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2018 December 07 - 12

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We chat to New Age Kwaito KING KrazyMAN

Katlego Moeletsi: Botswana based passionate Fashion entrepreneur on the mission!!! by A.S. Ramatsie

AFRICA FOCUS: We catch up with the Botswana’s one of the most promising fashion entrepreneurs and style man. TURN TO PAGE 03 FOR FULL STORY

STYLE AND SOPHISTICATION... Fashion entrepreneur Katlego Moeletsi in his element.

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| 2 2018 December 07 - 12



Thando Mdakane Whites: Am short tempered Bkacks: I have a small heart Vuyelwa Mbatsane Smell sase KFC usiva noma ufake ma head set Gift Bonanza Mohlaba Matome and his wife Mokgadi were invited to a dinner. Mr Smith : Please lets pray before we eat Matome : Sorry Sir,can I pray in my language so that my wife can hear me Mr Smith : Okay you can carry on Matome : Jesus papa wa rona kera wena Mokgadi mosadi waka kere bula mahlo kego bontshe gore thipa le foroko odi swara bjang.Keago rapela oje dijo tse odi tsebang feela ka gore akenyake gore otle o ntshegise ka batho,le wena wa bona gore go tletse menyonyo fela mo tafoleng.Ke tshepa gore o nkwele ka gore ge oka ntshegisa ka batho ketlogo bontsha mmago gere fihla gae in the name of Jesus. Amen Mcee Savage RULES FOR THOSE WHO WILL BE DRINKING BUT NOT BUYING DURING DECEMBER: 1. Respect the buyer. 2. Greet the buyer before you sit. 3. Don’t be boring, tell more stories but don’t talk more than the buyer. 4. Always help the buyer with carrying beers from the counter. 5. Dance to any music that the buyer likes. 6. Buyer’s jokes are always funny so laugh out loud 7. When the buyer fight, you must fight with him. 8. When you come across two girls the beautiful one belong to the buyer.


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2018 December 07 - 12




Z’khipha bo’ ma-What, with Botswana based Fashion Entrepreneur

Katlego Moeletsi TP Tell us a bit about who you are, wher you from and what you do? KM My name is Katlego Moeletsi, from Botswana in a small village called Tlokweng. I’m a fashion-stylist by profession and a choreographer’.

ist running my own business, I would be probably be working, so I just quit my job and start my own thing. And to my dear beloved followers all over the world, please, please friends, follow your dream, work hard, even if you fail please don’t give up because failure is the beginning of success, TP When did you start doing you learn not to go wrong again what you are doing and and try again, and remember suc how did you get into it. cess is a choice, so choose to be KM All these I could say started successful. Research more about manifesting itself around the your business of interest and inbeginning of last year, 2017. quire more about it, and then go for it. TP Would you by any chance still studying? TP When are you planning to KM Am not schooling, right retire? now, but am running my own en- KM Errr… sorry, I am not planterprise business - Man of Class. ning to retire any time soon at I have been observing and re- least, cause I want to take my searching and studying lots of country far and help other updesigns and fashion trends espe- coming fashion designers to purcially in my country and I plan to sue their visions. bring something that is not common but fantastic and classy. TP Of all the things, why fashion-stylist? TP If you were not in fashion, KM I am doing this because what else would you be I grew up as young clean man doing? even at school, I was a very clean KM If I wasn’t a fashion styl- child loving fashion especially

when I would see a man in a suit, I would get motivated and I guess, I was inspired from then on and I swore to myself that when I grow up and I would like to follow a career in fashion, one way or another. I prayed about it and God answered my prayers and that is why am here today.

TP Wow! The power of social media! Thank God for social media bro! Do you have any kids by any chance? KM No sir, I don’t have any children as yet.

TP Please give out your social media handles and TP Would you advice your business contacts: child to follow a career in KM Yes sir, please people fashion? follow me on:” KM I would love my child to Instagram: @Man_of_class17 follow their vision or dream and Facebook Page: Man of Class become who they are meant to be in life, I believe it’s not right to We have a big event coming in choose or deny anyone an oppor- the beginning of next year, called tunity to follow their dream. KLASSICO FASHION SHOW, it is aimed at showcasing upcoming TP Who would you like to fashion designers’ garments and work or collaborate with creativity and yes it is open to any internationally or locally? one out there who would love to KM I would love to work or be part of show. They can contact collaborate with LINDA MAKHA- (+267) 77492246 / 72348433. NYA from South Africa, I follow Thank you for the opportunity. him and I love what he is doing and he is the men behind what I TP It’s only our pleasure mate! am doing. Through his posts he Now go get that show on motivates me even though I don’t the road. think he would know about the KM Thank You and I sure will. impact he has in my career path.

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2018 December 07 - 12

2018 December 07 - 12



‘I don’t design clothes, I design dreams’

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2018 December 07 - 12

KrazyMAN TP Tell us a bit about who you are and where are you from? KM My full name is Tshepo MacDonovan Phillips, born on the 03 November. Hails from the township of Boichoko in the Northern Cape, Postmasburg, currently based in Lenasia South #SouthSide, in Johannesburg TP What is your claim to fame? KM My dreams of becoming a big Kwaito superstar began in primary school, always had a keen interest in re-mixing other artist songs, and I would receive so much love and positive feedback from the stu-

dents from schools around my neighborhood and friends encouraging me to take on the career path. I was also a member of a Pantsula dance crew named The Real Movers. TP When did you start doing music? KM In 2002 me and a group of friends formed a Kwaito crew called “Ama-FTJ”s, got schemed by one of the labels around jozi, and the crew split up. Fido Past Away & Jacky ended up in Prison, but we still in touch with him... From there onwards I went solo, then met with my brother in music, Isaac Willem a.k.a. Lukwizzo, and recorded a ‘Sin-

gle Never Give Up’, formed a crew Mystical Fusion with an editional member Mmeli Xaba aka Tender Violence, we had our high hopes and we werewaiting to be discovered but that big break never came through and later on, I decided as a solo artist, Krazyman, I decided to drop the crew but to work with them as a featured artists rather, because they were more into Hip Hop with less Kwaito tunes and Krazynan was a 100% kwaito artist back then. TP

Hey bro! …you just touched on one of the burning issues of this industry, but I am glad

to see that it never broke your spirit, where do you go to school or if you are still studying? KM I decided to drop out of high school to pursue my dream, as a full-time career in music which started out with me recording my own demo’s and went to study Live Sound Engineering at SARA in Newtown, downtown Johannesburg, during the day & at night was doing my Matric certificate. I also went on to study Electrical Engineering in Alberton North, at Ribach Academy.

2018 December 07 - 12









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2018 December 07 - 12

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Themba - The Terminator on prowl...‘Ronaldo’ the little magician going through Roman Rovers defender wall like hot knife through butter, create a sitter for Sipho to finish it off with ease.-

by A.S. Ramatsie

In a game dubbed a ‘squinch match’ by ailing coach of Roman Rovers from their loss against New Generation United on a penalty shootout decider last week, the wounded ‘wild hogs’ were from the onset controlling the game with their lanky and un-

stoppable Kevin showing his opponents dust. The boys were on fire even though Xavi on the other side was having a field day in the middle of the park. He had the opponents midfield in pieces as he seemed to run the show. He created a lot of chances but Mbedu was having none of it. After the second half Mbedu seem to have

been instructed to stick with the troublesome Xavi which proved worthwhile as Mbedu is a young little clever player known for his tricks in frustrating his opponents effectively. He kicked and mocked the poor Xavi, who in return tried to punch him in retaliation, only to earn himself an unwarranted yellow card. New Generation Unit-

South Unt 1 Rom Rovers 0

ed coach was elated by the result even though he admitted that the game should have went Roman Rovers’ way as they owned the game. But he promised a super tough game in their next meeting as he complained about three of his key players playing with injuries from last week’s clash.

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