World of Shorts - the Cannes 2013 issue

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THinK Big

What does the term short really mean? In the case of e Big Leap, it took three years to close the budget, one week to shoot the film and one year for post-production. How to keep up the steam through the years of production? For the creative team it must have been like the Chinese water torture, with different phases of production continuously dripping onto their heads…

ink Big was for sure a motto for all the people involved. is short film about the financial crisis combines an up-and-coming director, international well-established actors, live action and animation and two countries to finance it. Also, the promotion strategy for e Big Leap was made as if it were a feature. e Big Leap is proof that you can reach for an even higher production value than in the long format and you can talk about a serious topic in a light way with mesmerizing visual tools. So what the team learned from the production was to think big, have patience and faith in the project and to let it take its time. Not to rush it just because it’s „only“ a short. As Mark Twain put it: “I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”

The BiG LeAp (2013, 13’, Poland / Sweden) Directed by Kristoffer Rus produced by Prasa & Film, East of West Cinema AB, Telewizja Polska S.A., ATM FX, WFDiF World Sales: New Europe Film Sales pR & festivals: Wajda Studio

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