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MVP Chosen One All about Dade !!!

I was  born  in  St.  Joseph  Missouri.  Since  a  young  age  I  always  wanted  to  play  baseball.  My  mom   wanted  to  get  me  signed  up  early  but  she  missed  the  due  date  for  registrations.  I  was  very  sad  cause   I  thought  that  was  the  year  I  was  <inally  going  to  play  baseball.  The  next  year  I  was  <inally  going  to   get  to  play  so  I  was  very  excited,  but  there  was  a  down  fault.  I  didn’t  know  how  to  play.  I  got  put  on   Roger  Mapels  team.  So  at  the  beginning  of  the  season  I  was  really  bad,  towards  the  end  of  the  season   he  noticed  I  had  talent.  The  next  year  he  put  me  on  his  traveling  team  the  North  West  Nitro.  I  did   really  good  that  season  and  go  asked  to  play  with  the  St.  Joseph  Crush,  he  worked  with  me  a  lot  that   season  even  knowing  he  wasn’t  the  coach  because  his  son  played  with  me  so  he  was  always  there   telling  me  my  <laws  and  telling  me  how  to  <ix  what  I  was  doing  wrong.  I  achieved  great  goals  and  got   better  as  an  over  all  player  and  became  the  best  player  on  the  Crush.  Now  I  recently  play  for  the   Andrew  County  Kings.  So  Roger  maple  has  made  me  the  player  I  am  today.  He  has  made  me  not  just   a  great  baseball  player  but  also  a  dedicated  player  and  a  hard  worker.    

I dedicate  my  hard  work  sweat  and  tears  to  Roger  Mapel  because  if  it  wasn’t  for  him  I  would  

not be  the  person  I  am  today.  I  say  that  because  he  made  me  the  baseball  player  I  am  today  and   baseball  takes  up  85  %  of  my  life.  I  even  think  about  baseball  when  I  am  driving  or  watching  a  movie.   The  only  place  I  do  not  think  about  baseball  is  in  my  sleep,  or  when  I  eat.  

! My name is Dade Ryan Wheeler. I was born in St. Joseph Missouri, i have been living here for 15 years. I have done a lot of things in my life. But one that has been stuck in my mind is playing baseball. I have been playing baseball for 8 years or so. I just really love the game and the competition that comes along. The main thingI love about the game is that i can show people my skill, hang around with friend, eat hot dogs, and have a good time while doing so. When I get older I want to live in a decent house in the country and play professional baseball for the New York Yankees. I wan to play for the Yankees because they are my favorite team they have 27 world series wins the most in the MLB and in my eyes are the best team in the game I want to lead the team onto winning 10 more world series, and getting a couple world series mvps and a couple rings. Another reason I like them is because their players have the most heart and love for the game and have a good atmosphere to work with. If I had a choice of taking no money and still play for the team I would. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not in the game for money I play the game because I have a lot of love for the game. Later on after I get done playing in the Major Leagues I want to retire and own a big fancy house with a lot of cars, and have a beautiful wife. By the time I am dead and gone I want my name to be remember by baseball fans around the world. The goals i have later in life are to go jump of a mountain with a squirrel suit, go swimming in the bahamas, own a ferrari.

Haters are Jealous of My skill

Height: 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;7 Age: 15 Last seen: On hyde parks baseball field Wanted for: Hitting a walk off in Smithville Mother: Misti Father: Jeremy

REWARD: 100,000


MAY 3, 2012

Man recently died Dade Wheeler, 28 died in the hospital after getting hit in the chest with a baseball. Dade was playing against the Red Sox when he was fielding a ground ball from Chaz Verdusco. It hit him in the chest and he was air lifted oďŹ&#x20AC; to Heart Land health. He went through 2 hours of surgery. He was responding to the nurses, very well and all of and a week later he flat lined. In the anatomy lab it showed it wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the baseball they killed him, it was the knife that was left in his chest and with a sudden jerk of the swing of the bat it punctured his heart and he died.




! Ten thing I believe In: 1. Hard work always pays oďŹ&#x20AC; 2. If you want something as bad as you do breathing then go after it. 3. Grades, Girls, and Baseball 4. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best. 5. If you give 120% everyday at everything you will be noticed. 6. Succeeding is not how much money you make or how much you believe in your self. 7. Baseball is the best game ever. 8. God created us all equal our decisions make us who we are. 9. Family is first friends are second. 10.Respect everyone around you.

! ! ! ! ! Urban Dictionary Dade- Is a county in southern Florida were “Dade” is referred to as the ultimate hood. “It is were the super-fly gangsters rule the streets”

The wheeler last name started ! with people that worked on the wheelwright. It started in the medieval times when the wheel was wooden and was fragile and unique. The people that worked on the wheels was giving the last name of wheeler. It took a lot of skill, to work on the wheels. The first wheelers to land in america were â&#x20AC;&#x17D;Josiah Wheeler age 22 South Carolina 1704. Mary Wheeler Virginia age 24 1704.

John wheeler was the prime minister of nicaragua. Jane wheeler in 1855 she sold her son as a slave to the british king.


Mutli- Genre research project


Mutli- Genre research project