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sHort fiLms? compiled by Zsuzsanna Deák

a question that is often asked. Why do people go to the trouble of making short films when they don’t promise a big financial return, arouse huge public interest or offer you never-ending fame? We asked a few enthusiastic short film directors why they make shorts and what they think of the format. Here is what they said.

Toby Fell-Holden (UK) - his short Little Shadows has been shortlisted for the BAFTA awards. I love making short films as they are a great way to immediately transport an audience into a momentarily heightened experience. Unlike feature films, there is little time to set up characters or map out a journey, which forces you to be economical with storytelling. e appeal of trying to make something that can move an audience within fieen minutes, or have them in constant laughter, is a unique challenge that keeps you returning to the form. Another satisfying aspect of shorts is that the turnaround between writing and actually making it can be very fast, which can be very rewarding given how easy it is to get lost in year-long rewrites with features.

Sorayos Prapapan (ailand) - his short film Boonrerm won Daazo’s online contest and then went on to be selected for the Rotterdam Film Festival’s programme. Because I believe in shorts! e content and form of my work is suitable for short films. e power of short films when screened in a cinema is not any less than that of a feature film. Even a lot of famous directors still make their own shorts for their own reasons. If you enjoy taking a photo; that does not mean you can’t enjoy shooting a video. ey both can go together. I will definitely make more shorts. But in the future if I have some ideas that are suitable for a feature film I really want to try making one of those. at's my big challenge.

Cristina Grosan (Romania/Hungary) - her last short film Holiday at the Seaside won the Sarajevo City of Film. To many, shorts are a place to go to right before you do your first feature- this is what we've so oen heard. To me, this is a neat place to experiment with stories, and see where you can take them. Some stories work in a 90 minute format, but some fit perfectly in 8 minutes. ey work like a drop of an effervescent tablet into a pool of still water. Sometimes it's all it takes to unleash that thought domino. at's what I'm aer.

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World of Shorts - the Berlinale 2014 issue  

World of Shorts (WOSH), the magazine published by Daazo.

World of Shorts - the Berlinale 2014 issue  

World of Shorts (WOSH), the magazine published by Daazo.

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