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達達創意股份有限公司成立於西元 2002 年 由一群熱愛創作的專業藝術家秉持著「環境藝術化」的理念 組成「達達創意圈」 我們篤信 要高高躍起,必先謙虛深蹲 放空自我,有容乃大 公司內部充滿自由創作的氣氛,天馬行空的發想 既懷舊又前衛的工作環境 我們相信 深耕之後 才能心隨意至,翱翔天際 「腳踏實地 躍起 自由飛行」

With Both Feet on the Ground, Leap Up and Fly Free DADA IDEA Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 By a group of professional artists who believe in the principle of creating an artistic environment They formed the “DADA circle of creativity” We sincerely believe That in order to jump to new heights, you must first humbly squat low Let loose of your ego and your embrace will be greater The company is filled to the brim with a free, creative atmosphere and fantastic ideas The work environment is nostalgic yet on the vanguard We believe By ploughing deep We can achieve our heart’s desire and soar amongst the clouds “With Both Feet on the Ground, Leap Up and Fly Free”

目 錄 │ Contents




Work Team



Kuroshio in Lamungan




三鶯之心 - 坯

七堵車站 - 世紀樞紐


南港車站 - 端點


台中稅捐稽徵處 - 聚沙成塔


憲兵 202 指揮部福西營區 - 忠貞獬豸


農業生物科技園區 - 種子的天空


台電屏東營業處 - 綠泡兒


台鐵沙崙車站 - 時空節點 ‧ 行雲流水


自強隧道 - 蟠龍翔鳳計畫


雪山隧道 - 時光拼織十二 ‧ 九


農業生物科技園區 - 生命的樂章


南港展覽館 - 自然的韻律 ‧ 文明的節奏


桃園國際機場二期航站區入口意象 - 迴 The Loop

國立成功大學醫學院附設醫院 - 蒼芎之窗 Windows of the Cosmos


The Rhythm of Nature‧The Beat of Civilization


蒙特梭利幼稚園 - 星空之海 Sea of Starry Sky

A Movement of Life


捷運大安森林公園站、大安站、信義安和站 - 大安漫 ‧ 森 ‧ 活 Enjoy Green Life in Daan Park

Time Weave 12.9


國立交通大學客家文化學院 - 瓜棚下 Underneath the Gourd Trellis

Coiling Dragon, Soaring Phoenix Project


六堆客家文化園區 - 移墾耕讀 Immigrate, Settle, Cultivate, Study

A Transit Point in Time and Space


屏東竹田自行車道 - 這一路 ‧ 風光明媚 Splendid Scenery Along the Path

Green Power


中央研究院 人文社會科學館 - 黑潮莫拉灣 Kuroshio in Lamungan

Sky of Seeds


南瀛科學教育園區 - 宇宙發信 Transmission to the Universe

Loyal Xiezhi


士東國小 - 詩咚 Poetic Boom

Accumulating Much From A Little


台北市花木批發市場 - 異想花開 Blooming Dreams



台鐵松山車站 - 時光鐵道迴旋 Time on the Circle Line

A Key Position of The Century


大東文化藝術中心 - 創造之湧泉 The Fountain of Creation

Clay Body


高雄捷運紅線南段公共藝術 - 港都遊藝

2009 日本越後妻有大地藝術祭 - 跨越國境 ‧ 山 Over the Border-Mountain


2013 日本瀨戶內國際藝術祭 - 跨越國境 ‧ 海 Over the Border-Sea

工 作 團 隊 │ Work Team

執 行 長

總 經 理

業 務 行 銷 部

行 政 會 計 部

藝 術 企 劃 部

工 程 設 計 部


General Manager

Business & Marketing Department

Administration & Finance Department

Art & Design Department

Engineering Design Department



業務經理 阮兩成

主辦會計 邱夢婷

副理 李洸慧

副理 李全聖

Lin Shuen-Long

Lin Tien-Long

Business Manager | Leani Roan

Accountant | Chiou Ting

Assistant Manager | Lee Kuang-Hui

Assistant Manager | Willy Lee

行銷企畫專員 黃柏瑞

會計助理 李怡璇

活動企畫專員 盧鈺

工程設計專員 張士飛

Marketing Planner | Huang Bo-Ruei

Accountant Assistant | Una Lee

Event Planning Specialist | Midori

Engineering Design Specialist | Changsph

藝術設計專員 林庭安

工程設計專員 賴予柔

Art & Design Specialist | Lin Ting-An

Engineering Design Specialist | Charlotte Lai

藝術設計專員 毛瑞馨

工程設計專員 劉家瑜

Art & Design Specialist | Amanda Mao

Engineering Design Specialist | Katie Liu

寵 物 部 Pets


黑皮 Happy





咕嚕 阿妹





工 作 實 績 │ Achievement 2 0 1 3 國立政治大學 網溪國小 B 高雄世貿中心

2 0 1 2 國立交通大學客家田家炳光電大樓 台北市松山工農 A 點 新北市新莊國民運動中心 台電訓練所 AB 區 新北入口意象 屏東演藝廳 AB 案 台北市立體育學院 B 區 公西靶場 北投生活藝術節 依洛北京頤堤港店 依洛北京凱德店


桃園環保科技園區 憲兵 202 福西營區 屏東六堆客家文化園區 西螺高農工職校實習大樓 南瀛天文教育園區 嘉義大學蘭潭校區 屏東竹田自行車道 捷運信義線(大安森林公園站、大        安站、信義安和站) 彰化縣蘭大衛 新北市消防局 澎湖科技大學海洋科技大樓 國立交通大學客家文化學院

2 0 1 0 成功大學醫學院附屬醫院 屏東台電營業處 桃園國際機場第二期航站區入口意象 寶藏巖 松山車站 高雄縣大東文化藝術中心 桃園縣環保科技園區研發大樓 國稅局板橋分局辦公廳舍

2 0 0 9 蘭陽博物館生活美學特展 台鐵沙崙車站 台鐵竹中車站


National Chengchi University Wangxi Elementary School TWTC Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall

Tin Ka-Ping Photonic Buliding, National Chiao Tung University Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry Xinzhuang Civil Sports Center TPC Training Institute, site A,B New Taipei City Entrance Image Pingtung Auditorium, site A,B University of Taipei, site B Gongsi Shooting Range Peitou Living Art Festival iROO Beijing iNDIGO shop iROO Beijing Capitaland shop

Taoyuan Environmental Science and Technology Park Fuxi Barracks, 202 Military Police Command Liudui Hakka Cultural Park Practice Building, Siluo Agricultural Industrial High School New Taipei City Entrance Image Tainan Astronomical Education Area Lantan Campus, Chiayi University Pingtung Zhutian Cycling Path MRT Xinti Line Daan Park, Daan, XinyiAnhe Station Changhua David Landsborough Ⅳ artwork Fire Department, New Taipei City Government Seas and Oceans Science and Technology Building, Penghu University of Science and Technology College of Hakka Studies National Chiao Tung University

National Cheng Kung University Hospital Pintung Branch, Taiwan Power Company The Second Phase of Public Arts, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Treasure Hill Artist Village Songshan Railway Station Dadong Arts Center R&D Building, Taoyuan Environmental Science and Technology Park Taxation Bureau, Banqiao Branch

Lanyang Museum Living Art Exposition Shalun Railway Station Zhuzhong Railway Station

2 0 0 9 台鐵六家車站 農業生物科技園區 AB 桃園機場二期航站基地 4

2 0 0 8 台電關渡仙渡變電所 中央研究院人文社會科學館 台北市花木批發市場 高雄捷運紅線南段 高雄港 三鶯之心

2 0 0 7 指南宮藝術生態森林規劃設計 桃園航空客運園區水資源回收中心 自強隧道美化工程委託設計、 監造技術服務 南港車站 A 區

2 0 0 6 十三行博物館 廣達集團研發中心 南港展覽館 雪山隧道 七堵車站 A 區 桃園縣政府警察局 成淵高中 台中教育大學 西門市場 台北市警察局中正第一分局 台北大學城集合住宅 發現紐約集合住宅 寶山集合住宅 蒙特梭利幼稚園 依洛台北南西店

2 0 0 5 政戰學校 台中市稅捐稽徵處 淡水國小 台北科技大學

2 0 0 4 農委會農業改良場 五峰國中 臺灣銀行頭份分行 苗栗特殊教育學校 新竹師院附設實驗國小 凱達格蘭文化館 士東國小

Liujia Railway Station Agricultural Biotechnology Park, site A,B Base 4 of The Second Phase, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Sendo EHV Substation, Taiwan Power Company Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Academia Sinica Taipei Wholesale Flower Market Kaohsiung MRT Red Line South Section Port of Kaohsiung Sanying Heart Space Arts District

Zhinan Temple Art Ecology Forest Garden Taoyuan Aerotropolis Water Resources Recycling Center Ziqiang Tunnel Nangang Railway Station

Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology Quanta Computer TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall Hsuehshan Tunnel Chi-Du Railway Station Taoyuan County Police Bureau Cheng Yuan High School Taichung University of Education Ximen Market Zhongzheng First Precinct, Taipei City Police Department Taipei University Community Discover New York Community Baoshan Community Ms.Lam School iROO Taipei Nanxi shop

Fu Hsing Kang College Taichung City Revenue Service Office Danshuei Elementary School Taipei University of Technology

Agricultural Research and Extension Station Wufeng Junior High School Bank of Taiwan, Toufen Branch Miaoli Special School Elementaryt School, Hsinchu University of Education Ketagalan Culture Center Shidong Elementary School


坯 Clay Body 三鶯之心 Sanying Heart Space Arts District 如同自無垠大地隆起的土丘 透過煉土般的能量場 取母胎之概念 企圖打造一個靜謐無聲 與外在世界區隔的空間 當人們走進坯的底層 彷彿進入一個受聖靈祝福的潔淨場域 在其中感受到室外的喧囂逐漸遠離 身心完全沉浸在靜默的時空中 有如生命之初在母體內的情景 腳下的天體星座刻痕則象徵生命初始的剎那

光束從四周的小窗傾洩而入 隨時辰變化緩緩移動 形成光陰的軌跡 沿著螺旋階梯拾級而上 更可感受到視野逐漸明亮 宛如從「內在的世界」 以螺旋路徑移動到「外在的世界」 這個經驗指涉生命自大地之母旋轉而出 見到光 並進入人世的過程 經由此空間體驗 登頂時 彷彿能夠再次領悟新生的喜悅

Like a hump bulging from the earth, an energy field of clay, and the concept of an embryo, Clay Body is an attempt to create a space of serenity and seclusion. When people walk into the bottom layer of Clay Body, they will enter a field of purity blessed by the holy spirits. Inside of this space, you will feel that the noises are distanced from yourself and serenity immerses your body and mind in the time and space. It is a time when a life is conceived in the womb of the mother, and the zodiac under your feet represent the beginning of life in the universe. Light beams pour in from the small windows surrounding the space and move slowly along the movement of the sun to mark a track of time. Up along the spiral staircase, the visual space is led to gradual changes of brightness, representing the movement from the “inner world” to the “outside world”. This experience presents life spinning out in a spiral motion from the mother earth. Upon light, the universe enters the world of mankind. This is a space to experience, and when you are at the summit, you will feel the joy of being born again.




世紀樞紐 A Key Position of The Century

端點 Endpoints

台鐵七堵車站 Chi-Du Railway Station

台鐵南港車站 Nangang Railway Station

此件公共藝術作品,取名為《世紀樞紐》,顧名思義,即是配合七堵 車站的功能特性,所詮釋出與氣勢、氣質相符合的作品。仿鐵軌鋼構 部份的有機造形,代表著富含著歷史意義的軌道。以行星軌道圍繞太 陽旋轉概念,訴說七堵車站時間軸所背負轉運集散的責任;以大小不 一四處散落的金屬球,比喻車站內人來人往的繁榮盛況。

作品詮釋鐵路運輸即是以點之移動、連接等概念所構成,並將此意念與 時間做連結。兩錐體對峙的造形為古代日晷的延伸意象,配合地面數位 化的時間標示,點出傳統與現今對於時間感之差異。夜晚,整點時的高 空投射光束,似將地球的點和星空中其他星球的點相連結。 在端點之間,描述出南港車站的精神內涵與時代意義。

This public artistic work is named A key position of the century. As the name suggests, is coordinates Chi-Du station’s function characteristics to annotate the train station with his imposing and temperament. Imitated the hard rail steel construction part the organic shape, on behalf of the richly historical significance of the track. The conception of planet surrounding the sun on his orbit, related Chi-Du station’s time axis his collection and distribution responsibility. The different size metal ball in all directions scattered. In analogy in the train station, people are hurrying to and fro crowded prosperous grand occasion.

In this work, railway transport is interpreted through the concept of moving and connecting points, and this idea is then combined with time. The form of two opposing cones extends the image of two ancient sundials, collaborating with the digitalized time markers on the ground, it points out a different sense of time between traditional and modern periods.When night falls, the high-altitude projection at the top of the hour seems to link Earth to other celestial bodies in the starry sky. The space between the two endpoints illustrates the spiritual connotations and significance of the Nangang Station during its time.


聚沙成塔 Accumulating Much From A Little 台中市稅捐稽徵處 Taichung City Revenue Service Office 以具有代表錢幣之貝殼造型意象,運用鋼材層疊 的創作手法,表現出「積少成多,聚沙成塔」之 財稅集中的意涵,而其旋轉上升之造型動勢,意 謂帶動國家建設之發展,讓往來之民眾體現稅收 集中全民共享之精神。 The concept is formed from an image of shells which has a monetary implication, expressed in a form of cascading steel material for the concept of "Many a little makes a mickle." in the sense of tax collection. The upwardly spinning dynamic in motion signifies implementation of the national infrastructure construction, so that the crowd who passes by the sculpture perceives the spirit of taxation as to be partaken by all the people.



忠貞獬豸 Loyal Xiezhi 憲兵 202 指揮部福西營區 Fuxi Barracks, 202 Military Police Command 「獬豸」為象徵憲兵精神的古代祥獸。莊嚴有力的花蓮白色大理石 獬豸雕刻和素雅的大理石切割壁面,擁有微妙的光影變化之美,和 原有正門相互襯托,彼此之間亦有著動與靜的對應關係,展現出尊 貴不凡的氣質。 《忠貞獬豸》以空間透視感與浮雕的光影變化,襯托出憲兵精神象 徵物,深刻精準地展現憲兵「忠貞高潔、堅毅沉穩」的精神核心。 The Xiezhi is a mythical beast from ancient times representing the spirit of the military police. The powerful,austere Xiezhi sculpted out of white Hualian marble and the refined marble bas-relief change subtly with the shifting of light and shadow. The sculptures and the pre-existing main gate complement each other with a corresponding relationship of motion and stillness,affording the piece a regal air. Loyal Xiezhi utilizes a sense of perspective and the changes in light and shadow on the reliefs to set off this symbol of the military police spirit, conveying the core principles of being“loyal,moral,steadfast,determined,and steady.”



種子的天空 Sky of Seeds 農業生物科技園區 Agricultural Biotechnology Park 無論是哪一種植物,都是從一顆小 小的種子開始… 當天地仍處於混沌不明,一個象徵 生命的小點,已經懂得要用力吸取 週遭土壤的養分。這不僅是生命最 原始的狀態,也將貫徹至宇宙最後 一刻。植物自始至終渴望著陽光, 嚮往著天空,本作品流洩的細碎光 束,宛如樂音和諧律動,正是人類 對生命的最高禮讚。 All plants start from tiny seeds. When heaven and earth were still in a chaotic state, a tiny dot, a symbol of life, learned to soak up nutrients from the soil surrounding it. This is the most primitive state of life and will be continued to the last moment of the universe. Plants thirst for the sun and long for the sky. The scattered light beams from this work, dot the earth like frolicking notes and the harmonious rhythm of music. It is the highest praise of humans to life in the universe. The diversity of life unfolds here in a stunning show.


綠泡兒 Green Power 台電屏東營業處 植物以光合作用運作能量,日間吸 收光能,夜間呼出廢氣,由此可觀 生物最基礎的能源汲取模式,可以 安於宇宙之一角,而不防礙環境的 平衡,這無疑是給了現代人一個清 明的啟示──物質與科技的便捷是 否反而磨損人與自然間的親暱?《綠 泡兒》在材質上運用光與風的元素, 風動與陽光產生的能量,正是為了 呼應全球性的環保議題,體現自給 自足的綠泡兒之核心價值。 Plants acquire their energy through the process of photosynthesis. During the day, they absorb energy from the sun, and the night, they expel unwanted gases. This is undoubtedly the most fundamental means of energy absorption for living organisms, as it allows them to maintain their place in the universe without disrupting the balance of nature. We should draw inspiration from this natural process and reflect if the convenience obtained from material consumption and technology has, in fact, damaged the relationship between man and nature? Green power incorporates elements of light and wind in the use of materials; the energy from wind and sun symbolize the core value of Green power through self-sufficiency and answers the call of the global environmental protection movement.


時空節點 ‧ 行雲流水 A Transit Point in Time and Space 台鐵沙崙車站 Shalun Railway Station 沙崙車站─連結台鐵與高鐵的車站,科技與傳統的節點;時間 ‧ 空間─行雲流水般的遊走在人與人的交會中,開啟無數的精采旅 程。 黑面琵鷺的戲水,飛翔的身影,台南人最疼惜的寶貝,誠如台灣詩 人白聆所寫烏面撓杯之歌 ( 台語 ):「撓杯!撓杯!飛過冰天,飛過 雪地,飛到阮的曾文溪,恁是阮歡迎的好人客,阮想欲,請恁食魚擱 食蝦。」


Shalun Station is a station that links the Taiwan Railway System to the High-speed Rail. As such, it is a transition point between technology and tradition. Time and space flow freely like a stream of water, in and out the space and time. In the chance encounters between people, countless thrilling journeys begin. The sight of endangered Black-faced Spoonbills playing in the water and soaring in the sky is invaluable to Tainan residents. This is depicted in the Song of the Black-faced Spoonbill, written by Taiwanese poet Bai Ling: “Spoonbill! Spoonbill! Flutter across the icy sky and snow-covered earth to Zengwun River. You’re a guest I always welcome. I want to treat you to a feast of fish and shrimp.”


蟠龍翔鳳計畫 Coiling Dragon, Soaring Phoenix Project 自強隧道 Ziqiang Tunnel 龍。鱗中之王 相傳,伏羲、女媧為龍身人首,稱之龍祖。 在這樣的淵源流傳下, 龍成為歷代先祖的智慧與理想結晶, 深刻體現出炎黃子孫對於美的執著追求。 鳳凰。百鳥之王 《說文》記載:鳳,神鳥也。 古人認為時逢太平盛世,便有鳳凰飛來。 牠的出現是古人對自然界各種生物理解、尊重、敬畏、愛戀、審 美之結果。

蟠龍翔鳳 龍與鳳,以獨特的神采躍入東方之地,成為中華文化特有之元素。 不同時代,龍與鳳亦幻化出各種形象。 春秋戰國的古樸雅拙,秦漢的雄健豪放,隋唐的健壯圓潤,明清 的繁夏華麗。 在時空的流轉下,看見中華之美。 Dragon: King of the Scaled Legend has it that Fu Xi and Nüwa had dragon bodies and human heads, they were referred to as dragon ancestors. As these tales have been passed down from generation to generation, dragons have become the culmination of our ancestor’s wisdom and ideals, the embodiment of how Chinese people are determined to pursue beauty. Phoenix: King of the Birds As recorded in Shuowen Dictionary, the Phoenix is a bird of the gods. Ancient people thought that during times of peace, phoenixes would appear. Its appearance is the result of how ancient people understood, respected, feared, loved, and judged the aesthetic of all creatures in the natural world. Coiling Dragon, Soaring Phoenix The dragon and phoenix permeate the East with their unique essence, an element found exclusively in Chinese culture. The dragon and phoenix also form various images throughout the eras. In the Spring & Autumn and Warring States Period, they were simple yet elegant. In the Qin and Han Dynasties, they were bold and lively. During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, they were strong and robust. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, they were complex and ornate. Witness the beauty of China as time passes.



時光拼織十二 ‧ 九 Time Weave 12.9 雪山隧道 Hsuehshan Tunnel 穿越一條美麗的文化時空隧道 雪山隧道長達 12.9 公里,為東南亞第一長之公路隧道,為美化隧道內部幽黯灰暗無色彩的空間,同時提醒 行車人自身在隧道內的「心理位置」,本團隊以柔性之藝術圖案,於隧道內相隔每一公里的壁面及兩側各設 置一組圖案及一數字提供定位,構築成「時光拼織十二 ‧ 九」之設計主題。 穿洞、開鑿隧道的一石一土工程就像織布的一針一線般緊密謹慎,故使用原住民的服飾圖案十二面於往宜蘭 的隧道石壁面,而使用漢人的服飾圖案十二面於往台北的隧道石壁面上,不僅象徵著不同族群的融合,煦麗 的圖案色彩,如同迎賓的壁毯,行駛於此隧道內,有著備受歡迎的尊貴感受:對應於傳統圖飾的另一牆面, 則設置象徵現代科技的大型電子數字燈箱之里程辨識系統,不僅富饒趣味性,也提示隧道工程的科技感,使 行車人行駛於此隧道時,有如沉浸於文化、科技交融的饗宴中。


Going through a beautiful tunnel of culture, time, and space The Hsuehshan Tunnel is 12.9 km in length, the longest highway tunnel in all of Southeast Asia. In order to beautify the dim, gray space within the tunnel and remind drivers of the “mental position” they are in while in the tunnel, with soft, artistic patterns, the team set up a pattern and number on either side of the tunnel at every one kilometer interval for positioning, composing the design theme, Time Weave 12.9. Constructing a tunnel through excavation, chiseling through requires the same amount of caution and attention to detail as one applies while weaving fabric. Thus, 12 aboriginal clothing patterns are used on the tunnel surface bound towards Yilan and 12 Han Chinese clothing patterns are used on the tunnel surface bound towards Taipei. Not only does this symbolize the merging of different ethnic groups, the brilliant colors of these patterns are like exquisite tapestries greeting honored guests as they drive along this tunnel. On the other wall, contrasting traditional icons are large digital light boxes that identify the kilometer mark, representing modern technology. Not only does this add an element of interest, it also hints at the technological advancements utilized by the tunnel project, so that drivers immerse themselves in a medley of culture and technology as they pass through this tunnel. 25

生命的樂章 A Movement of Life 農業生物科技園區 Agricultural Biotechnology Park 生命的繁衍孕育,猶如訊息的傳遞,樂章之歌詠,有形如孢子般開散,潔淨、純白色的有機形體有如在廣大土地中 孕育出來的細胞、生命體,或聚散或融合,不僅呼應週遭樹木植物之生長,更為農業生物科技園區內添加活潑蓬勃 之氣氛,生命的多元樣態在此刻以令人驚豔的面貌呈現。 The generative continuum conveys the message of life, and musical lyrics carry the message in tangible forms, proliferating the spirit like spores floating in the sky. The clean, pure white organic forms exist like cells and living organisms. They segregate and fuse, echoing the growth of the surrounding plants and bringing life to the Agricultural Biotechnology Park. The diversity of life unfolds here in a stunning show.



自然的韻律 ‧ 文明的節奏 The Rhythm of Nature∙ The Beat of Civilization 南港展覽館 TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall 快慢之間 無盡展延 人們追求速度的目的是什麼? 快、要極速的快,慢、是充分地慢,這才是 21 世紀的 人生。人生就是要這樣陰陽調和,才能創造出永無止盡 的美好世界。就像小小的晶片,不過一些矽原子,卻展 延出無窮無盡的電腦世界。當電腦的運算性能,每三年 就翻兩倍,AI( 人工智慧 ) 機器人已進入了家庭。無論 意願與否,全人類都搭上以幾何加速的科技飛船,驚叫 著衝向神祕黑洞。小與大、快與慢、速度與磨功、瞬間 與永恆,宇宙深奧,盡在奈米方寸中。 唯一的問題是,科技的後面,是天國還是毀滅? 0 與 1 以外,是否還能尋求其他答案? 人類克服與漠視不斷冒出的問題,就像頭上疊了二百只 盤子還踏在獨輪車上的小丑,觀眾都預測他必定摔下來 大出洋相。整個悲觀的氛圍中,「慢下來」可能是唯一 的救贖,我們要尋找適合人類的節奏,一種 In Praise Slow 的步調。 Speed world, slow life Why do humans chase after speed? Speed should be extreme, and slowness complete. This is what life in the 21st century is about. In life, we need this sort of balance to create a world of boundless beauty. The tiniest computer chip, with only some atoms of silicon, opens up the limitless cyber world. Computing capabilities double every three years, and AI robots are entering the home. Willingly or not, we are boarding a high-tech spaceship that runs on hyperspace, roaring into a black hole of mystery. Big or small, fast or slow, explosive or stable, an instant or eternity, all the profundities of the universe can be glimpsed in a nanometer of space. The only question that remains is whether as a result of all this technology, we are embracing heaven or facing destruction. Are there any other answers out there besides 0 and 1? As human beings overcome or ignore endless difficulties, we are like a circus clown on a unicycle balancing over 200 dishes on his head. As the audience waits for him to fall and make a fool of himself, in this pessimistic atmosphere, slowing down might be the only way to redemption. We need to look for a rhythm that's suitable for human beings.



迴 The Loop 桃園國際機場第二期航站區入口意象 The Second Phase of Public Arts, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 《迴》的古字形同「回」,狀如雲霧,環轉的造型牽引著飛機起飛/降落的瞬間姿態,既是舞動的開始,也 是完美的句點。願能以中文特殊的象形特色,與作品的造形共同演繹。作品以與飛機相同的鑄鋁合金材質緊 扣航空元素,圓形環轉的概念擬倣繞行地球總共 360°的經度,起點即是終點,造形錯落於最初昂揚之處, 彷彿是在訴說旅程往返的本質皆不過如此,由內至外,再由外而內,傳達著透析旅行的終極思考,即一來一 往之間形成完滿的圓形,如同對著天空中無數飛行的旅人們,傳達衷心的祝福。 The Chinese character resembles the shape of a loop. Just like clouds and mist, the loop emphasizes the very moment of take off and landing of aircrafts. It marks the beginning and perfect conclusion of motion. The work utilizes the pictorial qualities of the Chinese character in its design. The work is constructed from the same cast aluminum alloy materials used for aircraft in order to tie in with the element of aviation. The circular loop is a simulation of Earth’s longitude in 360° , where the starting point would also be the destination. The work is essentially a line arranged in a loop with an intersecting point, symbolizing the very essence of embarking and returning from a journey. As one moves from inward to outward along the line and traverses from the opposite direction, the direction of opposing movement reveals the ultimate contemplation for the meaning of “travel” as it forms a perfect circle, representing a heartfelt blessing for the countless travelers flying in the skies.



港‧都‧遊‧藝 Artistic Journey from Port to City 高雄捷運 紅線南段 Kaohsiung MRT Red Line South Section


高雄是躍動中的城市,藝術為了喜悅分享而有。 從工業港口到繁華都會捷運紅線段,滿載著市民的期待與夢想,也 描繪出高雄的百年風華。這段旅程,由高雄市的港口工業區轉變至 繁華商業區。以中鋼、中船等工業林立的小港站為開端,經過位於 交通樞鈕的草衙站,此工業城鎮意象至前鎮站時逐漸褪卻,接著進 入即將成為高雄多功能經貿園區的凱旋站、獅甲站;繁華的國際化 城中心區三多商圈站與中央公園站。再轉入充滿高雄情感的歷史所 在-高雄車站與後驛站。走過紅線,就走過高雄三百年的軌跡、亦 見證著高雄懷港擁城的豐富人文地景。高雄所特有的和諧、包容、 多樣性都市紋理,就在市民與遊客的悠遊中,一一呈顯。 各站以風格清晰、扣合當地特色的十位藝術家進行創作。藉由他們 的獨特觀點、文化思維、藝術演繹,娓娓道來屬於高雄的在地故事, 揮舞高唱當代城市激昂之歌。讓悠遊城市捷運地下管道內市民,每 一站的駐足,都大餤藝術之宴。

bustling business district. It begins at Siaogang Station, where corporations such as China Steel and CSBC congregate. After passing by Caoya Station, a transportation hub, this industrial imagery fades at Cianjhen Station. Then, the line enters Kaisyuan Station and Shihjia Station, which are about to become part of Kaohsiung Multi-functional Commerce & Trade Park. The bustling international city center is composed of the Sanduo Shopping District Station and Central Park Station. Then moving forward into an emotionally poignant site with lots of history in Kaohsiung: Kaohsiung Main Station and Houyi Station. Traveling along the MRT’s red line allows us to witness Kaohsiung’s 300-year-old history and all that Kaohsiung has to offer in terms of the rich harbor city’s culture and sites. The harmony, tolerance, diverse cityscape unique to Kaohsiung is apparent throughout each journey citizens and visitors take.

Kaohsiung is a city in motion, art exists for the joy of sharing. From industrial harbor to bustling metropolis

Each station contains creations from one of ten artists, with clear styles that mesh with local traits. Local stories of Kaohsiung are told, and the moving song of a contemporary city sung through their unique perspective, cultural ideas, and artistic interpretation. This enables citizens traveling through the city’s underground MRT system to join in the celebration of art as they visit each station.

The MRT red line carries the expectations and dreams of citizens while also depicting a hundred years of grandeur in Kaohsiung. This journey makes the transition from Kaohsiung City’s harbor industry zone to the


時光鐵道迴旋 Time on the Circle Line 台鐵松山車站 Songshan Railway Station 舊日的景色在隆隆作響的鐵軌下沉睡,河流風光在曲流處放緩腳步,像是在尋找記憶,又像是在端詳穿梭於 都市中的現代心靈。 以鐵盒玩具為意象,試圖喚起既懷舊又童稚的記憶。以光華號及阿里山小火車為想像的出發點,鐵軌、木椅、 站牌,創造既熟悉又具陌異感的空間氛圍。沿路立著刻有「希望」、「祝福」、「健康」等地名的站牌,象 徵人們經由自己的期許,將夢想投射到不同的車站彼端。 在這些鐵軌中,其中一道通往亞特蘭提斯,另一道通往塔圖因,這兩條特殊的軌道象徵孩童們純真的價值觀。 通往塔圖因的軌道微微往上昂起,上頭設有一座流星狀座椅,往天空飛行的意象;而往亞特蘭提斯的軌道上 沿路將設置三張座椅,依序是古老的木頭椅、皮椅和貝殼狀的座椅,皆裝有連接器,象徵時間推移,由現實 逐漸進入理想,藉此引發人們的想像。 The scenery of bygone days sleeps deep beneath the rumbling train tracks. The river slows its pace at the bends, as if in search of memories or the time to make measure of the modern minds traveling through the city. The imagery of a steel box toy invokes nostalgic memories of childhood. Using the Kung Hwa Express and Alishan Mountain Railway as imaginary starting points, tracks, wooden chairs and station plaques create a familiar yet strange spatial atmosphere. Along the way, station plaques with locations such as hope ,blessing ,health can be found, symbolizing how people project their dreams unto different stations into the distance through their expectations. Of these tracks, one leads to Atlantis and the other to Tatooine. These two unique tracks symbolize the pure values of children. The tracks leading to Tatooine arc gently up, with a chair shaped like a shooting star, to provide an image of one flying off into the sky. Three chairs will be placed upon the tracks leading to Atlantis; first an ancient wooden chair, then a leather chair and shell shaped chair in sequence. All are equipped with connectors that symbolize the transition of time, invoking people's imagination as it shifts from reality gradually into an ideal.

創造之湧泉 The Fountain of Creation 大東文化藝術中心 Dadong Arts Center 「 沸き立つ創造の泉 」沸騰高漲的創造泉 水,將其命名為「創造之湧泉」。 每當泉水湧出向上噴發,就象徵著源源不絕 的創造力正在發光發熱。灑在牆上的泉水水 滴它永不乾枯,滋潤人們忙碌的生活,使其 停下腳步抬頭遠望。此刻人們就像是創造的 源頭,因循環滴落的泉水而永遠不會枯竭。 每顆小水滴涵蘊廣大海洋,點綴那片海洋的 是五顏六色的美麗珊瑚,而悠遊於寬闊海洋 之中的是創意無限的我們。


The geyser of creativity has been aptly named as the “Fountain of Creation”. The rising water with tremendous force symbolizes the source of ingenious creativity that never runs dry. The “sprinkles” from the Fountain of Creation on the walls will never dry out and they will nourish the bustling lifestyles of people as they look up to gaze at the sprinkles. Everyone who stops to appreciate the sprinkles becomes a source of creation and just as the sprinkles of the spring that circulates endlessly; their creativity will never run out. Each droplet of water contains an ocean decorated with colorful corals, and we, with unlimited creativity, are the inhabitants roaming freely in these beautiful oceans.


異想花開 Blooming Dreams 台北市花木批發市場 Taipei Wholesale Flower Market 異想天開,是文明進步的原動力。世界總在人 們天馬行空的想法中逐步前行,幻想如鳥兒般 飛翔的萊特兄弟、導出相對論的愛因斯坦、描 繪出超現實夢境的達利…這些狂想浪潮不斷激 盪出絢爛花火,揮灑出百花爭妍的動人景緻, 引領著人類畫出一頁頁精采萬分的歷史軌跡。 現在,就請邁開您的腳步,開始這段由藝術家 與孩童的天真狂想交織而成,異想花開的夢想 旅程。 Fanciful dreams are the driving force behind the progress of civilization. Our world continues to progress through the achievements of seemingly unrealistic ideas of men, such as the Wright brothers who dreamed of flying like birds, Einstein’s theory of relativity, and Dali’s description of his surrealist dreams… these waves of madness have woven hundreds of beautiful dreams, and have led humanity to write page after page of glorious history. We now ask you to begin this journey of blooming dreams, and personally experience the naïve and wild dreams of artists and children.

詩咚 Poetic Boom 士東國小 Shidong Elementary School 詩 彷彿磺溪的流水般 綿延不絕 詩 彷彿孩童的遊嬉聲 清澈回盪 鉛筆 交錯於詩的溪石間、或橫臥、或矗立、孩子穿梭遊樂其間 瓏玲笑聲像珍珠般 散落校園 太陽、星星、月亮、花開、鳥鳴 萬物生生不息 Poetry, meandering endlessly like the Huangxi’s waters, Poetry, echoing clearly like the sound of children playing, Pencils strewn between river rocks of poetry, laid down or resting as children weave between, playing, Pearls of laughter spill throughout the campus, As the sun, stars, moon, flowers, birds, and all other forms of life live on without pause. 36


宇宙發信 Transmission to the Universe

黑潮 ‧ 拉莫灣 Kuroshio in Lamungan

南瀛科學教育園區 Tainan Astronomical Education Area

中央研究院人文社會科學館 Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Academia Sinica

宇宙包含空間與時間,廣義的說,它是人類存在的空間與時間,亙 古亙今,瞬息萬變。但古今人們從不停止對宇宙的尊崇與探索:中 國古代天文學家製作渾儀、窺管,建造觀星台,為了窺探遙遙天地 之外的寰宇星象;西洋天文學則與占星學密不可分,以理性的思維 深究天體與人的關係,柏拉圖甚至曾說哲學的概念來自天文學;人 們永無止境的追尋,只為更接近宇宙。因此,以藝術家的奇想出發, 結合藝術家的宇宙觀,設置三座將會迎風旋轉的不鏽鋼結構柱,作 品無論日夜交替或風向變換,終將指向浩瀚宇宙,宛若用來接收電 磁波的雷達天線,無形地傳送信息,直達天際。

Lamungan(拉莫灣),布農族語言,是布農族人稱呼台灣的名字。 作品運用塊狀與流線、時間與空間、詩作與圖騰、動與靜的融合, 形塑出時間的流動和這塊土地、人群所積累的樣貌,突顯出人們 在這時光潮流中,所創造的文化和精神價值。

The universe encompasses space and time. In a broader sense, mankind’s existence lies within the space and time in this universe. The universe has existed for eons and is ever changing; however, from time immemorial, mankind has never ceased adoration and exploration of the universe. Ancient Chinese astronomer invented ingenious devices such as the armillary sphere, sighting tube and even constructed astronomical observatories just to get a glimpse of the celestial lands so far away from Earth. Western astronomy and astrology are two disciplines that have always been closely related. Western scholars have sought to explore the relationship between celestial bodies and mankind with rational thinking. Plato even claimed that the concept of philosophy originated from astronomy. Mankind has embarked on an endless search just to be that much closer to the universe. And as such, this project has taken off from the imaginations of artist, infusing the artist’s perspective of the universe to give birth to three stainless steel structures that rotate to the passing wind. The three structures will always be oriented towards the vast universe, regardless of time or wind directions just like the antenna of radars used to receive transmissions silently from the sky. 38

在拉莫灣之上,印刻出人類於這片土地上所堆砌的生命歷程。 “Lamungan,” a word from the Bunun language, is the name that the Bunun people call Taiwan. Integrating blocks and streamlines, time and space, poems and totems, movement and stillness, this work shapes the flow of time as well as the history of this land and its inhabitants, foregrounding the cultural and spiritual values produced and accumulated in the currents of life. The traces of mankind living in this island are inscribed in Lamungan.


這一路 ‧ 風光明媚 Splendid Scenery Along the Path 屏東竹田自行車道 Pingtung Zhutian Cycling Path 以竹田鄉地圖為概念打造、如植物蔓藤般的彩虹路徑棚架,包含十五個村、南二高、鐵路、農村小徑…等,所有元素均來 自竹田鄉在地語彙,充分代表竹田鄉農村慢活的生活樣貌。 色彩繽紛的圓管,組成了一張親切可愛的竹田鄉地圖,集結了在地特產、觀光景點、自然地景、橋樑道路、動植物等意象 剪影,形塑出如同童書般,讓人倍感親切並賞心悅目的空間;無論是行人或者單車騎士,皆可由彩虹廊道下穿梭而過,踩 著愉悅的步伐、盡情享受竹田自行車道旅程。 The rainbow route arbor constructed from the concept of a map of Zhutian Township is vine-like and encompasses 15 villages, the No.2 Southern National Highway, railway, farm paths, etc. All these elements come from the locality of Zhutian Township and fully represent the slow living agricultural lifestyle of Zhutian Township.


The colorful pipes form an adorable, friendly map of Zhutian Township. It combines imagery of local specialties, tourist sites, natural sights, bridges, routes, animals, and plants to form a space which is as welcoming and pleasing to the eye as a fairy tale. Both pedestrians and cyclists may pass joyfully under this rainbow corridor, enjoying the most of their tour through Zhutian bikeway with each step.


移墾耕讀 Immigrate, Settle, Cultivate, Study 六堆客家文化園區 Liudui Hakka Cultural Park 以「移墾耕讀」為主題,為六堆客家文化園區創作公共藝術,旨在彰顯六堆客家強調家族延續與原鄉歷史連結、重 視區域與家戶間互助分享、鼓勵勞動生產與讀書識禮兼顧的核心社會意識與文化精神,表現六堆先民珍惜家園、耕 讀傳家的精神傳統,以使後世子孫莫忘祖宗言,並呼應全球化時代中重新回顧農耕文明,以永續環境的思潮。 This work of public art was created for the Liudui Hakka Cultural Park with the theme of: Immigrate, Settle, Cultivate, Study. The purpose of this piece is to emphasize familial continuity, links to ethnic history, regional value, neighborly help and sharing, and to encourage the core societal consciousness and cultural spirit of developing both hard work and serious studies. This piece expresses the spirit and tradition of ancestors in the Liudui region cherishing their homes and passing down traditions in agricultural cultivation and academic studies so that later generations will remember the words of their predecessors. It echoes how we are revisiting an agricultural-oriented civilization in this age of globalization through the concept of ensuring a sustainable environment.



瓜棚下 Underneath the Gourd Trellis 國立交通大學客家文化學院 College of Hakka Studies National Chiao Tung University 《瓜棚下》作品形式轉化自傳統農家的瓜棚,棚頂構圖結合流線型態 層疊的水圳意象,其中錯落著簡單的作物果實剪影,透過鏤空的圖案 看天空。瓜棚的柱架是白色的細圓管體,如雨絲落下,構圖細密帶著 些微禪意。整體棚架是白色的輕量構造,如秋天的葉脈,也如雲般流 動,構成日後一瓜棚意象,藝術家選擇以純白色呈現作品中精緻繁複 的圖案,饒富童趣,且兼具當代性及優雅氣質。

Underneath the Gourd Trellis is a piece reflecting the gourd trellises found

on traditional farms. The composition of the top of the trellis incorporates streamlined, layered imagery of irrigation. Simple silhouettes of crops and fruit are interspersed, and the sky can be seen through these cutout shapes. The structure of the trellis is composed of thin white tubing, falling like raindrops. The composition is slightly Zen-like. The entire trellis is made of white, lightweight structure, like leaf veins in autumn, flowing like clouds to create the imagery of a gourd trellis. The artist chose to depict the delicate, complicated patterns in this piece in pure white for a childlike approach that retains a contemporary, elegant air.



大安漫 ‧ 森 ‧ 活 Enjoy Green Life in Daan Park 捷運大安森林公園站、大安站、信義安和站 MRT Xinti Line Daan Park, Daan, XinyiAnhe Station 本公共藝術規劃與大安區珍貴地的自然生態緊密關聯,可說是漫步於陽光、綠意森林、聽流水鳥鳴的樂活交響曲,也呼應 獨特的建築本體。大安森林公園捷運站的設計,力求與周遭自然環境融合,更企圖為臺北市民創造一個能互動交心,融合 自然景致的場所。


大安森林公園附近的社區居民,享受全台北市最佳綠化的瑰寶,人與自然的互動是生活的一部份。而如何引領大眾與遊客 探索空間,欣賞自然素材的生命力,關心生態及保育議題並活化臨街空間,是策展的重要命題。為此在策畫此三站的公共 藝術時,提出「與自然共舞、與大地對話」為概念的公共藝術計畫,而尊重大自然,與萬物對話,是本團隊所有藝術家創 意的原點。「大安 漫 ‧ 森 ‧ 活」的計畫名稱,則透露一種自得的態度,藉著與自然造化的互動達到美好生活的願景。

This public art design is tightly tied to the natural ecology of this precious plot in Daan District. It is a LOHAS symphony of a sunlit strolls, forest greenery, trickle of flowing water, and birds chirping. It also resonates with a unique architectural structure. The design of the Daan Park MRT station aims to blend into the surrounding natural environment while attempting to create a venue where Taipei city residents can interact with one another in the natural scenery. Residents of communities surrounding Daan Park enjoy this precious example of Taipei City’s best efforts to create greenery within the cityscape. The interaction between man and nature is part of life. Leading the public and visitors to explore the space available, appreciate the vitality which lies in natural materials, become concerned for ecological and conservation issues, and vitalize the street-side space are all important topics while planning the exhibition. This was the reason we came up with a public art project based upon the concept of “Dancing with nature, Conversing with the earth” while planning public art for these three MRT stations. Respect for nature and dialog with all beings under the sun is where all the creativity of our artists stem. The title of the project, Enjoy a Green Life in Daan Park, exhibits a self-content attitude which enables people to achieve their vision of a wonderful light through interactions with nature.


星空之海 Sea of Starry Sky 蒙特梭利幼稚園 Ms.Lam School 《星空之海》以玻璃馬賽克鑲嵌於兒童戲水池中,天空的星象圖騰與水 的意象連結,讓孩子們在戲水中探索星空的樂趣,富饒教育與趣味性。 The art work set in the kids' leisure pool features mosaic bricks as its main materials. The artist ponders upon the relationship between astronomy and the water, which makes the piece instructive and interesting, aims to encourage children to explore the mystery of the astronomy during recreation.



蒼芎之窗 Windows of the Cosmos 國立成功大學醫學院附設醫院 National Cheng Kung University Hospital 在深邃的森林中,生命以靜謐的呼吸與巨大宇宙相呼應,在草木的芳香中豎耳傾聽,彷彿可以聽見超越時空的生命之頌歌。 從枝葉間灑落的陽光和甘霖,跨越朦朧的時間孕育著森林的生長。風彈奏著季節的樂音,自在的撫觸為森林增添色彩。枝 幹之間隱約見得天頂的蒼穹,綴滿星群,宛如一扇通往未知世界的窗,閃爍著無以名狀的光芒。 Life resonates with the magnificence of the universe with the serene breaths it takes amidst the deepest forest. Listen closely as you become enveloped by the fragrance of grass and nature; hear the hint of a song of praise to life, transcending space and time. The rays of sunlight, which appear between leaves, and the morning dew are what nurture the growth of the forest over the blurred boundaries of time. The wind plays a varying song each season, adding colors to the forest with its gentle caresses. Glimpses of the heavens can be caught from the branches overhead, filled with stars like a window offering passage to an unknown world, twinkling with indescribable brilliance.



跨越國境 ‧ 山 Over the Border-Mountain 2009 日本越後妻有大地藝術祭 Echigo Tsumari Art Field 藝術家林舜龍不斷嘗試以各種形式的創作,探討人與環境的關係,帶起台灣與日本的連結互動。坐落於日本新潟穴山村公 園內美麗的櫻花樹下的《跨越國境 ‧ 山》作品,以代表台灣精神的水牛與結合傳統交趾陶型的門樓創作,跨越門樓中間的 門,意味著同時跨越了國與國、人與人、人與自然之間的界線,人們因藝術而得以連結。其後更串連起新瀉穴山村和台灣 宜蘭礁溪的六結、大忠兩村締結為藝術姐妹村的機緣。


Artist Lin Shuen-Long continually attempts to explore the relationship between man and the environment through various forms of creation, stimulating links and interactions between Taiwan and Japan. Sitting underneath beautiful cherry trees in Anayama Park, Niigata Prefecture of Japan is the piece Over the BorderMountain . The water buffalo represents the Taiwanese spirit, combined with a doorway creation composed in the traditional Koji pottery style. The door in the center signifies crossing the border between nations, between people, between man and nature as people are connected through art. This piece also initiated proceedings which made Anayama Village in Niigata artist sister villages with Liujie and Dazhong Villages in Jiaoxi, Yilan of Taiwan.


跨越國境 ‧ 海 Over the Border, Sea 2013 日本瀨戶內國際藝術祭 Setouchi Triennale 世界知名的瀨戶內國際藝術祭 2013 年再度以「海的復權」為主軸。藝術家林舜龍《跨越國境・海》藝術計劃以海飄植物「棋 盤腳」為發想,於豐島甲山聚落的海灘建造一棋盤腳種子船裝置,並與差事劇團在日本豐島、小豆島、大島與女木島等地, 轉化台灣傳統民間儀式為表演,和日本當地民眾互動,以行動喚起人類遷移的歷史記憶與共生共存的情感連結。 林舜龍使用八八風災的漂流木,作為棋盤腳種子船的主結構。漂流木原是守護著台灣山林的神木,經過風災之後,隨著河 流漂流到岸邊。漂流木藉由藝術家之手,轉化而成棋盤腳種子裝置作品,於日本豐島的海邊停佇。漂流到日本的棋盤腳種 子船,聯結了海洋、與人類及物種遷徙的古老記憶,在藝術家於島嶼間的藝術行動過程中,再次增添新的記憶。藉由台日 民眾的參與活動中,建立起人與人之間情感連結。 54

The world renowned Setouchi Triennale is once again adopting “Restoration of the Sea” as a theme. For his Over the Border, Sea installation, artist Lin Shuen-Long used the fruit of the Sea Poison Tree as inspiration for this work, Lin assembled a ship in the shape of the fruit to be displayed at a beach near Kou in Teshima. In addition, the Assignment Theatre performed its interpretation of traditional Taiwanese rituals throughout Teshima, Shoudoshima, Ooshima, and Megishima, evoking emotional connections to the historical significance of human migration and communal living. The ship is formed primarily from driftwood found in the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot. The driftwood once stood majestically in the forests of Taiwan, but eventually found its way to the riverbed following the devastation of the typhoon. In the hands of Lin Shuen-Long, the driftwood is transformed into a ship that will dock on the shores of Teshima. Having wandered its way to Japan, the fruit-shaped ship is not only stirred up old memories of the ocean and the migration of people as well as other species throughout history, but also created brand new memories through the performances across various islands. Through the interaction between the people of Taiwan and Japan, a new emotional bond will form. 55

IDEA 創造 ‧ 美好

We are DADA Idea!  

DADA Idea 達達創意12歲了! 懷抱著「環境藝術化」的理念,在公共藝術領域持續努力,期待實踐藝術與人常生活的連結,帶給人們新鮮與活力! 更多天馬行空的發想與腳踏實地的實踐正隨時發生...