Club

\ \

Definitely a date place. Everyday 11am – 9pm Pasta, Handmade Pizzas


Map on p62

\ \

053.424.8200 Everyday 11:30am – 10:30pm Western American Food


Map on p62

\ \

053.421.8577 Everyday 11am-2am Pasta and Coffee


Map on p62

\ \

053.257.2220 Everyday 11:30am – 10:30pm Samgyeopsal - thick slices of pork belly

Map on p62

Burnham’s Burgers \ \ 053.254.3320 Everyday 10:30am – 11pm Burgers and Milkshakes


\ \

053.426.2268 Everyday 11am – 4am Mexican & Bar

Club That

Map on p62

\ \

010.8247.3939 Everyday 6pm – 4am Burgers, Mojitos, Wine


Map on p62

Map on p62


Dijon 053-422-2426 11:30am-9:30pm French Mediterranean

Map on p62

\ \

Havana 053-257-9007 12:00pm-11:00pm Pasta, Salads, Coffee

Map on p62

\ \

The Holy Grill 053-255-4048 11:00am-10:00pm Sandwiches and Tex-Mex

Map on p62

\ \

JJ’s Bar and Grill 010-4013-9879 Tue-Sun 5pm – Late Tex-Mex and Burgers

Map on p62




Double cheese and ramen! Everyday 11am – 9pm Fried chicken and rice

Map on p62

\ \

Lazy Diner

Interesting interior

Everyday 11am – 10pm Burgers and Breakfast

Map on p62

\ \

Little Italia Chef studied in Italy.

Everyday 11am – 10pm Pasta and Wine

Map on p62

\ \

Mies Container

Electronic music and Bacon Pizza Map on p62

Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Pizza, Salad



Mies Factory

\ \

One of the busiest restaurants downtown. Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Pizza, Salad

Pan Asia

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

South East Asian Cuisine Comes to Daegu Everyday 12pm – 11pm Pad Thai, and other South East Asian Food

Quiznos Subs

Map on p62

\ \

Near Banwoldang for all your sub needs. Everyday 11am-9pm Subs and Sandwiches

Map on p62

Samcho-(Shovel Samgyeopsal)


053.252.1266 Everyday 3pm – 3am Samgyeopsal - thick slices of pork belly

Seoga & Cook

Map on p62

\ \

053.254.9989 Everyday 11:00am – 11pm Korean Western Fusion


Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

053.255.8970 Everyday 4pm– 4am Galmaegisal - Korean BBQ

Map on p62

Traveler’s Bar & Grill \ 010.4591.4869 Weekdays 5pm–CL Weekends 12pm-CL Burgers, Hot Wings, Beer


\ Map on p62

Fuzz @


\ \


9’s, 7’s ~ great beer!

Everyday 11am – 9pm Uzbekistan & Russian Food

Map on p62

\ \


Great lunch specials Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Coffee & Desserts

Map on p62



Different flavored Samgyeopsal.

Map on p62

Everyday 11am – 1am Samgyeopsal - Korean BBQ


Downtown Bars & Clubs

Photos by Ivan Broida, Vacquer Richard, Fuzz @

Daegu thrives at night. Downtown is loaded with bars and clubs to meet everyone’s drinking and partying needs. Challenge yourself and try out places you’ve never been.

Apple Lounge

\ Won’t break the bank  \ Who cares, hav’n funz \ \ \ \ Millionaire Club

\ \

Great interior and good drinks. Everyday 6pm – 4am Cocktails, Electronic music, Wine

AU Lounge

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

Upscale and good for large groups. Everyday 6pm – 4am Bottle service, trendy

Map on p62

Billi Bow & Dart

Fuzz @


Lots of Dart Machines and Pool Table Everyday 6pm – 4am Western food, on 2FL of Lotte Cinema

Blue Ketchup \

Map on p62

Fuzz @


053.286.1000 Everyday 6pm - 3am / Fri, Sat 6pm - 5am Korean fusion food

Bus Bar

Map on p62


Theme bar, fun atmosphere. Everyday 6pm – 4am Korean fusion food

Champs Sports Bar

Map on p62

Fuzz @


New bar in town ~ They came to play. Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer Pong, Darts, Air Hockey, Live Music

Map on p62

Communes \ Longest running bar in Daegu. A must go to. Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer, Trivia Night, Sports


Map on p62

Fuzz @


\ \

Flower Bar Apple is the best!

Fuzz @

Everyday 6pm – 4am Wine and Hooka Bar

Map on p62

\ \

Club Frog

4am~headed to Frog? Everyday 9pm – 4am Hip-hop / Dance / Party

Fuzz @ Map on p62


Gold Label

Good for large groups who drink.

Fuzz @

Everyday 6pm – 3am Top 40 hits / Good Beer

Map on p62

Fuzz @


Go Go Party

Everyone’s favorite bag drink! Everyday 7pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

Club G2

Upscale club, 17,000w cover. Everyday 9pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62


Fuzz @

Club JEEEP 010.7527.4879 Everyday 8pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62



You should experience it once.

Fuzz @

Map on p62

Everyday 6pm - 3am Traditional Korean Tavern



MF Bar


My Favorite bar ~ owners are cool! Everyday 7pm - 4am Darts / Music Requests / Cheap Booze

Old Skool

Map on p62

Fuzz @


Ghetto blaster!

Everyday 7pm - 4am Hip-hop / Dance / Pool

Club Pasha

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

3 : 1 Women to men ratio, always. Everyday 9pm - 4am Large Club / Banging House Music

Teum Lounge

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

Classy lounge with a sexy, futuristic atmosphere. Everyday 7pm – 3am Electronic Music

Thursday Party I

Map on p62

Fuzz @


The best of the best go here.

Everyday 7pm – 4am Beer Pong, Darts, Danc’n

Thursday Party II

Map on p62

Fuzz @


053.252.1266 Everyday 7pm – 4am Beer Pong, Shuffle Puck, Darts

Urban Club & Lounge

Map on p62

Fuzz @


Live Music on the weekends.

Everyday 7pm – 4am Live Music, Darts, Hip-hop

Who’s Bob

Map on p62

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The Bob.

Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer Pong, Dart Machine, Pool


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Compass Connoisseur

Check out these other great eats around town.



Ganga -

A cuisine worthy of Shiva. This upscale Indian restaurant has great curries. There naan is quite exquisite as well. You can even order samosas! Wash it down with a nice mango lassi and you have yourself an aroma massage for your stomach! Check out the Suseong-gu Compass map on p65 for directions. Lunch : 11:30am ~ 3:00pm Last Order 2:30pm Dinner: 17:30 ~ 22:00 Last Order 21:30 Weekend Hours: 11:30 ~ 22:00


Kyungpook Uni. area


Indo Bang Rangi - 3F Restaurant

Sanjay welcomes you! Renovated and redesigned last year, this Indian restaurant is famous for it’s curries. The chef is from India and speaks English very well. Plus, he’s super friendly and will answer all your existential Indian food questions. The restaurant is located on the 3rd floor right across from Kyungdae Buk Moon (north gate). Check the Kyungdae Compass map on p64 for directions. 11am - 10pm everyday (except major holidays)


Maya - 2F Restaurant

A wood-fired tandoor oven seeps into your senses as you enter the door to this fantastic Indian/Nepali restaurant. Relatively new to Daegu, about 2 years old now, this restaurant is a great escape from the retro-urban decor that most Daegu restaurants display. A cozy interior with exotic tapestries of the far east adorning the walls. Reasonable prices and great Thali sets round out this establishment. Check the Kyungdae Compass map on p64 for directions. 11:00am to 11:00pm everyday (closed Mondays)


Sang-in Dong The Holy Grill - Delivery in Daegu



The Canadian owner of Daegu’s legendary downtown restaurant lived in Sangin Dong when he first arrived in Daegu back in 2000. Eleven years later, he’s opened his second location back in the neighbourhood where it all started. Epic hot sandwiches like the Philly Cheese Steak, Bacon & Cheese Holy Cow burger, Santo Burrito or the best selling Cajun Smothered Chicken. Eat it, take out or have it delivered to your school or home.

11:00am to 10:00pm everyday




HOTEL HOTEL GUIDE GUIDE Welcome to the Daegu Compass hotel information guide. We will also be adding a guide about motels soon. Daegu is very spread out, and not all the hotels will be convenient for you. We hope our hotel guide will help you with making your decision on where to rest your weary bones for the night.

Downtown Area Hotels Novotel Daegu City Center Add : 대구광역시 중구 국채보상로 611번지 Tel : 053- 664-1111 Website : Email :

Eldis Regent Hotel Add : 대구광역시 중구 동산동 360번지 Tel : 053-253-7711 Website : Email :

Nam Gu Area Hotels Hotel the Palace Add : 대구광역시 남구 봉덕3동 688-1번지 Tel : 053-471-9911 Website : Email : no - online reservation system

Prince Hotel Add : 대구광역시 남구 대명2동 1824-2번지 Tel : 053-628-1001 Website : Email :


Near the nightlife Roomrates start at 150,000+ won (10% VAT will be added)

Fantastic all you can eat buffet!

Room rates start at 100,000won Close to Hyundai and Dongha Shopping

Near Camp Walker Room rates start at 99,000won Near Camp Walker Clean and Friendly

Room rates start at 105,000won Western and Korean rooms available


HOTEL HOTEL GUIDE GUIDE Suseong Gu Area Hotels Daegu Grand Hotel Add : 대구광역시 수성구 범어1동 563-1번지 Tel : 053-742-0001 Website : Email :

Hotel Inter-burgo Add : 대구 수성구 만촌동 300번지 Tel : 053-6027-171, 173 Website : Email :

Hotel Ariana Add : 대구광역시 수성구 두산동 200-1번지 Tel : 053-765-7776 Website : Email :

Dong Gu Area Hotels Hotel J’s Add : 대구광역시 동구 신천4동 326-1번지 Tel : 053-756-6601~10 Website : Email :

10 min from Dongdaegu station

Room rates start at 240,000won One of the top hotels in Daegu

Room rates start at 330,000won Daegu Casino is open! Room rates start at 110,000won

Across from Dongdaegu station Close to Express Bus Station

Room rates start at 160,000won Walking distance to KTX & Express Bus



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The Daegu Compass would like to dedicate this page to all of our SPONSORS who make this information guide possible. Without your support now and in the future, we couldn’t make the Daegu Compass. We’d also like to thank everyone in the community who takes time out of their day to enjoy the Daegu Compass. Our goal is to constantly improve to help your stay in Daegu be the best time of your life. Please visit our SPONSORS to show them appreciation for supporitng the Daegu Compass.

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Camp Walker Camp Henry Camp Carroll Hami Mami’s Holy Grill Take-out Sangin Hagwons Universities Public Schools Daegu Banks +More

Pohang Tilt Bar and Grill

Busan All Thursday Party bars

Incheon Airport Visitor Desks

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Yeongduk Beach and Culture Tour Stay in a fabulous Korean Pension surrounded by a traditional Korean Village 1 night 2 days in Yeongduk

July 28, 2011 - Saturday *8:00 - Depart from Banwoldang Exit 17 *10:30 - Naragol Borimal village Lunch (chicken stew), Picking fresh Corn to eat later *14:20 -Private beach : Showers, Western Style Food Court available *21:00 - Departure to pension

July 29, 2011 - Sunday *8:00 - Breakfast *10:30 - Wind power generation in Yeongduk *11:50 - Private beach : lunch and beach time *15:00 - Departure to Daegu *17:00 - Banwoldang Exit 17

Yeongduk Beach and Culture Tour



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