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WHAT’S INSIDE: 2011 DACS Rider Chad Powers DACS Skateboarding branching into the sport of paintballing

Contest Inside Best skateboarding trick.

Got a talent or something you like to do, let DACS Skateboarding know about it and will feature you on our showcase page.


C h ad Powers, 27 from A K ,

DACS Skateboarding

brand branching out.

DACS Skateboarding started in November of

2008 for the reason of helping out the skateboarding community. The company was started by a mother of 4 boys who enjoyed skateboarding. The joy of giving away free boards and having a website that stayed in touch with things related to the skateboarding culture was the purpose of starting DACS Skateboarding. Soon DACS Skate shop was launched giving a wide variety of skate gear and clothes. Knowing that some could not afford the gear DACS decided to giveaway gear by having them register online to get a chance to win a deck. The success of that was overwhelming, from Austrailia to the USA everyone started registering. It felt good to help out kids. Our mission is to help skateboarding to be seen in a positive way so the community will treat skaters not as criminals but as a part of the community. Our goal is to unify individuals, improve fitness, develop self-confidence and provide a personal sense of accomplishment.

Now in 2011 we are branching out to showcase bands, and we have for the first time allowed skaters to be sponsored by us. Also, the “DACS” brand is getting into another sport the community has shown interest for and that sport is paintballing.

Paintballing! Yes, that’s what I said. Is paint-

balling a sport...well after researching a little. Colleges actually have tornaments and there are different associations, for example the NCPA. DACS is wanting to get more information out so people who do enjoy playing the sport will have a place they can come to get info and feedback from actual players. May start giving away free stuff assciated with paintballing. Just like when DACS Skateboarding started out and still continuing to help out the skate community. This will be another branch into helping out another group.

has been s k ati ng for 15 y ear s and s tates i n hi s s pons or s hi p s ubm i s s i on that he l ov es the s por t and w ants to s how ev er y one that s k ati ng i s fun and c an be a fam i l y ac ti v i ty. C had i s m ar r i ed and has 2 s ons that al s o enj oy s k ateboar di ng. H e i ns ti l l s pos i ti v y by s how i ng them that ther e ar e better thi ngs to do w i th y our l i fe than getti ng i nto tr oubl e.


“MY SPONSORSHIP WITH DACS WILL BE ONE OF THE GREATEST THINGS TO HAPPEN for ME....” In Apr i l of 2011 D AC S Sk ateboar di ng took s pons or s hi p appl i c ati ons for the fi r s t ti m e to pi c k s om eone w ho c oul d r epr es ent the br and i n a pos i ti v e w ay and w hen w e r ead w hat C had s tood for i t ended up bei ng a good dec i s i on. We ar e her e to hel p peopl e get to thei r dr eam s and goal s by gi v i ng them the tool s and s uppor t needed to ac hi ev e thei r gr eates t r es ul ts . Favorite Trick: Fakie 180

Want to know more about this band go to submit your info to

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A word to DACS skate fans and future fans. We respect everyone who skates. We’ve noticed that skateboarders don’t seem to have respect for each other, by making fun of other skaters styles or not giving them a chance at the ramps at the parks.


Stop the disrespect towards your fellow skater. We are always watching and rewarding those who love the skate scene and show respect towards each other.


7 8

That is the definition of a DACS RIDER!


10 11

ACROSS 1 Where can you find DACS Gear 3 Bolt in truck 6 540-degree turn performed on a ramp named after Mike McGill 7 2011 DACS RIDER 9 The dye-filled gelatinous capsule shot from guns in this game 10 Front of Skateboard 11 Turning the board without turning your body

DOWN 2 DACS is branching out into what sport 4 Riding with the right foot forward 5 To keep your foot on the board 8 Riding backwards


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DACS Skateboard Contest

DACS Skateboarding isn’t into to choosing what is best for every skater, but we share with you the ones that our DACS Skaters have mentioned. Every skater is different and that’s what we represent “EVERY SKATER.” If there is a shoe or any product that that you like, let us know and we will post it along with a video of you showcasing why you like the product. The “DACS NEWSLETTER” will have this section to showcase different featured products each month even if it’s your own.

There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner.

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