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Productos Interbaby is a Mexican Company founded in 2008, with two main divisions: Children products retail store Distribution of market- leading international juvenile brands

Retail Store Our retail store, Tiny People, carries over 120 high quality brands which has positioned us in the market as one of the best baby stores in the area. Next year, Tiny People will open two new locations in the country.

Distribution The newest addition to the company has been the distribution division. We do not care for quantity, but quality of brands we are willing to manage. 2 or 3 brands is our maximum number of brands to distribute, to ensure excellent service and attention to details, both for manufacturers and clients.

Molar Muncher A brand we currently distribute is the Molar Muncher. The Molar MuncherTM is a hands�free teether that soothes the entire gum line simultaneously. It is made in the USA and is constructed of a single mold injection of FDA approved food grade non�toxic silicone.

Importation Experience After working with international baby products we have had substantial experience with many logistic companies; from Canada, USA, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, helping us provide a smooth and tax-adequate entrance to commerce in Mexico. We know with precision which customs tariff classifications apply to each product and the people required to complete the duty NOM-050-SCFI-2004, (or in other words, the labeling and permission to commercialize in Mexico)

Warehouse Our point of distribution is in Monterrey, Mexico, where we have our 800ft warehouse.

Possible Clients in Mexico Department stores: Almacenes García Chapur CIMACO El Palacio de Hierro La Marina Lans Liverpool Sears Suburbia Woolworth

High end Drug Stores: Farmacias París Casa Saba Farmacias Benavides Klyn's Farmacias Farmacias Guadalajara Plenia

Specialized Boutiques: Tiny People Chic Petit Lilalimón Bebeteca Colibri Bebe Baby Creysi Baby City Baby First Baby Kingdom

Baby Mundo Baby Outlet Baby Shower Baby Town Baby Upscale Bebé Inglés Bebé Mart Contempo Detalles

Fantasy Kids Store Mamá Bebé Payasito Peekaboo Prenatal Textiles Don Manuel Tiendas Yedid

Wholesale / Value Stores: City Club Costco

Sam's Club Wal-mart

Thank you for your time and attention Any extra information required for verification (Bank accounts, Bank references, Tax Certificate) please let us know at

Productos Interbaby