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DESIGN Ombre Fabric Collection CA$363/yard, Cassaro Fabric

Flamenco Shower Curtain US$118, Anthropolgie,

Spectra Tumbler 4/pack, CA$35, EQ3

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Ombre Console US $1850, Implement


“Nothing shady about this trend,” says style setter, Christine DaCosta. Ombre, a French term meaning ‘shade’ is reaching a home décor peak in fabrics, area carpets, accessories and furniture.

Studio Collection Rug, 8'x10', CA$6000, W Studio

Ombre Wooden Spoons US$25, oME and oMY

Fabric Ombre Hanging Chandelier US$40, Adaura,

Ombre Fabric Collection CA$363/yard, Cassaro Fabric August/September 2012


Issue 9 - AugSep'12  

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