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KB IS ON THE MISSION TO MAKE AN IMPACT IN THE TV INDUSTRY We catch up with local TV personality KB Mathebula, on how he got into the TV industry


THE SHOTS! by A.S. Ramatsie

Siyabonga a passionate film-maker from Johannesburg South, and for-

mer Black Leopards FC soccer player, is on a mission to one day walk the red carpet at the Oscars and hopefully scoop the most sought after BEST MALE LEADING ACTOR award. The hignly energetic and enthusiastic media graduate from NEMISA, one of the prestigious South African media practitioner’s training institute in Johannesburg. Recovering from his hospital bed, after a horrible car accident, the ever jolly bunch of positive energy , says he is recovering very well and soon will be back on film-sets, doing what he likes most and good at. For more go to page 04

SIYA JUST LOVES DRAMA... Can you believe it! He just finished shooting his new movie, that he plans to take to festivals around the globe...

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2018 September 12 - 17


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Sthembiso Monare Waga Mthombeni Black summer rules:.. You don’t put water in the fridge, you dont drink water when you find it in the fridge.

UNI BOYZ FLYING HIGH... ChrisTheProducer Felepu , Deco Matewela and JezzGee Ngogodo, and Dj were seen hanging at the BET launch at the DStv studios

Petunia Petru . Security guard should wear skinny jeans to show people that security is tight Sxosh Noxolo Mdladla This is how you spell motorbike in Zulu: E.C.2.2.2 Sxosh Noxolo Mdladla Yazi ufune imali yakho kumuntu akutshele ukuth uyafa izikweletu, Kushuthi eyakho umnikelo #mnx


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2018 September 12 - 17




Z’khipha bo’ma

What, with...

KB Mathebula

KB’S STAR ON THE RISE ... local film-maker and TV-perosnality KB Mathebula, is planning to take the entertainment industry by storm in the next decade as he re-launches his production company Nzula Media Productions. TP Tell us dude, who is KB? KB Khumbulani Mathebula is an ordinary guy born in Mpumalanga and then moved to Joburg at the age of 8 months. Grew up in the South of Joburg in a small place called Weiler’s Farm... that’s where I did my shooling career from pre-school till high school.

Then I started working with dabbMEDIA SA and grew as an artist.

TP And... KB In 2013 after working with Deallur and made so many projects under his production company, I then felt I’ve grown as an artist and experience, then I decided to join an agency TP Now how did you end up in the film in order for me to be able to get bigger gigs and industry? explore my talent even further. But that didn’t KB Growing up in a space where a lot of my go according to plan, little did I know that the mates were into active sports, to be exact agency that I signed with, only dealt with supplysoccer, it was difficult for me to associate with ing extras into the production houses. So I was them as I really had no interest in any sport, but stuck with them for a year getting booked and due to circumstances, I had no choice but to par- attending and shooting on TV shows like Generticipate just to fit in with others, and goshhh! I ations, Rhythm City, Skeem Saam and Scandal. was so bad in soccer. Luckily in 2009 I met a I stopped shooting as and extra when Rhythm lady by the name of Georgina Motsei who was City gave me an oppotunity to play a small role then running a local art-group, that is where I of a hobbo on one of their episodes. A year latcould say, I kind of found my self. The group had er I challenged myself by starting my own film a lot of activities such as choral music, danc- production company. I filmed and edited every ing and stage plays. Rules were members had project by myself from documentaries. Music to participate in every activity and that’s were I videos.and short films and TV shows. One of could say was my art school. my film became popular film in the Joburg South Townships, it even inspired young people to try TP Yeah! filming their own stories. KB Then in 2010 we were approached by a guy named Skhalo, a local artist, as a TP So what does your future look like in group and he said he was a film-maker looking the industry? for actors for his up-coming film and of-course KB Going forward I wanna work with bigger we were all keen to be a part of it. And thats productions while growing my own. when my love for film began. After filming with Production companies such as Blackbrain Skhalo, my friendship with Skhalo became Productions and Fergusons Films, those are stronger when I relaised he was into arts as well. productions houses I aspire to work for, for now.. We started working together on a lot of small So far I’ve worked with Mokoya Entertainment, projects that included screen writing and re- a company thats known for producing mostly cording music. Then the editor who was editing Comedies. I’ve directed a movie called SecretSkhalo’s film (Deallur) from dabbMEDIA SA saw Pain under them. me on the same film as he was editing and requested to meet, the first thing he said when we TP What’s your take on Township films meet was that “there’s something about you”, KB My take on Township film industry is that,

there’s alot passionate film-makers in the townships but filming is not cheap. It needs funding and equipment and its expensive. Reason why you would find a lot of young filmmakers sitting on their talents in the townships. TP So waht would your advise be to them? KB My advice to young film-makers is use what you have to tell your story. Whether it’s using your phone, a small digital camera whatever you have, tell you story... someone out there might notice your craft and you never know what might happen next. TP People in the film industry never re tire, when do you plan to retire? KP Being a filmmaker its something you are born with and its something you will die with so as long as you are alive you will be a filmmaker till the end.. no retirements as old as you may be, you still have a story to tell. So no retirement here baba! We work waya waya! TP Do you have any kids? KP Yes, I do man, I have a daughter Lethokuhle Mathebula (3) years, her behavior already tells me that she is an artist look out for her. TP How has fatherhood changed you? KP Being a father has changed me in terms of my hustle, now its all about paying gigs, no more doing it just for the love of it.. I am so bad that I even charge to take pictures now. Adding on that I started an agency that promotes actors and models, it’s Rising Stars Casting Agency, people should check it.. Thank you TP

Peace bro and keep the hustle on.




2018 September 12 - 17

Chillaz with

Local Film-maker

siyabonga 4...3....2....1...ACTION... Siyabonga is ready to take on the film-industry and take township stories across the globe. NB. We wish the man a speedy recovery after a a horrible accident, we hope soon you will be back in the streets with camera telling authentic township stories as always. TP When did you realise you can act? SIYA I started acting when I was in Grade 4, I remeber we used to play sketches at school and since then I continued doing stage plays up until Grade 7. I then lost focus and started playing soccer and forgot about acting. I played soccer for years and till this day I am still an active soccer player and I even played for professional level, for PSL soceer teams till 2014 when I said to myself, you know what, this is not what I was God wanted me to do, because I still felt like I had to go back to acting. One day I just decided to tell my mom the truth, that I wanted to go back and continue with my acting career, and she said to ”Siya my boy you know I’ll always support you when ever you do anything that is right”. Her support gave me courage to follow my dream, I started attending auditions and as can be expected got a lot rejections but luckily got in some. I have shot a lot of films which unfortunately never played on TV like Kasi stories. Then in 2016 that’s when things started looking up for me, I met Sipho Hadebe who was working on Generations: The Legacy, I was at the SABC for audition, after the auditions he came to me and said to me, “Siya, listen, can you please wait for me outside, don’t go I need to talk to

you” I said ok, yeah I’ll wait. Only to wait for something like two bloody hours! broer.. TP Yoh! 2 Hours waiting for a man you don’t even know? SIYA Man... can you imagaine what was going through my mind... mxm! but finally he came and told me that he is working for the show I was there for and that he is also an agent on the side. Ok, I signed with him, started attending a lot of auditions together. My first time seeing myself on the small screen was in 2016 on a Lokshin Bioskop show Istokvel I played a leading role, and that’s where I was pushed to a point wher I was convinced that, no man! this is really what I was born for. We continue attending audition’s and working as an extra on some big brands like Generations, Muvhango, Skeem Saam, e.t.c. Then Sipho said to me one day, Siya I think you must now start learning how to direct and use big camera’s. I then registered at The Market Theatre in New Town for acting lessons and stuff... TP Mhhhm! SIYA ...then in 2017 I got a call from Sipho, and he told me that there’s private auditions for the me at the SABC, for Generations The Legacy, they need a delivery

guy I went there and I aced my auditions and became a supporting cast on a around. June I had an accident everything stopped till 2018, I started hustling again till I saw a post that says Isibaya was looking for supporting cast which will be a Judas’ right hand man in prison, I went for an audition and got it, while on set I got closed to Abdul Khoza and many of the crew on the set used to tease me an say I looked like Qaphela, a character played by Abdul Khoza, because they said I looked like Abdul. We got along with bro Abdul Khosa, what a nice guy, he is so authentic and genuine. TP Woza nzo phela, and then... SIYA Well we exchange numbers, after 3 months or so I got a call out of the blue from Abdul telling me that they need his body double on Ring Of Lies, maybe if I can pay them a visit at their studios, they might like me coz, we do look alike. TP WOW! BIG UP TO BRO ABDUL KHOZA! SIYA Dude! I couldn’t believe it myself, and I said thanks I’ll do so, he gave me their details, I sent them my pics, age, height, and stuff. I received an e-mail from them which said I’m the chosen one.

TP WHAAAAAT? SIYA I started shooting my scenes as an underground fighter till Gazini (Siyabonga Hadebe ) killed my character. After that job I focused with my studies at NEMISA and I opened my own production comapny, Siyabonga Majola Films, with the help of Destiny Productions co-owned by myself and Mpho Mkgapanyane. I shot and directed an independent short-film called RAZOR with DOP Tshepo Mollo, around June this year. Feed back wa spositive as many people liked it and I promise to do more. What I can say is that, if you wanna become an actor or actress you need to be patient and also be talented, that is very important especially if you don’t have a qualification in the field, and still go for classes to undrestand the craft better.

Follow me on Facebook: Siyabonga Bright

2018 September 12 - 17




Passion + Hardwork =

SUCCESS Now meet me... I enjoy positive people’s company and that I consider my fuel to success.

Lights, Camera, Action... in my next life, I wanna be a model, this one, I am a film-maker

Streeeeetching.... Siya at the training fields of PSL outfit Black Leopards going through his paces. Cool, summer day... sometimes I just like spending time by myself, listening to birds in the garden


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Goalkeeper-cum-sweeper.. South United’s goalkeeper was doing a lot of clearing in their 1-0 win over Roma Rovers on Saturday at the Kanana Park Ext. 2 soccer fields.

by A.S. Ramatsie

In a game dubbed a ‘squinch match’ by ailing coach of Roman Rovers from their loss against New Generation United on a penalty shootout decider last week, the wounded ‘wild hogs’ were from the onset controlling the game with their lanky and un-

stoppable Kevin showing his opponents dust. The boys were on fire even though Xavi on the other side was having a field day in the middle of the park. He had the opponents midfield in pieces as he seemed to run the show. He created a lot of chances but Mbedu was having none of it. After the second half Mbedu seem to have


been instructed to stick with the troublesome Xavi which proved worthwhile as Mbedu is a young little clever player known for his tricks in frustrating his opponents effectively. He kicked and mocked the poor Xavi, who in return tried to punch him in retaliation, only to earn himself an unwarranted yellow card. New Generation Unit-

South Unt 1 Rom Rovers 0

ed coach was elated by the result even though he admitted that the game should have went Roman Rovers’ way as they owned the game. But he promised a super tough game in their next meeting as he complained about three of his key players playing with injuries from last week’s clash.


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