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Volume 14 Issue 2

James C. Enochs High School

Diving Into June Sailing the cruise of service!


Division 46 North Red Pandas 1

Table of Contents 3 Letter from the President 4 Letter from the Editor 5 Member Recognition 6 Red Panda Recap 10 Looking Ahead

13 Get Social!


Letter from the President Hello Enochs Key Club, Perhaps one of the most damaging things a leader can do is oppress the application of a man’s talent. History has amply demonstrated that some of the repressive and sadistic forms of government are those who exercised unprecedented authority to intervene in the activities of their people. In sharp contrast, successful leaders will not only dictum obligations, but additionally harness their peoples aptitude in the subscription to nourish what’s most substantial; his followers. As John F Kennedy said, “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” One of the most paradoxical functions a leader has to flawlessly apply is a delicate balance between letting his people know that their liberties run unobstructed and to simultaneously have them respect both authority and boundaries. - DANIEL RUIZ


Letter from the Editor Hello Enochs Key Club, Despite the scorching heat and stifling air of summer, the month of June has been prosperous with activity. Individuality evanesced, for it was inevitably superseded by a surging sense of wholeness and unity. You all are vital constituents in our quest for success. As Enochs Key Club, we radiate tangible strength and exude magnificence. We’re destined for success, for our companionship remains unrivaled and retains supremacy. The exhibition of philanthropic behavior remains prevalent within our club. Promoting the welfare of others is one of our keystones, and is exercised at every volunteer event. Should a problem arise within our club, we will rush to provide relief in any way possible. I’m immensely proud of all of your hard work and dedication. - ELAINE YONG


Member Recognition

Elaine Yong was awarded officer of the month for her dedication and involvement. Interacting with key clubbers at events and also taking the position for being a chair at Relay for Life demonstrated these properties.


Red Panda Recap

What have we been up to?





Love Modesto held their annual United One Way dinner on June 2nd. There was a morning and night shift available for this event. In the morning, members congregated at the McHenry Mansion to help set up tables and plates and cook food. Conversely, in the evening shift, members helped serve and wait tables, as well as assisting with the clean up process afterwards. United One Way provided a great opportunity for members to interact and catch up, in addition to helping their community. This event showcased that the companionship within our division remains unparalleled, and is worthy of recognition. 7




The North Modesto Kiwanis Club hosted its annual Graffiti Festival on June 7-9. Members showed up to the parade and displayed their spirit with thunderous force by screaming and selling bottles of water. Officers were assigned to a shopping cart full of bottles of water, and tasked with marketing as many bottles as possible. We were able to procure $241 dollars from the water sales at the parade. At the festival, members helped pick up trash and clean out the washrooms in the scorching heat. New friendships were forged throughout the rigorous event, and priceless memories captured through the lenses of empathy. Both the festival and parade were a monumental success.

“Even though there were obstacles like getting through the curbs and maneuvering through people on the sidewalk, the graffiti festival was a successful event. It felt good to scream our lungs out for people to buy water and promote PTP because in the end we raised $244.� - Monica In, 11 8

DAY ON THE FARM The Society for Disabilities held their annual Day on Farm on June 22. Members showed up fresh in the morning to help set up for the day by positioning coolers, receiving instructions, and loading water cases. Coordinators assigned each volunteer to a participating individual and their family. Throughout the event, members accompanied their “buddy� as they traversed the many stations on the farm, and ensured their buddy was safe and content. Some stations included a petting zoo, horse riding, a wagon ride, and a crafts tent. Despite the early heat and dusty conditions, volunteers persevered on, making the event a success. Warm greetings and friendly smiles contributed to a strong sense of camaraderie throughout the day. 9

Looking Ahead INTO THE FUTURE…

What are we up to next?


THE SOCIETY OF DISABILITES: WATER SKI Dates: July 13th & 27th August 10th & 24th Where: Modesto Reservoir, 18143 Reservoir

Time: 8:30 AM - 2/3 AM

Come out on one of these Sundays and join us for some water ski fun! Help disabled individuals learn to water ski while spending time with your friends! *NOTE: DO NOT volunteer if you’re not a strong swimmer


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James C. Enochs High School | June Newsletter|Division 46 North Key Club  

June Key Club Newsletter, D46N

James C. Enochs High School | June Newsletter|Division 46 North Key Club  

June Key Club Newsletter, D46N