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Hello my lovely Monsters! For the past three years, Key Club has helped me shape my life. I have been a Key Clubber since my freshman year, became Vice President for my junior year, and currently serve as Lieutenant
 Governor of Division 7 South. In the past year, I established a Builders Club at the neighboring middle school, Katherine L. Albiani Middle School, and became the co-advisor. Key Club has been and is my niche in high school. I am and incoming Senior at Pleasant Grove High School and I am 17 years old. Aside from being an active Key Clubber, I am a committee member for Relay for Life of Elk Grove: I serve as Miss Relay Chair. Although I have a hectic and busy life, I still have time to do some of my favorite activities. I am a member of my school’s Yearbook and Link Crew. I enjoy going to the beach, taking photographs, baking desserts, and spending time with both of my families. Although I have a family with over 1000 monsters, I love each and everyone one of you! During my term as Lieutenant Governor of Division 7 South, I hope to reach out to not only Division 7 South Key Clubbers but to all Key Clubbers and inspire the future leaders. Focusing on performing service, providing leadership opportunities, actively communicating with all members, and showing Key Club spirit is vital to unifying the division. I hope to inspire all of you to become dedicated Key Clubbers; I hope to share my experiences and love for Key Club with all of you! I am extremely grateful for being provided with the opportunity to lead, serve and work with Division 7 South. For the hot and sweaty summer months, I have many exciting plans for the division! With the help of the Divisional Team, I will be planning numerous FUNdraisers for the division! Fundraisers such as carwashes and dinner nights are just some of the ideas that I have already started planning! During the summer, mingle with new faces and befriend you fellow monsters! Let’s start this year off strong! In friendship and service, Lydia Thung (Mama Monster) 


Division 7 South End-of-the Year Banquet 
 Being from the same school district, all clubs in Division 7 South came together at the end of Spring Break to celebrate the end of another successful Key Club year. After hours of preparation, the clock struck five and the sun continued to descend into the horizon. Monsters began to arrive at Laguna Town Hall for a memorable night and little did they know it would also be one full of tears. The lines at the front door were a little bit hectic but this did not take away from how stunning every lady and gentleman looked that evening. Monsters shuffled around the room and settled into their seats. The divisional banquet was even joined by those not from Division 7 South! Catherine Ho (D7N LTG ’10-‘11), Feiyang Liu (D7N LTG ’11‘12), Courtney Bold (D44S LTG ’11-‘12), Pierre Bourbonnais (CNH Member Recognition Chair ’10-‘11) and Diana Nguyen (District Governor ’10-‘11) decided to swoop on in and join the celebration. Not only was this a goodbye to Austin Wu as Lieutenant Governor, but it was also a hello to Lydia Thung as his successor. Not surprisingly, these two were the masters of ceremonies for the . Dinner was served and the speeches began. Normally, I get a little antsy while sitting down for hours just to hear people talk. This time, however, it was different. Each club president of the 2010-2011 Key Club year was asked to present a speech along with his or her elect. Stories were told and tears were shed. Oh, did the tears shed. Tears flooded the room from the left to the right, from the front to the back. Even if it was only a select few, there were several faces wet with streams running down them. Once speeches were finished, the presidents gave Austin a gift that they collaborated on: an ICON survival kit! It was just a little something to let him know that he is supported in his campaign for International Trustee at Key Club International Convention this year. After all the crying business was done, several monsters danced until the end of the night – or at least until we were forced out of the venue. We have had a year of numerous successes and record breaking in service hours and fundraising for Pediatric Trauma Prevention. Thank you, Austin Wu, for being an amazing leader. Let’s hope that in this next year, Division 7 South will continue to break records and glow with spirit. 2

MAY Divisional Council Meeting Friday, May 20, 2011. What better way to celebrate the last day of school than to meet up with your favorite people in all of Elk Grove?! This was Lydia’s first Divisional Council Meeting as Lieutenant Governor, how exciting! More than 60 members of Division 7 South soaked up the sun and enjoyed the beautiful weather as they joined their Mama Monster at Elk Grove Regional Park. Along with current members of Division 7 South, there were also a number of alumni who decided to attend. A few of these people included: Larmon Luo (Franklin Key Club President ’08-’09, International Trustee ’09-’10), Megan Shimada (Franklin Key Club President ’09-’10), Jacky Ng (Divisional Secretary ’09-’10), and Adrian Francisco (Laguna Creek Key Club President ’10-’11). Lydia reviewed last year’s accomplishments and discussed her plans for this upcoming Key Club year. In addition to her inspirational words, she also introduced her new divisional board! After weeks and weeks of going over applications, she finally made her decision regarding who she found qualified for divisional positions. Taking on the job of Executive Assistant is Megan Su from Pleasant Grove Key Club. The new Divisional Secretary is Jeremy Huynh of Sheldon Key Club and the Bulletin Editor for the year will be Brittany Fong-Saeteurn (that’s me)! The Divisional Council Meeting was followed by an icebreaker called “Ride That Pony.” All I will say is this: Key Club members are never afraid to be crazy and act like jubilant maniacs (in a good way) when they are together. We are all very excited to serve you monsters and we hope that this Key Club year will be even MORE successful than the last.


Division 7 South

Leadership Team LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR Lydia Thung


SECRETARY Jeremy Huynh

BULLETIN EDITOR Brittany Fong-Saeteurn

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Division 7 South Key Club Newsletter: June Issue


Division 7 South Key Club Newsletter: June Issue