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Spring 2014


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In Search of History? At the Annual Meeting of the Society Membership our featured speaker, “stand-up historian” Neal Graffy, presented a lively talk that brought back memories of Old Town and reminded us that history is made every day... My talk at the Annual Meeting last January was titled “In Search of Goleta History.” It’s not that Goleta is lacking in history, but for many people the impression is that Santa Barbara History ended with the 1925 earthquake and Goleta’s history ended with the WWII Marine airbase. Of course it is far more romantic and nostalgic to look back at the wide open spaces and lament the passing of the ranches, farms, and groves of citrus. And who wouldn’t roll their eyes with the notion that the streets and tract homes, sprawling modern buildings with acres of parking, and just plain ol’ ugly little shops and buildings could be “historic.” The presentation featured a simple walk along a seldom traveled portion of Goleta – Thornwood Drive – which revealed evidence of Goleta’s role in high tech computer development and the beginnings of a multibillion dollar medical empire. Along Hollister Avenue were the remnants of a wonderful age of nightclubs for the kids of the 60s and 70s including one stop where “back in the day” you could have seen a very young

Linda Ronstadt. A visit to a multigenerational attraction, the AirportDrive-In, found only a few elements pointing to its origins. Goleta has a wonderful and amazing post WWII history, and that history, like the era of the ranches and farms, is being erased. As of this writing, the great Delco Rancho where moonbuggys once roamed has disappeared, replaced by Deckers. In a decade, who will remember when Delco once ruled here? It is our job to recognize that history isn’t always something that happened a century ago, and to get the stories and photos recorded before they are lost.

It looks like a rather bland building off Aero Camino with a few cars in front. But there was a time when this was one of the rockingest booze, dance and music joints in the area - the infamous Barbary Cove. Photo: Neal Graffy. ~ Neal Graffy, Historian Check out Neal’s book, Santa Barbara - Then & Now, available in our Museum Store.

Spring is in the air and it is no more apparent than here at Rancho La Patera! Bulbs are blooming, birds are singing, and we are dancing as we celebrate the completion of yet another phase of our Arboretum Restoration Project. While our busy lives afford us little time to stop and smell the roses, this is a perfect opportunity for you to seize a moment dedicated to tranquility. Come for a stroll around our beautifully restored grounds. Step into the shoes of our matriarch, Ida Hollister Stow and imagine her surveying the splendor of her specimen gardens and arboretum. In keeping with Ida’s passion, the Society is proud to be a lead partner with the Santa Barbara Public Gardens Partnership, a county-wide collaborative, created to celebrate the many beautiful gardens in our community. May is Public Garden Month. Be sure to visit for details on the many activities and events planned for the month. Thanks to your support, we are able to offer programs and events that enable us to bring the history of the Stow family and the greater Goleta Valley to life. The stories of the pioneers and those who followed create a beautiful mosaic of life in the Goodland - not always easy, not always glamorous, but the fruits of their labor are evident to this day and enjoyed by so many in this wonderful community. Cheers, Amanda De Lucia, Director

research & Collection News

Traveling with the Stows When most of us hear about foreign travel in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries we think of the wave of immigrants travelling from other parts of the world to the United States in search of a better life. According to the National Archives non-immigration foreign travel was “much more frequent than one might expect. Overseas travelers included businessmen, the middle class, and naturalized U.S. citizens who returned to their homelands to visit relatives.”

In 1905 Anne Stow Fithian and her daughter Dorothy applied for a passport to travel to Switzerland where Dorothy may have attended school. In 1909 and, again, in 1917, Nellie Stow, the unmarried daughter of William Stow and sister of Sherman Stow, applied for a passport for pleasure trips abroad to Hong Kong and Japan. In 1922 Edgar Stow’s wife Sally applied for a passport for travel to Spain, France, Italy, Palestine, Portugal, Greece, Constantinople, and Monaco. Katherine Stow Ealand and her The U.S. Passport Applications Datafive year old daughter Maria made apbase had several passport applications plication to travel to the Philippines in for Samuel Mossman Stow. Passport 1910. It appears that Ida Stow accomapplications tell us quite a bit about panied Katherine and Maria the applicant; birth date as she submitted a passand place, who was travport application to travel “I found that eling with the applicant, to the Philippines during permanent residence, they traveled the same time period. occupation, countries to extensively.” visit, visit purpose, and deIn 1919 Margaret Stow Bruce parture port, ship, and deand her husband Edward parture date. The form also includes Bruce applied for a passport to travel the applicant’s physical description to Asia, Dutch East Indies, Philippines, and often times the applicant’s photo. Siam, Spain and other countries. The application lists the Philippines I found three passport applications for as their permanent residence from Samuel and his wife Maude in 1916, 1909 to the date of the application. 1920, and 1922. Purposes for travel included business in Hong Kong and Between 1877 and 1909 about China, two pleasure trips to Hong 370,000 passports were issued by Kong, Japan, and Canada, and the the State Department compared to U.S. returning to the Philippines. One 1.2 million passports between 1912 of the applications included a fairly and 1925. It appears that the Stow good quality photo of Samuel and family may have been fairly typical Maude. The photo has been copied, of early twentieth century middle framed, and is now included amongst class families in their world travels. other family photos in Stow House. ~ Karen Ramsdell, President In the passport database I noted apSherman and Ida Stow raised six children on Rancho La Patera: Anne, Sherman, Katherine, Samuel, Edgar, and Margaret. During docent training I learned that Samuel Stow lived his adult-life in Manila, Philippines. My curiosity peaked and I did a little informal research starting with the databases. Samuel graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1905 and by 1916 he was working as an engineer in the Philippines.

Above: Samuel & Maude Stow, 1920. Samuel Stow’s Passport Application, 1920. Edward & Margaret Stow Bruce, 1916.

The Goleta Valley Historical Society wishes to acknowledge Hutton Parker Foundation Santa Barbara Foundation The Towbes Foundation Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation Wood-Claeyssens Foundation City of Goleta

for their continual support of our endeavors.


plications for other Stow family members and found that they traveled extensively. Even more surprising to me were passport applications for solo travel by women family members. According to the National Archives 95% of mid-nineteenth century passport applicants were men, however many women and children travelled with the men and were listed on the application. However, by 1923 40% of passport applicants were women.

Reflections: Memories of the Goodland

“This is a chance to chat with school children about why it is important to document their own history “

Created from the collective memory of our community, our latest exhibit features a revolving display of images made possible by the many people who donated photographs during the Society’s Heritage Project in 2002, and through the continuous collection of images from local families. From the faces of farm workers to beach parties on “Hope’s Ranch,” to blissful wedding celebrations, the photos tell of “Farms, Fun and Families” in our Goleta Valley. Exhibit sponsored by Reid & Robin Cederlof and The Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation.

- Maureen Belle Education Coordinator

What do YOU remember? Join the conversation! - Submit your pre-1960 images to photos@ or call 681-7216 - Consider recording an oral history for future generations and research


- Explore your genealogy or just tell loved ones your stories of growing up in the Goodland

Above: Wedding of Frances Cavaletto and Angelo Bosio at the Santa Barbara Mission, July 4, 1928.

Annual Appeal

People news

Welcome! Please help us welcome Bob Muller, Ph.D, who has joined the board of the Goleta Valley Historical Society. Muller received his doctorate in Ecology from Yale University. As the Director of Research at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, he focused on California forest trees, chaparral, fire, and urban forestry. He also taught courses in the Vegetation and Flora of California as well as Introductory Biology at UCSB. Muller is widely published in the areas of energy flow and nutrient dynamics, soil chemistry, and ecosystem relations in hardwood forests. He co-authored Trees of Santa Barbara with Bob Haller.

R.A. and S. L. Ayling

volunteer opportunities

Michael T. Bennett

Love History?

Juan & Maria Berumen James Breyman

GVHS is seeking new volunteers for a variety of program opportunities. Volunteering is a great way to make new friends, see “behind the scenes” at Rancho La Patera, give back to your community and have fun. Ranch Hands help organize, preserve, and protect our collections.

Kathleen & Ken Boomer Helen Brown Connie Burns Catherine Cavaletto Reid & Robin Cederlof

Ranch Docents bring history alive to guests as they experience the ambiance of the early 1900s. Seasonal Ranch Hands help with our events. A fun-loving, great attitude is the only requirement! Wranglers guide and assist children in Catherine Cavaletto the Days Program, our unique RobinPioneer & Reid Cederlof Janice Cloud experience for 3rd graders.

Margaret & Joe Connell Barbara Cornish

contributions received November 2013 through February 2014

Mary Louise Days Charles Eckert Theodore & Adrian Erler Margaret Hamister Sharon Harris Rose Ann Hill Anne Jacobson Josiah Jenkins Elenore Johnson Patricia Krout Robert Kvaas Linda & Michael Larish Montecito Bank & Trust Eduardo Orias Nicholas & Sharon Priester Karen Ramsdell Kimberly Schizas

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By Reid & Robin Cederlof in honor of: Alfred Michael Cavaletto Owen Drumgrool Barbara Benning Hollister Teresa Grant Kimbell Betty Jane Soergel Ordung Jay Kenneth Torrey Jonny D. Wallis By Fermina Murray in honor of: Barbara Benning Hollister By Joan & Arnie Rakowski in honor of: Betty Jane Soergel Ordung

Bev Schwartzberger & David Stone Leora Williford Rick Wolf & Elizabeth Brooks Arboretum Restoration Rose Anne Hill Reid & Robin Cederlof


Volunteer News! A New Exhibit at the Sexton House

Vicki Kornahrens Named Volunteer of the Year at the 2014 Annual Meeting It was Napoleon who said that an army travels on its stomach (ah, the French). Now, members of the Goleta Valley Historical Society enjoy a good meal as well, but we know that the successes of the Society are, in large part, due to the contributions of its volunteers. Without them, we would not be able to carry out most of our functions. It is in that light that we recognize the many contributions of Vicki Kornahrens, our Volunteer of the Year for 2014. Vicki was born in Victoria, British Columbia, but grew up in Los Altos, CA. Her interests have always been in social studies. She received her BA and MA in Economics. She worked in advertising in San Francisco, followed by five years with SRI as an economic research analyst. In the early ‘80s she earned her teaching credential and,

thus, began her teaching career. By the late ‘80s she and her husband moved to the Washington, DC area and six years later, in 1993, to Goleta. When asked when she found Stow House and the Historical Society, Vicki replied, “Stow House found ME.” It seems her daughter’s third grade class was taking a field trip to Stow House and Vicki accompanied the class. A bond was formed. In 1996 a job as a third grade teacher became available and Vicki was hired. This led to a field trip in 1997 and several collaborations with UCSB and others that developed plays for school children focused on the lives of Stow family members and the development of the lemon industry in Goleta Valley. In 2005 Vicki joined the Board of Directors of the Goleta Valley Historical Society at a time when the Society wanted to expand its educational outreach. Vicki developed the program known as Pioneer Days for third grade children in the Goleta Union School District. The new program consisted of a presentation in the classroom, a workbook for the students, and a field trip to Stow House and Rancho La Patera. This unique program continues to be very popular and well-regarded by the school system. The History Education Center was developed largely to serve this program as well as providing an educational tool for the larger community.

You Are Invited Rancho La Patera Complimentary Tree Walk Friday, May 2 at 8:30 am Join Ken Knight, arborist, on a walk to discover some of the most beautiful and unique speciman trees. Heritage Tree, History & Garden Tour Sunday, May 18, Noon-5pm $40/pp includes transportation and light lunch. Co-hosted by Goleta Valley Beautiful. Goodland Garden Gathering Sunday, May 25, 3:00-5:00 pm A relaxing afternoon of live music, garden games and fun in celebration of the Arboretum Restoration Project. Garden Lecture – “Sowing The Seeds of Victory” Wednesday, May 28, 5:30 pm Explore another time when national interest was focused on household agriculture-the victory gardens of WWII.

“Get inspired!” is the rallying cry heard from many of our local public gardens, who have partnered to offer special tours, events and offers in conjunction with Santa Barbara County Garden Appreciation Month this May. Check out what we are doing to celebrate! For information visit

In conjunction with the 2012 Ellwood shelling exhibit, Vicki brought UCSB Ph.D candidite, Ken Hough, to her fourth grade classroom to talk about his research on the event. A field trip to the bombing site was also arranged. Vicki’s volunteer activities extend beyond the educational programs. She has also assisted at the 4th of July Celebration, Holiday at the Ranch, the Lemon Festival, and served as a docent at Stow House. For her many contributions to the activities of the organization, the Board of Directors of the Goleta Valley Historical Society wishes to thank Vicki Kornahrens! ~ Catherine Caveletto, GVHS Historian

Downtown Goleta Tour Saturday, May 10 10:00 a.m. Free Join Fermina Murrary, historian for a lively walk around our historic and beloved Old Town. Reservations required. For more information, contact

Board of Directors Karen Ramsdell, President Robin Cederlof, 1st Vice President Tom Blabey, 2nd Vice President Peter Goodell, Treasurer

 Connie Burns, Secretary Catherine Cavaletto, Historian

 Kathleen Boomer, Ed.D. Dwight Gregory, A.I.A. Dan Marchiando Bob Muller, Ph.D. Kimberly Schizas Rick Wolf

Advisory Board Mike Edwards, Esq. Gil Garcia, A.I.A. Kim Kimbell, Esq. Larry Miller, Jr. Fermina Murray Ron Nye, Ph.D. Ida Rickborn Jennifer Tice, Esq. David Van Horne, Esq. Katie Van Horne

Staff Amanda De Lucia, Director Maureen Belle, Education Coordinator

 Dacia Harwood, Events Coordinator Tom Melody, Caretaker Roberto Renteria, Gardener

Goleta Valley Historical Society

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GVHS Newsletter Spring 2014  
GVHS Newsletter Spring 2014