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Conclusion To conclude I am going to answer the question using the research and information from people I have gathered. In terms of whether production values influence peoples minds on a piece of design is controversial and debatable. The pieces of work I chose to interpret in my brief this week were mixed and varied. Each having their pros and cons. From the interviews I took from people their responses were not based on production values or whether the amount of funding they used made the work better. They each have their own ways of being appealing to the naked eye, the way the work has been designed in ways people would not think imaginable. Comparing the Phone booth to the Match stick, they are on either side of the production value scale. However in terms of effectiveness and good pieces of design & media they both have high ratings. The implementation of surrealism and recycling shows how design can be made with absolutely anything. Although majority of the time design which is funded has a better look/effect I think it is debatable and so can simple designs be just as good.