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D44S Monthly Newsletter March 2014

Table of Contents 3. Letter from LTG 4. Letter from DNE 5. Conclave and February DCM summary 6. Club goings-on 7. Kiwanis One Day 8. Recognition 9. Division Banquet

Hello Dinos! Welcome to the last newsletter! As District Convention is right around the corner I would like everyone to remember all of these golden moments we had with each other. The fall rally experience, the service projects, the rainbow web activity, the movie night, and everything in between. Hold onto these moments and reminisce about them whenever you need some uplifting spirit to make your day. As we close our key club journey this year, remember to thank those who made this journey possible and how much you have grown. Thank you for an amazing year Dinos! I could not have asked for better teammates than you all! -with Dino Hugs Catherine Kim D44S LTG

Hey guys, This is the last newsletter of the term, and it’s been a great time doing this for you! This year has given me a new perspective and respect for the jobs that people do. It may not seem like much, but your peers do a lot of work behind the scenes to make things as good as possible, and we all really appreciate how you guys are at division wide events, and DCMs. Thanks for making this year great for me, and I’ll see you all at DCON! Good tidings for the future, Luke Wang, D44S DNE

February Division Council Meeting and Conclave Nicola Roberts-Lewis Division 44 South

Division Spirit Coordinator

FEBRUARY DCM AND CONCLAVE CONCLAVE RESULTS! Our new Lieutenant Governor was elected. Miss Cynthia Huynh, from Mira Loma High School, is now this division’s Lt. Governor elect. She is currently a sophomore and Mira Loma Key Club’s current president. We wish her the best of luck!

Current D44S Lt. Governor Catherine Kim with the new Lt. Governor elect Cynthia Huynh


Key Clubbers from both D44S and D44N spelling out the word “KEY” for the instagram scavenger hunt!

Division Team members from both divisions were leaders for groups for the scavenger hunt. The groups contained members from both 44 North and South. There was a list of things on the scavenger hunt, where photos of each item were taken, and then posted on instagram. It was really fun!


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Kiwanis One Day "The Black Death of 1348 to 1350."

Vivian Li

Division 44 South

Service Project Coordinator

 What is Kiwanis One Day? o The worldwide Kiwanis Day of Service! Contact your sponsoring Kiwanis to perform a service project together.  Where can I go? o Anywhere in your community! Not sure where to go? Visit the Kiwanis Family House, which will have various service projects for everyone.

 When is it? o April 5!


Division 44 44 South Steven Li| Division South| Recognition Service Project Coordinator Steven Li | Division 44 South | Service Projects Coordinator

Member of the Month Emily Phan, Member of the Month, El Camino Key Club Thank you, Emily Phan, for being such an amazing member in Division 44 south. The community and service you have done in key club has helped your community and your club tremendously. Thank you so much and keep up the awesome work!

Nicola Lewis, Officer of the Month, Mira Loma Key Club Thank you, Nicola Lewis, for being the treasurer of Mira Loma Key Club. The work you have put into Mira Loma’s Key Club has helped both your home club and Division 44 South tremendously. You are an amazing officer in our division!

Rosemont Key Club, Club of the Month, Division 44 South Thank you Rosemont Key Club for serving your home, school and community! The members in your club have served an amazing amount of community and service hours. Division 44 South greatly appreciates all that you have done!



Cynthia Huynh | Division 44 South | Spirit Coordinator

You’re invited to the Division Banquet, join us for a BUZZIN’ time!

The 2012-2013 Key Club is coming to a close end, celebrate with the Division at the Division Banquet! WHAT: The Division Banquet is to celebrate our Division’s accomplishments and award outstanding members, officers, and advisors. It will be potluck style, with each club assigned something to bring! WHEN: April 25th WHERE: Cordova High School More details will be released soon, however it is bound to be incredibly fun!

Division Banquet 2013 Kateyng gives her last few words.

The Division Team smile with Kateyng.





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