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July 2009

SPEEA News Update

WEU Negotiations continue with the Spirit Company. The negotiations team had a member meeting on June 8 at the Wichita Aviation Museum to update attendees on the status. Council Reps handed out fliers at the Spirit gates on June 9. There are Red shirt Wednesday and Red shirt Fridays also going on. We appreciate the NW support of our negotiations. The Council Representatives enjoyed the SPEEA conference in Seattle. I have heard a lot of good comments. It was one of our best. This was a wonderful opportunity to bond with our brothers and sisters. L&PA held a member meeting June 18th with Representative Jim Ward as the speaker. He brought us up to date on what the legislature has accomplished this year and what they didn’t get accomplished. He predicted that next year will be a bad budget year for the state, worse than this year due to the increased unemployment. He discussed how they determine what to cut and how there are different priorities for different representatives depending on geography. Upcoming MAC events include the Juneteenth parade, and the Wingnuts tailgate party before the baseball game. They are also working on getting vendors for our new win-win card. Heart Association – Donna Castaneda headed up a SPEEA team to work at the Heart Association Walk this last Saturday. They handed our SPEEA information. In addition to this she also walked and went over her personal goal of a $1,000 donation.

The MW Council requested our MW Tellers to review the possibility of redistricting the Boeing buildings so that we could fill an additional Council Representative position. This was approved by the Tellers and the opening will be announced in the next SPEEA publication. Spirit announced in a company newsline they will be unilaterally changing our tuition payment benefit from one where the company pays upfront to one where our members must pay tuition first, and then wait until the end of the semester to get their payment back. We consider this as a negative change and should require bargaining with us. Bob plans on meeting with the company on this issue. The Kansas Food Bank had a food drive while we were in Seattle at the conference. Council officers approved spending $200.00 from the Recruitment budget to purchase food for the drive. The Wichita staff purchased the food and presented it to the radio station for SPEEA members. They were on the radio and challenged the other unions to meet our donation. There is a big shortage on food at the food bank due to so many layoffs in our area. Merits at Spirit will be as follows: Adjustment Effective - 6/15/09, Notices Distributed to Employees 6/22-7/6, and Adjustment Visible on Paycheck - 7/9/09 (retro to 6/15) MW Committees – are in the process of reorganizing and having elections for officers. New officers for these committees are being sent to Terry Hall as they are accomplished. From Debbie Shepard, SPEEA, IFPTE 2001

The PlainDealer — 3 A June 13 Wichita Eagle article featured Spirit WTPU member Doug Stukey and his wife, Becky. The couple has designed and built a travel trailer based on retro teardrop designs. For the entire article and photo, go online to story/850698.html


Reflections on traveling By Mike Berry, The Wichita Eagle Doug and Becky Stukey are putting the finishing touches on their custom-designed handbuilt aluminum teardrop travel trailer, just in time to attend the upcoming International Teardrop Gathering at Minden, Nebr., June 18-21. Not every memorable wheeled vehicle has a great powerplant humming or rumbling under the hood. Doug Stukey realized that when he spotted his first teardrop travel trailer rolling down the road in Yellowstone National Park about 25 years ago. “I saw one behind a ’53-’54 pickup, but I never got a good look inside it,” he said. He and his wife, Becky, enjoyed traveling and camping at the time and he thought, “You could pull that anywhere. It would be a neat little thing to overnight camp in.” But they remained tenting campers and thoughts of having their own teardrop trailer faded a bit. “Then I got the bug again a few years back. Roger Mingle had his first teardrop trailer at Lake Afton,” said Doug, who was impressed enough to begin laying out his own design in masking tape on the floor of the Stukey garage. That was about two years ago and this week, the Stukeys are preparing to take their shiny new polished aluminum custom-built trailer to the third International Teardrop Gathering in Minden, Neb. “I wanted it to look like a vintage retro diner when we got done with it,” Doug said. The use of aqua “boomerang” pattern Formica and chrome ribbed trim on the table tops and kitchen serving areas helps achieve that look. He designed his own aluminum ice box to keep drinks and food cold on the road, and a stainless steel toaster oven and a slide-out 2-burner propane cook top make hot meals a breeze. The original plan was to use a set of drawings of a “modernistic” 1940s vintage teardrop trailer, but Stukey decided he didn’t really like the looks of it. His version is 10 feet long and weighs in at about 1,000 pounds. “I built it a little taller... to get some extra headroom,” he said. Interior accommodations feature a full-size bed, with air conditioning and warmth from a ceramic heater available from a 120-volt campground hookup. A 3-speed 12-volt skylight fan circulates interior air. The bed can be reformatted into a pair of couches that face each other across a two-piece collapsible table, which can be converted into outside individual tables that attach to the side of the trailer. Doug Stukey designed his own chassis, complete with a spare tire carrier and had his buddy, Charlie Timmons, weld it together before powder-coating the whole assembly. The trailer rides on a torsion suspension setup that mounts chrome 13-inch wheels and tires.

If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships – the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same –Franklin D. Roosevelt world at peace. Restore Workers’ Freedom to Choose for Themselves Whether to Join a Union

SPEEA leaders with State Rep Jim Ward, Assistant Kansas House Democratic Leader, on June 15. Ken Frazier, SPEEA Council Secretary; Debbie Logsdon, SPEEA Council Chair; Representative Jim Ward; Earl Carter, SPEEA Eboard MW Vice President Read The PlainDealer online through a link at!

Cessna Continues Layoffs On June 5, Cessna Aircraft issued 60-day layoff notices to another 700 salaried employees. The layoffs, part of a round announced in April, affect workers throughout the company. So far, Cessna has announced work force reductions totaling more than 6,900, or 45 percent of its work force. (

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Plain Dealer, 07/2009  
Plain Dealer, 07/2009  

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