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DOs and DOn’Ts in Berlin compiled by Zsuzsanna Deák, special thanks to Cristina Grosan We have asked a few Berlinale veterans for some advice for those who don’t know the place inside out. Here are their practical recommendations - follow these useful tips to make sure your festival runs smoothly and successfully.



wear a very warm coat because Berlin in February tends to be extremely cold. Also, underneath you'll be sporting a funky party outfit - you never know at what party you'll end up tonight!

keep to yourself during these awesome 10 days. Talk to people, go to screenings of films you've never heard of before - you might be watching the next Golden Bear winner. And last but not least, do share your WOSH!

queue for the Berlinale Shorts tickets in time. Everyone wants to see the fresh faces of film and you do, too. Just make sure you plan everything in time!

stress too much about party invites. ere are so many parties each night, at least one invitation is bound to find you (unless you're a caveman, in which case you'll be holding this magazine in your hotel room, for the whole duration of the Berlinale - this we wouldn't really mind, we're attached to our WOSH as well)!

make a priority list for the films you want to see. Have alternatives - this is a very popular festival, and the "sold out" phrase will soon be on everyone's lips at the box office. go the top floor of the Sony Center to admire the changing lights of the amazing cupola. get up early, have your coffee while you queue for tickets - you'll thank us later, when you'll be bragging to your friends about what Wes Anderson was wearing on the opening night. make sure you have business cards, DVDs etc. on you and that you're able to pitch your next project in less than 2 minutes - who knows with whom you'll be sharing the li next!

try to take photos at press conferences - you will be told off! judge the films with immediate and hasty, critical one-liners during the screenings. Many filmmakers watch short films at festivals and you might make them feel terrible. wait for the stars outside the Hyatt aer press conferences - you will be disappointed and probably catch a cold. be shy: do go and say hi to people you’ve always admired (like filmmakers, actors or star journalists) - they might turn out to be extremely friendly and approachable.

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World of Shorts - the Berlinale 2014 issue  

World of Shorts (WOSH), the magazine published by Daazo.

World of Shorts - the Berlinale 2014 issue  

World of Shorts (WOSH), the magazine published by Daazo.

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