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Division 7 South Monsters at Fall Rally North in October.


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Hello Monsters! The weather is getting a bit chilly but we still have much in store for you! Look out for information about upcoming events within our division and it is highly encouraged that you get involved! Of course, you aren’t limited to these events. Remember to keep participating in service events with your club, because your help goes a long way especially during this holiday season. Sit around no longer, your community needs you! Just a reminder to put out there, April is only MONTHS away and with it comes the end of the Key Club year. Start thinking about your plans after this 2011-2012 year! Enjoy.  In service and friendship, Brittany Fong-Saeteurn Division 7 South Bulletin Editor 2011-2012

The Roaring Monster | Volume II | Issue VII: December


MAMA MONSTER’S MESSAGE Happy holidays, my beautiful Monsters! I hope you are all enjoying this winter season and taking any opportunities to perform service with the division and your club! In the past month, I have been working on numerous things such as socials and service events for our division, apparel with Laguna Creek, wristbands with Pleasant Grove, and Candidate Training Conference.

Division 7 South Team with FRN Spirit Coordinator, Lynn Le

If you have not heard already, Division 7 South won the spirit stick at Fall Rally North! I am so proud of all of you and thank you for supporting Pediatric Trauma Program! Not only did we buy myself but we also purchased Division 44 North Lt. Governor Kendall Odom, District Treasurer CJ Van and District Governor Erinn Wong! I cannot wait to see what spirit you guys have in store for District Convention! In November, we had Florin’s annual Awake-a-Thon in which Key Clubbers from all over Region 16 raised over $12,000 for One Brick at a Time and the Kiwanis Family House! November was very packed with fun events but I hope you went out to do community service! Speaking of service, congratulations to Monterey Trail for being the club to do the most service in a month… again!  We also had a November DCM/potluck at Monterey Trail High School so thank you for MT for hosting it! The food was delicious and the turnout was great! Be on the lookout for more fun DCMs and socials!

We will be having a very fun-filled December with several service events and socials! First off, the California International Marathon needs your help! There are several volunteer opportunities at this event so see what your club will be doing that early Sunday morning! On the other hand, Pleasant Grove is hosting their annual Caroling for Cans in which we will be ringing on the door bells of friendly strangers and singing to them with the hopes of receiving cans back! All cans/proceeds will go towards the Elk Grove Food Bank! Want one of those beautiful lanyards you see Key Clubbers wearing? You can receive one with a minimum donation of $5! All proceeds will go towards PTP so contact me if you would like one! UNLEASH YOUR MONSTER with our 1” orange wristbands for a minimum donation of $3. Contact Pleasant Grove Key Club President, Stanton Rucker, if you’d like one! Hey Monsters, I also have some awesome leadership opportunities for you! If you are interested in helping out at the dance, we will be taking sign-ups. We need Key Clubbers to help with at-the-door things, coat check, set-up and clean up! Talk to your president if you’d like to help! Remember our FRN Spirit Coordinator opportunity? We will also be having a DCON spirit coordinator! If you are interested in any opportunities, please contact me! Love,

Mama Monster

The Roaring Monster | Volume II | Issue VII: December




Sweatshirt Designs


Club Treasurers: Remember that the deadline for Key Club dues is DECEMBER 1ST. Submitting your dues by the deadline keeps your club in good standing – which is one thing that will qualify you for Outstanding and/or Distinguished Awards. Members: If you haven’t already paid your membership fee, do so immediately if your club is still accepting payments! Being a paid member gives you access to the amazing world of Key Club.

 Are there any seniors who are devoted to service 
and are interested in a scholarship opportunity? 
 You can find the Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation Scholarship 
 Application on under the “Resources” tab for more information.

Turn in your UNICEF boxes to your officers as soon as possible! Officers: Be sure to send in all 
 UNICEF donations by December 31st!

WANTED: Sweatshirt Design Division 7 South is now accepting designs for this year’s sweatshirts. In your design, please include: Division 7 South, Key Club, and the clubs in our division. Be creative! Submissions due by December. Email submission to:

The Roaring Monster | Volume II | Issue VII: December






Article Title


Work Party at the Discovery Museum

Betty Li

Florin’s Awake-A-Thon Monster Pride Having Fun(d)

Meagan Pham Jonathan Wong Jonathan Wong

A Harry Potter Night

Sabrina Wu

Project R.I.D.E.

Sabrina W

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The Roaring Monster | Volume II | Issue VII: December


work party at the discovery museum by betty li

What would you expect to do when you arrive at a museum for a community service event? Surely you would be helping out with jobs in the museum, right? At this event, Franklin Key Clubbers were pleasantly surprised. As seen in the picture above, we worked alongside our sponsoring Kiwanians to clean up the creek next to the Discovery Museum. Members were told that coming into contact with the creek water would result in a high chance of sickness. Not to mention the possibility of poison oak at the site. Pushing through these potential obstacles, we hacked away at all of the ivy

growing on the trees with handsaws. A few of the members weeded the unwanted plants on the left side of the creek. After we completed those tasks, most of us moved onto shoveling mulch into wheelbarrows. While two members shoveled the mulch into the wheelbarrows, two other members wheeled them off to the desired locations. Eventually, the tasks were all completed by 1 in the afternoon and the museum’s creek looked fresh and new again! Because this service opportunity was on the same day as the Giant Pumpkin Festival and the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, only a couple of members showed up. Attendees of this event met a few members from our sponsoring Kiwanis Club while working beside them.

One of our fellow Kiwanians, Brian, is an arborist and he taught most of the volunteers how to identify which plants should not be touched and which ones were weeds. We also saw Mr. Ortega, our Kiwanis advisor, joking around with Terry, another Kiwanis member, as they dug out an unnecessary tree. All in all, Franklin Key Clubbers had a fun time participating in this service project, despite having to work laboriously and deal with allergies. Got Claritin Clear?

The Roaring Monster | Volume II | Issue VII: December


florin’s awake-a-thon by meagan pham

Helping the Great Cause

How We Helped Out?

One Brick at a Time is a nonprofit organization that raises money for the Empowering Children School in Congo Town, Sierra Leone. Money we raised went towards renovating their school, and purchasing materials and equipment to help impoverished children, who would otherwise receive no education. The money was also split to be donated to the Kiwanis Family House because it was our turn to give back to them for all their great doings. Kiwanis Family House is a place of shelter located in Sacramento, housing families of patients in the UCD Medical Center that cannot afford to rent a hotel while paying the medical bills. They welcome people from a diverse background and try their best to provide their residents a clean and safe environment.

Florin High School held an Awake-a-thon which is an event where key club members stay away for 12 hours, raising money for a certain cause that we are devoted to, such as One Brick at a Time and our Kiwanis Family House. Every year we usually raise around $12,000 with our whole region.

The Impact During the rally, Kiwanians revealed to us the video that the children in Congo Town made to give thanks to us and seeing how their life has improved due to this organization. It really hit me on how I was able to be such a part of an event that made a really big difference in someone’s life.

The Experience Being my 2nd year attending Florin’s Awake-a-thon, it was still as great as ever. It was fun meeting new key club members from other divisons such as D27, D44N, and D7N, and D44S as well. Staying up for 12 hours is really a challenge I must say, but the activities Florin held to keep us going with helpful. The 2 hour dance, intense sport tournaments, and the mini-talent shows were just the few activities that energized us to strive to stay awake. Overall it was a great experience, and never wanted it to end!

The Roaring Monster | Volume II | Issue VII: December


monster pride by jonathan wong

This year’s Fall Rally North was held at Six Flags on October 29, but for Division Seven South, it started long before. Although this article is focused on my reflections, I am sure that I am speaking for the entire division when I say that we were bursting with spirit long before Fall Rally North was even on our minds. I am so unbelievably proud of Division Seven South, because we work so hard to show our spirit and service. Key Club is not just a club, it’s a way of LIFE! It was so much fun to have the honor of being one of the “cheerleaders” at our division cheer training. Crestley, the Franklin High School President, and I had to privilege of working with a group of kids who were mostly shy. However, by the end of the training, they were overflowing with spirit and rearing to battle. That immense feeling of pride when I was able to lead my tiny Team Yellow to victory in our tiny spirit battles was only a fraction of what I felt at Fall Rally North.

Anticipation steadily mounted during our waking, dressing, traveling, and practicing up until the moment our division was allowed into the stadium. I made sure that our Laguna Creek High School knew all of their cheers before they even entered the bus, but I was still worried for the division as a whole on knowing their cheers and hand motions. That fear disappeared the moment the monster of Division Seven South opened its mouth. We cheered with more unity and passion than I had ever seen in the

years past. We had the knowledge to completely silence ourselves before the cheer began to increase unity and make an even bigger impression on every surprised ear in the stadium. The ground trembled, the air shook, and the spirit of our division dashed all fears of defeat against the rocks. I was too proud for words during the first, second, and especially third round of judging. I know we had made a huge impression on the other divisions and especially the judges. The fact that we had won the spirit stick was just a physical manifestation of our diligence and perseverance throughout the months leading up to Fall Rally North. Win or loss I knew that us monsters were “number ONE in any crowd!” Thanks Division Seven South for the best Fall Rally all high school long! 

“The ground trembled, the air shook, and the 

spirit of our division dashed all fears of defeat against the rocks.”

The Roaring Monster | Volume II | Issue VII: December


having fun(d) by jonathan wong

As much as we don’t like to admit it, Key Club doesn’t just run on the good will of high schoolers around the world. Kiwanis also needs the backing of funds to keep this amazing organization running. And even the mere school clubs rely on the power of funds to keep fun and service at maximum levels. This year Laguna Creek Key Club has been raising money by holding car washes and barbecues. Our summer car wash pulled in over three-hundred dollars in just one day! We washed cars for about half a day in front of a local supermarket waving signs and washing windows. It was a great experience for our board to bond through hard work and physical labor. It’s really not every day that you get to see your good friends work so hard towards a similar goal, but it is one sight to see.

understand how Key Club incorporates hard work and fun so wonderfully through events like these. They were all so amazed by how easy and fun it was to help out a community service club. It also gave them a chance to interact with the board and not feel so intimidated by us. The last thing that we want is intimidation or awkwardness to permeate through our club because of these so-called differences in importance. A strong, well-structured unit can never rely on just one part because the board needs the members just as much as the members need the board. One group can’t really function without the other.

Another success in raising funds for our club was the Laguna Creek Beastly Barbecue that takes place at the end of every summer. It is open for the entire division to eat, drink, and be merry. The event provides the attendees with fresh burgers and hot dogs, cold drinks, and really fun events. The events that our club held for the rest of the division was a huge scavenger hunt, presidential pie-ing, and a water balloon fight. Of course, our board is nowhere near finished with our fundraising plans for the future, but those; those are top secret.

The carwash was also really great for the members to

The Roaring Monster | Volume II | Issue VII: December


a harry potter night by sabrina wu

Fairytale town, a small park for children of all ages, with colorful play sets, farm animals, discovery stories, and much more magical fun!

Hermione, Wizards, Power Rangers, animals, devils, and much more. Kids came running up with their pillow cases, or little bags saying, “trick or treat”. We let them choose from the variety of candies we had; snickers, lollipops, twix, jolly ranchers, starbursts, skittles, and so much more. The children were overjoyed and excited they were able to choose the candy they wanted and could eat it. Some children came alongside their parents, as it was their first ever Halloween. It was cute, most of the kids were scared to ask for candy but once they got it, they only had smiling little faces and wanted to come back for more and more.

As Halloween was just around the corner, Franklin High School Key Club was able to volunteer at this magical park, for there Halloween night special. Kids were running around every corner, ready to play, dressed up in their most creative Halloween costumes! Games included face paintings, Halloween shows, and of course trick or treating! We were in charge of handing out candy to the kids and even some of the parents. Because it was Harry Potter themed, we came decked out in our best Harry Potter costumes, as the children came up with their best costumes. Some costumes included Harry Potter,

As the night came to an end, we were able to witness the happiness of every child and see the joy that Halloween brings to many children and families each year!


As the night went on, more kids showed up ready for this 


Halloween day. We must have gone through over 100 bags of candy just at our station! It was tempting to eat some of the candy and walk around as a trick or treater, but we stayed the entire night handing out candy to the children.

“we were able to witness the happiness of every child”

The Roaring Monster | Volume II | Issue VII: December


project r.i.d.e. by sabrina wu

Project R.I.D.E., a therapeutic center for people of all ages with special needs is one of a kind organization. Every year Project R.I.D.E holds a spaghetti feed to raise money for their program. The fundraiser allows patients who cannot afford their program to ride for free lessons. This year, Franklin High School was honored to be a part of this amazing event. With a sold out crowd, parents, teens, and kids of all ages and of special needs came together for this spectacular event. We were in charge of the game booths! In which every organization competed against each other to see who could come up with the best game. Franklin came up with pin the tail on the donkey and a lollipop tree. Other games included fishing for a prize, basketball, bean bag toss, and much more. Some of our club worked on serving the spaghetti to the families while others worked the game booth and played alongside the children.

Kids came rushing up with their tickets, wanting to play against each other and see who could win the better prize. Some of the children didn’t always win, but every child ran up with a smile on their face, and left with a smile. While others children had special needs, and didn’t fully understand the game, they were still as cheerful, excited, and competitive. Each kid that came up to play was joyful, only wanting to have a good night and some fun at this event. As for the eating portion of this event, Franklin High was able to serve the families who came to eat some of the best spaghetti in town! Set up like a family style dinner, each of our servers provided families with numerous trays of garlic bread, salad, spaghetti, and drinks, until the night was over.

The smiles on each kids face after playing numerous games, and the appreciation in the parents eyes, brought joy to many of us Key Clubbers. Seeing the happiness and joy in the children, shows us how much we love helping out our community in as many ways as possible. The work that Project R.I.D.E. does is much like that of Project SHINE. Thus being is the reason Franklin High School key club enjoys working alongside this amazing organization, not only with their fundraisers and clean-ups but also the therapeutic riding sessions.


“we love helping out our community in as many ways as possible”

The Roaring Monster | Volume II | Issue VII: December



MONTEREY TRAIL KEY CLUB Raymond Case Elementary Cookie Dough Distribution

The Roaring Monster | Volume II | Issue VII: December



LAGUNA CREEK KEY CLUB Key Club Week: Kudos to the Key Players

Project R.I.D.E.

The Roaring Monster | Volume II | Issue VII: December





Lydia Thung


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