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THE Projects 1. -----------------------------------------50 STEPS (MY NORMAL KENYAN FAMILY) Ng'endo Mukii My family is made up of polygamists, missionaries, alcoholics, Mau Mau, colonial informants, politicians and artists. Every holiday, we gather at my 90-year-old grandmother’s house, to bicker, laugh, drink and eat goat meat. This documentary animation shall explore memories shared, arguments waged and children chasing chickens as we celebrate 50 years of independence.

2.-----------------------------------------FOREST LIGHTS Andrius Kirvela In the dark outskirts of the forest a bunny is desperately running, chased by the feeling that a mysterious forest force attempts to seize him. Intimidated and misled by the highway lights, he jumps right in front of a car and his little body gets thrown along the way. A couple of playing children find the bunny lying there unconscious, but still alive...

3.-----------------------------------------FROM EARTH Timothy Griggs, Alexander Thomas Scott Morris is missing five hours from his life, he has strange marks on his body, and he's having one heck of a time convincing his brother he's been abducted by aliens. Now, as those around him search for a more logical explanation, 56 WOSH by Daazo.com

Morris sits in a rundown motel room waiting, ready to face his captors head on.

4.-----------------------------------------I'LL PROBABLY NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN Mitja Mlakar A young woman in her late twenties is faced with the hardest decision of her life: to give birth to a disabled child or to kill it before it is even born. But is this the only decision she will have to make?

5.-----------------------------------------KIMELE PEACE PROJECT Albert Ventura Kimele is a 7-year-old African kid. He lives with his family in Barcelona and loves playing soccer with his friends. He is a special kid who can make everyone laugh. One day his school teacher announces a competition for projects to bring peace to the world. All the students suggest complex, realistic and boring projects, but Kimele's unique imagination and his contagious happiness will soon reach everyone's heart. His idea may seem the simplest, but he will try to use the only weapon created by mankind that can bring people together... the soccer ball.

6.-----------------------------------------LIFE OF A COIN Franco Dipietro Dante is a 2 euro coin. He travels all around Europe happy and rings until he finds he cannot stop.

7.-----------------------------------------MAYBE TOMORROW Martin Iliev A man in his thirties lives in complete reclusion from the outside world. I will call him… Lone, because he is lonely. Hidden behind a pair of binoculars, he falls in love with a woman from the opposite building. He observes her life and his desire to know her better makes him learn to read lips. He calls her… Love.

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World of Shorts - the Cannes 2014 issue  

World of Shorts (WOSH), the magazine published by Daazo.

World of Shorts - the Cannes 2014 issue  

World of Shorts (WOSH), the magazine published by Daazo.

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