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MY NAME IS BLONDIE WON’T YOU PLEASE ADOPT ME? I’m a 1 ½ years old Terrier Mix and weigh approximately 45 pounds. People keep saying that I’m pretty and I know that with some good food and love, my blonde hair will shine again. I like humans and other dogs. I’m sure I would be great with kids because I like to play and cuddle. Besides I’m only 1 ½ so I’m sort of still a baby. So far, I “do my business” outside and not in the house. I’m not saying I won’t make mistakes but it looks like someone might have potty trained me. I’ve noticed that I’m not hyper at all but I do have energy and like to take runs and walks. The people that are taking care of me, say that I’m super sweet and friendly. BTW, I don’t even think about biting. I’m a bit cautious and shy because my previous family left me at MDAS and never came back! I was so sad and to make it worse, it was during the MDAS Crisis in Dade County. I thought I’d never see the outside world again. I sat in my cage and hid my face. Then some really nice people kept walking by. I heard them say that they had many of their own dogs but that they wanted to save a dog’s life and find them a home. With my very last hope, I looked up at the family that saved my life. No bones about it, I need a home pretty quickly. I promise you won’t regret adopting me. I will be a faithful, loving and loyal pet my entire doggy life. Please understand that I was very hurt that my family abandoned me, so please, please only call if you are serious about making me part of your family. The number to call is (954) 614-5088. Hope to meet you soon!



Blondie dog for adoption