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Written and photographed by Mandy Shimizu Translated by Jinil Kim

양을 볼 수 있을 것이다.

Once you step through the doors of the restaurant, you will see a sweet Korean man behind the counter with a bandana on his head. He is the owner of the restaurant and a culinary artist, who actually studied in Japan for 3 years before opening his restaurant in Korea. Side note: nothing is in English, but I do not speak any Korean, and I have gotten by there fine with his minimal English skills. He also speaks Japanese, if you can speak Japanese, you can practice with him.

I'm keeping a secret from my little Japanese grandma. I have found someone who

makes a better katsudon than her! It's strange, because when I moved to Korea, I did not expect to be eating more Japanese food than Korean food. 내게는 일본인인 나의 할머니에게 말할 수 없는 비밀이 있다. 할머니 보다 가츠동을 더 잘 만드는 사람을 찾은 것이다! 내가 한국에 왔을 때, 한국 음식보다 일본 음식을 더 많이 먹을 거라는 것은 전혀 예상하지 못 한 일이었다.

So, if you would like a change of pace from galbi, or whatever it is you find yourself eating on the regular, head to the Manchon stop on the green line. Pop out of the number 3 exit, cross the street, walk about a block, until you see Dunkin Donuts, take a right, walk to the dead end, and take a left. Ten steps later, you will see a red 6

awning, with the words "Japaness," written on your left. 그래서 말인데, 만약 당신이 갈비 또는 지금까지 늘 먹던 것에서 변화 를 주고 싶다면, 지하철 2호선 만촌 역으로 향하라. 3번 출구에서 나와 길을 건너서 한 구역만 가면 던킨 도넛이 보인다. 거기서 오른쪽으로 돌아 골목 끝까지 걸어가서 왼쪽으 로 돌아라. 열 발자국 후에 ‘재패 네스’라는 글자가 새겨진 붉은 차

일단 문을 밀고 들어가면, 머리에 두건을 쓴 친절한 한국남자가 카운 터 뒤에 서 있는 것을 보게 될 것이 다. 그는 이 식당의 주인이자 요리 사이다. 그는 식당을 열기 전 일본 에서 3년 간 배웠다고 한다. 주석: 영어로 된 것은 없지만 나 또 한 한국말을 하지 않았고, 그의 짧 은 영어 실력도 문제가 되지 않았 다. 그는 일본어를 할 줄 알기에, 만 약 당신이 일본어를 할 수 있다면 그와 함께 연습도 할 수 있다.

JAPANESS If you are having a quick meal by yourself, I would recommend the Katsudon, which is a tender pork cutlet, marinated in a light sauce with onions, and an egg on top all over rice. Normally, this dish runs for 5,000 won, but he has been known to have specials, so if you go on the right day you can get it for a bargain of 4,000 won. 식사를 빨리 해야 한다면, 밥 위에 부드러운 돈가스와 가벼운 소스에 절인 양파 그리고 계란이 얹혀진 가츠동을 추천한다. 보통 이 메뉴 는 5,000원이지만, 특별할인도 있 어서 할인하는 날에 가면 4,000 원에 맛 볼 수도 있다.

If you are in the mood for sushi, he has many options all for 8,000 won. My favorite is the 14 piece sushi selection, because you can taste a little octopus, shrimp, salmon, and a white fish, which I can't identify, but it tastes delicious. And his sushi is made bite-size, as it was meant to be. 초밥을 먹고 싶다면 8,000원에 다 양한 세트메뉴가 있다. 나는 초밥 14개가 있는 세트를 가장 좋아하는 데, 새우, 연어 그리고 이름은 잘 모 르지만 맛있는 흰 살 생선을 맛 볼 수 있기 때문이다. 그리고 그의 초 밥은 원래 그러하듯이 딱 한 입 크 기로 만들어진다.

And if you don't know what you are in the mood for, or are with a few people, he has many combination options. For two people (or more if your appetite is not like mine) option A, for 15,000 won is perfect. It includes a bowl of noodles, two large fried shrimps, a Katsudon, and 8 pieces of sushi. 그리고 어떤 것을 골라야 할지 모르 거나 다른 사람들과 함께 왔을 때를

위한 세트메뉴도 많다. (만약 당신 이 나처럼 많이 먹지 않는다면ㅋ)보 통 두 사람에게는 15,000원짜리 A 세트가 딱이다. 국수 한 그릇, 큰 새 우튀김 두 개, 가츠동 그리고 초밥 8개가 나온다.

Oh, and did I mention that all of these come with kimchi and a bowl of miso soup? Perfect to keep you warm this winter! 아, 그리고 이 모든 메뉴에 김치와 미소된장이 나온다고 말했던가? 겨 울을 따뜻하게 보내는 데 완벽하다!

I recommend that you try Japaness as soon as you can. 나는 당신이 하루빨리 ‘재패네 스’ 음식을 먹어보길 바란다.

Japaness, it's a new adjective for kick-ass Japanese food. ‘재패네스’, 일본 음식을 납작하 게 할 새로운 형용사다.

– 9 p.m.) Directions: Head to the Manchon stop on the green line. Pop out of the number 3 exit, cross the street, walk about a block, until you see Dunkin Donuts, take a right, walk to the dead end, and take a left. Ten steps later, you will see a red awning, with the words “Japaness” written, on your left. 지하철 2호선 만촌역으로 향하라. 3 번 출구에서 나와 길을 건너서 한 구역만 가면 던킨 도넛이 보인다. 거기서 오른쪽으로 돌아 골목 끝까 지 걸어가서 왼쪽으로 돌아라. 열 발자국 후에 ‘재패네스’라는 글 자가 새겨진 붉은 차양을 볼 수 있 을 것이다.

So, if you work nights, you can make it a Saturday afternoon adventure! 그리고 당신이 야간에 일한다면, 토 요일 오후에 이용할 수도 있다!

Hours: Monday-Saturday 11a.m. – 9 p.m. 영업시간: 월요일 ~ 토요일 (11a.m.



Kimbap restaurants: the healthy fast food joints in Korea Written by Christine Kaaloa


n Korea, it often feels like there are never any really fat Koreans (...okay, they are exceptions; but it's rare)! Obesity is not a chronic problem in Korea, as it is in the West. One theory is owned to how Koreans eat healthy. Korea may have restaurant chains like McDonalds and Burger King, but they aren't a 'fast food' kind of country.

under 5,000w). Kimbap (sushi rolls), jjigae (stews), ramen or udon (noodles dishes) and rice meals such as bibimbap are all standard platters of most kimbap shops. Order it as takeout or dine in; either way, your dish comes with a small plate of banchan (or side dishes).

Frozen or microwaved foods? Koreans like their food fresh. Preservatives? The keyword is fermented. Koreans do however, occasionally like their meals served simple, cheap and bali! bali !

Are there picture menus or menus in English? Hah! Does the outdoor sign read : K-I-M-BA-P ? Seldom. So how does one recognize a kimbap shop or order from it?

Kimbap restaurants chains are the healthy equivalent to fast food joints.

• Memorizing the menu:

The meals they sell are often thought of as "simple home foods", which can be made quickly and sold cheaply (everything is

How to order at a kimbap joint:

Let's say you don't read a lick of hangul. Knowing what you want and how to order is all you need to know! Until you can read Korean, memorize the names of the foods you'll want to order.




• Decoding the Menus: Staring at the menus might have a dizzying effect-- they look like a Korean multiple choice quiz-until you realize the categories are highlighted. Categories make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. They might change slightly according to restaurant but they typically range from: •김밥 kimbap = sushi rolls •식사 shiksa = general meals (with or without rice) •찌개 ji-gae = soups •분식 bunshik = meals with noodles (i.e. 라면 ramyeon = ramen noodles / 우동 udong = thick white noodles) -[Bunshik actually means menu made of flour, so it can include 떡볶 이 dukbokki, 만두 mandoo or 튀김 fries, too. Not only with noodles, but with food made by flour. Also, Even though kimbap is not made of flour, Koreans still call kimbap as bunshik. I think the meaning of bunshik nowadays broadened. So it describes food you can get quick and easy.]

KOREAN FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS Quick tip: Recognizing the categories will help you locate your dishes quicker. The categories are also appended to many of the dishes. • Placing an order: When you roll in and sit down, you'll see a menu pad on the edge of your table. Check the item and quantity you want in the item box or you can order it directly from the ajumma waitress. Your ajumma may be sweet or a bit rough around the corners, as if life's dealt her more blows than a NYC waitress. Don't take it personally; that's just ajummas, in general! If you know what you want, then you can rattle it off:


• " ....... issoyo?" (Do you have...?) • "....... jooseyo " (........, please) • A vegetarian’s notes : To baego or not to baego Generally, every dish will have a bit of fish or seafood splash to it. If you want to remain meat and ocean-free, then kimbap (sushi

roll) is your best bet (approx. $1.30-$2.00, it's also the cheapest thing on the menu)! But you'll still have to baego it. Baego means the equivalent to "without" or "hold". • Kieran baego jooseyo (without egg, please.) • Gogi baego jooseyo (without meat, please.) Continued on p11



Written by Catherine Stark

new year, a new you. Your recently expanded “holiday” waist line, empty wallet and overworked liver are begging for a break. That slight alcohol and sugar induced coma you’ve been surviving on autopilot since late November needs to be lifted. Those New Year’s resolutions you cheersed to with your besties are set to be broken in a mere manner of fully dedicated, over the top, super energetic three weeks--maybe for you truly loyal folk, three months. So you ask how can you effectively de-bloat and get your body in working order before sandy beaches and full moon parties fill your days’ agenda, one word; detox. That’s right; it’s time to toss the leftovers, nix the egg nog lattes, and set the Hite down. It takes a little effort, but you will be rewarded with more energy, less headaches, and a liver that loves you. You must be forewarned, by definition, detox essentially means ridding your body of poisonous toxins that have been inhibiting your organ function and “polluting” your blood stream that you’ve ingested either recently or quite some time ago. So yes, that phrase “what goes in must come out” applies here exclusively. To some-detox merely means more water, less booze and not stopping at the Kebab shop at 3am. This could even be coupled with a trip or two to the sauna to sweat it out during the week. These are all beneficial and are even considered to be



some recommended ‘pre’ detox steps, but aren’t going to get the job done. That persistent headache and lack of energy might improve in the short term, but more drastic action needs to be taken to ensure functioning at full capacity in the long term. So here are three approaches that cater to anyone from the foodie fanatic to the nutritional newbie. The most popular and extreme way to detoxify is to follow the “Master Cleanse” program. What’s involved?—fasting, only drinking a mix of cayenne pepper, lemon juice, maple syrup and water during the day, then topping that up with a salt water cocktail to flush out your system. This cleanse is not for the fainthearted as it will rock your insides, blast your tastes buds and may require bringing an extra pair of shorts to school. Those serious about completing it should follow the three step approach laid out at www.themastercleanse.org. A bit less extreme and little more sustainable is following the “Raw Diet.” It is just like it sounds—

only raw fruits and veggies are to be consumed during your 3-21 day detox. This method comes highly recommended as an effective and affordable approach to complete in Korea by nutritional guru Andrea Speck. Guidelines and helpful hints about how to get started and what to buy can be found at www.bestofrawfood. com. Lastly, another alternative to help get your body back on track and expel those nasty toxins is by doing a mini-diet makeover; swap coffee for green tea, halve your carb intake and add foods packed with omega-three oils. Following these changes and adding supplements that facilitate detoxification to your regimen for two weeks, will have you back on the health train in no time. An effective detox in a box is the “Complete Cleanse,” by Naturade which can be purchased at www.iherb.com and delivered to straight to your doorstep. Now beat those post holiday body blues and get out and find a detox program that works for you.

KOREAN FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS somewhere in their advertising. • You may see happy, dancing kimbap painted on window or signs. • Inside, there's a kimbap counter near the door entrance, as kimbap is the quickest takeout food to serve. The a counter with all the kimbap fixings.


For instance, I might say: “Yache kimbap jooseyo. Keiran baego, gogi baego jooseyo.” ( Translation: I'll have vegetable kimbap, please. Hold the eggs, hold the meat. ) How to recognize a kimbap shop :

Kimbap restaurants usually have franchises or chains and they seem to be everywhere. They almost always have recognizable signs if you pay attention. On the outside: • A garishly, bright orange sign which have the word 김밥 kimbap. • Open 24 hours: You'll see "24"

Have you ever eaten at a kimbap joint? Any tips or recommendations you’ve discovered ? Bio: Christine Kaaloa is a travel blogger and photographer, who pens travel survival stories and tips for the 20-30-something solo budget traveler, who wants to live with a little GRRR! Visit her site www.grrrltraveler.com or join her on Facebook at GRRRL. TRAVELER.



2011 REWIND Written by Jennifer Sanasie

When we bring in the New Year, we get ready for new goals, new resolutions and new experiences.

At midnight on December 31st, people gathered with friends and family to reminisce on the past year, the lessons they learned and the goals they achieved. “We don’t realize it, but we change a lot in one year,” says Katie McKay, a hagwon teacher who lives in Chilgok. “A year ago I would have never imagined I would have the life I do now,” she says. Katie moved to Daegu in January 2011, and says the things that happened in 2011 have shaped her goals and resolutions for 2012. Foreigners in Daegu have come from all over the world, making the foreign community a diverse group. The majority of this diverse group is made up of people from the United States of America, Canada, The United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia

and New Zealand. As we ring in 2012, and think about the goals we have for the New Year, it is only natural we remember some major events that happened in 2011 which have impacted our lives and those around the world. United States of America Osama Bin Laden dead On May 1, President Barack Obama announced that the mastermind behind the worst terrorist attack on American soil was killed. In a televised statement, President Obama said, “After a firefight, [US forces] killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.” “I think Osama’s death lifts a weight off of America’s shoulders,” says Brett Thompson, a hagwon teacher in Daegu. American citizens were seen celebrating outside the White House shortly after Obama’s late night statement.



Cindy Klak, an American EPIK teacher in Daegu says, “There were definitely a lot of celebrations happening in the states, I imagine it was very emotional,” she continued that since she was in Daegu, she didn’t participate in any kind of celebration, “but I felt emotional and happy that all the people who lost loved ones on September 11 could gain closure.” Occupy Wall Street


On September 17, in Zucotti Park, New York’s financial district, a peaceful protest was lead by Adbusters to bring light to financial and economic inequality. The protesters’ slogan was “We are the 99 per cent.” The protest was meant to highlight the growing difference in wealth between the one per cent of wealthy Americans and the rest of the population. Although this started off as a peaceful occupation, it quickly became violent and spread to other major cities around the world. Continued on p14

ENGLISH CLUB www.theholygrilldaegu.com HAMBURGERS & SANDWICHES


Serving up our legendary comfort food since 2007.

Come check out our new location downtown, at Banwoldang Station (Exit 12) next to Cafe Tiamo. Share some of our unique appetizers with friends, or horde one of our epic sandwiches alone. Wash it all down with a frosty pint, imported bottles or a nice glass (or two) of wine.

THE HOLY GRILL...Canadian food cooked by a Canadian dude. *WE DELIVER - Call our closest location for details. *FREE DELIVERY FOR GROUP ORDERS OVER 30,000w

2011 REWIND “I think this issue really needed to be talked about,” says Cindy, “the idea was great, but people got carried away and used it as a way to be violent and create disorder.” “Every time I heard about an Occupy Wall Street riot I just rolled my eyes, so many of these people didn’t even know what it was about, they just wanted to cause trouble,” Brett says. Canada - Jack Layton dead

optimistic, encouraged change and listened to what people wanted. His death made her sad for his family and for Canada, “he was a great politician, and from what I can tell a great person.” Hockey - Vancouver hockey riot On June 15, Vancouver lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins. This loss sparked riots throughout the city, and the news quickly spread across the globe. “These riots reflected so poorly on Canada,” says Rachel. “As a Canadian citizen I was disappointed in Vancouver and the way it made us look.” “I don’t think the people in the riots were hockey fans, they were just young people looking for an excuse to riot. I was very disappointed when I heard about it,” says Kyle Nelson, a hagwon teacher.


On August 22, Jack Layton, the leader of the New Democratic Party, the Official Opposition, died after a battle with cancer. In a letter written to Canadians shortly before his death Layton said, “My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.” “I was sitting at my desk in school when I read the letter,” EPIK teacher, Rachael Brownell says. “It made me feel proud to be Canadian.” Rachael explains that Jack Layton stood for everything Canada is and should be, “he was 14

The United Kingdom - London Riots From August 6 – 10, London and neighbouring boroughs erupted with riots, fires and violence in response to the shooting death of Mark Duggan during an attempted arrest by London police. The riots started off as a peaceful protest in

Tottenham, London, but quickly spread across the country and became violent. “I think this was a misrepresentation of people from the UK[…] the riots were an overreaction,” Curtis Allen, an EPIK teacher says, “ I think people were jumping on the bandwagon and using the protest as an excuse to be violent and unruly without knowing the facts behind the situation.” UK does not sign EU treaty In December, with the European debt crisis in full flow, the UK vetoed the EU treaty proposed by France and Germany that would allow greater eurozone integration. On December 9, British Prime minister David Cameron said, “What is on offer isn't in Britain's interests so I didn't agree to it. Let me explain why this matters. Of course we want the eurozone countries to come together and to solve their problems. But we should only allow that to happen inside the European Union treaties if there are proper protections for the single market and for other key British interests. Without those safeguards, it is better not to have a treaty within a treaty but to have those countries make their arrangements separately. That is


2011 REWIND what is now going to happen.” “I think this is a pretty drastic move on the UK’s part, but the problem is we don’t know yet what the outcome will be,” says Curtis, “it could be bad, and it could be good, we will have to wait and see.” South Africa - Government restricts free press On November 22, parliament passed a bill that restricts journalists to report on anything regarded as a government secret. The legislation still needs to pass further steps to become a law, but it would make it a crime to publish anything, any state agency deems as classified. Australia - The Pacific Solution On August 31, the high court in Australia rejected the deal to swap 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia in exchange for 4,000 refugees. The full bench found that the minister could not process asylum seekers in a third country that was not required under law to provide protection when refugee status was acquired. By law, if the government decides to abandon this plan, it will still be responsible for accepting the 4,000 refugees from Malaysia. When talking to Roberta Annesly, a hagwon teacher in Daegu, she says “ I didn’t really keep up with this story while I’ve been here, but I think Australia is trying to keep people who are looking for asylum from going there by boat.” New Zealand - The Rugby World Cup


On October 23, New Zealand won the 2011 World Cup, which they also hosted. New Zealand hadn’t won the Rugby World Cup since 1987. “This was what we needed!” says Stephan De Preguado of New Zealand. “We took the cup on home soil! I watched the game with all my friends […] after the game there was a huge sense of national pride in both New Zealand and abroad!” Worst Floods in 10 Years On December 15, New Zealand declared a state of emergency after it experienced the worst floods they had seen in a decade. More than 420 millimetres of rain had fallen in 24 hours on December 15. According to the Al Jazeera news network, the Civil Defense said the rainfall was well in excess of a one in 100-year event. Korea - Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement On February 10, the Republic of Korea and the United States signed letters that “provide new market access and level the playing field for U.S. auto manufacturers and workers. Once it enters into

force, the Agreement will be the United States' most commercially significant free trade agreement in more than 16 years,” according to the United States government. “I’m against the FTA, because my father is a farmer, and we have lost a lot of money because of the KORUS FTA,” says Mr. Jun an English teacher at SungKwang Middle School. “I think many things are cheaper in the US, so this is not good for business owners and farmers in Korea,” he continues. While farmer and business owners are suffering from this deal, consumers seem to be excited about it, “I am excited because we will be able to get American products for cheaper than we were able to before,” says Kim So Young, a teacher. While 2011, seems to be remembered for chaos, disaster, death and politics; these events can impact for the better, “Although there were many negative things about some events in 2011, we can draw positive messages from what happened, and create goals that promote a better future for 2012,” says Katie Mckay.



Kyoto – Tokyo. The Japanese Dream.

Written and photographed by Ciara Keenan Translated by Yujeong Lee


stones throw from the lovely Daegu is a world of adventure awaiting all eager travellers in the form of the magnificent Japan. 사랑스러운 대구에서 가까운 곳에 열렬 한 여행자를 기다리고 있는 아름다운 모 험의 세계, 일본이 있다.

Although South Korea and Japan have a turbulent history to say the very least, a visit to the former colonizer is a must as three of us Daegu teachers were to discover. 비록 아무리 좋게 말하려 해도 한국과 일본이 혼란스러운 역사를 가지고 있긴 하지만, 한국을 식민지화 했던 일본을 더 잘 알기 위해서라도 대구 선생님인 우리 세 명의 방문은 필수였다.

Being so close geographically means a huge amount of time is not essential to ensure a worth-

while visit, but naturally the longer the better. 지리적으로 아주 가깝다는 것이 가치가 덜한 방문을 의미하는 건 아니지만, 더 긴 여정이 낫긴 하다.

So four days, three girls, two cities and one big adventure began. 그래서 세 명의 여자는 4일 동안 두 도 시로 떠나는 커다란 모험을 시작했다.

Booking flights can be a lengthy and confusing job so we made the decision to visit a travel agent. 비행기를 예약하는 것이 시간이 걸리 고 혼란스러워 우리는 여행사를 방문하 기로 했다.

A few of our friends had used a place called Hanna Tours so on the back of their recommenda-

tions we decided to give it a go. 친구 중 몇 명이 ‘하나투어’라는 곳을 이용하고 있어서 추천을 받아 그곳에 가 보기로 했다.

The service was good, their English was enough and so within a matter of minutes flights were booked leaving from Busan on a Saturday and returning on Wednesday morning, costing around 500,000 won, cheaper than we had found ourselves. 서비스는 좋았다. 직원이 영어도 충분히 잘했고, 몇분 걸리지 않아 토요일 부산에 서 출발하여 수요일 아침에 돌아오는 비 행기를 예약했다. 비용은 50만원 정도인 데, 우리가 찾은 것보다 더 싼 편이었다.

Although only four days, we were keen to see as much as possible so we made the team decision to fly into Osaka, go to the nearby Kyoto and then make the journey to Tokyo. 비록 4일이지만, 우리는 되도록 많은 것 을 보고 싶어서 오사카로 날아간 다음, 근처 교토에서부터 도쿄에 이르는 여행 을 하기로 결정했다.

Some thought we were mad to travel so much as we would miss things but for us it was definitely the right choice. Do some research and figure out what would work best for your interests. 어떤 이는 우리가 여행에 너무 미쳐 있 어서 뭔가를 놓칠지도 모른다고 생각했 지만, 우리의 선택은 탁월했다. 당신의 관심 분야를 위해 최선을 다해서 알아내



So we landed in Osaka airport and decided to travel straight onto Kyoto and begin exploring the city. Osaka is renowned as a lively and fun place to be, but on our time scale, we decided to focus on our two cities of choice. 우리는 오사카 공항에 착륙했고, 교토로 바로 가서 도시를 탐험하기로 했다. 오사 카는 활기차고 재미있는 곳으로 명성이 자자하지만 시간이 별로 없는 관계로 일 정대로 두 도시에만 집중하기로 했다.

From the airport, we got a direct train costing 3,500 yen and when we arrived at Kyoto station the transport system was surprisingly easy to use. 공항에서 3,500엔으로 직통열차를 타고 교토역에 도착했을 땐 교통체계의 편리


함에 놀라지 않을 수 없었다.

Unlike Korea, cabs are relatively expensive so my advice would be to get a day pass for the bus which will cost around 600-800 yen and can be purchased on the actual bus.

그래서 600~800엔 정도하는 버스 종일 이용권을 끊는 것이 좋다. 버스에서 구입 할 수 있다.

‘Busing’ it is greener, cheaper, and simpler and you will be able to see lots of the city as you travel around. It makes sense.

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KYOTO TO TOKYO - TRAVEL DREAM of traditional Japanese restaurants, so after some geisha spotting it proved a real nice place to spend the evening. 이 근처에는 몇몇 영국식과 바 그리고 일본 전통식당이 게이샤를 보고 나서 이곳이 는 데 정말 멋진 장소란 걸

아일랜드식 많이 있다. 저녁을 보내 알았다.

Bright and early the next day, we eagerly set of for a day of adventure. 날이 밝은 다음날 아침, 우리는 오늘의 모험을 위해 만반의 준비를 했다.

‘버스타기’는 더욱 친환경적이고 저 렴하면서 간단하다. 버스를 타고 돌아다 니면 도시의 많은 것을 볼 수 있다. 일 리가 있다.

매니저는 친절했고, 심지어 밤에는 작 지만 안락한 공동공간에서 우리와 함 께 어울리며 일본의 다양한 전통주를 소 개해줬다.

Our first port of call was to check into what turned out to be the most awesome hostel around, Hostel Mundo (check it out on facebook).

숙소는 아늑하고 편안했으며, 그곳만의 안온한 분위기가 있었다. 또한 우리는 멋 진 프랑스인과 미국인, 한국인 그리고 우 리 영국인 세 명, 아일랜드인, 캐나다인 과 함께 시간을 보내면서 밤 늦도록 많 은 대화를 나눴다.

주변에서 가장 멋진 숙소로 알려진, 문 도 숙소(페이스북에서 확인해보길)에서 체크인을 하는 것이 우리의 첫 번째 관 문이었다.

The manager was friendly and even introduced us to a range of traditional Japanese drinks at night when he would join us in the small but cosy communal area. The hostel was homely and there was a relaxed, laidback ambiance about the place. We also got to hang out with some cool French, American and Korean people and as us three are English, Irish and Canadian, we had plenty to talk about late into the night.


On our first night, we decided to check out Kyoto’s infamous Geisha district at Gion. Although you will be very lucky to catch a glimpse of an actual geisha, there are trainee geisha or at least girls dressed as geisha who will happily pose for a photograph. 첫날밤 우리는 기온에서 교토의 악명 높은 게이샤 거리를 확인해 보기로 했 다. 당신이 비록 운이 좋아 게이샤를 얼 핏 보더라도, 그들은 견습 게이샤이거 나 사진촬영을 위해 기꺼이 포즈를 취 해 줄 게이샤처럼 옷을 입은 소녀들에 불과하다.

Around this area there are a few English and Irish bars and plenty

We decided to spend the majority of the day at the famous Kiyomizudera Temple. It is situated at the top of a steep hill on the eastern side of Kyoto, and there is a bus stop right beside it. 하루의 대부분을 유명한 기요미즈데라 절에서 보내기로 했다. 그곳은 교토 동쪽 에 있는 가파른 언덕 위에 자리하고 있 고, 버스 정류장이 바로 옆에 있다.

Once there, the location and atmosphere are second to none. The quaint street leading up to the temple is lined with souvenir shops, restaurants and ryokan ( Japanese-style inns). 그곳의 위치와 분위기는 최고였다. 절 까지 올라가는 예스러운 거리에는 기념 품 가게와 식당, 료칸(일본식 여관)이 줄 지어 있었다.

The temple grounds are vast and there are several things to enjoy. Try being blindfolded and walking from one stone to another listening only to the guidance of your friends, or drink from the fountain of prosperity or just relax by the scenic pond complete with fish and ducks.

KYOTO TO TOKYO - TRAVEL DREAM a cool place. 당신이 가장 좋아하는 영화 등을 묻겠지 만, 그런 멋진 곳을 즐기고 있을 때 나눌 만한 담소가 아닐지도 모른다.

Following some relaxing time just soaking up the atmosphere and sampling the local cuisine, we headed out to a full moon party.


경내는 아주 넓었고 즐길거리가 몇 군데 있었다. 안대를 하고 친구의 안내만 들 으며 한 쪽 돌에서 다른 쪽 돌 위로 걸 어보거나, 번영의 샘에서 물을 마시거나, 물고기와 오리가 오가는 경치 좋은 연못 옆에서 편히 쉬어보라.

guide in return for some English conversation.

Do not be surprised if you arrive at the temple and are approached by a group of Japanese students, who will offer to be your tour

Though be warned they may ask you about your favourite movie etc, not exactly what you may wish to chat about when enjoying such

절에 도착하면 영어회화를 위해 가이드 해 주려는 한 무리의 일본 학생이 다가 와도 놀라지 마라.

여유로운 분위기에 흠뻑 취하고 향토 음 식을 맛 본 후에, 보름달 축제장으로 향 했다.

We got to enjoy the dragon boats which give a night-time tour of the lake, an abundance of Japanese foods and some traditional Japanese music. 우리는 일본 음식과 전통 음악이 가득한 용 보트를 타고 밤중 호수투어를 즐겼다. Continued on p20

KYOTO TO TOKYO - TRAVEL DREAM These are so common in Kyoto, the one we attended was the ‘Kyoto Uji Akari Emaki’ festival, which lasted around three days. Depending on when you go, check out what is happening nearby. 이것은 교토에서 아주 흔한 일이다. 우리 가 참여한 것은 3일 동안 열리는 ‘교토 우지 아카리 에마키’축제였다. 당신이 간 곳 근처에서 그때 어떤 행사들이 있는 지 확인해보는것은 중요하다.

Hostel Mundo does bike rental for 600 yen, so we decided to rent some bikes and see some of Kyoto on two wheels, and what a joy it was. 문도 숙소에서 600엔에 자전거를 빌려 두 바퀴로 교토를 구경했다. 그것은 정말 로 즐거웠다.

Cycling along the river side or going through the streets is a pleasure and gives you a real feel for the place. Also, Kyoto has a very simple and straightforward layout, so following a map should not prove too difficult, trust me if I can do it anyone can. 자전거를 타고 강변 또는 길 따라 가 는 것은 즐겁고 그곳을 물씬 느낄 수 있 다. 또한 교토 길은 아주 단순하고 곧 아서 지도를 따라가면 그닥 어렵지 않 다. 믿어라, 내가 할 수 있으면 누구든지 할 수 있다.

So, on our bikes we decided to visit the Kinkaku Temple, aka the golden temple, and what a treat it was. 우리는 자전거를 타고 황금사원으로 알 려진 긴카쿠 절에 들르기로 했다. 그 절 의 특별함이란..

The temple is amazing and although can only be seen from a 20

distance, it is still very much worth a visit, the saying is true, “Ya got to see it to believe it!!” 절은 비록 멀리서나마 볼 수 있었지만 놀 라웠다. 그것은 아주 가치가 있는 방문이 었고 말 그대로 ‘눈으로 직접 봐야 믿 을 수 있는 것’이었다!!

After the temple, we biked over to the imperial palace set in the grounds of the most magnificent park. From the outside, the palace doesn’t look like much, but tours are free, they just need to be booked slightly in advance. 절을 보고 난 후, 거대한 공원에 있는 제 국의 성으로 자전거를 향했다. 밖에서 봤 을 때 볼거리가 별로 없어 보이지만 아 무튼 공짜다. 다만, 조금 미리 예약할 필 요가 있다.

However, if touring around a palace is not your thing, the park alone is very much worth a visit. Watch some Japanese teenagers play baseball or relax under a tree with a book, it’s your call but it is a lovely place to relax and take in the sights and sounds.

설사 성을 둘러보는 것이 아니라 해도, 공원 자체만으로 방문할 가치가 있다. 일 본 청소년이 야구하는 것을 보거나 나무 아래서 책을 보며 휴식을 취해보라. 당신 의 선택이겠지만, 느긋하게 쉬면서 풍경 을 바라보며 소리를 즐기기에 충분히 사 랑스러운 곳이다.

Well rested, we hopped back on our bikes and decided to cycle along the Kamo River which was both relaxing and beautifully scenic. 충분히 쉬고 난 후 되돌아가기 위해, 마 음이 편안해지고 풍경이 아름다운 카모강 을 따라 라이딩 하기로 했다.

So down one side and back up the other, we eventually stumbled upon a traditional Japanese ‘event’. Although unplanned, there was food sampling, market stalls, open fires, music performances and tea parties, a real Japanese experience. 한 쪽으로 내려가다 보니 우연히 일본 전 통행사를 발견하게 되었다. 거기에는 시 식하는 곳, 가게 가판대, 불꽃과 음악공 연, 다도 등 진정한 일본을 체험할 수 있었다. Continued on p22

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Subway: Ayanggyo subway st. (Redline) > Take bus no.1 (급행1) to Palgongsan last stop 40min Bus: Geuphaeng1(급행1) Palgong1(팔공1)

KYOTO TO TOKYO - TRAVEL DREAM And alas our time was up, but as we waved goodbye to Kyoto we looked towards Tokyo with eager enthusiasm, as one door closes another opens and all that. 애석하게도 교토에서 우리의 시간은 끝 나가고 있었다. 교토에 작별을 고하자 마자 도쿄를 향한 우리의 열망은 마 치 한 쪽 문이 닫히고 또다른 문이 열 린 것 같았다.

Our means of transport……A LADY BUS!!


우리의 교통수단은…레이디버스였다!

도 있다.

Yes, killing two birds with one stone so to speak, we travelled to Tokyo on an overnight bus, thus transport and sleeping arrangements rolled into one, economical and time saving.

Eight hours later, we missed our stop and eventually got of at Disneyland Toyko. Although we had no intention of visiting the world famous resort, we did loiter about the gift store and have a quick freshen in their facilities.

그렇다, 말하자면 일석이조다. 우리가 꿈 나라에 가 있는 동안 야간버스는 도쿄를 향해 달림으로써 경제적으로 시간도 버 는 것이다.

For 90,000 won you have a spacious seat on a pink floral bus, trust me it will not be the best nights sleep you have but it is not as traumatic as one may think. 9만원에 분홍색 꽃무늬 버스 안에서 넓 직한 좌석을 가질 수 있다. 믿어라, 최 고의 잠자리는 아니지만 생각만큼 불편 하진 않다.

We travelled with Willer Express but there are many companies offering a similar service and although our bus catered exclusively for woman, there are services for both sexes. 우리는 윌러 익스프레스를 통해서 여행 했으나 비슷한 서비스를 제공하는 회사 가 많다. 우리는 여성 전용 서비스를 제 공 받았지만 남녀 모두를 위한 서비스


8시간 후, 우리 목적지를 놓쳐 그만 도쿄 디즈니랜드에 내리게 되었다. 우리가 세 계적으로 유명한 휴양지에 방문할 의도 는 없었지만, 선물가게 들러 어슬렁거리 면서 잠시 기분 전환을 했다.

The tubes are quick and easy and if you do run into any bother there is always an English speaker nearby who will be ready and willing to assist. 지하철은 빠르고 편하다. 여행 중에 어떤 어려움을 만나더라도 근처에 영어를 할 수 있는 사람이 기꺼이 당신을 도와 주 려고 할 것이다.

Our hostel was in the Shinjuku area and it was fine. It was much more impersonal in comparison to Kyoto and be warned the showering facilities ran on a meter, in our case 100 yen. 우리 숙소는 신주쿠 쪽이고 그럭저럭 괜 찮았다. 교토에 비해 정감이 별로 없었

고, 샤워시설이 미터기로 운영되는 점 을 주의 받았다. 우리 경우에는 100엔 이었다.

There was also a ‘curfew’ in the respect that there was no admittance to the hostel between the hours of 2am and 5am. In the words of rapper Young Jeezy, ‘Go hard or go home’….in our case of course we were going to go hard. 또한 그곳에는 새벽 2시부터 5시 까지 숙소에 들어오지 못하는 ‘통금시간’ 이 있었다. 래퍼 영 지지의 가사 중에 ‘ 미친듯이 놀지 않을거면 집에 가버려’ 라는 말이 있듯이, 당연히 우리는 미친 듯이 놀았다.

Our day in Tokyo was spent visiting the infamous Shibuya Crossroad as seen in Lost in Translation and a personal favourite, The Fast and The Furious - Tokyo Drift. 도쿄에서는 ‘사랑도 통역이 되나요’ 와 개인적으로 가장 좋아하는 ‘패스 트 앤 퓨리어스- 도쿄 드리프트’에 나 오는 악명 높은 시부야 교차로를 방문하 는 데 보냈다.

We also took the opportunity to visit the nearby ‘Loyal Dog’ statue at Shibuya Station which commemorates a famous Japanese

KYOTO TO TOKYO - TRAVEL DREAM dog who showed tremendous loyalty to his owner, a must for all dog lovers. 또한 시부야역 근처에 있는 ‘충견’상 에도 가봤다. 그 상은 주인에게 굉장한 충성심을 보인 일본의 유명한 개를 기념 하기 위한 것이었고, 애견가라면 꼭 들러 봐야 할 곳이다.

After a relaxing beer, people watching and admiring the fantastic fashion of what seemed like every single person who passed us, we felt compelled to do what any three girls would do in Tokyo, go shopping. 맥주를 마시고 기분이 풀어지면서 사람 들을 구경했다. 우리를 지나치는 한 사람 한 사람의 환상적인 패션에 감탄하며, 우 리도 도쿄의 세 여인이 되고 싶은 충동 을 느꼈다. 쇼핑하자.

And in true Sex and the City style we had a Japanese meal downtown before spending the rest of the evening bar hopping and sampling beers, cocktails and everything in-between. 시내에서 진정한 섹스 앤 더 시티 스타 일로 일본음식을 먹은 뒤에, 바에 들러 맥주시음과 칵테일을 마시며 저녁 휴식 을 만끽했다.

Clearly one day and a night in Tokyo is not very much, especially for such a huge and fantastic place, but it was a whirlwind visit and totally worth the effort to travel to. 분명히 도쿄는 하룻밤만으로 충분하지 않다. 특히 그리 넓고 멋진 장소일 경 우에는 더욱 그렇다. 그러나 깜짝 방문 이었고 공들여 여행하기에 충분한 가치 가 있었다.

All in all we were exhausted, hungover and broke as we rocked up to the airport to come home but as we sat scoffing cheeseburgers in McDonalds we reflected on what really had been the trip of a lifetime. 모든 것이 끝난 뒤에 우리는 진이 다 빠 졌고, 숙취에도 시달리고, 공항에서부 터 집까지 오면서 축 늘어졌지만, 맥도 날드에서 치즈버거를 먹으며 인생의 진 짜 여행이 무엇이었는가를 곰곰이 생각 해 보았다.

Japan is an absolute must, make the trip your own and enjoy every second of it because it is a vibrant and exciting place to be. 일본 여행은 강추다. 그리고 여행은 생 동감 넘치고 활기찬 곳이기에 매 순간을 즐기며 당신의 것으로 만들어라.


WOMEN MEDIPARK -Raising Korea’s medical service reputation


is starting a powerful global medical tour marketing strategy to AUSTASIA members in China and Kazakhstan. AUSTASIA visited WOMEN MEDIPARK on August 21st last year and appointed WOMEN MEDIPARK as a designated hospital in Korea. WOMEN MEDIPARK also visited the headquarter of AUSTASIA, its spa centers and fitness centers from Nov. 11th to Nov. 13th, 2011 and introduced medical tour programs such as plastic surgery, women medical checkup etc. AUSTASIA has 1,000 spa centers all over in China and ZNUS treatment center in Germany. In spa centers, there are 20,000 memberships and 2,000 VVIP members. WOMEN MEDIPARK predicts that 400 to 600 Chinese VVIP customers will visit Daegu in 2012. Korea Health Industry Development Institute has worked on the project supporting foreign medical personnel working in Korean local medical facilities.


The purpose of this project is to show Korea’s enhanced medical system and service, also, expand medical networks and convenient medical service for both countries patients. WOMEN MEDPARK has been selected as the first private hospital. Apozyan Goarik, OBGYN specialist from Kazakhstan, had been trained of laparoscopy, cesarean, and vaginal plastic surgery, etc in WOMEN MEDIPARK for three months. After all, chief OBGYN specialist and surgeon Yeo, Jun Kyu was invited by the board of health Astanasi in Kazakhstan and visited Kazakhstan from November 14th to November 21st, 2011. Dr. Yeo demonstrated and lectured Korea’s advanced skills of laparoscopy, myomectomy, vaginal plastic surgery and overall OBGYN surgeries there and it was a truly great opportunity introducing Korea’s advanced medical skill. 여성메디파크병원이 중국의 Aust Asia 여성회원과 카 자흐스탄 여성들을 타겟으로

의료관광객 유치를 위해 발 벗고 나섰다. 2011년 8월 21일, 중국 오스 트아시아에서 대구시를 방문하 여 의료환경을 둘러보고 간 뒤 여성메디파크병원을 거점 병 원으로 지정. 세부사항을 논의 차 2011. 11. 11 ~ 2011. 11. 13 동안 중국 광저우 Aust Asia 본사 및 직영 운영하는 Spa Center 및 휘트니스센터 등을 둘러본 후 대구 의료관광 프로그램을 소개하였으며 여성 미용, 성형 및 여성검진 등에 깊 은 관심을 보였다. 이 사업이 성 공적으로 진행된다면 2012년 에는 400~600명(매월 약 50 명) 정도의 중국 VVIP고객들의 방문이 예상된다고 밝혔다. 그 리고 향후 원활한 시스템이 정 립될 경우 Spa Center에 투자 계획도 예상중이다. 이에 한 개 인병원을 떠나서 의료관광 사업 에 역점을 두고 있는 대구시에서 도 여러 혜택 및 서비스 개발에 도 온 역량을 다해서 방문들에 게 만족뿐 아니라 감동을 안겨줄 수 있도록 철저한 대비를 해야 할 때라고 본다. 그리고 중국 방 문에 이어 카자흐스탄에서도 여

WOMEN MEDIPARK 성메디파크병원의 의료관광 유 치를 위해 아스타나시를 방문했 다. 2011년 4월 18일~7월 15 일 동안 한국의 우수한 의료수준 에 대한 국제적 인지도 제고, 국 내 의료기관의 해외 네트워크 확 대를 꾀하고 현지국의 의료인력 을 적극 활용하여 원활한 환자 전원 시스템을 구축하고자 한국 보건산업진흥원에서 “외국의료 인력 국내연수사업”을 후원하 여 지방 개인병원에서 최초로 “ 여성메디파크병원”이 선정되었 다. 카자흐스탄의 산부인과 전문 의인 Apozyan Goarik은 3개 월동안 복강경 수술 및 제왕절개 수술, 질 성형 수술 등을 참관 및 실습하며 많은 감동을 느껴 연수 가 끝난 후 자국의 의사들에게 도 여성메디파크병원의 신기술 을 공유하고자 각고의 노력 끝에 11/14~11/21일간 카자흐스탄 아스타나시 보건국의 초청으로 복강경을 통한 자궁근종 적출술

및 성형술, 질성형, 산부인과 전 반에 걸친 수술 시연 및 강의를 통해 여성메디파크병원장(여준 규)뿐 아니라 나아가서 대한민국 의 의료기술의 우수성을 알려는 계기가 되었다.

한국 의료기술의 지속적인 홍보 를 통해 외국인 환자를 국내로 유치 할 수 있고 인프라로 육성 될 것을 기대한다.



Whiter and Brighter Written by Dr. Sangdon Joo / Translated by Bosun Kim / English Proofread by Rebecca Sanchez


ere is great news for people who need to get dental treatment, but are too busy with their daily lives and also have a fear of dentists. Ye Dental Clinic has the right answer. Just one visit to this dental clinic will help you get quick and proper prosthetic treatments. In the past, to get prosthetic treatment, you needed to take an impression for making the prosthetics, and then, you had to wait almost one week to receive your prosthetic back from the prosthetic center. In addition, if the prosthetics didn't properly fit, it had to be made all over again, which is so inconvenient. Ye Dental Clinic's new services called Cerec now gets rid of all these inconveniences.

machine inside the Clinic, which will enable patients to be fitted and receive their prosthetic all in one day. Especially, with skipping the temporal tooth process, infection can be prevented, which noticeably decreases the chance of tooth sensitivity in the future. 기존의 경우 보철을 하기 위해선 치과 에서 치아기공을 위한 치아의 본을 제 작, 기공소에 맡긴 뒤 1주일 정도 기다 려야 했다. 게다가 이렇게 제작된 보철 이 환자의 치아와 맞지 않으면 다시 보 철을 제작해야 하는 불편함 등이 있었다. 하지만 세렉시스템은 이 같은 단점을 완

materials. Ceramic is comparable to a natural tooth, but it didn't have sufficient strength. Cerec is a material that provides both. A ceramic tooth that uses Cerec is 1.1 times as strong as the natural tooth. Therefore, it is harder than general ceramics or other coating materials and better in the esthetic point of view. That is why so many office workers and AFTER students are visiting dental clinics that offer Cerec because it is time-saving.

BEFORE 치과치료를 받아야 하 지만 바쁜 일상과 치 과 치료의 두려움 때 문에 치과 방문을 미루고 있는 사람들에 전 해소했다. 게 희소식이 있다. 치과에 한 번만 방문 원데이(1day)클리닉 세렉은 구강 내 카 하면 빠르고 정확한 보철치료를 받을 수 메라를 통하여 광학인상한 자료를 최신 있는 세렉시스템(Cerec System)이 바 3D 디자인 프로그램을 활용, 수복물을 로 그것이다. 디자인하여 밀링머신에서 수복물을 바로 제작함으로써 환자의 1회 치과 방문만으 The One-Day clinic Cerec System 로 당일 수복치료가 가능하다. 또 기존의 utilizes the patient's unique tooth 수작업으로 놓칠 수 있는 부분까지 정밀 data captured from their intra-oral 하게 파악할 수 있고, 정확한 치료를 받 camera which utilizes optical light 을 수 있는 장점이 있다. technology. With this technology important details that could be missed by manual work can be checked and spotted more accurately. Prosthetics are then designed and made using a milling


The Cerec System can be differentiated from previous procedures through their use of material which has overcome the weaknesses of the past ceramic

세렉보철이 이전 치료법과 차별되는 점 은 자연 치아와 비슷한 재료지만 강도가 세지 않았던 기존 세라믹 치아의 단점을 극복한 것을 들 수 있다. 세렉을 사용한 세라믹 치아의 강도는 자연치아의 1.1배 나 된다. 그러므로 일반 사기나 도재 재 질보다 더 단단하고 심미적으로도 우수 하며, 무엇보다 획기적인 시간절약으로 빠른 치료를 원하는 직장인, 수험생들이 많이 찾는다고 한다. 특히 임시치아 단계 를 거치지 않아, 임시치아 단계에서 발 생할 수 있는 세균에 의한 오염을 방지 해, 시술 후 생길 수 있는 민감성이 현저 하게 줄어든다.


with Fun and Health We have a mineral water park, Wellbeing jjimjilbang, SPA, Fitness, Food court and free convenient system. SPA : 5am~Midnight Wellbeing Jjimjil : 24 hours Water park : 9:30am~9:30pm www.elybaden.com : 053.644.7000 Four seasons Mineral water park

Welbeing jjimjilbang DVD Theater

Cafeteria : Korean, Chinese, Chicken and Snack bar Facial massage

Sports massage show address to taxi



Jeongdongjin A Seaside Town with a Twist Written by Lucille Dawkshas / Translated by Hyunju Kim


eongdongjin, a familiar and quite popular destination for Korean travellers, is a beautiful and quirky seaside town featuring an amazing cruise ship hotel which sits near a cliff, overlooking the sea. Besides its fascinating accommodations, Jeongdongjin boasts the world’s closest train station to the sea, a North Korean submarine, an American warship, an hourglass that runs exactly one year, a sculpture and totem garden, an unusual Art hotel and museum, and a unique coffee shop that serves coffee varieties from around the world. I first read about this unusual place before moving to Korea and promptly put it on my Korea bucket list.

한국 여행객들에게 친근하고 꽤 유명한 여행지인 정동진은 복잡한 해안가의 아름 다운 작은 도시이다. 절벽 근처에는 바 다를 내려다 보는 멋진 크루즈쉽 호텔이 위치해 있다. 이러한 매력적인 호텔 외에 도, 정동진은 세계에서 가장 바다에 근접 한 기차역과 북한 잠수함, 미국 군함, 정 확히 1년에 맞춰서 작동하는 모래시계, 조각과 토템정원, 특별한 아트 호텔과 박 물관, 그리고 세계 각국에서 온 다양한 커피를 제공하는 독특한 커피숍 등을 자 랑한다. 나는 한국에 오기 전에 이 생소 한 장소에 대해 처음 읽었고, 그 즉시 내 가 한국에서 해야 할 리스트에 정동진 방문을 올렸다.

Used as the backdrop for the Korean soap opera Sandglass, Jeongdongjin has become most famous for the beautiful sunrises featured in the show. Better still,

the beaches are as beautiful as any in the country, and the water is clear and great to swim in. I decided this town was too good not to share and organised a trip for thirty fellow foreigners to stay in the Sun Cruise Hotel and enjoy the amenities Jeongdongjin has to offer. 정동진은 한국 드라마 <모래시계>의 배 경으로 사용되어서, 드라마 속에서의 아 름다운 일출로 유명해졌다. 더 좋은 것 은, 해변은 다른 곳과 마찬가지로 아름 다우며, 물은 깨끗해서 수영하기에 좋 다. 나는 이 곳이 너무나도 좋아서 다 른 사람들과 꼭 공유해야 겠다고 생각 했다. 그래서 서른 명의 외국인 친구들 이 선크루즈 호텔에서 머물며 정동진이 제공하는 즐거움을 즐길 수 있도록 여행 을 계획했다.





Upon arrival, we instantly felt we were on holiday – that feeling you get when you soak in the beauty, take a deep breath, and sigh. Soon after, all sense of time disappears and you end up cruising through the day. It was only fitting, then, that we would be staying overnight in a cruise ship. 도착하자마자, 우리는 즉시 우리가 휴가 에 왔다는 것을 느낄 수 있었다. - 아름 다움에 흠뻑 빠져, 숨을 깊이 들이 마시 고 내 쉴 때의 느낌이란. 곧 모든 시간 관념이 사라지고 당신은 결국 하루 내내 여행을 하게 될 것이다. 우리처럼 크루 즈선에서 밤을 보내야 하루 종일 머무른 것이 되겠지만 말이다.

The hotel has a huge outdoor salt water swimming pool, revolving cocktail bar, lavish deck featuring a spectacular sunrise view, gym, noraebang, restaurant, driving range, and fake seagull noises. The beds are soft; the balconies are scenic, and the grounds are magnificently decorated. What more could one ask of a hotel already

shaped like a ship? Needless to say, fun was had at the noraebang and bar. At one point, a friend went to get a drink at the bar and, returning to our table, found that everybody had left. Struck by his abandonment and genuinely perplexed, he looked around only to discover the table he was looking for was now on the other side of the revolving watering hole. 호텔에는 가짜 갈매기 소리를 배경으로 거대한 실외 해수 수영장과 회전 칵테 일바, 장엄한 일출을 볼 수 있는 호화로 운 갑판, 헬스장, 노래방, 레스토랑, 골프 연습장 등을 제공하다. 침대는 푹신했고, 발코니에는 아름다운 경치가 펼쳐졌다. 뜰은 훌륭하게 꾸며져 있었다. 이미 배처 럼 생긴 이 호텔에 바랄게 무엇이 더 있 을까? 말할 것도 없이, 노래방과 바에서 재미있는 시간을 보냈다. 잠깐 한 친구가 바에 술을 주문하기 위해 갔다가 우리가 있던 테이블에 돌아오니, 모든 친구들이 떠나고 없었다. 홀로 남겨진 것에 놀라 진짜로 당황하여 둘러봤으나 그가 찾으 려고 하는 테이블은 결국 회전식 라운지 의 반대편 쪽에 있다는 것을 알아냈다.

A ten minute taxi or bus ride up the coast will lead you to a memorial park full of military displays, including a North Korean submarine once used to spy on the South. “In September, 1996, 25 Red guerrillas infiltrated into the land of South Korea by means of this submarine,” the inscription reads. The story goes that three soldiers disembarked and collected data on the air force base nearby, but after returning to the sub, a strong current caused the vessel to crash into the rocky shoreline. 11 non-military crewmembers were killed to prevent them from leaking classified information, and important documents were incinerated; you can still spot the charred ceiling where the burning was done. The remaining crew attempted to return to the North overland. One was captured. 12 were killed, and the whereabouts of the last crew member remains a mystery to this day. 17 South Koreans lost their lives in the course of the chase. Continued on p30


JEONGDONGJIN - A SEASIDE TOWN There is also a wooden boat on display, built by 11 North Koreans determined to escape to South Korea. They successfully did so on the 27th of September, 2009. Finally, there is a gigantic warship, donated to the ROK by the US army in 1972, open for exploration. It includes an ill-fitting, but humorously cliché picture on the bow of a Kate-and-Leo Titanic pose – faces cut out for those ohso-important tourist photos. 해안선을 따 라 택시나 버스를 10 분 동안 타 면 한 때 북 한이 남한 을 정찰할 때 썼던 북 한 잠수함을 포함한 군 사용품 전시 물로 가득 한 기념공원 으로 당신을 맞이한다. 앞 의 비문에는 “1996년 9월, 25명의 남파공작원 들이 잠수함 을 타고 남 한으로 침투했다.”라고 쓰여있다. 이야 기는 이어진다. 세 군인이 상륙하여 근처 의 공군기지에 대한 데이터를 모았다. 하 지만 잠수함으로 돌아온 뒤, 강한 해류로 인해, 배가 바위투성이인 해안선에 충돌 하였다. 군인이 아닌 11명의 승무원들은 기밀정보가 누설되는 것을 막기 위해서 살해당했고, 중요한 문서는 소각되었다. 아직도 배에서 불이 일어나 그을린 곳을 찾을 수 있다. 남은 탑승자들은 육로를 통해 북으로 돌아가려고 시도를 했으나 한 명은 잡혔다. 12명은 죽임을 당했으 며, 남은 사람들의 행방은 오늘까지도 묘 연하다. 추격 과정에서 17명의 남한 사 람들이 목숨을 잃었다. 그 곳에는 11명 의 북한사람들이 남한으로 탈출할 때 만


들었던 나무보트도 전시 중이다. 그들은 성공적으로 2009년 9월 27일에 남한으 로 탈출했다. 마지막으로, 1972년에 미 군이 한국에 기증한 거대한 군함이 있으 며 연구를 위해서 공개되었다. 배에 적합 하지는 않지만 웃기게도 케이트와 레오 의 타이타닉 포즈의 사진이 뱃머리에 있 다. - 얼굴이 오려져 있어서 관광객들에 게는 꽤나 중요한 기념사진을 찍을 수 있도록 되어있다.

On the way to the memorial is Hassla Art World. This is a com-

bined hotel and museum which just add to the flair of this marvellous place. An artist couple built it complete with a sculpture garden, art museum, and concert venue. True to its calling, every room in the hotel is a piece of art. There are secret underground tunnels to be discovered and a maze of sculptures and artwork intended to stimulate your aesthetic sense. In addition, the ocean views from here are equally breathtaking. 기념공원으로 가는 길에 하슬라 아트월 드가 있다. 이 곳은 호텔과 박물관이 합

쳐진 곳으로 이 경탄할 만한 장소에 감 각을 더해주고 있다. 예술가 부부가 조 각정원, 미술 박물관, 콘서트장이 완비 된 그 곳을 만들었다. 이 건물의 이름과 같이 호텔에 있는 모든 방은 하나의 예 술작품이다. 발견되기만을 기다리는 비 밀 지하 터널, 당신의 미적 감각을 자극 할 만한 미로 조각품들과 예술작품들이 있다. 게다가 이 곳에서의 바다의 전망은 마찬가지로 숨이 멎을 듯 하다.

The best way to get to Jeongdongjin is by train, allowing you to disembark at the recordholding station. There is a direct train from Andong or Yeongju, but if you catch a bus to Gangneung, it’s just a short train ride south http://blog.paran.com/iamlim along the coast, and the views are too stunning for words. So if you’re sick of doing the usual, take a trip out to Jeongdongjin, a seaside town with a twist. 정동진으로 가는 가장 좋은 방법은 기차 로 가는 것이다. 기차는 당신을 정해진 역에 내려준다. 안동이나 영주에서 직통 기차가 있으나, 강릉으로 가는 버스를 탄 다면 남쪽 해안을 따라 가는 짧은 기차 여행이 될 것이다. 그리고 풍경은 말로 설명하기에는 너무나도 근사하다. 만약 일상적인 것에 질렸다면, 바닷가의 색다 른 소도시인 정동진으로 여행을 해 보라.



Purchasing Power

Written and photographed by Mike Roy


fter hearing that I’ve been here for five years, Koreans often ask me what it is that I miss most about the USA. My family? My friends? My house? My mother tongue? The food? All good guesses, and I’d hate to try to say which one sits at the top of my list. But there’s something else that nobody ever seems to consider: being able to give back to my society as much as I take from it. In a word, responsibility. It’s nearly impossible for foreigners here to take an active role in standing up for our beliefs, in

working to make the city we live in a better place. I’ve heard about and met so many people who were vegetarians, foodies, activists, or volunteers back home, who have been reduced to earner/consumers, not through any particular fault of their own, but simply because it’s so difficult to be anything else here. We can’t vote, and even if we could, how would we have any idea who to vote for? We don’t have the freedom to remodel our homes to make them more energy efficient. We have a tough time searching out and participating in meaningful volunteer opportunities. And, even at our schools and hagwons, where we all

see a million things we’d like to fix, we’re often next to powerless. It almost seems like the best we can hope to do is take shorter showers and turn off the lights when we leave the room. There is one thing we can do, though, that’s just as easy here as it was back home, one instance in which it doesn’t matter that you look and speak different from just about everyone else. I’m talking about shopping. If you’re one of those who have decided to put their idealism on hold, I want to let you know that there’s no need to do so. Your cash here is just as good as anyone else’s, and there



PURCHASING POWER are tons of ways to put it to good use.

decided to talk to someone a bit more informed. So, on a recent trip to Sweet Persimmon Village in Changwon, Gyeongsangbukdo, where I occasionally volunteer by picking persimmons or teach-

Personally, I’m into food. Food is at the nexus of so many crucial issues, from environmental degradation to women’s rights, from indiAntibiotic-free Meat vidual health to social justice, from the slow death of rural communities to the explosion of cities and the expansion of corporations. Name a social or political problem – I guarantee you that someway, somehow, food links Organic Livestock in. And, because we all eat three or more times a day, we have thousands of opportunities a year to make our dollars (yeah, ok, not dollars, but whatever) count. One of the single best things you can do for your health, for society’s, and for the planet’s, is to support local, organic farmers as much as possible. This cuts down on fertilizer in the water, reduces the amount of pesticide in your food, decreases the amount of fossil fuel used to bring your food to your plate, tends to keep farms small and diversified, and leaves all the plants and animals involved – including us! – safer and stronger. Or, at least, so one hopes. It all depends on what the word “organic” means. I thought I pretty much knew the answer, but in order to get a little more clarity, I

several generations, and Mr. Gang himself graduated with an MS in Agricultural Science from Seoul National University. He has been studying and experimenting with organic agriculture for years, and his farm produces persimmons at each Low Pesticide level of certification, in addition to rice, watermelons, strawberries, and all the food that he and his family need for the year. He pulled out a bunch of documents and we went through them together. Here’s what I learned:

Organic Produce

Pesticide-free produce

ing kids how to sow and harvest potatoes and rice, I sat down for a chat with Mr. Gang Chang-guk (강창국). Mr. Gang’s family has been farming persimmons for

Various public and private groups are authorized to grant certifications to farmers; no matter which one the farmer chooses to go through, though, all certifications in Korea share some basic ground rules, laid out by the National Agricultural Products Management Service (NAQS). First of all, farmers who apply for certifications of any type have to be willing to open their farm to inspectors at any time, and have to have produce samples inspected before sale. Second, they must only use government-approved varieties of low-impact fertilizers and pesticides, always keeping on hand detailed information about which and how much. Third, they have to keep detailed records of their yields and whom they sell their produce to. Fourth, they must demonstrate a constant yearly decline in the amount of

Continued on p34


PURCHASING POWER mum required by law.

Proof of compliance with NAQS standards pollutants in the soil and water at their farms. Finally, they may not make use of any GMO seeds. The lowest-level certification is “저농약농산물.” Jeo is Chinese for low, while nong, yak, nong, san, and mul mean “farm,” “medicine/ poison,” “farm,” “production,” and “stuff,” respectively. Produce carrying this Low-Pesticide Produce certification: -has been grown with less than half the chemical fertilizer used on standard farms -has been sprayed with pesticide less than half as frequently as standard produce (at regulated doses) -has been grown without weedkiller; pesticide is applied only to the produce itself -has had its final pesticide treatment more than twice as far away from the harvest dates as the mini-


The mid-level certification is “무농약농산 물,” where Mu means “none.” Produce bearing this PesticideFree Produce certification: -meets or exceeds all the criteria for the Low-Pesticide Produce certification -has been grown without any chemical pesticides at all -has been grown with less than one third the chemical fertil-

level certification is “유기농산물,” in which Yugi means “organic.” Organic produce: -meets all the standards for Low-Pesticide and Pesticide-Free produce certifications, plus -has been grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides for a minimum of two years for annual plants and three years for perennial ones Meat that has been certified organic is called “유기축산물,” and in addition to being antibioticfree, it has been given feed that itself meets the criteria for organic certification. There are some other nonbinding standards that farmers are expected to work towards. They are encouraged to rotate crops, to plant beans and clover to restore the health of the soil, to refrain from treating their products with

izer of standard produce This certification, when applied to animals, is called “무항생제축산 물,” where Hang means “combat,” saeng means “life,” je means “drug”, and chuk means “animal.” Meat, eggs, and dairy with this certification come from animals that have been given feed without added antibiotics or antimicrobials. The highest-

Chemicals NOT found at Sweet Persimmon Village

PURCHASING POWER x-rays, and to take care with their own natural fertilizers and pesticides so as not to disturb farmers nearby. When you’re shopping, keep an eye out for these certifications. They’re usually placed prominently on the front of packages, and, ideally, will have some information just underneath about who certified the product and precisely what certifications it lives up to. NAQS-certified products are available in all of the Local/ Organic specialty shops around Daegu, as well as in most mid- and large-size supermarkets. Isn’t it fantastic that you can support organic farmers, and all that they stand for, simply by buying and preparing whole, healthy, delicious food? Chow down. For information about Daegu

stores specializing in eco-friendly produce, to receive weekly or monthly organic produce deliveries, or for more on other ways of making a greener Daegu, check out the group Daegu Green Living on Facebook or visit our blog at http://noksaeksari.

blogspot.com. Most of the official information quoted above is available at the English version of the NAQS website, http://naqs. go.kr/english.




The year of the good guy Written by Aaron Murray

worldwide hoping man who mattered: Usain Bolt. that karma existed. While the world watched Bolt in And, it did. Karma the hope that he'd break his own exists in the form of records over 100m and 200m, no Dirk Nowitzki and one predicted the result of the his Dallas Mavericks 100m final. As an athletic phewho, while far from nomenon and once in a lifetime a club with limited talent, it seems that Bolt is cheered financial resources, on by all and sundry but I, for one, represented a humilcouldn't help but laugh when his http://ses21usa.wordpress.com ity and work effort lacking in the stars 2011 didn't look like it of South Beach. would be a year remembered for sports. No Olympics, no In baseball, it would surely be football World Cup and domestic the year of the big spenders. sport in every continent seemed ESPN experts were struggling destined to be decided by the to decide between the Yankees riches of the owners. How wrong and the team who spend just as we were. The drama of 2011 came much but who seem to avoid through the year's admirable disthe hate - the Red Sox. No one like of arrogance and a committed foresaw the incredible scenes on disregard for those who wish to the last day of the regular season buy their way to success. with Evan Longoria ending the Red Sox hopes and the CardiNowhere was this trend as marked nal's stunning comeback late as in US sports. Live television anin the season was as surprising. nouncements are usually reserved And so, with the small market for a declaration of war, the voting and the stories of hometown in of a new pope but never for a heroes, the Cardinals gave us sportsman announcing his place another reason to be cheery. of work. Lebron "the chosen one" Take that, big spenders! James saw things differently and the adulation felt by fans in South Readers of this magazine should http://www.flickr.com/photos/bk1bennett Florida was matched by sport fans also be warmed by the tale of the Samsung Lions. The Lions defeated pompous assurance of victory cash-rich SK Wyverns in while being introduced to the the Korean Series after crowd was not followed by victory. losing against the same Yohann Blake, who waved at the opposition in 2010. crowd, took his marks and ran a stunning race despite the distracSticking close to home, tions in his neighboring lane, took our own fine city played the gold. host to the fastest, the A similar tale of hard work leading Courtesy of the Samsung Lions strongest and the only 36

GOOD GUY to success came in the form of the all-conquering New Zealand All-Blacks, who hosted and won the Rugby World Cup. The England team, those of dwarf throwing, boat jumping, and royal philandering fame, might have stolen a few of the headlines with their raucous behavior, but the Kiwis reigned supreme. It seems that the AllBlacks are always the world's greatest but years of choking at the final stages were finally put to one side for their first victory in 24 years. Finally, let us turn to the greatest sport, and the finest sports team, in the world. While Barcelona is far from penniless, they differ from the teams in the world's most hyped competition (I'm looking at you, English Premier League) in that they are a members' club. "Mesque un club" (more than a club) is the cry of the Catalans and that slightly self-righteous motto does have some substance with the club operating as the de facto Catalan national team. Their stars are paid a small fortune but, for the most part, they were not bought for huge sums; Messi, arguably the greatest ever, Xavi, Iniesta, Pique and Puyol among others all graduated from Barca's infamous La Masia academy. Those not wellversed in the art of football will not appreciate the wealth of statistics which go a long way to highlight the dominance and majesty of this Barcelona team. I can assure you, though, that you should make time to watch Barcelona. In the mould of the great teams of the past, the Catalans have changed the way football is played with their rhythmic and ultimately rewarding Tiki-Taka system of play. There are now very few pundits who argue with this team's place among the great sides of the past and 2011 brought success in the form of a 3-1 victory over Manchester United in the European Champions League Final. 2012 has a lot to live up to and it certainly has the array of tournaments to allow it to compete: the London Olympics with the aforementioned Bolt going for 4 Golds and football's European Championships stand out. For now, though, we can look back happily at 2011: the year of the good guy.

Traveler's would like to thank the

foreign community in Daegu for a wonderful 2011. We appreciate you making us the starting point for many memorable nights downtown and for spending relaxing afternoons with us as well. From the Rugby World Cup to St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Wednesday Night Trivia and everything in between, we have lots of great memories in 2011. We look forward to spending 2012 with you as well. Thanks everyone and all the best in 2012. Sincerely, Jason and the Staff of Traveler's Bar & Grill



Skate those Winter Days Away Written by Catherine Stark


t’s time to bid adieu to football, frisbee and the many other fall sports and glide into the wonderful world of winter pastimes. No need for snowboards, slopes, or sticks here. Just grab a pair of rentals and get ready to do your best Kim Yuna; skating season has arrived. In Daegu, you have the option of lacing up your boots and hitting the ice at one of the many indoor skating facilities, or racing your friends around the season’s temporary rink near the Sincheon Stream. Be forewarned, no matter which local you choose, participation in this festive activity will result in numb fingers, cold toes, bruised egos and hours of entertainment. One of the most popular ice rinks, opened year round, can be found inside the Daegu Tower at Woobang Tower Land.

You can skate the day away from 10am-7pm on the weekdays or from 10am-8pm on the weekends. Skate rental cost 3,000KW and the entrance fee varies from 4,500KW for adults, 4,000KW for youths, and 3,500KW for children under 7. The rink itself is quite small, but after your skating session you can snuggle up with a warm cup of cocoa and snap a few shots in the winter wonderland set up in the lobby. For a little less chunun and a whole lot more ice, check out the skating facilities found in the Dageu Municipal Baseball Staduim Complex(behind Samsung Lions Stadium) near the Emart Chilseong Branch. Entry into the rink is 3,500KW for adults, 3,000kw for youths and 2,500 for the kiddies, with skate rental coming in at 2,500KW.

Open skating is available all week long from 10am-5pm. They also offer both basic figure and speed skating lessons during the winter and summer vacations. For more specific details on how to further your skating career please call 357-6021. If you can already float like a professional, fly like Lee Ho-Suk, or just plain fancy skating on a super sized sheet of ice, then a visit the Suseong Land Ice Rink is a must. This rink is open from 10am-5pm during the week and 10am-7pm on the weekends. Skate rental cost 3,000KW and admission for all is set at 5,000KW, 4,500KW, 4,000KW respectively. More information about the facilities and what they offer can be found at www.susungicerink. com.

Photograph by William Meuer, 191 / www.flickr.com/uwdigicollec


DAEGU BANK - USEFUL INFORMATION rencies so customers do not need to make a fruitless trip. Comparing with other smaller branches, it is possible to exchange various currencies right away, so we recommend it for who need to exchange uncommon currencies.

Introducing to Head Office Business Department of Daegu Bank There are many customers visiting for foreign exchange transactions at the Head Office Business Department, which is the representing the first branch of Daegu Bank. You can find the kindest clerks, who will give you big ‘Hello!’ when you visit the first floor of the Head Office, which is located in middle of Dalgubul Street. The main reason for visiting this branch is that it has various cur-

The clerks, who are fluent in English and Japanese, can offer more comfortable services for foreigners. It will be easy to work with them not only for foreign exchange, overseas transfer, but also applying for internet banking services relating to foreign transactions.

English service manager : Kim Kyung-han (tel : 053-740-2689) Japanese service manager : Kim Hyun- jung (tel : 053-740-2706)

The members of Head Office Business Department always try to give high customer satisfaction for all visitors, and are ready to give the best service to you.

Big Stage


4th FL of Bennigans BL


Time-Travel is Possible

Written and photographed by Steven Moore / Translated by Siron Jang / Edited by Bosun Kim


ime travel is possible! And, it only costs 4,200 won, the price of transportation from the present day to another era. Less than an hour from Daegu by bus, or fifteen minutes by KTX, trade Co2 emissions for Silla Dynasty traditions and explore 'Beautiful Gyeongju'. The Korean tourist board’s city slogans can often be misleading, our very own ‘Colorful Daegu’ for instance, though in fairness the city is trying hard to live up to this tag. At least it has an adjective... all imaginative neighbors Daejeon came up with was ‘It’s Daejeon.’ However, no promotional savvy was required when my former home town coined their moniker, as it truly is ‘Beautiful Gyeongju.’ Having previously lived there for a year, I really grew to love Korea’s



most traditional city, and as the guide books say, the ‘open air museum’ is a must-see for visitors. The scenic ride from Daegu takes you back two thousand years in time, and as you disembark your terrestrial time machine, feel your metabolism slow, and let yourself be attuned to the pace of this most laid back of places. 시간여행이 가능한가의 대답은 YES이 다. 오늘 이곳 대구에서 바로 다른 기원 으로 넘어가는 비용으로 겨우 4200원 이 든다. CO2 배출량을 줄이기 위한 일 환으로 대중 교통을 이용 했을 때 대구 에서 경주까지 버스로 1시간 미만 또는 KTX 기차로 15분만 가면 신라 왕조 문 화와 ‘뷰티풀 경주’를 탐험할 할 수 있다. 종종 한국 관광공사의 도시 슬로건 들이 [잘못 알려질 수도 있다.] 종종 오 해를 일으킬 수도 있다 예를 들면 대구 에서는 ‘Colorful Deagu’라는 슬로

건을 내걸었지만 공정하게 말하자면, 대 구는 그에 부응하기 위해서 노력을 하고 있는 중이다. 적어도 대구는 슬로건에 꾸 며주는 말이라도 있지만… 대전의 경우, ‘it’s Daejeon’이 슬로건이다. 그러 나 내가 이전에 살았던 도시가 슬로건을 지을 때에는 어떠한 홍보문구도 필요하 지 않았다. 그것은 진정한 ‘Beautiful Gyeongju’이다. 1년여 동안 그곳에 살면서 나는 진정으로 한국의 가장 역사 적인 도시에 빠지게 되었다. 가이드 북에 서 말하는 것과 같이 ‘야외박물관’이 나 다름없는 경주는 관광객들이 놓쳐서 는 안될 관광지이다. 대구를 출발하여 창 너머로 펼쳐지는 경치를 즐기다 보면 너 는 2천년 전으로 돌아간다. 그리고 네가 그 타임머신에서 내리면 생체리듬이 느 려지고, 그곳의 느긋하고 편안한 분위기 에 익숙해질 것이다.

A relaxed day’s itinerary should begin with a short bus ride (#10 outside the Express Bus terminal)



to the mystical Bulguk-sa. As you approach the entrance of this important sixth century Buddhist Temple, beware the stench of a million steaming bondegi corpses, and behold the splendor of this historically significant UNESCO World Heritage site. After admiring the vast complex, with its stunning pagodas, intricate architecture and fine Buddhist paintings, hike the snaking three kilometer trail to Seokguram grotto. The scenery is reason enough for the effort, but the grotto shelters what many scholars consider the finest example of a stone carved Buddha anywhere in Asia, and its magnificence demonstrates both stone mastery and ingenuity aplenty. 그 평온한 여정은 고속버스 터미널에서 나와 불국사로 향하는 10번 버스를 타고 조금만 가면 시작된다. 6세기에 지어진 절의 입구에 들어서면, 삶은 번데기 냄 새가 진동한다. 하지만, 역사적이고 웅장 한 유네스코 세계유산의 장관이 펼쳐진 다. 아름다운 탑들, 복잡한 건축물들, 그 리고 아름다운 불화들로 이루어진 대규 모의 단지를 감상한 후, 3킬로미터의 석 굴암으로 향하는 뱀처럼 구불구불한 길 을 따라 올라가봐라. 그곳의 경치는 올라 간 수고를 덜어줄 만큼 충분히 아름답다. 그 석굴 안에는 많은 학자들이 아시아에

서 가장 훌륭하다고 여기는 돌로 만들어 진 불상이 보존되어있다. 그것의 웅장함 은 돌에 대한 장인정신과 풍부한 독창력

Back in downtown Gyeongju, stroll around the surreal Tumuli Park. If unfamiliar with the giant Silla burial mounds, you’d be forgiven for thinking you had stumbled into Tele Tubby land. But La-laughing aside, the unique grassy hills for the venerated dead are not to be missed, and dating back almost two millennia, they pay tribute to a glittering royal past. On a more somber note, right in the heart of downtown is the largest of all the tombs, and connected to it is a macabre story to say the least. Under Japanese occupation, young Korean women were subjected to a miserable Continued on p42

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TIME-TRAVEL IS POSSIBLE imagine if you can how the ancient night sky may have been perceived before Hubble et al began to enlighten us regarding its mysteries. Next, weave your way through the sunlit Geu Rim Forest with views reminiscent of the verdant English countryside, and visit the exceptional Gyeongju Museum. Housing so many national treasures, the interesting juxtaposition of ancient relics within this modern contemporary space is well worth some time.

Bulguk Bridge

life of subservience. They were forced into menial labor and used as playthings for the high ranking Japanese officers. Rather than suffer the humiliation this life brought, many of these girls took their own lives by hanging themselves from the tree. When you see the tree it is not difficult to imagine the terrible scene, and the way that the large branch arches down from the side of the tomb, as if baring the weight of a hundred tortured souls, seems to qualify the sad story. 경주의 중심가로 돌아와서 꿈 같은 대릉 원을 산책해봐라. 만약 네가 거대한 신라 무덤들을 처음 본다면 마치 텔레토비 동 산에 온 것 같은 느낌이 들지도 모른다. 또한 왕가의 시신들을 위한 그 특유의 잔 디 언덕들을 놓쳐서는 안 된다. 2천년 전 으로 돌아가 과거의 그 왕가들에 경의를 표해본다. 한가지 어두운 이야기를 해 보 자면, 시내 중심에는 모든 무덤들 중에서 가장 큰 무덤이 있는데, 그것은 섬뜩한 이야기를 가지고 있다. 일제 강점기 시 절, 젊은 한국 여성들은 비참한 삶을 살 아야만 했다. 그들은 비천한 노동자로 전 락하였고 일본 고위층들의 노리개 감으 로 취급을 받았다. 그들은 이러한 삶으로 인해 굴욕을 당하느니, 차라리 그들 스스


로 그 나무에 목을 매 생을 마감하는 것 을 택하였다. 당신이 그 나무를 본다면 그 끔찍한 장면을 떠올리는 것은 어렵지 않을 것이다. 그리고 큰 나뭇가지가 무덤 가로 드리워진 모습은 마치 당시 고통 받 았던 수백의 영혼들의 무게를 보여주며, 그 슬픈 이야기를 들려주는 것 같다.

After meandering from Tumuli, ease into Wolseon Park and visit seventh century Cheomseongdae, allegedly Asia’s oldest observatory. Close your eyes and

Dabo Tap

대릉원의 구불구불한 길을 뒤로한 채, 월 성지구에 들어서면 아시아의 가장 오래된 관측대로 전해지는7세기의 첨성대로 갈 수 있다. 눈을 감고 상상해봐라. Hubble 과 다른 과학자들이 밤하늘의 신비를 우 리에게 알려주기 이전에 그 고대의 밤하 늘은 아마 이곳에서 관측되었을 지도 모 른다. 다음으로 파릇파릇한 영국 어느 시 골을 연상시키는 눈부신 규림 숲을 지나 호화로운 경주 박물관을 방문한다. 이런 현대적인 공간에 잘 보관 되어 있는 많 은 국보들과 흥미로운 고대 유물들은 둘 러볼 가치가 있다.

Hop across the highway and soak up the regal beauty of Anapji. This picturesque pond hints at an

TIME-TRAVEL IS POSSIBLE aristocratic past, and a tranquil thirty minute amble around its passive trail affords lovely photo opportunities. Pretty by day, Anapji is positively romantic when illuminated at night, and in summer months concerts are a regular Saturday night offering. Also check out the neighboring Lotus ponds, spectacular until late summer. If time allows, either hike upon, or cycle around, Nam-san, an ultra important mountain both historically and spiritually. You'll find myriad carved Buddhas, small temples and fantastic vantage points from which to gaze out over the green, shimmering region of Gyeongju. 도로를 가로질러 이번엔 안압지의 장엄 한 아름다움에 빠져보자. 이 그림 같은 연못은 귀족들의 과거를 상기시켜준다. 30분 정도 소요되는 그 고요한 길을 따

라 걷다 보면 멋진 사진이 찍고 싶어 질 것이다. 안압지의 야간 조명은 로맨틱한 분위기를 조성하며, 특히 여름시즌에는 매주 토요일 밤 정기공연을 즐길 수 있 다. 늦은 여름까지 장관을 이루는 근처의 연꽃 연못도 놓쳐서는 안된다. 혹여 시간 이 더 있다면 역사적으로도 정신적으로 도 귀중한 남산에 하이킹을 가거나, 자전 거로 다녀오길 추천한다. 그곳에서 당신 은 무수히 많은 돌 부처 조각들과 작은 사찰들을 발견할 수 있으며 또한 그곳의 환상적인 지점에서 푸르스름하게 빛나는 경주지역을 내려다 볼 수 있을 것이다.

These are just a few of so many fascinating sights to visit in this culturally rich area, and most are within an easily navigable walk of each other. Though a quiet city, there are also plenty of busy bars and restaurants in the Sung Gun Dong downtown area. However, if you are ready to roll back to the future, steal a

few extra minutes sucking in the refreshingly clean air, snaffle a box of the city’s delicious trademark bread, and zoom back to the smog filled skies of Daegu, enlightened and enchanted by ‘Beautiful Gyeongju.’ And tell your friends: time travel really is possible! 이것들은 문화적으로 풍부한 지역, 경주 에서 찾아 볼 수 있는 너무나도 많은 매 혹적인 장소들 중 일부일 뿐이다. 대부분 의 명소들은 이곳에서 저곳으로 걸어 다 니며 즐길 수 있다. 경주는 꽤 조용한 도 시이지만 성건동 중심가에는 사람들이 붐비는 바들과 식당들도 있다. 자 이제, 당신이 미래로 돌아올 준비가 되었다면, 상쾌하고 맑은 공기를 잠시 들이마셔 보 자, “아름다운 경주”에 눈을 뜨고, 황 홀함에 빠져보자. 경주에서 유명한 황남 빵을 한 상자 샀다면, 대구로 돌아오면 된다. 그리고 너의 친구들에게 알려줘라. 시간여행? 그건 가능하다고!!




Korean 4-Ball (사구) Take a stroll around any of your local entertainment districts and amongst the bright buzzing neon of various bars and restaurants you will also undoubtedly come across the Korean pool hall. Dotted generously all over the city, they are easily identified by their huge signs- probably designed in a vain attempt to distinguish themselves from the ten other rival businesses in the same area. Step inside a location near Kyungpook University ( 경북대학교) and you’ll be greeted by a multitude of Korean students playing for money beneath a veil of cigarette smoke that slowly descends from the ceiling. Step inside your local venue or one of the quieter spots downtown, however, and you might very well be the only one in there.

Written by Josh Wyatt

Start Position I still remember the first time I wandered into one of these places: I remember first laying my eyes on the table and looking across at the other players, trying to decipher exactly what they were doing. Luckily, with some help from various Korean people eager to share their knowledge, I came to realize how simplistic and enjoyable 4-ball can be despite the fact that

it is rather confusing to those of us who have grown up around pool and snooker. You see, Korean 4-ball is played on a table without pockets and unlike the western version which uses 16 balls, 4-ball uses (you guessed it!) just 4. While unlikely to be hitting the mainstream in the western world, it turns out that this is actually a very interesting and skillful game. It can even be played with more than two playerswhich is handy if there’s three of you stuck for something to do. So, how do you play? The Basics

Opening Shot 44

Like the western game, Korean 4-ball is played with different coloured balls: two are red, one is yellow and the other is

HOW TO DAEGU - 4 BALL 1. Hit three cushions with the cue ball and then both reds

Finish A

2. Hit one red, three cushions and then the final red.

white. The yellow and white balls act as the cue balls for the opposing players. The aim of the game is to get your cue ball to strike both red balls without hitting your opponent’s cue ball. If you make the shot then your turn continues and you keep taking shots until you fail.

picture. In this scenario, yellow shoots first and will try to hit both red balls without the cue balls touching. This is normally done by hitting the yellow ball down the table at the red closest to the white so that it bounces off the cushions and comes back to hit the other red at the starting end.


Ending the game

Each player starts the game with a certain number of points. Beginners might start with 3-5 points whereas the more experienced players might have upwards of 20. The aim of the game is to lose all of your points and you do this by hitting your cue ball into both red balls without fouling. Each time you manage this, you lose a point. If you foul then you add a point. If you hit just one red ball and do not foul then your score stays the same and it is your opponent’s turn.

Once your score reaches 0 you are just one shot away from being declared the winner. To end the game, you must play a ‘threecushion’ shot. There are two ways of doing this:

To make this slightly less frustrating, the foul rule is revoked for this final shot. If you foul then the play passes to your opponent but you do not have to add any points. The first person to complete this final shot is the winner of the game. So, there you have it. That’s all you need to know to get started. Like any game, there are countless variations and you’ll doubtless see some of them if you spend enough time in the Korean pool hall. Unfortunately, there is very little information on English language websites so unless you can read Korean then you will have to glean your information from other players. In my experience, however, people are often very willing to help you out and if you play the ‘confused foreigner’ card you shouldn’t have any problems!

Finish B

Starting the game To start the game you set up the balls as shown in the



New to the Gu “What will the World remember most about your country during 2011?”

Interviews by Rebecca Sanchez

“Occupy Wall Street, the financial breakdown and, sadly, to distrust the first U.S. African American President. It was in no way his fault, but it may be how the world will remember it. Plus, I love Dr. Cornell West and Carl Sagan!” -Christie Kim, Washington, USA “Occupy Wall Street. Not only has it inspired America, it has inspired the world. There is Occupy Seoul and so many others. It has gone global, thanks to the Arab Spring.” -Patrick Colford, California, USA “Occupy Wall Street because it is everywhere and for the first time in a while, Americans have gone out and protested anything in mass.” -Temperance Bonner, California, USA


“Osama bin Laden's assassination, I mean, there's other things I wish people would remember, but I think it was the biggest event that people will remember for a long time. It is something that will end up in the history books.” -Spencer Twain, Pennsylvania, USA

NEW TO THE GU “The riots at Stanley Cup, Vancouver vs. Boston. It was at Vancouver, and Anarchist groups started riots and trashed Vancouver!” -Dominic Fegan, Halifax, Canada

“That after 16 years, we'll have a male president.” -Fintan Maher, Tipperary, Ireland

“Jack Layton passing away. He was a devoted and well-liked politician, and recently his party (NDP) had won a lot of seats in the parliament. It was by a groundbreaking number and occurred only a few months before he died. He was the leader of the party, so it was a big deal. He had cancer, and on his deathbed he wrote a letter to his country, and because he was highly regarded, so many people respected what it said.” -Louise Lyman, Ontario, Canada



Behind the Decks -an Interview with Audio Tsunami Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has become a staple amongst bars and club across the peninsula. Everyone is a DJ and anyone can become a promoter. There seems to be no accountability with regards to music and more importantly to the guests that frequent these venues. Who has influenced you the most? I grew up on a strict diet of Fatboy Slim and the Chemical Brothers as well as a slew of Australian alternative bands. It is their influences along with artists

from older breaks labels such as Fingerlickin’, West and Splank! that I draw on when producing. Dj wise I am influenced by everyone I hear. My taste in music is pretty eclectic and I find there is a lot you can learn from DJs of all genres. What is your present style? Electro, House, Tech, Fidget, Techno, Breaks...you name it, it will probably feature in my DJ sets somewhere! I enjoy DJing as it keeps me away from the bar so I find myself playing to different crowds in different venues all

around Busan and what I play is usually dictated by what is happening around me. Anything I play always has a very strong element of funk in it! How are things going in the studio? I recently released a remix on Canada’s BreakzRBoss label which cracked the top 40 everywhere online and opened the floodgates in terms of offers for my services. I’m working on some funky breaks/big beat business for Viperfunk and Helltrack recordings under ‘Audio

BEHIND THE DECKS - AUDIO TSUNAMI Tsunami’ as well as some club orientated house tunes with some artists under a new guise, Ecky Thump! What changes have you seen in the EDM community? The live music scene in Busan and Daegu has always been strong. So strong in fact that it has probably hindered the growth of electronic music as foreigners particularly have long preferred to crowd smaller bars and stages on weekends than to pay entry into ‘clubs’. In Busan, things are slowly turning around thanks to the arrival of bigger venues such as Foxy, Maktum and Elune and their efforts in bringing bigger name artists. How would you compare Seoul to Busan? If Seoul is the father of Koreas EDM music scene then consider Busan his estranged, party loving son! Once the ‘black sheep’ when it came to clubbing nightlife on the peninsula, Busan has spent the best part of a decade searching unsuccessfully for its own ‘sound’. The lack of direction has left little pockets of resistance all over the city and spawned quite an eclectic music scene. By not settling on any particular sound I think it has made the need for that ‘sound’ obsolete. Although Busan clubbers tastes tend towards a hard electro style punters can now stumble across ear candy of almost any taste in

every nook and cranny in the city. What are the negatives/positives that exist in the scene? I find the competitiveness between venues (particularly the larger ones) quite counterproductive and frustrating at times. Clubs are always looking to get ‘one up’ rather than work together and secure a healthy scene. Also a disregard for anything that doesn’t fit within current domestic music fads does occur with the bigger

clubs. The scene seems to be flourishing regardless. The crowds here are nothing short of euphoric and it’s their up for anything attitudes that have made and shaped the Busan scene in recent years. Who are some of the DJs you have slated to come in and tear it up? We have worked hard to secure bookings months in advance. It is no mean feat when we are flying

in a guest DJ every Friday and Saturday of every month. Some of the ‘bigger’ names confirmed so far include Stefano Noferini, Jesse Rose, Belzebass, Nom De Strip, Dilemn, Plump DJs, Bart B More, Tom Piper, Yolanda Be Cool, Sonny Wharton, Lee Mortimer, Bass Kleph, The Squatters, Da Fresh, John Acquaviva, Mightyfools and Hoxton Whores and that’s just our first three months! How do you balance performing, producing and promotion? Yeah, I do wear a few hats but I find they all complement each other. It is very exciting to be involved with something you feel is ground breaking and fresh which makes working a pleasure. Being involved with many aspects of the club and its promotion motivates me as a DJ and producer. There is not a lot of down time at the moment as we prepare for the opening but I still find time to irritate everyone around the office with some of my works in progress, the immediate and honest feedback actually helps! Audio Tsunami has been an integral part of the scene for many years and spinning at Busan’s newest club, Club Fix will only help to improve club life on the peninsula, as well as, improve Korea’s image amongst the music fraternity of the world.

This column was published with the express permission of urbanEVENTS. A special thanks also goes out to Groove Korea magazine. ROK on Korea and Asia! www.samurai.fm/seoulvibes ~ seoulvibes@gmail.com ~ www.myspace.com/seoulvibes



Skiing and Snowboarding in South Korea Written by Lowell Sanborn


ki season is here! With a ski season that lasts from, at best, late November to early March, you have to work quickly to get your days in. Korea has 17 ski resorts, mainly located in the Northeast Gangwan Province. The mountains in Korea are not known internationally for their amazing elevations, but they do offer some decent runs and it is worth checking it out, if just for a weekend. In lieu of the short season we offer a short introduction to skiing and snowboarding in Korea. Let’s grind out some stats first. The heavy hitters include the recently named hosts of the 2018

Winter Olympics Yongpyong Resort and Alpensia Resort. While Muju, High One and Phoenix Park are the biggest and best. These are some of the most popular resorts in Korea. The 2018 Winter Olympic Mountains Yongpyong Resort

With an average snowfall of 250cms a year (typical snowfall in Gangwan province) Yongpyong Resort offers 4,300 acres of terrain 700-1,458m above sea level, according to the resort homepage. They have 31 slopes and 14 lifts

Phoenix Park / http://www.flickr.com/photos/sellyourseoul

including 2 half pipes and 1 cable car. They have a cross-country trail that is 15km long. They can easily accommodate rentals with their 3,000 sets of skis and snowboards. Yongpyong was an easy choice for the Olympics because of its ability to accommodate the Alpine and snowboarding competitions. Alpensia Resort Alpensia Resort is a quaint hill with 6 slopes and 3 lifts. This mountain will be the site of the 2018 Pyeongchang ski jump, bobsled, cross-country skiing and biathlon events. This site, much like Cypress Mountain in Vancouver, is the smaller more viewer friendly venue to its larger Alpine oriented counterpart. Popular Demand High One Resort High One Resort is one of the most popular snow destinations and one of the easiest to get to from Daegu. High One has one of the longest runs in Korea (4.2 km). 18 slopes at 1,345 meters above sea level this mountain is good for all levels. In the village surrounding High One also has a casino, which is open to Koreans and foreigners. Beware though this casino gets


SKI REPORT of the tour buses or many different group run trips out of the city. Summary

Phoenix Park / http://www.flickr.com/photos/sellyourseoul

very busy. This resort is about 5 hours from Daegu. Phoenix Park Phoenix Park is one of the largest ski resorts in Korea. With its 21 slopes and 9 lifts (including one 8-seater gondola) it also has one of Korea’s best parks. The mountain has also added some new features such as Moguls and will be used for the 2018 Olympics as well according to Korea Tourism. This Resort takes about 5 hours to get to from the city.

warmest jacket and be able to rent boots, gloves, pants and board. Although quite necessary on snowy days, goggles are a little more difficult to get. Don’t worry though it is possible with a deposit. If you’re not sure about how to ask or are worried for any reason about getting the right gear for the job just feel free to jump on board on one

If it’s sweet champagne powder you’re looking for, you better get on a plane to Japan. If you try to look at snow conditions for the day on the mountain you choose you will not find it. The conditions are consistently groomed and packed. Don’t bother trying to find any tree skiing in Korea as slopes are generally roped and sometimes even fenced off. Though the mountains are small and on weekends can be over crowded, the Korean skiing and riding scene is worth a season. Get up to get down, repeat! Continued on p52

Muju Resort Muju is one of the biggest ski resorts in Korea and its also less than two hours from the city. Its Silk Road Slope is 6.1km long (longest in Korea) and designed for beginners and intermediate riders. Worth a shred! The resort is divided into 2 sections (Manseon base with 12 slopes and Seolcheon Base with 10 slopes). Muju is also home to some relaxing hot springs for your sore butt after a rough day. Rentals Rentals are very cheap and easy in Korea. The resorts are built with beginners in mind with tons of storage lockers and rental gear. Feel free to head up with your 51

SKI REPORT How to get there

Getting to resorts is easy on the weekend. There are tons of individual tour companies that have pickup spots all over the city. Sinmae-dong, Dong-A department store and Manchon are a few. Check out the Daegu Compass facebook for more information.

High 1 - Tour Companies and Bus Pick-up Locations

• •

Shindong-a tour (053-572-4000) www.sdatour.co.kr • Siji @ E-mart 4:10am

Muju - Tour Companies and

• • •

Phoenix Park / http://www.flickr.com/photos/sellyourseoul

Banyawol Subway Station @ E-mart 4:10am Suseong @ Dong-a department store 4:20am Daegu Bank Station @ 7-11 across from Daegu Bank main building 4:45am Banwoldang subway station @ Dong-a shopping center 4:55am Seongseo @ Homeplus 5:10am Chilgok I.C @ 5:25am Sangindong @ Lotte department store 4:40am

Bus Pick-up Locations Mugunghwa tour (053- 4225555) www. tourm.co.kr (fee: RT 26,000, One-way 19000) • • • • • • • •

Shinmae Subway Station @ Exit 6 5:40 Daegu Bank Station @ 7-11 across from Daegu Bank main building 6:00am Banwoldang subway station @ Dong-a shopping center 6:10am Seongseo @ Homeplus 6:30am Sangin Subway Station @ Exit 5 6:00am Daewoo Trump World @ Hwanggeumdong Intersection 6:00am Chilgok,@ across from CGV 6:00am Chilgok @ Mcdonald at Dong-a department store 6:05am

Phoenix Park Pyeonghwa tour (053-422-9925) www.peace-tour.com • • • • • • • •


Shinmae Subway Station @ Exit 1 4:10am Daegu Bank Station @ 7-11 across from Daegu Bank main building 4:25am Banwoldang subway station @ Dong-a shopping center 4:35 Seongseo @ Homeplus 4:55 Chilgok I.C @ 5:10 Banyawol Subway Station @ Mr.Pizza across from E-mart 4:00am Suseong @ Taeseong City World across from Dong-a department 4:00am Sangindong @ Pizza hut 5:00

DAEGU’S TIME TO GIVE The people who helped us transport bags from one place to another were life savers and it was so good to see many friendly faces at all the meeting points. We would also like to say a huge thank you to the Daegu Compass Submitted by Bea, Sara and Becca who donated Our Give a Gift Appeal went betthe proceeds ter than we all could have hoped from their Christmas party to for. Our simple aim was to provide the organisation and The Ugly end of year gifts to disadvantaged Sweater Party who passed on dochildren who otherwise would nations and additional toys to us. not receive anything. Over 150 The money donations have been gift bags were picked up, filled used to provide essential items and returned to us, meaning over to the orphanages such as socks, 150 unsuspecting children and underwear, educational books and young people in orphanages and toothpaste etc. welfare centres had something individual and special to open on Time To Date! - Charity Event Christmas Day. Children in our original 3 orphanages and welfare Do you dream of meeting that centres were quickly matched to special someone while in a far off many willing and kind hearted land? Are you feeling the winter volunteers, the amount of support blues without anybody to hold? we received was overwhelming. Or do you just want the chance to We had to take on an additional 2 meet some really really ridicuorphanages to meet the demand lously good looking people? of the volunteers. Daegu behold the answer to We would like to give a big thank all your prayers. Daegu’s Time you to all those who picked up To Give’s brand spanking new and returned a bag. The organising fundraising event, Time To Date! of this event was a lot of hard work Yes, we are bringing you a one off but was made so much easier by opportunity on February 11th to everyone’s generosity, flexibility try out speed dating! Test your and willingness. We would love flirting skills, impress with your to name everyone involved but cool charm and ignite the flame of simply do not have enough space! passion,

The event is taking place on the intimate 3rd floor of everyone’s favourite watering hole, MF Bar. Guests should arrive at 6.30pm for a prompt 7.00pm start. You will have 3 minutes to chat, drink, tell your cheesiest chat up lines, and woo the opposite sex. See if you are the next modern day Romeo or Juliet, or Korea’s answer to Hugh Hefner. At the end of the 3 minutes you will quickly indicate whether you would like to see this person again before switching places and moving onto new prey, starting the whole process again! Don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to kick back with a new drink, freshen up your face for maximum pulling potential and make use of our photo booth to catch any special moments. At the end of the evening, when your scores have been counted, chat up lines exhausted and your drinks have been drunk, we will announce the most eligible bachelor and bachelorette! These two lucky love birds will receive a special prize - a romantic meal for two in the starlit streets of Downtown Daegu with a few surprises to spice up your evening along the way. There will also be a super special prize for the person with the best (or corniest) chat up line! Tickets are only 10,000 won, including a free drink (and the chance to meet the love of your life!), and all ticket sales will go directly towards helping disadvantaged children in the Daegu area. For more information on how you can sign up for this night of passion, please visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/daegustimetogive



Written by Rebecca Baker Photos by Nicole Harrington


nother theatrical year has flown by and here we are at the beginnng of a new one. For the Daegu Theatre Troupe, there is no other way to say it than by using the well worn cliche: it has been a year to remember. Because it certainly has. Our growth in number, sold out audiences, branching out to bigger and better places.. the Daegu Theatre Troupe has had a spectacular and jam packed 2011.

Into gloomy March we trod, all in need of a pick me up. What better way was there to banish the winter blues than 'A Homage to Comedy' on March 26th? The mixture of short classic pieces and new original pieces cracked the audience up in addition to a performance from Seoul City Improv.

The year began in classic fashion, on February 26th with 'A Night of Classics'. On a classically cold Saturday night, in our classical venue of Buy the Book, we gathered to deliver monologues and scenes from both ancient Greek and Shakespeare plays.

The dawning of Spring led to an event highly anticipated by many. 'A Spring Fling 24 Hour Theatre Challenge' gave the chance for all levels of actors and writers to join forces, create and perform a piece with only 24 hours to create the whole thing. A hugh challenge


that was undertook with much enthisiasm and professionalism by everyone who participated. On July 23rd, we headed to Seoul to showcase Zora Neale Hurston's Lawin' and Jawin' as part of Probationary Theatres show 'It's Not Easy Being Seen'. Colorblind casting was the main issue of the show, leading to interesting thoughts and ideas. The most prominent event of the year by far loomed in September. Our first full length major production, 'A Streetcar Named Desire' required dedication and graft from all those involved. However,

DAEGU THEATRE the blood, sweat and tears paid off and on the 24th and 25th the sold out audiences piled into a YMCA classroom exceeding all of our expectations. An unusual setting? Yes. But this worked to our advantage creating an intimate and unique stage for the complexity of the characters . Despite some of the actors never performing before, the shows went off without a hitch and an unexpected invite was received - the opportunity to take our show to Seoul! Probationary Theatre asked us to perform on December 3rd at the White Box Theatre, in Seoul, which we gratefully accepted another amazing performance from our amateur actors. Halloween impended in October, which gave us the perfect opportunity to host our 2nd annual murder mystery dinner theatre show. Tickets were once again sold out over the 29th and 30th for 'Murder in Black and White'. Great food, amazing costumes and superb performances from both new and old troupe members gave the nights a sinister and spooky edge. After the success of the Spring Fling 24 Hour Theatre Challenge, it was only right to join forces once more in December and bring the people what they wanted: 'A Very Special Holiday 24 Hour Theatre Challenge'. The fun filled theatre challenge was the perfect way to end our hectic year on a high. After such a successful year, there are some special people we need to thank. The audiences for their continued support and loyalty, without them our efforts would be wasted. Their ticket buying has meant sell out shows and we hope you enjoyed the shows as much as we enjoyed creating them. A big thank you to the YMCA who have continued to provide us with rehearsal space and also performance space, a big shout out to the Daegu Compass for keeping a monthly column for us and to Buy the Book for hosting many of our events. Probationary Theatre and Seoul City Improv allowed us opportunities we thought impossible and we cannot thank them enough for their support. 2012 will hopefully allow the Daegu Theatre Troupe to grow and improve further and we cannot wait to get started. Happy New Year!











Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

Seoul Doll Fair @ COEX

FRI 6 Daegu City Sympony Orchestra @ Daegu Culture Art Center

SAT 7 Hwacheon Sanchuneo Ice Festival @ Hwacheon 1.7-1.29

Pyenogchang Trout Festival @ Pyenogchang 1.1-2.15 Dongjangkun Festival @ Pocheon Baekun Valley 12.31-1.29







14 Seoul Electronic Music Festival (SEMF) @ KINTEX

Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

2012 대관령 Snow Flower Festival @ Pyenogchang Daegwanryeong

Hwacheon Sanchuneo Ice Festival @ Hwacheon 1.7-1.29




Eco-Film Night @ Buy the Book 6pm







Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

Bogok Iceland Festival @ Bogok Hawai ~1.29

2012 대관령 Snow Flower Festival @ Pyenogchang Daegwanryeong




25 Wednesday Night Trivia @ Traveler’s Bar and Grill

28 2012 Inje Ice Fishing Festival @ Inje

Nonverbal Performance “B bab” @ Bongsan Culture Art Center 1.27-1.31 Taeback Snow Festival @ Taeback Park 1.27-2.5




Eco-Film Night @ Buy the Book 6pm

Nonverbal Performance “B bab” @ Bongsan Culture Art Center 1.27-1.31 Taeback Snow Festival @ Taeback Park 1.27-2.5 2012 Inje Ice Fishing Festival @ Inje 1.28-2.5

JANUARY 2012 This is an overview of our July events. For more information on events in our calendar, check out the next two pages or email : events@daegucompass.com. Please email us your event information by December 15th for our January 2012 issue.



Event Calendar January 1 - 17 MON Daegu City Sympony Orchestra

1.2 Seoul Doll Fair

FRI 1.6 Daegu City Sympony Orchestra

FRI-SAT 1.13~1.21 2012 대관령 Snow Flower Festival

SAT 1.14 Seoul Electronic Music Festival (SEMF)

ALL MONTH 1.7 ~1.29 Hwacheon Sanchuneo Ice Festival


Time: 10:00AM~7:00PM Price: 8,000w Place: Seoul COEX 1F Ticket: 02-724-7709 http://dollfair.mt.co.kr

Time: 7:30PM Price: 10,000w Place: Daegu Culture Art Center Ticket: 053-606-6192 http://artcenter.daegu.go.kr

Time: 1.13~1.21 Price: Varies Place: Pyenogchang Daegwanryeong Ticket: 033-336-6112

Time: 1.14 Price: 121,000 Place: 일산 KINTEX Ticket: http://www.semf.co.kr

Time: 1.7 ~1.29 Price: FREE Place: Hwachun Ticket: www.narafestival.com


January 18 - 31 Time: 12.31~1.29 Price: Varies Place: Pocheon Baekun Valley

Event Calendar

ALL MONTH 12.31~1.29 Dongjangkun Festival

Ticket: 031-535-7242 www.dongjangkun.co.kr

Time: 1.1~2.15 Price: Free Place: Pyeongchang Ticket: 033-336-4000 www.festival700.or.kr

Time: Weekday: 7:45PM / Sat:4:00PM, 7:30PM / Sun: 3:00, 6:00PM Price: R:40,000w / S:30,000w Place :Bongsan Culture Art Center Ticket: 1566-7897

JAN-FEB 1.1~2.15 Pyeongchang Trout Festival

FRI-TUE 1.27~1.31 Nonverbal Performance “B bab”


Time: 1.27~2.5 Price: FREE Place: Taeback park Ticket: http://festival.taebaek.go.kr

Time: 1.28 ~2.5 Price: Varies Place: Inje Ticket: www.injefestival.co.kr

JAN-FEB 1.27~2.5 Taeback Snow Festival

2012 Inje Ice Fishing Festival

JAN-FEB 1.28~2.5 2012 Inje Ice Fishing Festival




How to > Get there bring the Compass with you and show the taxi driver your destination

This is a guide to all the art centers in Daegu. Various art centers play a range of art performances: from musicals, nonverbal performances, operas, and classical plays. Check out our event calendar on p57 for some of the events playing this month. 61










9 6



2. Ganga (Indian)

4. Pita Bono (Sandwich)

7. Japanese (Sushi)

3. Tasting Table (Italian)

1. Napoli (Italian)


5. Business Bar

6. Bin (Italian)

9. Africa (Pasta & Coffee)

8. Hai Long Bay (Vietnamese)

Minature Golf

10. Long Bar

Cafe Francessco

La Bella Cucina (Italian) Dusan Ogori 두산오거리

Suseong Lake Suseong Land (Amusement Park)


New York New York (Steak)

Suseong Lake area is one of the classiest places in Daegu. A perfect date area. After taking your sweetheart out to a nice meal, I’d recommend Napoli, Ganga, La Bella Cucina or New York New York, take a stroll around Suseong Lake until you come upon the famous ‘duck boats’ and paddle your way into each other’s hearts. Next, swing by the minature golf course and Suseong Land. Thanks to the photogs who took the great pics you see here. Aygul Sarvarova, Jeremy Taylor and Chanel Barlow. Photos by Aygul Sarvarova, Chanel Barlow and Jeremy Taylor

Suseong Lake area offers a change of pace to the hustle and bustle of downtown. Suseong Lake also boasts an amusement park (Suseong Land) reminiscent of those carnivals you went to with your parents at the local fair ground. There’s something to be said when you are on the back of the seahorse with a safety bar that barely locks you in place as you float for a few brief seconds in mid-air before being plunged back down in your seat. Thrilling, exhilarating are just a few choice words to descrribe the experience.











Seomun Market is Daegu’s biggest market. There are multiple areas dedicated to similar products. BARGAIN, it’s challenging, but fun. We hope you have an awesome time and try to enjoy and see as much of the market as possible. We would like to thank Dyren J. Billups-Adam for his photos of the different areas. Thanks bud!

6 7

1 Traditional Clothes, Souvenirs


2 3 68

Food Court

Knicknacks, clothes, food


Textiles, Blankets, Leather goods

Women’s Clothes


9 Wholesale Clothing

Parking Lot

Main Entrance (5min walk to subway)

Bargaining tip : Ask for a discount in Korean, “Gga Gga Ju Say Yo.”

to Seomun Market Subway Station



10% Off1 month or 15% Off3 months

10% Off

20% Off or Free Side Dish

10% Off (Cash only)

15% Off

750w off per 2 Kebabs

10% Off (Cash only)

10% Off

One (1) Free Shot / One shot mixed drink with order

10% Off (30,000w or more) FREE Garlic Cheese Bread w/ purchase of 2 Entrees (October)

20% Off Entrees

10% Off

Designed to give you, the foreigner, the treatment you deserve while living or traveling away from home.

1,000w off per drink

Discounts and special offers at your favorite bars, restaurants, clubs, coffee shops, and on-going special events.

20% Off 10% Off (Cash only)

W1000 Off Entree’s & W500 Off Beverages

10% Off

25% Off or Buy 2, Get 1 Free

10% Off All Drinks



You can find DoDo Manshown on your left if you turn left at the corner of above “Gook Su” and go straight 100m into Nammyeong elementary school. It's a little bit out of the way, but well worth the walk, especially on a pleasant spring afternoon when you can sit outside. The owner of DoDo and his girlfriend renovated two story house and turned it into a restaurant by themselves. DoDo’s most popular menu is “Kimchi Cream Pizza” and “chicken breast Pasta seasoned with soy sauce”, which are so called fusion dishes. There are different varieties of Pizza and Pasta available. Perfect place for dating for couples eating good food, watching the world go by.

Nam Gu Daemyeong 9Dong 486-19 / 053-657-6112 / Open 12:00pm~11:00pm(Sat.12:00am) / Wed. Close

You can spot this place on your left side opposite the Sleepless Seattle when you get off around 50m going toward Apsan from Nammyeong three way road. It reminded me similar small restaurants in Italy, with Firenze style T-bone Steak and Spaghetti Menu. Especially meat quality of T-bone Steak is quit good as using only 한우. Price is reasonable compared to others serving steak using imported meat at much higher prices. 350g T-bone Steak of 37,000won is enough portion for a couple. The tender meat was best to with red wine. Napoli pizza is also recommended menu. It was served with topping of fresh ingredients and thin soft dough at cost only 14,000won.

Nam Gu Daemyeong 9Dong 493-32 / 053-625.135 / Open 12:00pm~10:00pm Last order ~09:30 Break Time 3~5:00pm

ESPRESSO&COMPANY is on your left when you turn left from Hyunchungno Station. You should take exit 2. This restaurant opened this year in March. The owner, Tristan, used to work at the headquarters of Hand's Coffee; a popular Korean coffee franchise. With a variety of coffee beans to select from: Kenya, Brazil, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Papa New Guinea, ESPRESSO&COMPANY is not your typical coffee shop. Oh, they also have the premier espresso machine, La Marzocco, which is Italian made and costs about as much as a new car. There are only a handful of these machines in Korea and Daegu is lucky to have one. Tristan believes that quality coffee starts with the farmers, the delivery people, the baristas and finally you, the customer. Stop by and try the best coffee in Daegu at ESPRESSO&COMPANY.

Nam Gu Daemyeong 9Dong 493-40 / 053-621-8251 / Open 12:00am ~11:00pm(Sat.12:00pm) / Wed. Close

Bruch Studio is on your left when you turn right at Nammyeong three way road and go straight 50m. This restaurant was opened three months ago in May and the owner was a chef in a hotel. All white painted walls of there make interior bright and let me feel comfortable like home. Also brunch menu seems to be like what mom used to cook for me. And they do not use MSG at all. Their motto is to make good food. Highly recommended menu here is “Brunch Set� consisted of Grilled Sausage, Bacon, Fried egg, Green salad, Soup, Baked potatoes, Toast, Americano coffee. Apple chutney flat bread is also popular menu.

Nam Gu Daemyeong 9Dong 509-2 / 053-202-3456 / Open 11:00am~11:00pm / Mon. Close



Downtown Eats Drinks


Photos by Ivan Broida, Vacquer Richard, Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com

The Daegu Compass and it’s volunteers have come up with this comprehensive guide to the bring you the best places to enjoy the night in beautiful downtown Daegu.


\ Won’t break the bank \ Who cares, hav’n funz \ \ \ \ Millionaire Club

\ \

Definitely a date place. Everyday 11am – 9pm Pasta, Handmade Pizzas


Map on p62

\ \

053.424.8200 Everyday 11:30am – 10:30pm Western American Food


Map on p62

\ \

053.421.8577 Everyday 11am-2am Pasta and Coffee


Map on p62

\ \

053.257.2220 Everyday 11:30am – 10:30pm Samgyeopsal - thick slices of pork belly

Map on p62

Burnham’s Burgers \ \ 053.254.3320 Everyday 10:30am – 11pm Burgers and Milkshakes


\ \

053.426.2268 Everyday 11am – 4am Mexican & Bar


Map on p62


Map on p62

\ \

Great for large groups! Everyday 11am – 3am Chinese Food


Map on p62


Club That 010.8247.3939 Everyday 6pm – 4am Burgers, Mojitos, Wine

Map on p62

\ \

Design Factory Awesome outdoor deck!

Everyday 11am – 9pm Coffee and Desserts

Map on p62

\ \

The Holy Grill 053-255-4048 11:00am-10:00pm Sandwiches

Map on p62

\ \ \

Dijon 053-422-2426 11:30am-9:30pm French Mediterranean

Map on p62

\ \ \



Very busy on the weekend. Everyday 1pm – 2am Saki and Japanese Steak

Map on p62




Double cheese and ramen! Everyday 11am – 9pm Fried chicken and rice

Map on p62

\ \

Lazy Diner

Interesting interior

Everyday 11am – 10pm Burgers and Breakfast

Map on p62

\ \

Little Italia Chef studied in Italy.

Map on p62

Everyday 11am – 10pm Pasta and Wine



Mies Container

\ \

Electronic music and Bacon Pizza Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Pizza, Salad

Mies Factory

Map on p62

\ \

One of the busiest restaurants downtown. Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Pizza, Salad

Quiznos Subs

Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com

\ \

Near Banwoldang for all your sub needs. Everyday 11am-9pm Subs and Sandwiches

Map on p62

Samcho-(Shovel Samgyeopsal)


053.252.1266 Everyday 3pm – 3am Samgyeopsal - thick slices of pork belly

Seoga & Cook

Map on p62

\ \

053.254.9989 Everyday 11:00am – 11pm Korean Western Fusion


Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com

\ \

053.255.8970 Everyday 4pm– 4am Galmaegisal - Korean BBQ

Map on p62

Traveler’s Bar & Grill \ 010.4591.4869 Weekdays 5pm–CL Weekends 12pm-CL Burgers, Hot Wings, Beer


\ Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com


\ \


9’s, 7’s ~ great beer!

Everyday 11am – 9pm Uzbekistan & Russian Food

Map on p62

\ \


Great lunch specials Everyday 11am – 2am Pasta, Coffee & Desserts

Map on p62



Different flavored Samgyeopsal.

Map on p62

Everyday 11am – 1am Samgyeopsal - Korean BBQ


Downtown Bars & Clubs

Photos by Ivan Broida, Vacquer Richard, Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com

Daegu thrives at night. Downtown is loaded with bars and clubs to meet everyone’s drinking and partying needs. Challenge yourself and try out places you’ve never been.

Apple Lounge

\ Won’t break the bank \ Who cares, hav’n funz \ \ \ \ Millionaire Club

\ \

Great interior and good drinks. Everyday 6pm – 4am Cocktails, Electronic music, Wine

AU Lounge

Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com

\ \

Upscale and good for large groups. Everyday 6pm – 4am Bottle service, trendy

Map on p62

Billi Bow & Dart

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com


Lots of Dart Machines and Pool Table Everyday 6pm – 4am Western food, on 2FL of Lotte Cinema

Blue Ketchup \

Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com


053.286.1000 Everyday 6pm - 3am / Fri, Sat 6pm - 5am Korean fusion food

Bus Bar

Map on p62


Theme bar, fun atmosphere. Everyday 6pm – 4am Korean fusion food

Champs Sports Bar

Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com


New bar in town ~ They came to play. Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer Pong, Darts, Air Hockey, Live Music

Map on p62

Communes \ Longest running bar in Daegu. A must go to. Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer, Trivia Night, Sports


Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com


Flower Bar Apple is the best!

Everyday 6pm – 4am Wine and Hooka Bar

Map on p62 Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com

\ \

Club Frog

4am~headed to Frog? Everyday 9pm – 4am Hip-hop / Dance / Party

Map on p62


Gold Label

Good for large groups who drink.

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com

Everyday 6pm – 3am Top 40 hits / Good Beer

Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com


Go Go Party

Everyone’s favorite bag drink! Everyday 7pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com

\ \

Club G2

Upscale club, 17,000w cover. Everyday 9pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62


Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com

Club JEEEP 010.7527.4879 Everyday 8pm – 4am Party / Hip-hop / Dance

Map on p62



Party all day, party all night. Everyday 8pm – 4am Pure Electronic Music

Map on p62 Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com



You should experience it once.

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com

Map on p62

Everyday 6pm - 3am Traditional Korean Tavern



MF Bar


My Favorite bar ~ owners are cool! Everyday 7pm - 4am Darts / Music Requests / Cheap Booze

Old Skool

Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com


Ghetto blaster!

Everyday 7pm - 4am Hip-hop / Dance / Pool

Club Pasha

Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com

\ \

3 : 1 Women to men ratio, always. Everyday 9pm - 4am Large Club / Banging House Music

Teum Lounge

Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com

\ \

Classy lounge with a sexy, futuristic atmosphere. Everyday 7pm – 3am Electronic Music

Thursday Party I

Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com


The best of the best go here.

Everyday 7pm – 4am Beer Pong, Darts, Danc’n

Thursday Party II

Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com


053.252.1266 Everyday 7pm – 4am Beer Pong, Shuffle Puck, Darts

Urban Club & Lounge

Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com


Live Music on the weekends.

Everyday 7pm – 4am Live Music, Darts, Hip-hop

Who’s Bob

Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com


The Bob.

Everyday 8pm – 4am Beer Pong, Dart Machine, Pool


Map on p62

Fuzz @ www.chrischucas.com


Compass Connoisseur

Check out these other great eats around town.



Ganga - http://www.ganga.co.kr

A cuisine worthy of Shiva. This upscale Indian restaurant has great curries. There naan is quite exquisite as well. You can even order samosas! Wash it down with a nice mango lassi and you have yourself an aroma massage for your stomach! Check out the Suseong-gu Compass map on p65 for directions. Lunch : 11:30am ~ 3:00pm Last Order 2:30pm Dinner: 17:30 ~ 22:00 Last Order 21:30 Weekend Hours: 11:30 ~ 22:00


Kyungpook Uni. area


Indo Bang Rangi - 3F Restaurant

Sanjay welcomes you! Renovated and redesigned last year, this Indian restaurant is famous for it’s curries. The chef is from India and speaks English very well. Plus, he’s super friendly and will answer all your existential Indian food questions. The restaurant is located on the 3rd floor right across from Kyungdae Buk Moon (north gate). Check the Kyungdae Compass map on p64 for directions. 11am - 10pm everyday (except major holidays)


Maya - 2F Restaurant

A wood-fired tandoor oven seeps into your senses as you enter the door to this fantastic Indian/Nepali restaurant. Relatively new to Daegu, about 2 years old now, this restaurant is a great escape from the retro-urban decor that most Daegu restaurants display. A cozy interior with exotic tapestries of the far east adorning the walls. Reasonable prices and great Thali sets round out this establishment. Check the Kyungdae Compass map on p64 for directions. 11:00am to 11:00pm everyday (closed Mondays)


Sang-in Dong The Holy Grill - Delivery in Daegu



The Canadian owner of Daegu’s legendary downtown restaurant lived in Sangin Dong when he first arrived in Daegu back in 2000. Eleven years later, he’s opened his second location back in the neighbourhood where it all started. Epic hot sandwiches like the Philly Cheese Steak, Bacon & Cheese Holy Cow burger, Santo Burrito or the best selling Cajun Smothered Chicken. Eat it, take out or have it delivered to your school or home.

11:00am to 10:00pm everyday




HOTEL HOTEL GUIDE GUIDE Welcome to the Daegu Compass hotel information guide. We will also be adding a guide about motels soon. Daegu is very spread out, and not all the hotels will be convenient for you. We hope our hotel guide will help you with making your decision on where to rest your weary bones for the night.

Downtown Area Hotels Novotel Daegu City Center Add : 대구광역시 중구 문화동 11-1번지 Tel : 053-664-1115 Website : http://www.novoteldaegu.com Email : rsvn@novoteldaegu.com

Eldis Regent Hotel Add : 대구광역시 중구 동산동 360번지 Tel : 053-253-7711 Website : http://www.eldishotel.com/ Email : eldishotel@hanmail.net

Nam Gu Area Hotels Hotel the Palace Add : 대구광역시 남구 봉덕3동 688-1번지 Tel : 053-471-9911 Website : http://www.hotelthepalace.co.kr/ Email : no - online reservation system

Prince Hotel Add : 대구광역시 남구 대명2동 1824-2번지 Tel : 053-628-1001 Website : http://www.princehotel.co.kr/ Email : prince@princehotel.co.kr


Near the nightlife Room rates start at 150,000won Fantastic all you can eat buffet!

Room rates start at 100,000won Close to Hyundai and Dongha Shopping

Near Camp Walker Room rates start at 99,000won Near Camp Walker Clean and Friendly

Room rates start at 105,000won Western and Korean rooms available


Suseong Gu Area Hotels Daegu Grand Hotel Add : 대구광역시 수성구 범어1동 563-1번지 Tel : 053-742-0001 Website : http://www.taegugrand.co.kr Email : concierge@daegugrand.co.kr

Hotel Inter-burgo Add : 대구 수성구 만촌동 300번지 Tel : 053-6027-171, 173 Website : http://hotel.inter-burgo.com Email : feel20c@inter-burgo.com

Hotel New Young Nam Add : 대구광역시 수성구 두산동 888-2번지 Tel : 053-752-1001 Website : no Email : nynhotel@nynhotel.com

Hotel Ariana Add : 대구광역시 수성구 두산동 200-1번지 Tel : 053-765-7776 Website : http://www.ariana.co.kr Email : arianahotel@nate.com

Dong Gu Area Hotels Hotel J’s Add : 대구광역시 동구 신천4동 326-1번지 Tel : 053-756-6601~10 Website : http://hotel-js.com/ Email : http://hotel-js.com/

10 min from Dongdaegu station

Room rates start at 240,000won One of the top hotels in Daegu

Room rates start at 330,000won Daegu Casino is open! Great beer! 2FL MICRO-BREWERY

Room rates start at 110,000won

Across from Dongdaegu station Close to Express Bus Station

Room rates start at 160,000won Walking distance to KTX & Express Bus



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