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Hewey & Dewey Could YOU Be Our Angel? We have been looking for an angel for a long time and even though our road is still rough, we are as close as we have ever been. Let me introduce myself, my name is Huey and since my brother is recovering from his facelift , I will let him rest and do the talking. Our life has been hard, but through everything, we have always had each other. We never had much of the things we have heard that so many dogs enjoy every day; love, care, good food, and medical attention. It was ok and we got by when we were younger, but as we got older it got a little bit harder, our ears itched, our teeth hurt, and my brother and best friend Dewey developed a big, scary sore on his bottom. It hurt him terribly and I did the only thing I knew to do which was lick it for him to try and make it better. As much as I tried, it didn’t work, and it kept getting bigger and bigger . I don’t like to think about the exact chain of events, but we found ourselves at the Miami Dade Animal Shelter as “strays” but we know that isn’t the case as we came in together; same age, same color, same size. Our family dumped us up because we weren’t young and cute and needed medical care they weren’t willing to give us. Huey felt so bad because he felt like it was his fault, but I told him sometimes things have to get worse before they get better and things have to get better from here Things got much better for a little bit. We left the shelter and met some wonderful people who did what they could right away to make us more comfortable; our nails were clipped, our ears were cleaned, and we had a bath! We were so happy to feel all warm and safe, we celebrated together by snuggling up to enjoy the moment and soak it in. Once we recovered from our experience of being on the streets and were healthy enough, Dewey and I had our teeth cleaned (between us we lost about 20 teeth!) we were neutered and Dewey had his sore stitched up . We are both happier and healthier than we have been in a long time, but now we need a home again. Our foster family can no longer keep us and since Dewey’s stitches and wound need some special care, we are back to the hospital until the weekendwe have nowhere to go. We are so happy and so sad at the same time as we feel the best we have felt in a very long time, but want a home of our very own. Everyone who has met us has said how special we are and have fallen for us head over heels. Do you have some room in your heart and home for two boys who will return any love you give them 10-fold? We are so close to our happy ending and just need to find our angel to make all our dreams come true. If you find our Angel, can you send them our way? Until we find our forever home, we are also looking for a foster home who will love us and help us continue to recover while we look for the perfect family good enough to adopt us. Until then, we will be waiting….. The good people at DRSF can tell you all about us, so please d ro p them a note at or fill out an adoption application for us at!

Hewey and Dewey - Could you be our angel?