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SEPT 2012

It’s a bittersweet feeling—the end of the lazy days, but there’s nothing like the feeling of being a busy bee! Even though many may feel the stress of school slowly creeping over, HAVE NO FEAR! Key Club is here, and don’t ever forget that your Key Club Ohana is always here for you! From your home club to our division, to even our district, we all are there for you! But with that said, don’t forget to help your Key Club! Don’t forget to keep volunteering … there is always an event to look forward to: contact your president or check out our division website <>. And with club rush already happening or soon approaching, don’t forget to continue to recruit! Bring a friend to Key Club to share the magic and show them how a million waves of service and the millions smiles that come with it! This year is going to be even better than the last—I promise you that—so let’s increase our membership and continue to create the best division in all of International! Let’s all take this first month of school to do a review of last and come up with new ideas for the rest of the term. Let us all contribute to the bundle—if you have any ideas, please don’t hesitate to share it with your club president or division! Help your club to come up with new ideas, spark some dialogue about having a club social, and check our division website for all sorts of events and activities! If you attended any of our summer events—from our division bake sale competition to our division car wash and our Region 03 Beach Boomba—then you know there is plenty in store this year! Our upcoming division events include our OC Book Fair, Region 03 Training Conference, Fall Rally, our monthly DCMs, Rose Float Decorating, CHOC Walk at Disneyland, Key Leader, and much much more! And don’t you forget about our new Division 41 South T-shirts … this year is fully packed, so you don’t want to miss out! I really hope I get to meet everyone and get to know everyone better as the year progresses, so please keep with Key Club and continue to be as active and even more so! I know our division will be the BEST because each and every one of you make it so. But DON’T forget— aside from school and family—YOU come first! Your health is the most important thing, so YES to sleep! YES to eating—DON’T SKIP MEALS! And YES to drinking LOTS of water. (Lions and Lionesses, we live in the beautiful Southern California where it is still 105 degrees even through the fall, so stay hydrated!) Relax and breath … this

On the Prowl for Service,

Hannah Tuong Lieutenant Governor

year is going to be the BEST!

DON’T MISS OUT – HOSTED BY ETHS Date: Saturday, September 22, 2012 Time: 2:00 – 3:30 pm @COSTEAU PARK #SEPTDCM


fall REGION TRAINING CONFERENCE Date: Saturday, October 13, 2012 Time: 11:45 am – 5 pm @BOLSA GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL 9401 Westminster Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92844 RSVP TO YOUR PRESIDENT BY MONDAY, OCTOBER 8!


Burger KEYing On a lively day of summer, the festive San Clemente Street Fiesta was aromatic of juicy and scrumptious burgers. Where did this aroma trail from? The Annual San Clemente Burger Booth, of course! On August 12th, I and other Key Clubbers aided our sponsoring Kiwanians at their famous burger booth. Kiwanians and Key Clubbers worked tireless hours side-by-side, producing burgers faster than one can say “Kiwanis.” As we rapidly served our customers, one could not help but feel the strong sense of camaraderie that existed throughout the Kiwanis family. As I talked to a Kiwanian, he mentioned that all profits made went to the youth groups that San Clemente Kiwanis sponsored. Not knowing this before, I was humbled by our Kiwanians™ commitment and endless support towards youth groups like Key Club. Overall, this experience was one that made me more grateful for our amazing Kiwanians and more determined to be an active member of the Kiwanis Family.


Baby Bees Freshmen orientation is always an exciting time for us at Capo Valley Key Club. It is our opportunity to get freshmen interested in what we do. This year, we were extremely successful. Many current members of the executive board were present to explain to the future Key Clubber what our club was all about. We got a bunch of freshmen to sign up, which is promising to help our club grow and prosper. Personally, it was invigorating to see so many people interested in our club and our cause. It was also a great experience to work with a lot of the board members, as we will do for Club Rush, which is coming up in a week or so. I am so excited for this term! It is going to be a good year for Capo Valley Key Club.



On August 12th, my fellow Key Clubbers and I had the pleasure of participating in San Clemente’s Street Fair Fiesta. This beautiful August Sunday morning—as well as a blissful evening—about 25 Key Clubbers were hard at work making burgers, making new friends, and enjoying the beautiful summer sun in the fun, breezy city of San Clemente.


Beachin’ Blue Waves This month, our club had the opportunity to partake in the Region 3 Beach Boomba. Key Clubberss from all over Orange County came out to this event and spent the day lounging at the beach and playing competitively-friendly games. Despite the warm weather slightly dragging us, our club members participated in numerous activities with our fellow Lions in the competitions against our neighboring divisions. We met many wonderful people and exchanged stories about our respective clubs and schools, which gave us a glimpse of some of the community service activities that they partook in. All in all, the Beach Boomba was an enjoyable experience that provided us with the opportunity to befriend numerous Key Clubbers from around the region and get pumped for the upcoming school year.


Workin’ at the Car Wash The Divisional Car Wash Competition was super successful in that we managed to raise about $300 for PTP as well as bond with our fellow Key Clubbers form other schools. There was a slow start, but as the day continued, it gradually became busier. We are also planning ahead for events, such as the Irvine Cultural and Art Fair. We are also preparing for our school’s club rush. We hope to retain and gain as many eager beavers as possible! We will also be helping out at our school district’s college fair.


Hawk Walk Library Help Laguna Hills Key Club has been annually helping out at our registration week, also known as Hawk Walk. This year was no different as our Key Club continued to help our librarians, helping students to correctly obtain their textbooks and register for another year of school. This event had a great turn out. It was especially exciting to see old friends and newcomers. We all tried to make everyone feel welcome and excited for the coming year. Our Key Club would usually have a friendly competition on who had helped out the most people. After every service we did, we would walk out to our quad and treat ourselves to some yummy Otter Pops as a reward. Laguna Hills High School Key Club continues to encourage people to volunteer while having fun!


Soaps and Suds

What a better way to end the summer than a division car wash to raise money for the Pediatric Trauma Prevention? Clearly none! So on Saturday, August 25th, Tesoro Key Clubber crossed enemy lines over to El Toro High to put their car scrubbing skills to work. However, car washing was not the only thing occurring at this car wash as many Tesoro members flocked to the streets, using their spirit to help attract potential customers. Secretary Tiffany Allen, along with twin brother Tyler Allen, were especially ardent supporters of the cause, asserting their corner advertising, which really reeled in the contributors. Overall, Tesoro Key Club had a wonderful day climbing on top of cars, advertising, and sneaking in one last tanning session before the summerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s end.

[Kiwanis Family Chair]

Trails and Tacos Recently, Tesoro Key Club volunteered at Tuesday Trails and Tacos Run. The run is non-profit and proceeds go to OC Wilderness Parks. The volunteering portion of the Taco Trails included course set up, monitoring, and greeting. A new freshman to the club, Angelica Grady, used her creative talents to add flair to the course t-shirts. Other club members, Flint and Courtney, got to help a blind man around and keep him company during the race. Later, there was tacos and socializing. Finally, there was clean-up at the end of the day. Overall, it was a great day serving. Tesoro Key Clubbers definitely made an impact at this event.


Let’s Go to the Beach, Beach Beach Boomba was awesome! The weather and the waves were perfect as well as the friends I made. It was a blast playing football with Key Clubbers from other divisions—I love sports. One of the most entertaining portions of the Boomba was witnessing our Lieutenant Governor Hannah Tuong get pied in the face over and over again! It was hilarious! I did feel bad for pie-ing her myself—because she is just so amazing—but hey, it was for PTP! Overall, I very much enjoyed Beach Boomba, and I loved every single minute of it.


Spectacular Symphony! This event was a great opportunity to expose young children to the wonders of music. We volunteered at the Musical Playground which was an area with many music-related booths. We specifically participated in the “Instrument Petting Zoo” where kids got to pick and play around with many different types of musical instruments while we instructed and encouraged them. Ten people from our club participated and helped in making this a successful event. The most interesting part was when we were asked to play the instrument. It was oodles of fun.

Festival of Children at South Coast Plaza

Bake Sales

Festival of Children at South Coast Plaza Ladera Ranch Candy Hunt October 20

Gasp! There is such a lack of article submissions, what happened? School just started! But it’s okay because you can always redeem yourself for the next issue. Do you lions like the new online article submission method? I think it is a bit more organized, and I hope you agree. Anyways, thank you to those who did submit articles. You lions never cease to impress me. I am really psyched to attend Fall Rally this year. It’s sad to realize that this will be my first and last Fall Rally. Time flies! Senior year is so surreal to me; I still feel like a little kid. Savor these moments.

Tell your fellow lion cubs to subscribe to the Lion’s Den blogspot <> for club updates! Share your love for Key Club, sleep well, eat fruit, and do some physical exercise! Oh, and don’t procrastinate! Roaring with Service,

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