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Eady 1 Bryana Eady Professor Noe College Success Skills 4 Nov. 2010 Journalism To become a journalist an individual must first have a desire to write. The road to become a journalist is a difficult one, without the passion for the work that will be done will not result in success. Journalist are writers that research and report news about issues and events that are of interest to the public and affect them in some way. The skills of a journalist are built upon over the years through schooling and experience. When developed classify a qualified informant ready to serve the people. “Journalism can never be silent, that is its greatest value and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air.� – Henry Anatole Grunwald The responsibilities of a journalist are to inform the public with correct information about a topic, properly constructing facts in the form of a featured article or a news review. The skills that allow journalist to accomplish this process filled task are refined over time. Journalist must have the proficiency to write at an advanced level to adhere to a knowledgeable audience. To properly cover a chosen news topic the research in relation to the facts of the topic must be done. Having the adequate skills to research a topic requires the ability to determine whether certain information is relevant to the topic or not. Once the significant facts of a subject are chosen a written piece of appropriate length can be constructed. The work of a journalist should be written with a creative personal style that keeps the interest of the reader and fully covers the extent of the topic..

Eady 2 An individual that aspires to become a journalist must acquire higher education to achieve their dream. Any student that wants to be a journalist must graduate from college with a master’s or bachelor’s degree in journalism or mass communications, to even be in the running to become a working journalist. Newly graduated students will have a better chance of finding a job in the work force if they are decorated in aspects of their craft. Establishments that are hiring will more than likely give a young journalist their big break if they have some work experience. Becoming active in school newspapers, previous work at a broadcast station or some kind of internship at a news organization are all advantages that can persuade an employer to hire a young journalist. Pursuing a career in journalism opens a range of fields that provide job opportunities for out of work graduates. A student with a degree in journalism can occupy jobs including, TV reporter, print journalist for a newspaper or magazine, be a radio personality and work behind the scenes on a broadcast production teams as authors, editors, and writers.. Though journalism has a lot of job opportunities the work field is very competitive and may leave some very qualified individuals out of work. “Graduates of the nation’s journalism and mass communication programs in the spring of 2009 confront a job market unlike any that graduates have encountered in nearly 25 years for which comparable data are available” (Annual Surveys of journalism and Mass Communication). Though the economy was bad for journalist at the end of 2009 some positive events took place and some students had better luck finding full time jobs, referencing the spring of 2010 words by Dr. Lee B. Becker. The salary of a journalist can rage anywhere from 20 to 100 thousand dollars a year depending on the position being held. In an era of computers the world has become a place where people can be informed of news in an instant. The World Wide Web has become such a prevalent part of everyday life that

Eady 3 print journalism has begun to suffer. The state of the economy put an additional strain on employers forcing them to let many workers go. “…they’ll head into an industry that shed a staggering 15, 000 jobs in the newspaper sector alone last year.” ( Students planning to become journalist in the future must prepare themselves with the skills to be successful in the future. Journalist of the future must first be able to multitask when it comes to juggling responsibilities and multiple roles. Being computer savvy and having a basic understanding of web tools and programs are also essential. Having the ability to guide a reader to true and current facts shows a versatile writer, one that also is a story teller. A writer that can represent a brand and relate to the community as a whole exhibits the skills of a well rounded journalist. ( Instead of fighting the advancements that this present generation relies on many newspapers, magazines, even televisions stations are creating websites to keep their followers and proved them with the source to get their news or information whenever they choose to access it. At this present time there are no specific locations in the country that are in demand of journalist though it is a field that is beginning to take root all over the world. Even thought the demand for journalist is not great at this time there are many great universities that continue to educate and refine the proficiency of students interested in the craft. The University of Missouri in Columbia and Columbia University in New York are two of the best facilities providing an education to students who wish to become journalist. I personally believe I am very qualified to become a great journalist. I am a driven person who knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to make my dream come true. In high school I took honors English all four years and I was an active member of my school’s newspaper for three years. Through my high school experiences I have learned that I work well

Eady 4 in groups but I am not afraid to make my opinions known to others. Over the years with the assistance of some really helpful instructors I have been able to improve the level of my writing. As a shortcoming I have a bit of a procrastination problem that sometimes enables me from putting my best work forward. I also fall short when it comes to my knowledge of books and my public speaking abilities. I know with time I can read more, broadening my knowledge of different writing styles and literary works. With the help of a public speaking g class and my participation in the FBLA club I will build my confidence when speaking in front of an audience. By strengthening my weak skills and applying my more developed skills I will be able achieve my desired career. This country and the world as a whole are constantly changing. It is the duty not only of American citizens but of human beings to stay informed of issues and events that are taking place in the world. Journalists inform people of issues of interest whether it is about politics, natural disasters or even the success of a local sports team. If people stay informed with the things that are happening around them, they will be better equipped to protect themselves in the event of danger or apply their knowledge in situations of relevance. Thought the economy may be bad, and the journalism job prospects may be low, there will always be a story or issue that needs to be told. Becoming a journalist will not be an easy road for me to continue on. I know I have a good amount of work that needs to be done on my part to improve my skills but I have a great passion for writing that I just cannot let go. If I am going to be writing for the rest of my life, I mine as well make it my career.

Journalism paper  
Journalism paper