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The Roar Division 41 South • Volume III • Issue 1

January / 2014

Roaring into 2014

Editor’s Note

Salutations, Key Clubbers,


A new year, a somewhat new newsletter, and an increased volume number. I look forward to designing all of the newsletters of 2014 and I hope you look forward to reading about what’s going on in your division (or, at least, I hope you look forward to glancing at the pictures). I might be adding new sections to next month’s edition to keep you on your toes.


There is not much to say about this month except that I have received more submissions from more clubs so that makes me happy. If you’re reading this and you know your club is not submitting anything to me, please instill great fear into your president or historian to get on top of things.


That is all,

Aidan Jones

Table of Contents Mission Viejo




Dana Hills


Cover Photo: The Dana Hills High School Key Club decorating a Rose Float.


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Mission Viejo During the final weeks of December, Key Clubbers went out and sold hundreds of lollipops, peanut brittle, and chocolate in order to

raise money for their individual clubs. Not only did the sales help clubs, but people also had the option of buying chocolate that will be put into care packages for soldiers. Since the sales took place near the holiday season, the sale was enjoyable due to the bright smiles on everyone’s faces and the fact that people seemed happy enough to buy sweets not only for themselves but for those who serve our country. Whether a person bought one lollipop or eight boxes of chocolates, all of went toward a great cause which is what Key Club is all about!

- Kaelani Vergara / Historian


Kaelani Vergara and Arianna Cipriano help with See's Candy sale's.

Celebrating the Holiday Season with D41 North & South LTG’s of Division 41 North and South felt bad for changing the date of our December DCM and decided to host a Key Club holiday potluck on the last Friday before winter break. This fun get-together was complete with games and a White Elephant gift exchange. Held at Bill Barber Park in Irvine, the potluck started out with hilarious icebreaker games. Everyone brought a food dish to share so we ate a feast of pasta, cookies, and even egg rolls. After dinner was the White Elephant exchange where people picked and traded gifts ranging from gingerbread kits to fuzzy socks to Pez; the gift I got was a Twilight card game. Afterwards everyone had fun playing on the playground and having silly putty creation contests. Overall, the potluck was a great way to start my winter break!

- Marina Weinberger / Treasurer


Tesoro On December 14th, Tesoro Key Club helped throw a holiday party for children with incarcerated and addicted parents. We worked with the Orange County Sheriff 's Department's Drug Use is Life Abuse and the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Ana. The event was fun for everyone and it included meeting Santa, a gift, Carl's Jr., games, a bounce house, and holiday music. We also had posters, painted by us at the start of the event, hung on the wall and posters from local school art programs as well. There were many clubs from different local schools who work with D.U.I.L.A. like Tesoro Next Step and Tesoro Key Club. Tesoro Key Club enjoyed having a cooperative event with Next Step. To pass out the right gifts, there were elves searching for the appropriate toy. I loved being an elf because you got to see tons of children's faces light up. This event also follows the district's Project Jumpstart because we are boosting up kids who really need the attention. This is the second year I have offered this event to Tesoro Key Club and I can see this event being offered many more times in the future as a rewarding experience for all of us.


- Courtney Vega / President


See’s Candy During winter break, my friend Taylor and I volunteered to sell See's Candies and/or donate a box to the soldiers. During Winter Break, my friend Taylor and I volunteered to sell See's Candies and/or donate a box to the soldiers. We had veterans helping us out with setup, but we were running the show. This event was from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and we volunteered on both Saturday and Sunday of the ďŹ rst weekend of break. We were set up in front of Pavilions in Ladera Ranch so it was really busy. We sold around forty items worth of See's Candies on Saturday, but on Sunday it was much slower, not to mention that it was early in the morning on the weekend before Christmas. On that Saturday, business was good, but people would always make up excuses to get out of the situation like, "I bought some last week!", or the classic, "I would but I have no money on me, sorry." They were always sorry, but you always get that one person who is completely into it and buys six boxes worth and spends over $100! Some of these people were in the spirit that morning, but you don't go out there expecting much. On the second day, business was slow. Nobody was going in or out of the store, we were sleepy, and it was cold. Once Taylor and I woke up we decided we needed to get some business going so we decided to come up with a sales pitch. It goes a little something like this: "Come buy some See's Candy! Its cheaper than at the store and there's no line!" Unfortunately, people would just walk by and laugh when they heard that. By the end of our second day, I was really tired from talking all day, but it was an enjoyable experience and I was glad I did it. Knowing that dome of candy was going to the soldiers made me feel that I did my good deed of the holiday season and that it will put a smile on their face when they all taste the delicious chocolate.


- Brielle Cartier


Dana Hills December Decorating the floats If the sun comes out during a usually brisk Rose Parade float decorating day, you know it's a good day. As the sunshine graced Pasadena outside, my fellow Key Clubbers and I were inside decorating the City of Hope float. We spent our volunteer hours cutting, pasting, and even moisturizing various kinds foliage. There were lots a laughs throughout the day. One of my fondest memories is singing Disney classics with my work table to alleviate the many painful pricks we received from cutting thorny branches. Like every year, the floats were breathtaking, and it is always a privilege to participate in their construction while having lots of fun.


- Jenn Miwa / Secretary



Laguna Hills December Recently, Laguna Hills High School participated in volunteering for the Rose Floats in Pasadena. Although we stood around waiting for a task for approximately four hours, we still had a blast. Not only did we get to meet other Key Clubbers from different divisions and districts, but we were able to bond with each other. Whether one was a freshman or a senior, we were open to learning and becoming friends with one another. Rose Float decorating was an exciting experience because we were able to be a part of something huge that is aired on TV. Also, we got to see some of the floats before they were even seen by the public. I am glad that I gave Rose Floats a chance because if I had not I would not have met as many Key Clubbers that were just as passionate as I am to volunteer. I am excited for new district and regular club events that I can participate in because not only will it be fun, but I will also be helping to make a difference in the community.


- Calvin Nguyen / Member


Ice Skating Recently, Laguna Hills High School participated in volunteering for the Rose Floats in Pasadena. This was one of the best Division Council Meetings all year because not only was it fun, but I got to meet a lot of people. Also, I got to go ice skating with them and try to make people fall by giving them a little push. It was fun to hear about what other clubs have done that month and also see people from D41N and see what they have been up to as well. It was a fun day and I would love to go again next year. Hopefully, there will be more people and I can teach other people how to ice skate (backwards as well). It was fun being able to see old friends and meet new people, because it gives me more of an incentive to keep volunteering. Not only was I having fun ice skating, but I was also helping fundraise for the Philippines.


- Maria Nguyen / Treasurer


The Roar / January 2014  

Division 41 South / Volume III / Issue 1 / Editor: Aidan Jones