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introduction LTG intro Hello 41 South! Summer is coming to a close, and I know that all of us are sad that we have to give up those lazy, hazy days of vacation. I sure am going to miss waking up at noon, late nights with friends, the OC Fair, Key Clubbing, and other summer activities. I hope you have also made some great memories this summer, and have been actively serving the community.



Though summer is ending, it is not over yet. Utilize the last of your summer moments planning for the upcoming year. Think about what you can do and what you want to do for your club and division. Plan to bring in a lot of members this upcoming year at club rush, so that more people can learn about our great organization. Get ready to serve your community and fundraise for a great cause!


Well, I bet all of you want to end summer on a great note, so come out to the Division Car Wash on August 27th! We will be washing cars for free and having fun doing it! In addition, the August DCM will also be on the same day. Come join 41 South Key Club and end the summer with a


Serving with a Roar,

Byran Yang Lieutenant Governor


division 41 south newsletter


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Car Wash

The Date: Saturday August 27th The Time: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm The Location is: El Toro High and Laguna Hills High 3 shifts: 8am-10am, 10am-12pm, 12-2pm. volunteers are required to bring a old towel. contact your president to volunteer.


The Date: Saturday August 27th The Time: 3:30pm The Location is: Costeau Park

Division Shirt!


division 41 south newsletter



ARTICLES club articles



Golf Tournament + Volunteer = PTP! On July 28th Aliso Niguel’s Key Club volunteered to help set up for the Monarch Beach Resort Golf Tournament at the St. Regis Hotel, located in Dana Point. Aliso Niguel Key Club President Catherine Huang and Vice President Caovinh Tran attended and helped to set up before the tournament, along with members Maddy Dendy, Mikayla Webster, and Sarah Garfinkle. Also there helping was Circle K, from the University of California, Irvine. They aided the hotel by setting up food, drinks, prizes, and goody bags for the event. As a well-earned reward for their hard work, each member received a handstuffed goody bag for their help in setting up. In addition to the goody bags, both the Aliso Niguel Key Club and Circle K received $100 in funds for their clubs. Aliso Niguel’s Key Club will be donating their $100 to the Pediatric Trauma Program.

Hit the Green

Masaw Akbari


Beautiful weather, green grass, and fun times are just a few ways to describe this year’s Child Abuse Prevention Golf Tournament. Hard working volunteers and fantastic golfers helped to raise money for this important cause. Our dedicated Key Club volunteers went above and beyond this year, setting up booths for competitions, handing out prizes, and helping sponsor the companies’ that raise money for the event. While hosting our tables we learned a lot about how to do our part in supporting the cause to prevent child abuse; additionally, we learned a lot about golfing and, of course, golf jargon! We also ran booths, and explained how to compete in games such as ‘Hit the Green’, which involved hitting the golf ball into the designated area (which, by the way, was much harder than it looked!). Needless to say, everyone had a fantastic time at the beautiful golf course and made many new friends. The Child Abuse Prevention Golf Tournament was a worthwhile experience where the Key Club volunteers were able to support a very important cause, all while enjoying the time they had given to serving their community.


division 41 south newsletter


club articles ARTICLES

CAPO VALLEY [member]

Peter Nguyen

Beach Boomba Review It was my first time at Beach Boomba, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I arrived, I was surprised by how many people were apart of Key Club. I didn’t realize Key Club was such a large organization. My favorite part of Beach Boomba was the water balloon fight, because there were colors of water balloons flying everywhere. There was no place to run or hide. Another activity I liked at Beach Boomba was the tug-a-war, because each division was able to use teamwork in order to win the event.

I, myself, thought the best time was hanging out with my entire group of friends and getting the chance to bond better with them over a cozy fire. I thought it was hilarious watching Key Clubbers stuffing themselves with watermelons in the watermelon-eating contest, and getting the chance to get back at LTG’s by smothering them with whip cream. Beach Boomba was an incredible way to spend time with friends and get to know new people as well. I can’t wait till next year to see and meet more Key Clubbers at Beach Boomba.


division 41 south newsletter



ARTICLES club articles Our Fundraiser for PTP!

John Conover


On Saturday, August 14, CVHS Key Club rose bright and early for our Garage Sale Fundraiser! All the signs were painted artistically and hung in strategic locations, and we were ready to go at 6 AM! Despite the early hours, we were able to put a smile on our faces and sell too many items to count. In total, we raised over $100 (pure profit) and also put the “fun� in fundraising! Despite multiple games of Monopoly Deal played, and copious amounts of coffee consumed, our garage sale was successful, and we plan on putting on another before the year ends.


division 41 south newsletter


club articles ARTICLES El TORO [president]

Kimberly Lee

It’s Clean Up Time!

In the month of August, El Toro Key Club was invited to help Lake Forest Elementary clean up its campus before school started. El Toro Key Clubbers woke up bright and early to meet with the school’s custodian, Abel. He was overjoyed to see high school volunteers taking time out of their summer (and sleep) to help him polish up the school. Many of our club members went to Lake Forest Elementary and were happy to see their old school, and to help clean it up for the upcoming school year. Abel set us up with tasks such as sweeping the parking lot free of debris. One of our members, Dustin Huynh, blasted music on his phone while we swept away. Another job we did was to help wipe windows, and, afterwards, we got to explore the school. We also got to have some fun hosing down the blacktops--not to mention each other. The rest of August we are looking forward to the continuation of our clean-up volunteering at Lake Forest Elementary, and also the making of registration packets.


division 41 south newsletter


ARTICLES club articles Aaron Pham

[service commissioner]

Summer Spectacular

El Toro’s Key Club volunteered at Summer Spectacular on August 15th in Pittsford Park. Summer Spectacular is a musical event that was presented this year by the Pacific Symphony. The theme was “A Celebration of Youth”, and the El Toro Key Club definitely helped celebrate youth at this event. We helped out with the children’s activity booths, which had activities ranging from playing the drums to making tambourines. There were even

booths where children could meet musicians and see how their instruments worked! I volunteered at the drum roll booth, where I helped Eileen, the music teacher, teach kids to play the drum. It was a lot of fun helping out and seeing kids enjoying themselves. At the end of the event, children had the opportunity to help conduct a song a with the Maestro Carl St. Clair! It was really cute watching the kids wave around their straws. Overall, we had a great time volunteering at Summer Spectacular.


division 41 south newsletter


club articles ARTICLES SAN JUAN [vp]

Marc Urbino

Beach Clean-up!

Along with several events that took place during this month, such as volunteer opportunities at the Ladera Ranch Fourth of July celebrations and the Ocean Festival in Dana Point, San Juan Hills Key Club was lucky enough to cooperate with Mission Viejo’s own club in a clean-up at Doheny State Beach. Though not a huge turnout, it was a great bonding experience for those who went-many of whom were club officers. Before the actual clean-up began, each club brought food and beverages to consume and enjoy with the other. After what seemed to be a feast of pizza, soda, and other snacks, we proceeded to pick up trash and objects left around the beach and the park area. Upon finishing no one decided to leave, and we enjoyed each other’s company, taking pictures and walking along the beach. Overall the clean-up was a success, in both terms of community service and club bonding. It will definitely be an event to plan soon, with these clubs and, hopefully, more.


division 41 south newsletter


ARTICLES club articles Tanisha Singh The Senior Center & Flipping Pancakes


July turned out to be an eventful month for the San Juan Hills Key Club! Our Stallions have had the unique opportunity to volunteer at the Mission Viejo Senior Center every weekend. Equipped with youthful energy, our members look forward to meeting the wisest of our community on a weekly basis. Over the past few weeks we have learned much about our seniors, and they have learned much about us. Whether it’s helping the Senior Center staff or enjoying timeless arts and crafts, our Stallions have brought joy to the people that perhaps need it most. Away from iPods and cell phones for an hour or two, volunteers are able to make a difference while enriching themselves. We also had the fortune of volunteering along side Laura’s House during the Fourth of July celebrations at Ladera Ranch. Flipping pancakes and opening sausages, San Juan Hills Key Clubbers supported the colors red, white, and blue, while advocating domestic violence prevention. This event allowed our members to mingle with their peers who were equally enthusiastic about volunteering. All in all, July was a productive month for the San Juan Hills Stallions, and we hope to continue our volunteerism into the next school year.


Summer Planning

Ryan Yoo


While our Key Club goes on a short hiatus for the summer, the executive officers have been hard at work planning bold new things for the upcoming year. Our goals for this year have been retaining members and getting said members more active in the community by giving them more opportunities to do so. We plan on contacting more local businesses and organizations to see how Key Club can best serve our community. Along with a deadline of two activities per month, each officer is now responsible for leading one activity this year. Planned activities include a bake sale fundraiser outside our local Pavilions and weekly tutoring for underclassmen. Other activities we are looking into but have not actively committed to are Rose Bowl float preparation, a beach clean-up, Angel Tree donations, and a Key Club Relay for Life team. To increase the strength of the community within Key Club, we are going to start having more social events. We are also going to give members more opportunities to volunteer and have fun. We will be introducing a Member of the Month, who will win a gift card based on several things, one of which will be total hours for the month.


division 41 south newsletter


club articles ARTICLES

TRABUCO HILLS [treasurer]

Blair Nelson KC Summer Recap

Hello Lions! As our summer comes to a close, I would just like to capture the moments we at Trabuco Hills Key Club have taken part in over these last three months. Our club has been supported by the Kiwanis Club of Lake Forest, to whom which we are forever grateful. We attended one of their many meetings at the bright and early hour of seven o’clock, at Mimi’s Café. It is always enjoyable to see the smiling faces of those who support us, as well as listen to their weekly guest speaker. When I attended we had the opportunity to listen to a representative from Choc Hospital who spoke to us about donating to the Choc for a Naming Opportunity. As we learned about a new tower being built in Orange, I realized that one of the rooms would

eventually become a delightful atmosphere for the hospitalized kids. The money donated from Kiwanis will go towards the construction of this new room, and fundraising for this great organization will definitely become a goal in the agenda of Trabuco Hills Key Club. It was my first time attending Beach Boomba, and I enjoyed it very much. I was definitely shocked to see how many people were in Region 3, and I didn’t even see everyone from our region! During Beach Boomba it was relaxing to chill with friends on the beach, despite the cold weather. As a substitute for going in the cool, icy water, we walked up shore to the US Open of Surfing. Well Lions, I hope everyone is anticipating this upcoming year, and is ready to plan events and recruit new lions to our pack. Peace!


division 41 south newsletter



ARTICLES club articles Summer Planning

Sohee Ki

[kiwanis relaations chair]

I have never heard so many young and zealous kids ask me the same question in one day: “Could I play the violin?” I met these curious yet enthusiastic musicians at Summer Spectacular, an event hosted by the City of Lake Forest and held at Pittsford Park, on Sunday, August 14, 2011. As a volunteer at the “Play the Instruments” booth, I helped children play the violin, teaching them everything from how to hold the instrument to how to make sound with the bow. Some were excited to learn the notes of each string, some were constantly coming back for more, and all the kids were happy to be at Summer Spectacular! A musician myself, I felt very rewarded to be a one-day teacher for the young violinists, and was glad to see them learn how to conduct from Carl St. Clair, Music Director of Pacific Symphony. Every volunteer at Summer Spectacular was very cooperative and every parent and child very appreciative. I would love to volunteer again for this annual music event. I have never replied “Of course” so many times in my life, but I would say it again and again for this worthwhile experience. I encourage all the Division 41 South Key Club members to join me next year and show our Lion spirit!


division 41 south newsletter


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club news NEWS

ALISO NIGUEL St. Regis Hotel donates to ANKC

upcoming: Festival of Children Foundation


fundraisers Club Rush

CAPO VALLEY aug 20th 2pm to 8pm Freshman Orientation aug 25-26th 8am to 10:30am PTP Bowling Fundraiser aug 27th 6pm to 8pm Freshman Orientation sept 1st 9am to 11am Beach Clean-up w/ SJH KC


approved for SVUSD car wash THE OFFICIAL

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club news NEWS

LAGUNA HILLS approved for CUSD car wash


Friendship Bracelet Fundraiser: hand made $1 Beach Clean-up aug 20th 2pm to 8pm Freshman Orientation

aug 31st 1pm to 2:30pm


Officer Meetings to plan for recruiting


aug 29th - Sept 2nd

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s v Valley USD

D S U o n a r t is p a C

b u l C S Key



8:30 am 1:30 pm



@ 27th

All proceeds will go toward the Pediatric Trauma Program

High El Tolero do Way 25255 To


El Toro, CA 9263

h ig H ls il H a n u Lag ncia Vale 25401 Paseo de 92653 Laguna Hills, CA

CALENDAR calendar of events August

8:30am - 1:30pm

h s a W r a C : 27th 3:30 pm u park a e st o c M C D : 27th 27th: PTP Bowling

El Toro High Laguna Hills High

6pm - 8pm

Saddleback Lanes


5th: Labor Day 7th: School Starts


division 41 south newsletter


editor’s report REPORT


Once again, I am thankful to those who contribute and read this newsletter. For once, i’m not writing this editor report at night. XD Summer is coming to an end, and it is bittersweet for me. This will be my last summer as a High School student, my last summer as a Key Clubber. :[ Many of my key club friends, who were older than me, are moving onto college as they begin their life outside of their child-hood homes. I realize that I no longer have anyone to look up to. I have to be the ONE younger key clubbers look up to. I’m glad to be making newsletters, highlighting memories of key club events/friendships/bonds. Thank you to the schools that always email me articles and photos! Division 41 South has a bright future ahead, and i’m glad to be a part of it. With our first car wash this month, an awesome t-shirt design, and endless lion pride, we are definitely in store for a great year.


division 41 south newsletter


editor’s report REPORT You may notice that some parts of the newsletter are changing. Structurally, i’m trying to streamline the newsletter. Photos are now being used a backgrounds for articles to eliminate the awkward placement of photos. Also, I try to feature the member who wrote the article in the photo. I’ll be revamping our website as well. I hope to have a calendar, resources, cheers, school contact page, and much more! Please,

SEND PHOTOS USE ARTICLE TEMPLATE kthxbye Good luck to those going college and starting their lives! I know you will be successful and will always be a part of Key Club no matter what. Roaring with Service,

Nicholas Tasato THHS President Newsletter Editor


division 41 south newsletter


e h t e k a m U YO y t i l a e r a r newslette ! e m o s e w a and Keep it up!

! u o Y k Than

h g i H l e u g i N Aliso h g i H y e l l a V o Capistran El Toro High San Juan Hills High Tesoro High h g i H s l l i H o c u Trab

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division board Lieutenant Governor

Byran Yang 949.295.9856 (cell)

Executive Assistant

Joseph Olmo 949.374.0455 (cell)

Divisional Secretary Hannah Tuong

Newsletter Editor

Nicholas Tasato 909.717.7238 (cell)


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Division 41 South- August 2011 Newsletter  

An overview of the inner workings of Division 41 South, contained within 25 pages. :]

Division 41 South- August 2011 Newsletter  

An overview of the inner workings of Division 41 South, contained within 25 pages. :]