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YES, WE WANT YOU TO BE PART OF is an online shop for shoes, presents and design objects from Central Europe. It is available in two languages, two versions - Russian and English. The main market target area is Russia and other Russian language speaking countries.The English version will work for European buyers. mainly represent small and middle size design ateliers which produce unique, limited collections of objects. It represent designers who already have a name in profession, their products fit high level of quality and their studios are capable of reproducing the objects quickly after selling.

How does business work : • main office located and registrated in Budapest • it is dealing with bying the products, online call service, packaging and sending the goods • additional office located in Moscow, it is dealing with local storing, VAM and distribution in Moscow is a common resource for the best design studios, primary from Hungary and from other neighbouring countries. In perspective it will also include products of Czech and Polish designers.

A public concept of lies in opposition to any kind of mass cheap production. It speaks about value of using “real things” – thought through clothes from good textiles, beauty of quality materials, importance of unique ideas and people who generate it. It also profit from idea of “Old Europe” consuming and working lifestyle. is not selling luxury objects, neither student experimental work. It works with a “middle-price� category of products.

The costumer should feel that she/ he buys something unique, with respect towards materials and environment. will show the cosy atmosphere of European design studios, individuality of the designer and his/ her objects and introduce it to Russian customers.

Constant Art Direction: Our e-commerce site is threated like a gallery of your products. Excellent widescreen photos optimized for online browsing. Minimalistic website Interface focusing on product and designer. Responsive design: dynamicaly covering the whole browser window, while making the product as focused as possible.

ВНИМАНИЕ! ищем партнера для стартапа В москве! если ты: • молодой и толковый предприниматель, который хочет открыть свое дело в области интернет-торговли • владелец собственного офлайн или онлайн магазина, который открыт для новых партнеров в бизнесе • дизайнер - фрилансер, архитектор, стилист, человек творческой специальности, который хочет попробовать себя в смежных специальностях и научиться продавать предметы дизайна

Задачи для тебя

стратегическое планирование

• специалист в области торговли и маркетинга, который хочет открыть свой бизнес

Возможно мы можем работать и зарабатывать вместе! Возможно мы ищем тебя!

Подробную информацию и личную встречу организуем в ответ на е-mail на Писать на имя Натальи Просьба в письме кратко описать свою мотивацию, желательно приложить CV.

организация хранения организация доставки креативный маркетинг

Dabuda promo  

Dabuda promo

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