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WEEKLY Exclusive HANGING WITH Gqom sensantion Luyolo Nqakwana


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We focus on the upcoming 1st Grasmere Annual Color Fest to be hosted by Q K Events.



The Gqom sensation! by A.S. Ramatsie

Johannesburg southern townships’ own Gqom sensation Luyolo Nqakwana, speaks to us about his musical career as an EDM vocalist that specialises in IGqom and House music genres. TURN TO PAGE 03 FOR FULL STORY

Calm before the storm!... We catch up with Gqom vocalist and House music fanatic Luyolo Nqakwana.

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| 2 2018 November

08 - 14


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2018 November 08 - 14




with Gqom & House vocalist

Luyolo Nqakwana READY, SET, DECEMBER ... Mluja-10 says he is ready to get people dancing non-stop till 2019. Featuring Uncle Twice iwth Dj Warren on production, the trio just dropped a nother Gqom hit - ‘Sweet Potato’ TP Hi bro, please introduce yourself. LN Hi big man, my name is Luyolo Nqakwana, 17 years of age and I’m an EDM artists, specializing in iGqom and House, I am a vocalists but also available for Kwaito.

still in school, if not why not? LN Yeah, grootman, I am still in school, I am still a student at Thulamntwana Combined School, and still doing Grade 11.

too and that’s when I decided to sing like them since I have always liked singing. So those are basically the guys I could say they inspired me to follow a music career. TP If you were not in music what other career path would you have followed? LN I think I would have followed engineering, correction, I am only 17, somewhere down the line after my matric if things go as planned I might study engineering while doing music. But because I see myself as an artist and every time I dream to be an artist, engineering is mainly about creating solutions to problems, that means one needs to be creative, an artist to be an engineer. Lol.

TP What insipired you to follow a career in arts? LN When I was young I used to watch a whole lot of television and one day I saw ubobhut’ Mamphintsha, eBigNuz and aboLvovo. I started to follow their music and fell more and in love with it. I liked TP How long have you been the music and dance styles that doing this? they always invented and deLN I have been at it for at liver when they were perform least 3 years, I started ing and I just was fascinated by doing music in 2015. For the whole creative process that all those years since I was in goes into the whole stage act. music, I have always been Well, I have some dance skills a House and Gqom vocalist. even if I was also a bit chubby like them and that gave me TP At 17, I take it you are the confidence that I can do it TP TP Where are you from? LN I’m come from the Southern Townships of Johannesburg in a place called Kanana Park Ext.3 (Thulamntwana section) next to Orange Farm.

Wow, you had this one well thought out hey? I

like a man with a plan. Would you advise your kid to be an artist? LN I would advise them to follow a music career if you they believe that this is what they are meant to do. Anyone can be a successful musician, as long as they understand that music is a spiritual journey, you can heal and touch people in a positive way through music, whether in Gospel, or Gqom, there is no difference. So it’s a gift or calling and you can’t decide on anyone’s calling. TP When do you plan to retire from music? LN Pheeew!!! Retirement? … maybe around the age of 99 because I want to create music that tops world music charts like Black Coffee is killing it. I have a calling to be an artist. So retirement at 100.

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2018 October 08 - 14

on stage in pictures:

Har working Gqom sensation is always out on weekends promoting his latest projects in the Southern Johannesburg Townships

2018 November 08 - 14



UNI-BOYZ’S new project dropped: Uni-Boyz’s latest offering where they worked with Deepersoul The DJ featuring Lady Thato is online. The track titled Amazing is one of the group’s latest [projects that they have been busy working on this summer. The boys are lately working a lot with international EDM producers who have noticed that South African EDM market seem to be growing at an alarming rate and therefore jumped on the bandwagon before it’s too late. They have been lately posting the progress of their international collaborations on their facebook page and things seem to be going well after their track was dropped in the US market as well late last month.

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2018 November 08 - 14

ANNUAL COLOR FEST QK Events brings you Color Fest , a premier colour festival where you get to party with some of the finest music giants. This festival is filled with Colour Powders, Music, Djs, Performers, Food, Beverages, Hookah Sessions & More to choose from.

This December get ready for yet an amazing time, with nothing but the best in music. Headlining the likes of Lebza TheVillain, Mthandazo Gatya, Tahir Jones, Lunga SA, Krippsoulisc, NickÂŹy Deep and many more.

When: How Much: Saturday, 01 December 2018 Tickets are R60-R250 per Till Sunday, 02 December 2018 person, tickets available at Pick n Pay or call 065 888 0248 Where: Kanana Park (Park) Weilers Kanana Park Annual Color Farm, Grasmere, Johannes- Fest powered by Hatfield VW burg. Northcliff

2018 November 08 - 14





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2018 November 08 - 14

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Themba - The Terminator on prowl...‘Ronaldo’ the little magician going through Roman Rovers defender wall like hot knife through butter, create a sitter for Sipho to finish it off with ease.-

by A.S. Ramatsie

In a game dubbed a ‘squinch match’ by ailing coach of Roman Rovers from their loss against New Generation United on a penalty shootout decider last week, the wounded ‘wild hogs’ were from the onset controlling the game with their lanky and un-

stoppable Kevin showing his opponents dust. The boys were on fire even though Xavi on the other side was having a field day in the middle of the park. He had the opponents midfield in pieces as he seemed to run the show. He created a lot of chances but Mbedu was having none of it. After the second half Mbedu seem to have

been instructed to stick with the troublesome Xavi which proved worthwhile as Mbedu is a young little clever player known for his tricks in frustrating his opponents effectively. He kicked and mocked the poor Xavi, who in return tried to punch him in retaliation, only to earn himself an unwarranted yellow card. New Generation Unit-

South Unt 1 Rom Rovers 0

ed coach was elated by the result even though he admitted that the game should have went Roman Rovers’ way as they owned the game. But he promised a super tough game in their next meeting as he complained about three of his key players playing with injuries from last week’s clash.

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