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One year has gone by so fast. As DCON approaches, I know that my "retirement" also nears. It's been quite a fantastic journey with all you Jellies! From first voting on our mascot, to breaking awkward silences between the members, to winning the spirit trophy at RTC, placing in the top 5 for spirit in session 2 at Fall Rally South, to now. It's going to be bittersweet as I retire on stage and our elect for this division, Brian Duong, gets installed. This division is like my child, sort of. And it is in good hands as the time to transition approaches! Though the Key Club year may be winding down, service sure doesn't! Continue to serve! Continue to recruit! And continue to enjoy your experiences with this organization, division, and club members. It's been an honor to serve this division!

There’s one month left until DCON. Three months left till our school year ends. Six months ‘till I venture off on my own, into College, the next chapter of my life. I still can’t wrap my mind around it. So far I’ve been accepted into CSUSM, CSUSF, and Pomona. I’m waiting for UCLA, my number one school. Hopefully, and I’m praying that my portfolio (which includes these newsletters) will pull me through and get me accepted. March 23rd is when they’re announcing acceptances, wish me luck! :D Anywho! Key Club International recently release a new package of graphics that members can use! So I decided to change the newsletter cover and changed to a different styled layouts. If you have any ideas of what I should d for next month’s newsletter, PLEASE send me an e-mail to, it’ll seriously help out a lot. Especially since I procrastinate every month and wait till three days before the newsletter’s due. :P Aside from that though, if you’ve been to any events recently you should DEFINITELY write up a blurb or recap about t (include pictures) because those also really help out with the creation of these newsletters you see every month. BUT ANYWAYS, This newsletter has a lot of useful information for club officer elects! Also, we have a bit of info for DCON and upcoming events! SO READ IT, OR BE TRIANGLE.

Were you recently elected for an officer position? Make sure you’ve begun your training and if you haven’t yet, talk to the current officers of your school! There is also a lot of information online regarding your roles and duties as a specific officer! You’ll be able to find information on and also our division’s website It is very important for you to learn your roles and duties as an officer, if you have any questions regarding the position, ask your president or send an e-mail to our current LTG, Justine.

The end of our Key Club year is near which means our Division Banquet will be coming up sometime in June! Keep your eyes open for the facebook event a week or two from now!

Each club should be hosting a Club Banquet where all of your members should attend. At this banquet you should be handing out signed certificates for those who completed the required amount of service hours. You should have been given these certificates when you received the mail for official new members.

Have you heard? Our Division’s LTG Elect for next year is BRIAN DUONG from San Marcos High School! Read more about him in the next couple of pages! But, a new LTG means new Division Officers! If you are interested in applying for the position of Executive Assistant or Tech Editor e-mail If you want to learn more about these positions before applying, visit

The school year is ending soon but that doesn’t mean Key Club is ending with it. Officers, you should start planning for summer volunteering events so your members can attend. Do some beach cleanups and have a beach kick-back. Volunteer at some marathons. Get any many hours as you can this summer!

Summer is a GREAT time to visit your Kiwanis Club because there’s NO SCHOOL! Your Kiwanis Club is vital to your club because they sponsor you and help pay for many costs. Get to know them, they’re actually the most spirited and insanely amazing adults you’ll ever meet. So, I’m making a film for our end of the year banquet about an overview of our year which will include interviews of ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO BE A PART OF IT! So, if you want to be included, send me an e-mail at and we’ll plan a date and a location!

When: April 13-15, 2012 Where: Santa Clara Convention Center District Convention is a time when we come together as a district, celebrate and recognize a year of service, elect our new district officers, and prepare ourselves for another year of unBEElievable service. At the 66th Annual District Convention in Santa Clara from April 13-15th, I'm sure you'll feel the overwhelming magic of service along with the other 3000+ attendees at Convention. There are workshops, keynote speakers, service expo, a caucus, governor's ball, alternative activities, and the Walk for Life. There is definitely something for everyone to learn about and enjoy at DCON! Attendees are expected to wear spirit wear on Friday, business attire on Saturday, and business casual on Sunday. Our theme for DCON this year is: BEElieve - the Magic of Service, and on behalf of the District Board, I want to ask you, "Do you BEElieve?" Register today! The purpose of the convention is to elect executive officers; provide education and training for members, officers, and advisors; recognize the achievements of members, clubs, leaders, and advisors; and provide an event for our family—CNH Key Club—to come together for fellowship and celebration.

Take part in and witness the election of the new executive board for our district!

When: July 4-8, 2012 Where: Orlando, Florida The Key Club International convention occurs annually in July. The purpose of the convention is to elect the international officers, review accomplishments of the past year and set policies for the coming year. New programs are announced and national speakers participate. Members from every club should attend each year.

Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. This deadly disease steals the lives of nearly 60,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. The effects of the disease are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. To eliminate MNT from the Earth, more than 100 million mothers and their future babies must be immunized. This requires vaccines, syringes, safe storage, transportation, thousands of skilled staff and more. It will take US$110 million — and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis family. The Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation works closely with our partner hospitals to provide funding to train pediatric doctors, nurses and first responders, to purchase much-needed pediatric medical equipment and to create or expand community outreach programs. All of this is only possible due to the generous support of our clubs and members. Donations earmarked for PTP are spent in three major areas: grants to our partner hospitals; grants to Kiwanis and Service Leadership Program clubs; and PTP safety items which are available for purchase by the Kiwanis family at a subsidized cost.

ANNAMAE LAGDAAN SAN MARCOS For my first year attending DCON, I expect thousands of energetic Key Clubbers from all over California, Nevada, and Hawaii to come together to celebrate Key Club by getting to meet other members and by learning more about Key Club International as a whole. I'm excited for the workshops, the inspirational speeches, the nice Key Clubbers from various divisions, the unique division shirts and lanyards, and the spirit battles. I learned about DCON through my Key Club officers, my Lieutenant Governor, and my many friends I have met this year. The thing I want most out of this experience is to fall in love with Key Club all over again by seeing how Key Club is in the district level. I am so excited for DCON that I feel so proud to be a D37E jellyfish!

KENNETH JOHNSON MISSION HILLS To put into words how excited I am to go to Santa Clara for a weekend with a bunch of amazing Key Clubbers: I do not think I can. Basically, it is spending the weekend with the most amazing youth in Cali-Nev-Ha. Meeting new friends, getting closer to existing ones, and just getting all that Key Club good feeling. That and I won't be judged if I talk about tumblr for extended periods of time: because all of Key Club has tumblr: that is why the servers go over capacity so much. My expectation for DCON is to overrun the tumblr servers with the massive amount of fun we have. (Tumblr Nerd).

PATRICK GILLES SAN MARCOS With this being my first year going to DCON, I am extremely excited for it! I first heard about DCON through my school Key Club, and my enthusiasm toward it grew tremendously. What I really look forward to is meeting so many new and dedicated Key Clubbers from CALI-NEV-HA! I realize that Key club is huge, but once I go to DCON, I think I’ll finally realize how many students legitimately involve themselves in the community through Key Club. Key club means a lot to me and to find people with the same passion gives me the urge to do more! I can’t wait for April and I can’t wait for DCON!

ERIC TRUONG SAN MARCOS DCON is the ultimate definition of Key Club. You get to meet fellow Key Clubbers, participate in workshops and dance at the governors ball. It's going to be a great experience that I hope I never forget!

MONICA ORTEGA ORANGE GLEN At DCON I expect to learn more about key club and meet new people. I'm excited to see how DCON works and what goes on there. I learned about DCON through key club.

Melisa Romero ORANGE GLEN

Yvette Solano ORANGE GLEN The thing i am most excited about is definitely meeting new people. I hope to get to know everyone in the division. I am excited to learn about what it takes to become a successful officer. I learned about DCON from members who went last year. I expect to have a good time and to learn new things.

I am excited to meet new people and form new friendships. I learned about this years DCON by attending the club meetings at my school. I mostly want to feel at the end of my experience as though my time at DCON was spent productively and like I could use some of the skills I learned at DCON, not only with key club, but also in everyday life.

Alexis Castillo ORANGE GLEN Brian Meredith SAN MARCOS I expect DCON to be an amazing experience where I get to learn more about leadership, our district, and experience the love from all of CNH! I know that I will be blown away from the massive love and spirit at DCON. I'm not sure what I want most from it, besides for it to come sooner and not to end too fast. I'm really looking forward to it as bittersweet as it may be. I'm glad I can go with my new Jellyfish family and my school. This year has been an amazing ride and I can't think of spending it with better people!

I'm excited for what DCON is really about and how important it is to attend when being an officer or a upcoming officer. I'm hoping to learn more about Key Club, Kiwanis, and how other school are running their clubs and how we can learn stuff based off other clubs successes. I want to get more leadership skills and dedication by attending DCON this April.

Jose Espinoza SAN PASQUAL Nedy ORANGE GLEN I expect DCON to be lots of fun! I am extremely excited to meet new people, and get to bond with my division! (D37e). I believe that this will be a great opportunity to really get to know the people which i will be working with for the upcoming year. I learned about DCON through the key club meetings.I feel like this is going to be an amazing experience and i will learn a lot from it. What i want most from this, is to be able to say say that :1) I thought about new ideas which will benefit and expand the club, 2) gained lots of spirit, and finally, met people like me, who are passionate about making the club so much better that it already is, and also "caring our way of life!".

As a returning member for DCON I expect a lot of Spirit from other Key Clubbers. I'm excited to meet new people and learn from them. I learned about DCON by being an active member. I want to become a better person with more passion for service, and of course to be pumped for the upcoming new Key Club year!!

When: Saturday, April 28, 2012. 10:00am - 1:00pm. Where: Relay for Life : Cal State San Marcos Track Help the Kiwanians make lemonade at their annual booth to help raise money for the American Cancer Society! It’s an amazingly fun experience! Facebook: click for event page

When: Saturday, April 7, 2012. 9:00am - 11:00am Where: Joslyn’s Senior Home in Escondido This is your club’s chance to get more involved with your Kiwanis Club. Our Kiwanis Clubs WANTS to help us, and it would make a huge difference if our members get to know our Kiwanians better. Think of it as a huge family!

When you walk, you help. When you become part of March for Babies, you'll be joining with people in your community to: 

support healthier babies


raise awareness


help bring an end to

premature birth

When: Saturday, April 28, 2012 8:00am - 12:00pm Where: Balboa Park, 2125 Park Blvd Join more than a million people who are taking steps for the half a million babies born too soon each year. Walk together and share a rewarding experience that helps save babies lives. Support research to help us understand and prevent premature birth and other serious problems that threaten our babies. Foster programs in your community that help moms have full term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives.

When: April 21, 2012 Where: Ronald McDonald House RESTOCKING THE PANTRY AT RONALD MC DONALD HOUSE How You Can Participate: 1. Kiwanis and Key Club Members can begin collecting items from the Ronald McDonald Pantry Wish List (see attached) throughout the months of March and April and bringing them to meetings. 2. In April, bring all the collected items to the DCM. 3. We will be delivering and stocking the pantry at Ronald McDonald House on April 21st

When: Saturday, May 5th, 2012 Where: Radys Children’s Hospital The Miracle Mile of Quarters is an annual event that finds Kiwanians taking quarters they have collected throughout the year and lining them up to try to make a mile. Make sure your members are registered! If you register early, there will be a free pancake breakfast!

When: Sunday, June 24, 2012 Where: Petco Park 2ND ANNUAL - KIWANIS DAY AT PETCO PARK Pre-game ceremony highlighting Kiwanis’ efforts in San Diego county and throughout the world! Special On-Field recognition for the Division that sells the most tickets. KIWANIS DAY PRICING FIELD LEVEL “KIWANIS SECTION”




When: June 28, 2012 Where: EVERYWHERE!!! The Kiwanis Club of San Marcos is excited and ready for another great morning of fun and fundraising to benefit families with critically ill or injured children. Please save June 28th on your calendar to join us as one of more than 1,000 Red Shoe Day volunteers who will be positioned at key locations across San Diego County or the Imperial Valley to collect donations from commuters and passers-by in our Size-14 Big Red Shoe. This year's location will be announced in March but there's no need to wait for June 28th... start gathering your coins to drop in our Big Red Shoe TODAY! Just toss your loose change in a jar or box at the end of each day and on June 28th, you'll be happily surprised at how large your donation will be.

To My Fellow Key Clubbers and Kiwanis family! My name is Brian Duong and I am going to be your lieutenant governor of 2012- 2013. I am a member from San Marcos High School. I’ve been in Key Club ever since the beginning of sophomore year and I’ve been hooked on ever since. Key Club is the light of my life! Now to get to know me! I am Vietnamese and I was born in Fountain Valley, California; however, throughout my life I’ve moved countless times from California to Nevada to Missouri to Louisiana and the list just goes on and on. I’ve met many different types of people and I love the whole feel of it. Because of this, I think this is why I love Key Club so much. There’s such a great variety of people and I just love meeting them all. Some things I love to do are dance, swim, travel, make people laugh, cook, listen to music, sing, and eat! Oh boy! Do I love to eat. I favorite food would be anything involving bacon, there’s just something about bacon that brings me comfort when I eat it. Also, I enjoy sushi very much. I know some people think sushi is gross due to it being raw fish, but to me sushi is delicious! My favorite type of music is hiphop and r&b, more specifically I like Macklemore; for those who don’t know who he is, he’s a great rapper making his way up. Dance is definitely one of my favorite things to do (with the exception of Key Club of course). It helps me relieve stress, express myself, and just have fun. I will try to do my best during my term as D37 East’s Lieutenant Governor. Remember, I am here to serve not only our community, but you too. I will be here to be of service to you- members of D37E Key Club and everyone in my Kiwanis family.

16 Division Team Justine Hsu ( Lt. Governor ) High Tech High North County Phone: 760.481.4667 Email:

Brian Duong ( Lt. Governor Elect ) San Marcos High School Phone: 760.707.8009 Email:

Jose Espinoza ( Executive Assistant ) San Pasqual High School Phone: 760.522.2653 Email:

Key Club Region 2 Advisor

Desirae Maks-Lizcano ( EA ) High Tech High North County Phone: 858.525.2596 Email:

John Robert Crawford Cali-Nev-Ha Key Club District Kiwanis Club of Grantville-Allied Gardens

Kim Vo ( Tech Editor ) San Marcos High School Phone: 619.228.6058 Email:

Phone: 619.300.3413 E-Mail:

Club Officers Escondido Charter


President: Melina Rios Email:

President: Julian Escobedo Email:

President: Francis Ryu Email:

Vice President: Jackson Stubbs Email:

Vice President: Brianna Mays Email:

Vice President: Gavin Ward Email:

Secretary: Chloe Pines Email:

Secretary: Kristina Chepak Email:

Secretary: Joey Berklite Email:

Secretary: Allison Hobbicks Email:

Treasurer: Katherine Hoang Email:

Treasurer: Dani Jo Coony Email:

Treasurer: Jeffrey Glassett

Editor: Stephanie Cubillo

Editor: Kyle Ward




Editor: Rylie Stubb Email:

HTH North County

Mission Hills

Orange Glen

San Marcos

President: Yasmeen Mobayed Email:

President: Luchie Glorioso Email:

President: Brian Meredith Email:

Vice President: Nicole Weis Email:

Vice President: Jean Garcia Email:

Vice President: Victoria Lang Email:

Secretary: Carli Hansen Email:

Secretary: Alexis Castillo Email:

Secretary: Marina Lindsay Email:

Treasurer: Elina Hood Email:

Treasurer: Eugenia Madrigal Email:

Treasurer: Elena Ouyang Email:

Editor: Kenneth Johnson

Editor: Rebecca McBride

PR Editor: Karen Zuniga



Email: PR Editor: Thai Nguyen Email:

San Pasqual President: Brock Mitts Email: Vice President: Christy Jarman Email: Vice President: Star Respicio Email:

Valley Center President: Lily Gold Email: Vice President: Kaylee Hudson Email: N/A

Att. Secretary: Nikki Effenberger Email:

Secretary: Catarina Tomas Email:

MRF. Secretary: Nhi Nguyen Email:

Treasurer: Stephanie Koishor Email:

Treasurer: Jasmine Toor Email:

Editor: Lauren Owensby

Bulletin Editor: Roselyn Ctu Email:

Editor: Emma Sloman

Events Cord.: Jordyn Lantheir Email:

San Pasqual Academy President: Joseph Bakhit Email: Vice President: Marcos de la Sierra Email:

Email: N/A Email: N/A


March 2012  

The Division Newsletter for March of 2012.

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