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C O M M U N I C AT I O N S W O R K E R S O F A M E R I C A L O C A L 6 4 0 2

Informer CWA District 6 and AT&T Reach Tentative Agreement Business Organizations. Pay for this group will be based 60% on guaranteed wages and 40% on incentives. Current Temporary Service Representatives will have the option to convert to Regular, FullCWA District 6 (SW) and AT&T reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) on October 12th, 2009. Time in the Leveraged Service Rep title as soon as practicable but no later than 90 days after ratificaPresident Mildred Montgomery and EVP Gayle tion, or risk being work completed. TFT Service Wilson attended a contract explanation meeting in Austin, Texas on October 16th, and contract expla- Reps who convert to the RFT Leveraged Service Rep title will be considered “New Hires” for the nation meetings were held for the Local membership in Wichita on October 19th and in Great Bend purposes of post-retirement benefits. There are considerable financial changes to the on October 26th. The District 6 Bargaining ComHealth Plan for Active Employees. Monthly premimittee has unanimously recommended the agreeums will begin in April 2011: $15/individual and ment for ratification. Details of the agreement include guaranteed an- $30/family; 2012: $25/individual and $50/family; nual wage increases (with the exception of Premise 2013: $35/individual and $75/family. The Annual Technicians) of 3% in 2009, 3% in 2010, 2.75% in Deductibles remain the same for the life of the agreement: $350/individual and $700/family in2011 and 2.75% + COLA in 2011. Pension band increases are 2% in 2010, 2% in 2011, 2% in 2012 network/ONA. The annual maximum out of pocket and 2% + COLA in 2013 Premise Technicians will costs also remain the same for the life of the agreereceive a $3.25 increase, retroactively paid back to ment: $1000/individual and $3000/family innetwork/ONA. Co-insurance after the appropriate April 5, 2009 and a 2.75% + COLA in May 2012. deductible is met is 10%, with preventative office The Lump Sum Pension option remains until visits and testing having no deductible and no co2012, using the GATT rate from November of the prior year, beginning January 2010. The Company insurance. Covered employees who retired during will then begin transitioning to the Pension Protec- the life of the contract will be considered "Eligible Retired Employees" for health care purposes and tion Act through 2015. Premise Technicians obcontinue to be covered under the active plan for the tained a new pension plan. life of the agreement. Temporary Employees, with the titles of CST, Members eligible to vote for ratification will Cable Splicer and Senior Consultants, covered unreceive their ballot as well as a copy of the Final der the memorandum of agreement dated June 16, 2006 (and the extension of that agreement) will be Bargaining Report. Ballots must be returned to the office no later than 5pm on November 9th, 2009. considered for Regular, Full-Time employment. The Company will complete this process within 90 Ratification results will be reported by CWA Disdays of ratification and CWA District 6 will have a trict 6 to the Company by November 11th, 2009. representative to be a part of the conversion process. For more information please go to and click on the BarA Leveraged Service Representative Title will be established in Appendix B for the Consumer and gaining header or call the Union Hall. By Gayle Wilson Informer Editor

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November 2009

Your Right to Representation By Gayle Wilson Informer Editor Weingarten Rights, or your right to representation, are one of the most important protections you have when being questioned by management. Michael Mauer, a former lawyer with the National Labor Relations Board and author of The Union Member’s Complete Guide, gives an overview of the conditions that must be met in order for workers to invoke their rights under the law. 1.




The meeting is an investigatory interview. This means that the employee is expected to answer questions in connection with an inquiry into possible wrongdoing or unacceptable behavior. Weingarten rights do not cover meetings where the communication is only one way; that is, when the purpose is merely to convey information to an employee or to notify an employee of a decision already made regarding discipline. Keep in mind also that discussions of job performance do not automatically include the right to representation. That right exists only if the meeting also involves giving answers to questions that may then lead to a disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may result from the meeting. The legal standard here is that a disciplinary action — of any severity — is one possible result of the meeting. Since what matters is whether disciplinary action may result, it legally makes no difference that the supervisor who calls the employee in may not be intending to take disciplinary action. The employee reasonably believes that disciplinary action may result. The law generally requires only that the employee has a reasonable belief that he or she may be disciplined. Whether that belief is reasonable or not is a judgment call, and will be determined based on all the circumstances surrounding the meeting: has the supervisor previously raised the possibility of discipline? Have other employees been disciplined for what this individual is accused of? Is this employee working under the threat of a performance warning letter? A request is made for representation. Weingarten rights differ in one crucial way from Miranda rights (“You have the right to remain silent…”) you see on television; unlike the police, employers have no legal obligation to advise workers of their rights before questioning begins. It is up to the individual employee to know her rights, and to state that she doesn’t wish to answer any questions until her representative arrives.

“If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my union representative, officer, or steward be present at the meeting. Without representation, I choose not to answer any questions.” (This is your right under a Supreme Court decision called Weingarten.)

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Letters to the Editor:

CWA CSC: Standing OUT by Pitching IN In the 12 months preceding the anniversary date of our contract, the CSC has been actively helping our members with many activities to help stretch budget dollars but by far the most successful project , in this regard, to date , is our participation as a distribution site for Prairie Land Foods. Last month our site participants volunteered over 250 hours to help our community. Here are some comments that people have shared about our project:

"Prairie Land Food provides my family with the opportunity to purchase a good variety of tasty and affordable meats and fresh fruits and vegetables as a reward for the work we do in our community. —Alana, McPherson “To be honest, we used only about half of our food each month. We had some wonderful neighbors—she is not able to do much for herself and needs home care and he isn't much better off. So we shared some of our "goodies" with them every month and they were more than grateful. Thank you for allowing us to do that small act of kindness for them!!” — Phyllis, Wichita And the compliments keep coming for this wonderful program .It’s great food, a terrific reward for helping out in the community. If you are looking forward to scrumptious holiday meals, you are going to be excited to see the Specials that will be available for November and December! The special pricing can help with holiday meal cost, great for holiday parties and gift giving. Share the Holiday Spirit and save money on a delicious meal by purchasing your Thanksgiving dinner for your family or for families in your community. We will begin taking orders the week of October 26 for the November distribution. Distribution in November will be November 21 at the CWA Hall from 9 am - 11 am. The Holiday Pak can be a wonderful blessing for an individual or family who could use a hand up through the holidays. Consider purchasing one or more "Love Gifts" for a family in your community. A girlfriend of mine purchases these paks for her son in college, her parents , and an elderly aunt . We deliver her pak to her home by one of our volunteers. Speaking of volunteers, I would like to thank these volunteers for helping me get this up and running for all of us to enjoy:

of a SCAB 1.A worker who refuses membership in a Labor Union. 2. An employee who works while on strike; strikebreaker. 3. A person hired to replace a striking worker. 4. A low or contemptible person. The Informer CWA Local 6402 530 E. Harry Wichita, KS 67211 316 267-2592 316 267-8472 (fax)

Jack and Susan Browne (site set up , transportation and inventory) Floyd Sanders (site set up ,maintenance support) James Russell (transportation , loading and unloading) Michele Steele (food sorting and paperwork) Dan King (food sorting , home delivery) Henrietta Hutchins (site set up and paperwork) Tammy Chaffee (web site posting)

The Informer encourages and accepts letters to the Editor and submissions from the membership at large

In my article this month, I have included the holiday menu for November and December (see page 4). Please take a look at it and see if you can participate. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call. And as always, Thank you for letting me serve our community and local in this capacity.

Carol Russell CSC Chair

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Mildred Montgomery Gayle Wilson Jon Cook

Chief Stewards NDS/Outside Western Kansas CSSC

Mike Conley Don Gotchall Tammy Chaffee

Board of Trustees Community Services Webmaster Informer Editor

Dana Hunter Carol Russell Tammy Chaffee Gayle Wilson

Get Involved! CWA Informer November 2009

Letters to the Editor:

Only YOU Can Build a Stronger Union Having just read the last issue of the Informer it started me thinking. I can remember when I first started with the company there were supervisors that came up from craft, and management and the company were concerned about the welfare of the of the employees. I can remember when, as an installer, your boss was there when you came in at 7p.m. or if not they would call to make sure that you were okay. Remember when we had employee picnics and your bosses came? I can remember when I was going to the Union Hall and I had to be there early to get a parking spot because the hall would be packed and it wouldn't have to be a contract year. I also remember that in a lot of the contract years we were united in our cause.

CWA Informer November 2009

Did we have people who crossed our lines? Of course we did. Did we let them know how we felt? Of course we did. But we as a union were united in what we did. We may have accepted contracts that were not acceptable for all of our members but they were good for the whole. And we all voiced our opinions on it. Our elected officials knew that they would be under the gun at any meeting because the union members would be there. Now I go to a meeting and don't worry about parking. In our meetings there may be 10 people there. (most, if not all, are stewards). I guess the rest of the members don't care what goes on, (unless they get into trouble). Each day I get question on what the status is on the contract. I don't know how many times I get calls from people on contract issues, (not that I mind; that is what you elected me to

do). But the majority of these are things that were decided at the union meetings the night or month before. Your President, Vice-President, SecretaryTreasurer, Chief Stewards, and Stewards are doing the best jobs that they can to try to kept you informed. But YOU and only YOU are responsible to get the information that you need in these times. Would you like to let someone else handle your finances? Would you let someone else pick out your health insurance? That is exactly what you and the rest of you that don't become informed about what is going on around you and your world are doing. But again maybe it just doesn't matter.

Michael Conley Chief Steward

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November 10th


Executive Board


November 10th


Stewards’ Meeting


November 17th


Regular Membership

November "Prairie Pak" $20.00 and 2 hours volunteer service *B/S – Boneless Skinless

*F/C – Fully Cooked

*IQF – Individually Quick Frozen

Farmland #1 Roll Sausage – 1 LB Chicken Drums – 1.5 LBS Lean Ground Beef – 1 LB Lean Center Cut Boneless Pork Chops – (four / 5 oz) 1 LB. F/C Chicken Breast Strips for Fajitas - 12 OZ Sweet Potatoes Potatoes Onions Carrots Celery Oranges Bananas Apples Pumpkin Pie (10" / 40 OZ) Whipped Topping

***FRUIT AND VEGGIE PAK - $11.00 1 hour volunteer service purchase with or without the purchase of the Prairie Pak Sweet Potatoes Potatoes Onions Carrots Celery Oranges Bananas Apples Pumpkin Pie (10" / 40 oz) Whipped Topping Page 4

***MEAT ONLY - $13.00 1 hour volunteer service — purchase with or without the purchase of the Prairie Pak

Farmland #1 Roll Sausage - 1 LB. Chicken Drums - 1.5 LBS Lean Ground Beef - 1 LB Lean Center Cut Boneless Pork Chops - (four / 5 oz) - 1 LB F/C Chicken Breast Strips for Fajitas - 12 OZ

**NOVEMBER SPECIALS** purchase with or without the purchase of the Prairie Pak

SPECIAL #1 "HOLIDAY PAK" - $25.00 4 TO 4.5 lb. Gold Foil Turkey Breast (equivalent to a 12-14 lb. bird) Sweet Potatoes . Potatoes . Onions . Carrots . Celery Oranges . Bananas . Apples Pumpkin Pie (10"/40 oz.) . Whipped Topping

SPECIAL #2 "BLACK FOREST HAM" - $15.00 4 lb. Boneless Super Lean Holiday Ham

SPECIAL #3 "SUPPER TIME ENTREES" - $18.00 ~Beef Stroganoff with Broccoli Florets over Noodles ~Grilled Chicken with Tomato Basil Sauce and Penne Pasta ~Sausage with Green and Red Peppers with Sauce over Linquine ~Baked Ziti with Meat Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese ~Southern Fried Chicken Breast w/ Mashed Potatoes & Calif. Blend Mixed Veggies ~Turkey Breast with Mashed Potato, Super Sweet Corn and Turkey Gravy ~Chicken Teriyaki Stirfry with Rice and Red and Green Peppers *10% shipping & $1.00 Site Handling Fee will be added to the total order Orders placed on line will pay a $1 processing fee.

CWA Informer November 2009

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CWA insert, Plain Dealer, 11/2009  

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