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Build Rapport and Strengthen Relationships Storytelling entertains and, thus, promotes positive feelings between the storyteller and the audience. They share the experience of the story and, in this sharing, rapport is developed and strengthened. Children feel more at ease because of the less threatening aspect of this type of communicati on. When children are feeling anxious or unsure of the child and youth therapist or the situation that they are in, a wellchosen story can relieve some of the anxiety and can strengthen the relationship between storyteller and audience. The entertaining and rapport-building qualities of storytelling often create an intimacy between the narrator and the audience. There is a communion of the adventure, the emotion, and the life of the characters that creates a bond between the storyteller and audience. This union can develop into a sense of closeness or intimacy, which strengthens the relationships between child and therapist.

Session 2 of therapeutic storytelling  

Session two