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Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Specialist Solicito We have extensive experience in every area of immigration, asylum and nationality law and our advice is tailored to each individual's needs. We have a vast amount of experience to assist you in the following cases: * Visiting the UK * Studying or working in the UK * Business immigration matters * Entering the UK as a family member * Settling in the UK * Extension or indefinite leave to remain application * Variation of leave application * Asylum * Human rights * Detention and Bail application * British citizenship * European citizens' rights of residence in the UK * All types of immigration, asylum or nationality appeals

Services Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Family Law Conveyancing Civil Litigation Bankruptcy Criminal Injuries Compensation Wills Solicitors Birmingham

We offer efficient advice across all areas of practice in order to ensure that your costs are kept low and we never compromise on the services we provide to our clients. As well as conducting all types of immigration, asylum or nationality appeals, we have a working knowledge of attempting to resolve matters before Court hearings thus saving you considerable costs. Our offices are accredited under the Law Society Immigration and Asylum Accreditation School and Mr. Sachan Gautam is a solicitor accredited as a Level 2 (Senior) Caseworker. In addition, Mrs. Punam Deepak has a plethora of experience dealing in such matters, having successfully led two local law firms before setting up D&A Solicitors. We are therefore, able to guarantee the level of services we offer will go beyond your expectation.

Office details D&A Solicitors 118A Soho Road Birmingham B21 9DP There is free parking available for anyone driving to our offices. Tel: 0121 523 3601 Fax: 0121 523 0101 Email:

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