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David Eddington 8/27/10 Entry # 1



I just read an interesting article about the war in Afghanistan and about how Obama is thinking of pulling out in the late month of July 2011. The article talked about how the soldiers could feel that things were starting to change for the better, like the decrease in attacks from groups, such as the Taliban. But although they feel a pull, their Commandant General, James Conway, thinks that thinks are a little bit different. Conway believes that the soldiers should still be prepared to fight even after the deadline that President Obama has set to gradually pull the troops out of Middle Eastern countries. Although the article is mainly about pulling out of the Middle East, there was a little talk about the controversy of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’. When asked about this Conway said the he opposes the Senate proposing a ban on Gay Military men because they usually recruit “pretty macho men” who have deep religious beliefs and wouldn’t want to share a room with a gay man.

I mainly picked this article because I’m tired of hearing about people talking about their deceased loved ones from the war. Now, I know that sounds horrible, but isn’t it time that we just honored their choice to go into the war? Isn’t it time that we just let go? I also want this war to be over because of all of the government funding into the war when there really isn’t much going on right now (that I know of). I haven’t heard of anything that has happened recently, so why are we still there and why are we still funding millions upon millions of dollars into something that we don’t really need? This article made me feel very relieved that the war will be over soon. It also made me very excited to hear that they are going to stop kicking people out of the Military just because of their sexual preferences. And seriously. If a gay man wanted to serve their county I HIGHLY DOUBT that they would want to join just to have sex with another man while on the battlefield. If they wanted to risk their lives so much for their countries then they should be aloud to do so. As far as I know there is a law that says that anybody can sign up for the Military to serve their country and that law should be respected.

But. They’ll just have to deal with it. :)

Current Event 1_8.27.10  

My first current event essay thingy.

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