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David Chen


Pre p roduction/Animation

Dauntless young chap seeking preproduction and animation opportunities. Trained in traditional and CG animation as well as conceptual design, rigging. Always seeking to collaborate in professional environment to craft great stories and characters in diverse variety of visual mediums.


Art/Design: • 2D and 3D animation • Digital Illustration/Concept Design • Storyboarding/Color Scripting • Character setup (rigging)

Software: • Autodesk Maya • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, AfterEffects, Premiere, Illustrator, Flash) • Toon Boom Animate Pro • Corel Painter

• Modeling, Texturing, Lighting • MEL, Python, pyMEL Scripting

Work/ Job Experience

Fisher Price

July 2012-Present

Animation Concept Artist- East Aurora, NY • Create animation concepts for undisclosed project

Mariposa Pictures Freelance Ink and Paint Artist

Jan 2012-Present

• Used Toon Boom Pro to ink and color shots for final compositing on “Barbie Jean”

Film Projects

“Vow”- Director: Bridget Underwood


Color Script artist • Create color keys for film to emphasize mood and composition

“Rain Dance”- Director: Nate Swinehart Ink and Paint artist • Used Toom Boom Pro to color and ink shots for final compositing

“Past and Future (Working Title)”- Director: Joy Hua Rigger



•Body Setup and Skinning for main characters: “Present”,“Future” • Facial Setup for “Future” Rig

“Hardly Workin”


Director • Managed 28 -person crew through entire film pipeline • Film selected to represent SCAD animation department Showcase of 2011

“Out of Time”- Director: Natalia Mercado


Rigger • Body Setup and Skinning for Main Character: Time Traveler Background Painter • Painted final credits background

“Locked Out”- Director: Katie McGowan


Rigger • Body Setup and Skinning for Main Characters: Amy, Gary Color Script Artist • assisted with color and light keys


Bachelor of Fine Arts -Animation Savannah College of Art and Design- Savannah, GA

• Graduated Cum Laude with focus in Technical Animation and Illustration


First Place- Entelechy 2010 Game Developer’s Exchange • ”Winter Fortress” awarded in Best Concept Art Category

Combined Scholarship Savannah College of Art and Design

Other Skills

• Fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese • Status: US Citizen

June 2011


My resume updated 7-14-2012


My resume updated 7-14-2012