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Jennifer and Stephanie share a pot of tea at the Windsor Arms, Toronto.


Drinking green tea is a cultural tradition in Morocco, but it’s not the savoury brew you’re probably familiar with. Instead this green tea is infused with plenty of sugar (about five teaspoons per teaspoon of tea) and fresh mint leaves. There’s no typical time tea is served—it follows every meal and is sipped throughout the day. If you’re ever served a glass, don’t refuse. Moroccans serve tea to guests as a sign of hospitality, so it’s disrespectful to say no. Known as Atai, the gunpowder green tea leaves are typically imported from China. An exaggerated above-the-glass serving style produces a slight foam at the top of the glass. Though it’s a sweet drink, it’s surprisingly refreshing, even on the hottest days. 104

April/May 2012

Issue 7 - AprMay'12  

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