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tHe taLents sPeaK I believe in magic, energy, and the power of honest art. I love experimental acting, which plays with different possibilities of my body and voice. I like cinema because it lets me be in others' shoes. I oen propose ideas, and I seek to empathise with my characters bringing them to life in my body like a medium. - Muki

1 Max Tuula, producer, Estonia

I think I was chosen because of my sample of work. I’m always trying to be inventive and experiment in all sorts of genres: documentary, animation or fiction. Probably my strength lies in being painfully personal in what I create and it’s wonderful when someone else relates and feels/understands “my art”. - Alexandru

As an editor you spend the majority of your working hours locked away in a basement, which offers little opportunity to meet fellow filmmakers. So I guess the general appeal of just being able to meet people is even 32 WOSH by

stronger in our case! Friends of mine that have attended the Talent Campus in previous years have established not only good working relationships with other participants, but close “professional friendships” as well, giving each other advice on ideas, scripts, or edits. eir feedback made it really clear to me that this is not an opportunity to be missed. - Anna

I'm interested in creative documentaries based on film and TV found footage as well as Super8 and 16mm home movies. I explore the visual art forms with an emphasis on the past time issues. I try to revisit the documentary film tradition and the reuse of archive footage. - Magdalena

2 Alexandru Petru Bădeliţă, editor/director, Romania

I’m excited to make some new friends in Berlin! Making a film together is such an intense process and it’s so much more enjoyable if you get on with the people you’re doing it with.

So if I can find some filmmakers that I “click” with then hopefully we can inspire each other to make something great and have fun whilst doing it. My previous experiences of film festivals and workshops abroad have always been fantastic – hopefully Berlinale Talents will be the best yet. - Blair

3 Magdalena Szymkow, director, Poland/e Netherlands

I’m not new to the Berlinale and the EFM: I have been coming here for years as a journalist, once as a crew member of a Berlinale Shorts participant and last year as a producer. I love this festival, especially the Forum Expanded section, I find a lot of inspiration here, and at the EFM I feel at home. e Campus was also highly recommended by a documentary filmmaker I collaborate with - she was selected a couple of years ago. rough the Berlinale Talents I get connected with my favourite festival and all the things I appreciate in filmmaking. - Max

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World of Shorts - the Berlinale 2014 issue  

World of Shorts (WOSH), the magazine published by Daazo.

World of Shorts - the Berlinale 2014 issue  

World of Shorts (WOSH), the magazine published by Daazo.

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