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Written by Lee Flory / Photos by Ivan Broida


or foreigners living in Daegu, the Novotel Daegu City Centre is more of a landmark than a destination; a place to meet in front of or use as a waypoint when giving someone directions. Maybe you’ve attended a wedding, bar mitzvah, quinceañera or some other such function in one of its party halls, but for most of us, what goes on inside of Novotel proper isn’t


something we give much thought to. It’s a place for people who are just passing through our fair city while we grind things out for the long haul. Even if we have no need to spend a night in this mammoth hotel, there is a reason for Daegu residents to stop in sometimes: food…great food…all-you-caneat great food at the Novotel buffet.

Executive chef Bob Kim boasts an impressive resume. Like any accomplished chef, he paid his dues working the line in a multitude of restaurant kitchens, learning something new each step of the way. This diligence and willingness to absorb the nuances of different styles of food allowed him to refine his skills and flourish as a craftsman. His career began to really take off in Australia. After

NOVOTEL BUFFET REVIEW gaining an entry position in the Azure restaurant at the Hayman Island Resort, he worked his way up to chef de cuisine. He would go on to work for Sodexo, the company charged with the unthinkably high pressure responsibility of catering the Sydney Summer Olympics in 2000. He later became the executive sous chef of Swissotel Sydney, and then took his talents to Guangzhou, China where he ran the kitchen at the Oakwood Premier, a hotel slightly out of my price range. Suffice it to say Chef Kim knows his stuff. He has experience with everything from finger food to fine dining, and he’s no stranger to the standards an establishment like Novotel demands. As the overseer of all things food related at the Novotel buffet, an important aspect of Mr. Kim’s job is delegating responsibilities to his underlings in the kitchen. The night before any given day, he will sit with his chefs and go over what is available in the larder, and decide on the best possible dishes to make. This process serves two purposes. Firstly, it ensures freshness and variety in the dining hall. It also keeps his staff inspired and motivated. He explains that the repetition of a set menu, prepared day in day out would lead to boredom and lethargy in the kitchen. He goes on to say that after providing a chef with some basic guidelines, he likes to take a step back and allow them to be creative, asking, “What can you do?” with the ingredients at hand. He prefers a staff made up of individuals who are willing to learn and apply themselves without any handholding. The results speak for themselves. With Mr. Kim at the helm, the buffet at Novotel liter-

ally has something for everyone. Furthermore the quality of the food served would hold its own at any restaurant. It should come as no surprise that food freshness is of paramount importance here. Chef Kim, who loves to work with seafood, states

that with really a fresh item, too much preparation is a bad thing and can take away from its natural goodness. As such, a sashimi and oyster bar has the most prominent position in the dining hall. An array of raw delicacies including tuna, salmon, tilapia and oysters are beautifully arranged right continued on p10


NOVOTEL BUFFET REVIEW in front of the entrance. At the next station, you’ll find a salad bar where you can either put your own concoction together or choose from some premade classics like Greek and caprese. If all this fresh stuff sounds too light (or just isn’t your thing), don’t worry. There are plenty of stickto-your-ribs type dishes available, starting with good old steak and potatoes. Nice cuts of steak are constantly being prepared at the station so you can always get one hot off the grill. Served with some mashed potatoes and gravy, it’s a can’t-miss. Moving along, you’ll find all sorts of nice western dishes. On the day Daegu Compass visited, the offerings included marinated lamb shoulder with mint sauce, roast chicken with mushroom sauce, and crackling pork with apple sauce. Next, there is a DIY pasta station where you can prepare a spaghetti dish with either tomato or cream based sauce. If you like authentic Korean food, there are some standard fares like bulgogi, and steamed short ribs. Save room for dessert if you can because the sweet selections here should not be missed. There’s a chocolate fondue pot where you can chocolate cover your choice of fruit, brownie or cookies. There’s also



a selection of pastries including cheesecake and macaroons. Naturally, the quality of the desserts matches everything else at the buffet. They’ll serve as the perfect finish to your meal. Hours and prices are as follows--- M-F: breakfast 6:30-10am 20,000W; lunch 12-2pm 25,000W; dinner 6-10pm 40,000W. Weekend: breakfast 6:30-10:30am 20,000; lunch 12-230pm 40,000W; dinner 6-10:30pm 40,000W. To get there, take the subway to Banwoldang or just tell a cab driver “Novotel.” It is on the eighth floor. You don’t have to be a travelling businessman or jet setter to enjoy an awesome meal at the Novotel Daegu City Centre. The buffet is a great place to go whether you’re flying solo or with a huge group. The immaculate, majestic dining room has tables to accommodate parties of just about any size. If you’ve got a big appetite and are looking for a different place to try, it’s definitely worth checking out.



new location same great taste

Written and photographed by Chitsidzo Kurangwa / Translated by Yejin Yi


any of us who have been living in Daegu for a while now are familiar with Maya, the NepaliIndian cuisine restaurant located in the Kyungpook University area. The owner PK (Prakash Sunar) for the love of his customers (and money too, I’m guessing) he has opened a new branch of Maya in the Beomeo area. This restaurant is in stark contrast in size, location and decoration to the Kyungpook Maya. 경북대학교에 위치한 네팔-인 도 요리 전문 식당인 “마야”는 이 미 대구에 거주하는 우리 외국인 들의 상당수에게 친숙한 곳입니 다. 식당 주인으로 고객에 대한 사랑이 (일에 대한 열정도) 남다 른 프라카쉬 수나르 씨는 얼마

전 수성구 범어동 인근에 “마야” 분점을 새롭게 개장했습니다. 분 점은 규모라든지 위치라든지 실 내 장식에 있어서 경북대학교 근 처에 있는 본점과는 차이가 있 었습니다.

This new branch is located by Beomeo subway station, take exit 3 and a quick U-turn and you are there. There is an outside patio and the interior has a contemporary and minimalist feel to it. The new place has a separate room that can be reserved by phone and can hold up to 30 people. There is also a separate smoking room with a fan heater for cold winter months. There is now also a take away service, and PK hopes to start a delivery service in the next few months, too. Another difference

between the two Mayas is that there is now a Korean waiting staff. They were really friendly, attentive and prompt in taking our order. 이 분점은 지하철 범어역 옆에 위치해 있으며 3번 출구로 나오 자마자 곧바로 뒤돌아서면 쉽 게 찾을 수 있습니다. 새롭게 개 장한 분점은 아기자기하면서도 현대적인 실내공간과 밖에는 옥 외테라스가 마련되어 있습니다. 전화로 예약할 수 있는 각각 따 로 독립된 방이 있으며 약 30명 을 수용할 수 있다고 합니다. 또 한 송풍식 전기스토브를 설치한 흡연실이 따로 분리되어 있었습 니다. 그리고 지금은 음식을 포 장해주는 서비스도 제공하지만, 프라카쉬 씨는 향후 배달서비스 를 제공하고자 희망하였습니다. 본점과의 또 다른 차이점을 하 나 꼽자면 한국인 웨이터가 있다 는 점인데, 그들은 매우 친절하 고 우리가 음식을 주문하는데 있 어 즉각적이고 경청의 자세로 임 했습니다.

The menu at this branch is similar to the one near Kyungpook university, there are special sets, that are between 16,000 won and 26,000 won. The curries are around 10,000-12,000 won and the naans around 3000 won. 분점에 음식 메뉴는 기존의 경 대본점과 크게 다르지 않으며 16,000원 에서 26,000원 사이의 스페셜 세트 요리가 있습니다. 보통 카레요리는 10,000원 에 서 12,000원이며 난(납작한 빵) 은 3,000원의 가격으로 맛 볼 수




For starters, we ordered the vegetable samosa set (2 samosas). It arrived 10 minutes later and was splendid. The shell was firm with a nice crunch to it. The filling was plentiful, it was wonderfully moist and mildly flavoured, and the spicy dipping sauce that accompanied it was very complimentary. The sauce is rather hot, but when combined with the samosa, it is very balanced. I’d say the samosa without that sauce is definitely lacking. At 4000 won for two, it’s a great value for your money and it was one of my favourite dishes of the meal.

다. 소스는 뜨거운 편이었지만, 오히려 사모사와 곁들였을 때는 균형이 잘 잡혀 환상의 조합이었 습니다. 그래서 저는 이 소스 없 이는 사모사의 진정한 맛을 느끼 기 어렵다고 감히 말합니다. 단 돈 4,000원으로 충분한 값어치 를 하여 제가 가장 좋아하는 식 사 중 하나가 되었습니다.

For the main, we had jeera (cumin) rice, garlic and aloo (potato) naan, with chicken tikka masala, beef curry and palak paneer. Palak Paneer is a vegetarian dish, of mildly flavoured pureed spinach mixed with chunks of cottage cheese. It was tasty, but I liked it the least, the consistency was a lot more watery than I expected. The flavours were okay, very light on the taste buds with a slightly creamy flavor from the cottage cheese. I wouldn’t bother ordering this again, especially at 11,000won. There is a wide range of vegetarian options available to try that are also in the 10,000-12,000 won mark. I would recommend the chana masala, it is normally very well made, and it is also filling and is probably better value for your money. 메인 요리로, 우리는 지라(미나 리과의 식물)라이스와 마늘 감 자 난을 치킨 티카 마살라와 (치 킨이 들어간 강한 맛의 카레요 리) 쇠고기와 팔락 파니르를 (아 continued on p14

먼저 우리는 사모사(삼각형 튀 김만두 비슷한 요리) 세트요리 를 2개 주문했습니다. 10분 뒤 에 음식이 나왔고 그 맛은 훌륭 했습니다. 껍데기는 바스락거리 며 적당히 단단해서 좋았습니다. 풍부한 포만감이 느껴졌고, 촉촉 하고 부드러운 맛은 물론이거니 와 곁들어 나온 양념소스에 찍어 먹는 그 맛은 과히 일품이었습니



시아 요리에 쓰이는 부드러운 치 즈) 함꼐 먹었습니다. 팔락 파니 르는 코티지 치즈(작은 알갱이 들이 들어있는 부드럽고 하얀치 즈)의 덩어리와 혼합된 순한 시 금치의 부드러운 맛이 나는 채식 주의자가 반길만한 음식입니다. 깊은 맛이었습니다. 최소한 저 는 이 음식에 만족했지만, 농도 는 제가 생각했던 것 보다 더 축 축한 감도 있었습니다. 코티지치 즈에서 베어 나온 약간의 크림 맛은 입맛을 가볍게 했으며 맛 은 괜찮았습니다. 11,000원의 가 격에 음식을 다시 주문하는 것에 유난히 머뭇거리지 않을 만큼 말 이죠. 또한 10,000에서 12,000 원에 이르는 가격으로 채식주의 자를 위한 다양한 옵션도 즐비해 있었습니다. 저는 챠나 마살라를 추천하고 싶습니다. 잘 만들어져 나오고 또한 가격에 대비해서 큰 만족과 가치를 느낄 수 있으리 라 봅니다.

The beef curry was really good. The sauce had a really nice depth of flavor to it. It wasn’t hot or too spicy, it was just right. The menu claimed that the beef would be


tender. My companion thought it was tender enough, but it was a bit too tough for me. The combination of the sauce and the garlic naan was very complimentary. The light sweetness of the naan worked well with sauce of the beef curry. The naan was very crispy and light, and not oily at all. I would recommend this combination to anyone.

was the chicken tikka masala, with jeera rice and it was perfect. The chicken was tender, flavourful and the portion size was fair. We also ordered aloo naan, however; I was very disappointed. There was hardly an aloo in it and it was almost like eating a plain naan. Next time I’ll be sure to ask PK to add more potatoes.

쇠고기 카레요리는 아주 훌륭했 습니다. 소스는 정말로 감미로 운 맛의 깊이를 간직하고 있었습 니다. 너무 맵거나 뜨겁지 않았 으며 딱 입맛에 맞았답니다. 메 뉴는 육질이 연하다는 것을 주장 (?)하고 있었습니다. 사실 저에 게는 조금 질기기도 했지만 제 일행은 충분히 연하다고 여겼습 니다. 마늘 난과 소스의 조합에 는 찬사를 보내봅니다. 난의 달 콤함은 쇠고기 카레 소스와 꽤 잘 어울렸습니다. 난은 아주 바 싹했으며 또 가벼웠고 조금도 느 끼하지 않았습니다. 저는 이 조 합을 누구에게라도 추천하고 싶 습니다.

저에게 압권은 치킨 티카 마살라 였으며, 티라 라이스와 함께 완 벽했습니다. 치킨살은 부드러웠 으며 맛과 섭취 분량도 적당했 습니다. 저희는 알루 난도 주문 했으나, 저는 무척 실망했었습니 다. 감자가 거의 없었고 그냥 난 을 먹는 것과 거의 다를 바 없었 습니다. 감자를 더 추가할 의향 은 없는지 프라카쉬에게 다음에 는 꼭 물어보겠습니다.

The best part of the meal for me

Maya is a great place to eat at. Speaking as someone who comes from London, where we have some of the best Indian and Pakistani restaurants in the world, my favourite place to eat a nice

MAYA - NEW LOCATION - SAME GREAT TASTE curry is Maya. This is because PK is passionate about giving his customers the most authentic food he can serve. All the curries are prepared using fresh ingredients and spices from India and Nepal. He cooks the food himself along with his Nepali chef. Even though he sometimes receives complaints about the taste of the food from Korean customers, who are more used to fusion Indian food, he assures me and all his other customers who come for the authentic experience that he won’t compromise on taste. PK also expressed his gratitude for the continued support he receives from the foreign community of Daegu. 마야는 식사 하기에 안성맞춤인 곳입니다. 세계에서 가장 훌륭한 인도와 파키스탄 요리식당이 있 다는 런던에서 온 사람으로서 말

하건대, 맛있는 카레를 먹기에 제가 가장 선호하는 곳이 이 곳 마야입니다. 그것은 아마도 프라 카쉬 씨가 그의 고객들에게 자신 이 제공할 수 있는 가장 진미의 음식을 베풀고자 하는 그의 열 정 때문일 것입니다. 모든 카레 는 인도와 네팔에서 공수한 신선 한 재료와 향신료로 준비되어집 니다. 그리고 네팔인의 주방장과 함께 그 자신이 음식을 요리합니 다. 그리고 그는 퓨전 인도요리 에 길들여진 일부 한국인으로부 터 음식 맛에 대한 불평을 때때 로 듣는 한이 있더라도, 인도 요 리의 진정한 맛을 경험하러 오는 다른 대부분의 고객들을 위해서 전통고유의 맛을 버리지 않을 것 이라 보증합니다. 또한 그는 대 구에 거주하는 외국인들의 계속 적인 지지에 대하여 감사의 뜻을 내비쳤습니다.

Overall it was a lovely dining experience, delicious food and

continued on p16

good value for money especially because it is not fusion Indian cuisine. If you want a more intimate and cozy experience go to Maya in the Kyungpook University area. If however, you are dining with many people and want somewhere easily accessible then Maya Beomeo is the place to go. The food is the same, delicious and authentic Nepali-Indian cuisine. 특히 퓨전인도요리가 아니기에 훌륭한 값어치의 맛있는 음식으 로 전반적으로는 아주 좋은 만찬 을 경험하였습니다. 더 친숙하고 아늑한 곳을 원한다면 경북대 마 야 본점으로 가십시오. 그렇지만 만약, 많은 사람과 식사를 해야 하고 또 쉽게 찾아 갈 수 있는 곳 이 필요하다면 마야 범어점으로 가십시오. 진정한 네팔-인도 진 미의 요리는 본점과 똑같이 맛있 으니깐 말이죠.



Written by Richard Todd Translated by Yujeong Lee


t’s hard to find certain foods from home in Korea. Like a decent cheesecake, or rich, moist brownies, or pita breads. But you could make your own, it’s not that hard. 한국에서는 집에서 먹었던 특정한 음식들을 찾기 힘들다. 제대로 된 치즈케이크나 농후하고 촉촉한 브라우니 혹은 피타브레드 같은 것들 말이다. 하 지만 그다지 어렵지 않기에 스스로 만들어 볼 수 도 있다.

You will need a couple of things before you can start, like an oven (because it’s quite hard to bake on the lovely two burner stove you have been provided for all your needs). I bought a small toaster oven off of G-market (just search ‘toaster oven’) for 40,000 won and it’s well worth buying. If you have four months left before you leave Korea, or you have just arrived, you should definitely get one. I have too often heard people saying to me, “Oh, I’ve only got six months left, it’s too late to get one now.” They are wrong, and should have bought one. That works out at 6,666 won a month and, satanic implicatons aside, is a mere pittance. They also throw a baking tray in which is all you’re going to need to cook on for this recipe. (Mea-

Pita balls ready to be shaped

피타 볼이 모양을 갖출 준비가 되었다.


suring cups, spoons and scales are all available at your local E-mart or Homeplus). 만들기 전에 오븐과 같이 몇몇 필요한 것들이 있 다.(왜냐하면 이제껏 당신이 필요한 음식을 해 왔 던 2구 가스 버너로는 피타 브레드를 굽기 어려울 것이니 말이다.). 나는 G마켓에서 4만원에 작은 토 스트 오븐을 샀다.(toaster oven이라고 검색만 하 면 된다.) 그리고 산 값을 잘 하고 있다. 한국을 떠 날 때까지 넉달 이 남았다거나, 지금 막 도착했으 면, 당신은 반드시 하나 사야만 한다. 나는 사람들 이 “아, 나 떠나려면 여섯달 밖에 안 남았어. 지금 새 가스렌지를 사기엔 너무 늦었어”라고 이야기하 는 것을 너무 많이 들었다. 그들이 틀렸다. 그리고 하나를 사야만 했다. 한 달에 드는 돈은 6,666원 밖 에 하지 않고, 사탄의 영향은 제쳐두고, 그것은 정 말 얼마되지 않는 돈이다. 또한 그들은 베이킹 쟁반 은 항상 버리고, 쟁반은 이 요리법에서 필요한 전부 이다. (계량컵, 숟가락, 저울은 이마트나 홈플러스 에서 살 수 있다.)

So here is a recipe for pita bread that I’ve used and it’s simple and tasty. 이제 내가 즐겨 사용했던 피타브레드의 요리법을 소개한다. 간단하고 맛있다.



Makes 5 pita breads

1. Mix the yeast in with the flour, salt and sugar. Add the olive oil and most (not all) of the water and stir with a wooden spoon to form a ball. If some of the flour doesn’t stick then add more water. 2. Take the ball and place on a floured work surface and knead for approximately 10 mins. 3. Once kneaded place the dough in a bowl that has been lightly coated with oil and roll the ball around so it has a light coating of oil and then cover the bowl with a damp tea towel or cling-film (saran wrap) and set aside in a warm place (like on top of your fridge) to rise until it has roughly doubled in size (around 90 mins). 4. When it has doubled in size, punch the dough down to release some of the trapped gases and divide into 5 pieces. Roll each into a ball and cover with kitchen towel and rest for 20 mins to allow the dough to relax.

1 1/2 Cups (190g) - Flour 1 teaspoon – Salt 1 ½ teaspoons – Sugar or Honey 1 teaspoon – Insant yeast (Instant yeast can be found at any supermarket in the baking section in a small packet, with English and Korean writing) ½ - ¾ Cups (150ml) – Water 1 tablespoon – Olive oil 재료 (피타 브레드 5개 분량) 밀가루 – 1과 1/2 컵(190g) 소금 - 1 티스푼 설탕 혹은 꿀 – 1과 1/2 티스푼 이스트 - 1 티스푼 (이스트는 가게의 베이킹 파트 에서 쉽게 찾을 수 있고, 작은 팩에 영어와 한글로 이름이 써져 있다.) 물 – 1/2 – 3/4 컵(150ml) 올리브 오일 – 1 테이블스푼

1. 밀가루, 소금, 설탕과 함께 이스트를 섞어라. 올 리브오일과 물(전부 다는 넣지 말 것)을 넣고, 나무 숟가락으로 저어서 공모양으로 만들어라. 반죽이 끈적거리지 않으면 물을 더 부어라.

continued on p18

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Before and after the oven 오븐에 굽기 전과 후

Finished product – odd shapes, but who cares.

완성 – 이상한 모양이지만 누가 신경쓰겠는가


PITA BREAD 2. 밀가루를 뿌린 작업대에 공모양의 반죽을 올리 고, 10분 정도 치대라. 3. 치댄 반죽을 오일이 얇게 발려진 그릇에 넣고 굴려서 반죽에 오일이 발려지도록 해라. 그리고 난 다음에 마른 행주나 비닐 랩으로 그릇을 덮고, 따뜻한 장소(냉장고 위 같은 곳)에 두고 부풀어 오르도록 둬라. 천천히 반죽이 두 배로 부풀어 오 를 것이다.(약 90분) 4. 반죽이 두배가 되었을 때, 반죽을 주먹으로 쳐 서 안에 생긴 가스를 빼내고, 5등분 하여라. 각 반 죽을 공모양으로 굴리고 키틴타월로 감싸라. 그 리고 20분 동안 그대로 둬라.

5. While it is resting preheat your oven to 200°c and place an upside down baking tray in the oven. 6. After 20 mins, spread a light coating of flour on your work surface and take one of the balls. Sprinkle a little flour on top of the dough and use you hands (or a rolling pin) to stretch and flatten the dough. You should be able to get them around 1/8 to a 1/4 inch thick. (If it does not stretch enough, cover again and leave for another 5 – 10 mins) 5. 피타 반죽을 그대로 두는 동안 오븐은 약 섭씨 200도로 예열하고, 뒤집은 베이킹 판을 오븐 안 에 넣어둬라. 6. 20분이 지난 후에, 작업대에 밀가루를 넓고 얇 게 뿌려두고, 공모양의 반죽 하나를 집어라. 반죽 위에 밀가루를 조금 뿌리고 손을(혹은 밀방망이) 를 이용해서 반죽을 늘리고 납작하게 만들어라. 두께는 1/8~1/4 인치 정도로 만들어야 한다.(만 약 반죽이 충분히 늘려지지 않으면, 다시 천을 덮 고 5-10분 정도 더 놔둬라.)

7. Open the oven and place your pitta on the baking surface (you should be able to fit in two at a time). They should be baked through and puffy after about 4 minutes (keep an eye on them). Bake for 3-5 mins more if you like the brown and crispy.

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One Side Dish

8. Finished – do what you will with them.

Fresh Fruit

완성 – 이제 마음껏 즐기시라.


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A Truly Foreign Experience Written and photographed by Jayson Moore / Translated by Sun Lee


efore I arrived in Korea, I was hoping to have a really 'foreign' experience. I imagined long shutter speed scenes of mopeds and scooters whooshing by in a blur. I was hoping I would be the only waygookan in town. I thought it would be hard. I guess, what I really didn't expect was that, Korea is way more developed than I could have ever imagined. In so many ways it's just like home and I often forget that I'm even in a different country at all. What with all the foreigner bars, expat friends, and an endless selection of pasta steak and pizza restaurants, it often takes a quick pinch to bring me back to the 'Gu.

한국에 오기 전까지 “이국적인” 경험을 하기를 고대하고 했다. 카메라 연속 촬영 영상에 나올법 한 모페드나 스쿠터가 먼지 속 으로 사라져 가는 장면을 상상 했더랬다. 대구에서 내가 유일한 외국인이리라, 그래서 그런 곳에 서 사는게 힘들 것이리라 생각 했다. 하지만 한국은 내가 상상 한 이상으로 발전 된 땅이었고, 지금은 여러모로 고국에 있을 때 만큼 편안하게 살고 있다. 사 실, 가끔은 내가 다른 나라에 있 다는 것을 잊어버릴 정도다. 외 국인 술집이며, 외국인 친구들, 수많은 종류의 파스타, 스테이 크, 피자 레스토랑등에 둘러싸여 대구에 있다는걸 깨달을려면 누 가 따끔하게 꼬집어 주기라도 해 야 한다.


But every so often I stumble across those idealized (albeit orientalized) notions of Asia that I was imagining in my head before I got here. I have these wow moments of pure beauty, usually in the middle of a market, or at a temple high up in the mountains. It's a Korea that slaps you in the face, and I love it. Surprisingly though, you would only have to venture about a twenty minute walk west, outside of the comfortable downtown bubble, to have a completely unique and amazing 'foreign experience'. 하지만 가끔은 한국에 오기 전 상상하던 이상적인 (비록 다소

동양적잉긴 하지만) 개념의 아 시아와 마주할 기회가 있기도 하 다. 내가 바라던 그러한 순수미 의 순간을 전통시장 한 가운데서 나 산중에 위치한 절에 있을 때 만나게 되곤 한다. 이런 순간 한 국은 어느새 내 면전에 그 모습 을 들이밀고 나를 놀래킨다. 하 지만 놀랍게도 현대적인 시내의 거품을 벗어나 서쪽으로 20여 분 만 발걸음을 돌리면, 완전히 독 특하고도 이국적인 (한국적인) 경험이 기다린다.

Enter Bukseong-ro (북성로). It's a Daegu staple. Ask any Korean friend, and I'm sure they'll be surprised you know it. It's an area you've probably passed. A small

BUKSEONGRO - TRUE FOREIGN EXPERIENCE nondescript area wedged between Seomun Market and downtown. The neighbourhood is defined mostly by small autobody shops, various mechanical storefronts and the odd vacuum store. It's an area unremarkable in it's own right, however once the stores close and the sun sets, Bukseongro awakens with a potent cultural vibrancy. Spreading out from a Daegu Bank on the main road are rows of threadbare lightbulbs inviting inquisitive passersby and acting as beacons for those already in the know. They're discreet invitations and directions to a unique and delicious experience. At the end of each string, is an outdoor barbecue "restaurant," more like a stall really. 북성로이다. 북성로는 대구의 중 심이다. 한국인 친구에게 북성로 continued on p22


에 대해 물어보라. 외국인이 북 성로를 알고 있다는 것에 놀랄 것이다. 외국인이면 그냥 지나쳤 을 법한 동네로, 서문시장과 동 성로 사이의 별 특징 없는 듯한 작은 구역에, 작은 오토바이 가 게가 대부분이고, 길거리 공구가 게와 이상한 진공청소기 가게가 들어서 있다.

Set up in the backs of garages, abandoned parking lots, or simply on the side of the road, these stalls are grilling up briquette bulgogi by the bucket full. Towers of smoke rise up through the neighbourhood like a city scape of a century ago. Between that and the laughter of the young diners (mostly groups of young and heavy drinkers), it should be easy to find a place. This is no frills, however; tantalizing udong and charcoally pork BBQ are the only things available (save soju and beer). The food is reason enough to search out this hidden secret, but what the real appeal is, especially for a waygookan, is the 'foreign' experience.


그 자체로는 놀라울 것이라고 는 없는 이 동네가 일단 가게들 이 문을 닫고 해가 지고 나면 북 성로는 강력한 문화적 생동감을 가지고 깨어난다. 대로의 대구은 행에서부터 뻗어나오는 전구 장 식등이 호기심 많은 행인의 발을 붙들고, 이 동네를 아는 사람들 에게는 신호등 역할을 한다. 이 전구들이야말로 독특하고 맛깔 나는 경험으로의 비밀스런 초대 장인 것이다. 각 장식등줄이 끝 나는 곳에는 야외 고깃집, 아니 좌판이라는 말이 더 어울리는 음 식점이 서 있다.

I've never seen another foreigner there, and when you go you're greeted and stared at like it's the first waygookan the workers and patrons alike have ever encountered. We're all searching for "that experience," like true explorers, and here it's for the taking. There's no English menu or fancy decor. You're outside under smoke tinted tarps eating on plastic stools. It's raw, and dirty (don't even question the health and safety standards

here!) But that is what makes it so damn incredible. It really reminds me that I am in a completely different place. 창고 뒷 편에, 버려진 주차장이 나 길가에 이런 좌판들이 늘어서 서 양동이 가득 재워진 불고기 를 굽고 있는 것이다. 연기 기둥 이 여기 저기서 올라가고 한 세 기 전에서나 봄직 한 도시 경관 이 이 동네에 펼쳐진다. 이런 경 관과 젊은 술꾼들의 웃음을 따라 간다면 찾기 어려운 곳은 아니 다. 소주와 맥주는 기본이지만, 감질맛 나는 우동과 숯불구이 돼 지고기가 이 곳에서 유일하게 찾 아볼 수 있는 음식 메뉴다. 이 음 식들 만으로도 이 숨겨진 동네를 찾아볼 수고를 들일 만한 충분한 이유가 되지만, 외국인으로서 진 짜 이유는 이 동네가 진정 “이국 적인(한국적인)” 경험을 선사하 게 때문이다.

In a city, and a country hell bent on development and westernization it seems that they've forgotten about Bukseong-ro. Maybe it is the obscure location. Or

BUKSEONGRO - TRUE FOREIGN EXPERIENCE maybe it's the fact it only opens after all the policy makers and shape shifters have gone home. The more probable reason I think that this place is so popular is, not only of the mouth watering food, but because of what it represents. Bukseong-ro is not entirely a step back in time, but it is a step in a different direction. These stalls aren't only serving food, they're shedding light onto another Korea that is so rapidly disappearing. Outrageously large mobile phones, put together outfits, and Psy have come to define the Korea of today. What that cultural definition lacks though is a link with the where and how it got there. Bukseong-ro is serving up that link, and I think that is why I feel so far removed from the comfortable waygookan circle there. It's that 'foreign experience' I want to have. 이 곳에서 나 말고 다른 외국인 한 번 본 적 없 다. 외국인이 하나라도 나타나면, 그곳 사람들 은 외국인을 실제로 보는 것이 처음인 듯 인사 하고 뚫어져러 쳐다보는 것이다. 우리 모두 그 런 경험을 위해 오지 않았던가. 진짜 탐험가 처 럼. 그리고 여기 그런 경험이 손에 잡히는 곳 에 우리를 기다리고 있는 것이다. 북성로에서 는 영어 메뉴나 멋진 장식 따위는 찾아볼 수 없 다. 연기 자욱한 포장마차 안 플라스틱 의자만 있을 뿐. 완전 야생에 더럽기까지 하다. (위생이 나 안전 기준 따위는 여기서 묻지도 말라!) 하 지만 이런 점이 북성로에서의 경험을 더할나위 없이 멋지게 만드는 것이다. 이곳에 있으면 내 가 다른 나라 다른 장소에 와 있다는 것을 드디 어 깨닫게 된다. 도시건 시골이건 개발과 서구 화를 겪은 끝에, 사람들은 북성로를 잊은 듯 하 다. 외딴 위치 때문인지도 모른다. 아니면 사람 들이 모두 잠들 만한 시간에 개장을 하기 때문 인지도 모른다. 생각을 하면 할 수록 북성로가 인기 있는 것은 입에 군침돌게 하는 음식 뿐만 이 아니라 북성로가 의미하는 바 때문이 아닐까 한다. 북성로는 시간을 거슬러 올라가는 대신, 다른 방향으로 흐른다. 북성로의 포장마차들은 음식만 파는 것이 아니라 아쉽도록 빠르게 사라 져 가는 한국의 또다른 면을 재조명 하고 있는 것이다. 터무니없이 큰 핸드폰, 잘 차려입은 옷, 그리고 싸이가 오늘날의 한국을 대표하는 것들 이 되어버렸다. 이 것들이 한국 문화를 대표하 기에는 역부족이다. 한국이 어디에서 어떻게 오 늘날에 이르렀는지를 보여줄 수 없기 때문이다. 북성로는 그 잃어버린 연결고리 역할을 한다. 이것이 북성로에서, 편안한 외국인으로서의 삶 이 아닌, 내가 경험하고 싶어했던 진짜 한국적 인 것을 경험할 수 있는 이유이다.


Customize your FEET Written and photographed by Robert Dauterman / Translated by Su-hyun Lee


hen was the last time you had a pair of shoes that you truly loved? What did you do with them when they became a little worn? Did you throw them away, retire them to the back of the closet? Or did you love them enough to wear them out completely and then some? I am a modern man and can comfortably confess that I love shoes! I had no idea there is street dedicated entirely to shoes and leather. 마음에 쏙 드는 신발을 마지막 으로 사본적이 언제인가? 그 신 발이 조금 닳고 나면 어떻게 했 는가? 그냥 버렸나? 신발장 저 구석퉁이에 밖아 놓았나? 아니 면 그 신발을 너무 사랑한 나머 지 완전히 너덜너덜해질 때 까 지 신고 다니거나… 또 더한것도 한적이 있는가? 나는 현대인의 한 사람으로서 내가 슈즈러버라 고 당당히 고백할 수 있겠다. 그 러나 지금까지는 신발과 가죽에 관한 모든 것을 해결하는 구두 수선 거리에 대해 전혀 아는 바 가 없었다.

Not far off the beaten track, this downtown street is the place you need for most leather repair or custom work. Most of the cobblers cater towards a conservative business look. Rather than throw away that designer bag, give it new life at one of the many repair shops. Teachers, they can add that bit of cushion to your work kicks. You will be surprised what you

find once you dive into these little shops. 시내 도심가에서 멀지 않은 곳에 구두수선과 맞춤제작을 전문으 로 하는 거리가 있다. 대부분의 구두수선공들은 점잖은 작업복 장을 하고 있다. 가지고 있는 디 자이너 가방을 버리기 보단, 이 많은 수선가게 중 한 곳에서 그 가방에 새 삶을 찾아주는게 어떨 까? 또는, 신발에 쿠션을 넣어줄 수 도 있다. 일단 이 작은 가게들 이 늘어선 거리에 들어가게 되면 당신은 샵에서 발견하게 되는 것 들에 놀라게 될것이다.

Sorry everyone, they do not speak English. If you are in a pinch, you can show them the damage and hopefully that should be enough. If you have a noticeable size difference between your feet, they can fix it for you. Is one leg longer than the other? They should be able to adjust that as well. So this holiday season, why not give your old designer bag or shoes a facelift


CUSTOMIZE YOUR FEET rather than spend another pretty penny. I would highly recommend a translator or friend to ensure they provide what you need. I would start with a shop that is called (가죽관 리시스템). A nice older man with a magnificent perm and housewives apron seems to know what is up having tuned his art in Europe. 여러분 모두에게 미안하게도 수선 가게 주인들은 영어를 못한다. 필 요하다면, 그냥 수선이 필요한 부 분을 보여줘라. 아마 그것만으로 도 충분할 것이다. 한쪽 발 사이즈 가 다르다면 여기서 도움을 받을 수 있다. 한쪽 다리가 다른 쪽 보다 더 길면 수선가게에서 신발을 알맞 게 조정해 줄 수 있다. 그러니 오래 된 디자이너 가방과 신발에 새단장 을 해 보는게 어떨까? 원하는 디자 인으로 수선받기 위해서는 통역을 도와줄 사람이나 친구와 함께 가기 를 권장한다.


A Long, long time ago, in a city named Daegu... Written and photographed by Asif Quadri / Translated by Bosun Kim


hen we were kids, we all let our imaginations run wild and wanted to run away to the fantasy worlds we saw in the movies. Some of us even collected action figures and other merchandise related to our favourite movies and super action heroes. 우리는 어렸을 때, 상상의 날개 를 한껏 펼치며 영화에서 봤던 환상의 세계로 떠나고 싶어했다. 우리 중 몇몇은 심지어 좋아하는 영화와 슈퍼 액션 영웅에 관련된 물품들도 수집했다.

However, one local entrepreneur has taken this a step further and opened a gallery to house his burgeoning collection of movie memorabilia and to share his passion with others. Reminiscent of the comic book stores back home Cinema World located just outside Daegu is a homage to the


SCI-FI MUSEUM IN DAEGU most popular and influential SF and fantasy movies of the last four decades. 그러나 한 지역의 사업가는 한걸 음 더 나아가 갤러리를 열어 그 의 늘어난 영화 수집품 컬렉션을 전시하고 그의 열정을 다른 사람 들과 공유하고 있다. 옛날 만화책 가게를 회상시키는 “시네마 월드” 대구 외곽에 위치 해 있는데 지난 40년동안의 가장 인기있고 영향력 있었던 SF와 판타지 영화에 대한 경의의 표시 의 표시라 할 수 있겠다.

I recently discovered Cinema World in Daegu by accident, immediately became excited, and wanted to visit at the first opportunity. 최근 우연히 대구에 씨네마 월드 가 있다는 것을 알게 되자마자 continued on p28

SCI-FI MUSEUM IN DAEGU originally with movie posters and have a very large DVD/BluRay collection. 언제부터 수집을 시작하셨나요? 13년 전, 22세의 나이에 영화포 스터로 처음 시작했어요. 지금은 DVD와 BlueRay 컬렉션을 많이 소장하고있습니다.

Where do you get your materials from, the internet, trips to USA, or have them made? Some of them are from ebay. I have been to Japan many times and a few times to the US. Others I make myself. 자료들은 어디에서 얻으시나요? 인터넷을 통해? 미국 여행? 아니 면 직접 제작하시나요? 일부는 이베이를 통해 구매했습 니다. 일본은 여러 번, 미국은 몇 번 다녀왔어요. 다른 것들은 제 가 직접 만들기도 했어요.

Have you had a valuation done of your collection or what is the highest value item? The lifesize C3PO & R2D2 was a limited edition purchased from the US five years ago for $400,000. 흥분을 감출 수 없었고, 기회가 되는대로 바로 방문하고 싶었다.

With my medium level Korean and the help of a Korean friend, I was able to interview owner and CEO Cho Woong. 나의 중간 수준의 한국어와 한국 친구의 도움으로 나는 주인이자 CEO인 조웅씨와 인터뷰를 할 수 있었다.

Why did you start your collection? After first watching Star Wars, I was fascinated by the characters.


왜 수집을 시작하게 되셨나요? 처음으로 스타워즈를 본 이후, 등장인물들에 매료되었어요.

What did your family think when you first started? My father was upset at first and it took five years for him to get used to it. 처음 수집을 시작했을 때, 가족 들의 반응은 어땠나요? 아버지는 처음에 화를 내셨지 만, 5년이 지난 지금은 익숙해 지 셨어요.

When did you start collecting? I started 13 years ago, at age 22,

수집품들의 견적을 내 보신적은 있나요? 가장 가치가 높은 수집 품은 무엇인가요? 5년전 미국에서 구입했던 실물 크기의 한정판 C3PO&R2D2 입 니다.

You have Star Trek and Planet of the Apes which are unknown to most Koreans. How do you know about these? When I was in Seoul AFKN, an Armed Forces Services channel would air the Star Trek series so I became interested. 대부분의 한국사람들에겐 잘 알 려지지 않은 스타트렉과 혹성탈

SCI-FI MUSEUM IN DAEGU merchandise. 닥터 후(최근 BBC 엔터네인먼트 채널에서 한국에서도 방영중)에 관한 자료는 없던데요? 그것에 대해 알고 있긴 하지만, 한국사람들이 익숙한 것들을 사 용하고 싶었어요. 그리고 그 상 품을 어디서 구입해야 할지도 몰 랐구요.

출도 소장하고 계시던데, 어떻게 이것들에 대해 알게 되셨나요? 서울에 있을 때, 미군방송 채널 인 AFKN에서 스타트렉 시리즈 를 방영하곤 했는데, 그 때 관심 을 가지게 되었어요.

Do many foreigners come to visit? There are some foreign students from nearby Yeungnam University that have visited, but most foreigners don't know about this place. You don’t have any Doctor Who (which currently airs in Korea on BBC Entertainment)? I know of it but want to use things that Koreans will be familiar with, and I don’t know where to buy the

외국인들도 많이 오나요? 근처 영남대학교의 외국인학생 들이 방문했지만 대부분의 외국 인들은 이곳에 대해서 잘 모르는 것 같아요. continued on p30


Such museums back home would cost over $30, but yours is so cheap at only 3000w. I want to share this with everyone, but if I made it free, people would think the things aren't valuable so I have to charge something. 이런 박물관 같은 경우30달러 이 상의 입장료가 있는데 여기는 단 지 3천원이네요. 사실 모든 사람들과 이곳을 무료 로 공유하고 싶지만, 만약 입장 료가 없다면 사람들이 전시품들 의 가치를 다소 낮게 판단 할 것 같아 약간의 금액을 청구하게 되 었어요.

What is your favourite movie or exhibit? I like Back to the Future the best. The bicycle from ET was a limited edition item I had purchased. 가장 좋아하는 영화나 전시물은 무엇인가요? 영화로는 백투더퓨처를 제일 좋 아해요. 제가 직접 구입한 한정 판인 자전거를 타고 있는 ET도



Have you met any celebrities or been to US fan conventions? I haven’t met anyone like Arnie or the Star Wars actors as none of them have come to Korea. I'd love to go to a Sci Fi convention one day. 유명인사를 만나거나 미국 팬 박 람회에 가본 적 있나요? 알니나 스타워즈 배우와 같은 유 명인사들은 한국에 방문을 한 적 이 없어서 만나보지 못했어요. 하지만 언젠간 공상과학 박람회 에 가보고 싶어요.

What can you tell us about your future plans? This is the only gallery of its kind in Korea, there is nothing like it in Seoul. I am from Seoul but rent was too expensive, so I opened my museum in Daegu. I started in this location 3 years ago. I want to expand in the future as we've run out of space but I haven’t made plans

yet. It’s well known by the Korean media but not by foreigners. This is the only such museum in Asia and my dream is for it to become very famous. 미래의 계획에 대해 알 수 있을 까요? 이곳은 한국 유일한 갤러리입니 다. 서울에도 이런 곳은 없어요. 원래 제가 서울 출신인데 임대료 가 너무 비싸서 대구에 박물관을 열게 되었어요. 3년 전 이곳을 시 작했는데 현재 공간이 부족해요. 아직 계획은 없지만 나중엔 더 확장하고 싶어요. 한국 언론덕분 에 사람들이 이곳을 알고 있긴 하지만, 외국인들은 잘 모르는 것 같아요. 아시아에서 이런 박 물관은 유일합니다. 이곳이 아주 유명해졌으면 좋겠어요.

Cinema World is not just a memorabilia museum but also a restaurant and cafe. The third floor houses the museum and rooftop terrace. The second floor is divided into the restaurant on one half and cafe on the other side.

SCI-FI MUSEUM IN DAEGU 시네마 월드는 수집품 박물관일 뿐만 아니라 레스 토랑과 까페도 함께 있어요. 3층이 박물관이며 옥 상 테라스도 있습니다. 2층은 반은 레스토랑, 반 은 까페로 나누어져 있습니다.

The museum is easy to reach now that the Green Line 2 has been extended east into Gyeongsan. From Jeongpyeong station two stops before the end of the line you take exit 4 and head across the river. The museum is immediately visible by the river behind the megabox theatre. Visitors from outside Daegu can easily access the subway at DongDaegu if coming by KTX or Express Bus. 이제 지하철 2호선이 경산쪽으로 확장이 되어 박 물관을 찾아오기가 한결 쉬워졌다. 지하철2호선 종착역 두 정거장 전인 종평역에서 4번출구로 나 와 강 건너편으로 향하면 된다. 박물관은 메가박 스 건물의 뒤쪽에 강가에서 바로 보일 것이다. 만 약 시외에서 KTX나 고속버스를 타고 오시는 분 들은 동대구역에서 지하철로 쉽게 찾아 오실 수 도 있다.

You can also buy a souvenir memorabilia book for only 1000w ($1) 또한 천원으로 기념책자도 구입할 수 있다.

This is their website and address 437-1 Daepyeong-dong, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongbuk 053-812-6543 홈페이지 주소& 주소

경북 경산시 대평동 437-1번지


and their Facebook Page 페이스북 Here is a Korean Blog with illustrations of the restaurant menu items 레스토랑 리뷰 한국어 블로그

another Korean Blog with detailed exhibit pics

including the restaurant table=humor&wr_id=486377

블로그 레스토랑과 전시물의 자세한 설명을 담은 또다른 한국어

and another Korean blog showing the exhibits ogNo=90154958677 전시물을 볼 수 있는 한국어 블로그

How this has remained a complete secret from the expat community for so long is a mystery, and for only 3000w admission ($2.70) right outside a subway stop, why wouldn’t you go? I'm already planning a second trip back with friends and will be sure to be back many times after that. 어떻게 이곳이 오랫동안 외국인들에게 비밀로 감 춰져 있었는지는 미스터리이다. 지하철역에서 바 로 빠져 나와 입장료 삼천원(2.7달러)이면 되는 데, 왜 망설이는가? 나는 벌써 친구들과 두 번째 방문을 계획하고 있다. 그리고 물론, 그 후에도 여 러 번 방문할 것은 분명한 사실이다.




Written byLynn Brown

re you looking to become more physically active in Daegu? Are you looking to have some fun while meeting new people? Well, stop your searching….come and join Daegu Ultimate Frisbee. It’s a mixed social league that is both great for beginners and competitors alike. It is an awesome league, whether you are an amateur or an expert of the game, being at the field, on a warm Sunday afternoon bantering with your teammates is a great way to spend the day. “It’s a wonderful sport. You get to meet new people, socialize, and have fun while doing exercise,” says Alison Stander, player on Daegu Thunder. Ultimate Frisbee is an exciting non-contact team sport played by thousands all over the world. It mixes the best features of sports such as Soccer, Basketball, American Football, and Netball into an elegantly simple, yet fascinating and demanding game. Yet, the simplicity of the rules means it’s easy and fun for newcomers to pick-up. The object of the game is to score points by passing the disc to a player in the opposing end zone, similar to an end zone in American football or the in-goal area in rugby. “Tossing around a plastic disc is tougher than you think it is,” says avid Frisbee fan, Nicodemus Calhoun.


Photographed by Nicole Michaela Steyn

The origin of the game comes from an interesting place. The original “Frisbee” was nothing more than a thin pie plate from the Frisbie Pie Company in New Haven, CT. In 1948, Fred Morrison developed a plastic version of the plate disc, which he called the Flying Saucer and then in 1951, created an improvised version known as The Pluto Platter. The Wham-O Manufacturing Company bought the patent from Morrison in 1955 and renamed it Frisbee. The sport of Ultimate, derived

from Morrison’s original product, started in 1968 at Columbia High School in Maplewood, NJ. A group of students from the school paper and student council spearheaded by classmates Jared Krass and acclaimed American film producer, Joel Silver, created the rules and the game of what would develop into the modern sport of Ultimate Frisbee. And it’s the spirit of the game that really sets Ultimate apart from other competitive team sports. For over 30 years, Ultimate has flourished, reaching a highly

AN ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE competitive level without the use of referees. This places the responsibility for fair play on the players themselves. In Ultimate, the honor system works. However, there are moments where human nature rears its ugly head from time to time, just as in any sport. Yet, one of the many beauties of Ultimate is how, even amid the most difficult situations, utmost civility is allowed to meet those challenges head on. Through this balance, Ultimate players are free to demonstrate the most honorable and the most joyous sides of human nature in the sport. Daegu Ultimate Frisbee league has multiple teams from Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Pohang, Gyeongju, and many other cities from around South Korea. Ultimate is not just a league, it’s a community of friends, family, and colleagues with a passion for the game. If you are interested in being a part of this great and exciting sport, go to for information about upcoming spring registration.

Photographed byLynn Brown


2012 KFFL CHAMPIONS Written and photographed by Sean Prendeville

“KFFL Champions 2012, Get in!!”, “The KFFL is ORANGE. The Deer champions 2012!!”, “COYD!! KFFL CHAMPIONS 2012....bboooooommm!!!!!!!”. These were just some of the Facebook statuses that were being posted on Sunday afternoon. A day when FC Daegu, affectionately known as the Deer, captured the Korean Foreigner Football League (KFFL) for the very first time, snatching it away from their inter-city rivals, Daegu Devils, on goal difference. The story of this football rivalry ultimately began in 2001. Devils’ chairman, Robin Seekatz, told me that the Devils were formed in that year so that expats could play

against Korean teams. However, in 2005 they competed in, and won, the inaugural KFFL. The Deer, on the other hand, according to their manager Dano Dooner, were initially formed in 2008 for players who liked beer and five-a-side, and that their nickname came about as a response to the threatening name of the 'Devils'! From both interviews, it appears that the Deer had the more humble of beginnings, as according to Dano, when the club was first formed, “The team struggled and the kits were terrible but the craic was good.” Both teams have been successful, as stated; the Devils won the inaugural KFFL and the Deer this season. The Devils also won the highly competitive Ulsan Cup in 2011 while the Deer have come

third in the same competition the last two seasons. Dano also puts special mention to the fact of how the Deer controversially lost the KFFL last season due to Busan Utd being able to reschedule a game! One of the main questions I had for Robin and Dano was just how big the rivalry is between the two clubs. They were more than helpful in helping me out in this regard and the two words that stood out the most, and sadly often missing from the world of football, were “respect” and “friendly.” Dano even confessed that he was once a Devil himself until persuaded by one James Fenton to transfer to the Deer. He also expressed his admiration for Robin on how much he has done for the KFFL. He even declared, “There’s a healthy respect between both clubs and what happens on the pitch usually stays there.” Robin on the other hand, while acknowledging the rivalry, claimed that the Deer take it more seriously than his charges, especially on Facebook! However, Robin underlined the respect between the two clubs by stating, “At the end of the day, it’s all about playing a good, competitive game of football on the weekend and trying to claim city bragging rights.” The two squads are made up of numerous nationalities but Dano



stressed that there is a particularly sizable Irish contingent in the Deer squad. He also added that while it’s not as settled as the Devils’ squad there are still a lot of quality players. We now know the Deer have clinched the league and while Dano emphasized their league comeback and that they deserved to be in contention, Robin had more or less resigned himself to the fact that Devils had lost the league title chase. He was right. According to Robin, even though the Devils played some great football, they still missed too many chances that would probably cost them the league. Dano, knowing his team was on the verge of greatness was more colourful in his description of their season so far, describing it as a rollercoaster of “happiness, sadness, disappointment, indifference and other emotions.” At one stage they even had to travel to Jeonju with ten players and lost one of their best players and captain, Gareth Mohamed, to a serious injury in the first derby game. The Sunday after the respective interviews, the Deer defeated Inter Busan 4-0, thus clinching the title amid wild scenes of euphoria. The season is now over, bragging rights up until last Sunday were relatively even with both sides cancelling each other out by beating each other once. Now, they firmly belong to the Deer. Whether or not the Deer’s triumph will add more spice to the rivalry next season remains to be seen but one can only hope that it continues to be the healthy and friendly city clash that both the Devils and Deer have helped make it what it is today.

continued on p36

Traveler's would like to thank the

foreign community in Daegu for a wonderful 2012. We appreciate you making us the starting point for many memorable nights downtown and for spending relaxing afternoons with us as well. From the Rugby World Cup to St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Wednesday Night Trivia and everything in between, we have lots of great memories in 2012. We look forward to spending 2013 with you as well. Thanks everyone and all the best in 2013. Sincerely, Jason and the Staff of Traveler's Bar & Grill





Written by Asanda Ndabisa / Photos submitted by Asanda Ndabisa

aegu saw its first annual Global festival. The event was hosted by the Daegu Metropolitan Office at their Global Education Centre. The all-day event opened to all public school students in the Daegu Metropolitan Area. The goal was to provide a one stop shop full of activities that promoted the EPIK representatives’ countries; it was aimed to promote cultural exchanges between Korean students and the NET's (Native English Teachers). The countries represented were: United States of America, South Africa, Ireland, England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and China. Each of these countries were given a class room where they offered activities that highlighted something special about their particular country, and simulta-

neously offered an educational opportunity for the students to experience. This was the first of its kind in Daegu, and gave all the NET’s an opportunity to show off their countries to Korean students and to let them in to their diverse cultures. The turn out was bigger than

expected, the DMOE had earlier sent out invites to all public schools in Daegu and students were given a chance to participate at no cost. Over the 2 day period more than 1000 students came to get a look and feel of their Native teacher’s countries and maybe came as close as some of them will ever be. The activities included: * Photo-zone * Flag face painting * Sports activities * Introductions to specific country (quizzes, maps, painting, holidays) and * Food Zone, to mention a few. Native teachers went all out to represent their countries and because the event was such a huge success, there is no doubt Daegu students will see many more of this event in the near future.



The Do’s and Don’t’s of Teaching in South Korea Written and photos submitted by Jeremy Aerts / Translated by Stephanie Yang

After nearly four years in South Korea, my experience is finally nearing its end. Before I leave, I thought I would reflect a bit on my time here while giving some advice to those that are either planning on coming here for work or are still currently living within the country. 나의 한국에서의 약 4년은 이 제 막바지에 접어들었다. 떠나 기 전, 나는 이 곳으로 오기를 계획하거나 이미 살고 있는 이 들을 위해 몇 가지 조언을 하고 자 한다.

As a whole, I would say my Korean experience has been overwhelmingly positive, and I would recommend working abroad to anyone. As anything in life, my experience had its ups and downs but the awesome memories and friendships have made it more than worth it. Surprisingly, each particular year in Korea has felt different than the previous for various reasons. Right when things seemed as if they were becoming mundane, almost boring, something new would happen that would shake things up a bit. 전체적으로 나의 한국 생활은 극 히 긍정적이었으므로, 누구에게 나 이 곳에서 일하기를 권유한 다. 여느 다른 것들과 마찬가지 로, 나의 경험은 좋았던 점들과 나빴던 점들이 둘 다 있었지만, 훌륭한 기억들과 우정들은 결코 더할 나위 없었다. 놀랍게도, 한 국에서의 매년은 항상 각기 다른


이유로 색다르게 느껴졌다. 모든 것들이 뻔하고 지루하게 느껴지 려 할 때쯤 항상 새로운 것들이 나타나 나를 즐겁게 해주었다.

However, thinking back, I DO wish I would have read some tips about living in Korea before I got on that plane four years ago straight out of university. This is why I present to YOU, my own Dos and Don’ts on living and working in South Korea: 하지만, 되돌이켜보면, 내가 4년 전 대학 졸업 후 한국 행 비행기 를 타기 전에, 한국 거주에 관한 팁들을 좀 읽어 볼 것 그랬다는 생각이 든다. 이런 이유로 나는 당신들에게 한국에서 살고 일하 면서 해야 할 것 과 하지 말아야 할 것에 대해 이야기 하고 싶다.

DO take a long, hard look at your contract before signing. You think teaching six days a week, no holidays off, and only five days of vacation seems like a good idea now? Think again. 계약서에 서명하기 전, 계약서를 매우 꼼꼼히 읽어보아라. 당신은 1주일에 6일 동안, 휴일 없이, 그 리고 휴가는 즉 5일만 주어진 채 로 일하는 게 좋다고 생각하는 가? 다시 생각해 보아라.

DON’T get stuck in your comfort zone. It’s human nature to seek comfort. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to fly into Korea, locate the nearest western bar, restaurant, etc. and stick with that for your entire time here. In fact, if this is the path you choose it can *almost* feel as if you aren’t living

DO’s AND DON’T’s OF TEACHING IN SK in another country. This would be a shame because you’re really missing out on an opportunity to experience something new, and maybe even special. 당신의 안전 지대에 머물러 있지 말아라. 편안함을 추구하는 것은 매우 인간적이다. 불행하게도, 한국에 와서 가장 가까운 서양식 바나 레스토랑을 찾아 그 곳에 머물러 있는 것은 매우 쉽다. 사 실 당신이 이런 생활을 선택한다 면, 당신이 다른 나라에 살고 있 다는 것조차 알기 힘들 정도다. 당신이 새로운, 그리고 특별한 것들을 경험할 기회를 놓치게 되 는 것은 매우 유감이다.

DO learn to read Korean. Not only will this make ordering food at restaurants much easier, it’ll also make traveling around the country a lot more hassle free. Let’s face it: there’s really NO excuse to not learn it and it really only takes a few days. Blame it on your own laziness if you fail to do so. (Here’s a great resource to get started:

WILL (as sure as the sun rises) be something that’ll eventually make you want to vent about. 불평하는 자가 되지 마라. 나는 이것을 논하기에는 조금 망설여 진다. 나는 당신이 근무 상황에 대해 어느 정도 불평하는 것은 얼마든지 괜찮다고 느낀다. 특 히 당신이 사립 학교에서 일한다 면, 불평하고 싶은 것이 꼭 (해 가 뜨는 것처럼 확실히) 생기기 때문이다.

est western bar and spending all your time there. Instead, climb up mountains, go to the tea fields, watch the sunset over suncheon bay, and visit a few temples amongst other things. Make it a point to visit the DMZ. It’s a place unlike anywhere else in the World. Although booking a good tour guide is probably a key to a good experience. (I used www.koridoor. and thought they were great. You can thank me later.)

DO travel in Korea. My most memorable experiences in Korea have been a result of exploring all the places here. What I mean by traveling is not going to another Korean city, locating its near-

한국에서 여행을 가보아라. 나 는 한국에서 여러 장소를 탐험 했던 것이 가장 기억에 남는다. 여기서 여행이란, 다른 도시에 있는 가까운 서양식 바에서 시 간을 보내라는 것이 아니다. 대 continued on p40

한국어를 읽는 법을 배워라. 이 것은 레스토랑에서 음식을 주문 하는 것을 쉽게 할 뿐만 아니라, 국내 여행을 할 때의 부담을 훨 씬 덜어 준다. 솔직히 말해서, 한 국어를 배우는 데는 몇 일 안 걸 릴뿐더러, 배우지 않으려는 데에 는 전혀 이유가 없다. 당신이 한 국어를 못하는 것은 당신이 게 으른 탓이다. (여기 한국어를 배 우기 시작할 때에 유용한 자료 가 있다.

DON’T be a complainer. I say this with a bit of hesitation. I think it’s PERFECTLY okay to vent about your work situation in moderation, and if you’re working at a private school then there 39

DO’s AND DON’T’s OF TEACHING IN SK before: learn to read you lazy bum!) 한국 음식을 되도록이면 많이 접 해 보아라. 한식은 정말 훌륭하 다. 한 가지 말고는 내가 딱히 얘 기할 것이 없다. 그것은 바로 한 국에서는 한국어를 모르는 이에 게 음식에 대해 다른 언어로 부 가 설명이 잘 되어 있지 않다는 것이다. 그러니, 내가 전에도 얘 기했듯이, 게으른 자들이여, 한 국어를 읽는 법을 배워라.

신 등산도 해보고, 차 밭도 구경 하며, 순천 만에서 일몰을 구경 하고, 몇 가지 사원도 방문해 보 라. DMZ를 방문해 보는 것도 있 지 말아라. 세계 어디에서도 찾 아보기 힘든 곳이다. 투어 가이 드를 예약하는 것이 좋은 경험을 위해서 꼭 필요하지만 말이다. ( 나는 를 이 용하였는데 매우 괜찮은 사이트 였다. 나에게 감사는 나중에 해 도 된다.)

DON’T stress too much about the future. Throughout my time in Korea, I’ve met more than a few people that constantly felt that they were wasting their time in the country and wanted to get home as soon as possible to start their 9-5 job for the rest of their life. I’ve come to realize that you only have yourself to blame if you feel like you’re wasting your time here. 미래에 대해 너무 걱정하지 말아 라. 나는 여기 있는 동안 이 나라 에서 시간을 낭비하고 있다 느 끼며 빨리 자국에 돌아가 9시-5 시 직업에 평생 종사하고 싶어 하는 이들을 종종 보았다. 나는


점차 이들이 그렇게 느끼는 것 은 모두 자신들의 탓이라고 느끼 게 되었다.

DO try as much Korean food as possible. It’s freaking amazing. I hardly need to say anything else except for one thing: Korea doesn’t always do an adequate job of making this food accessible to an individual that doesn’t know how to read Korean. (Like I said

These are just a few Dos and Don’ts of living and working in Korea. I hope at least some of these prove to be valuable to you when you’re here. To those that are about to come to Korea: Good luck and have a great experience! I know I did. :) 한국에서 사는 데에는 몇 가지 해야 할 일과 하지 말아야 할 일 들이 있다. 나는 당신이 이 곳에 있는 동안 나의 조언을 유용하게 느끼기를 바란다. 한국에 오기를 계획하는 이들에게는, 행운을 빌 며 좋은 경험을 쌓기를 바란다. 적어도 나는 그랬으니까.


Written and translated by Taesun Lee


대한민국의 디스코펑크 록 밴드 로, 이태선(보컬,신디사이저,기 타),서나(베이스,서브보컬), 이 연석(FX), 알리(드럼)로 구성되 어 있다.

GoGostar is Korean disco punk rock band organized by 이태선 (vocal, synthesizer, guitar), 서나 (chorus, Bass), 이연석 (FX), 알리 (drums). 럭스의 전 베이시스트 이태선 이 만든 밴드로, 결성 초부터 많 은 관심을 받았으며 신인밴드로 서는 이례적으로 2008년 첫데뷔 그해에 쌈지싸운드 페스티벌에 출연하였고, 2년 남짓한 짧은 시 간 동안 펜타포트 락페스티벌, 글로벌개더링 2009, 자라섬 재 즈 페스티벌, 제천국제음악영화


제 등 한국의 대표적인 음악페스 티벌에 참가하면서 짧은 활동기 간 사이에 엄청난 주목을 받으며 인디 음악신의 가장 Hot한 아이 콘으로 급부상하였다.

GoGostar formed by 이태선 who was a former bassist of Rux, the band performed their show at Ssamzie Sound Festival 2008 in their debut year. The band performed at many festivals including Pentaport Rock Festival, Global Gathering 2009, Jaram Island Jazz Festival, Jecheon International Music & Film Festival during their debut year, which attracted the notice of indie rock scene and fans. 2008년 EBS 스페이스 공감 '올 해의 헬로루키'의 후보로 선정 되어 '헬로루키 Of The Year'에

출연하였고, KBS, M.NET, tvN 등 여러 공중파에 독특하고 독 보적인 그들만의 스타일을 보여 주었다.

In 2008, EBS space 공감 selected the band as ‘the rookie of the year’ and they keep performing for TV programs such as KSB, and tvN. 디스코 음악의 신디사이저 아날 로그 사운드를 21세기의 감성으 로 재구성한 고고스타만의 ‘뿅 뿅사운드’는 비교할 수 없는 유 니크Unique한 음악스타일로 자 리잡고 있으며 끝없이 신나기 만 하던 디스코와는 다르게 웃음 뒤 감춰진 삐에로의 눈물과 같 은 슬픔의 코드가 거칠게 접목되 어 있다.

GOGOBIGSHOW WITH GOGOSTAR The band created their unique sound and music based on synthesizer analog sound of disco music. Their music is not comparable to ordinary disco rock, due to they attempt to combine disco music with hidden sadness of pierrot. 또한 전염성 강한 멜로디와 온몸을 휘감는 댄스리 듬, 컬러풀하고 개성 넘치는 비주얼, 숨쉴 틈조차 없는 화려한 무 대 퍼포먼스로 한 번 보면 결코 잊 을 수 없는 중독 적인 매력으로 관 객들을 사로잡고 있다.

Haunting melody, dance rhythm, colorful visual and great performance at every show leaves a deep impression on the fans. 최근 보컬 이 태선의 Ok!Punk!에서 그 만의 독특한 매력 을 널리 발산하여 고고스타의 횡보 에 박차를 가하고 있다.

Recently, 이태 선 added to the band’s career by appearing on the TV program called OK!Punk!

to make more familiar and comfortable sounds for their listeners. 이들의 새로운 EP앨범 ‘HIGHLIGHT’가 올9월에 발매될 예정이고, 곧 있을 앨범발매 기념공연과 함 께 처음 그 새로운 항해를 시작한다.

The new EP album ‘HIGHLIGHT’ was released in September, the band is about to begin new musical voyage starting with new album release show. 한국의 펑크락의 새로운 진화형인 음악, 락음악 과 디스코의 절묘한 조 우라는 평가를 받아온 고고스타는 트렌드를 좇 지 않으면서도 독창적인 음악스타일로 그들만의 음악세계를 창조해내며 매번 발전하는 퍼포먼스 로 늘 변화하는 현재진 행형에 있다.

Although GoGostar’s music has been described as new evolution of Korean punk music and successful collaboration of rock and disco, the band is still looking forward to developing and creating their unique music style, instead of just following the trend in the indie rock scene.

고고스타는 이제까지의 앨범에서 기존에 없었던 그 들만의 사운드로 주목을 받아왔던 유니크함을 ‘락 밴드의 기타 포지션 없이 fx로 고고스타의 색깔을 표현해냈다’면 올 9월에 발매한 새로운 EP앨범에서 는 보컬 이태선이 기타 포지션을 더하여 또다시 새 로운 시도의 사운드로 대중들에게 다가서게 된다.

FX based unique sound represents the band’s music, but in the new EP album which will be released in September, 이태선 played the guitar in most of songs 43


Submitted by the DGFEZ




rime location, end-to-end supply chain and customized facilities are only a few of the many advantages that South Korea’s free economic zone provides its growing community of global powerhouse industries. Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone (DGFEZ) is strategically positioned to serve international companies looking to expand into Asia – whether it is for manufacturing, research and development (R&D) or logistics. The bustling 30-square-kilometer hub encompasses the cities of Daegu, Gumi, Gyeongsan, Yeongcheon and Pohang. It includes 10 key industrial districts, ranging from automotive components to software, health care and alternative power.

“We welcome investors, talents, R&D and educational institutions alike to take advantage of

these strengths – and create a big, synergistic global joint venture. All these come with the added benefit of financial incentives and relaxed regulations,” says DGFEZ Authority commissioner Choi Byung-rok. “It is our vision to help them succeed, just like how we saw the rise of Samsung, LG Display, Hyundai and POSCO, which share roots in Daegu-Gyeongbuk.” Similar roots run deep in the region, with nearly 13 percent of South Korea’s manufacturers and about 500 multinational companies calling it home even before DGFEZ was established in 2008. With further development of the zone in full gear, the number of global companies is expected to grow by as much as four times by DGFEZ’s completion in 2020.


DGFEZ - OPEN FOR BUSINESS Since its inauguration in 2008, DGFEZ has produced fruitful results by attracting global companies including Dassault Systemes R&D Center (March 2010); Japanese auto parts maker Daicel to Yeongcheon Industry District (November 2011); Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry to Daegu Technopolis (December 2011); French auto company Faurecia to Yeongcheon Industry District (May 2012); American avionics company Boeing (September 2011); and Hyundai Cummins Engine to Daegu Technopolis (September 2012). Such transformation will be bolstered by an equally impressive base of supporting industries that includes 153 R&D centers and 400 automotive suppliers. High-quality human resources are guaranteed, with 52 universities and colleges annually producing 70,000 graduates including engineers, medical practitioners and digital content specialists. These are key to boosting industry districts such as Daegu Technopolis, which is designated as a special R&D zone equipped for automotive, machinery, information technology convergence and green energy. The Technopolis will also enable tenant companies to participate in national projects and receive additional incentives. Among such projects is the Medivalley, a medical complex that will centralize an international hospital and various medical and pharmaceutical R&D activities aimed at advancing the health care industry. The US$4.5 billion project is slated to open next year. Interested investors can rely on DGFEZ’s one-stop service programs, which guide resident companies from feasibility study to registration and afterservice assistance. “Daegu-Gyeongbuk will be the next beacon of industrial development,” Choi says. “We have a proven success model – founded on stable economic infrastructure and talented manpower – that we are eager to share with the world.” DGFEZ welcomes readers to visit its new website and learn more about the opportunities in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone.




QUALITY OF YOUR SKIN Written by Min Bok-gi / Translated by Yujeong Lee

Min Bok-gi, the director of AllforSkin said, “We have had many Chinese patients so far, but we are receiving more patients from Europe and America every month. Especially, medical tourists for skin care and hair loss visit us from France, UK, Germany, Uzbekistan and so on. With the fame, the clinic was in the foreign media many times since 2010. In 2010, CETV from China visited AllforSkin to make a documentary show, “The Beauty of Korea.” And last October, Vietnamese VHK stayed for two days in Korea and filmed about hair implant surgery and laser treatment at AllforSkin. It was on the air all over Vietnam. Recently, CETV visited the clinic again with about 20 staff members and filmed high medical technology, removing acne scar, non-surgical facial bone contouring treatment, petit surgery (filler treatment, botox) and so on. Not only this, many foreign medical teams


ongseongro, the most crowded area in Daegu, attracts foreign medical tourists and media teams. AllforSkin is located on the 4th floor across from Debec Department store and they have the best doctors, facility and equipment. They are one axis of Medi City Daegu with treatments for skin disease, beauty treatments and hair implants which is the best treatment for hair loss. Patients from Western countries as well as from Asia visit AllforSkin. The very first medical tourist was Alice from America. She worried about hair loss and visited the clinic with her friend. She got hair implants, then other beauty treatments such as botox injection in her forehead and around her lips, filler treatment and accusculp which is the treatment for eradicating cellulite in the thigh before going back home.


ALLFORSKIN - IMPROVING YOUR SKIN have visited since last year, from Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Russia, Nepal, Australia, Italy and the USA. Last May, two directors of a famous dermatology clinic in Taiwan visited Daegu to observe hair implant surgery. They are trying to promote ‘Medi City Daegu’ to foreign countries as well. Park Min-young, the head of the hair implant team, visited and promoted Medi City Dageu in Hangzhou and Weihai in China last March, then the Director Min visited last July. Lately, recently they received an offer for a joint project from a CEO of a Vietnamese beauty company during a medical industry exhibition in Daegu. Another unique aspect of this clinic is that it concentrates on the strategy of specializing and focusing on treatments and research to improve their capability. They regularly attend public and private seminars to increase their medical knowledge. They presented at the 2011 WCD (World Congress of Dermatology) about three topics: treatments for acne scars, stretch marks (striae distensae) and injury scars. The WCD also focused on the way to minimize scars from hair implant at the back of the head and the surgical treatment for hair loss from scars on eyelashes or eyebrows. And they made a text book based on that. Many domestic and foreign specialists visit director Min to learn his know-how. He said, “We will try hard on treatments and study about obstinate skin diseases such as incurable scars, alopecia universalis, psoriasis, leukoplakia, incurable skin pigmentation disorders, hair implant on scarred skin and so on.” Also, they will invest more on syringoma (a benign tumor under eyes) and angioma (a benign tumor on skin or organs caused by a stretched vascular cells) to develop a scar treatment clinic. Many foreign patients and doctors visit AllforSkin so that they can also help Daegu’s ‘Medi City’ policy and attract patients from overseas. AllforSkin has nine new kinds of fractional lasers to erase the effects of scar treatment. Director Min tries to promote intensive treatments which work effectively for deep acne scars and scalds. He said, “Improving patients’ quality of life by treating incurable skin diseases, which most clinics wouldn’t deal with because of side effects, is as meaningful as caring for life-or-death diseases.”



SAFE TREATMENTS FOR A STRONGER YOU Submitted by LJ Urology Clinic / Translated by Sun Lee

1. Vasectomy brings down virility? 1. 정관 수술을 받으면 정력이 떨어진다?

Vasectomy is merely a method of birth control. It is a widely preferred procedure because the is is simple and safe; besides its effect is permanent. Sperm is generated in the testicles, saved in epididymis, and eventually released as semen with other chemicals made in prostate and seminal vesicle. Vasectomy is a method so called “tie the tubes.” Even after the procedure, most of men’s semen is made in prostate and seminal vesicle and sperm, which are made at the other end of the “tube” is less than 1% of semen, so “tying the tubes” does not affect the amount of semen or orgasm. Plus male hormones are made in testicles and absorbed through blood vessels, so it does not affect sexual competence. Actually, it rather boosts sex life since one can be free from anxiety of getting his partner pregnant. One thing to note is that the sperm that were made before the procedure are still active, so one needs to make sure to use proper protection 10 to 15 times after the procedure and get tested to be sperm free. The latest procedure became even simpler: it pokes one small hole in seminal vesicle and it only takes about 10 minutes. So one can go back to everyday life and have to go back only once for a check-up after the procedure.


정관 수술이란 여러 가지 피임방 법 중의 한가지로 다른 피임방 법 (먹는 피임약, 자궁내 피임장 치 삽입, 콘돔)에 비해 간단하고 안전하며 무엇보다 한 번 받으면 영구적으로 피임을 할 수 있기 때문에 널리 시행되고 있는 수술 이다. 정자는 고환에서 만들어져 서 부고환에 저장되어 있다가 정 관을 통해서 전립선과 정낭에서 만들어진 성분과 같이 정액의 형 태로 배출이 된다. 정관 수술은 이러한 과정 중에 정자가 지나는 통로인 정관을 막는 방법입니다. 하지만 수술을 받는다고 해도 실 제 정액의 대부분은 정낭과 전립 선에서 만들어지고 정자는 1% 도 되지 않기 때문에 양의 변화 는 느낄 수 없고 사정 시 오르가 즘도 수술 전과 똑같이 느낄 수 있다. 그리고 정상적으로 고환에 서 남성호르몬이 만들어져 혈관 을 통해 우리 몸에 흡수되기 때 문에 성기능에도 전혀 영향을 주 지 않고 오히려 임신에 대한 불 안감을 떨쳐버릴 수 있어 더 활 발한 성생활을 하게 되는 경우 가 많다. 하지만 수술을 받더라 도 이미 나와 있는 정자들이 있

기 때문에 적어도 10-15회 이상 은 적절한 피임방법을 사용하여 야 안전하고 그 후에 꼭 정액검 사를 통해 정자가 없는 것을 확 인해야 한다. 최근에는 음낭피부 에 구멍 한 개만을 내어 시술하 기 때문에 수술시간도 10분 내외 로 짧고 상처도 적어 회복이 빨 라 수술 직후 바로 일상생활이 가능하여 나중에 정액검사만 받 으러 한 번 더 방문하면 될 정도 로 간단하다.

2. Prostatitis can be transmitted and develop into cancer?

2. 전립선염에 걸리면 다른 사람 에 옮길 수도 있고 나중에 암이 생길 수 있다?

Many prostatitis patients are worried that their disease can be transmitted through sex like other STDs like gonorrhea and syphillis. Of course STDs can develop into prostatitis if they are not treated properly for a long time, however; muscle dystrophy from stress, overwork, or heavy drinking is more likely to be the cause. Only

SAFE TREATMENTS FOR A STRONGER YOU men have prostate right below the bladder as a secretor and sperm generator. Right near are muscles and nerves involved with urination, erection, and ejaculation, which makes prostate even more important in sexual function, and controlling urination. The prostate does not have any connection with erections, however; it is highly recommended to be treated as soon as possible since many of prostatitis patients are reportedly suffering from sexual dysfunction. 전립선염으로 비뇨기과를 방문 하는 많은 환자분들이 궁금해 하 는 것이 전립선염에 걸리면 임 질이나 매독 같은 다른 성병같 이 성관계에 의해서 전염되는지 그리고 나중에 암이 되는지이다. 물론 요도염 같은 성병을 치료하 지 않아서 전립선염이 생기기도 하지만 성관계에 상관없이 반복

되는 스트레스, 과로, 과음 등에 의한 회음부 근육 장애가 원인이 될 수도 있다.

Prostate cancer and prostatitis are two different diseases, which means one doesn’t develop into the other. Men are more likely to have prostate cancer when they’re over 50, so it is recommended to have a regular check-up including blood test, urine test, ultrasound and so on. But having prostatitis doesn’t mean the person will have prostate cancer later in his life. 전립선은 남성에게만 있는 장기 로 방광의 바로 아래에 호두크기 의 분비샘이다. 이 주위에는 배 뇨와 발기, 사정에 관여하는 여 러 가지 근육, 신경들이 붙어 있 기 때문에 배뇨조절 및 성기능에 중요한 역할을 하고 또한 대부분 의 정액을 만드는 일도 한다. 그

러므로 전립선자체가 발기와는 직접적인 연관은 없지만 전립선 염이 있는 환자들 중에 성기능 장애를 호소하는 경우도 있으니 꼭 치료를 받는 것이 좋다.

The best treatment is to find out the exact cause - stress, overworking, heavy drinking and so on- and to remove it. Taking a warm bath often could be helpful and to come, through regular sex, plays an important role in preventing prostatitis. 치료는 정확한 원인을 찾아서 원 인을 제거하는데 (스트레스, 과 로, 과음 등) 중점을 두고 따뜻한 물에 목욕을 자주하는 것이 도움 이 될 수 있고 주기적인 성관계 나 사정도 전립선염을 예방하는 데 중요한 역할을 한다.


The Candyland Express

Wrtiten by Gary Lynn / Photographed by Kimberly Smith


ell this trip started on the first day of December. A clear, cold day. Not a cloud in the sky. It was so cold that as we met coming from the subway, we decided to wait in the warmth of the underground area as opposed to the exposed and windy area at the bus stop. As we waited more and more people came wondering up asking, “Are you going on the Compass tour?” Well as 8am approached, our group increased to almost twenty. Our friendly guide, Yujeong Lee, was waiting to take us on our Candyland tour. Our trip to Gyeong ju took about ninety minutes by bus. It was a pleasant ride as we all got to know each other a little better. Our first stop was Yang dong village. This 600 hundred year old village, bordering a peaceful river, had homes and buildings that were built and maintained in the same manner since the village's inception. There were thatch roofs on the building with the straw changed every three to four months. As we walked through the village you could see buildings that had new roofs. They had a nice yellow freshness about them. The older ones were grey. As we toured, we came across some workers assembling the straw for the roofs. A timely process. I was told that the 50

workers changed roofs throughout the village year round. Not all the buildings had straw roofs. Some had what looked like tile on top of them. Obliviously, these didn’t have to be changed. They resembled terra cotta tile. It was funny seeing a 600 year old building with a satellite dish. We had a traditional Korean lunch once we made it through the rather nice sized village. We were lead to a room that had four tables where we sat four people on each side. I didn’t think we were all going to fit but we did. It was still cold and the room was heated

from underneath the floor. Some parts were warmer than others. Traditional Korea Lunch mean that we ate on the floor. The food at Chowon Restaurant 011 9588 2020 was excellent. We all had our fill, and then we filtered out to digest. Some of us enjoyed the museum, it had a 3D art exhibition on display. The museum told the history and the different styles of buildings and homes and the clans that lived in the village. We all reconvened to head over to the candy factory. At the candy factory, we met Minsok Hangwa, a very nice lady.


She instructed us on how to make traditional Korean candy. We were paired off to mix (or aerate) the candy. We were instructed to pull and twist the candy. Something like the way taffy is made. The candy started out dark

brown but the more you mixed it the lighter it became. This was fun for everyone. Some of us got a little silly. It was a workout. The finished product looked a lot like the American candy “Bit O Honey.” Unfortunately, it was

Cocorico, the waxing & beauty shop in Suseong-gu, and Bagle Doctor had a charity event with foreigners in Daegu and their customers late December. They donated profit from the event to four orphanages in Suseong-gu. Jeon Ji-young, Cocorico’s director who arranged it said, “We had a very meaningful time with local foreigners at the event and got a good result from it.” She will arrange charity events next year as well. There are many kinds of charity events overseas so, she’d like to have special events of different styles that incorporate the local and expat community.

beginning to snow just as we were leaving the candy factory. We took a group photo then we were off to Bulguksa Temple. The Bulguksa Temple tour had impressive temples some being renovated but the weather was getting worse. We had to be careful not to slip on the stairs. I must say that the souvenir shop or some would say gift store, was well stocked and impressive. Several of our group got a little something to remember the trip. With the day winding down we were all happy with all of the day’s events. I know this because as we headed back to Daegu, I stood at the front of the bus and asked if everyone if they had a good time and if they would do another Daegu Compass trip? Everyone said “Yes” Then clapped for our tour guides Yujeong and Ha Miyong.



Written by Carly Heiber / Photos by Sangdae Kim


inter in South Korea is cold. This is a fact. It is also a great time to take advantage of all the great skiing and snowboarding that South Korea has to offer. But what about those of us who don't like to ski and prefer to spend our time being warm? Where can a foreigner go to just relax? That is the question I found myself wondering when I stubbled upon the Daegu Compass trip to Dukku Spa near the city of Uljin. Dukku Spa, or Spa World, is an area of natural hot springs that remains at about 42.4 degrees celsius year round. It features indoor and outdoor pools, a variety of saunas and some really beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. I love a good spa, so I decided to check it out.

We left bright and early at nine am and all ten of us climbed into the giant van for the 3 hour drive to Dukku. After we arrived, ate our lunches, and rented our required

swim caps, we headed into the changing rooms and out into the spa. Indoors were several different water massage stations, as well as some saunas and a children's area. I personally love the water jets used to massage your neck. Outside were several more hot pools and a cold pool with a massaging waterfall. While one of the pools was just way to hot for me to get in, the lemon pool and the jujube pool were nice and warm and it great to relax and enjoy the scenery. After a few hours at the spa, we packed up and headed to our pension. Before we dropped off our stuff, we stopped at the restaurant there for a delicious meal made from all local and organic ingre-


ULJIN TOUR dients. It was honestly one of the best meals I have had in my year in South Korea. Everything was fresh and full of flavor. After all that relaxing and riding in a car and great food, I was ready for a good nights sleep. The next morning, bright and early, we headed back up to the restaurant for breakfast and card making. We all got to make beautiful cards out of dried flowers, just in time to send it home to my parents for christmas. I had never made cards like that before and it was more fun then I thought it would be. Plus, my mom loves to get things I make for her. After cards, we headed down the road to a blueberry farm to make blueberry pizza. I know what you are thinking, "Blueberry PIZZA?" because I was thinking it as well. We arrived at the center and were given information about the farm and the blueberries and everything they make out of them. Inside, the pizzas were ready for us to create. The dough for the crust had blueberries in it and after we rolled it out we added ricotta cheese, blueberry jam, blueberries cheese and walnuts. Then into the oven they went. While we waited, we had some of the fresh blueberry juice and learned about how they make the blueberry tea they sell from the leaves of the plant, rather then the blueberries themselves. After the pizzas were cooked, we all tried a slice. Shockingly, they were delicious. Who knew? We then drove back to the convention center to make blueberry noodles, the old fashioned way. Two little old ladies taught us how to make them by rolling out the dough on a board then cutting the noodles. They then made then into our lunch, a blueberry noodle soup that was just as wonderful as everything else on this trip. We made one last stop back at the blueberry place to make some blueberry cookies then loaded back into the van for the trip home. We all had a great time and the trip did exactly what I was hoping it would do. It provided me with a relaxing and enjoyable time that didn't involve being cold or breaking any bones.




Written by Asanda Ndabisa/ Photos by Wandong Yeo


n a frosty Saturday morning December 1st, a trip we’d all anticipated had finally arrived. We gathered at Banwoldang station where we were awaited by 3 buses to take us to our destination. No one had ever seen much snow in Daegu, so we were a bit skeptical on the ride up.

Waking up on a frigid Saturday morning is not every one’s cup of tea, but Wandong had premeditated yet another exhilarating adventure as he always does, so this was not to be missed. We got on our buses at 8am and took a long 4 hour drive to the illustrious High 1 resort, this is one of the foremost ski resorts with one of the longest runs and exquisite views among Korea’s. After a long bus ride, we finally got to the resort, we got off to pick up our rented gear where we all did our best to look for the coolest looking gear, like ones snowboarders wear, even the ski and snowboarding virgins knew the importance of exuding cool. If we couldn’t get the skiing right, at least we had to have the best looking gear for make-believe. After picking up our gear, we headed to our beautiful condominiums with beautiful mountain views, we settled in and went for our first meal and finished just in time to pick up our skis and boards. After struggling for shoe sizes, all us waygooks still so baffled by the


Explore Korea Daegu Travel Group 200 and above Korean shoe sizes, we each went through at least 3 pairs to find a pair that fit. Next on the agenda was to get lessons to keep us amateurs out of harm’s way, so we hoped. We were put in groups of 6-8 and provided a ski/snowboard instructor. If you’re smart, then you know better than to try snowboarding like a champ down a 1345m slope before skiing and I’d heard this through the grapevine and because I am, I opted for skiing. Easy enough watching Korean toddlers ostensibly skiing. Well it wasn’t, until I got on ice and started to resemble a penguin that I felt oblivious to what was ahead. We got the instructions in Korean, so that wasn’t going to help much, was it? Now, I almost felt what my students feel every day when I try to instruct them in a language so

foreign. That didn’t stop the lesson from going on. Our instructor was very patient, even though it took me a fundamental quantity of time to get it, or maybe it was after that bold Olympic move I pulled down the slope screaming, “I can’t stop!” that rose me straight up to pro level, well not quite, it took a few whirls and tumbles to finally be able to catch on and still left me unabashed. I must say our group had the best instructor because in just a few hours I was addicted, we all had done so well that by the time we went up unguided we took it one level up, we weren’t beginners after all . After dinner, we went back up and took a 15 min ride to the top, which is about 1376m high slope, and obviously what goes up must come down and because I knew

HIGH 1 SKI TRIP if I fell I couldn’t get up, I had to keep myself at vertical angle. We accomplished the challenge like champions, I didn’t know it was even possible to use that much body strength until this day, snowboarders as cool as ever came winging down the mountain, leaving us vulnerable skiers rather timid. With no going back, the only way down was to ski. After 20 minutes of stop and goes, I felt a brash immodest boast was due as I reached bottom. This was definitely the beginning of a new love relationship, why hadn’t I done this before? The fun wasn’t even close to ending, after a long day of dangerous undertakings the snow activities lulled for a moment. Some of us went to try their luck at the casino and well for some of us what’s the best way to end a day than to down bottomless beers and eat chicken Korean style, like we always do downtown. The night ended at midnight, where we all took a well needed rest. The next morning those willing enough went for the last trial on the slopes and for some, the day was spent on recovery mode out in the huge outdoor hot tub at the hot baths, not ideal considering the temperature. We had our last meal and by 1:30 it was time to head back to Daegu. Even with a few sprains and bruises, big thank you goes to Wandong Yeo of Explore Korea Daegu Travel Group for a great weekend. Look out for more great events form this group as promised by the man himself. Keep warm and here’s to more adventure in Korea.


Skiing and Snowboarding in South Korea

Want to spend your winter on the slopes? Here are some popular placs to go and the tour companies that run there. Also, check out “EXPLORE KOREA TRAVEL GROUP” on Facebook to join in the fun!

High 1 - Tour Companies and Bus Pick-up Locations Shindong-a tour (053-572-4000) • • • • • • • •


Siji @ E-mart 4:10am Banyawol Subway Station @ E-mart 4:10am Suseong @ Dong-a department store 4:20am Daegu Bank Station @ 7-11 across from Daegu Bank main building 4:45am Banwoldang subway station @ Dong-a shopping center 4:55am Seongseo @ Homeplus 5:10am Chilgok I.C @ 5:25am Sangindong @ Lotte department store 4:40am

Muju - Tour Companies and Bus Pick-up Locations Mugunghwa tour (053- 422-5555) www. (fee: RT 26,000, One-way 19000) • Shinmae Subway Station @ Exit 6 5:40 • Daegu Bank Station @ 7-11 across from Daegu Bank main building 6:00am • Banwoldang subway station @ Dong-a shopping center 6:10am • Seongseo @ Homeplus 6:30am • Sangin Subway Station @ Exit 5 6:00am • Daewoo Trump World @ Hwanggeumdong Intersection 6:00am • Chilgok,@ across from CGV 6:00am • Chilgok @ Mcdonald at Dong-a department store 6:05am


Phoenix Park - Tour Companies and Bus Pick-up Locations Pyeonghwa tour (053-422-9925) www.peace-tour. com • Shinmae Subway Station @ Exit 1 4:10am • Daegu Bank Station @ 7-11 across from Daegu Bank main building 4:25am • Banwoldang subway station @ Dong-a shopping center 4:35 • Seongseo @ Homeplus 4:55 • Chilgok I.C @ 5:10 • Banyawol Subway Station @ Mr.Pizza across from E-mart 4:00am • Suseong @ Taeseong City World across from Dong-a department 4:00am • Sangindong @ Pizza hut 5:00







15th Homigot New Year’s Festival @ Pohang Homigot Square









Les Miserables Musical @ Keimyung Art Center 1.1~1.20

Yeongdeok New Year’s Festival @ Yeongdeok Ocean Park 2013 Busan New Year’s Festival @ Haeundae Beach




Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill


Les Miserables Musical @ Keimyung Art Center 1.1~1.20

Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill





Concert @ 20:3022:30 (Novotel Daegu Terrace Cafe) POUR YOUR OWN DOUBLES @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

10 Lymbyc System @ Urban Lounge Concert @ 20:3022:30 (Novotel Daegu Terrace Cafe) POUR YOUR OWN DOUBLES @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill


Dislocation @ Daegu Art Museum 1.1-1.31


Daegu Symphony Orchestra 2013 New Year’s Concert @ Daegu Culture and Arts Center





Les Miserables Musical @ Keimyung Art Center 1.1~1.20 Concert @ 20:3022:30 (Novotel Daegu Terrace Cafe) Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill





POUR YOUR OWN DOUBLES @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill


CATS (for children’s musical) @ Suseong Artpia [1.19-1.27]



CATS (for children’s musical) @ Suseong Artpia [1.19-1.27] Concert @ 20:3022:30 (Novotel Daegu Terrace Cafe)

Les Miserables Musical @ Keimyung Art Center 1.1~1.20 Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill




Dislocation @ Daegu Art Museum 1.1-1.31

Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

POUR YOUR OWN DOUBLES @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill



CREATIVE LONDON exhibit @ Space K 1.1-1.31

Concert @ 20:3022:30 (Novotel Daegu Terrace Cafe)

Open Mic Night @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

POUR YOUR OWN DOUBLES @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

Verdi birth 200 years concert @ Suseong Artpia

This is an overview of our January events. For more information on events in our calendar, check out the next two pages or email us at: Please email us your event information by January 15th for our February 2013 issue.



Event Calendar JANUARY 1 - 31 MON-TUE 12.31~1.1 15th Homigot New Year’s Festival

MON-TUE 12.31~1.1 Yeongdeok New Year’s Festival

THU 1.10 Lymbyc Systym

FRI 1.11 Daegu Symphony Orchestra 2013 New Year’s Concert



Time: 2012.12.31~2013.1.1 Price: Free Place:Pohang Homigot square Ticket: 054-270-8282

Time: 2012.12.31~2013.1.1 Price: Free Place: 영덕삼사해상공원 Ticket: 054-730-6393

Time: 1.10 22:00 Price: 10,000W Advance 15,000W Door Place: Urban Lounge Ticket:

Time: 1.11 19:30 Price: 10,000w / 5000w Place: Daegu Culture and Arts Center Ticket: 053-606-6313

Time: 19:30 Price: 30,000w Advance / 35,000w Door Place: Rock Wang Ticket: 010-7290-0506


JANUARY 1 - 31 Event Calendar Time: Weekday:18:00 / Sat:12:00, 14:00, 16:00 / Sun: 13:00, 15:00 (every Monday no concert) Price: 25,000w Place: Suseong Artpia Ticket: 053)661-3081 Time: Weekday19:30 / Sat:15:00, 20:00/ Sun:14:00, 19:00 Price: VIP:130,000w / R:110,000w / S:90,000w / A:60,000w Place: Keimyung Art Center Ticket: 1599-1980

Time: 17:00 Price: R:30,000w / S:20,000w / A:10,000w Place: Daegu Opera House Ticket: 666-6000

SAT-SUN 1.19~1.27 CATS (for children’s musical)

JAN 12.7-1.20 Les Miserables Musical

SAT 1.26 Verdi Birth 200 Years Concert

Time: 14:00, 20:00 Price: 10,000w Place: Daegu Art Museum Ticket: 053-790-3000

JAN 1.1-1.31 Dislocation

Time: Every THU - 20:3022:30 Price: Free *20% Discount on Draft Beer & Cocktails during the Concert Place: Novotel Daegu Terrace Cafe Ticket: 053) 664-1169

THU 20:30-22:30 FREE Concert Every Thursday NovotelDaegu







How to > Get there bring the Compass with you and show the taxi driver your destination

This is a guide to all the art centers in Daegu. Various art centers play a range of art performances: from musicals, nonverbal performances, operas, and classical plays. Check out our event calendar on p59 for some of the events playing this month. 63








9 6



2. Ganga (Indian)

4. Pita Bono (Sandwich)

7. Japanese (Sushi)

3. Tasting Table (Italian)

1. Napoli (Italian)


5. Business Bar

6. Bin (Italian)

9. Africa (Pasta & Coffee)

8. Hai Long Bay (Vietnamese)

Minature Golf

10. Long Bar

Cafe Francessco

La Bella Cucina (Italian) Dusan Ogori 두산오거리

Suseong Lake Suseong Land (Amusement Park)


Carlo Italian Pasta & Wine (Italian)

New York New York (Steak) New York, New York (Western Steak)

Suseong Lake area is one of the classiest places in Daegu. A perfect date area. After taking your sweetheart out to a nice meal, I’d recommend Napoli, Ganga, La Bella Cucina or New York New York, take a stroll around Suseong Lake until you come upon the famous ‘duck boats’ and paddle your way into each other’s hearts. Next, swing by the minature golf course and Suseong Land. Thanks to the photogs who took the great pics you see here. Aygul Sarvarova, Jeremy Taylor and Chanel Barlow. Photos by Aygul Sarvarova, Chanel Barlow and Jeremy Taylor

Suseong Lake area offers a change of pace to the hustle and bustle of downtown. Suseong Lake also boasts an amusement park (Suseong Land) reminiscent of those carnivals you went to with your parents at the local fair ground. There’s something to be said when you are on the back of the seahorse with a safety bar that barely locks you in place as you float for a few brief seconds in mid-air before being plunged back down in your seat. Thrilling, exhilarating are just a few choice words to descrribe the experience.











Seomun Market is Daegu’s biggest market. There are multiple areas dedicated to similar products. BARGAIN, it’s challenging, but fun. We hope you have an awesome time and try to enjoy and see as much of the market as possible. We would like to thank Dyren J. Billups-Adam for his photos of the different areas. Thanks bud!

6 7

1 Traditional Clothes, Souvenirs


2 3 68

Food Court

Knicknacks, clothes, food


Textiles, Blankets, Leather goods

Women’s Clothes


9 Wholesale Clothing

Parking Lot

Main Entrance (5min walk to subway)

Bargaining tip : Ask for a discount in Korean, “Gga Gga Ju Say Yo.”

to Seomun Market Subway Station

HOW TO ORDER FOOD An easy step-by-step guide on how to get food delivered right to your door.

How to Order Food Written by Brian M. Van Hise and Hyerin

Mastering food delivery by phone in Korea is not difficult. Think of all those dozens of restaurants that are just a stone's throw from your apartment. Get past the nervousness of ordering once or twice and you will see an entirely new world of dining possibilities open up before you. Step 1

Step 2 (Your Gu)

Step 3 (Your Dong) Step 4





동구, etc...

두류동, etc...


여기 (Yogi)

달서구 Step 6 (name your food) Food



불고기 (bulgogi)

Street number + Building name + Apt Number


Step 7 (quantity) 하나랑 (1) hana rang

Step 8 (drinks)

세개 (3) say gay

맥주 (beer)

김밥 (kimbap)

네개 (4) nay gay

오렌지주스 (O.J.)

만두 (mandu)

여섯개 (6) yeoseot gay

돈까스 (tonkkatsu)

Step 9

콜라 (cola)

두개 (2) do gay

다섯개 (5) daseot gay

-인데요 (in-dae-yo)


김치찌개 or 된장 찌개 (kimchi or bean soup) 떡볶이 (tteokpokki)

Step 5

사이다 (cider)

가져다 주세요. (ga-joe-da ju-se-yo)

This is a sample conversation you might have when you order food. Try it out to get your favorite dish delivered right to your home. How convenient! Restaurant 여보세요 ( Yeobo say yo) You


여기 수성구 황금동 롯데캐슬 105 동 402호 인데요. (Yogi [insert your Gu, Dong, and You street address here] in-dae-yo)

자장면 하나랑 볶음밥 하나 가 져다 주세요. ( JaJangMyun hana-rang pokkeum bab hana ga-joe-da ju-se-yo) (One JaJangMyun and one fried rice, please.) 그런데 얼마죠? (keuh-lun-dae ul-ma-joe? “How much is it?”)

(My address is SuSeongGu, Hwanggeum-dong, Lotte Castle, Building Restaurant 네. 105, Apt. #402) (nay “all right/goodbye”)







Downtown Eats Drinks


Photos by Ivan Broida, Vacquer Richard, Fuzz @

The Daegu Compass and it’s volunteers have come up with this comprehensive guide to the bring you the best places to enjoy the night in beautiful downtown Daegu.


\ \

053.424.8200 Everyday 11:30am – 10:30pm Western American Food


Map on p62

\ \

053.421.8577 Everyday 11am-2am Pasta and Coffee


Map on p62

\ \

053.257.2220 Everyday 11:30am – 10:30pm Samgyeopsal - thick slices of pork belly

Map on p62

Burnham’s Burgers \ \ 053.254.3320 Everyday 10:30am – 11pm Burgers and Milkshakes


Map on p62

\ \

010.8247.3939 Everyday 6pm – 4am Burgers, Mojitos, Wine


Map on p62

\ \

053.426.2268 Everyday 11am – 4am Mexican & Bar

Club That

\ Won’t break the bank  \ Who cares, hav’n funz \ \ \ \ Millionaire Club

Map on p62


Havana 053-257-9007 12:00pm-11:00pm Pasta, Salads, Coffee

\ \

The Holy Grill 053-255-4048 11:00am-10:00pm Sandwiches and Tex-Mex

\ \

Hyundai Food Court Food Court B1 Open 10:30~ Close 21:00 Restaurants F8 Open 10:30~ Close 22:00 Food Court

\ \

JJ’s Bar and Grill 010-4013-9879 Tue-Sun 5pm – Late Tex-Mex and Burgers

Map on p62




Double cheese and ramen! Everyday 11am – 9pm Fried chicken and rice

Map on p62

\ \

Lazy Diner

Interesting interior

Everyday 11am – 10pm Burgers and Breakfast

Map on p62

\ \

Little Italia Chef studied in Italy.

Everyday 11am – 10pm Pasta and Wine

Map on p62

\ \

Mies Container

Electronic music and Bacon Pizza Map on p62

Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Pizza, Salad



Mies Factory

\ \

One of the busiest restaurants downtown. Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Pizza, Salad

Pan Asia

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

South East Asian Cuisine Comes to Daegu Everyday 12pm – 11pm Pad Thai, and other South East Asian Food

Quiznos Subs

Map on p62

\ \

Near Banwoldang for all your sub needs. Everyday 11am-9pm Subs and Sandwiches

Map on p62

Samcho-(Shovel Samgyeopsal)


053.252.1266 Everyday 3pm – 3am Samgyeopsal - thick slices of pork belly

Seoga & Cook

Map on p62

\ \

053.254.9989 Everyday 11:00am – 11pm Korean Western Fusion


Map on p62

\ \

053.255.8970 Everyday 4pm– 4am Galmaegisal - Korean BBQ


Fuzz @

Map on p62

\ \

053.256.9707 Everyday 11am~11pm (order 10pm) Western Food

Map on p62

Traveler’s Bar & Grill \ 010.4591.4869 Weekdays 5pm–CL Weekends 12pm-CL Burgers, Hot Wings, Beer


\ Map on p62

Fuzz @



9’s, 7’s ~ great beer!

Everyday 11am – 9pm Uzbekistan & Russian Food

Map on p62

\ \


Great lunch specials Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Coffee & Desserts

Map on p62



Different flavored Samgyeopsal.

Map on p62

Everyday 11am – 1am Samgyeopsal - Korean BBQ


Downtown Bars & Clubs

Photos by Ivan Broida, Vacquer Richard, Fuzz @

\ Won’t break the bank  \ \ \ \ \

Daegu thrives at night. Downtown is loaded with bars and Who cares, hav’n funz clubs to meet everyone’s drinking and partying needs. Challenge yourself and try out places you’ve never been. Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.comMillionaire Club

AU Lounge

\ \

Upscale and good for large groups. Everyday 6pm – 4am Bottle service, trendy

Map on p62

Billi Bow & Dart

Fuzz @


Lots of Dart Machines and Pool Table Everyday 6pm – 4am Western food, on 2FL of Lotte Cinema

Blue Ketchup \

Fuzz @


053.286.1000 Everyday 6pm - 3am / Fri, Sat 6pm - 5am Korean fusion food

Bus Bar

Map on p62

Map on p62


Theme bar, fun atmosphere. Everyday 6pm – 4am Korean fusion food

Map on p62

Fuzz @

Bunny’s Bar \

1st Fl bar / Great place to start the night 010-7417-6288 - English / 010-4434-1207 - Korean Sun-Thu =8pm-2pm / Fri-Sat = 7pm-4pm Take-out Bag Drinks available / Sit in

Map on@p62 Fuzz

Champs Sports Bar \ New bar in town ~ They came to play. Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer Pong, Darts, Air Hockey, Live Music

Map on p62

Communes \ Longest running bar in Daegu. A must go to. Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer, Trivia Night, Sports


Map on p62

Fuzz @


\ \

Flower Bar Apple is the best!

Fuzz @

Everyday 6pm – 4am Wine and Hooka Bar

Map on p62

\ \

Club Frog

4am~headed to Frog? Everyday 9pm – 4am Hip-hop / Dance / Party

Fuzz @ Map on p62


Gold Label

Good for large groups who drink.

Fuzz @

Everyday 6pm – 3am Top 40 hits / Good Beer

Map on p62

Fuzz @


Go Go Party

Everyone’s favorite bag drink! Everyday 7pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

Club EGG

Upscale club, 17,000w cover. Everyday 9pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62


Fuzz @

Club JEEEP 010.7527.4879 Everyday 8pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62



You should experience it once.

Fuzz @

Map on p62

Everyday 6pm - 3am Traditional Korean Tavern



MF Bar


My Favorite bar ~ owners are cool! Everyday 7pm - 4am Darts / Music Requests / Cheap Booze

Old Skool

Map on p62

Fuzz @


Ghetto blaster!

Everyday 7pm - 4am Hip-hop / Dance / Pool

Club Pasha

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

3 : 1 Women to men ratio, always. Everyday 9pm - 4am Large Club / Banging House Music

Teum Lounge

Map on p62

Fuzz @

\ \

Classy lounge with a sexy, futuristic atmosphere. Everyday 7pm – 3am Electronic Music

Thursday Party I

Map on p62

Fuzz @


The best of the best go here.

Everyday 7pm – 4am Beer Pong, Darts, Danc’n

Thursday Party II

Map on p62

Fuzz @


053.252.1266 Everyday 7pm – 4am Beer Pong, Shuffle Puck, Darts

Urban Club & Lounge

Map on p62

Fuzz @


Live Music on the weekends.

Everyday 7pm – 4am Live Music, Darts, Hip-hop

Who’s Bob

Map on p62

Fuzz @


The Bob.

Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer Pong, Dart Machine, Pool


Map on p62

Fuzz @


Compass Connoisseur

Check out these other great eats around town.



Ganga -

A cuisine worthy of Shiva. This upscale Indian restaurant has great curries. There naan is quite exquisite as well. You can even order samosas! Wash it down with a nice mango lassi and you have yourself an aroma massage for your stomach! Check out the Suseong-gu Compass map on p65 for directions. Lunch : 11:30am ~ 3:00pm Last Order 2:30pm Dinner: 17:30 ~ 22:00 Last Order 21:30 Weekend Hours: 11:30 ~ 22:00


Carlo Italian Pasta & Wine

Owner Giovanni Kim has lived and trained in Italy for 14 years. Mr. Kim can speak several languages including English and Italian. Trained as an Italian Chef. The menu is traditional Tuscan style cuisine; however special requests are available with 24 hour notice. Check out the Suseong-gu Lake Compass map on p66 for directions. Monday – Sunday: 11:30AM – 12:30AM Kitchen Closes: 11:30PM



Kyungpook Uni. area


Indo Bang Rangi - 3F Restaurant

Sanjay welcomes you! Renovated and redesigned last year, this Indian restaurant is famous for it’s curries. The chef is from India and speaks English very well. Plus, he’s super friendly and will answer all your existential Indian food questions. The restaurant is located on the 3rd floor right across from Kyungdae Buk Moon (north gate). Check the Kyungdae Compass map on p64 for directions. 11am - 10pm everyday (except major holidays)


Maya - 2F Restaurant

A wood-fired tandoor oven seeps into your senses as you enter the door to this fantastic Indian/Nepali restaurant. Relatively new to Daegu, about 2 years old now, this restaurant is a great escape from the retro-urban decor that most Daegu restaurants display. A cozy interior with exotic tapestries of the far east adorning the walls. Reasonable prices and great Thali sets round out this establishment. Check the Kyungdae Compass map on p64 for directions.

11:00am to 11:00pm everyday (closed Mondays)





HOTEL HOTEL GUIDE GUIDE Welcome to the Daegu Compass hotel information guide. We will also be adding a guide about motels soon. Daegu is very spread out, and not all the hotels will be convenient for you. We hope our hotel guide will help you with making your decision on where to rest your weary bones for the night.

Downtown Area Hotels Novotel Daegu City Center Add : 대구광역시 중구 국채보상로 611번지 Tel : 053- 664-1111 Website : Email :

Eldis Regent Hotel Add : 대구광역시 중구 동산동 360번지 Tel : 053-253-7711 Website : Email :

Nam Gu Area Hotels Hotel the Palace Add : 대구광역시 남구 봉덕3동 688-1번지 Tel : 053-471-9911 Website : Email : no - online reservation system

Prince Hotel Add : 대구광역시 남구 대명2동 1824-2번지 Tel : 053-628-1001 Website : Email :


Near the nightlife Roomrates start at 472,600+ won(10% vaT will be added)

Fantastic all you can eat buffet!

Room rates start at 100,000won Close to Hyundai and Dongha Shopping

Near Camp Walker Room rates start at 99,000won Near Camp Walker Clean and Friendly

Room rates start at 105,000won Western and Korean rooms available


HOTEL HOTEL GUIDE GUIDE Suseong Gu Area Hotels Daegu Grand Hotel Add : 대구광역시 수성구 범어1동 563-1번지 Tel : 053-742-0001 Website : Email :

Hotel Inter-burgo Add : 대구 수성구 만촌동 300번지 Tel : 053-6027-171, 173 Website : Email :

Hotel Ariana Add : 대구광역시 수성구 두산동 200-1번지 Tel : 053-765-7776 Website : Email :

Dong Gu Area Hotels Hotel J’s Add : 대구광역시 동구 신천4동 326-1번지 Tel : 053-756-6601~10 Website : Email :

10 min from Dongdaegu station

Room rates start at 240,000won One of the top hotels in Daegu

Room rates start at 330,000won Daegu Casino is open! Room rates start at 110,000won

Across from Dongdaegu station Close to Express Bus Station

Room rates start at 160,000won Walking distance to KTX & Express Bus


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