World of Shorts - the Cannes 2014 issue

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SFC HIGHLIGHTS SFC Highlights is a service offered by World of Shorts magazine and to promote the films entered into the Short Film Corner in order to help them find an audience and industry interest. 23 films have been included in the SFC Highlights of World of Shorts. Their posters are displayed on four pages, together with the directors’ contact info. The project is presented in the online showcase of as well, which contains the films included in the SFC Highlights. The films are password protected, so if you would like to watch them, contact the director to request the code. You can find the online showcase at

Shyama Bhargava

Stephen David Brooks

Devynne Lauchner

Andrés Gurruchaga

Sander Aben

Hasti Saadi

Giuseppe Scavo

Niklas Johansson

Abdelrahman Saad

Saleh Nass

Malla Grapengiesser

Toni Nordli

Christophe Deroo

Eric Iglesias

Eugenia Llaguno / 40 WOSH by

Todd Carroll