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June 2014 Issue

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Saying our hellos and our goodbyes

Featuring:Division Banquet Dinner & Kiwanis One Day *Please don’t print: Protecting Our Pandas, One Newsletter at a time*

A Letter From Our LTG:

A Letter From the Editor:

Hello Red Pandas!

Hello D46N!

I cannot believe the first month of the 2014-2015 Key Club year has come and gone. In the past month, all of us have grown as leaders and continued providing service with smiles on our faces. In the months to come, I hope we can continue increasing the amount of service completed as a division and embrace out “Ohana�! I want you to remember all the good you are doing by participating in community service and invite you to our future events. We are all leaders and Key Clubbers, so by working together, there is no limit on the successes coming our way. In the remaining months of the Key Club, I hope you continue to Celebrate: Service, Leadership, and Family.

We kicked off this month with a great start! Please keep up your hard work and all that you do for Key Club! Every volunteer, every service project makes a difference! Make sure to join us and help out over the summer and sign up for as many service projects as you can! We need all the help we can get and with your help we can make a difference. Please give a small thank you to any and all officers at your club! A small gratitude goes a long way! If you have any ideas or questions for the newsletter, or feedback, please contact me! Thank you! My email:

Kiwanis One Day


any people believe that as an individual, they cannot make a big difference. That is not true. D46N proved this at our service project, Kiwanis One Day: Kids Against Hunger. Last year, 22 thousand pounds of food were packed and sent to Haiti. This year, we plan to send our lunches to starving families in the Philippines. Our LTG, Amir Patel, shares his passion for volunteering, “I want to make a positive impact on the community. I wanted to help anyone who needed help and aid those who are less privileged. My goal as the lieutenant governor is to get more and more people involved and team up with other communities and groups, like what we’re doing today.� Meals were packaged with rice, dried vegetables and other

protein products. When volunteers first arrived, they began preparing for work. Putting on gloves and hair nets, they were trained by others how to properly package the meals. After training, they were sent to different work stations. There were a total of four workstations, each with 10 people. Working in an assembly line, volunteers evenly pour ingredients in a bag. After, it is sent to another volunteer who weighs the meal on a scale which is then sent to be sealed. After being sealed, the packaged meal is boxed up. Focused on packaging as much food as they can, workers took very few breaks. When they did take breaks, they were short and staggered, so that at all times there were at least 3 groups packaging food. It is no surprised they packaged so much food, and their hard work is dedicated to a virtuous cause!

Members of D46N help feed the world by helping out at Kiwanis One Day!

Banquet Dinner At this heart-warming event, held on the 28th of April, the Division 46 North family rejoiced in the cafeteria of Downey High School to bid goodbyes to this year’s hard working division team! Gorgeously adorned decorations displayed our CNH colors, at the Golden Globes Banquet. Starting at around 5 o’ clock PM, members from all Division schools attended. Serving as both a Division Conference Meeting and Banquet Dinner, Key Clubbers were served Chinese Food along with cake for dessert. Many members came up to give a short review of all

their accomplishments throughout the year and their Kiwanis moment. Afterwards, awards were given to each club for their outstanding work and dedication. Awards ranged from most improved to most distinguished club. After awards were finished, Celina Chanthanouvong, our IP LTG, gave a beautiful departing speech shared here journey as being LTG. Tearing up about her experience as being the head of the division, listeners couldn’t help but to tear up as well. The dinner ended with Amir Patel, our new LTG and Celina rotating banners. Let us welcome this fresh start, D46N!

Members from D46N show their club spirit and take photos at our Banquet Dinner!

DCON In Sacramento, we had the District Convention, where all of the local clubs of D46N and South got together and celebrated the greatness of this last year. We voted for (half) the new district board, and we were able to learn new knowledge at the many workshops. I am happy to announce that not only were there the average workshops for each position, and for the Kiwanis Family, and the service opportunities and fundraising, but in addition, another new program has been developed called SafeKey. It has been designed as a district project to spread safe technology use, and as more resources are released. Otherwise, it is always great to be able to tour around Sacramento and learn more about our club! -A. Wiegman

Our officers and members at DCON show their Panda Pride!

DCM Lineup 2014-2015 Month



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Golden Globes Banquet




Mardi Gras




Run by Abraham & Celina At Beyer Park


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Halloween (Costume Contest)


Peter Johansen






Ugly Christmas Sweater


Central Catholic

1-20-15 *TUESDAY*




2-17-15 *TUESDAY*

Valentine’s Day


Thomas Downey


St. Patrick’s Day




Division Banquet: Goodbye Amir




Led by LTG Elect 2015-2016

Upcoming Events: ICON: July 2-6 in Anaheim: -Early Registration is over! -Talk to your sponsoring Kiwanis for sponsorship opportunities! Division Service Project: DATE: -MORE INFORMATION Committee Sign Ups: -T-shirt Committee Come help us create our new D46N Club Shirt! You do NOT have to be an artist! You just have to be willing to help out! -Spirit Committee Help out our Division Spirit Coordinators continue Key Club spirit even after Fall Rally! Help us end this year with a bang! *If you are interested please contact Amir!* PTP Fundraisers: -We are in need of ideas for PTP! If you have any ideas, we are open to them!

D46N June 2014 Newsletter  
D46N June 2014 Newsletter  

This is our division newsletter for the month of June 2014!