Issue 16 jun'14

Page 56


When it comes to food, nothing beats the comforting classics. With the arrival of summer and the juiciest, sweetest tomatoes, what more do you need than to dice them up and toss with a little olive oil, some salt, and a snip of fresh garden herbs? Well, how about a vehicle to deliver that taste of the warmest of seasons to your mouth? Preferably in the form of toasted bread. Bruschetta to the rescue! While hunger is being sated, you’re probably getting a little thirsty too. For wine, I hope. And tell me you’re outside on a porch, patio, or lawn. You are? Perfect! Have I got a bottle for you. From the Okanagan Valley, please welcome the 2012 Joie Farm Muscat. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Muscat sounds like Moscato so am I recommending something crazy sweet? Au contraire. The folks at Joie Farm do a fantastic job of letting you know what’s in store far better than I,


MAY 2014

explaining, “The inspiration for this wine is the dry Muscats of Northern Italy, low in alcohol, crisp in acidity, and perfumed like no other wine.” Though there is a slight sweetness like a whisper in the wind, the zippy finish is an extra gust that sends it sailing along. In other words, it drinks quite dry. This wine is gorgeous to smell and refreshing to drink. A light and lively wine like this dry Muscat is perfect for the freshest summer fare, like our fair bruschetta. And if you got a little crazy and mixed in some peaches with those tomatoes and added a dash of red pepper flakes, you’d really have something going. Not hungry? Seriously? Fear not, as this is a wine that also pairs well with nothing but a comfy chair or a group of friends. Note: The 2013 is available now.