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COMPuTinG BeFOre FiLMinG A SELECTION OF DIGITAL TOOLS words by Domenico La Porta gone is the time when nothing could beat pencils and paper to shape your movie writing and producing process. Haven’t you heard? Computer softwares have mated with the internet and their horde of mobile apps minions have taken the filmmaking scene by storm. Since some of these tools are free, why wouldn’t you consider using them to facilitate your journey to movie success?


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Popplet ( is one of those tools that don’t seem to belong in the filmmaker’s toolbox at first sight and yet it’s a wonderful option to organise any kind of collaborative work. And even if you plan to do everything yourself, you will face organisation issues sooner or later. Popplet belongs to the “idea organiser” category that helps users nurture concepts into something bigger. e user can collect online resources (pictures, videos, quotes, web links etc.) and create a pinned architecture of material that resembles the one a bunch of cons would set up on their basement wall before a heist. Users can record and map out thoughts, which are dragged and dropped into brainstorming maps for better organisation. You can tie ideas together and share your concepts with others to collaborate.

For those that are familiar with the popular mobile app Directr, be aware that it has just been enhanced specially for business entities with the recent launch of Directr for Business. Now why would any artist be interested in such a corporate tool?

e popplet (diagram) becomes a visual idea board that helps users create themes or concepts that can blossom into something new or unique like a movie!

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The company is claiming that “Directr for Business makes it easy for you to make highquality videos for marketing your business”. Now, of course, we are not talking about shooting your short with a mobile app, but what is truly helpful is that Directr includes professionally created storyboards or templates for overview videos, product demos, testimonials, how-tos… and Kickstarter pitches! Here we are with the perfect helper for any director who wants to kickstart his own crowdfunding campaign by following the best practises in “give-me-your-internetmoney” oriented pitches. A must try!

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World of Shorts - the Berlinale 2014 issue  

World of Shorts (WOSH), the magazine published by Daazo.

World of Shorts - the Berlinale 2014 issue  

World of Shorts (WOSH), the magazine published by Daazo.

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