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Growing Your Own Wheatgrass At Home With A Kit You’ve probably seen spiky, neon-green wheatgrass plants hanging out in your local juice bar or discount vitamin store. This wheatgrass works extremely well in smoothies, juices and powders and just like most fruits and vegetables it is possible to grow this help nutrient at home. Wheatgrass does nonetheless require special growing situations just like everything else you would grow. A wheatgrass kit can help in a few ways if you would like to grow this particular plant on your own. All the appropriate tools and supplies come in these wheatgrass kits as well as important instructions on how you will be successful. Wheatgrass can be grown simply enough at home by basically throwing a few seeds into a container and watering it just like you would other household plants or vegetation. Where the come in handy is they allow you to grow considerably healthier and tastier wheatgrass primarily because of what the kit contains. The growing light is perhaps the most important component of a wheatgrass kit. A growing light as you may already know mimics the photosynthetic benefits of the sun, where the small but bright light hangs over the plant and provides sunshine for the plant to flourish. Wheatgrass fanatics testify that a growing light will help you to grow wheatgrass with a bright color and the best flavor. By providing consistent sunlight to the wheatgrass as it develops, the lamps make it possible for the plant to flourish since it is receiving all the important nutrients. Much like any other lamp, the growing light expands out over the growing tray to offer nutrients to the wheatgrass. Most kits will give you a 27-watt compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), which use less energy than regular light bulbs. Other common portions of a wheatgrass kit include: black plastic growing trays, which are reusable and help absorb light and heat, stimulating growing; USDA certified organic growing soil, a mineral-rich compost soil which contains necessary growing nutrients; and, needless to say, wheatgrass seeds. Comprehensive instructions on how to successfully cultivate wheatgrass will also be contained in the kit where you will learn all about planting, growing, harvesting and consuming this beneficial wheatgrass. If you know anything pertaining to wheatgrass, its likely you will know all about the nutritional value. Grown from a part of the common wheat plant, wheatgrass offers high quantities of protein, vitamin E, phosphorus, vitamin B12 and other vital vitamins and minerals. Selenium, zinc, amino acids, chlorophyll and live enzymes are also seen in wheatgrass which our bodies need to have. Once you’ve successfully grown several crops of wheatgrass, it’s extremely important to know how to harvest the plant properly, and how to prepare it. While it may be easy, unless you have experience extracting and using wheatgrass, it is far better to get advice from the more experienced when you first start growing and using this kind of vegetation. In addition, if you want to branch out from growing wheatgrass, you could use these kits to grow Perfect Foods, Inc.

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Growing Your Own Wheatgrass At Home With A Kit other healthy crops, like micro-greens, herbs, or sprouts. These kits bring together all the equipment and pieces in one place that you need to grow outstanding, tasty, bright green wheatgrass. These kits include vital pieces, like the growing light that is sized (in both wattage and height) specifically for wheatgrass trays, and directions and cookbooks that will allow you to create tasty, healthy wheatgrass concoctions. Wheatgrass fanatics and experts are usually the sellers of these kits, ensuring that your crops pack the maximum health punch. Next time you stop by your favorite juice bar or health food store, remember that you can have exactly the same wheatgrass and healthful benefits at home - and that a kit would be the most convenient and least expensive way to get there. Perfect Foods is where to find extraordinary wheatgrass kits in an effort to grow your very own supplements. For much more info on Perfect Foods, visit them at the website,

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Perfect Foods, Inc.

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Growing Your Own Wheatgrass At Home With A Kit  

Perfect Foods is where to find extraordinary wheatgrass kits in an effort to grow your very own supplements. For much more info on Perfect F...

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