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Annual Report

Goleta Valley Historical Society 2015

Thank You Dear Supporters,       Thank  you  for  a  wonderful  year!    We  are  privileged  to  share,   celebrate  and  make  history  with  you.       Rancho  La  Patera  &  Stow  House,  the  historic  heart  of  Goleta,   is  an  essenHal  component  of  our  history  here  in  the  Goodland.     Your  support  has  provided  the  opportunity  for  us  to  share  our   unique  history  through  educaHon  programs  for  youth,  lectures   for  all,  community  events  that  showcase  this  magical  property.           We  are  commiKed  to  preserving  Goleta’s  heritage  for   generaHons  to  come.    As  we  move  towards  our  50th   anniversary  of  the  Goleta  Valley  Historical  Society,  we  are   grateful  for  those  who  came  before  us  and  paved  the  road  for   this  organizaHon  to  make  this  rich  history  available  to  all.       With  thanks,       Amanda  De  Lucia   Execu&ve  Director  

By The Numbers

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Children Sat  on   Santa’s  Lap  


Education – Preservation - Community OUR MISSION  

To collect,  preserve,  interpret  and  foster  research  of  Goleta  Valley’s  history  through  exhibits,  programs,  and  stewardship  of  the   historic  Rancho  La  Patera,  home  to  the  Stow  family.  

Highlights of  2015  

Honoring Our Volunteers At the  annual  meeHng  the  Goleta  Valley  Historical  Society  named  Ronald  L.  Nye  as   the  recipient  of  the  honored  Life&me  Achievement  Award.    Dr.  Nye  has  been   associated  with  the  organizaHon  in  many  roles  as  a  historian,  volunteer,  president   and  board  member  since  1988.    His  dedicaHon  led  to  several  accomplishments  at   Rancho  La  Patera,  including  the  ConservaHon  Assessment  Program  in  1999,  a   restoraHon  of  the  buildings  and  securing  the  Stow  House  on  the  NaHonal  Registry  of   Historic  Places.    Dr.  Nye  is  a  registered  architectural  historian  and  was  recently   appointed  to  the  Historic  Landmarks  Advisory  Commission.    He  currently   serves  on  the  Advisory  Board  for  Gleta  Valley  Historical  Society.       The  Society  also  recognized  Carol  Wilson  as  the  recipient  of  the  Volunteer  of  the  Year   Award.  Mrs.  Wilson  has  been  volunteering  for  the  organizaHon  for  over  five  years  as   a  docent  at  Rancho  La  Patera  &  Stow  House.    She  is  acHve  in  the   Society’s  Pioneer  Days  Program,  which  brings  local  schoolchildren  to  the   Ranch  to  experience  life  as  it  was  in  the  early  1900s.  When  not   volunteering,  she  spends  her  Hme  with  grandchildren  and  teaching  swimming.     The  two  individuals  honored  are  an  example  of  the  dedicated  core  group  of   volunteers  and  board  members  who  have  been  the  lifeblood  of  our  organizaHon   since  its  founding  in  1967.  

Interpretive Sign Project In 2007  the  Goleta  Valley  Historical  Society  embarked  on  an  ambiHous  project  to   research  the  history  of  Rancho  La  Patera’s  arboretum  and  gardens,  planted  in  the   late  19th  century  and  nurtured  by  four  generaHons  of  Stow  descendants.    The  goal  of   our  $1  million  dollar  Arboretum  RestoraHon  Project  was  to  recreate  the  naturalisHc   landscape  and  gardens  surrounding  Stow  House  as  they  existed  during  State  Senator   Edgar  Stow’s  management  of  Rancho  La  Patera  from  1915-­‐1949.    Part  of  that  goal   was  also  to  nominate  the  gardens  and  arboretum  for  inclusion  on  the  NaHonal   Register  of  Historic  Places,  a  presHgious  designaHon  that  Stow  House  has  held  since   2000.     A  key  element  of  this  project  included  developing  a  Master  InterpreHve  Signage  Plan   for  the  ranch  that  would  enhance  the  visitor  experience,  providing  informaHon  about   the  property  to  the  public  every  day  of  the  week,  in  addiHon  to  our  hours  of   operaHon.     We  are  pleased  to  announce  that  we  have  designed,  fabricated,  and  installed  six  new   interpreHve  signs  at  Rancho  La  Patera.    The  signs  are  designed  to  provide  visitors   informaHon  about  element  of  the  ranch,  ranging  from  the  Arboretum  to  the   Bunkhouse,  Ranch  Yard,  Edgar  Stow’s  lab  and  Stow  House.     To  compliment  the  signs,  we  have  also  developed  a  Walking  Tour  of  Rancho  La   Patera  (available  on  our  website)  that  provides  a  more  in  depth  discussion  about   each  sign  topic.    You  can  access  our  website  through  your  cell  phone  very  easily   when  you  click  on  the  Pages  navigaHon  Menu  and  choose  Walking  Tour     Rancho  La  Patera  is  a  vital  part  of  our  community’s  cultural  landscape  and  suburban   resources,  enjoyed  by  over  25,000  people  each  year.      Our  hope  is  that  these  new   signs  and  Walking  Tour  will  enhance  the  experience  for  those  who  come  to  enjoy  and   appreciate  the  beauty,  tranquility,  and  history  that  is  Rancho  La  Patera.  

Pioneer Days Our major  educaHon  program,  Pioneer  Days,  was  developed  in  collaboraHon  with  Goleta  Union  School  District.    Now  in  its  seventh   year,   Pioneer   Days   is   an   integral   part   of   Goleta   Union   School   District’s   3rd   grade   curriculum,   and   is   also   offered   to   all   public   and   private  elementary  schools  on  the  South  Coast  on  a  first-­‐come,  first-­‐served  basis  as  funding  permits.  Pioneer  Days  gives  3rd  grade   students,  who  study  local  history  as  part  of  the  state-­‐mandated  curriculum,  an  opportunity  to  explore  firsthand  early  California  ranch   life.  The  mulH-­‐disciplinary  program  spans  several  weeks  and  addresses  the  California  CORE  curriculum  in  history,  while  weaving  in   lessons  in  the  sciences,  math,  language  arts,  and  physical  acHviHes.  

Participation in 2015: 800 Students

“I really  liked  the  train  because  it  was   electric.    I  really  enjoyed  my  trip  to  the  Stow   House  in  December.”       “I  really  liked  all  the  things,  mostly  the  old   classroom  because  there  was  a  horse  in  it.”       “I  like  the  old  machines  because  I  like  them!”  

homegrown Â

4-H Exhibition HomeGrown –  Goleta’s  4-­‐H  Legacy   From  gardening  to  growing  livestock,  and  from  home  economics  to  fashion  design,  our  local  4-­‐H  program  has   made  a  significant  impact  on  the  lives  and  legacy  in  the  Goodland.    The  exhibiHon,  which  included  photos,   projects,  art  and  more,  brings  light  upon  the  youth  and  leaders  who’ve  embraced  the  4-­‐H  program  over  the  years.       As  the  youth  development  program  of  the  CooperaHve  Extension  System  of  land-­‐grant  universiHes,  4-­‐H  is  the   naHon’s  largest  youth  development  organizaHon,  empowering  six  million  young  people  throughout  the  United   States.  Our  local  Goleta  4-­‐H  program  began  in  the  1920s  and  conHnues  today.  

In 2015,  the  Goleta  4-­‐H  Club  was  given  the  honor  of  “Pioneer  RecogniHon”  by  Goleta  Valley  Historical  Society   in  a  ceremony  held  at  the  opening  of  HomeGrown.    Members,  community  leaders  and  current  Goleta  4-­‐H  club   members  were  in  aKendance.  

Portfolio LecturesWalking &Walking   Screenings Tours   Tours  

Nicholas Den  Film  

Our community   of   history   enthusiasts   were   able   to   learn   more   about   Nicolas   Den  and  the  history  of  his  beloved  Dos   Pueblos   Ranch   with   an   alernoon   maHnee   screening   of   Don   Nicolas   Den:   Irish   Pioneer.       The   filmmakers,   Tina   &   Michael   Love   along   with   the   president   of  the  Irish  American  Historical  Society,   discussed   the   film   which   was   based   on   Walker  Tompkin’s  Royal  Rancho.    


Hikers &  History  

At our   Annual   MeeHng,   Urban   Hikers   Stacy   and   Peter   Hartmann   spoke   about   their   experience   walking   every   street   in   Santa   Barbara   (256   miles!).     Their   story   paired   with   their   outlook   on   historical   preservaHon  following  a  monumental  trip   to   Cuba   inspired   our   members   to   advocate  and  of  course,  get  out  and  walk.  

Naples: A  Tale  of  Two  Ci/es  

Popular historian  Neal  Graffy  hosted  a   lively  lecture  about  the  early  history  of   the  beauHful,  and  olen  controversial,   Gaviota  Coast  town.    Guests  enjoyed   stories  of  “  Naples"  -­‐    founded  by  John   and  Alice  Williams  in  1887,  a  872-­‐acre   "Exquisite  Summer  and  Winter  Resort”   with  a  look  at  rare  photos  and  maps.  

Walking Tours Trees of  Rancho  La  Patera  

In collaboraHon   with   the   Santa   Barbara   Public   Garden   Partnership,   arborist   Ken   Knight  led  a  “Tree  Tour”  of  the  Ranch.  

Campbell Ranch  Walk  

Urban Hikers   Stacy   and   Peter   Hartmann,   led   an   exploraHon   of   the   old   Campbell   Ranch.     The   large   group   experienced   history   and   learned   more   about   the   remaining   buildings   on   current   UCSB   West   Campus   and   the   conservaHon   efforts  of  Campbell  Barn.    

Community Festivals Our 41st  Annual  Old  Fashioned  4th   of  July  was  a  day  of  fun  at  the  Ranch  for  

all ages.    Local  musicians  entertained  the   crowds  with  Bluegrass  and  Country  music   while  the  hayrides,  pony  rides  and  display   of  old  engines  kept  them  moving  through   a  wonderful  Independence  celebraHon.  

Old Time  Fiddlers’  Compe//on  &   Fes/val  We  loved  hosHng  the  fesHval  

this year  following  the  handover  of  reins   by  the  dedicated  volunteers  at  the  Santa   Barbara  Sunrise  Rotary,  who  managed  it   for  many  years.    Thanks  to  all  who   aKended,  volunteered,  and  competed  in   the  Old  Time  Music  CompeHHon.     Holiday  at  the  Ranch    Nearly  1000   people  per  day  visited  Santa  Claus  and  his   “rein-­‐goats”  and  to  see  the  Stow  House   decorated  beauHfully  by  our  team  of   volunteers  and  staff.  

Fiesta Ranchera The  8th  annual  Fiesta  Ranchera  opened   Fiesta’s  summer  season  with  a  sold-­‐out   crowd.    This  popular  event,  co-­‐hosted  by   our  friends  at  Old  Spanish  Days,  offered  a   fesHve  evening  of  fun,  food,  music,   dancing  and  a  rare  opportunity  to   experience  the  magic  of  the  Ranch  aler   dark.  

“Rev. Larry  Gosselin  spoke  to  the  crowd  and  gave  a  blessing,  noHng  that  the  theme  of  this  year’s  annual  celebraHon  is  Fiesta  RomanHca  and  that  it  is   about  community,  love  and  appreciaHon  for  the  beauty  of  the  Santa  Barbara  area.”      -­‐  Rochelle  Rose,  Noozhawk  

Music at the Ranch Building community.    Our  eighth  summer   of  free  concerts  drew  crowds  of  nearly   2000  guests  per  week  thanks  to  the   generosity  of  our  sponsors  and  Hme  and   talent  of  our  local  bands.      The  small  town   feel,  beauHful  ambience  and  our  friendly   volunteers  kept  the  crowds  returning   week  aler  week.       Gold  Sponsor:  Venoco  

“Looking for  an  inexpensive  family-­‐friendly  acHvity?    Music  buffs  and  fans  alike  are  in  for  a  treat  at  the  annual  Music  at  the  Ranch  featuring  favorite   local  bands.”    -­‐  Seasons  Magazine  

Thoroughly enjoy  the   ac/vi/es  at  Stow   Ranch…  lovely  place!   -­‐  A  Facebook  Fan    

It takes a village Our sincere  graHtude  to  our   dedicated   volunteers,   community   partners,   sponsors,   donors,   board  of  directors  and  staff.    Most  of   all,  thank  you  to  our  visitors  who  inspire  us  with  their  wonder  and  keep  us  on  a  path  to  the  future.  

Thank You  

Above: It  was  our  pleasure  to  partner  with   the  Goleta  Valley  Chamber  of  Commerce  on   the  inaugural  Lemon  Dinner,  celebraHng  the   chefs  and  sustainability  of  the  Goodland.  

Strategic Partnerships This year  the  GVHS  was  proud  to  partner  with,  or   offer  support  to,  the  following  organiza/ons:     American  Irish  Society   Casa  del  Hererro   Environmental  Defense  Center     Goleta  Valley  Art  Assn   Ganna  Walska  Lotusland   FermentaHon  FesHval   Old  Spanish  Days  


Goleta Valley  Chamber  of  Commerce   Goleta  NoonHme  Rotary   Partners  In  EducaHon   Old  Time  Fiddlers’  AssociaHon     PrimeHme  Band     Santa  Barbara  Genealogical  Society   Santa  Barbara  Botanic  Garden   Santa  Barbara  Sunrise  Rotary   TV  Santa  Barbara   WWII  AviaHon  Museum  in  Camarillo  


Giving Goleta Valley  Historical  Society  gratefully  acknowledges  the  generosity  of  our  supporters  during  the  past  year:  

$50,000+ City  of  Goleta     $25,000+   Wood-­‐Claeyssens  FoundaHon       $10,000+   Ann  Jackson  Family  FoundaHon     $5,000  -­‐  $9,999   Marborg  Industries   Williams-­‐CorbeK  FoundaHon   Venoco   Alice  Tweed  Tuohy  FoundaHon   Towbes  FoundaHon       $2,000  -­‐  $4,999   Catherine  CavaleKo   ATK  Space  Systems   Montecito  Bank  &  Trust   Orflaea  FoundaHon   Barbara  Giorgi   Robin  &  Reid  Cederlof   Mildred  W.  Hill       $1,000  –  $1,999   Lisa  Cushman   Rose  Ann  Hill   Karen  Ramsdell   Radius  Investments  -­‐  The  Golis  Team   Goleta  NoonHme  Rotary    


$251 -­‐  $999   Tom  &  Kristen  Blabey   Ron  &  Pat  Caird   Joseph  &  Margaret  Connell   Bob  &  Kris  Muller   Josiah  Jenkins   Charles  Eckert       $250-­‐$100   Rich  &  Sue  Ayling   Lawrence  &  Joan  Bailard   Jean  Blois   Barbara  Cornish   David  &  Patricia  Fainer   Michael  &  Brenda  Gartzke   David  Stone  &  Beverly  Schwartzberg   JoAnne  Treloar   Cecilia  Villines   C.  Leora  Williford   Santa  Barbara  FoundaHon   Fermina  &  Stephen  Murray   Kathleen  Boomer   Peter  &  Charis  BraK   Michael  &  Mary  Louise  CavaleKo   Paul  Mocker     Roger  &  Debbie  Aceves   Marjorie  Boyle   Judy  Connors   John  &  Patricia  Coppejans    

Oswald Da  Ros   EllioK  &  Linda  Dell   James  &  Marguerite  Downing   Barry  &  Charla  Dufour   Gil  &  MarH  Garcia   Peter  Goodell   Robert  Groendyke   Laurie  Hannah   ScoK  &  Sue  Heinz   Anne  Jacobsen   Charles  Kimball   Ken  &  Nancy  Knight   Dorothy  Oksner   Arlene  &  William  Radasky   Sharon  Rumberger   William  &  Janis  Shinn   John    Shute   Robert  Sorich   Anonymous   McGowan  Guntermann   Mary  Louise  Days   Rick  Wolf    &  Elizabeth  Brooks   Connie  &  Randall  Burns   Nancy  Sawyers  Cole   Arlene  Doty   James  &  Anne  Elwell   Patricia  Krout   Kim  Schizas     Note  that  we  are  not   able  to  list  all  donaHons   however  we  are  grateful   for  gils  of  all  sizes.    

Looking Ahead As we  look  ahead  our  goals  include:       •  ConHnue  the  oral  history  program  focused  on  community  seniors  and  capture  5  personal  histories   •  Recruit  and  train  new  volunteers  to  conduct  docent-­‐led  tours  of  Stow  House  and  the  History  EducaHon   Center,  work  in  the  Visitor  Center  and  Museum  Store;  assist  with  Pioneer  Days;  and  help  with  our  community   celebraHons  and  fundraising  events   •  Increase  GVHS  membership  to  garner  support  for  Society  programs  and  acHviHes   •  ConHnue  producing  signs  idenHfied  in  our  Master  InterpreHve  Signage  Plan  to  enhance  the  visitor  experience     •  Remain  fiscally  solvent  while  conHnuing  to  offer  the  same  level  of  programs,  events  and  acHviHes  that  we   have  in  the  past   •  Expand  the  Pioneer  Days  program     •  Install  an  exhibiHon  that  will  celebrate  our  50th  Anniversary  

Our Team  

Board of  Directors  

Karen  Ramsdell  (PRESIDENT)  served  as  the  Director  of  the  Santa  Barbara  Airport  from  1987  unHl  her  reHrement  in  2013.  Karen  earned  a  Bachelor  of   Arts  degree  in  history  from  UC  Santa  Barbara.  In  1992  Karen  was  named  Santa  Barbara  County’s  Woman  of  the  Year  (Third  District).  In  2011  she  was   awarded  the  Heritage  Oak  Award  for  LifeHme  Achievement  by  Santa  Barbara  BeauHful.       Tom  Blabey  (VICE  PRESIDENT),  OperaHons  Director  for  the  Orfalea  FoundaHon,  brings  his  varied  professional  experience  from  the  non-­‐profit  and   philanthropic  sector,  operaHons  in  the  travel  industry,  local  public  policy  and  poliHcal  consulHng,  and  as  manager  of  an  avocado  ranch.    Tom  is  a   graduate  of  Middlebury  College  and  he  lives  with  his  family  on  the  ranch  in  Goleta.         Peter  Goodell  (TREASURER)  is  a  commercial  real  estate  asset  manager  for  both  Goodell  Investments  and  Investec  Management  CorporaHon  and  has   experience  in  investment  management,  banking  and  small  business  development.    He  has  raised  two  children  in  Goleta  schools  and  brings  a  unique   perspecHve  as  a  close  neighbor  to  Rancho  La  Patera.  His  community  involvement  also  includes  Santa  Barbara  Yacht  Club,  Mesa  Neighborhood   AssociaHon  and  Santa  Barbara  Downtown  OrganizaHon.       Dan  Marchiando  (SECRETARY),  a  Goleta  naHve,  is  a  mortgage  loan  professional  with  Paragon  Mortgage  Group.    He  earned  his  Bachelor  of  Science   degree  in  Business  AdministraHon  and  Finance  at  the  University  of  Southern  California.    Dan  was  first  elected  to  the  GVHS  Board  in  2004  and  served  as   Treasurer  unHl  2013.  He  also  serves  on  the  board  for  the  La  Goleta  Scholarship  AssociaHon,  and  is  a  former  Adjunct  Instructor  of  Real  Estate  Finance   at  Santa  Barbara  City  College.       Catherine  Cavaleco  (HISTORIAN),  a  naHve  of  the  Goleta  Valley,  is  descended  from  grandparents  who  immigrated  to  the  area  in  1892.      Catherine   reHred  from  the  University  of  Hawaii  in  2003  where  she  was  a  researcher,  department  chair,  and  interim  associate  dean.    She  earned  her  Bachelor  of   Arts  degree  at  UC  Davis  and  earned  a  Master  of  Science  in  Food  Science  at  University  of  Hawaii  at  Manoa.       Connie  Burns  worked  as  a  teacher,  as  a  restaurant  owner  and  for  20  years  as  a  property  manager  with  Town’n  Country  Property  Management.  She   reHred  in  2011.    In  2012  she  was  honored  with  the  LifeHme  Achievement  Award  by  GVHS  for  her  nearly  30  years  of  service.    She  is  an  acHve  member   and  past  president  of  the  Rotary  Club  of  Goleta  NoonHme,  the  SB  County  Genealogical  Society,  and  CALM  (Child  Abuse  and  Listening  MediaHon.)    She   also  serves  as  chairman  of  the  Goleta  Teen  of  the  Year  Community  Service  Award  Program.    In  1996  Connie  was  honored  as  Goleta  Woman  of  the  Year.       Kathleen  Boomer,  Ed.D  served  as  the  Superintendent  of  the  Goleta  Union  School  District  for  seven  years  before  recently  reHring.    During  her  31-­‐year   career  in  public  educaHon  she  received  numerous  professional  honors  including  Goleta’s  Finest  Educator  of  the  Year  and  Superintendent  of  the  Year   2004,  ACSA  Region  VII.    Kathy  earned  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  degree  in  history  from  UC  Berkeley,  and  holds  a  Master’s  degree  in  educaHon  from  St.  Mary’s   College.  Kathy  earned  her  Doctorate  of  EducaHon  from  the  University  of  the  Pacific.      

Our Team

(Board  of  Directors  conHnued)    

Sally Fouhse  has  served  as  Associate  Director  for  Business  Affairs  for  the  Santa  Barbara  Trust  for  Historic  PreservaHon  since  1999  where  she  is  the   administrator  for  operaHons  with  an  annual  budget  of  $2.5  million.  Sally  earned  her  Bachelor’s  Degree  in  German  with  a  minor  in  history  from  the   University  of  California  at  Davis.  She  also  earned  a  Professional  Accountant  CerHficate  and  TESOL  CerHficate  from  the  University  of  California  at   Santa  Barbara.  Sally  is  also  acHve  in  community  organizaHons  such  as  the  Santa  Barbara  Music  Club  and  Santa  Barbara  Downtown  OrganizaHon.  She   has  many  personal  interests  including  hiking,  wriHng,  and  travel.       Scoc  Menzel,  AIA  graduated  with  honors  from  California  Polytechnic  State  University,  San  Luis  Obispo  with  a  Bachelor  of  Landscape  Architecture   degree.  For  ten  years  he  worked  as  Associate  Landscape  Architect  for  Sydney  Baumgartner  Landscape  Architect.  In  2013  ScoK  established  his  own   landscape  architecture  firm.  In  2004  ScoK  was  the  winner  of  the  Courtyard  Design  CompeHHon  for  the  California  State  University  Channel  Islands   President’s  Courtyard  presented  by  CSUCI  and  Sunset  Magazine.  ScoK’s  personal  interests  include  surfing  and  cycling.         Robert  “Bob”  Muller,  Ph.D  received  his  doctorate  in  Ecology  from  Yale  University.    Bob  served  as  the  Director  of  Research  at  the  Santa  Barbara   Botanic  Garden,  where  he  focused  on  California  forest  trees,  chaparral,  fire,  and  urban  forestry.    He  also  taught  courses  in  the  VegetaHon  and  Flora   of  California  as  well  as  Introductory  Biology  at  UCSB.  He  is  widely  published  in  the  areas  of  energy  flow  and  nutrient  dynamics,  soil  chemistry,  and   ecosystem  relaHons  in  hardwood  forests,  having  over  40  publicaHons  in  refereed  journals  from  Ecology  to  Oecologia  to  Science.  He  co-­‐authored   “Trees  of  Santa  Barbara”  with  Garden  Instructor  Bob  Haller.     Richard  Wolf  is  a  history  instructor  at  Santa  Barbara  City  College.    He  earned  his  Bachelor  of  Arts  and  Masters  degrees  in  history  from  UC  Santa   Barbara.    Rick  is  in  the  UCSB  doctoral  program  and  his  dissertaHon  is  enHtled,  The  War&me  Bracero  Program  in  Santa  Barbara.        

Advisory Board  

Mike  Edwards   Gil  Garcia,  A.I.A.   Kim  Kimbell,  Esq.   Larry  Miller,  Jr.   Fermina  Murray   Ron  Nye,  Ph.D.   Ida  Rickborn   Jennifer  Tice,  Esq.   David  Van  Horne,  Esq.   KaHe  Van  Horne  


Amanda De  Lucia,  MA       Execu&ve  Director           Dacia  Harwood       Events  &  Marke&ng  Coordinator         Visitor  Service  &  Event  Staff               Tiffany  Kishiyima     Jennifer  Gray   Evan  Yoder      

Lisa  Scoggins    Educa&on  Coordinator      Wes  Hensley    Resident  Caretaker        


Goleta Valley Historical Society Stewards of Rancho La Patera & Stow House 304 North Los Carneros, Goleta goletahistory.org


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Goleta Valley Historical Society Annual Report 2015  

Goleta Valley Historical Society Annual Report 2015  


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