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The written works for this publication were submitted by Harman School Elementary students. In an attempt to stay true to students’ authentic voices as possible, we have done our best not to over-edit their writing. Some corrections have been made where doing otherwise would have interfered significantly with meaning; however, you will see some invented spelling and some punctuation mistakes. these age appropriate errors experiments represent your students at this point in their writing developement. We hope you enjoy these snapshots of your children at this juncture in their journeys as young writers. The title of Harmany was coined for the first edition in 2003 by Christina Borchers (Class of 2010). The name was changed to Harmany : A Student Anthology in 2005 This publication is funded solely by Harman PTO

Editor in Chief: Deb Gorman Design Editor: Debbie Smith Cover Design: Emily Aebker (Class of 2014) Design/Production: Oakwood High School Digital Design Class: Emily Aebker * Tayhler Allen * Joe Ambrose * Eric Analogue * Rachel Bolmida * Sophia Cothrell * Natalie Daniels * Alexandra Hall * Mary Hall * Aaron Hemler * Holly Horlacher * Hannah Horiwitz * Corey Edwards * Ashton Ehler * Stormi Heibel * Jeremiah Johnson * Noah Kent * Alex Kooser * Tia Manavis * Ally Mayhew * Katie McCauley * Markus Neff * Maureen Newman * Frank Obermeyer * Victoria Ordeman * Hadley Rodebeck * Sam Rosio * Riki Sagraves * Luke Shafer * Christian Wald * Megan Wenzke * David Wille * Andy Wilson * Gabby Winger * Arien Wolf-Knight * Sara Wolf-Knight Typists: Debbie Gorman * Stephanie O’Hara * Val Rossi * Jen Robinson * Angela Stockhauser * Liz Jacomet * Shelley Janning * Natasha Mitchner

Copyright 2011 Harman Elementary School, Ninth Edition

Dear Harman Parents, Students, Staff and Friends,

Throughout the school year, the students have learned about many different aspects of the writing process and forms of creative writing. Harmany is a small sample of the many writing projects the Harman students have completed throughout the 2010-2011 school year. With the rapid pace of changes in technology, it is important that students continue to learn about the basic conventions and forms of writing. It is important for students to understand the importance of good written communication in all areas of their lives. Not only should writing take place in school, but students also need to realize that writing serves as an outlet, which can be very fulfilling in one’s life. The Harmany provides our students with the opportunity to practice their creative “voice”, while learning about proper grammar, spelling and composition. Harmany is made possible by the countless hours of work from the students, teachers and PTO. This year Deb Gorman, Harmany’s Editor, worked closely with Oakwood High School’s Digital Design Classes, led by Debbie Smith, to complete the project. This collaboration provided the high school students with the opportunity to participate on a project that will remain part of Harman for years to come. Thank you so much to everyone for investing the time and energy in making this publication possible. We hope you enjoy this year’s Harmany!


Allyson Couch Harman Elementary School Principal

Contents First Grade The first graders wrote Cinquain poems describing themseves. First grade teachers are Elizabeth Meyers, Marilyn Pope, Katie Herms, and Jen Teeters.

1-12 Second Grade The second graders chose their own pieces and wrote about everything from their favorite season to rainbows and sledding. Second grade teachers are Molly Coulter, Valerie Fairchild, Emily Hendrix and Cheri Schumaker.

13-29 Third Grade The third graders shared memories or reflections about the things or places that mean the most to them. The third grade teachers are Jennifer Davis, Joyce Dunham, Anne Kenney, and Kim Walther.

30-50 Fourth Grade The forth graderss wrote poems about what their senses love. Fourth grade teachers are John Edwards, Susan Lang, and Tammy Parker.

51-70 Fifth Grade The fifth graders wrote about how they imagine life will be when they are old. Fifth grade teachers are Tina Bennett, Paula Hawkey, Patty Reyman, and Blane Savage.

70-117 Sixth Grade The sixth graders wrote about themselves by describing where they were from. Sixth grade teachers are Jeanne Duell, Tim Fleck, Shawn Fry and Scott Gowdy.



Mrs. Herms 1st Grade Julius

Quinn Maerie Brigner


ceaytiv nias

Crazy smart

kind careing

juping run fering

jumpy coloring playing

jumping running playing

hape cayse mad glad

joyful allsom crazy happy

Happy loveing joyful sad


Peenut & Mogky

Merry Elizabeth Duwel

By: Julius Morgan-Myers

By: Quinn Maerie Brigner

By: Ellie Duwel







tird Manrac

funey nise

ciyd funey

kiking runing movie

runing wocing kicing

reden culren cuden

silly weird slepee rich

siley happy sad mad

Happe joyful cold sad

Dily Boy



By: Dylan Barth

By: Sam Campbell

By: Camie Haverstick







kind smrte

creative athlete

fun tird

playing jumping pateing

sing lie dancing

juming cuting culring

happy glad mad krasy

awesome looking crazy gigg

sad hape mad loveing


snikie bits


By: Azalea Biteau

By: Sarah Casebere

By: Lilly Hemm




Nat Nat



buotfl krasry

nice cind

fun funny

jump Play basing

playing culring cunding

run playing jumping

sad cold mad jifl

excited Love silee crasee

cold sad Joy love

babby girl



By: Natalie Bridgewater

By: Marissa Dressel

By: Stuart Hilton


Mrs. Herms 1st Grade Ellamarie


smrt bwooddafall

hot Pashente

Jump ran skip

Play reebing cuting

Happ crasy sad mad

Silee clasee bord joyful



By: Ella Jones

By: Clancy Robinson





Maniac creative

active cool

read jump rope run

running counting catching

silly awsome weird rich

happy active sleepy great

lily Bean


By: Lily Malloy

By: Jake Schaiebaum





Plsht funey

boy fun

Nis PLiT ciD

run fall down walk

HlAE bad sad mad

awsome rich or cool

Bri Bri

Kev Kev

By: Brianna Nock

By: Kevin Smith


Caleb funny, smart kick, pass, score enjoyable, cool, fun, happy C.S.W By: Caleb Woessner



Mrs. Meyers 1st Grade





Nice silly

short nice

Nice small

Payn bilding riDeDinG

Reading playing helping

Reading helping playing

Sad Mad Loving Hapy

Excited funny happy surprisd

silly surprised happy Excited




By: Riley Lambert

By: Morgan Robbins

By: Jane Woods







mean grumpy

shy Nice

tall Nice

playing reading vidyo Gams

Playing Watching Building

Playing School Firend

Good Happy Sprisd mad

sad mad silly Happy

Happy Silly Funy cool

Big Brothr


Big Brother

By: Quinn MacDonald

By: James Ulery

By: Cade Zonin






Tall Big

blue eyes brother

Football soccer vidoe Games

buiLding swiming basketball

proud special surprised happy

Tired happy silly sleepy



By: Josh Petkie

By: Charlie Williams

Mrs. Meyers 1st Grade Abby



fun loving

Nice Shiy

dirty blonde brown eyes

climb swing dance

Playing Avechr Bilding

playing climing cooking

excited shy happy playful

silly friendly Loveing Happy

Happy silly surprised Excited




By: Abby Cartwright

By: Sarahann Fackrell

By: Sasha Gurevich





CinD Fune

Nice big

BiDn wrt SoGr Happy SaD maD SaD Benny By: Benny Caruso


Jackson Nice Tall Helping Reading cooking Mad silly Funny Happy Jackie By: Jackson Cortez


Jackson Blond Har Blue eyes sPors Getr Bild LEGO Happy onuyd sile fon Jack By: Jack Epley

Writing horse Pley in The snow Pley Sad happy xaret mad Cece By: Cecille Figueroa


Emery tine Blue eye runing culrine luping Hape saa sad mad Little Sid By: Emery Gowdy


Sydney shy Brown hair Soccer Kenect Video Games Happy Silly Mad Fun Sydy By: Sydney Gunn



Mrs. Pope 1st Grade Pierse



Artistic, nice

Awesome, outstanding

Cute, sweet

Playing, camping, building

Drawing, chatting, building

Drawing, reading, playing

I’m building a Lego

I like to build!

I am part Irish.



Claire Bear!


By: Thatcher Flora

By: Claire Moroney

By: Pierse Billiter







Funny, smart

Smart, awesome

Kind, artistic

Playing, swimming, camping

Drawing, biking, camping

Drawing, camping, playing

I like to play Uno.

I feel lonely because

I’m a good swimmer!


I want a brother.

Nate the Great!

By: Michael Fondy


By: Nate Eckerle


By: Erik Munk





Artistic, gymnist


Sweet, cute

Drawing, cooking, swimming

Tomboy, artistic

Singing, dancing, chatting

I love my dog, Gunner!

Painting, butterflies, dancing

I’m part Eygptian!


My friends are cool!


By: Shayla Frederick


By: Sapphira Elsebaci


By: Sara Nicholaisen





Cool, artistic


Tomboy, Coach

Drawing, biking, helping

Gymnast, artistic

Singing, dancing, cooking

I like creating artistic

Cooking, chatting, swimming

I like helping pets.


I love Mrs. Pope!

Jo Jo!


Halle Berry!

By: Josie Eviston

By: Alex Hein

By: Halle O’Hara


Mrs. Pope 1st Grade Alex


Mei Mei

Cub Scout

Coach, artistic

Artistic, smart

Light sabor, fun

Helping, cooking, sewing

Solving, reading, drawing

I am smart and funny.

I was born when my brother

I like to play with friends.


Tom was in Mrs. Pope’s class!

Mei Mei!

By: Alex Perkins

Ellie Bear!

By: Mei Mei Wagner


By: Elaine Snider





Funny, goofy


Awesome, cool

Writing, cooking, experimenting

Funny, gymnast

Canoeing, skating, sledding

My tummy dances when

Experimenting, drawing, painting

I love Mrs. Pope!

I laugh.

I am always happy!


Anna Banana!


By: Sam Weaver

By: Anna Porter

By: Naomi Sutch



Mrs. Teeters 1st Grade Ceily



girl middle sister

tomboy sister

girl sister

reading laughing working

swimming playing running

helping running reading

excited happy caring loving

kind loving cool likable

happy loving kind nice




By: Ceily Addison

By: Isabelle Cubbage

By: Lucy Leventhal







kind tall

sister girl

nice crazy

growing laughing sleeping

pretending talking cooking

playing building legos growing

happy sad exciting nice

happy loving caring excited

glad excited helpful brave



Finn Finn

By: Emilia Arzola

By: Cecilia Dalrymple

By: Finn Lynch







kid boy

crazy boy

boy brother

playing watching football create Legos

makes legos running racer

running chasing helper

cool happy helpful shy

great happy confused glad



By: Mikey Duvic

By: Asher Matusoff

happy sad confused mad Spencie By: Spencer Cortez


Mrs. Teeters 1st Grade Lillian



girl big sister

tall big

nice cute

playing drawing singing

laughing playful fun

reading playing helping

fun Happy cute nice

nice picklish loving happy

happy nice loving kind




By: Lillian Meehan

By: Henry Salisbury

By: Julianna Toussaint







playful daughter

girl younger sister

girl nice

playing soccer cooking learning

pretending talking cooking

talking moving piano player

outgoing friendly happy helpful

happy loving caring excited

happy sad great good




By: Lexie Minard

By: Morgan Teeters

By: Genevieve Uhlman





hungry thirsty

kid girl

playing watching tv running

fast always talks slow eater

glad good friendly awesome

play always wants to look good hungry swimming

John Michael

By: John Michael Ruetschle

Kit-Kat By: Caterina Tian-Svobodny



Mrs. Coulter 2nd Grade Winter


Cold snow

Nice Grandpa

Throwing, jumping, screaming

Skating, throwing, carrying

Jumping in the snow

Skating real, real fast!

Sledding, chasing, racing

Chasing, hiding, running

Green sled

Cold ice



Written by: Kaeley Beam

Written by: Cole Joseph


Winter Longsled Bumping, turning, sceaming Sledding is very joyful. Skating, snowboarding, skiing Shiny ice skates Winter Written by: Anna Janning


Winter Sharp bobsled Skiing, sledding, slipping Hockey is very enjoyable! Braking, mining, playing Ice hockey Winter Written by: Jonah Gabriel





Colder temperatures

Pretty snowflakes

Running, slipping, sliding

Sledding, screaming, riding

Sledding is really fun.

Sledding with my friends

Sledding, catching, skating

Laughing, creating, slipping

Warm fire

Happy penguins



Written by: Grace Spitzmiller

Written by: Maya Anderson


Mrs. Coulter 2nd Grade




White snowman

Sharp, ice skates

Building, pushing, chasing

Screaming, skiing, sledding

Putting on the nose

Skiing down the hill.

Fighting, hiding, snowing

Skating, snowing, freezing

Oakwood hils

Fast sled



Written by: Keaton Seim

Written by: Abby Fehrman





Warm fire

Warm fires

Playing, sledding, skating

Running, building, throwing

I really love skating

Adding the carrot nose.

Laughing, snowing, tubing

Riding, carrying, hiding

Cool snowflakes

Cold snow



Written by Meimei Shillinglaw

Written by: Madeline Weeda





White snow

Red sleds

Hiding, throwing, carrying

Riding, steering, screaming

Throwing lots of snowballs

Sledding with my cousins

Sliding, moving, crashing

Sliding, falling, laughing

Wooden sled

Cold snow



Written by: Dominic Paulocci

Written by Scott Caley

Mrs. Coulter 2nd Grade



Warm fires

White snow

Skiing, sledding, skating

Throwing, creating, flipping

Frosty came to life!

I like red noses

Screaming, falling, sliding

Snowboarding, falling, sledding

Yummy mashmallows

Fast snowboard



Written by: Natalie Connelly

Written by: Kevin Dayspring





Red sleds

White snow

Sledding, turning, screaming

Throwing, building, laughing

Falling down the hill

Having a snowball fight

Throwing, hiding, falling

Hiding, racing, sledding

White snow

Fast sled



Written by: Colin Grimes

Written by: Ryan Makkas





Icey arena

Long days

Skating, tubing, falling

Running, swimming, bicycling

Whoa, this is fun!

Riding my new bicycle

Slipping, diving, sliding

Swinging, jumping, singing

Fat snowman

Sunny skies



Written by: Will Connell

Written by: Graham Hardy



Mrs. Fairchild 2nd Grade New Year’s Resolutions This year I will try to stop kicking my brother, so he will not cry any more. I will try to stop doing that. I will try to read books. I like to scare my brothers, I should just read books so I don’t bother my brothers. I will try to stop eating too many waffles at dinner o I will not be so full. I will stop eating waffles at dinner. I will stop trying get out of bed and telling my mom that I’m not tired. I should read a book to get sleepy. My hope for 2011 is going back to Cambridge to see my cousins and my Grandma and Grampa. My Grandma has an I’pad and I like to play it. My favorite game is Cut the Rope is, you try to cut the rope and try to let the frog ear it. Angry birds is, you try to get pigs. The levels are easy and hard. 2011 will be a good year. Signed: Isaac Weaver

New Year’s Resolution This year I will clean up my room because it is always dirty. I will play outside more often because I need exercise. I wont fight with my sister even if she’s mean sometimes. I will change my clothes at bed time. I always sleep with a stuffie. My hope for 2011 is that there will be peace on earth. Signed: Elle Papadis

New Year’s Resolution This year I will do better at cleaning my room. My room is too messy! I will do better being nice to my brother and sister. So I can play with them. I will not fight with my brother and sister. So I don’t get in trouble. I will not watch so much TV in 2011. I will play more with my dog, Chester. Is to go to bed earlier. So I’m tired at school. Signed: Jared Stayman

Pick Me I am big and easy to carve so pick me. I’m the best pumpkin in the world. I’m orange and so what are you waiting for buy me. I’m big and my stem is short. I’m round and orange. I’m two feet tall and two feel long. Im nice and honest and smart and happy. You can makepumpkin seed I have 50,000,000, pumpkin seeds in me. You will still have seeds left on Ester. We can go sledding together. We can go swimming together. We can go trickor treting together. We can go mining together. We can go sopping together. I’m big so pretty please so buy me. I said the magic word. I’m the best pumpkin in the patch! Signed: Luke Smallwood


Mrs. Fairchild 2nd Grade


My Autumn Eyes


Cold snow

My Autumn eyes see…

Cold ice

Snowing, sledding, stinging

Brown leaves on the sidewalk.

Juming, twirling, slipping

Sledding with my cousins. Falling, smashing, walking Big hills Sledding Written by: Jack Pleiman

My Autumn eyes see… Red apples at my house. My Autumn eyes see… Red flowers in my house.

Skating with my friends Running, falling, gliding Awesome skates Skating Written by: Lauren Jacomet

Written by: Shawn Frederick


Sledding Big hills

******************** ********************


Skiing Cold hands

Crashing, falling, breaking

Big sled

Landing, laughing, flying

Sledding with my dad.

Sliding, popping, turning

Jumping off the ramp

Screaming, smashing, walking

Going down big hills.

Stoping, curving, turning

Big sled

Screaming, laughing, hugging

Warm mittens


Cold snow


Written by: Amea Bretz


Written by: Keegan Jarrett

Written by: Annie Geehan


Snowball Fighting Icy, snowball

******************** ********************

Snowball Fight

Big hills

Throwing, hitting, crying

Cold snowball fights

Sliding, laughing, yelling

Hiding behind your fort

Snow, thoing, with frinds

Snow in your face

Crushing, ducking, running


Riding, gliding, stopping

Cold, weather

Laughing, ducking, building

Cold faces

Snowball fighting

Fluufy snow snoball fight


Written by: Abby Driskell

Snowball Written by: Luke Helter



Written by: Peyton Rodebeck

Mrs. Fairchild 2nd Grade New Year’s Resolution What I will try to do better in 2011 is move up to Red group in swimming. The Red group is when you become a better swimmer! What I will try to do more ofen is clean my room because it is allwas massy and because I bont like making my bed! What I will try to do less often is not eat candy a lot because I really really like candy but it is not good for you! What I will try to change is to be more helpful and to do my chores more often like doing laundry more because I am not good at folding things!My hope for 2011 is that I will go back to colorabo because I use to love there and I whant to see my frends. Signed: Paige Reymann

Pick Me Please pick me! I’m the best pumpkin in the world? Please take me home with you in your threatening, spooky Halloween house! I’m orange , medium sized and smooth. I’m thick. I have a long stem. I’m adorable I have diagonal stripes. My stripes are also really straight. I’m am enthusiastic I can make you laugh. I can make you jolly. You can carve me into a jack-o-lantern and I’m fantastic at telling jokes because it’s my spieacalty! I’m scrumptious and delicious and nutritious. You could make me into pumpkin pie or you could make halthy pumpkin muffins. Yummy! You could tame my seed’s out and grow two more pumpkins. Then you could carve your house number or apartment door number and put it on your window. Please pick me before sipea colered squirrels eat me! You could do other things like painting me or growing more pumpkins. Please, please, please pick me! Signed: Chloe Oh

New Year’s Resolution In 2011 I am going to practive soccer more, so I can get better. I will try to clean up my room more often, because its always a mess. I will try not to scream when I get really mad, so I can be colm. I will try to change the time of my bedtime, so I can wake up early for school. My hope for 2011 is to get a cat. Because cats are really funn. Signed: Logan Morrissey

New Year’s Resolution In 2011 I will not say mean words to my brothers. I will say nice words to them. I will cleanup my room when it gets messy. My brother messes up my room when I go to sleep. I will try to not eat candy because it makes you fat. I will walk the do g more often now because I don’t like walk. I hope I will get another bulldog. I will name it Bobo. Signed: Isabel Kolodesh

New Year’s Resolution This year I want to make my bedroom look better. I will pick up my things. I will try to walk our dog Tucker so that we will get excersize. I want to try to not make my bedroom look messy. I will change that I do my work faster. My hope for 2011 is that when tucker our dog is lost, he does not get hurt. Signed: Will Arzola



Mrs. Hendrix 2nd Grade Sledding

Ice Skating


By Blake Bartley

By Ella Conard

By Preston Hoey

Big hills

long rink

Large hills

Sliding, gliding, jumping

Gliding, yelling, twirling

Gliding, sliding, flying

Jumping on the sled

Twirling in a circle

Sliding down a hill

Running, Laughing, Falling

Skating, laughing, Spinning

Running, laughing, jumping

Freezing fingers

Red faces

Freezing fingers


Ice Skating





Ice Skating



By Sam Casebere

By Paxon Dewett

By Lily Kent

Icy pond

Blocking trees

Tall Hills

Rushing, gliding, falling

Moving, gliding, jumping

Spinning, Jumping, Gliding

Gliding on the ice

Skiing like a pro

Going down a hill

Sliding, giggling, laughing

Falling, laughing, yelling

Twisting, cheering, running

Icy skates

Cold noses

Pink cheeks

Ice skating









By Adrienne Combs

By Leighton Heiner

By Peyton Martindale

Large hills

White hills

Huge hills

Jumping, running, gliding

Sliding, rolling, Screaming

Smiling, Screaming, hanging on

Going down a hill

Falling off the sled

Snow in your face

Laughing, yelling, holding on

Running, jumping, falling

Spinning, bumping, laughing

Chilly faces

Rosy cheeks

Red cheeks





Mrs. Hendrix 2nd Grade Sledding



By Jack Moroney

By Ian Sherk

By Dane Wertz

Snowy mountains

Steep hills

Big hills

Bumping, jumping, spinning

Jumping, Screaming, hi-fiving

Jumping, gliding, speeding

Gliding very, very fast

Screaming on a sled

Sledding down a hill

Sliding, screaming, giggling

Yelling, hollering, laughing

Riding, steering, screaming

Chilly feet

freezing toes

Fast sleds










By Elizabeth Rubino

By Jacob Sutherland

By Benjamin Williams

Tall hills

Round balls

Giant hills

Gliding, sliding, cheering

Decking, throwing, hiding

Jumping, twirling, spinning

Putting on the skis

having a snowball fight.

Twirling in a circle

Jumping, giggling, laughing

Running, Jumping, laghing

Laughing, holding, falling

Huge boots

Large snowflakes

Freezing toes








By Bella See

By Sarah Thielen

Steep hills

White snow

Flying, running, gliding

Gliding, sliding, laughing

Steep as a mountain

Playing on a sled

Laughing, holding, Screaming

Jumping, running, playing

Pink cheeks

Pink cheeks





Mrs. Schumaker 2nd Grade Skiing


By Bryn Cortez

By Owen Dewing

Snowy mountains,

enormous hills

bolting, springing, rounding my back,

Steep entertainment snowy

Enthusiastic to begin the sport

Speeding down hills

towering hills

slippery snow



I dedicate this poem to my brothers Jack and Spencer and my parents.

I dedicate this poem to‌ Mom and Dad and sissy from you know who


Rainbow Poem By Andy Danis

If I were the color red I would be steaming hot lava bursting out of a gigantic volcano. If I were the color orange I would be a basketball tumbling around the court. If I were the color yellow I would be the ginormuas huge flaming hot sun. If I were the color green I would gorgeous money inside an abundant bank If I were the color blue I would be a perfunctory speedy race car. If I were the color indigo I would be Neptune circling the substantial sun. If I were the color violet I would be a WR. for the incredible TCU Horned Frogs. My favorite color is blue I dedicate this poem to Mom and Dad


My Five Fall Senses By Matt Gitzinger

I hear birds in the morning. I see trees standing still I smell fire burning in the country. I taste chicken and it tastes Very Good I touch a dog it is soft I dedicate this poem to my grandpa and grandma

Mrs. Schumaker 2nd Grade Rainbow Poem By Jackson Bauer

If I were the color red I would be a sweltering bonfires scorching near a lenghy hiking trail. If I were the color orange I would be a coarse carrot in a hungry person’s refrigerator. If I were the color yellow I would be violent lightning accelerating from obscure clouds. If I were the color green I would be an enormous tree swaying in the strong wind. If I were the color blue I would be the enduring sky in the Earth’s vast atmosphere. If I were the color indigo I would e Neptune, the most distant planet of the massive solar system. If I were the color violet I would be a bunch of grapes towering on an immense tree. My favorite color is green I dedicate this poem to my mom and dad

Rainbow Poem By Meredith Chambers

If I were the color red I would be exquisite butterfly fling through a forest If I were the color orange I would be a blazing fire in the dark and creepy woods. If I were the color yellow I would be a sweet lemon hanging from a tree in a lemon farm. If I were the color green I would be a stack of money sitting in a man’s pocket. If I were the color blue I would be a wet raindrop falling from the beautiful blue sky. I if I were the color indigo I would be a stunning flower in a flower garden in someones back yard. If I were the color violet I would be a tasty grape in a large grape farm. My favorite color is indigo I dedicate this poem to my mom and dad


Mrs. Schumaker 2nd Grade Rainbow Poem


By Sara Joly

By Katie Griffith

If I were the color red I would be a beautiful rose dangling on a bush.

Enormous hills

If I were the color orange I would be a pumpkin all alone in a pumpkin patch.

Exciting participating bumpy

If I were the color yellow I would be a sun shining in the morning sun light

Sledding down icy bumps Speeding hills

If I were the color green I would be a huge juicy water melon.


If I were the color blue I would be a very wavey ocean in the moning sun light.

I dedecate this Poem to Hannah, Bryn, and Maggie

If I were the color indigo I would be a dark night sky. If I were the color violet I would be sparkling fireworks shooting from the sky. My favorite color is violet I dedicate this poem to Bryn


I dedicate this Poem to Sam.

My Five Fall Senses By Maggie Mace

I hear tall trees blowing front to back *********************************************************

Rainbow Poem By Andrew Lunne

If I were the color red I would be a firetruck Zooming, speedy down the road. If I were the color orange I would be a suspending orange getting eaten. If I were the color yellow I would be a banana drapeing from a tree.

I see a white squirrel scattering for acorns I smell a burning hot bonfire blasting in front of me I taste a big soft pumpkin pie waiting for me to eat it I touch a big pile of crunchy leaves on my laun I dedicate this poem to Max, Mackenzie and Mickey

If I were the color green I would be a stoplight dangleing from a wire. If I were the color blue I would be the awesome Earth where people live. If I were the color indigo I would be a berry hovering on a vine. If I were the color violet I would be a Purple Pie eater. My favorite color is yellow.



Mrs. Schumaker 2nd Grade My Five Fall Senses


By Ryann Mescher

By Isaiah Rudy

I hear yellow and orange leaves cruching on the ground

High skilift

I see a fire blazing in the woods.

Going rapid Exciting Screaming

I smell a pumkin pie in the oven.

Going down a mountain like an avalanch

I taste a cup of hot chocolate.

Steep mountains

I touch rolling acorns at a play ground.


I dedicate tis poem to line!!!

I dedicate this pome to my brother Nike.





By Hannah Moulton

By Mason Talarczyk


fast hills

Bumpy hills

cold surfing turns

Swiftly turning Yelling

Going down steep hills

Sledding in the wind

Amazing hills

warm clothing



I dedicate this to Sam, Andy and Mrs. S

I dedicate this poem to: brothers Josh, Sam and Ben

******************** ********************


Ice Skating

By Patrick O’Hara

By Sam Stack

Steep slopes

icey bumps

Sharp turns towering jumps rough shortcuts

drifting figureteight turning

Skiing down icey runs

Skating like the wind

Hasty chairlifts

Slippery racing


Ice Skating

I dedicate this Poem to my brother Michael and my Parents.

I dedicate this poem to Owen and Andrew


Mrs. Schumaker 2nd Grade Rainbow Poem By Emma Schenck

If I were the color red I would be a scrumptious apple laying on a bush. If I were the color orange I would be a magnificent tulip sprouting from the ground. If I were the color yellow I would be a dazzling start shining in the sky. If I were the color green I would be a delicious pear in a super market. If I were the color blue I would be a fluttering blue bird zooming in the sky. If I were the color indigo I would be a swimming fish swimming in the see. If I were the color violet I would be a sparkley book siting on a shelf. My favorite color is red I dedicate this poem to Mom and dad

Rainbow Poem By Lander Wheat

If I were the color red I would be a hard shelled crab burying myself under the sand. If I were the color orange I would be lava hardening or melting everything in my path. If I were the color yellow I would be Sponge Bob in the bubbleing salt water. If I were the color green I would be an iguana walking up and down tree with my slithering tai right behind me. If I were the color blue I would be a rain drop falling from the high sky and landing in a dark sea. If I were the color indigo I would be Neptune floating in mid air in the bark night sky. If I were the color violet I would be a firework exploding in the night sky. My favorite color is blue I dedicate this Poem to Peyton



Mrs. Davis 3rd Grade On August 5th

Poke’mon cards

Have you ever heard of Tae-kwon-do? It is a martial arts/self defense training school and I do it! I have done it for about 5 years now. Right now I am the second highest belt rank, the senior black belt. The color is black with one white stripe in the middle. It was summer time. I was at the summer camp there was when I found out I was testing for my senior black belt! Then I had to get on my uniform and practice my breaking kick. My breaking kick was the Jump Back Kick. When it was time for me to test, I walked to classroom 1, and sat down in the back of the room. Then the head instructor, Mr. Matt called me and one other person up to test. After I had done a jump back kick and broke the board on my first try, I felt so, so proud. Then I had to wait about 5 minutes while people said congrats to me. When I got home, I told my brother and sister that I had tested, but they didn’t believe me. So then I showed them my new belt, and their jaws dropped! That was what happened on August 5th!

My poke′mon cards are special because they bring back memory of my friends. I got my Poke′mon card in the summer. I buy my Poke′mon all by myself. The card are red, white, black and blue on the back. on the frunt has design. My poke′mon cards are in a case on my dresser in by bedroom. My poke′mon are precious to me. My poke′mon cards are shaped like a retlangle. It has writing on it. I work for my Poke′mon cards. I buy them from Targit.

Dedicated to my brother Nathan so he can learn how I got ahead of him so fast. By Michelle Gibbs

My ipod is very special to me. I bought my ipod with my own money. I got it last year. My brother has one too. It is silver. I have a case for it, it is red and black. It has a lot of games on it.


Dedicated to my brother

A Special Doll

JT Mulligan

Josefina is so special to me. When I was 2 I got her. Grandpa and Leann gave her to me. She is brown and looks like a real person. She’s so soft and she comforts me. Josefina is from Mexico. I have a mini one of her. It came in an American girl box she is one foot tall. She has lots of clothes that my grandma made that she shares.


Dedicate to my Grandpa Stam By Elliott Gowdy


Making a holiday card First you need to get a piece of paper. Next, you need to get some crayons. Than you need to draw something on it. Finaly you need to give it to somewone or you keep it. I hope you enjoyed it. Dedicated to My Parents Julianna Hoffman


Dedicated to my dad. By Jackie Moore


My Ipod

The First Thing to Hanukkah Have you ever made a menorah. Well if you want to make a menorah follow these steps. The first, thing you do to start is get some white clay. The next, step is to make 8 balls about 1 in. big and 1 ball a little biger than the 8 balls. Then, find 9 candles, tinfoil, and 2 popsickle sticks. Take a sheet of tinfoil about 1 foot long. When your done with that, take the 2 popsickle stikes and glue them on the tinfoil tip to tip. After that glue all of the 8 balls on with the big one in the middle. Take the candles and put them in the clay and leave them sit for 1 min. and you have a menorah. Also I want to dedicat this to my family. From San Nicholaisen

Mrs. Davis 3rd Grade My American girl doll

How to Ballet

My doll is very special to me. My doll is an american girl doll. She does not have her her ears pearsed. She has brown skin and black hair. She is a baby girl. Her name is amy. Amy sleeps with me every night. Amy used to be my mom’s when she was little. My mom gave her to me when I was a baby. She has one black eye and one silver. I don’t know how the silver got like that. She was my first american girl doll. She is my favorite doll I have.

You wear white shoes. You wear tights. You wear a skirt. Next, go to class. Tap and jazz with feet. Say hi to Paula and Mandy. Listen to Miss Marilyn

Dedicated to my Mom

My first stuffed animal.

Chiara Cable

My first stuffed animal is super special to me. I think it’s special to me because it was my first teddybear. I got it on my first birthday it was really special because it was my very first. It comforts me and reminds me when I was little. I got it a Bild A Bear WorkShop. I has a zig zag shirt, little blue shorts, and red shoes. It stays on my bed in my room. It is small and is yellow. I got it from my mom and dad. My first stuffed animal is my favorite one.


My Jersey My Reds Jersey is special to me because I got it for free. I think its cool because I was exicited for the first game I was going too. I watch the Reds on TV more than I go to the Games, so I was lucky I got it. The reason I got it for free was because I was one of the first 10,000 to get in the stadium. It is Red and White. When I went to the Reds game with my aunt, uncle and my two Little brothers, Sam and Jack came too. After we got our Jerseys and go them on I was laughing because it was to long for my little brother Jack. My Reds Jersey is a special shirt to me.

Dedicated to my family. By: Audra Cerny


Dedicated to my mom and dad. Carleigh Crowl



I was proud when I was in the Oakwood Register! I was on the front page! I was in the water. I was also proud when I got top time dropper for swim team. That’s why I was on the front page of the Oakwood Register. I went from 53 sec. to 33 sec.! I did freestyle. I did swim team last summer. Were you ever proud?

Light the Menorah on Hanukkah

Dedicated to my Relatieves

Dedicated to my aunt and uncle Teddy Campbell

I enJoy lighting the menorah. I will teach you how to light the menorah. First, you need to get a menorah and candles. Second, put one candle in the hole in the middle of the menorah. The candle might not go in the hole so you can melt the bottom of the candle. Next, you get a lighter and light the big candle. Each night for eights nights add another candle. Last, use the big candle to light the others. After that put the menorah in the window. I hope you don’t mess up. Dedicated to my tempel, grandparents, parents, brothers, and my cousin Max and his family Sammy Caruso

Maria Delahunt


My Golf Clubs My Golf clubs are very special to me. My Bag has eight Clubs in it plus golf balls. I got a bag and my brother got one to. It’s a thing to do when there is nothing to do. Rright now there in my garage. My mom got them for my birthday. My golf clubs look Just like my brothers. Do you have something special? Dedicated to my Mom By: Joseph French


Mrs. Davis 3rd Grade Where do you like to go for your vacation? Well, I like to go to Englewood Beach in Florida. I go there with my family. We usally stay at my Aunt’s condo. My dad and I went out on the beach one day and found about 20 sandollars! We only took 6 home. I also alout of shells on the beach! My sister Claudia and I went riding on the waves on this minicher board. My board had sharks on it. Also on my vacation I bilt a sandcastle but my little sister Charlotte knocked it over. When we left the beach my sister Claudia and I got to go to the gift shop. I got a snowglobe and a bracelet too. I went on 2 planes to get home. My sister and I got to pick out some gifts at both airports we were at. My vacation was the best vacation ever! Dedicated to my family Sophie Schnell


Hurricane Have you ever been to the beach and picked up a crab? I have but on the same day did you have to leave the beach because of a hurricane. I was scared because there was a hurricane. I was very angrey that we had to leave the beach. When we left the beach I was happy because we go to stay at a hotel that had a big pool! I was so glad to stay at the hotel. When it was time to go back I was nervous because I was little and I thought the hurricane was still there. But it was not. We finally got back to the beach house and it was morning. I got to go in the water and my mom and I went out to get seashells and I picked up a crab and I did not get pinched. The rest of the time I had was a lot of fun! But I will never forget how scared I was. Dedicated to my parents Regan Wild


Mrs. Davis 3rd Grade Making Hot Chocolate

A fun Craft

Do you want to know how to mak hot chocolat? Well, if you do, read this! First you put milk or water (milk is the best) then you put it in a pot. Then you boil the milk on the stove or in the microwave. After that, you pour it in the cup. Then, you get coca poder and put it in the cup. Next put marshmellow’s in the cup. Now you stir the hot chocolate. Finaly you can dring Enjoy!

Do you want to learn how to make an Italian Ornament? If you do…read this!!! You will need tissue paper , scissors, glue, string, clear foil and yellow paper. First, cut the yellow paper into medium sized circles. Next, cut a hole into each circle. Make the hole 1 ½ -2 cm. away from the edge of the paper. Then make another circle like steps 2-3. Then, get the clear foil and cut them into 2 circles. But, DO NOT CUT A HOLE! Now, glue the clear paper on one of the circles with a hole. Next, glue tissue paper on the other clear foil circle. After that, glue the tissue paper side of the clear paper on the inside of the other clear paper. Later, glue the second circle with a hole in it on the non-tissue paper side of the clear foil circle. Finally punch a hole on the top of your ornament and put a string in the hole. After you let it dry tie it to you X-mas tree! I hop it looks good!

Dedicated to Alex my brother Jacob Polete


My viola One thing that is specil to me is my viola. I got my viola wright befor school started. I play it in my room and keep it by my bed. My mom got it for me in a store. I have lessons, while my mom babysits her kids. My teacher is Mrs. Chery, she has 2 kids Seff and Ilean. I have a lot of fun playing it. I keep it in a viola case, with gray out lining on the in-side. It is a medium size viola. I bow most of my songs, but sometimes I have to plouk. I love my viola. Dedicated to my mom By Regina Powers


My iPod My ipod is really special. I got it for my birthday last year because I only asked for money. My sister also has one but mine is an iPod touch, hers is a nano. Mine is silver with a black case. I keep mine inside my dresser. It has 150 songs on it. It has lots of finger prints on it because I play it every day. It also has a lot of games on it. My iPod intertanes me a lot aspeshely on long car trips or short ones. My iPod is 4 ½ inches long. These things tell you about my ipod touch.

Dedicated to my family Darren Rubin


My Glass Dog One thing that is really special to me is my little glass dog. It does not have a name. My Mom got me it when she went on a trip with some of her friends. I keep it in a small box in a small chest on my desk in my room. It is a dog shape. It is clear and blue with a pink tonge. I got it when I was seven. It is small and very valuble to me. Dedicated to my Mom Blake Sanford

Dedicated to my family Alex Trittschuh



Mrs. Dunham 3rd Grade Ouch! Doctor I hurt my arm!

Win That Tip!

One day, I was swinging on a bar at the school playground. When I saw the people walking under me, I thought that I might land on someone. Then, I felt like I was falling off of a plane. When I landed I was in the pushup position. I felt a cramp feeling in my right arm. Tears came rushing down my cheek. My fiend Emily heard my loud scream. She ran straight to me. Emily helped me up and took me to the nurse. After school, my Mom took me to the doctor. The doctor took an X-ray. When he saw it, he saw my bone leaning on my other bone. A nurse gave me a splint. I stayed in it for three days. My mom picked me up at lunch. She took me to the doctor to get my cast. I wore the cast for six weeks. Finally, my cast was removed with a noisy saw. My arm was skinny for 2 weeks. Then, my arm was better. I cartwheeled and danced. The time when I broke my arm was terrible.

I was so proud when I won the tip at my first select game. The first thing that happened was I saw the tallest kid on the other team and He was tall. My team got in huddle and I saw the other kid in his team’s huddle then I knew I was tiping agianst him because we were both in the starting lineup. All the starter got in position for the tip off. I had butterflies in my stomach and thoughts were racing through my head. The ref trough the ball up and I jumped up super high and tiped it to my teammate and he drove in the lane and scored a easy basket. At the end of the game we won 21-2.

The End!

Dedicated to my Coaches and team. Jack Cannon


What I Did At Miriam’s House I dedicate this to Jackie. By Josofine Addison


Big Epcot I was so excited! When my dad told me that was going to Epcot! My dad, Mom and sister were with me the whole time. Then we were there Epcot was standing right before us. So the first ride I went on a time travel ride that was a hudge ball and you got to go inside it. I couldn’t wait, so you got on a car and thair was a screen in it. Then you started to move and it looked like you were going into the futer. OK next ride. I went on a ride called soarin’ it was awsome I never saw a beter ride, so there was a hudge screen. You got onto these seats and you went up. Then the screen turned on and it totaly looked like you were flying then you would land after a while. OK last thing I did was I went to Canada, Germany and France, I know I can’t go to, all those countrys all in one day but thair were these places that are supose to look like the countrys so we looked around. It was fun but it was geting late but we couldn’t find ower car so my dad pushed the panic button and we found it. Then we went home! I dedicate this to my dad Gerald. By Jacob Biesecker-Mast

When I first got to miriam’s house they had served dinner already. Then, it was time for bed. But miriam and I stayed up late playing games and putting make-up on. After that, we fell asleep. In the morning we had pancakes and toast. We felt happy, and we were sad when it was over. I really had fun at miriam’s house. I can’t wait to go there again. I dedicate this to Miriam Emma Cartwright


The Attack of the Tissue Box A very funny day was when my dog Riley got a tissue box stuck on his head. First he stuck his head in my trash can and then he took his head out of it. When he took his head out of it instead of seeing his face I saw a big tissue box! My sisters Ashton and Ashley were laughing really hard. So was I. I even took a hilarious picture. Riley kept trying to wiggle it off but he couldn’t. He looked like he had a very small white body and a giant square box with colorful designs. Later Ashton got the tissue box off of Riley. He ran around looking very confused. That was a very hilarios day for me. Deticated to: Riley and My Family By: Jonathan Duff


Mrs. Dunham 3rd Grade Little Buddy

Christmas is Comming to town!

Little Buddy is my doll. I got him before I was born! He is very special. Little Buddy is white with black eyes. He has a bear head and two little arms and a blanket for a body. He has a heart that’s pink that says my name in pink. Little Buddy got his name when I was 2. I said, “Little Buddy Mama Dada!” I can’t go to sleep with out It in my room somewere. I love Little Buddy!

I will never forget when Christmas was comming. When Christmas was coming I couldn’t get songs out of my head. With Christmas one day closer I thought my brother David was comming that day. It felt like Christmas took a longer time then I thought. My brother came and I knew it was Christmas. After Christmas I thought how next Christmas would be like. I had a great Christmas that day.

I dedicated this to my hero Dr. Michal Domire

I dedicate this to my brother David

Delaney Malloy

Zachary Holdren



The time I moved about 2,000 Miles

When I saw a cute stuff animal

The Time i moved here i was only 2 years old. I felt sad to Leave because i would miss my friends but my mom said it would be ok. We moved here because my parants thouht The schools were beter here. I got sad because we had to give away our fish spike. I also got wored because our dog, riley had to go to the botom of the plane. our dog’s name was riley. when we got there and went to our house. A girl named Daisy Flotron was siting in our tree. She was the first to meet. Then we met her family. And that’s how my brother got to be best friends with her brother Leo. I felt good to see my dog Riley make friends with their dogs. I felt proud that I moved all the way from California to Dayton, Ohio and that is the time I moved about 2,000 miles.

One night, at my house, on a chair, I saw a stuffed animal ferret. I said, “Who is this for? My step dad said, It’s for the baby. Can I have one too? Well it’s all the way in Columbus. My Mom said I still want one. I said Well we’ll have to go to Columbus to get one, My Mom said. I want one sometime in 17 minutes, or 5 minutes. I said. Well, you not getting one. Said my mom. Oh please momy! I said. No! Said my mom. OK. I said.

I deticatite this to my dad who is in Afghanastan. By Leah Patel

the end of this true story I Dedicate This To My Dad. By: Evelyn Jones


My Baseball Trofy I like my baseball trofy because it was hard to earn it in the tournament and we got 2nd place. The first place team was called Carlile who beat us the first game and the last game. We had almost played every singel game in one day. Our team was called Patterson Park. I had so much fun that day. But it was so hot out on the baseball field. We were the only team that Carlile. But saddly we got 2nd place. But it’s still good. When we were there we had a doughout called the lucky dougout. Anyway my 2nd place trofy is the color gold. But its not real gold. It is just meatel that is painted gold. It also has stars at the botem That’s why it is so important to me. I dedicate this to my dad. Joe Lauterach


Mrs. Dunham 3rd Grade My favorite birthday surprise!

Yu-gi-oh Cards

I was very excited when my mom told me that I was going to a Taylor Swift concert! Me, my mom, my best friend Grace, Mrs. Almoney all went out to eat. When we got there we opened our birthday presents and they were Taylor Swift concert tickets! Our friend, Sophie could not make it so we took it to her. It was not here birthday but we wanted her to come. In March we all got into the car and went to the restaurant we were going to before the concert. We walked from restaurant to the concert. Taylor Swift sang some of our favorite songs! We left the concert at about 10:00 pm. The concert was in Cincinati so it took about a hour to get home. Me and my friends will never forget the time we went to a Taylor Swift concert!

Yu-gi-oh cards are rilly cool there are seven tips of Yugi-oh cards like spells, traps, Monsters, firgher, water, pogo, and Egipshin cards. The Egipshin god cards are the most powerfull Yu-gi-oh cards in the world. Slifer the sky dragon, Obelist the tormentor, and The wiged dragon of ra are the egipshin god cards. My faverit egipshin god card is slifer the sky dragon. Slifer the sky dragon is a leveaten. Slifer the sky dragon is also a limited edition and Divine that means all seven tips of cards. Slifer the sky dragons at kisx000 and slifer the sky dragon def is x000. Obelist the tormentor is also a leveaten too. Obelists Atki4000 and his Def is 4000 too. The Winged Dragon of Ra is a Levaten. Atk is ??? Def is ??? those are the therr Egiphion god cards.

dedicated to my friends and family

I dedicate this to Sean

Abby Duwel

Patrick Flanagan



My special object is my tv.

My Dads Saber

My grandpa gave it to my family 2 weeks before he moved to china. It is a flat screen TV it had cable and great channels some of the channels are ABC family, cartoon network, teen nick, and nick. My favorite channel is cartoon network, my 2nd favorite is nick.

My dads saber is important to me because it is a symbol of our family being in the U.S. Air Fors. My dads saber is about 3 feet long and mad out of platnom. It’s not blaed so it can’t hurt anyone. My dad use it at wedings. When the brid walks throw the doors the camanders rais their sowrds like a townle shape. My dad got his saber a cople monthes after he started. He works for a Genroll and his rank a Crnol.

I dedicate this to my family Owen Eckerle


I dedicate this to my Dad

A Horrifying Night

Sean Gideon

I was only eight when I saw a saw a horrifying movie and I thought that man oh man it was scary! It is called Terminator. It’s about robots whit human flesh that come from the future and take over the world and it scared so much that I had nightmares but thanks to mom she made my nightmares go away


Puppy Piper

I dedicate this to mom and dad.

I’ll never forget when I met Piper the puppy. She is a rare breed called a coton. She lives 2 houses down from mine. Her nickname is “hiper Piper”. She is as soft as a cotton ball. I get to walk her on the weekends. Walking Piper is my favorite weekend activity.

Ben Fackrell

Dedicated to Piper By: Carson Hidy


Mrs. Dunham 3rd Grade Wow Space Mountain is Fun

My Bed

I went to Disney World with my mom and dad. I was six years old. My mom and dad were driving to Disney World. I was so exsited. I was asking a lot when are we going to be there. Yeah we are here at Disney World. My dad said lets get some lunch. I did not want to because I really wanted to go on some rides. Roller costers are so much fun. My mom and my dad were so hungry. So we got some lunch. After lunch I got to pick what ride we were going on I picked Space Mountain. OK lets go because we may get there and there may be a long line. About 5 Minutes later we got on the ride. You have to go in a rocket by your self. I really did not want to ride it because I was not by my parents. But I got through the ride. When the ride was over my Stumick really heart so we had to leave. That was really fun. I had the best time.

Something that my family will never give away is my bed. It has a smooth soft texture. My bed might have been made from chestnut or American chestnut. They are both rare. It was made by John McIntosh. He is my great-great grandpa. He lived in Providence Rhode Island. He was alive from 1840 to 1930. My bed is not a full size bed. John McIntosh was a carriage maker. My bed was made five generations ago. It is special because it was made from five generations ago.

I dedicate this to my family.

First of all I’m going to KoKo Keys with my friend JC. It was sapost to be a suprize for JC to come to KoKo Keys. Heres what I said. Why do I have to get moer psp games? Because JC might want to play other psp games. Then we all just started cracking up. Then we went to the car to pick him up. Then we got there to pick him up his dad Rob Stevans said hex, how you doin are you lookin for JC oo hes at a playdate he said. We acsatently said that JC was coming my dad said. Once we got to KoKo Keys we went to the waterpark. I rid a waterslide called thunder power. It went out of KoKo Keys. Then we had to go to bed. I acatenly rolled on my fiend JC. I was very happy whe I went to KoKo Keys. I hope you like my story

By Sidney Purks


Clive Stevenson At my cousin Matt’s wedding, in New York City, NY, my dad was being so funny I could barely breathe! He was being Clive Stevenson, who is a made-up man who speaks in a British accent. He first was eating. I forget how it happened, but he started doing it. My cousin Sarah, my sister Naomi, and I laughed so hard food almost flew right out of my mouth! “Clive” asked me what my name was, but I could not answer because I was laughing too much. Sarah tried to imitate “Clive”, but she couldn’t get it exact. The wedding was very happy. Dedicated to dad By Miriam Sutch


I dedicate this to my mom and dad. Amy Sarle


The Surprize

I Dedicate this to my dog and family. Gavin Schmitz


Mrs. Kenney 3rd Grade My Soccer Trophies

Spider –Bear

In September, 2010 I had a soccer tournament in Cincinnati. I had to go to my sister’s game first, but my game was right after hers. My team won that game and the next, but we lost the other one luckley we still made it to the finals! I was sooo happy after that game because we won!!!!! So we had to go get our trophies!! My teams trophies looked sooo cool. They had small golden soccer balls on the, and a plaque on it said. Cincinnati soccer tournament inside a soccerball. I was so happy, that night, i could not go to sleep because I was so happy. This is one ofe my happiest memories!

Here’s how I got Spider-Bear. So one day, my mom and I were walking in a shop (actually I was in a stroller) and I saw a teddy bear I wanted. I asked for it, but my mom wasn’t sure. She put it on hold so nobody else wanted it so she bought it. It is important to me because I got it when I was little. It is goldish with a spider man costume and black eyes. The Spider man costume is red, blue, and black. I will pass it o to my children.

Dedicated to: My Parents Caroline Allen Nov 29, 2010


Gideon Brenner Oct 14, 2010


My 9th Birthday


My 9th Birthday was at my mom’s house with my family. My brothers names are Penn, Ole, and Henrik. My dinner was Meatloaf, Mashed potatoes, and peas. After dinner I opened presents I got a lego Lamborghini, a watch, and a lego City Police Set. Then after presents we had cake it was delicouse. Then after the cake I watched a little TV. Then when it was time we got are pj’s on. Then we went downstairs and watched the movie TOY STORY 3 it was funny and it really had good graphics. Sometimes there was cool parts, but my favorite part was in the starting. Thats the the movie gets really good. My favorite toy is Woody and Bullzye thier the best toy. After the movie it was time to go to bed so we turned off the TV and went upstairs and into are bedrooms. So...this was the best birthday ever. Goodnight sweet dreams.

The Vortex

RC Cosler

Sea Shell Almost every year my family gos to Florida for Christmas. We split up to buy each other presents. And i got my favorite sea shell when I opened it I was excited. It is so cool because when you put your eare up to it you can hear the ocean. It is so cool because it has spikes, pink inside, brown, and white. It is special because it reminds me of when I got it. Dedicated to Uncle Willy Madelynn Allen Oct. 15

This summer I went to Kings Island with my dad and my friends Megan, Maddy and their dad Dave. That morning my dad suprized me by telling me that we are going to go there. I was so exited I didn’t even know that they were going to be there until we saw them. We rode a couple of rides. Then Megan dared me to ride the vortex. But I was pretty nervus because it was my first time. But at the same time a little bit exited. When we were on it I sat by my dad. My favorite part was the loops. Now the Vortex is my favorite ride! My feeling threw out waiting in line to after we rode it. I was exited, scared and nevus and happy. Dedicated to my dad


Dedicated to: Mom

By, Sophia Bedink Dec 1 2010

Nov. 29


Pooh Bear My special object I got a Bear when I was born my brother Tim gave it to me, and loved it forever. His head is a circle and his body is a oval his feet are a oval and his arms are hot dog shap. He is a QB for the Bengals, is eyes are black and he is yellow. He is special because my brother Tim gave him to me. Dedicated to my brother Tim Alex Davis Oct , 15, 2010

Mrs. Kenney 3rd Grade My Speacil Object

My Ethan sign

One day when my granpa was a little kid, he was in a wood work class in school. He built a wooden thing that holds belts on the end of a table. He made his first one in Novermer. My granpa came to our house to visit one day and he gave me one of his things that balances on the end of a table! It’s shape is like a circle and a triangle. It’s tan and it’s about 2 inches with a curved end. It is very important because my granpa made it when he was little and it will always remind me of him.

Weeks before Mother’s Day our class made presents for our moms. When I finished by buddy and I made a Ethan sign our of wood. First we started by cutting out the Ethan part. Then we made a block of wood with the top smaller than the bottom. We accidently did a certan part wrong so it turned out there was a brown spot on the right side. Then we got a hotglue gun and stuck them together. So the Ethan part was light brown and the block is whitish yellow. This is special because I barely make stuff out of wood.

Dedicated to my Granpa By Connor Fackrell Oct. 15

Dedicated to my mom and dad Ethan Halverson



My special object

When I met Cameron

I got my 1st lightsader on cristmas 12/25/02. It’s 31 in. Long and 12 closed. The handle thing is gray and black. On the outside the color is green. There was a piece that I broke. I was 6 month old when I got it. It’s special because ever since I got it I fought off the Droid Army with commander Wolf in my imagination. It looks like there are blast marks on it! Tanner Flora

On the day before my first day of preschool I was very nervous, I thought that I would make no friends and have to play by myself. When I got toe preschool the next day I was really nervous I said hit to my teacher then went to se if I could make any friends. I saw Cameron and asked what her name was she said “Hi my name is Cameron” and i asked her if I could play with her and she said yes! We started to play with each other every day and became best friends! We are really good friends!


Dedicated to Cameron

Oakwood football jersey

Cassidy Mackie Dec 2

Dedicated to Jake Carlson

On my 6th birthday my sister Katie and her boy friend Ryan got me a Oakwood football jersey! When I opened it, I was so so happy. It was blue and glod and it said his last name on the back Dempsey. When I was at a Football we won Ryan made all the seniors sign my jersey. Its important because Katie and Ryan are in college and some times I miss em. I’ll look at it. And he might play for Ohio State. The end. Dedicated to Ryan Dempsey Kylie Foos


The Trip In Aug. 2009 my family and I had a trip to Nantucket. One evening we went shopping. We went to a place called the Sunken Ship. I got a bracelet and a Jourunl. Then the next day, we saw a crowd surrounding an ice cream store, so we went there they had really awesome ice cream. We went there almost everyday! Then we went to tour house. Our neighbos were nice. They were girls their names were Asid and Joie. One night we had a cookout with them and went to see a movie at their house. It was so much fun! I was happy. Then I was sad because we had to leave! Dedicated to my family Anna C. Mayeux Nov. 30


Mrs. Kenney 3rd Grade My Girl Scout Camp-out

My stuffed animal Piggy

When I heard I could go to the Girl Scout Camp-out I was so exited! When my troop and I got the Mrs. Robin’s house, we all piled into 3 different cars. I was in Mrs. Robin’s car with her two daughters Miriam and Naomi. When we got to the cabin I ran inside. I was the first person inside, so when everyone else was in the cabin, I jumped out and scared them! My troop was so surprised! Then, we went to the rooms and chose beds. I got a top-bunk. After that we went exploring and found a very scary tornado shelter. We went back into the bedrooms. I relised I had chosen the bed room with the noisest people, so I swiched rooms to a bottombunk under Michell. Afterwords we had dinner, smores, and popcorn. We got glowsticks and told ghost stories. I had so much fun! I am so glad I get to do that again!

On Christmas 2005, Santa gave me a stuffed animal pig and I named him piggy. I was very excited when I got him. He is pink and used to have a curly tail, but now it is flat. Piggy is a puppet and when you put your hand in him, you put your thumb in his bottom lip and your other fingers in his top lip. He is special to me because he reminds me about when I was four.



Once I went to Kings Island with my dad. And I was going to go on the Racer for the first time. I was excited and I really wanted to go on it. It gos 68 miles per hour and is a two minute ride! We finally got on the ride and I was nervous and scared. Then after the ride I had butterflys in my stomach. Then we went again and again and again and so on. It was time to go home and I had a lot of fun, finally we drove home after a fun day of playing and riding.

My Special Object

The End

My mom and dad made me a book of memories. It was memories of when I was adopted in China. It has many different pictures in it when I was a baby. I have one when I’m sticking my tonge out! I have a picture of my 55 cousins! And one where my mom and dad are feeding me. Also I have a picture of me and my Dad sleeping together. We also had some friends with us at the orphanage. We have a video of me when I try to stand. When they got me I was 8 months old and had 6 teeth. I wonder if my chinees mom and dad are still alive? If they were dead I would be very sad! This is a very special because it brings me memories.

Dedicated to my parents

Dedicated to Mrs. Robins my girl scout leader Phoebe Martin Nov. 29. 2010

Dedicated to: Mom Clara Minardi Oct. 14, 2010

Dedicated to Piggy Gregory Powers Oct. 15, 2010


The Racer

Wesley Price Nov 29, 2010


My Rock collection When we were moving in our new house I found this little box. I asked my dad what was in it? He said “I don’t know but whatever is in it you can have in”. I opened it and I found 10 rocks! I showed my dad he said “wow you have cool rocks”. One is Big, some are small and one is really small. There is 3 green ones, 2 blue ones, 1 purple one, 1 red one, 1 striped one and one is black and the last one is silver. I love my rock collection because it inspires me to collect rocks. Dedicated to: My Dad Gillian Rossi Oct. 15


Mrs. Kenney 3rd Grade My dog goose

Kings Island

One day my dog named milo dies so we where looking online and found a breeder that has a god and the dog had a litter of puppies. We went to so see the puppies when they were a week old we looked at all the puppies but we could not decide yet. We went dack lots of times and one day we finally picked the puppy we wanted when they were six weeks old. A week later we went back and got the puppy we wanted. We picked him because he was the funist and niceist puppy. We thought about his name and I said I wanted the name henrey but my parents said NO!! Later in the week we finaly came up with the name Goose. One day my nighbor Mick came over and came up with the name Pedro my mom loved that name but we already came up with Goose. Later we thought how nice and good of a puppy he is. He is 8 months old now. He is a biter and Jumper but we are training him. When we got him I was so exsided and happy. He is a great dog. I Love silly goose.

When I went to Kings Island the first thing we did was get a map. Then we rode the smoothest older kids ride the Adventure coaster. Next we rode the oldest coaster the Racer. Finally we really got started. We rode the Beast 3 times! Then my dad made me ride the Firehawk which I didn’t like at all. Next we ate pizza for lunch. It was gooooooood. Then I thought that we should ride Diamondback. Then we rode it again 7 times. Next we rode the Flight deck. Finally we got ice cream and left. I had a lot of fun with my dad at Kings Island. Dedicated to Dad Alek Zamonski Nov 29-10

Dedicated to my dog goose Tiller Robinson Dec 1 2010


My first day

It was March 15 2010, my first day at Harman School. I was really nervous. First I got to school and went inside, my mom introduced me to Mrs. Fairchild. I hung up my back pack and sat down. Mrs. Fairchild said that Regan could be my helper. So I could ask her any questions. I said “O.K.” and said that I knew Sidney too she said that Sidney could be my helper too! Still I was really scared because I was at a new school in a new town.. At recess I played with Elliot Goudy and Reid Denning. We played tag. Suring math we did lots of math that we didn’t do at my old school. At the end of the day I was excited to go home and I waked home with Lily. Dedicated to My best friend Lily Garner By Sophie Soller Dec 1st 2010



Mrs. Walther 3rd Grade Huff Benedict

John Siskaninetz

Dedicated to Peter Benedict

Dedicated to my flight instructor

My Third Birthday

The first time I flew an airplane was at wright pat air force base. It was exsiting I couldn’t wait so I played with my chinaukc helicopter, when my instructor came an then we took off I sat in the cop pilot seat and my dad sat in the back seat and the instructor sat in the pilot seat when we got toe Beavercreek I got to fly the plane. When we got back I was dizzy becuace it was my first time so it was new to me but I felt like a fighter pilot!!!

On my third birthday I went to Costa Rica with my mom’s side of the family. We went on a great canoe trip to another island. The other island had amazing fruit. When we left the island all of the fruit was gone! We also did a family horseback-riding trip. We ended up on a beach and got to ride the horses up the beach. On my birthday we had a special birthday dinner just for me! It was at the Jungle Cafe. We had cupcakes for dessert. Mmmmm m. I got a toy motorcycle that had two buttons. One button was a square and the other a triangle. When you hit the triangle it would say “Ninja Wheelie Time” and then it would go vroom vroom and drive across the floor. If you pressed the square button it would play a cool beat of music. I HAD A BLAST ******************************* Grace Almoney Dedicated to my dog Scooter

The Moon It was so bright In my sight It looked so tight It was the moon I codent dare To see I stare Right down there It was the moon With it’s bonnet I really want it But she has got it It was the moon With her amber lips She sips The milky way with chips It was the moon With her dress It looks like a mess I relly want to rest So good night

******************************* Jack Scott Dedicated to my mom

My first Block Party I was painting a pumpkin nurvisly like no one would come. It was on a a Saturday night we had our first block Party. At 5:00 people started to come then we put up a bounce house and of course my little sister Kate started to bounce on it. At 6:00 a firetruck came and we got to sit inside of it and my little sister accidentally honked the horn then every budy lafed it was funny! When the firemen left we eat dinner and went apple bobbing. I got 5 apples every buby else got 2 or 3. At 9:00 I ahd a nulf gun fight with my nyburs Dany, Jack, and Clay. It was nurf gun capture the flag. I was on a team with Dany. Clay and Jack were on a team too someone tried to shoot me with their nurf gun but I slid down on my knees and doged the bolet then I grabbed the Flag and ran We go the flag every time. At 9:30 we ate cake then every budy left. It was the best block party ever! ******************************* By Kyler Long

The Best day ever Dedicated to my little brother

Have you ever been to a water park? I have I went on a ride it was called The vortex. What it is you get in a tube a you go in a big bowl and go aroud like 5 times then you do 1 last circle. Finally go down a hole then your all over! Next went home and had a water ballon fight with Veronika. My team one. Last I went to my house and read some of these books, Diray of a wimpy kid. College foot ball and the Nf L. Then finally I got my PJs on and put my brother to sleep and went to bed! The End!


Mrs. Walther 3rd Grade First day of 3rd Grade!

The first Time I Rode My Bike

Have you ever been scared? The reason whi I asked you that was because it was the first day of school and I saw my friend Anna Cherie. We were both so Nervous! But when we saw our teacher we knew it was gonna be a great year. And when everybody heard no homework on Fridays we knew we were ment to be in 3rd grade. Me and Anna saw most of our friends. And belive it or not but even our classroom was awesome because she has computers, white bordes, a prize box, and a hold section of reading! When I saw my teacher it was like candy land because she was so sweet! And for a second I thought there was like 50 pepole in our classroom that’s how big it is but it turns out only 15 people in our class. And our teacher even told us a story about herfelft and it seemed so sweet! I am loving third grade!!!

By: Luis E. Pagan-Gonzalez

By: Grace Farash Dedicated to my class


Riding my skateboard One sunny day my dad borrowed my neighbors dirtbike. He and I rode down by Old River the Soccer feild. I rode my bike and He rode the dirtbike. My friend Jack was there. He let me ride his skateboard. We kept going higher each timie we went down the hill. Finally I got to the top of the hill. I went off the top of the hill. I was going very fast. My dad didn’t see me he was in the soccer feild riding the dirtbike. When I was going down the hill I fell off of the skateboard and relly hurt my arm. My dad rode me up the hill with the dirtbike to my bike. Then we went home. Timmy Duvic Dedicated to my little sister Maggie


The first time I rode my bike it was cool. I got a training wheel (an electrical based training wheel) for my Birthday. My dad tied the wheel on my bidke and we went to a camp. I brought my helmet. I started good and good and good and good except sometimes I fill and got hit and get some bruises. My dad talked to me about he fact that if you go slower, the bike will fall faster, but if you go fast, it will stay up longer. When I rode a couple of times, it was time for the next level. It was level 2. First I neted help to start and a few minutes later, I could start on my own. We started on the top of the parking lot so it was easyer, but going uphill was hard. Some times my dad takes pictures and makes movies of my ride my bike. Soon, my dad turned the bike off without ever telling me, but I did good so maybe next week I’ll do it without the training wheel. END  ********************************

When we got our dog. Reid Dinning Dedicated to my dog Finnigan

One exciting night my mom and Aunt Meredith came home with a new puppy! She was aso small me and my brother had already seen her but my cousins had not seen her before! The first thing that happend was the door opening me and my brother darted upstairs and my cousin Lochlan followed us. My cousin Eamon stayed downstairs because he did not want to see the dog. Finally he came upstairs it was so much fun we petted our new dog she was brown and a little bit blonde! When we went to Michigan to see her for the first time she was so cute. There were about 8 or 9 dogs. Each had a certaint color ed collar our dog had a blue collar other dogs had a red collar, spotted collar, brown collar, black collar, and a pink collar those were the colors! The names we had for our dog were Lucky, rose, and Finnigan. We chose Finnigan because we all enjoyed the name. I decided the name rose, my bother decided Lucky, and my mom and dad decided Finnigan. Her full name is Finnigan Lucky Dinning. She is three, her birthday is December 8th and she was born in Michigan! Our family loves her alot even if she can be a big pain!

Mrs. Walther 3rd Grade Summer fun

The Moon

Pool’s water feels great when I jump into the pool sun is so shiny

She sits upon her silver cloud in her constalation dress, looking down onto the world, it’s there she rests her shoe. She wears but all blue, down to her shoe, And smiles down on us. She’s got her head in the clouds. For real, she looks down upon us all snug up in our beds, and hopes we will sleep till she sets.

By: Sophie Eviston Dedicated to Mrs. Walther


Dedicated to: My Luna Moon and my friends in class and my babysitter Rachel Griep

Christian Reynolds

By: Emily Perkins

Dedicated to my dog Chance



Its News and Paper

Hot and fun for kids

By Anna Cherie Millard

Summer break is awesome

Have you ever made a newspaper? Well that’s what the students in Mrs. Walther’s calss have been up to. 3W is creating a class newspaper so they can practice working as a team, improve their writing skills, and have fun! Writing takes place in the computer lab in the afternoons. “I liked the experience of trying to be a reporter,” said Cora Gabriel. Eric Powers said, “I liked interviewing.”

We can wear sandals


SUMMER Sun shines on my happy face

The class newspaper has jokes, comics, puzzles and poems, as well as an advice column, opinion section, and articles about their class subjects. That’s the “Life of 3W!”

I go to the pool

Dedicated to my class

It is very hot

BY: Alexis C. Billiter Dedicated to my sister Madison


WINTER By:Taylor Wedding Dedicated to my skating coach

Sparkling White Snow Drizzling On Your Own Hat Having Warm Cocoa


Mrs. Walther 3rd Grade Elena Whitlock


Dedicated to all the passengers of Titanic

There I was standing right next to our big moving truck helping my dad put stuff into the truck. We were moving to Ohio from Chicago. Finally we packed up my room. My room looked so different with nothing in it. Then we got the cars out of the garodge. We closed up the house and shut the truck up. I took one last look at the house I almost started crying. My dad started calling me it was time to go. He started up the truck I got in front and we drove away. About two hours later we stoped to eat. It was 6:00pm. Then we got back on the rode then we stoped at my dads work apartment. We stayed there for the night. We got up the next mornig and went out to buy food to eat. We got back and cooked it. Then we got back on the road. There was three more hours to go. Finally we pulled up to our new house. It was smaller than our other one in Chicago. I got out of and my data unlocked it. I raced in and looked all around. It was very exiting. It was a very nice house. I went back out to help my dad unload. All the stuff was heavy. Me and my sister went up stairs to pick out our rooms. I chose the smaller room with the nice view she chose the bigger room. There were so many boxes to un load. I got to put stuff where i wanted to put them! It was hard work un loading. We had dinner early that night so we could go to bed. My bed was not ready so I had to sleep on the cold floor. I got up early the next mornig so I could un pack stuff. I was sad that I left Chicago but happy to move. I went out to breakfast that day. We went to a very nice place. We went to go drop off the rental truck. We discovered a nice church in Oakwood. About one more week we started geting yoused to our new home. We put in a new bathroom in new cabnets and a granete counter top. A month later is was christmus Santa brought lots of presents. He brought a big jar of Jolly Ranchers. He brought a Play Station, video games and candy canes. It was so much fun.

The Unsinkable Ship? April 10, 1912 Hello, my name is Cassandra and this is my journal. I am going to get on the Titanic in just a minute. My daddy says we are very lucky. The tickets cost more than a sailor earns in a lifetime. That’s A LOT OF MONEY. Huh, what? Oh! It’s our turn to geton the ship!!!!!!!! This is sooooooo exciting. We have 2nd class rooms. They are in the middle of the ship. First class quarters are on the top of the ship. April 10, 1912 12:00pm Hello again! It is April 10, 1912 at 12:00 P.M. I just saw the grand staircase.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen so many ladies dressed like royalty! April 12, 1912 3:00 Hello! Me still. It has been rainy today, so I haven’t been on deck a lot. Did I tell you the ship is as long as 4 city blocks and as tall as a eleven story building. April 15, 1912 11:30 The crew just came running down the hallway. Wait, WHAT!!! This can’t be possible. The unsinkable ship...Is sinking!!!! This can’t be possible. What, oh, coming! April 15, 1912 12:00 We are rowing away right now. I still can’t believ this. It sank. I was these guys on a lifeboat and one of them was wearing just his underwear. I STILL can’t believe this. The unsinkable ship sank. It sank.

Brenden Palmatier Dedicated to my grandma’s dog, Ginger, who passed away


Mrs. Walther 3rd Grade Ryan Mueller Dedicated to my Dad

My Trip To Mexico! Have you ever been to Mexico? I have. It’s so thrilling there! I have so scared to ride on the zip line over a tall forest! T he water was so cold when I swam with the dolphins! I even got to feed them fish! Did you know that dolphins have 14 sharp teeth? The pirate cruise was so entertaining. They sang and danced while we were riding on the ship. The pirates baried a tresur chest and my sister Inge found it. There was a chocolate gold couins in the tresur chest. So every one that played got two chocolate gold couins. About ten mins later My dad found a cocanut near our chairs. We were going to go on the banana boar but befor we did we asked our pirate if he could crack open the coanut while we were gone. When we came back the cocanut wasn’t opening so we where just going to open it in the ship. It opend when our pirate tryed to open it with a nife at the ship. And that was my trip to Mexico!

******************************** Eric Powers Dedicated to Murphy

Murphy and he evil...yarn Have you ever seen your dog do something as halarius as this? Once I walked into the living room. Mom was getting yarn ready for the loom. I looked down at Murphy. He was chasing the ball of yarn! Mom was laughing! I started to laugh! I said, look at Murphy Gina. (She is my sister.) She started Laughing! Murphy chased the ball of yarn until it (finally) ran out of yarn. Mom Let Murphy have the cone that used to have yarn. He wandered off under the piano. Gina and I watched Murphy tear the cone! It was hilarious. We saw him swallow some pices! Mom ended up throing the peices (that were left) in the trash can. Murphy stared at that trash can for a long time. It seemed like a lifetime. Well, I hope you liked my story because sad to say, this is...THE END! No! Wait! You should have seen this! Now this is THE END! Or is it?

My Dificult Life Have you ever been to a hospital? When I was four and my brother was two we went to the hospital to visit my dad. We gave him beautiful gifts that we made. I gave him a necklace that actually wasn’t that pretty, and my brother Jonah made something but I don’t know what. I saw my dad. He looked very very well then I realised the room was quite strange. There were tubes going into this thingy and other weird stuff. A few months later he was home with me and my family using crutches. Oh and he was in the hospital because he had something called a tumer in his hip. Then we went on a vacation to celebrate that he was home! When we were on the vacation our cabin my dad got an infection in his hip that was quite bad. Then he had to go back to the hospital so they could see the infection. One morning at our house in Virginia I woke up from a long nights sleep and I couldn’t find my dad so I asked my mom who was at our dining room table. She said he died last night and i just started screaming and crying. Then my mom told my brother and he just just smiled because he’s too young to understand this kind of stuff. So after that I’ve been here ever since starting a new life at kindergarden. Cora Gabriel Dedicated to my dad


mowed grass soft


Mr. Edwards mom

work i delic ng hard m ious a meal king a .

green apple

a l l i n a v p m u r o a s w d n a h r a sug 51

Mr. Edwards 4th Grade I love…

I love…

I love to smell the mowed grass.

I love to smell of melting chocolate.

I love to hear the water trick from a water fall.

I love to hear bacon sizzling.

I love to taste the cold water on my face.

I love to look at delicious food.

I love to see the leaves changing colors.

I love to taste hard shell tacos

I love to touch smooth rocks from the pond.

I love to touch squishy things.

I love to hike at Camp Kern.

I love to go bowling.

By: Logan Connally

By: Charlie Lowe

Dedicated to Dad

Dedicated to my mom



I love…

I love…

I love to see a beautiful sight of a blizzard.

I love the sound of a babbling brook laughing and splashing over stones.

I love to feel a soft, cozy and fluffy blanket. I love to smell warm cinnamon buns in the oven. I love to hear a cardinal chirping from the tree tops. I love to taste a yummy green apple in the summer I love all of these things that I like and they are fun to see, feel, smell, hear and taste By: Emma J.K. Sidhu Dedicated to my mom


I love…

I love the smell of a forest-still, peaceful, and full of life. I love the taste of the crisp morning air, when no one’s up yet-only me. I love the sight of the dappled green light filtering through the canopy. I love the feel of the springy green grass under my feet-as long as nothings hiding in it. I love to hike n a trail-and take as long as I want to look at things. By: Jessica Perkins Dedicated to Pan the Greek god of the wind

I love the smell of brownies being make. I love the taste of chocolate chip cookies going on my taste buds. I love to hear video game music smashing my ear drums. I love the feel of my bed standing still. I love to see the American flag wiggling because of the wind. By: Miles Jones Dedicated to the American flag


Mr. Edwards 4th Grade I love…

I love…

I love the smell of cookies cooking in the oven.

I love feeling my nice cozy sheets in my bed.

I love the taste of fresh cantaloupe in the summer.

I love tasting my hot breakfast right after I sleep.

I love the sight of my family playing in the snow.

I love hearing my soft music from my small radio.

I love to hear the crack of the warm fire.

I love seeing my mom sitting on my short bed.

I love to feel the cold water on my feet.

I love smelling the fresh morning air.

I love to have snowball fights with my friends.

I love drifting into a long deep sleep.

By: Jack Danis

By: Alex House

Dedicated to my family and friends

Dedicated to my family and Dog



I love…

I love…

I love… the smell of warm vanilla sugar hand soup as I wash my hands in warm water

I love to smell the grass before football. I love to hear the shoulder pads clanking.

I love… red velvet cake fresh out of the oven.

I love to see the football thrown through the air.

I love… to see happy people smiling on the street.

I love to taste the Gatorade in the game.

I love… to hear the sound of ocean waves up agents the sand

I love to touch the football.

I love… to feel gooey cookie dough in between my hands.

I love to play on the football team. By: Casey Fultz

I love… to run in the squishy green grass.

Dedicated to Coach Sergant

By: Audrey Owens


Dedicated to Mom and Dad

I love…


I love the smell of the ocean on the huge ferryboat.

I love…

I love the taste of fresh shrimp and clam chowder.

I love the tats of your cooked stake with mac and cheese.

I love to look out my window and see the high tide come onto shore.

I love the smell of a deliciously cooked stake. I love hearing the sizzle of my dad bringing in the stake. I love seeing my dad bringing in the nice jucie stake. I love to touch the soft rich stake and mac and cheese. I love helping my dad clean the grille after dinner. By Caleb Harris


Dedicated to my Dad

I love to hear the giant waves crashing on rocks. I love the feel of the freezing water on my hot feet. I love it when I go clamming on Block Island. By: Rachel Dalyrmple Dedicated to Grammie and Poppy

Mr. Edwards 4th Grade I love… I love to smell my mom’s exquisite scents as she bakes in the kitchen. I love t taste my mom’s delicious food she makes. I love to see my mom working hard making a delicious meal. I love to hear the crackle of the fire my dad makes on a snowy day. I love to feel the warmth of the fire on me as I warm my hands. I love to build the fire with my dad and light it. By: Henry Mayeux Dedicated to My Parents


I love… I love the smell of chlorine as I walk outside to side. I love the taste of a juicy watermelon in the cool shade. I love to hear people splashing water outside the pool. I love the sight of my family happily playing in the pool. I love to feel the cool water on my skin as I jump in the pool. I love to play with my friends in the cool blue water. By: Stella Joly Dedicated to My family and friends


I love… I love to hear the basketball going swoosh in the net. I love to see are team make a point. I love to smell a clean leather ball. I love the taste of victory. I love to feel the leather touch my hand. I love to shoot the ball. By: Claire Hemmelgarn Dedicated to my dad


Mr. Edwards 4th Grade

I love… I love the smell of fresh air. I love the taste of crisp summer air. I love the sight of wild animals. I love to hear the birds sing. I love to feel rough bumpy wood. I love to climb to the top of a tree and see everything. By: Megan Weeda Dedicated to everyone I know


I love… I love the sight of my dog! I love the feeling of my dog’s silky fur. I love hearing my dog’s feet coming to say Hi! I love the taste of my dog eating ice cream! I love running with the best dog in the world! By: Jackson Shillinglaw Dedicated to my dog Coleman!


I love… I love the smell of his fur right after a bath. I love the taste of the snack I have when I play with him. I love the sight of him when he walks down the long hall. I love the sound of his loud snoring. I love the way his soft fur feels. I love when I take him on long walks. By: Vivi Treese Dedicated to my Pug Bean


Mr. Edwards 4th Grade I love…

I love…

I love the smell of pie in the night.

I love to hear the happy sound of laughter.

I love the taste of cherries in the pie.

I love to touch my soft stuffed animals.

I love the sight of the steam rising from the pie.

I love the sweet smell of flowers.

I love to hear the crunch of the pie.

I love to see the white cloud of snow falling down in the winter.

I love to feel the crumbs on my mouth. I love eating pie. By: Chase Townsend Dedicated to Pie


I love…

I love to step on the soft sand on the beach. By: Mary Kidwell Dedicated to my family


I love… I love the smell of my mom’s banana muffins.

I love the sight of dark scary grave yard on a cold winter night.

I love the taste of my mom’s delicious muffins.

I love the bitter taste of salt.

I love the sight of my mom making the muffins.

I love the smell of hot melting wax in a candle.

I love the sound of the muffins crackling.

I love the feeling of a knives blade.

I love the touch of the muffins how it’s hot.

I love jumping up and down on smooth wood.

I love eating muffins after dinner with my loving family.

By: Eleanor Chase

By: Tess Henderson

Dedicated to my brother

Dedicated to my Mom



I love…

I love…

I love the smell of my after a bath.

I love the juicy delicious hungering smell of hamburgers on the grill.

I love to watch my dog taste a biscuit. I love the sight of my dog running lose. I love the sound of my dog barking at squirrels. I love to feel my dogs soft fur. I love playing outside with my dog lose. By: Seth Helter Dedicated to My Dog

I love the look of the patty in the bun. I love the sound of it sizzling on the grill. I love the taste and feel of the juice when I bite into it. I love to squish the patty to make it bigger but thinner. By: Zachary Eisenbies Dedicated to My dog



Mrs. Lang 4th Grade I love… I love the cold creamy, taste of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on hot summer days. I love the feel of the cold wet pool under the hot bright sun. I love the warm syrupy smell of dad’s homemade waffles in the summer. I love the sound of dad’s toy train running in the afternoon. I love to see my family most of all. By: Joseph Traynor Dedicated to Tom T

I love… I love baseball games I wish I could go every day. I love the greasy nachos from the food stand my dad and I taste hotdogs but put ketchup on it or is will taste bland. I love my favorite team in all of the bases. I love the people yelling “peanuts” in all of the places. I love whenever my favorite team wins then I smile with a big grin. I love baseball games. By: Jack Zahora Dedicated to my dad

I love… I love to go to Harman School in the pretty morning and smell the bright flowers and tall trees. I love to hear children at recess screaming names. I love to see the flag flap on a windy recess time. I love to taste the Harman’s great-cooked lunches. I love to feel the cold door and walk in at the beginning of a new day. I love to go in or outside and play with my friends together. I love Harman. By: Casey Zapernick Dedicated to my mom and dad also the teachers at Harman


Mrs. Lang 4th Grade I love…

I love…

I love to see grey F-16s fly by high in the blue sky.

I love the sweet, cool taste of Boston Cream Pie as I sit in my nice cozy family room.

I love to taste sizzling juicy steak at Tumble Weed. I love to touch the soft fluffy pillow on my bed. I love to smell the spicy cinnamon candle in my house. I love to hear the waves splashing up on the sandy beach. By: Colton Bean Dedicated to Harman


I love… I love the smell of chocolate chip cookies sizzling in the oven, I love to see the sparkling snow gliding from one place to another,

I love the cold hard game controller’s texture as I play my excitement-filled adrenalin-pumping sport video game on the sleek and gigantic big screen TV. I love to see the clear, blue water as I stand on the beach watching the huge, fuzzy seaweed washing to shore on a hot summer day. I love the smell of the ooey-gooey, sweet and delicious cookies as my mother takes them out of the scorching hot oven and puts them on a fine china plate and served with a nice, cool crisp glass of mildk. I love the sound of the bangs, crashes and smashes on the TV show as my family snuggles together and breaks into a very loud unison laugh as the host of the show helps us to get into a good mood for the rest of the cold, laughter-filled night. By: Zach Brennaman

I love to listen to the morning rain dropping down from the dark clouds,

Dedicated to my Mom and Dad and brother and sister

I love to go swimming on an early summer morning,


I love the taste of cold, sun-melted ice-cream in my mouth.

I love…

By: Marissa Dewing

I love seeing all the creative paintings and projects hanging up on a wall in Harman School.

Dedicated to My Family


I love… I love to dive into the sparkling pool on a hot sunny day. I love to feel cool water brush my skin. I love to hear people playing and laughing in the water. I love seeing the water rise high in the air when someone jumps in. I love to taste cool water on a hot sunny day. I love the smell of the food at the snack bar. By: Paulina Garza Dedicated to Jeremy my swimming teacher


I love feeling cotton candy as soft as a pillow. I love to play softball, fun , exciting and makes you work hard! I love tasting home made chocolate chip cookies, as the chocolate melts in my mouth. I love to hear the crackley fizz in soda. I love to smell cookies that smell like fresh out-of –the –oven frosted and sprinkled. By: Holly Cassidy Dedicated to my dance teacher Ms. Megan

Mrs. Lang 4th Grade I love…

I love…

I enjoy the feel of leather on my hand as I bounce the ball up and down the glossy court.

I love to see the huge, majestic show capped mountains jutting from the ground.

I love the flavor of icey cold Gatorade as it trickles down my throat.

I love to hear the joyful notes an pitches of one of my most favorite songs.

I like the sight of baskets being made going through the rope hoop.

I love to feel the heat of a fiery orange flame dancing in charred wood.

I love the sound of the loud buzzer in the tiring fourth quarter.

I love to taste a colorfully blended smoothie on a warm summer day.

I love the heart-pounding action of being in competitive games of basketball.

I love to smells the fresh, crisp morning air as I go for a walk.

By: Katie Hapgood

By: Will Janning

Dedicated to Coach Beutel

Dedicated to my family



I love…

I love…

I love going hiking with my family.

I love the smell of brownies after they are just taken out of the oven.

I like smelling the scent of nature. I love looking at all the green trees. I love tasting the juicy lunch we brought along. I love to hear the birds chirping. I like touching rocks, all over the place. By: Noah Hein Dedicated to my mom and dad

I love the taste of squishy, warm, delicious, brownies fresh out of the hot oven. I love the sight of my new kitten Bandit lying on the couch when I get home from school. I love hearing my teacher saying “Have a good summer!” at the end of the school year. I love feeling the soft cottony fur of my new kitten Bandit when I hold him. I love kicking my colorful, favorite soccer ball at soccer practice or at games in the hot summer and cool fall. By: Allie Jefferis Dedicated to my Aunt Erin and my Grandma


Mrs. Lang 4th Grade I love…

I love…

I love to smell fresh blueberry pie in my dining room.

I love to taste the bone-chilling air as I walk on the field,

I love to feel the velvety soft ears of my puppy.

I love to feel the adrenaline pumping at the speed of light inside me,

I love to see the colorful sunsets at a sandy beach in Florida.

I love to smell the freshly cut grass as I walk on the field,

I love to taste sweet, crunchy apples.

I love to see everyone celebrating as we walk off the field with a victory.

I love to hear the swishing of the ocean waves. By: Andrew Koch Dedicated to my mom


I love… I love going to Disney World. I love to see all the people of all different shapes and sizes. I love the smell of fresh cotton candy and popcorn. I love the taste of room service mac and cheese. I love to hear the people scream as they fly down the giant hill back to the bottom. I love to feel the Disney Characters as they come alive and hug me. By: Mackenzie Mace Dedicated to the people of Disney

I love to hear all the cheer leaders and parents on the sidelines screaming at the top of their lungs. I love to go home after the game and take a refreshing shower. By: Jackson Mescher Dedicated to my fellow football team and coaches.


I love… I love the taste of warm, soft, delicious chocolate chip cookies with I take a pile of thim in my cozy kitchen. I love the feeling of my bouncy, beautiful, fluffy, relaxing, red bed on a late, dark night. I love to see a full, bright, beautiful moon on a cool, fun summer night with my nice friends. I love to hear my kind, humble, wonderful family as we sit down on our smooth, comfy couch watching TV. I love the smell of the rich, stomach-filling, creamy, giant cinnamon rolls that Ashley’s Bakery has for you right after school. I love to sit in my friendly, tight, loving living room b the toasty, flaming, fire on a snowy evening. By: Julia Mullen Dedicated to my family


Mrs. Lang 4th Grade I love…

I love…

I love the bleachy smell of chlorine after I go swimming in the cool blue water.

I love the taste of cold, fresh lemonade on sunny day.

I love the sight of crystal clear water in the Recplex at UD, I love the sound of water splashing when I jump off of the high diving board, I love the taste of ice cold chocolate frozen yogurt piled high on a waffle cone,

I love to splash in the refreshing pool on a hot summer day. I love to feel the hot concrete against my cold, wet feet, I love to hear the loud “splash” of people jumping off the diving board. I love the sight of the calm water flowing on break,

I love the way my warm dry towel feels after hardworking practice,

I love the smell of food cooking at the concession stands.

I love everything about swimming.

By: Mackenzie Robbins

By: Katie O’Neill

Dedicated to the OCC Pool Staff

Dedicated to my swim coach Noel



I love…

I love…

I love car trips because I like hearing the wind rush by.

I love the smell of warm summer breezes on a hot summer day.

I love watching the trees come and go.

I love to taste ripe watermelon on a family picnic. I love to see pretty birds fly on the horizon through the evening sunset. I love to hear wicked disco music on the checkered dance floor. I love to feel my dog’s silk, warm, fur slide smoothly under my hand.

I love smelling the crisp fresh air as the window comes down. I love feeling the cold seat belt holding me in. I love tasting the yummy snacks we brought along. I love car trips. By: Charlie Ross Dedicated to my mom and dad

I hang on my sticky monkey bars above the hard ground. By: Grace Padden Dedicated to my grandparents


Mrs. Lang 4th Grade I love…

I love…

I love to smash my cleat into the soccer ball, sending it soaring up and rocketing forward.

I love the smell of the crisp morning air,

I love biting down into the soft, chewy roll and taste my grandma’s warm sugary cinnamon rolls. I love to watch the pinky, orange sun sink away behind the big puffy clouds and then shrink behind the longdistant horizon.

I love the taste of my mom’s warm and gooey homemade chocolate chip cookies, I love to see the bone white snow fall from the sky, I love to hear the water drizzle from above and the thunder boom like a gunshot.

I love to feel the hundred little gritty grains of sand sift through my fingers onto my feet.

I love to feel the cool water in the pool on a hot, humid day.

I love to smell the aroma of buttery popcorn being intensely scorched in the microwave, smelling better and better.

I love to go downstairs into the basement on a sunny, cold afternoon and play football on the Wii.

By: Peter Salisbury

Dedicated to my parents

Dedicated to all the good times with my family.



I love…

I love… I love the smell of fresh, sweet, lavender lilacs. I love the taste of soft, creamy, delicious cheese cake. I love to see the soft, dreamy brown eyes of my puppy. I love to hear the sound of the soft, blue ocean tide rolling in. I love to feel the soft, smooth, velvety belly of my pillow pet. I love to do the elegant, smooth, flowing movements of a pirouette in ballet class. By: Mira Sidhu


By: Will Stack

I love the taste of mint chocolate ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I love when the door flies open and I feel the windy breeze, I love the way I smell the fresh air from the door, and hear the loud bell when a customer comes in. I love when I see loads of ice cream being put on a cone and seeing them licked to death. I love Ben and Jerry’s By: Connor Thornton Dedicated to Ben and Jerry’s


Mrs. Parker 4th Grade I love… I love seeing my mom or dad after a long time without her or him. I love smelling my mom’s chocolate chip cookies after they’ve just come out of the oven. I love the taste of any dessert, be in cake, pie or chocolate. I love the feel of water because I very much love water. I love to hear monster stories at night, about dragons, beasts and ghosts. I love to read books about the things I like, such as Egypt, pirates and aliens. By: Samuel W.R. Miller Dedicated to my family.

I love… I love the taste of cool ice cream in the summer time. I love the smell of Michigan on a rainy day when the rain is hitting the water. I love the sight of a snowy winter when snow is sitting on the tree branch. I love to hear Christmas music when we open presents. I love the feeling of palm trees in Florida. I love to go rock climbing when it is hot and sunny. By: Agatha Shafer Dedicated to my mom.

I love… I love to smell my stuffed animals because it reminds me of when I was a baby. I love to taste Ashley’s warm cinnamon rolls. I love to see my parents smiling at my good grades. I love to hear “Ezio Eledore de ferenze” when I’m playing Assassins Creed. I love to feel slime squish between my fingers. I love to play football and hear the pads hit together. By: Henrik LeBoeuf Dedicated to my mom.


Mrs. Parker 4th Grade I love…

I love…

I love the smell of my mom cooking delicious spaghetti sauce in the crock pot.

I love it when I just nailed someone in the face with a snowball. I love the smell of smoked beef jerky when it comes out of the bag.

I love the taste of Killer Brownies from Dorothy Lane Market.

I love the feeling of rain and mud getting smeared in my face when I just tackled someone in football.

I love the sight of the colorful sun rising in the summertime.

I love the taste of meat when it just came off the grill.

I love to hear pop music and sing along in the car. I love to touch nice, smooth things like straight metal.

I love the sight of a sword gracefully slashing through a tree in the game Zelda Wind Breaker. I love to hear my dog Wilmer sigh when I’m watching TV with my parents. By: Sam Sidhu Dedicated to my dog, Wilmer.

I love to act out the show Wicked with my cousin.


By: Abby Wootton

I love…

Dedicated to my cousin Sarah

I love smelling hot gooey cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven on a Saturday morning.


I love…

I love the taste of my mom’s homemade chicken and dumplings on a Friday for lunch.

I love the smell of a warm cinnamon bagel in the early morning before a rough hockey game.

I love holding my soft, silky, guinea pig named Fudge after school.

I love the sight of all my happy friends in the packed and sweaty locker room.

I love to feel the cool breeze flowing through my hair on a hot summer day.

I love the sound of my iPod roaring with screeching music.

By: Hadley Barhorst

I love to hear the blue birds chirping on a spring morning.

I love to see the crystal clear ocean waves crashing down on the shore. Dedicated to my family

I love to feel skates hit the slippery ice just after the Zamboni came off the rink. I love skating around on the wet and slick ice right after the ice cold puck drops. I love tasting an ice cold Gatorade after a long tough hockey game. By: Michael O’Hara Dedicated to my hockey team


Mrs. Parker 4th Grade I love…

I love…

I love the sight of the stars when they shine in your eyes at dark.

I love the smell of Abercrombie clothes when I walk into the store.

I love the feel of cold snowflakes touching your skin in the winter. I love the sound of the drums when I’m in the front row seats and I hear them play loudly. I love the smell of a freshly baked cake with frosting on top. I love the taste of freshly baked pumpkin pie at my grandma’s. I love to play on my swing set with my friends on a hot summer day. By: Lia Frisbee Dedicated to my family

I love the feeling of a smooth, soft red rose petal inside my fingers. I love the sight of Christmas morning outside with all the sparkling snow. I love the taste of gooey homemade chocolate chip cookies right from the oven that my mom and I make! I love to shop at American Eagle seeing all the shirts and jeans of all colors! I love to hear people laughing with joy and warmth! By: Grace Stephenson Dedicated to my family.


I love… I love the sound of popping fireworks on the 4th of July. I love the feeling of colorful slimy Jell-O in my hands. I love the taste of my grandma’s creamy delicious pumpkin pie during the holidays. I love the smell of fresh cooked banana bread right out of the oven. I love the sight of fluffy white snow on the flat rocky ground. I love to play sports on late summer nights with my dad and my brother. By: Tommy Lunne Dedicated to the Lunne Family


I love… I love the smell of my mom’s freshly baked chocolate cookies. I love to see blue dolphins playing around in the bright blue water in Florida. I love the taste of hot, gooey pizza right out of the warm oven. I love the sound of soft, soothing Christmas music. I love the feeling of the soft smooth fur of my dog. I love to tumble through the air and land on a fluffy mat in the humid air of the gym. By: Lauren Hapgood Dedicated to the Hapgood Family


Mrs. Parker 4th Grade

I love…

I love…

I love to feel the soft, clean and smooth fur after I brush the horse I ride, Gus.

I love the warm smell of spring as I sit on the porch in the early morning.

I love to taste vanilla, homemade cupcakes right out of the oven, especially when I make them.

I love the taste of chocolate chip cookies still warm and gooey from the oven.

I love the smell of hockey pucks, which is a bacon, cheese and egg sandwich, late on Saturday mornings.

I love to see presents piled under the glowing Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

I love the sight of the red sun coming over the deep, blue ocean in Cabo, beginning a new day with my cousins.

I love to hear the birds singing in the early morning of summer break while I’m still in bed.

I love to hear the laughter of my fun-loving, caring, and exciting family.

I love to feel soft fur on a dog as it wiggles with joy.

I love to tube in the cool, deep and sparkling water of Lake George with my family, under the baking hot sun of summer.

I love to run in the grass in my backyard as it tickles my toes while I catch fireflies.

By: Lydia Beyer By: Mia Gorman

Dedicated to my family

Dedicated to my exciting, fun-loving and caring family.



I love…

I love…

I love to feel my baby brother Evan’s warm cozy hands when he’s just waken up in his bedroom.

I love the smell of gasoline right out of a race car engine. I love the taste of soft gooey chocolate cookies out of my grandma’s oven. I love the sight of a close University of Dayton, Xavier basketball game. I love to hear the grey pads hit each other in a great football game. I love to feel the soft gooey chocolate brownies in my hands. I love playing football in my front yard and getting a pass to win the football game. By: Josh Amongero

I love the taste of my mum’s cold strawberry cheesecake cut into thin slices. I love the smell of the freshness when it’s just rained. I love the sight of a clear and blue sea as it overlaps the gray rocks. I love to hear the crowd cheer when my basketball team wins a game. I love decorating the Christmas tree with my big family.

By: Izzie Screen Dedicated to my family.

Dedicate to my grandfather


Mrs. Parker 4th Grade I love…

I love…

I love to smell my mom’s freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

I love to smell my moms gooey chocolate chip cookies baking in the hot oven.

I love to taste Ashley’s delicious chocolate fudge brownies.

I love to taste Ashley’s soft colorful cookies in the warm bakery.

I love to see the slow and peaceful sunset in the Gulf of Mexico.

I love to see the ocean and the hidden sand dollars waiting to be found.

I love to feel the warm graceful waves splash up against my legs.

I love to hear my dad tell me funny jokes before I go to bed.

I love to hear the cash register go click with my money because I know I bought something I will like.

I love to feel my cats fur rub against my leg when she wants to be petted.

I love to play soccer on the soccer field with my team, and the team’s moms cheering for us.

I love to cheer when I’m in front of thousands of people under the bright lights.

By: Veronika Hoelscher

By: Lauren Hearn

Dedicate to my friends and family

Dedicated to my family

******************************** ********************************

I love…

I love…

I love the smell of my mom baking homemade chocolate chip cookies.

I love the smell of Cousin Vinnies meat pizza. I love the taste of cold Mountain Dew in my mouth. I love the sight of the ball being thrown through to a receiver while watching colts games. I love the sound of pads hitting when I’m playing football.

I love the taste of tuna sushi dipped in soy sauce. I love to see the neighborhood in winter covered in snow. I love to hear the soft and gentle opera music. I love to feel my mom’s soft knitting.

I love the feel of buttons of the xbox controller.

I love to play on my rock and roll drum set.

I love slaying zombies in Black Ops while playing my xbox.

By: Cameron Alt

By: Sam Abney Dedicated to my dad


Dedicated to my Mom and Dad.

Mrs. Parker 4th Grade

I love…

I love…

I love the sweet smell of my mom’s homemade lemonade in the summer.

I love to smell some fresh air on a summer day. I love the juicy taste of a Big Mac.

I love to taste one of my favorite foods, pasta carbonara when it’s hot.

I love the sight of a new puppy running.

I love to see the soccer ball going into the back of the net when my team scores.

I love to hear a car drive by my house because it reminds me of a four wheeler.

I love to feel the soccer ball falling into my hands when I make a great save.

I love to feel the nice hot sand at the Lake.

I love to hear the noise the soccer ball makes when it’s kicked hard.

I love to ride my bike in the summer because of the warm days. By: Seth Gitzinger

I love to play soccer in the hot summer air.

Dedicated to my mom and dad.

By: Charlie Almoney


Dedicated to my soccer team

I love…


I love… I love seeing a football player hit another football player hard and brutally. I love the taste of homemade Graeter’s mint chocolate chip ice cream. I love the smell of my step mom’s delicious mouth watering recipe for chicken noodle soup. I love the sound when my dogs start barking loud and cheerfully when I walk in the door. I love getting on a new polished basketball court and making the first shot.

I love the smell of breakfast on a Saturday morning at home. I love the feel of my paint ball gun comfort my hands. I love to hear the rain tap the ground at night when I am reading. I love to play with my friends and have air soft wars. I love to taste different foods in other countries. I love to see a football game in action. By: Carter Winch Dedicated to my family.

I love to feel the leather on my old fashion Packers football helmet. By: Andrew Varley Dedicated to my mom and dad’s families.




ro f r a f o o t t o . n y l i d An fam

ren and gran over dchil for dinne dren r

Mrs Bennett good


e h t n po


o h s s eet alk w s a w d e r v a a o h b

c i t o b o r y m . b o B t n a v ser To Eg

want to make sports cars

ypt a nd dr Pyram aw the g reat ids


Mrs. Bennett 5th Grade When I am old I will have designed a high tech mansion for me to live in. It will be sitting on a huge rocky cliff overlooking an amazing beach in Hawaii. It will have a robotic servant named Bob, a pool and a hot tub, and a variety of sport cars.

When I am old I will have designed amazing things like my supersonic Mercedes and lightning fast blackbird. My grandkids will play virtual baseball and race flying go-carts. We will then sit down for dinner and have juicy steaks and huge drinks.

When I am old my grandkids will come and visit me and we will play Madden 80 on my X-box 3,600. We will also swim in the pool with my two furry dogs. Then we’ll virtual sky dive and launch and shoot clay pigeons from the cliff.

But for now I must clean up my clothes, walk the dog, and get good grades. So don’t be surprised when I am old and start to talk to my robotic servant Bob. Dedicated to all my grandparents. By: Joey Caley 5B


Mrs. Bennett 5th Grade When I am old I’ll be working in the kitchen in my glorious bakery. There will be cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries and any other thing you can possibly think of. I’ll try to get my own cake show. Hopefully, my bakery will be in Boston.

When I am old (about 80) I’ll live in Oakwood. I’ll spoil my grandkids like mine did to me. I’ll have a pool that will go down in history. Thankfully my grandkids won’t be bossy. I won’t forget about my experience with cooking. I will still make great treats and cakes.

When I m old I’ll hopefully have a son that will run my bakery. I’ll also write books, all in different genres: mystery, adventure, action, and more. Also I will make recipes that are out of this world! I’ll probably be the most spectacular artist of all time and my paintings will sky rocket!

But for now I must pick up after my dog, take a shower, and get good grades in school. So don’t be to surprise when I’m in the kitchen cooking.

When I am old, I will Attempt to be able to Solve a Rubik’s Cube in seconds.

When I am old, I Will create a website, And have a Youtube account.

When I am old, I Will live where there are Cold winters, hot summers, And not too far from family.

When I am old, and if all Above succeeds, I will enter Rubik’s Cube competitions, and Hopefully win.

When I am old, I may Even try for some world Record Rubik’s Cube solves.

Dedicated to my friends and family. By: Jack Degenhart 5B

But for now, I do what is Needed around the house, Go to school, and find Time to practice.

But don’t be too surprised if I succeed.

Dedicated to: my Grandparents By: James Donnelly 5B


Mrs. Bennett 5th Grade When I am old I will live in a lively, little neighborhood with my delightful husband. We will cherish every moment. My grandchildren will love to

When I am old I want to live in a cottage on the beach with my husband. I want to go shelling every morning and get beautiful shells to make stuff out of them for my grandchildren. I will also decorate my house with them.

come and visit our little, brick cottage. We will play Monopoly by the golden flame of a toasty fire. We’ll also swim in the pale, blue lake next to our little, brick cottage. Oh, what fun it will be!

When I am old I will spoil my grandchildren. They will receive lots of treats. I will get them whatever they desire. I will love to see the smile on their little, round faces.

When I am old I want to be a doctor. My grandchildren will pass me my equipment when I am operating or they will just play in the lobby of the hospital I will own. I will also open a very sucsessful hotel that would be for people without homes. When I am old I would spoil my grandkids. I would take them to the candy store, toy store, and of course the mall. Whenever they come to visit my cottage, I will make sure they have smiles on their precious little faces. But for now I must do well in school, make new friends, and achieve my goals.

When I am old I will travel around the world with my husband. Every time we go somewhere we will bring

So don’t be too surprised if you see me working in the hospital.

back a very special souvenir. I will give a special souvenir to my grandchildren and keep one for myself.

Dedicated to my grandma who tells me to shoot for my goals. By: Olivia Frank 5B

But for now I must feed my loving, but crazy dog, Chief ,do my homework and get good grades. So don’t be too surprised when I am old and start to travel the world.

Dedicated to: my loving family By: Lizzy Duvic 5B


Mrs. Bennett 5th Grade When I am old I want to live in Florida.

When I am old I will go

I will sleep in every day.

around the world with my kids drawing pictures of my luxurious surroundings. I will taste the food, explore the culture, and have fun with what I do. While doing that I will study about where I am to create the perfect picture.

I will go to the beach to everyday. I will swim in the ocean.

When I am old I hopefully will be in the Air Force. I will go to four years of college. I will be an engineer. I will grow a beard.

When I am old I will go on vacation to Virginia and go to the beach. I will scuba dive in the Pacific Ocean. I will sky dive. I will learn to fly a plane.

But for now I must go to school, do my chores, and do my homework. So don’t be surprised when I am old and you see me falling from a plane.

Dedicated to my grandfather. By: Jack Froelich 5B

When I Am Old, when my grandkids come to my house, I will give them the best time in my unique yet modern house. On the holidays I will give everyone in my family the best, grandest, and most exciting gifts. I will also draw pictures of everyone in my family from early childhood to adulthood.

When I Am Old I will go To Egypt and draw the great Pyramids and the Sphinx. When I travel I will take whoever wants to come with me. I will also add more adventures to my life as I get older.

But now I must be nice to my sibling, go to school, get good grades, and do what I am told. But don’t be surprised when I end up to be one of the most famous artists of the century.

I dedicate this to my Grandparents. -Valerie Gurevich 5B


Mrs. Bennett 5th Grade When I am old I will be an NFL player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I will have three houses, one in Florida next to another one of my houses, which I will give to my parents. And one in Pittsburgh close to my stadium. In my parent’s house there will be a gigantic HD TV. I will give them DirecTV, and get Sunday NFL ticket so they can watch everyone of my games.

When I am old I will live on the beach in Florida watching the beautiful sunset with my amazing dog every day, for as long as I live.

When I am old I will make a machine to allow injured people to move freely. I will be a pilot and fly all over the world and tell my grand kids about my adventures I have had so that my grand kids will always love to go visit my dog and me.

When I old I will go out and walk every day with my cat and dog. I will have a treadmill for my dog and a specially designed treadmill for my cat. I will do numerous drills varying from football drills to lifting weights. I will not stop until I am so hot that my body is soaking wet.

When I am old I will be strong, but will have a weakness for animals and pets. Along with protein drinks, I will take my cat and dog on a walk in the morning. I will have a giant yard for my football drills and playtime with my pets. I will have a cat with cute features and an Australian Shepard. I will play with lots of intensity in all of my games. My two houses will have three floors. I will have comfy furniture and helpful equipment in both of my houses.

When I am old I will write a book about my life and my adventures around the world. My book will be published everywhere in the United States so lots of people will read it and follow in my footsteps.

But for now I must do my chores, be nice to my brothers, and go to school So don’t be too surprised when I am old and I live in Florida with a dog named Spike.

Dedicated to my Great grandpa Van. By: Dillon Hookassian 5B

But, for now I must go to school, practice football until the big day,(NFL Draft) and watch football on my TV. So don’t be surprised when I am old and play football for the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers.

Dedicated to: My parents

By: Sean Jackson 5B


Mrs. Bennett 5th Grade When I am old I will live by the ocean When I am old I will own a successful fish store in coastal Oregon. To earn business in the summer when sales are low, I will put an extremely large fish tank in my store window with one small goldfish in it. People can guess how big it will get and I will breed my own fish so every one in my family can have a beautiful fish tank beside their bed.

When I am old I will have a team of sled dogs along with another dog and go to Alaska every winter and in the summer to exercise my dogs my family and I will climb mountains and if we get tired we can change into special slidy shoes and let the dogs pull us.

When I am old and my kids are adults I will be the best grandma I can, I will take my grandchildren to breakfast when they visit me. I will also show them my favorite mountain and take them to the beach on really warm days.

I will have a boathouse and a boat I will go scuba diving I will see rare exotic animals and fish.

When I am old I will have a fat cat named Shay Shay I will have two children, a boy and a girl I will take them on vacation to Gatlinburg And once a year I will let them choose where they want to go.

When I am old I will be an architect and a pilot. I will design my own house I will fly a private plane I will also have a small book and game store of my own.

But for now I have to do my math homework and listen to my mom but don’t be too surprised when I am old and own a team of sled dogs.

But for now I must do my homework, listen to my parents, get a good education and a good job.

Dedicated to: Mom for buying me my first goldfish and starting the chain reaction towards my future.

So don’t be surprised when you see me flying my plane.

By: Linnea Kedziora 5B This is dedicated to my grandpa Keller By: Ben Keller 5B


Mrs. Bennett 5th Grade When I am old I will live on the bright sunny beaches of Florida. When you look at my house you will see my beautiful garden with all of my beautiful, vibrant flowers. I will live with my loving husband and every month my loving grandchildren will come and visit me. When they come I will spoil them till their hearts will fall out. I’ll fill their tummies with all the sweet, sour, creamy, and crunchy candy it could hold. When I am old I will teach all the little 1st grade children in my class. My class will get “Kent Cents” every time they do a good deed. Some days we will go to the beach and have the day off class at the beach. Some days for lunch we will walk to the beach and have a picnic once every two months. When I am old I will wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning. I’ll start my day with some peanut butter toast and a delicious cup of coffee in my favorite mug that says “#1 Grandma” that my grandkids gave me for my birthday. Then I will swim in the ocean and get a good tan with my SPF 50. But for now I must clean my room, go to school, and fallow the rules. So don’t be surprised when I am old and will be the best grandma in the world. See you on the beach.

When I am old, I will own my own boat. The boat won’t be very big, just big enough for a crew of about 10 people. My crew will be made up of my dearest friends and family.

When I am old, I will sail around the world to see new places and to pursue my wonderful, yet dangerous, dream. I will have a list of places to set up as checkpoints. My first and last checkpoint will be my snug, cozy, cottage in Rhode Island.

When I’m old, I will have an excellent job to pay for the expenses of the trip. My dream job is to be a robotics engineer. I want to get a doctoral degree at M. I. T.

But for now, I have to do my homework, brush my teeth every night, and be more active. But don’t be too surprised when I have my dream job, my own cottage, and have sailed around the world. Dedicated to my future children By: Ben Martin 5B

Dedicate this to my family and friends By: Grace Kent 5B


Mrs. Bennett 5th Grade When I am old, I will live in Oakwood. When I have my children and grandchildren over for dinner I will make delicious chocolate chip cookies for dessert. We will watch their favorite movies and go to bed when we want! We will play with my three dogs and cat. We will also feed the exotic fish.

When I am old, I will be surrounded by fun, family, and hilarious friends. I will travel with them all the time. We will go to all the continents except Antarctica, amazing Europe, interesting Africa, awesome South America, cool Asia, and wonderful Africa. And of course North America.

When I am old I will watch my children raise the family business that eventually my grandchildren will inherit. That business will be a Vet’s office. We will own the business together. It will be tons of fun.

But for now I must do long boring hours of homework, do chores, and stay in Oakwood Monday through Friday, in less there’s snow or ice on the sidewalk. So don’t be too surprised when I am old and make the best chocolate chip cookies around. Dedicated to: Grandma Trish, Grandma Thompson, Grandma Matusoff, G.G. Cantwell, Poppy, and Granddad

By: Emma Matusoff 5B

When I am old I will have 2 Labrador Retrievers and live in the country. Every day grandchildren will come to see me. We will go to an open field with apple trees. We will go and pick apples to eat.

When I am old I will travel to many different places with my family. Every summer we can go to a different state each year. When we go we can stay up as long as we want just to spend time with the family. That’s what I will do.

When I am old my family will come over to eat as much candy as they want. Every time I will have as much as the candy box can hold just for my family. I will make great ice tea an awesome corn bread. Early in the morning I wake up at 5:00 am and drink a good cup of coffee and have a good piece of toast. After that I would make my husband a cup of coffee and a piece of toast.

But for now I need to clean my room, brush my teeth, and focus on school. So don’t be too surprised when I’m old and start to have a lot of candy.

Dedicated to my great grandmother By: Lilly O’Connor 5B


Mrs. Bennett 5th Grade When I am old I will have my own candy store I’ll have sweet, sour, and chocolate candies I will teach my grandchildren how to make candy and they will try to make their own special recipes.

When I am old I’ll live in New Orleans, Louisiana. My house will be made out of rosy red bricks with a pool in the back and a luscious drop-dead gorgeous garden that has exotic plants and flowers of all colors like crimson, midnight blue, and tangerine. I won’t get mad at my grandchildren when they crush my flowers.

I’ll live in a house full of all kinds of candy. My grandchildren will love to visit because they can try all kinds of new candies and play with fun toys.

When I am old I will live on the beach and have a sweets shop on the boardwalk. My house will be on top of my sweets shop.

When I am old I’ll let my grandchildren splash me in the pool. When we’re done playing in the pool I’ll let them eat brownies and watch T.V. the whole afternoon. When they leave I’ll go to my office and retire from the marvelous job of a lawyer.

When I am old I’ll work in my drop-dead gorgeous garden and pause for a moment to take in the beauty of my surroundings the Teesias swaying in the breeze and the Zantedeschias blooming and the sun slowly sinking. (Zantedeschias and Teesias are flowers)

It will have an amazing view of the ocean.

When I am old and my grandchildren visit me, they’ll explore the candy shop and be my testers for new kinds of candy.

But for now I must do my chores, put up with my siblings, and work hard in school.

But don’t be surprised if you see my gorgeous garden with exotic plants and flowers.

They’ll play with toys I’ll give them, play on the beach,

Dedicated to my Dad and Step Dad

and listen to the sound of the waves.

Mark Pittman: For giving me my great vocabulary Matt Jones: For working everyday for our family

But for now I must get good grades,

By: Zoey Pittman-Jones 5B

take care of my dog and cat, and help my mom make dinner. But don’t be surprised when you see me in my candy store.

Dedicated to my cat, Snickers, and my dog, Jenkins By: Sara Pierce 5B


Mrs. Bennett 5th Grade When I am old I will become an engineer but not just any engineer—a special one,

When I am old I will live in a big mansion in Oahu, Hawaii. I will be a millionaire and have 4 kids, 2 of them will be in college and 2 will be married and have kids. I will have a husband who sits on the couch all day and watches football.

one that will make me happy.

When I am old I want to make sports cars,

When I am old I will go on many great trips around the world with my lovely husband. While I’m on those trips I will have so much fun you will be jealous when I get back.

but a new type of sports car faster than a Ferrari and cooler than a Bugatti.

When I am old if you ask some one “What is your dream car?”

When I am old I will look at all the good memories I had. I will even call some of my own friends and talk to them so they know I am thinking about them.

When I am old I will invite my grandchildren over so we can do many things together like bake cookies, swim in our pool, and play outside in our backyard.

they would say the Digautii, my own design. It would be the new thing,

But for now I must walk to school, clean my room, play with my dog, Stella, and get good grades.

the coolest car ever.

But for now I must get good,

But don’t be surprised when I live in a mansion and travel all over the world and have wonderful grandchildren

grades, do my chores, and go to a good college.

By: Katherine Reymann 5B I dedicate this to my friends and family

So don’t be too surprised when I am old and you’re driving A Digautti.

Dedicated to my Grandpa because he is very special person. By: Chris Powell 5B


Mrs. Bennett 5th Grade When I’m old I will retire from

When I am old I will live in a mansion

being a lawyer where I solved so many

In Orlando, Florida. I will have an extraordinary

unsolvable cases.

Swirly water slide in my huge pool. I will be The best grandma ever.

When I’m old I ‘m going to move to Florida and join a retirement

When I am old, I will invite my

village where I can golf all day and

Grandchildren over to my house on a

sleep all night. Then, I will buy out

Beautiful, sunny day. We will dive off

a five star restaurant where I will

My high dive into my amazing pool.

eat every day with my family for

After that we will go into my mansion

free. In my house I will have

And watch a movie in my movie theater room.

a pool with a high dive and a large “man cave” for my grandchildren.

When I am old and my grandchildren Come to visit me we’ll go into my garden

When I’m old I will collect wine

And pick out some vegetables and then go into

from all over the world, old to new.

My kitchen and cook something good. Then the

I’ll meet up with my children and

Whole family will come over and we will have

grandchildren at y summer home in

A wonderful time together.

Portland, Oregon. But for now I must…go to school, get good But for now I must go

Grades, and take care of my pets.

to school every day, do my homework, and go to bed when I’m told. But don’t be too surprised when I own two homes.

Dedicated to my friends and family. By Brendan Talarczyk 5B

So don’t be to surprised when I am old and you see me… Jumping off my high dive and landing in my huge pool.

Dedicated to my family By: Lucy Wagner 5B


Mrs. Bennett 5th Grade When I am old I’m going to be lazy sitting in my favorite chair that I sit in

When I am old I will be a fabulous baker I will be the best baker in the entire world.

every in front of my 52 inch T.V. I’ll relax after my career of being an

When I am old I will be the best Mom ever.

architect and guitar player.

My children will love me

When I am old I’m going to shoot any rabbit or squirrel I see out in the

And my children’s friends will love to come Over to have my tasty treats.

woods where my house is going to be. I’ll build my mansion I’ll build it by a pond where I’ll go fishing every week.

When I am old I will go to all of

When I am old I’ll have tons of trap shooting trophies and fishing trophies

My kids’ sports, school events, and other activities.

that will hang on my winner’s shelf. My wife will yell at me saying, “You

Cookies, and for class picnics I will

never do anything around here, but I do everything!” But for now I must do chores, do my homework, take guitar lessons, and

For the sports snacks I will bring in some

Bring in some of my homemade pizza and Treats.

fish at public.

When I am old I will become the

But don’t be surprised when you see a 75-year-old dude playing the electric

Best most wonderful grandma ever,

guitar out in the middle of the wilderness.

Dedicated to: My Grandpa By: John White 5B

And I will still own a bakery near Lake Titicaca in Peru.

But for now I must stay in school, Study for tests, and clean my room.

So don’t be too surprised when you come To a bakery called Abby’s Bakery near Lake Titicaca in Peru.

Dedicated to my Aunt Becky and my mom for being great bakers. By: Abby Wilcher 5B



Mrs. Hawkey 5th Grade When I am old I will be an engineer. After work I will wash My greasy, dirty hands. When I go home I will look back at The good memories of school, my family, and friends. Then I will tell my grandkids stories of when I was a child and all the fantastic, unrealistic adventures I had with my family.

When I am old, I will retire from engineering and become a businessman And have a fairly big house. I will spoil my grandchildren with candy And play games. I will also tell them jokes. I will show my grandchildren pictures from my childhood. When I get enough money for a boat I will get one and go camping. I’ll go tubing on my radical, speed demon boat and later at night I’ll tell the scariest, ghastly ghost stories to my grandchildren while sitting by a toasty fire, roasting marshmallows.

When I am old I will take my grandchildren to a slope and do one of my favorite sports when I was a child-skiing. I will teach them how to do exciting, awesome, tricky tricks. After we’re tired of skiing we’ll go to the lodge and have hot cocoa and when we get our sore feet out of the heavy boots, we go home and sit by the fire while watching T.V. But for now I must study for tests, get good grades, and listen to my parents. But don’t be too surprised when I am old, and start to be an expert skier.

BY: GREGORY TERRELL 5H Dedicated to My dad and Uncle Tim


Mrs. Hawkey 5th Grade When I am old I will own

When I am old I want to be a dog trainer.

A beach house on Florida.

I will have a Siberian husky and a shepherd. I will teach my dogs to do

I will swim in the Crystal clear ocean And play on the white sandy beach

agility courses. Will live alone.

All day long with my grandkids. When I am old When I am old I will Travel all over the world. I’ll go to England, Peru, Egypt, Australia, And Brazil. I will taste delicious new foods And meet new people.

When I am old I will get my

I will live in Kentucky I will have a couple of acers of land so my dogs can run around. I will have a SUV to drive my dogs to parks and to competitions. I will have a small shed for my dogs and an enormous duplex for my self.

Grandkids amazing presents for

I will go to UC for college and get a degree in photography.

Their birthday and Christmas.

I will be in a triathalon.

I will be their favorite grandma

I will be a photographer for wild life.

And always love them.

I will have a pool table in my basement.

But, for now I have to get good grades,

But for now I must do my homework, take out my dogs, and go to school.

Do well in school, and make new friends. So, don’t be too surprised when I am old and

So don’t be surprised when I am old and I am a dog trainer and a

Own a beach house in Florida.

photographer of wildlife.

By: Catherine Allen 5H

By: Owen Callahan 5H

Dedicated to my friends and family


Mrs. Hawkey 5th Grade When I am Old I will live in the same area as my kids. I will play with my grandchildren all the time. I will spoil them with delicious treats. We will play cards, color, watch TV together, and they will love coming over to my house. When I am old, in the winter I will even go sledding with my grandchildren on my big hill in my backyard. On a hot summer day I will take them to the park and play any game they would want me to play. They will spend the night and when I’m tucking them in, I will tell them stories about my childhood and how I had awesome friends. When I am old I will look back and think about all the friends I had. I will look at the scrapbook I made when I was younger and I will still keep in touch with my friends. We will plan a vacation at the beach in North Carolina. I will think about how I miss being young. But for now on I must go to school, get good grades and have fun with my friends and family. So don’t be too surprised when I’m with my friends having the best time of my life.

I dedicate this to my friends, family, and grandma By: Lily Banke 5H

When I am old I will live in a small house with my husband. It will have a big back yard. We will live in a small town near Disney World so we can take our grandchildren there whenever they come to visit.

When I’m old I will travel all over the world. I will travel to Paris, Spain, Rome, England, and South America. I will stay at nice hotels. I will bring back gifts for my grandchildren from all these wonderful places.

When I am old I will still run an animal rescue. I will rescue any kind of animal in danger. I will take care of them, too. I will have a playful beagle that I found whimpering on the side of the road.

But for now I must go to school, put up with my annoying brothers, and take my dogs on walks.

When I am old I will tell funny stories to my grandchildren about their mother when she was a little girl. We will laugh and play cards on a rainy day. We will also go on boat rides, and if they behave I will take them on a Disney Cruise.


So don’t be too surprised when I’m old and I take my grandchildren to Disney World and have a beagle. By: Emily Cannon 5H Dedicated to: My family

Mrs. Hawkey 5th Grade When I am old, I will live in Oakwood, OH,

When I am old I will still act like I’m 20.

And I will be a chef! I will make delicious treats

I’ll do all the things I never got to do when I was younger like

For breakfast and lunch. Many people will come To Katie’s Café for Restaurant Week! They will love the delicious Food because of the lightness of it!

When I am old, I will always go to the library. I will check out books, movies, and anything for Spare time. However, I will never, ever have any overdue books! The librarians will be impressed with my punctuality.

When I am old, I will travel, a lot! I will travel to many countries of the world. I will visit some Pyramids in Egypt, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and maybe the Northern Lights nearer to Alaska. I might also visit the countryside Of Argentina and the jungles of Belize.

But for now, I must go to school, Do my homework, and get good grades. But Don’t be too surprised when you see me in my new Restaurant!

Dedicated to: my sister, Sarah By: Katie Connell 5H

Skydiving, budgie jumping, and traveling around the world.

When I am old I will live in a giant beach house in the Bahamas and make my grandchildren stay with me the whole Summer. I’ll also show them all my World Series rings and Bore them to death about what it was like when I was a kid.

When I am old I’m going to beat all my 80 year old friends in basketball. I’m going to spend my days sleeping in a hammock next to the beach in the Bahamas. I will waste my money on things I always wanted and I’ll go waterskiing on my super fast speedboat.

But for now I must get good grades, stay focused, and listen to authority.

But don’t be too surprised when you see an 80 year old hanging out with a bunch of young guys about to go skydiving.

Dedicated to my family By: Joe Crowl 5H


Mrs. Hawkey 5th Grade When I am old I will have an orange

When I am old I will live in the Bahamas on

Corvette and live in a mansion. My

the beach right next to the ocean. I will

wife will be a super model and I will be

remember all my years as an NHL hockey

a basketball sports announcer. Then

player, especially the time my team won the

I will travel all around the country

Stanley Cup. I will tell all my kids and

with college basketball teams. And every

grandkids to always follow their dreams.

year I will go to the Indianapolisand announce the NCAA Final Four games.

When I am old I will swim in the ocean with my kids and grandkids. We will go

When I am old after basketball season

wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing. In the

I will go home to my mansion

winter I will go skiing with my family in

A play video games all day. I will

Canada or Utah. In the summer I will go visit

have every video game known to man.

my family in Canada.

I will be number one on every game’s leaderboards. My favorite video

When I am old my two cousins and my sister

game will be NCAA hoops 41

will live right next to me on the beach. I will tell my grandkids lots of wonderful

When I am old I will run basketball

stories about my experience in the NHL.

camps for college prospects. Also I will help coaches recruit so hey will have

But for now I must go to school, do my

good freshmen on their team.

homework, and get good grades. But don’t be

But for now I must play sports,

too surprised when I’ve played in the NHL and

get good grades, and go to school.

I am living in the Bahamas having lots of fun with my family.

So don’t be to surprised when you hear that I have the number 1

Dedicated to my family.

high school camp in the world.

By: Aden Dinning 5H

Dedicated to my dad By: Connor Dinkler 5H


Mrs. Hawkey 5th Grade When I am old

When I am old I will live

I will own a toy store on the beach

in Florida right next

I will invite my grandchildren to come and see me

to the beach in a lake house. I will watch my kids

They will get to pick a toy from my store

go off my high dive while I think

Of course for free

about the time I won the World Series.

When I am old I will have a mansion on the beach

When I am old I will go wakeboarding

Next to the toy store

and water skiing with my kids and grandkids.

At the beach I will sit in a lounge chair

In the winter I will go skiing

But I will need help getting up

and snowboarding with my kids and grandkids.

I will spoil my grandchildren at the candy store too When I am old I will tell stories When I am old

about my great childhood in Oakwood, Ohio

I will take long walks on the beach at night

and how I dreamed of winning the World

I will catch crabs with my grandchildren

Series and how it came true

And have moonlight picnics

and how we won the game.

I will love my grandchildren And tell them stories of what it was like growing up

But for now I must brush my teeth,

I will tall them how lucky they are to have such great parents

get good grades, and do my

And stories from when they were growing up

But for now I must do well in school, get good grades, And get along with my brothers and sisters

homework. So don’t be too surprised when I win the World Series and become famous.

Dedicated to my family By: Brian Erbe 5H

But don’t be to surprised when I own a mansion And a toy store on the beach

I dedicate this to my grandma By: Carolyn Duvic 5H


Mrs. Hawkey 5th Grade When I am old I will invest in the stock market

When I am old after I retire from the job I choose to

Coca beans, kraft, Air Tran and BP

succeed in, I will live where my loving family lives. I will

I will check companies on the verge of being sold

live in a nice homey house. I will spoil my grandchildren

And buy online

and take them to all the fun, crazy places they like.

I will live in New York City And have a condo on Madison Avenue and it will have four

When I am old I will still be very active and run around and


play games with my grandchildren. I will act like a kid around them.

When I am old I will drive a light grey phantom Rolls Royce I’ll have another home in West Palm Beach I’ll live alone with two dogs I’ll have two fat tan Labradors I’ll take the dogs on vacation with me

When I am old I will not stop chasing my dreams. I will tell my grandchildren to always chase their amazing dreams. I will also tell them if they get in trouble that their beautiful mother loves them and to listen to their parents because

When I’m old I’ll have my own jet

they know what’s wrong and right. I will tell my grandchildren about my childhood and some funny stories.

But for now I must Get good grades Do my homework

But for now I must clean my room, get good grades, and try

Listen to my parents

not to get in trouble. But don’t be surprised if when I am old you see my grandchildren and I running around and

So don’t be too surprised when I make a million dollars.

playing games.

By: Leo Flotron 5H

Dedicated to my Grammy who spoils me and Pops who acts like a kid with me. By: Katie Gingrich 5H


Mrs. Hawkey 5th Grade When I Am Old

When I am old

I will be drafted by the Steelers.

I will be a professional swimmer

I will meet Ben Rothlisberger and learn how to

I will win tons of shiny gold medals.

intercept and make touchdowns.

I’ll have a big mansion with

When I Am Old

Big screen TV’s and hot tubs!

I will have a football stadium named after me. I will be in the news and will have lots of fans.

When I Am Old

When I Am Old

I will own a farm too.

I will have an excellent agent.

It will own different

I will have a coach who I am his favorite player.

Types of animals

I will go into the Hall of Fame.

Everyday I will

When I Am Old

Go outside and play

I will give my grandchildren season tickets and let

With my family

them meet their favorite players. I will take them to the Hall of Fame.

When I am old

But for now I must

I will coach a swim team

Go to school, listen to my parents, and enjoy life.

When my swimming days are over.

So don’t be too surprised when

I will teach my children

You see me playing football on T.V.

How to swim, But will not make them swim 24/7.

Dedicated to my dad and the Steelers By: Theodore Hale 5H

But for now I must Get good grades, Focus on swimming, And learn how to run a farm! But don’t be surprised when you see me in the Olympics!!!

Dedicated To: My Family By: Claire MacDonald 5H


Mrs. Hawkey 5th Grade When I am old, I will look back at all the memories my best friends and I had. We will travel around the world together, go to the same colleges, and play bingo together at the nursing home.

When I am old, my cousin Taylor and I will bring our kids up to our cottage in Michigan like we always do every summer. We will have a boat and go tubing on the lake like we always do. At night, we will have a fire and make s’mores with all the neighbors.

When I am old, I will play hide n’ seek with my grandchildren and give them milk and cookies. I will spoil them and they will love coming to my house in Kentucky. They will spend the nights at my house, and before bed, I will tell them stories about my childhood, like I told my children.

When I’m old I’ll be the boss Of a huge business. I’ll live in An enormous house with a dog Who’s my best friend. The house Will be in the mountains of Colorado. My business will sell Almost anything new at the time.

When I’m old I’ll have My grandchildren come over And play in the lake outside. They’ll want to look at all of My cool new gadgets that have

But for now I must get good grades, have fun with my friends and family, and love life. But don’t be too surprised when I’m with my friends and family having the time of my life, just as I imagined.

Just come out on the market.

Dedicated to my friends and family

When I’m old I’ll

By: Erin Pitzer 5H

Ride ATV’s in the summer and

My grandchildren will climb The huge trees in the forest.

Snowmobiles in the winter All around my forest. I’ll Do whatever I wish to do.

But for now I must get good Grades, listen to my parents, and Do all of my homework. So don’t Be surprised when I’m old and Am still having fun. Dedicated to: My Family


By: Jack Nicholaisen 5H

Mrs. Hawkey 5th Grade When I am old, I will live in a mansion in San Diego, California. I will be a famous inventor and have robots in my house. I will encourage my kids and grandkids and my greatgrandkids to follow their dreams. I will live up to 100 years old and constantly be attacked by newsreporters.

When I am old I will retire and buy A house on the beach With my husband and drink lemonade on The front porch with him

When I am old I will own a dog farm And rescue the dogs in need From rescue centers. I’ll invite my Grandchildren to come over

When I am old, I will have two kids named Aaron and Sarah. Aaron will act as my little brother when he is not visiting and Sarah will act as my older sister. My wife will be almost exactly like me. My family will visit me and play with my kids. When they leave I’ll give them a small contraption to play with while they’re gone.

And go on long walks with them.

My sisters and I will visit each other Often and talk about the Memories we had and go shopping Together.

When I am old, I’ll have my PHD and my own spaceship. But for now I’ll have to deal with my brother, take care of my sister, and live my life. But don’t be too surprised when you ask me for my autograph! Dedicated to my brother, Jacob and my sister, Bailey. By: Alex Polete 5H

When I am old my children will Be grown up and have lives of their own.

So don’t be too surprised When I am old and own a A mansion on the beach and a Wonderful dog farm

Dedicated to my mom who always Wanted a dog farm.

By: Piper Rodebeck 5H


Mrs. Hawkey 5th Grade When I am old I will Own a huge beach house on the Sea Island beach. Every summer I’ll Bring my grandchildren down and go swimming in the waves. I’ll Take them shopping for a new swimsuit and a smoothie. When I am old I will be on Animal Rescue. I will own a puppy. I will know how To surf, and teach my Grandchildren how when they are older. When I am old, I will buy my grandchildren Great presents for their birthdays And Christmas. I will be their favorite grandma ever. But for now I have to do well in school, Make new friends, And get good grades. So don’t be too surprised when I am old and you See me on my Porch, Sitting On my old Rocking chair In Sea Island.

When I am old I will be a billionaire because I will have a pet store. We will only sell hamsters. I will have every kind of hamster. I will have golden, dwarf, and many more. When I am old I will have grandchildren. They will like hamsters. They will live in a mansion just like me. I will tell them stories about my childhood and all about my friends. They will have a lot of friends. I will see movies and go swimming with them. We will have a great time. They will have a good education just like I had. They will go to Harvard. When I am old I will give away my shop to my grandchildren. Then they will become a billionaire like me. They will have awesome adventures like me. But for now I must get good grades, stay in school, and go to college. But don’t be too surprised when I have a pet store. I dedicate this to my hamsters Humphrey and Brett By Bobby Rowlands 5H

By Julia Rubino Dedicated to my family

When I am old, I will live in Italy next to my Italian friends. We will have fire pits every night outside my house and roast tasty marshmallows. I will introduce my wife and kids to them. My kids will play with my friends’ kids just like we used to many years back. My friends and I will talk about all of the fun times we had when we were kids.

When I am old, I will have a nice paying job as a vet. I will help animals of all shapes and sizes from all over Budoia. My wife will have a job as a doctor. My kids will go to school at Aviano Elementary School and enjoy it just as much as I did.


When I am old, I will ski with my wife, kids and grandchildren down the slopes of Piancavallo. We will all visit places all over Europe and even, maybe the world! But for now I must do well in school, respect my brother and sister, and dream about making this wish come true. So don’t be too surprised when I am old and you call my phone number in Oakwood, Ohio and I don’t answer!

Dedicated to: My family and friends in Italy By: Caden Sanford 5H


Mrs. Reyman 5th Grade When I am Old When I am old I will finish my career as an Olympic gymnast and become a lawyer. I will retire as a lawyer at the age of eighty-two when I can not remember when meetings are anymore. When workers start to complain they need someone younger for the job, I will just say, “No, no, I am staying until I’m eighty-two.” When I am old I will have friends and family over often. They will come over every Sunday to play around and have a delicious dinner. Every Sunday my terrific husband will take votes to see what everybody wants. The choices will be either spaghetti or chicken; we will make them both together. At the wonderful dinner, we will all talk about how life has been. We will often play Bite the Bag. I will win almost every time.

When I am old I will have sticky s’mores with my Olympic friends and their husbands, Everyday in the summer and other hot and sunny days we will have these chocolaty treats. We will start a fire on my gorgeous porch. Every once in a while we will switch off houses.

But for now I must deal with my siblings, do homework, and be a competitive gymnast.

But do not be surprised if you see me walk into my house with a briefcase and a s’more in my hand from the night before. Or if you see my grandchildren trying to beat me with my special front flip trick in Bite the Bag. Maybe here and there they will win, but probably because I am going easy.

By: Lainey Teeters Dedicated to my family, friends, relatives, and my dog, Coco


Mrs. Reyman 5th Grade When I Am Old

When I am old

When I am old

When I am old, I will live in a nice house .I will invite over my grandchildren and their parents to have dinner. We will have root beer floats that are yummy, and after that we will find a funny movie.

My days on Broadway will be over & I’ll be a ballet teacher My grandchildren will visit all the time & we’ll drink jasmine tea while we tell stories & cuddle

When I am old I will still be in touch with my friends from school & we’ll have made lots of new ones

When I am old I will plan out super-fun vacations .I will go to Puerto Rico and have a blast when I am on the soft sanded beach. When I get back I will wish I was still there.

But for now I must do my home work, have fun and only imagine what fun I will have when I am old.

We’ll sit in rocking chairs while we play dominos, Chatting

So don’t be surprised when you see me playing out in the yard with my grand children.

But for now I must go to school Do my chores

By Jack Beyer Dedicated to my loving grandparents and family

& cuddle with my Mommy

When I am Old But don’t be surprised If you see me in a rocking chair With little children & dominos

By Alex Barker Dedicated to grandparents everywhere

When I am old, I will be an electric cellist who plays solos with my local philharmonic. When I am old, I will drink green tea with a slice of warm,buttered toast with my feet by a hot,crackling fire as I read the comics from the paper. When I am old, I will cook organic,cultural dishes and bring them to nearby shelters so that the residents can eat the dishes while I play my electric cello for them. But for now, I must practice my cello, try new recipes, and smile at everyone. But don’t be surprised when you stroll by a local shelter and hear forks scraping plates and electric cello music floating out the window. By: Maria Crusey Dedicated to my sister, Libby


Mrs. Reyman 5th Grade When I am Old

When I’m Old

By Kaes Drumheller

When I’m old I want to see lots of famous landmarks like The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, the long, tall Great Wall of China in China, and The Eiffel Tower in France.

When I am old I will go skydiving Into the Pacific Ocean And swim to land

When I am old I will watch comedy movies With my friends and party At a retirement home

But for now I I still have to go

When I’m old I want to travel to Russia, Africa, Australia, Asia, Spain, Italy, and China so I can learn new things to teach my grandkids.

When I’m old I want to swim, train, and save cute dolphins while they swim around in the cold, blue water.

But for now I must go to school, do homework, and deal with my brothers,

But don’t be surprised if you see swimming with cute dolphins someday!

To school and be A kid

But don’t be surprised If you see me on a TV-show for old survivor People

Dedicated to Boe Powell


By: Emily Fondy Dedicated to my family

Mrs. Reyman 5th Grade When I am Old

When I am Old

By; Hank Halverson 5-R

When I am old, When I am old…

I will own two dogs,

I will cruise down the old highway in my new Ferrari,

I will teach them to waterski,

I will sky dive in the dangerous mountains of Peru,

To swim in places like the ocean,

My short hair will be whipping in the wind as I learn to water ski in Lake Erie,

To read books and write letters,

When I grow old I wouldn’t see my cute grandchildren too much,

To bake chocolate cakes, And drive my car or motor boat.

They might get an awesome present from me,

When I am old,

The pictures of me on my adventures would be amazing,

I will read books all day,

They would always know where I am and what I am doing,

Thick ones and thin ones,

Don’t be surprised if you see me in the mountains of Peru, Heading to the ski diving plane, Or with a large colorful parachute on my back.

And small and large books too.

But for now I must Read a few books, Bake a chocolate cake once in a while, And enjoy seeing dogs as I walk down the street.

For now I will have to stay a good student, and loose my big fear of small heights, and practice ski diving.

So don’t be surprised when you see me Waterskiing one day, And two dogs are driving the boat.

Dedicated to Mrs. Reymann By Nicole Hess Dedicated to Saki


Mrs. Reyman 5th Grade When I am Old

When I am Old

By: Ried Huelsman

By Nicholas Jefferis

When I am old

I am going to swim with a humpback whale

I will beat all of the swimming records

I will win 94 trophies

I will teach swimming lessons at the Rec Center

When I am old

I will win an all time bowling record

I will play in tournaments

I will be on TV

I will be known as a famous bowler

When I am old

I want to work at Denny’s restaurant

I want to make breakfast for Denny’s

I would be a friendly waiter with a funny hat

I want to own a Denny’s restaurant in Dayton

But for now I must

Stay healthy and clean

Come to school everyday to learn

And get good grades

So don’t be surprised when I am old and I start to

Show up on your television as a famous athlete

Winning lots of trophies and medals

Dedicated to my parents and sister


When I’m old, I will spoil my young grandchildren with expensive gifts And teach them how to play Five Card Draw Just like my grandpa did for me.

When I’m old, I will travel to Paris, France And I will take lots of beautiful pictures And bring them back to show to my grandchildren.

But for now I must, Go to Harman Elementary School, And play sports, And stay in this country.

So don’t be surprised when you see me, In a plane flying to Paris, France With a camera in my hands.

Dedicated to my family

Mrs. Reyman 5th Grade By Carston King



By Ole LeBoeuf

When I’m old I will save the bats with dreadful white nose disease I will find them and then save their lives.

When I am old I will sit with my grandchildren by the blazing fire in our beautiful backyard.

When I’m old I will play and beat my grandchildren in sports and games like football and other stuff.

We will watch the sunset and roast gooey marshmallows.

But for now I have to sit behind a desk and do boring stuff like homework. Don’t be surprised if you see me outside beating my grandchildren in sports. Dedicated to my parents

We will tell funny stories and laugh about fond memories from when I was a child. When I am old I will spoil my amazing grandchildren with whatever they want. And if they want money they will have to do just a little hard work to earn it. But for now I have to do homework and go to school.

When I am Old By: Peyton Lauterbach

When I am old I will take my wonderful grandchildren on a lot of vacations to Sea World, Florida, California, and South Carolina. I will make an awesome room just for my grandchildren to play in. I will take them to the Cincinnati Zoo and we will look at every animal and we will ride the train.

But don’t be surprised if you see me in the backyard of my grandparent’s house with them. Dedicated to old people everywhere and Aron Ralston

When I am old I will have two awesome turtles, one playful dog, and one funny cat. I will take long walks with my dog every day. I will have turtle decorations all over my small house. But for now I must finish the long school year, get amazing grades, and turn in my homework. So don’t be surprised if you see me at the Cincinnati Zoo with my wonderful grandchildren riding the train.

Dedicated to my grandma


Mrs. Reyman 5th Grade When I am Old When I am old I’ll go on many treacherous adventures. I’ll Water ski in Hawaii, I’ll scale the great Mt. Everest, I’ll even sky dive! When I am old I will Play many different card games with my grandchildren. We’ll play poker, blackjack, and even Go Fish! But for now I must Attend boring old elementary school. So don’t

When I am old…. By Callie Martindale 15 5R

When I am old, I will take care of my grandchildren with deliciously prepared food, and my humble home wil be ready when they come to visit me. Everything in which is clean and orderly. When I am old, I will lay on the flowers in the green meadow next to my home, and gaze at the fluffy clouds all day, while I am lost in thought. I will enjoy having picnics to pass the time. But for now, I must stay in school, study hard and earn my college degree, and deal with my brother and sister. But don’t be surprised if you see me coming into my house with grass stains on my dress.

Be surprised if you see me in Hawaii! THE END By Aidan Maney Dedicated to my grandpa


Dedicated to my loving grandparents

Mrs. Reyman 5th Grade When I’m Old… When I’m old I’ll go skydiving over L.A., snowboarding in the cold Alaskan breeze,

When I Am Old… When I am old I want to travel the world to whale watch in the North Pole.

and I”ll climb the treacherous Mt. Everest.

I will take so many pictures of every type of whale there is.

When I’m old…

Each whale picture will be on my bedroom wall.

I’ll sit in a retirement home

I’ll feel so excited when I get the perfect picture.

And call out a big bingo And watch old people shows.

When I am old I want to take my awesome grandchildren to Seaworld.

When I am old I will

They will look at all the exotic fish with me.

Be the oldest president.

My favorite part will be looking at the beautiful whales!!!!

But for now I am stuck at school doing work or I am stuck at home doing gomework.

And do not be surprised If I am president in 50 years or if you see me skydiving over L.A.

But for now I must read books and do boring homework. So don’t be surprised when you see me looking through pictures of whales.

By Ava Millard Dedicated to my grandpa

Nate Mench Dedicated to my cat, Pual


Mrs. Reyman 5th Grade When I Am Old

When I’m Old Nick Schaller

When I am old I will travel to a lot of places and visit all my old friends. When I am old I will try to visit my favorite place every month if I can. But for now I will have to keep on being a kid for a while. But don’t be surprised when I am old if you see me in Paris, France, or Colorado, or maybe even here in Ohio, or possibly in Dayton.

By Grace Miller Dedicated to my cats

When I am old I would like to see different countries. I want to see Canada, Japan, and more. I can take an airplane or a car. I’ll go with a friend.

When I’m old I want to make lots of games. I will make games for the computer and more. My games will be arcade type games. I’ll work at home doing this.

When I Am Old…

But for right now, I must work as a student,

When I am old, I will have a notably large library. I will sit on a comfortably soft chair and read great books in the luxury of home. I will relax and sip chilled apple cider in my accomplished library.

Go to bed at 9:00 or 10:00, and

When I am old, I will go travel the world. I will visit cultural countries and see many wondrous things. I will sample delictables, tastes, and yums. I will have fun in foreign places. When I am old, I will own a business. I will make important decisions, study charts, and survey my success in the business world. I will enjoy being a boss of a company and buying and selling stocks. I will manage many things and still have fun. But for now I must be happy with a shelf or two, or maybe couple of vacations to places with a far away distance. So don’t be surprised when I open a library or travel to far-off places like Paris, Moscow, Berlin, and maybe even Seoul. By Connor Morris, dedicated to my family


Play computer games. Don’t be surprised if you see me at the computer.

Dedicated to Mom

Mrs. Reyman 5th Grade When I am Old By: Grace Scott

When I am old, I will live in a small cottage With my husband On the beautiful beaches of North Carolina When I am old, I will be the coolest mother, And grandmother, The world has ever seen. When I am old, I will sky dive over Colorado’s mountains And water ski on Lake Erie, And more. When I am old,

By getting them awesome presents And warm, homemade cookies. When I am old, I will also take the time to Teach young kindergarteners How to read and write. But for now, I must do well in school, And learn how to ski dive And water ski. But don’t be surprised, If you see me tutoring younger kids, (possibly kindergarteners) with an I heart NC shirt on.

I will spoil my grandchildren rotten Dedicated to my Nana, whom I love. Dedicated to my loving grandparents



Mr. Savage 5th Grade When I am old

When I am old

By Kayla Spitzmiller

By Grace Smallwood

When I am old

When I am old I will be extremely nice to my grandchildren. I will plant beautiful roses, bake tasty sugar cookies, and even play a fashionable dress up with them. I will always wear a pound of glamorous makeup and smelly perfume that they can try on, and for any crazy little grandchildren boys, I will let them play with any ancient Lego building blocks my brother will lend me.

I will take lots of trips. I will go to Italy to eat the food And Paris to see the Eiffel Tower And I will bring my grandchildren gifts.

When I am old I will read books In a big rocking chair On my sagging front porch.

When I am old I will spoil my grandchildren. As soon as Grandpa is asleep I will bring out the make-up

When I am old I will take my grandchildren to the mall every weekend that I visit them. I will buy the girls a brand new, fancy wardrobe every time we go shopping and make them try on every latest dress. The boys will get all kinds of dangerous looking fake weapons. After the mall, to end the day, we will go to get delicious ice cream at an ice cream place. But for now, I must live with my weird brothers and go shopping with my mom. But don’t be surprised if you see me eating ice cream with some really cute grandchildren. Dedicated to all elderly people

And the clothes.

But for now I must clean my room, Clean under the table, And do my homework

But don’t be surprised If you see me On top of the Eiffel Tower. Dedicated to old people everywhere


Mr. Savage 5th Grade When I Am Old

When I am Old

When I am old I will travel the world.

When I am old I will

I will go to Paris and see the great Eiffel Tower.

Make extravagant cakes all day and cook spaghetti.

I will travel to China and run along The Great Wall of China.

I will make cookies every day and experiment with

I will go to the enormous Mount Everest and climb to its highest peak. When I am old I will play soccer for L.A. Galaxy. I will join their team and be the best just like David Beckham.

New cookie concoctions and have my grandchildren tasteTest them. When I am old I will take 7 relaxing cruises in the Caribbean and take my grandchildren with me.

Maybe he will be my coach.

I will also buy a big mansion in the Dominican Republic

But for now,

And have a high-tech kitchen and spend all my time in

I will stay in school, Do my homework,

There, but when I’m not in my kitchen, I’ll be watching

And my chores.

Long soap operas and invite all my friends over while we

But don’t be surprised

Drink Starbucks.

If you see me at the Airport in a soccer uniform

But for now I must Do my homework, go to school, and go to Carlos Bakery.

By Brock Bartley Dedicated to my family

But don’t be surprised if you walk by my house and my Kitchen blows up and smells like cookie concoctions By: Rachel Thielen

Dedicated to both of my grandpas who both live happily in the joys of heaven


Mr. Savage 5th Grade When I am Old!

When I am Old

By: Caroline Winch

By: Anna Biesecker-Mast

When I am old, I will spoil my adorable grandchildren and we will travel together all over this magnificent world. I will buy them secret treasures and I will say, “Don’t tell your Mommy and Daddy. This is our secret!” We will have many adventures. After Grandpa falls asleep, out will come the whip cream for hot fudge sundaes and then, and then we will hit the mall! When I am old, I will go to Kings Island with my whole family. We will ride the daring Diamond Back and then go to the Beach Waterpark and take on every slide and I won’t even think about what I am doing. I will just throw my hands in the air and go! But for now, I am stuck here at eleven, cleaning my messy room, feeding the fat dog, and doing my homework. But don’t be surprised if you see me on the awesome Diamond Back…..laughing!

Dedicated to old people

When I am old I will want to live in a great, big, peaceful forest with a large tree house in the center. During my living in the cabin, my children and my grand children will visit me in the woods. I will travel a lot and go to the Eiffel Tower and look at the small world down below. I still have time to play with my grand children even though I am away a lot. When I am old I will have a lot of good fiction books to read when I am bored. I’ll still have the touch screen future to come in my house. My cats will be all over the furniture. But I won’t care because I love my cats too much. All my friends will live near and we will knit blue and green sweaters while the cats are playing with the yarn balls. When I am old I will have extra bedrooms for my grand children for when they come. Drawings and paintings made by my grand children will be hung up all over the house. The colors of the paintings will light up my house and it will make my feel warm inside. When I am old we will all go out to shops. My grand children and my children will come and I will sneak them all cash. But for now I am stuck at school doing homework and being tested on things I already know. But don’t be surprised when you see me in my large tree house sneaking my grandchildren cash.

Dedicated to my grandparents


Mr. Savage 5th Grade When I Am Old When I am old I will come to every sports game my grandchildren are in and be their biggest fan.

When I am old I want to own a pizza restaurant. It will be in Hollywood. My friends will work at my restaurant.

When I am old I will spoil my grandchildren so much when they ask for a new game, I’ll go out and get it for them the next morning. When I am old I will take my grandchildren to sports games and give them money to buy whatever they want. But for now I have to do homework, clean my room, and study for tests. But don’t be surprised if you see me and my grandchildren at the Super Bowl with candy and foam fingers! By Tim Davis 5S Dedicated to my family

The restaurant will play the Beatles and rock and roll music. When I am old I will be famous. I will be a movie star. I will direct a movie like Despicable Me. I will win four Oscars. When I am old I will run many toys shops. I will make games for gaming consoles. I will make ripsticks and helmets. But for now I must Try out lots of pizza restaurants. Watch lots of movies. And play a lot of games.

So don’t be surprised when I am old and start to Make billions of dollars!

Dedicated to: My sister Lindsey By: Adley Delidow


Mr. Savage 5th Grade When I Am Old

When I am Old By Emma Fisk

When I am old I will go to OSU and play Football and Basketball I’ll play for Pittsburg in the Superbowl I’ll be a defensive strong safety OSU will be in the finals when I’m on the team

When I am old I’ll live in Ohio I’ll take lots of vacations to Hawaii In Hawaii I’ll scuba dive crystal clear water I’ll also take a whale-watching cruise around the islands

When I am old I’ll have a wife and two kids I’ll have a purebred Black Lab and Springer Spaniel I want live Oakwood with my family I’ll play Football with my kids

But for now I must Go to school Do my homework And listen to my teachers

So don’t be surprised when I am old and you see me

When I am old, I will live in a big house and I will have open containers of coffee grounds all around my room because I love the smell. I will have two sets of bunk beds with cute sheets from Ikea for my grandchildren. My house will smell very good. Some rooms will smell of peaches, cream, and various other fruits (according to the season!) and some rooms will smell like linens straight from the dryer. And one room will smell like chlorine because I will have a HUGE pool where my grandchildren can swim, even if they don’t know how to. I will sleep on a king-sized bed with a flat screen TV. And I will have therapeutic pillows. When I am old, I will travel all around the world and I will see the tall, beautiful, Eifel Tower in Paris. And I will live in New York where I will see so many Broadway plays, I won’t know which is my favorite. I will also see the big, green, Statue of Liberty. Plus, I will go on African Safaris often. And periodically I will visit New Zealand. When I am old, I will spoil my grandchildren, even when my own children say, “STOP!” because I didn’t spoil them. After all, it’s in the name, GRANDma. I will take them shopping and out to eat all the time. I will also take them to the zoo. Every summer I will give them each a one week vacation with a cousin of their choice and give them each $10 of spending cash. But for now I must learn, read, and go to math class. But don’t be surprised if you see me sitting in my bed watching my TV smelling the delicious smell of coffee grounds.

Water skiing in Hawaii.

By Ethan Edwards


Mr. Savage 5th Grade When I am Old

When I am old I want to be an author of a lot of books.

When I am old I want to spoil my grand children and what I would do is would take them roller skating , ice skating

I will write books about computeres and Pac-Man. I want to be an illustrator for my books. I want to make books about how things work.

and for ice cream too. When I am old When I am old I want to travel the world and visit friends. Also I want to make clothes and cook a lot. That is what I want to do when I get old.

But for now I have to do my homework , make my bed, and go to school. Watch out because you might see me eating ice cream.

By: Allison Gantt Dedicated to old people

I want to be a banker. I will own a bank and Boston I will own a lot of expensive cars. I will have lots of money to spend on school to make me smarter.

When I am old I went to travel around the world. I will travel alone and me lots of new people. I will travel to homeless shelters to give them money. I will try to visit 15 countries.

But for now I must Work hard in school Obey my parents And be nice to people

So don’t be surprised when I am old and start to Make a lot of money and become famous author.

Dedicated to: Mrs. Reyman By: David Gossard


Mr. Savage 5th Grade WHEN I AM OLD I will create the greatest TRON video game ever. I’ll make it so you go in to the game. You’ll have light discs, light cycles, light tanks, and light planes.

WHEN I AM OLD I’ll give my latest games to my grand children and show them how to make the video games, so they will think I am the greatest grandpa in the world.

BUT FOR NOW I must site here and waste my time writing poems.

When I’m Old When I am old I will spoil my grand children by always having candy and funnily wrapped presents in my mystery sack. I’ll teach tem all sorts of fun actives to do on rainy days. We’ll do fun art projects with lots of different colors and glittery stickers. I’ll take them in my boat that we painted together with lots of different colors around the active pond at my house. We can look at the different things that swim around in the peaceful pond. We can make up funny skits for their parents and stuffed animals to enjoy! I will also take my grand kids on long walks. But for now I have to do homework and start acting lessons, but don’t be surprised if you see me walking down the street with my grand kids and glittery stickers and paint allover me. By: Lily Garner Dedicated to my little cousin, Annabelle

BUT DON’T BE SURPRISED If you see me buying the newest TRON video game.

Austin Hookassian Dedicated to Dana Hookassian


Mr. Savage 5th Grade When I am old

When I am Old By: Max McGlumphy

When I am old I want to coach the Reds and be in the Hall of Fame. When I am old I want to live on the big blue ocean in the fantastic Costa Rica.

When I am old I will work in a bakery. I will make chocolate chip cookies. I will make pie and biscuits. I will make bread and rice.

But for now I must work on baseball skills, do my chores, and go to school. But don’t be surprise if you see my name in the Hall of Fame.

When I am old, I will own a pizza place. It will be at Harman School Cafeteria. I will make cheese pizzas. Mrs. Sorice will help me make the pizza.

By Trent Jordan Dedicated to retirees

When I am old, I will be a ticket taker for a train station. The train will start in Ohio.

When I’m Old

I will ride on the train too.

By Ben Marquis

It will travel to North Carolina.

When I am old,

But for now, I must go to school everyday,

I will have my own little peaceful island in the Caribbean, and my own little house with the most energy efficient items. I will also have the hallways filled with beautiful artwork from famous artists all over the world.

Study the train routes, visit bakeries, and

When I am old, I will reward people who help the world be a better place to live. The last thing I’ll need is a big, chocolate lab that is loyal and loving, and that big, loyal, loving dog will be named Elvis. But for now, I will just have to keep working hard, and make smart choices so I can be on that island. Don’t be surprised if you’re on a boat in the Caribbean and see Elvis and me sitting on the porch of our little house, on our little island. Dedicated to my grandparents


Eat lots of pizza!

So don’t be surprised when I am old and I start to sell pizza and cookies on my train rides! Dedicated to: my mom

Mr. Savage 5th Grade

When I am old

When I am old

Kaelan Patel

When I am old I will be a world traveler. I will visit Paris and see the magnificent Eiffel Tower and chin to see the awesome Great wall.

When I am old, I will travel around the world with my wonderful grandkids and visit the world’s wonders. We will climb the gigantic Eiffel Tower, take photos of the Taj Mahal and the Marvelous Great Wall of China.

When I am old I will visit my grandchildren. I will take them all over the world and get them whatever they want. Ill take them to Hawaii to see explosive volcanoes and to the sandy sunny beaches in California.

When I am old, I will give my grandchildren toys, candy, and happiness. It will be a Christmas every time I see them.

When I am old I will have a huge house with bedrooms for all of the grandchildren including a huge playroom with toys and everything.

But for now, I must get good grades, not get in trouble, and be kind to others. But don’t be surprised to see me on the Eiffel Tower with my grandkids.

By Charlie Mullen

But for now I am in 5th grade trying to get good grades. But don’t be surprised If you see me on the plane to Paris. Dedicated to the elders

Dedicated to my grandma and grandpa

When I am Old When I am old I will spoil my grandchildren. I will take them to the mall and let them pick out their own clothes. If they are girls, I will teach them how to put on beautiful make-up. I will also take them to all the malls in town and we will stay there until it closes! When I am old and when grandpa falls asleep, I will hit all the malls again. When I am done shopping I will go home and read, watch soap operas, and bake cookies. But for now I must clean my room, watch my little brother, and do my homework. But don’t be surprised if you see me in the malls with make-up on my face and shopping bags in my hands.

By, Kayley Palmatier Dedicated to my grandparents


Mr. Savage 5th Grade When I am old

When I’m Old

When I am old I will take my grandchildren on a vacation to the magnificent Cancun, Mexico. I will smother them with clothes and money! I will give them big kisses and ginormous hugs every time I see them!

Abbey Randall

When I am old I will go to Kings Island and ride every ride including Diomand Back. I will be at a circus laughing and enjoying myself.

When I’m old I want to Travel the world with my Husband. I will go see the beautiful Paris, France and see the amazing

But for now I have to do my homework brush my teeth and go to school.

Louvre and Eiffel tower.

But don’t be surprised when you see me on a roller coaster in Kings Island having a blast!

When I’m old I want to

By, Sally Shephard

Live everywhere in the magnificent world. I want to live my old old days in Oakwood where I was born.

When I’m old I want to Invent a little green monster. The little green monster will walk Along side me while I travel the world.

But for now I must live in one place (Oakwood) But go on lots of awesome vacations And go to Harman elementary school.

But don’t be surprised If you see me one day with a baguette in my hand and a beautiful piece of painting in my hand and a little green monster walking along side me!

Dedicated to Granpal


Mrs. Duell


Mrs. Duell 6th Grade What I’m From I’m from the beautiful Germany countryside’s

I’m from nice Germany

Those cold snow covered mountaintops.

Awesome Ohio.

The snow covered ground

Woody Pennsylvania

And those nice hot summer days.

And cool West Virginia.

I’m from the chirping birds

I’m from my awesome birthday

That nice sound of dripping rain.

The arrival in Germany

The sound of that crackling fire

And those hot summer days.

And the sound of pencil writing on paper. I’m from finding out we’re going to Germany I’m from the smell of those beautiful flowers

And getting cool stuff for my birthday.

That smell of roasted marshmallows. The smell of my dad’s hamburgers cooking.

I’m from “Lets get ice cream” And “Happy birthday”.

I’m from the taste of German fried spetzel That taste of those roasted marshmallows.

I’m from the song Rockstar

The taste of a Chinese crab rangoon

And Billie Jean

And the taste of nice toasted toast. I’m from watching TV I’m from my loving mom

And playing video games.

Also my cool awesome dad. The best brother ever

All of these things I really like.

And my good smelling grandma.

And I’m happy that I like them.

By: Ben Petkie 6D Dedicated to my family.=


Mrs. Duell 6th Grade Where I’m From

Where I’m from

Sam Moulton 6D

I am from divine foods,

I’m from Mom, Dad, B.J., and Steve,

from brownies and burgers.

The occasional pipe smoke that I can still smell.

I am from the athletics,

The deer in the woods, the crackling in the fire.

basketball, soccer,

The rippling water when I’d fish with my brother.

football, volleyball.

The woodpeckers tapping the old house.

I am from the sleep it ins,

The sound of my Dad’s singing and piano playing.

the warm covers.

The taste of cinnamon toast and all that Chinese food.

The long gone mornings I remember,

Going to Clifton Mill to see Santa and many hikes at the Glen Helen.

as if they were all day. I’m from family and friends.

I am from Divorce, kids in my school giving me.

From airplane flying to summer time.

Slanderous names and beating me up for having glasses.

I’m from the team,

The times I would get in trouble when I made a mistake.

and the leaders,

The times where things were tough.

from “ dribble, pass, shoot!”

The times where good things happen.

I’m from having two brothers,

The good times that we all have lived.

with having two sisters, and me, right in the middle.

By Gavin Harris

I’m from California and Lakeside.

Dedicated to my Mom who help me out in all of the though times.

Meat grilling and licking spoons, from any dessert. I’m from the family pictures, in black in white. I’m from movies, from scary to action packed. I’m from those special moments, that show where I’m from. Dedicated to my family and friends


Mrs. Duell 6th Grade I Am From... By Claudia Fitz

I am from the white sands of Destin

I’m from the traditions in my family

From the ocean waves hitting the shoreline.

Like Christmas crackers and my Nanna sending British candy.

I’m from the pink ju-kini we would now call bikinis. I’m from my magnolia tree its stepped like branches still lie in my mind From the huge white flowers that bloom in the spring or early summer.

I am from “How’s my little princess?” by my granddad, From Tough Cookie and “Did you get a kitty today” I am from only growing up with my mom, dad, and brother. From all my family living on another continent, on a different world. I am from the misfortune of my grandpa dying only 9 days after I came into this world. From Bloom and Pat the Bunnie

I am from “Baby Beluga” and “I’m Walking in the Air.”

From Yorkshire puddings and shepherds pie, From wiener schnitzle and bratwurst Even from the little things like hearing a new language.

I am from cracking my teeth, spraining my ankle, And nearly breaking my arm. From always having an animal in the house even since I was born. I am from getting a hamster watching it play and run, And then watching it as it would fade away into an empty cage.

No one can or will change how I feel and am today. I am and will always be from all of these and some things I’ll do in the future.

From Harry the Dirty Dog. I’m from going to New Mexico and England, so I was exposed To many different cultures, when I was young.


Dedicated to my grandpa Fitz who died when I was nine days

Mrs. Duell 6th Grade Where I’m From

I am from the baseball diamond,

I am from not depending on,

The smell of freshly cut outfield grass,

And the fifth-birthday proclamation,

The sound of a bat hitting the ball squarely,

Of drinking white milk,

And the crowd cheering for the hit.

And repeating needs to stop.

I am from Wisconsin,

I am from the rosebush,

Where I could play all day,

That took my tennis balls away,

With my sisters and cousins,

When I would throw them off the wall,

Chomping on soft, gooey chocolate chip cookies.

Never to be found again.

I am from Montessori,

I am from Mom’s special pecan pie,

Where I learned to read and write,

Coming every holiday,

And most of my other basic skills.

Or any time we feel like baking,

Montessori changed my whole life.

There is no better pie.

I am from my sister’s piano recitals,

I am from puzzles,

They got better each year,

Done by the whole family,

Until playing the best of the best

100, 500, and 1000 piece,

Showered with endless applause.

Never left unfinished. I am from my family,

I am from Christmas lights,

Who is the best I could ask,

Strung over all the houses, The most beautiful sight of the year,

By Danny Johnsen 6D

Put up early, taken down late.


Mrs. Duell 6th Grade Where I’m From Dedicated to my family. Thanks for always being there for me! By Emma Gunn 6D

I’m from city lights

With my friend

Out the back window,


From a petite doe and her two small fawns

From age four until now.

Out the front.

I’m from the hours spent at school.

I’m from cold winters

And all the things that

And hot summers.

I’ve learned.

From trips to the pool every other day.

I’m from the pictures now

I’m from days spent at the barn.

Framed on our table.

From horsehair on my jacket,

From rare pink steak,

And muddy boots. I’m from the smell,

Grilled perfectly

To which I’m now immune. … I’m from late summer nights, With my cousins. I’m from learning to love the beach, And all of its creatures. … I’m from Sleepover after sleepover


Outside. … I’m from sitting on The back porch, On late summer nights. I’m from those moments, Perfect and still, From the times I’ve wished The days would never end.

Mrs. Duell 6th Grade Where I’m From I am from neighborhood streets

I am from music

From deer and trees.

Pop, hip-hop, and rap.

I am from food

I am from swimming

Tyson chicken and soda.

At the D.C.C.

I am from boat racing

I am from my computer

Going fast on top of the water.

Always on Youtube.

I am from snowboarding Going down hills. I am the quote “You will never succeed unless you try” I am from my basement Where I like to hang out.

I am from skateboarding, Doing tricks And going off ramps. I am from watching movies On my comfortable couch.

By Grant Hearn Dedicated to my family


Mrs. Duell 6th Grade Where I’m From By Hannah House 6D

I am from smiles,

I am from Dewey’s Pizza

From jokes and insane laughter

every Friday night

I am from the wet kisses

I am from the sight of my magnolia tree

From my dog, Bogie.

Resting outside my window

I am from flowers, candies

I am from the love and support

And holidays.

From my friends and family

I am from rain and shine,

I am from friends

Sour and sweet.

Who are always there for you;

I am from “Hannah-Banana”

Katie, Amanda, and Katie

And “Monkey”

I am from tears and joy,

I am from humming along with my brother To a million songs.

But best of all, knowing

I am from singing those melodies

That I can learn from my past,

Many more times than needed

And also cherish it because,

I am from Wii and Nintendo DS

It’s where I am from.

I am from my black belt journey, And lots of sweat


Mrs. Duell 6th Grade Where I Am From I am from sports,

On the packed, glistening, and white snow

Soccer and tennis

I love chilling with my friends,

I’m from adrenaline,

From their houses to mine

Of the cheering crowd and encouraging teammates I love traveling, From Spring Island all the way down to Sarasota Driving the golf cart,

I am from my dogs, My full-of-surprises-whether-you-like-it-or-not bullmastiff to my cousin’s pug and lab I walk these dogs,

On the road and off

From places like the neighborhood down to Miami Beach

I love going to our frog-attracting hot tub,

I love my 3-legged rabbit,

All the way down to glamorous Siesta Key Beach

Who fills me with joy as I walk onto the porch but yet has the smelliest cage

I am nature, Riding bikes to camp for 3 weeks I love my friends and family, The near and the far I am from family food,

I am from television, Shows such as Pretty Little Liars and Family Guy I perform, Being in the improvisational theater to acting at camp

Grammy’s noodles and my mom’s famous hot fudge

I am pop music,

I like cooking,

Katy Perry to Enrique Eglesias

Homemade crab cakes to egg, sausage, and cheese casserole

I love alternative music,

I am from the tradition of wild dance parties at the Outer Banks, With the craziest music and playing Tip The Cup I love going to the movies, Tasting the buttered popcorn to the refreshing cherry icee I am from swimming, Riley’s pool to the Polo Club

From Coldplay to Peter Bjorn and John I listen to rap music, Teach Me How to Dougie to Slim Shady I am the moments and memories I have had with everyone, From happy and sad to confused and mad That is where I am from

I go shopping, On the Internet and at stores

By Isabel Sherk 6D

I am from sledding,

Dedicated to my amazing best friends who I love with my whole life!


Mrs. Duell 6th Grade Where I’m From Katie Whitlock

I’m from biscuits and I’m from bacon

I’m from cancer and I’m from doctors

Both of the scents tickling my nose.

And the days my mom feels puny.

I’m from lazy Saturday mornings,

I’m from anxiety

And from computer all day long.

The kind that doesn’t go away.

I’m from crackers and I’m from ice cream

I’m from Vermont and I’m from syrup

The favorite foods of Ta-Ta.

And the factory with the sled.

I’m from sitting and listening

I’m from Ben and Jerry’s

Listening to the stories he would tell.

And the traditions we have there.

I’m from porcupine grease and I’m from sowcoons

I’m from summer and I’m from spring

And words that came from nowhere.

And running from the dog.

I’m from pine on Christmas

I’m from lemonade popsicles

And porcelain ornaments every time.

And roasting marshmallows over the fire

I’m from the garbage truck and I’m from forests

I’m from piglets and I’m from calves

Ah, the forts that we used to build.

And watching them eat grass.

I’m from candy corn witches

I’m from all the animals

And the funny faces they make.

Running with them over the grass.

I’m from typing and I’m from books

I’m from Mount Vernon and I’m from D.C.

And the stories my father would tell.

And the big field that’s called a mall.

I’m from Ham on Thanksgiving

I’m from watching the monuments light up

And the pleas for more and more.

Every holiday season.

I’m from tears and I’m from worries

I’m from family and I’m from friends

And the guilt that eats from inside.

And people that love me so.

I’m from the NICU

I’m from poems and I’m from here

And the tubes in my chest, and the scar that stayed and stayed.

The place I’ll always belong.


Mrs. Duell 6th Grade Where I’m From By-Lizzy Knoll Dedicated to: My family and friends for making my life extravagant and amazing.

I am from summer,

I am from all my inside jokes,

From shorts and wedged heels to beach towels.

From the lavender color joke with all my friends.

I am from from my best of friends,

I am from shopping at Vonmaur,

Jenna, Isabel, Taylor, Claire, Riley, Evi, Julia, and Lucy.

Having Julia and I trying on heels and pumps.

I am from autumn leaves,

I am from the cinema at the Greene,

From jeans, flats and jackets.

From 1-2-3 go box incidents and gummy worms.

I am from lipgloss that’s from all different brands, Lancôme, Chanel and M.A.C. too.

I am from black Italian pumps, From Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.

I am from the smell of my horses stall,

I am from Coach trinkets,

From grain, hay and wood shavings.

From purses, shoes, and wallets.

I am from lunge lines and saddles,

I am from Burberry,

From stirrups and reins.

From sunglasses and scarves.

I am from the smell of laundry detergent,

But most of all,

From the blankets and saddle pads my horse wears.

I am from friends and family.


Mrs. Duell 6th Grade Where I’m From By: Maggie Stoecklein 6D

I am from Soccer

I am from seeing my BFFs come over,

From being perfectly fine, to getting hurt.

From seeing them at the OCC or DCC,

I am from baking chocolate chip cookies

To going sledding

They taste the best right out of the oven.

Even when there’s not enough snow.

I am from listening to Katie Perry’s song, ”Firework”, on the radio 24/7.

From almost running into a tree, To coming to close to hitting a fence.

I’m from being freezing because I’m at my sister’s tournament,

I am from Hungarian meal, chicken paprikash From “ I hate you!” to I love you.”

To becoming so hot that I feel that I’m going to melt.

From “ Horsetail” to “Curly”

In my closet there’s a bag, Filled with old memories

I am from The Annual Thanksgiving football game To my grandpa flying,

Pictures of relatives that have gone to Heaven

From the pancake my cousin gave him

And old toys from my childhood.

And many more stories to tell. Dedicated to:Edward Stoecklein December 4th, 2010


Mrs. Duell 6th Grade Where I’m From

Where I’m from

I am from swimming, From chlorine and splashes I am from the leaves swaying, Birds chirping, and dogs barking Whose voices I love.

I’m from dirt bikes and mud

I’m from homemade pizza and nuts and bolts, From Emily and Hayley. I’m from the “Marco Polo” And “ You’ll shrivel like a prune” From the chalkboard in the kitchen, To the fish in the pond. I’m from picking grapes, And homemade jelly. I’m from Mike and Family From Dippin Dots to pretzel sticks From the church I grew up in From Ms. Brittany to CDC From Ms. Pat and prayers To ABC and 123. I’m from Hildreth Drive To Patterson Road From hearts and angels To the red carpeted loft From Ariel and the mall

While I see Notre Dame stadium while I ride I live on top of mountains While riding past city as the blocks go by To the top of my tree, the sycamore When I first saw I knew it was mine While I see through my eyes

From Reggio Calabria, Calabria To the family I never knew, I still see pictures from long ago I see my Irish heritage with the Dutch Hungarian with the Italian Live together to create me

The thought of my family live on The lost souls and new souls Create my siblings and me The lives we lost and the lives we’ve created Our family lives on To celebrate love

To the family I love To those memories we’ve shared Since my days in the baby crib To my big girl bed.

Max Peppel, I dedicate this to my sister Marissa, Who helps me and keeps me on track,

By Maggie Kerns


Mrs. Duell 6th Grade Where I’m from I’m from my backyard From swing sets and trampolines I’m from swimming in the summer And playing in the snow in the winter

I’m from Charlie barking And getting in the trash And never listening to us.

I’m from playing outside On warm summer nights With my sisters and neighbors Catching fireflies too.

I’m from going to the ud games And cheering for the team. From winning pizza’s And catching balls And yelling at the refs.

I’m from gymnastics From leotards and shorts I’m from vault, bars, beam, and floor And getting a 10 at the meets.

I’m from playing the piano And doing recitals. And singing at them too.

I’m from kolach and ccc’s baking Only once a year I’m from lasagna and the 7 fishes From cake that Rachel makes And ice cream my grandma makes. I’m from I love you From mom and dad From grandparents And aunts and uncles too.


I’m from taking walks with my mom and sister. On cool summer days With Charlie leading the way.

By Natalie Thielen 6D Dedicated to my family and dog, Charlie

Mrs. Duell 6th Grade Where I’m From

I am from F50s that keep me light on my feet. Tournaments (that kill my feet and And soak me with sweat). From drumsticks and soup From Whippy Dip, And Red Robin. The sound of an airsoft bullet, And the sound of barking dogs. I’m from the sight my dogs lost to diabetes. From the pooper-scooper. I am from three dogs, And chasing Chase.

From the family of six, And Matt and Katie’s branch From the smell of the woods,

Where I’m From I’m from food, Cheese and chocolate fondue, With fruit and cake a marshmallows. I’m from pasta and cheese.

From drumming and band, Cat’s Pajamas, drum set, Marimba and hand drums. I’m from laughing.

’m from the football field, And the hot chocolate afterwards. I’m from summer and winter, I am from snow.

I’m from Bob and Gretchen, …and four siblings. From iMovie and Youtube, (M.C.Moms). From Rudy, our dog, barking.

I’m from recess and car rides. From good movies and games. I’m from weekends, And sleep in.

Sweet smell of dinner. \That’s where I am on The family tree.

I’m from poker and euchre, Computers and TV. Friends and holidays. I’m from family.

Dedicated to my friends and family. Nick Cassidy.

By: Sam Baker 6D Dedicated to my family.


Mrs. Duell 6th Grade Where I’m From I am from the palm trees swaying in the wind,

I am from the street where all the teachers lived,

the ice glimmering from the sunlight.

From the smiling and happy neighbors,

Where everybody has a smile.

From the Clemsons and the Robins

From the damp dew in the morning.

And the Red Foxes with the best hotdogs.

I am from the trains blowing, barking , sirens,

I am from the pet cemetery in my back yard.

Where the train station is your alarm clock

From the metal yellow table that gave me stitches

The robins chirpings and dogs barking in joy.

The dogs and mice thinking you’re food And the rabbit disappearing for a month

I am from the chlorine and chemicals, The smoke in your daily walks,

I am from the Harris Teeter,

I am from the chicken BBQ

And the Piggly Wiggly,

And the morning dew when you wake up.

I am from the never ending memories.

I am from the chicken on Main Street,

Dedicated to my cousin Kyle

From the savory and the sweet,

By: Nathan Cohen

The many restaurants on Dixie, And sweet pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving



Mr. Fleck 6th Grade I’m From.... I’m from mountains


and cats

and Peso

From flan


and steak

and Penny



and Dad

and Quincy

From Argentina

But don’t forget fatso

and Big Sky

and the gerbils

ole, ole, ole, ole and no yo se manana?

To Miso Soup cravings

From Buelo

Ginger Salad too

and Buela

Beef Pad Thai Empanadas

The late night readings movies and popcorn

Friends who throw up in your car


because of too many meringues

and Assassin’s Creed


Grown Ups


and Forever Young

And from my two families

Empanadas and paninis Nicolas Amongero


Mr. Fleck 6th Grade Where I’m From Poem I’m from catfish and greenbeans

I’m from Jenny lane and Hathaway road

And Apple pie

Harman and Dr. John Hole School

Pot roast

Canoe in the back

And the DCC

And braces

From Mousie and Pops

From Patterson park

Ace and Buffy

Oakwood football

Running in the yard


“Chasmo” and “Dill pickle”

Oakwood united too

West Virginia

I’m from holidays and family dinner

Elk river

Four wheeler rides

Fishing in the morning

Papa eating turkey

Canoeing on the river

And catching animals in the water

Disney world

Chas Barth:


That is where I’m from and I dedicated to my family

Washington D.C And the zoo


Mr. Fleck 6th Grade Where I am from

Where I Am From

I am from a flayer family

By : Kevin Hemmelgarn

Chocolate chip cookies. I am from baseball and basketball Brownies and pizza I am from a nice soft leaf pile.

I am from the fat daddy and carrot. And root beer and Dr. Pepper. I am from clouds and blue skies Root Beer Flips and Mr. Flip I am from apples and oranges.

I am from big empty spaces And a quite calm breeze. I am from video games and ipods Sleeping all day and computers. I am from swimming in the pool.

I am from hanging out with friends. I am from sports, candy, sweets, sleeping Soda, watching the Flyers, and friends. By Hugh Conard


I am from blankets, soft with Downy softener. I am from trees, thick with green. I am from deer in my yard that have different shades of brown. I am from pencils on paper, with graphite, jet black. I am from birds in the spring, with their songs so soft. I am from pounding water, from my wet shower. I am from juicy steak, fresh off the grill. I am from chocolate peanut butter candy bars, rich with chocolate. I am from Colorado, its snow so cold. I am from Florida; its summer’s steaming hot. I am from firework, on the fourth of July. I am from camp, with the gray smoke of camp fires. I am from double black diamond gladded trails, with the trees everywhere.

Mr. Fleck 6th Grade I am from running footsteps around the house,

I’m from skates on my feet and a thrill of the run

From the loud noises from one of my 5 siblings

I’m from the blasting buzzer and the ball in my hand

I am from people calling me sweet-coye-ander

I’m from winding roads and the buzzing in my ear

(And many other strange names!)

I’m from running in the grass and kicking to the goal and all these sports are way cool

I am from the Cocoa’s basement, With my family laughing and playing I am from the “Head up and shoulders up!”, And from the games of roughy tough I am from the laughing of my friends And all of us making complete fools of themselves But no caring,

I’m from a cool fresh day and my sister at my side I’m from swords and spears and shields too and looking at wind chimes I’m from a wheel at my hand and pedals at my feet Driving through gravel to beat the heat I’m from lights to wires to circuit breakers too

I am from Mark’s branch and Lisa’s too,

I love technology just like you

And the chicken broccoli and pasta From the awes and eww of the World Cup With everyone rooting for a favorite. I am from the photo albums in my living room With millions of stories. I am from the soccer field running Where you can be free and have fun But not the fun of the smell of taking the shin guards off, I am from the thoughts in my mind you make me who I am! By: Claire Eviston

I’m from music in the air and food on my plate Sitting next to my family to cooperate I’m from a match in my hand and challah to eat With a full blown meal full of meat I’m from shopping in the mall for my sister’s toe ring Standing near a cart watching a fat lady sing I’m from a place near and far but today not so much Because we all have cars This place is called Dayton, the place I was born I’ve shared this with you to warn you about me I hope you find something to see By Charlie Jacobs


Mr. Fleck 6th Grade I’m from the Luxor

The purple and yellow

The tall and mighty pyramid

I’m from family

I’m from carbanara

My hearing impaired sister I’m from the woods the wars of walnuts

The sizzling bacon on my tongue I’m from George huff sitting on the dock of the bay I’m from art camp I’m from the mombo five I’m from to your stations ladies That I made up I’m from star wars The huge dictionary I’m from poison ivy

I’m from Hawaii the stand up surfing By dragged across the lagoon I’m from father/son basketball camp I’m from not to shabby The best dodge ball team to set foot on earth I’m from “put the lime in the coconut” “and shake it all up” I’m from miss Nancy

Rolling in all day

The best tennis teacher I’m from peanut

I’m from hadlys and miles

I’m from risk

I’m from Mrs. Walther The teacher of forth grade I’m from American idol I’m from Vikings

The long hours I’m from waterpolo The eggbeater I’m from great wolf lodge I am from camp kern By: Mick Geehan


Mr. Fleck 6th Grade Where I Am From By Timmy Hutchins

I am from my family

I am from Florida and trips with my dad

Always there for me

Going deep sea fishing

I am from football

I am from “you have five minutes”

And the feeling of winning the game

To play video games

I am from king’s island Going up and down and spinning around

I am from my brother sometimes being mean

I am from my grandma being awesome every day

And his room never being very clean I am from soda

I am from cookies my mom rarely makes

Decaying my teeth

I am from the secret journeys my dad takes I am from xbox

I am from the very few snow days we have

Treyarch and infinatyward

And staying home all day

I am from my family and my friends

I am from all these great things This is what makes

Dedicated to both my grandpas

Where I’m from I am from soccer balls

I am from cookies and Goldfish

I’m from Lily, Jack, and Lynnie, too

From cookies and Goldfish

From Winnie the pooh and Rypie

From school to Micky Mouse

I am from Wright Patterson

I’m from the soccer field

I’m from these special attributes

(whether it be the museum or the office)

And the performances

special to me

I am from crying and screaming,

From Psych and soccer games at many

It’s most of these things

And the singing too

I’m from Pokemon cards

In which I hear a lot of

with all the animals

Cause our family likes to sing.

and their powers all lined up in a row

That make up our family tree.

By: McKenna Morrisey


Mr. Fleck 6th Grade Where I’m From Emilee Koenig

I’m from beaches full of shells

From walking

I’m from barking in the backyard

I’m from electric

I’m from squeaky shoes

From Waving Flag

and rims and hoops

I’m from dogs and birds I’m from the red bud tree

I’m from sweet, sweet chocolate

The leaves are shaped like hearts

(milk chocolate of course) I’m from smells of fruit

I’m from Germany and Italy

I’m from Stella the Story Teller

I’m from Gaga

Blues Clues

and Big John

and Barney I’m from laughter

I’m from Camp Kern

and smiles

I’m from Peanutt Coco and Molly

From Cindy and Bob

who love me oh so much

I’m from Marco Island I’m from “keep your chin up”

I’m from Speak Now and Back to December

I’m from the smart ones

by the lovely artist Taylor Swift

I’m from March 27, 1999

I’m form Emma and Rachel and Kathryn and Sydney From pillow fights and sleepovers I’m from Fear Feast

Dedicated to: My family and friends who I love


Mr. Fleck 6th Grade Where I’m From Ann Murphy-Zahora

I am the autumn wind

I’m an avid reader

That blew life into my mother’s arms

I am my family’s SORRY champion.

On that sunny September day.

I am a puppy expert

I’m the namesake to an aunt

Blessed with 10 on Thanksgiving Day!

Who was taken far too soon in life. I am the smile that returned to my family’s faces

I am laughter

The day the doctor announced the new family arrival!

I am my Grandfather’s memory of Precious time with both my Grandparents

I am the sandy beaches and the seashells

Before a hateful cancer struck our

That my grandmother taught me to appreciate

Family once again.

Very early in life. I’m the middle child that adores

I am long talks with my Mom

My oldest sister and younger brother.

I am teasing my Dad I am carrying on traditions in years to come

I am family first

With my sister and brother.

I’m a true and honest friend I’m the truth whether it’s a popular opinion or not.

I am from a strong family.

I’m red, white and blue

I am content.

And as American as Hershey’s chocolate!

I am blessed. I am loved.


Mr. Fleck 6th Grade I’m from om nom nom kittens

From my relatives in Greece

And double names

That I rarely see

From Martha and Martha or Richard and Richard

From all my crazy cousins on Christmas morning

From getting my grandparent’s mail

Opening packages with haste

And a slushie on a hot summer day From the fat baby book in my room

I am from my Tucker dog

The memories I do not know

With only one ear up

But the cameras still have captured

His annoying squeaking hog He drinks out of a cup

I’m from a real evergreen around holiday time

Full with water that was supposed to be mine

A mouse in a cup With a broken handle is mine

I’m from Saturdays with my aunt

Or renting movies with my sis

Who is so much fun

The first time I watched UP

We run all of her errands Until our work is done

I’m from antique malls on weekends

We play with Sicsa’s puppies

From cars with wreaths on the hood

With the kittens too

The sounds of the bells Coming from Victoria’s room

Where I’m from

The smell of Pillsbury orange rolls

It’s a special place

On Sunday mornings

It’s roller coaster ride And it’s more than this poem can say

By: Elizabeth Ordeman Dedicated to my family and Tqucker


Mr. Fleck 6th Grade Where I Am From By Caitlin Paolucci

I am from farmland, From Tennessee mountains Scarlett & Star my dogs The sights I see of summer, winter, and fall I am from Kelly Clarkson’s songs And piano music too I am from smells of homemade lasagna Fragrance of Black Amethyst perfume And Hershey Cake I am from tastes of Paolucci meatballs Very Cherry Dump Cake And green bean and bacon wraps I am from Mama, Data, and Dom From Grandma and Paco too Lizzy O. Michelle and Carrie my BFF’s too I am from Disney World, Sweet Ben & Jerry’s too And the old, old barbershop I am from Grandma P’s Great Birthday A great Christmas and Thanksgiving too I am from “Bowling Buddies”, “Hail” and “Let out the dogs” I am sounds of waves, whale songs, birds, and train whistles too I am from many other things Drawing, reading, writing stories, painting, playing fetch with my dogs and Watching movies too


Mr. Fleck 6th Grade Where I’m from Emma Penry I am from the football games

I am from the tanning

From cheering and laughter

To the ocean singing ally-oop papa

I am from the waters

I am from Kings Island

To the face planting to the smiling

The hair blowing to the shocked faces

I am from the sports

To the skin pushed back on your face

From the fields to the courts I am from Doug and Joanna I am from the moving

From the bad times and the good

From the tumbleweeds

From the sad and the happy

To the walking district

I am from friendship

I am from Austin

To the besties and the enemies

To Dayton

To the pillow fights and the sleepovers To the movies and the crying

I am from Florida with RĂ?achel from the laughing and the fighting to the salty air and the burning skin to the twins and the chicken fingers

I am from the burning To the popping I am from the homemade cooking To the microwave cooking

I am from gymnastics To the flipping and the balancing To Kathryn always there to motivate me

I am from Fear Feast To the screaming and the hiding I am from the kindergarten to Lauren and Katie but mostly I am from my family and friends I dedicate this poem to my family and friends


Mr. Fleck 6th Grade Where I’m from

I’m from rock and roll music

By Mira Rhodes

Guitar and bass drums

I am from Florida,

My brother’s band, Amnesia

From sunny days and rainy ones.

Singing and dancing

I am from smoothies to muffins I am from shopping to swimming,

Xbox and the Wii

From cold Gatorade to meeting Ryan Lochte.

Super heroes, Batman and Spiderman

I am from Great Britain to the 2O12 Olympics.

Racing down the tracks

From getting up early to “go to sleep!”


I am from Never Say Never,

Beaches and sunny weather

From Justin Bieber to Bruno Mars,

Swimming in the ocean

From loud music to “are you listening?”

Hamburgers, fries, and ketchup

I am from millions of funny pictures.

Florida fun

From loud concerts to good books. From Harry Potter to Twilight,

I’m from a loving family and great friends

Team Jacob all the way to Ke$ha.

Twin siblings My boys, Pete’s Posse

I am from French vanilla and cookie dough,

These are the best things in life!

From pink to purple, Sweatshirts to Converse,

By: Peter Roll

From puppies to kittens. And glasses to contacts.


Mr. Fleck 6th Grade Where I am from

Where I’m from

I am from charcoal

By: Lynne Taylor

From bubblegum and root beer From the crowded pools The pushing players And the sticky jerseys I am from Barbie’s to cell phones From Palm, Birches, And Sycamore trees Which is a big part of me

I am from a bunny From homemade banana bread and chocolate chip cookies (Yummy and chewy my mom always helps me) I am from “Put on your feet!” The grandparents’ saying Whose cozy house I love And I will never forget.

I am from Vietnamese food From Izzy and her tramp.

I’m from Kenna and Moa

I from the “Go Gators!”

From Carebear and Soph

And the Hunger Games

And the O-M-G-‘S

From the “Stand up straight”,

From the all-nighters

And “Don’t mumble”

I’m from all around the world

I am from the hayrides To the haunted trails And the shiny, sparkly, plastic high heels To tennis shoes everyday I am from the breaking branches That fell on our barn I am from sunshine and rain And the sparkling, blue lake That I see once a year I am from the Carmel corn


Ready Position and Scotty D. Along by my side everywhere we shall go.

I’m from the beeping of the oven The overpowering Christmas cinnamon that daddachu loves From Roo and Prestwick House with Mike and Ikes The long weekends of puttering Every summer I enjoy The laughs and magic

And the peanut brittle

The faces I’ve missed

Who’s recipe goes way back

The famous Cousin Day

Just like my family tree

I’m left with all my memories


Not ready for change

Evelyn Shafer

Continuous traditions will remain the same.

Mr. Fleck 6th Grade Where I’m From

I am from paintbrushes and paint Purple and pink

I’m from books,

Live drawings

And the sounds of their pages turning.

Trashion fashion

I’m from birch trees, Which make my eyes water.

Cats meow and purr

I’m from glasses and ponytail holders,

Dog bark and growl

From sweats to Uggs

Bird’s squawk and chirp

Whose pink fur keeps me warm.

Pets cuddle and comfort

Mischievous acts of ornery I’m from tea with sugar

Quiet and introverted

From Clear Lake and Kasota Island.


I’m from “let’s go” and “time for school”

A love for giggling

I’m from earrings to bracelets. From orange to purple.

Collecting seashells

I’m from dogs with wet noses

Hot, humid air

And curly black hair.

And frizzy hair Florida life at seven

I’m from blue eyes And chapped hands.

I am from basketball, girl scouts, iPods, and sleeping

From roses to tulips.

Family and friends

From Harry Potter

Laughs and cries

To Lord of the Rings.

It’s like peas in a pod

These memories are with me, Like leaves on my family tree.

By: Gretchen Winger

By Katie Whitehair Dedicated to My family and friends


Mr. Fleck 6th Grade I am from the beaches,

I am from acting and singing,

from the ìWhooshî of the wave.

from Oliver and Working.

I am from the sizzling the of fries,

I am from writing plays,

from the sizzling hotdogs.

from math and geometry.

I am from the Grammy and Grumpy,

I am from ìClean your roomî,

from Mommy and Daddy.

from ìpick up your closeî.

I am from the big roller coasters,

I am from 30 min. showers,

from Shamu in Dolphins.

from waking up at six oíclock.

I am from the family reunion,

I am from water and ice,

from the old fish pond.

from trees and creeks.

I am From Eve and Emma,

I am from TV and videos,

from the smell of pine trees.

from Xbox and Wii.

I am from chocolate chip cookies,

I am from pizza and BLTs,

from pancakes with sausage.

from ice cream and whipped cream.

I am from big waterfalls,

I am from swing sets and slides,

from little toy snakes.

from sandboxes and plastic digging claws. By Max Williams


dogs to h


to fish

Mrs. Fry o t g o n g g e d An ckings sto

Sur v Am ivor a n azi ng d The Rac e

I am from the “Hello!�

x o b X

burning of broccoli 150

Mrs. Fry 6th Grade Where I Am From

I am from

By Matty Abney

By Dakota Adams

I am from family and friends

I am from Hawaiian sunsets,

Mom, Dad, Max, and Sam

From my dog getting jealous and jumping up and down

Grandma and math

My dad holding my dog on his chest

Grandpa and his dog

My dog barking,

Texting and cell phones

The sound of my video games,

“Hey what’s up” and “Got to go”

The sound of my game controller clicking I am from spaghetti, tacos, and my air freshened couch

I am from a cat that’s crazy

Tacos, chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies

She’s not like other cats

I am from Dad, Mom, Uncle Curt, friends, and teachers

Martha’s black and white

Taco Bell, Kings Island, and Grandma’s house down in Florida

She rolls and runs and makes me laugh.

Football games on TV, The Reds baseball team playoffs, the Super Bowl I am from Florida vacation Sunburns and white hair

I am from sadness when my dogs Eve, Kelly butt, and Sydni Mae died

Oceans and pools

I am from Black Eyed Peas, Tiao Cruz, and Usher

Parasailing and flower tattoos

My dad getting me out of bed in the morning

Great big hamburgers and riding in the back of a Volvo.

I am from movies and owls Monopoly and Risk Shopping at the Greene For new clothes and shoes.


Mrs. Fry 6th Grade Where I From By Madison Billiter

I’m from my dad in Kentucky and

I am from the “Hello!”

Mom in Vandalia

To the “Goodbye!”

I’m from my best friends in Oakwood

I am from the red

And Cincinnati

To the purple in the rainbow

I am from the beaches in North Carolina

I am from the “Stay up all night” s

To the buildings in downtown Cincinnati

And the “Let’s go to sleep”

I from the smell of baked cookies in the winter

I am from the “booshoe’s”

And the flowers in the spring

To the “Boom chicka can’t stop huggin’ you” And the “I MAD AT CHEW!”

I am from the good times to The bad times

I am from my sister’s birthday to mine And the funerals to the weddings

I am from the birthdays to The Holidays

I from “THE POWERS OUT!!!” To the “Are we going to die?”

I from the lights to The fireworks

I am from the texting To the calling at 10 to 2 in the morning

I am from divorces to The homework

Yes! Yes it’s true! I from all my family From the besties to the enemies


Mrs. Fry 6th Grade Where am I from?

Where I’m From

By Nigel Burris

Michael Hoffman

I’m from I-pad to ketchup

I am from Xbox and other electronics

To youtube to sports

From Facebook and The Oatmeal

I’m from Abe Lincoln to pizza

I am from Doodle Jump and other I pod apps

To technology

And Call of Duty Black Ops.

I’m from cats to rollercoaster’s

I am from hot chocolate and Hershey’s chocolate

To candy to fast food

From “Eat the rest of your vegetables!”

I’m from bass to trombone

From Coca Cola

And piano

And from cream soda.

I’m from Newport to Seattle

I am from baseball

To Football to Baseball

From The Southwest Bearcats,

From chee-zits to Pittsburgh losing the super bowl.

From biking and from playing outside with my friends.

I’m from Lincoln Park to Bruno Mars

I am from our condo in Florida,

From Muse to Lady Gaga.

From the beaches,

I’m from Ohio to California

And all of the shark’s teeth,

To The Lightening Thief to A Jar Of Dreams.

And also from the swimming in the gulf.

I’m from Independence Day to RED To Winnie the Pooh to Barney. I’m from Cheerleading to Basketball to Jumping of Diving Boards.

I’m from Movies to Tivo From School on weekdays to No school on weekends.


Dedicated to my parents

Mrs. Fry 6th Grade Where I’m From By Julia Dayspring

I am from a family of five

I like swimming at my Aunt and Uncle’s pool

With my brother and sister

To lie out in the hot, summer sun!

My mom and dad

To feel the cool water on my face

And then there’s ME!

And get out feeling warm and cozy

I am from a history of playing soccer

I’m from the Ohio State Buckeyes

From Columbus, Ohio

From watching the games with family

I grew up on the words “Don’t tell me NO!”

From going to Dayton Dragons games

And on spaghetti and strawberries

And cheering all day long!

I love lip-gloss and perfume

I’m from a clan of friends

My favorite is Survivor with family

From going sledding, to going swimming

Vanilla is the best

From going to the park

Along with the color lavender

To going to King’s Island

I love Rascal Flatts

I like a lot of things

Listening to their songs is the best!

But those are my favorites

But my favorite thing to do

So if you ask me what I like to do

Is going to UD basketball games

I will say all of the above

I love going to Florida To Disney World and roller coasters and fun

Dedicated to my big grandma!

To King’s Island with friends To ride the Diamondback all day long!


Mrs. Fry 6th Grade Where I’m from Poem By Cole Eckerle

I’m from video games and electronics

I’m from red and green

I’m from Youtube and Facebook

Blue and orange

I’m from Itunes and apps

From sky blue and bright yellow

I’m from Gamestop and Blockbuster

For team colors

I’m from chocolate and vanilla

I’m from friends and family

To “eat this not that”

To brothers and pets

From restaurants and fast food

My grandma and grandpa

And pasta and sausage

To aunt and uncle

I’m from Ohio to Panama

These are just some

And loud cities to quiet forests

Things that I come from

I’m from Kings Island and Cedar Point

But if I thought some more

And from parties to sleepovers

This would be a long poem

I’m from Christmas and toys And egg nog to stockings Apple cider and Santa And early wake up calls


Dedicated to my family

Mrs. Fry 6th Grade Where I’m From By Lucy Gideon

I’m from chocolate and sweets

I’m from Ohio and Rhode Island

From shopping and making cookies

From cruises to the Bahamas

From summer and cherries

From camp and plane rides

And the beach

And from spaghetti

I’m from lip-gloss and gymnastics

I’m from hearts and peace signs

From King’s Island and pop music

From “HOLA!” and “hi!”

From glittery makeup

From smiley faces and doodling

And the shining lights of Las Vegas

And from my dog Gracie

I’m from Survivor and The Amazing Race

I’m from reading books (sometimes)

From computers to TV

From my friends and my family

From back-hand springs and the city

From roller coasters

And from “Go make your bed!”

And from CALAMARI!

I’m from the desert and pizza

I’m from across the U.S.

From “WAKE UP!” and ice cream

From north to south

From going swimming and cartwheels

From east to west

And Washington D.C.

And everywhere in between

I’m from perfume and going out for dinner

Dedicated to my family and friends

From dancing and new haircuts From flip-flops and Uggs And from Colorado


Mrs. Fry 6th Grade Where I am from By Matthew Harrell

I am from soccer

And from movies

I am from defending the goal

Also popcorn with my dad

From passing the ball to teammates

Having food at the Greene

I am from playing soccer with my dad

And walking around

I am from Disney world

I am from wanting to be an architect

And fun on roller coasters

And from wanting to create my own airline

I am from plane rides

Also from wanting to publish a story

I am from bus rides around Disney World

And wanting to support my family

I am from Maui

I am from school

Also from luaus

Also from friends

And the black sand beach

And from fun teachers

I am from playing with the crabs

I am from Oakwood

Also from boy scouts I am from camping And from merit badges I am from “Are you ready yet?�


Dedicated to my dad

Mrs. Fry 6th Grade Where I’m From

Where I’m from

By Matthew Koch

By Jacob Frisbee

I’m from Ohio to Florida to California

I’m Scottish, German, Dutch, and Greek

I’m from Dayton to Oakwood

I’m from strict parents and “You’re grounded”!

I’m from video games to air soft guns

I’m from hot and cold And yes and no

I’m from food to water I’m from winter to summer I’m from dogs to hamsters to fish

I’m from working to sleeping

I’m from north and south And to beaches to cold lakes I’m from fishing And football

But mostly sleeping

I’m from 3rd base to center

I’m from sledding to swimming

And from ps3 and game boy

I’m from driving and helping

I’m from Colonel And National Fuel

I’m from reading to running I’m from falling to not failing I’m from TV to movies to popcorn

I’m from ultrasound And from the army I’m from mom California

I’m from icee’s to ice cream

And from dad New York

I’m from Nigra Falls to carnivals

I’m from sweet tooth

I’m from books to board games

And popsicles And from pulling weeds

I’m from Harman School

And watching TV

I’m from annoying brothers to homework and weird brothers

I’m from technology And I’m from direction sense This is where I’m from And I’m proud to be me


Mrs. Fry 6th Grade Where I’m From By Hannah Lowe

I’m from paintings and antiques

I’m from Grammy Fridays and Arizona

We were “the Lowe’s who lived in a bungalow in Chicago”

I’m from museums and aquariums

The smell of peanut butter throughout the house My dad’s cooking and my good friends

I’m from my mom’s crashed car My brother trying to use big words To make himself look smart I’m from big and new schools

I’m from the smell of peanut butter in the kitchen And my dad’s cooking I’m from my teachers and my soccer games And I’m from parks and bike rides


I’m from wildlife and small backyards And Sea World and Disney

I’m from lakes and vacations I’m from Six Flags and moving I’m from flat land and the windy city I’m from movies and Jack Johnson

I’m from the Beatles and injuries I’m from looking at houses and driving home I’m from small houses and local stores And I’m from car-pooling with my friends

Mrs. Fry 6th Grade WHERE I’M FFROM

Where I’m From

By Kathleen Mulligan

By Amanda Price

I’m from green grass and blue skies

I am from the Rocky Mountains,

From swimming pools and basketball courts

From seashells and cookie dough.

And even a plastic jeep

I am from the Soda Rock ice cream parlor. From roses and popsicles.

I’m from homemade cranberry sauce and chocolate From twizzlers and lollipops And apple pie

I’m from rock and alternative

I am from four-foot snows, From swinging gates and grilled cheese. I am from trips to Sanibel Island, From water sprinklers and lavender.

From Panic! At the disco and All Time Low

I am from sand between my toes,

And Paramore

From pink and green. I am from rainbow sprinkles,

I’m from water and chlorine

From water slides and summer dresses.

From Junior Olympics and regionals And 2-hour practices

I am from Colorado, From Maryland and Ohio.

I’m from converse and uggs From flip-flops and jeans And sweatshirts

I am from ocean waves and bathing suits, And haircuts from bangs to bobs. I am from places, From family and friends. I am from dinners and desserts, And from everything in between.

Dedicated to my mom, dad, dog Buddy, And all of my friends.


Mrs. Fry 6th Grade All about me

Where I’m From

By Rachel Reed

By Annie Rhodes

I love to ride horses

I am from chlorine

I love my horses Echo and Remeady

From dry skin to green hair

I love animals

I am from racing

My brothers bugging me

From losing to winning

I am exactly like my dad

I am from “Try your best”, says Dad

I look like my dad

I am from dogs

I don’t at all look like my mom

From big to small

I love my mom’s turkey chili

Cedric, my golden retriever

I love basketball

I am from Florida,

I love soccer

Salt water and restaurants

Swimming in the pool for fun

Pools and exploring

Swim in the lake at my grandpas

I am from watermelon Everyday in the summer

Pretty views in Mexico

I am from Sunday school

My mom’s turkey chili

Every Sunday

The canter sound of my horse

I am from fudge brownies

Family, friends

Once in a while

Kathryn, Emma, Sydney, Emilee, and Lauren and teachers

I am from homemade hot cocoa

Trails end equestrian center Year-end awards for horse shows Summer camp in North Carolina Owning my own horse Wake up bell at camp Taylor swift Flika, the blind side, and the last song


From fall to winter I am from blue and gold colors “OAKWOOD “ I am from “Don’t give up”, says Mom

Dedicated to: my family and friends

Mrs. Fry 6th Grade Where I’m from By Harry Schrimsher

I am from macaroni with pepper jack

I am from a time of air conditioning

And sandwiches with pepper jack

And computers

Oatmeal raison

Artificial lighting

And Three Musketeers

And electric motors

I am from attaching colorful pieces of ABS plastic to each other (Legos).

I am from a sane family

Emerald Isle shrimp cocktail And you can’t have that without hushpuppies

I am from, “is your homework done” And, “Eat your food” Hot Wheel cities And Scout meetings

I am from no preference for clothes and football Calvin and Hobbes And Spongebob

With a “crazy magnet” A teen in debate class And a dad that make awesome brisket

I am from Walter my curious dog Leo the mentally insane gerbil And Not So Hungry the survivor goldfish

I am from indoor recesses of Marble blast And outdoor recesses of waiting in line Weekends of sleepovers And summer days of sleeping

I am from good grades and perseverance

And Walter with 365 days of sleeping

Planning a future And learning

Dedicated to Walter the most curious sleepiest dog


Mrs. Fry 6th Grade Where I’m From By Taylor Snyder

I’m from boat rides to sunsets

From the OSU Buckeyes

From shopping to skiing

From “ Come on! Get a touchdown “

From melting ice cream to putt-putt playing

From red and gray

From all the new styles to piggy back rides

From touchdowns galore

I’m from texting to French dogs

I’m from figure skating and baseball

From soccer to piano playing

From ghosts and ghouls

From pop/rock to cooking

I’m from love and Valentine’s

From manicotti to killer brownies

From Put- In-Bay

I’m from the land of Ireland

From sledding with friends

From chocolate and calamari

From Miss Chatter Box

From tanning to swimming

To the “ Modern Age”

From many different hair styles

From “ Get up and stop being lazy!”

I’m from the 60’s era ( I WISH )

Dedicated to my friends and family

From the British invasion and The Beatles

But most of all…. The OSU Buckeyes part goes to my dad and The Daysprings!

From “ peace” and “ love” From “ Totally Groovy “


I love you guys!

Mrs. Fry 6th Grade Where I’m From By Peyton Wheat

I’m from the smell of ribs I’m from Lake Erie

To the burning of broccoli

From tubing to water skiing

I’m from good grades

I’m from the mountains Colorado To skiing to snowboarding down the steep hills, but mostly falling

I’m from the factory of cheese Cake I’m from the plate of squid and crab I’m from the box of pizza From the pepperoni and sausage to the tasty cheese

I’m from the hills of Ohio I’m from Ohio State Buckeyes To the Steeler Champions of Pennsylvania Six Super bowl wins about to be seven

I am from the outdoors Hunting and fishing I am from watching American Idol To rocki’n out to JBs music

I’m from the championships of golf To reading once or twice during the summer I’m from fun and games Most important I’m from the house of Wheat

Dedicated to my friends and family Steelers rule don’t forget it

I’m from the home of golf Trying to win as much as possible I’m from the home of football It is something I Truly love to do


s g n i nw

ke c i h C dpa

gran y m m o r f I’m

“Goodnight, my Angel,”

Mr. Gowdy dancing w was only hen I three

“You’re a dunder nugget!”

Stitche s in my head 165

Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m From I am from the grocery store, Chicken wings With spicy Indian seasoning sprinkled on top Whose sweet but spicy taste Made by our Indian friend, Anand. I still remember as if I was eating it right now.

Where Iím From I am from snacks on the table after a hard day of school To a basketball swooshing through the net. I am from screaming to laughing From arguing to crying. I am from books that you read once and youíre done. I am from brownies to homemade chocolate chip cookies And from Deweyís calzones to bacon undercooked so it is chewy, From family members like Nick to cousins like Sophie,

Jump RMP from the cold wet water

From the baseball field to the basketball court

Transported from Alabama to Kentucky,

From the swimming pool to the neighboring park.

Built from the littlest of scraps. All the way into the water I go, Just as I remember it like it was yesterday.

I am from the cruel winter

From going on a bike ride to taking a summer break in the pool, From going off the high dive or diving board To playing blind manís bluff in the deep end.

From my sister breaking her back

I am from Jay-Z to the All-American Rejects,

To my dad swallowing a plastic fork prong,

From the Black Eyed Peas to B.O.B.

My grandpa’s life almost left as he had

Sometimes from Travie McCoy to Taio Cruz

Two strokes and a heat attack

From Jason Derulo to Jay Sean.

Two years ago.

I am from baseball games to basketball games

I’m from the dry hard dirt Under the lights at ten o’clock Five game before this champion one As we came home with a trophy marked number 1.

I am from STEEEERIKE 3 to Josh Parker For 3!!!!! I am from Rick Riordan to Mike Lupica, From Diary Of A Wimpy Kid to Maze Runner From Dodgeball the Movie to Grown-ups the Movie This is what I am from. By: Brock Gorman

Alec Barhorst Dedicated to my friend Anand

Dedicated to: My Family Members Everywhere!!!!!


Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m from I am from sports and green grass and falling,

I am from dancing when I was only three,

From falling and hurting when I was very young.

And that play list with my hand on it.

I come from snapping together to make things,

I come from Dumbo, the book and the movie,

I am from the high-pitched hum of machines.

I’ve seen both at least 20 times.

I am from the bread with blueberries and bananas,

I am from scrapes and cuts and bruises, which never seem to heal.

And the cookies we decorate each year.

From trips to the hospital,

I’m from books, the kind you read again and again,

Whether I’m by someone’s side

I’m from that basket filled with all my toys.

I’m from my sister, who changed my life, And my brother who changed it again. Form my mother and father, Who brought me to life

I come from the air force, Moving from state to state. That is until my dad got a new job, And we stayed here with family.


Or need someone by mine

That’s where I come from, That’s who I am, That’s what I’m made of, With more additions to come.

By Andrew Toussaint Dedicated to my Grandparents

Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m from

I’m from T-ball without the bat

Hope not to be the last.

From tackling, dunking, and The Palace.

I’m from Hood Canal

I’m from football

And Big Sky.

In the back yard with friends. I’m from the Bengals, Good or bad.

I’m from the Grateful Dead,

Eric Clapton and Carol King. I’m from Ant,

I’m from dad’s

And “You’re a dunder nugget!”

Spray paint and gasoline.

I’m from Spongebob Squarepants

I’m from Nic, Josh, Lauren, and Sonja,

And Aladdin.

Joking, hitting, annoying. I’m from my 12th birthday Swimming, laughing, and games. I’m from drinking yerba

I’m from both sides of the family Sharing and distributing love.

By: Anthony Amongero

And eating empanadas. I’m from my first time to Argentina,


Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m From By Carrie Bartlett 6G

I’m from Mom, Dad, and only three sisters,

I’m from mittens my grandmother died wearing,

Friends, teachers, and coaches,

Lives gone and lives born,

EE and CC,

Getting a concussion and feeling the feelings hitting me hard,

Mr. Gowdy and Mrs. Pope, Cousins and aunts, And all of my pets (rats, lizards, and cats, all of them)

I am from candy and corn, And cheese (Colby Jack to be exact), Melting chocolate And fruity flavors, Hersheys and Skittles Gum and lollipops.

I am from Lullabies my mom sang, The smell of brewing throughout the kitchen, Jimmy Buffet singing from Papa’s iPod, Belle from Beauty And The Beast “Be Our Guest” and “Belle” (my favorite songs) Ariel from The Little Mermaid “Part Of Your World” (another fond song)

Stitches in my head and stitches through time, A teary eyed “I’ll miss you!” to “I won’t forget you!” Good or bad and sleeping with mittens.

I’m from gymnastics Rolls and handsprings on floor, Twirling and swirling on bars Balancing and dismounting on beam, Jumping and running on vault Push-ups and sit-ups on conditioning.

I’m from deaths and lives Mittens, love, and Guardian Angel, My Guardian Dear, Stitches through time Drifting by… fast Not enough time to capture what I’ve lost.

Dedicated to everything I’m from


Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I am from

Where I’m from

I am from snow,

I am from Oakwood,

From snow forts and snowballs.

I am from football games

I am from wood,

And cheerleading practices.

To make things so cool.

I am from fall leaves

I am from oak trees,

And winter snows.

The Oakwood tree. I am from sleepovers, I am from ice cream and chocolate,

Tree climbing,

The taste so good.

And jumping on a trampoline

I am from smells of bad hygiene and cleanliness.

With my best friend, Carrie.

I am from knowledge, And sometimes none at all.

I am from music, I am from Justin Bieber,

I am from people of importance,

Mike Ponser, Beyonce,

Some deeds that no one knew.

Usher, and Bruno Mars.

I am from no fun, Yet sometimes some.

I am from beaches on windy days,

I am from inventions.

Looking for the best shells.

Some I made and some others did.

I am from boogie boarding To watching the sun go down.

Dedicated to: Mrs. Deal By: Eddie Deal

Dedicated to my family and friends By Emily Skardon 6G


Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m From BY: Jenna Geisenfeld

I am from warm cookies

I am from listening to

to sitting at home on

Pop and Hip hop to

the heater doing

The most delicious


Smell of hot chocolate.

I am from the beautiful

I am from the quote

summer days to

“What now?”

sledding at the D.C.C.

To a bad comeback.

with Taylor, Isabel, Maggie, Claire, Evelyn, Lizzy and Riley. I am from the sound

I am from the homemade dinners to the very fancy restaurants such as Brio.

Of slush snow to


playing sports such as

This is where I’m from.

tennis almost everyday.

Dedicated to my friends

Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m from

Where I’m From

I am from snow, from sun, and rain.

I am from my backyard,

From lakes, rivers, creeks, tackle shops, and woods.

The nights I stayed up past dark

I am from moving, fishing camp, and from Grandpa dying.

playing Capture-the-flag with our whole neighborhood.

I am Classic Rock, Hip Hop, R & B, and Metal.

I am from fishing every single day. I am from bud, my dad. From whoppers, all over.

I am from splash, chirp, crash.

I am from the hot summer days Gabriel and I stood outside and had a lemonade-stand.

I am from all the inside jokes, All the memories my friends and I have. Like the night Sydney and I stayed up all night Listening to ‘Swag’s Mean,’ over and over and over again… ha ha.

I am from fish, oil, and mist. From fish, chicken, burgers,

I am from those moments,

French fries, and Hershey’s.

The days I spent playing hide and seek in the basement with my cousins for hours.

I am from Xbox 360’s and Wii’s, Controllers and games.

Those nights when I was little and couldn’t fall asleep, So I listened to the lullaby called, “Goodnight, my Angel,” that my dad showed me.

From fishing trips, soccer games, and family reunions. I am from hurry up and go clean your room.

I’m from my grandpa

I am from Oakwood.

That lost his life to cancer.

By Joey Fehrman

I remember all the times he used to read to me when I was little,

Dedicated to my grandpa

And sometimes I wouldn’t want him to. How I wish I could go back and change that now.

Dedicated to my family and friends. By: Lauren Varley 6G


Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m from I’m from Bieber Fever,

I’m from, “Can’t wait for school,”

To playings the chello.

To the, “Ahhh more homework!”

I am the waves in Lake Keowee.

I’m from making my free throws,

(Big, powerful, and breaks when it hits the shore.)

To scoring my soccer goals.

I am from gardens,

I’m from cartwheels on the beam,

Carrots, blueberries, tomatoes, and watermelon,

To front handsprings on the floor.

Whose flavor bursts

I’m from, “No more pictures,”

When I take a bite.

To, “Oooooh there’s a camera take one of me!” From sun tanning,

I’m from pizza to pets,

To painting nails.

From Todd and Suzanne’s bushel. I’m the OMG’S,

I have old friends

And the LOL’S.

I still know and love,

I stay up late,

And new ones

And sleep in.

I still can get to know. I’ll love them forever, And never ever let them go. By Kathryn Rogers 6G Dedicated to all of my sport coaches


Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m From

Where I’m From

I am from a fresh cookie

I’m from being in preschool with Noah and Sophie,

To the sizzle of bacon,

From the smell of banana muffins in the morning

I am from the crack of the bat

To the sight of me pretending to be a Power Ranger

To the touchdown catch.

And climbing trees in the median.

I’m from the NBA Finals

I’m from seeing family in Michigan,

To the World Series,

From the sand dunes I went to with my Aunt,

I’m from on the field

To the splish splash of Lake Michigan waves,

To the training off the field.

And being with everybody on Thanksgiving.

I am from the “Just do it”

I’m from skateboarding and baseball,

Or the “Don’t do it at all”,

From Aerosmith rock to Lil’ Wayne rap,

I’m from my dad with burns

To the movies I watch and the video games I play,

To my brother with a bad arm.

And to be with friends Mikey and Noah.

I am from The Who To Rascal Flats,

I’m from the big Chicago city to the sandy beaches of San Diego, From the Office to Tosh.0

I’m from Christmas Eve

To the sight of loved ones passing and the birth of new additions to the family tree

Where New Years is coming.

And friends being there through thick and thin.

I’m from my house Where you’ll find Joe, Anna, and Steve, I am from the buttery popcorn To the taste of fresh snicker doodles. That is were I’m from.

I’m from Pam and Tom, From the memories I share to the people I love, To be at Saint Paul’s Church to honor my God And I love the life I have. Dedicated to all my friends and family that I share these memories with.

By Mark Lauterbach Dedicated to: My brother Joe

By Michael Morrow 6G


Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I am From

I am from hip-hop,

I am from deep-sea fishing

From rock and roll.

From Tio Cruz

I am from the Simpsons on T.V,

To Travie McCoy

From I pods in my hands

I am from the smell of fresh rain.

I am from dogs barking, From chirping crickets.

These are the things That I am from.

I am from Grandma’s creamed eggs,

Different for everyone,

From snow on the ground

Because everyone is different

And clouds in the sky.

And unique

I am from South Park Church,

These are the things

From New Hampshire hills.

I am from.

I am from Grandma’s cookies

By Michael Watson

From Lori and Mike. I am from backyard creeks, To long car trips.

I dedicate this poem to my

I am from “in God we trust”

Grandma because she has always

From Chicago bears

promoted my ideas and

To Chicago Black Hawks.


always been there for me

Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m From I’m from American Idol,

With a touch of peppermint

From guitar and flute

With ten songs I have memorized all by myself.

I am from red velvet cupcakes (Which taste the best with cream cheese frosting.)

I’m from Jack and Janet’s Branch, tenderloin and potatoes,

I am from the big oak tree,

From the internal bleeding

The rose bush

Of my great uncle

Which I can still smell

To the eye my nana almost lost.

As if it was in this room.

I’m from Land Rover and BMW,

Under my bed is a wedding dress

From Moo and Olivia I’m from the, “Would you like some cheese with that whine?”

That belongs to my mom, A bunch of memories That fit together like a puzzle.

And the make believes,

I am from those moments

From Whatever! And OMG!

Memories still to be told

I’m from “The First Circle”

With Everything on a Waffle.

By Michelle Strauss 6G Dedicated to my Nana who is always there for me.


Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m From

I’m from the crack of the bat,

I’m from the brownies that my mom makes

From hearing the swish of the hoop,

And my Grandfather’s mystery meat.

And from the blaring trumpet.

I’m from the early mornings thanks to Coco’s barking

I’m from the roar of the crowd at Paul Brown Stadium

And from the long walks with her

And the smell of hot dogs at a Reds game. I’m from the scent of a freshly cut lawn And the smell of the ocean on a warm morning.

I’m from the warm fires at Camp Kern, And from the gravel pits there, From the mountains of Aspen, To the beaches of South Carolina, The lights at Disney World.

I’m from the loss of my grandmother when I was 2 And from being laughed at after being stung by a jellyfish I’m from my grandpa when he was in the hospital

I’m from the random selection for a play “And from, Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” I’m from the rapping of Eminem and Jay-Z And from the Black Eyed Peas and Taio Cruz I’m from the millions of songs my Aunt has.

I’m from all these moments.

By Noah Teeters Dedicated to my parents and my dog


Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m From

I’m from Texas to Ohio,

I’m from the good chocolate chip pancakes,

Moved from house to house,

Right when I wake up.

From room to room,

To my mom’s yummy steak,

But I’m with my family,

When it’s time for dinner.

Mom and dad, Sisters and brother,

I’m from my friend’s laughter,

People I love.

Their joy and their fun. From all the memories that we have,

From baby to child,

Through thick and thin.

Good memories come,

From when we went sledding,

From Junie B. Jones to Pretty Little Liars, I’m from my sneakers to my Uggs, From sweatshirts to dresses, From a gold necklace to a pair silver earrings,

Right to the movies.

I’m from, Be Quiet! To speak up!

From Gap to Hollister,

From the normal to crazy unusual days.

It’s just growing up.

From the times I feel lazy then suddenly hyper. When I’m wild and crazy.

My CDs to my Ipod,

Those are my favorite days.

From song to song, From Taylor Swift to Justin Bieber, From pop to rap.

By: Riley Chambers Dedicated to my grandpa


Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m from I’m from six little stitches on my face,

I’m from Mark and Cristy

From the ant I ate when I was 3,

Soft pretzels and steak,

From the beaches and oceans that are in Florida

From my dog Bella that is part of my heart

I am from the smell of fresh baked cookies

And all the fish in my fish tank.

(Still soft and warm)

Living though the deaths of my animals

From the birds who wake me every morning!

From playing video games with my brother.

I’m from friends Kathryn, Carrie and Emmy

I’m from so many memories that I share,

From birthday parties and funerals,

With the ones that I love.

And having some of my beloved pets die

Like being Power Rangers with my friends,

From Jimmy Buffet songs, I can sing them

(I was always the pink one)

By every word,

To being in my first ballet recital

From eating soap with Noah and Michael,

I’m a leaf off the family tree.

And wearing costumes around the house every day. By Sophie Tokar Dedicated to my family


Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m From By Sidney Ringer

I’m from Bailey and Griffin.

I’m from Bailey who lost his life

From summers at the pool with Kathryn,,

Due to cancer. From moving to Schantz

Emma, Rachel, and Lauren!

And grandma having surgery and moving into

I’m from “swags mean!” with Lauren.

My house for a while.

I’m from turkey on Thanksgiving

I’m from all of the OMGs” to “BFFLs”

And the smell of pine on Christmas.

And “LIKEs”. From all of the “LOLs” I have

I’m from playing soccer and the smell of

With friends. From the Slim Jims and Coca Cola

Freshly mown grass.

Slushies on our way to the Justin Bieber concert With Kathryn and Emma!

I’m from Grandma’s mashed potatoes. From cheese balls and pumpkin pie!

I’m from my grandma teaching me

I’m from Jackson, Kathryn, and my pasta

Piano notes. From telling her

At Hilton Head.

Two days later that I forgot. I’m form My mom playing me Canon in D on the

I’m from my mom, dad, Kathryn, Emma, Rachel,

Piano. I’m from singing in the shower

Emilee, Lauren, grandma, Nikki, and Griffin.

To Justin Bieber.

From Hilton Head with family and Kathryn. I’m from Camp Kern with dad since I was

I’m from all of my fantastic memories

Very young!

With friends and family that help Me go on with life. From thick and thin I always Know where I’m from.


Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m from I am from Xbox From the flat screen and speakers. I am from cookies right out of the oven. I am from snowboarding down a mountain Mad River From the jumps to the rails.s I am from football and the computer, From my dog barking to freshly cut grass. I’m from football And baseball. I am from my friends And snow days. I am from my Grandma & Grandpa From the little gifts they would buyfor me when I came over. I’m from funny videos From family stories. I am from my friends From giving me advice To helping me out

From riding my bike all across OakwoodHaving fun getting Starbucks or jumping sets of stairs. The things that I am from make me who I am today. Tommy Hutchins Dedicated to my Grammy


Mr. Gowdy 6th Grade Where I’m From I’m from my back porch,

I am from water,

The suburban forest outside.

And swimming around.

And everything around it,

From biking to stunts,

I’m from Florida’s palm trees,

And the OCC

To Oakwood’s fluffy snow,

I’m from the whirring wind around me.

White and freezing, perfect for snowballs. I am from books, and everything in them, From Magic Tree House, To Artemis Fowl. I’m from acorns, and oak trees, And the tales that there patterns tell. From the crayons and the pencils,

I’m from the car crash, Which scared me so much. From the many car trips, To Florida and back. I am from family, And those that I love, Everyone I live for and everyone above.

That brought my drawings to life, To the personalities that colored my life,

By Tyler Hanson

From the cookies and cakes, My sister would make. I am from Disneyland, From the joyful noises it makes, And the joy that it brings. From preschool, To 1st grade, to 2nd and 3rd.


Harmany: A Student Anthology  
Harmany: A Student Anthology  

An elementary student writing project