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With number 11 in the air and summer just around the corner, a new stage has arrived at 2beMAG . The progress that our magazine is reaching on a monthly basis has been rewarded by all of you with an incredible increase in readers and followers within the universe 2beMAG. It is that much, than in order to meet that need of information that every reader has, we have created the 2BEMAG BLOGGERS TEAM: a team of bloggers that post by post will bring the latest developments around the world of fashion, photography, art and design. Our team consists of young experts in all fields that encompass 2beMAG from photography to urban fashion, through graphic design or contemporary art. So relax and enjoy the number 11, at the end of this, we’ll invite you to visit our blog and meet our 2beMAG Bloggers Team, enjoy! Yours sincerely,

STAFF Editor in Chief JOSE GRIMM

General Coordinator ROMAN AUSTIN

Art Director DANI MELO



Advertising OLGA VARELA

Net Working DR. WATSON

Jose Grimm, editor in chief.


Software Developer POL ESCARPENTER


Social Networks PAU PIA


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Raw Talents Issue 11


CONTRIBUTORS Paolo Lafratta _editorial. BLAZING WHITE

Paolo Lafratta was born in 1981 in Termoli, Italy. After graduating from the Master of the Roman School of Photography, he founded a company with three other photographers and opens the XXXX studio in Rome. He currently works in the fashion and advertising.

Juanjo Moreno _editorials. VOLUMETRIC OXIDE

Juanjo Moreno. Photographer based in Seville. After different experiences in the world of photography, seven years ago proposed the challenge of making fashion editorials. From that time is his main activity.

Ilaria Licci _editorial. PHOENIX

magazine icons mini guide After about 6 years spent as a Production and casting manager in italian top advertising and television production company, she graduated at the prestigious Scuola Romana di Fotografia (Rome School of Photography). Early during the courses she started to realize

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Maurizio Fantini _editorial. FISH&FASHION

Maurizio Fantini was born in 1964 in Bologna, Italy, where he still lives and has his studio. For over 20 years working as a professional photographer, first as a landscapost, collaborating with the Mondadori Group’s magazines (Bell’Italia Bell’Europa,

Sam Norval _editorial. JE T’EMBRASSE

XX 12 2beMag

Sam Norval was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. After finishing his education he decided to follow his passion, which took him to New York City, to follow his dreams in photography. Travelling the world he has cultivated his love for his pas-

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Raw Raw Talents Talents Issue Issue XX 13

Discovering Raw Talents

Faster by Mark Fast

Mark fast was born 30 years ago in a small Canadian villaje, Winnipeg, between a highway and the forest. These intimate and familiar spaces lead him to wonder how life would be outside Canadian frontiers, and decided to leave. He finally settled in London and completed his BA in fashion design at the school Central Saint Martins, and later in 2008 he also completed his MA there. Since then, he has worked for many prestigious fashion labels such as Woolmark, Danier, Christian Louboutin, Loewe, Bora Aksu, Swarovski, Pinko and Topshop, obtaining, this way, an unviable CV. The collection under his own name is characterized by unique knitwear pieces, specially very short dresses created for strong, independent and selfconfident women, or “women that enjoy life and love�, as he says. His designs are knitted by hand,

14 2beMag

using only a domestic knitting machine. His work is formed onto the body as he knits, creating an intimate relationship between the garment and the person inside it, so the finished work is always a collaboration between the two parts, dress and wearer. Mark’s designs combine areas of tension and areas of volume over the body, created by knitting methods that mix natural fibres and lycra. Fast has also devised innovative stitching techniques, blending lycra with the finest luxury wools. In this last AW 11/12 collection Mark Fast has also designed several and magnificent leather pieces produced by Danier, in Toronto, the Canadian leather goods company for whom he worked in the past, and they are even planning to create a small capsule collection together in the near future.

Raw Talents Issue 15

Discovering Raw Talents

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Mark Fast Spring/Summer 2011

Since he started, the brand has been having a lot of positive feedback, after having a reorder from Browns, who are also offering the brand in their online shop. Holt Renfrew and Blake are also increasing their orders and, since last season, the brand has gotten nine other new accounts. All of this success and the results of his amazing work make Mark Fast’s brand worth of our text by Laura Sunyer

16 2beMag

Craig Lawrence CAROUSEL

To know more about Mark Fast visit Raw Talents Issue 17

A day in the life BY MAX ADAM



PERSONS OF SPECIAL COURTESY LUCIA ZAPATA My name is Lucia Zapata, I am 28 years old, I am from Madrid and I have been living in Lisbon and the two last years in Berlin, and there is where I first came in touch with street style photography. In the German capital I was working for a magazine called ExBerliner as a photographer and coolhunter and now, back in Madrid, I continue developping my own project on the basis of a blog called “Unique People”. Thanks to this project, these days I am working as a fashion photographer in diverse media.

Now it has been more or less two months that I am living in Madrid and I have finally settled in. I still can’t complain, there are so many things to do and see and I haven’t been bored yet, not even been thinking about it. Few weeks before I moved to the capital, we presented a blog on Fashionfreax, called “Unique People”, that is based in Madrid and run by Lucia Zapata. It was not that easy to catch up with her, it took a couple of tries and that might be because she is an individual of

18 2beMag

many talents. First of all, just have a look at the next page, she is a fashion photographer, secondly a DJ (Moomba) and she is also qualified in psychology. And, as if all this wouldn’t be enough, she has been travelling during the last years, but she will explain her trajectory much better to you, so give it up for Lucia Zapata! For more street Madrid styles, click here! Visit Lucia’s Blog , here!

Raw Talents Issue 19

photography by

Paolo Lafratta

Stylism Francesca Lancia Make Up Eleonora Juglair Hair Claudio Furini @ Models Caterina Shulha & Dagmara Michalska Press Office Daniele Pelliccia @

20 18 2beMag

Lavender Dress Edocity Belt Stylist’s own

Raw Talents Issue 21

Spotted dress Poems Bracelets & Necklace Danae Roma

Floral Silk Tunic L’altra Moda Spiral Earrings Danae Roma

20 22 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 23 21

Light Blue Vintage Dress Frankenstein Hat Frankenstein Bracelet Danae Roma

22 24 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 25 23


Leopardskin Caftan La Via Della Seta

28 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 29

White Slack Frankenstein Lobster Blouse Compagnia Italiana Bracelets & Necklace Danae Roma

Transparent Organza Caftan La Via Della Sta

Black & Fantasy Pattern Dress Poems Necklace Danae Roma

Emerging Raw Talents

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Elie Tahari was born in 1952 in Jersualem. His parents, a Persian-jewish couple, moved from Iran to Israel, where Elie was born, then they moved back to Iran and back again to Israel, so his first years of life were pretty messy. When he was still a child his parents divorced and his father remarried, so he was sent to an orphanage by the Israeli social services. After spending some years at the Israeli Air Force boarding school, in 1971 he immigrated to the United States as an electrician. He finally settled in Manhattan, where, working in a boutique of Greenwich Village, was introduced to

34 2beMag

women’s fashion. At that point, Tahari started to create his own label, first inspired in the New York nightclub scene, inspiration that led his collections during the 70’s and made him create flirty dresses. These collections were rapidly very well received, so he was able, in 1974, to open his first store in Madison Avenue, and he was, in fact, one of the first designers to do so. Always a step forward from the others, and with his ability to predict what women wanted before they did themselves, he moved, in the 80’s, to a new style, focusing his collections in the tailored suit. At his 46th birthday, Elie met his future wife, and when coupled, the team they both formed tripled the size of the company, arriving to create a $500 million business with presence on five continents. First focused in women’s wear, in 2006 the company finally launched a men’s wear line and also expanded into accessories and has been growing still until now even introducing a jewelry line. Also, in 1997, he and his business partner, Andrew Rosen, co-founded the Theory fashion brand, but in 2003 Tahari sold his share of the business, nowadays very popular by having hired Olivier Theyskens as a designer, about whom he talked last month. Elie Tahari’s collections are well known for dressing modern, sexy and sophisticated women, and are characterized by its feminine and sensual fabrics, subtle textures and detailing; those create an environment of modern sophistication and make women look fresh, actual and luxurious too. And all of this is possible according to his belief that “clothing should be quieter that the woman, so that her true beauty can shine through”

Elie Tahari Fall 2011

Raw Talents Issue 35

Emerging Raw Talents

Among the materials he uses, we can find PVC, latex, parachute silk and foam, among many others. He is known for revitalizing British and European fashion and by his exuberant imagination and his theatrical conception of fashion, transmitting an unreal feeling. Until 2007, his clothes were only made to be shown at the catwalks but were unavailable to purchase. Now it is time to see if he is just an amazing fashion artist or if he can also give a good result in terms of commerce. By now, we are starting to see how he is slowly introducing more wearable creations within his collections, and we know he has partnered with major manufacturers to produce some of his pieces, which can be understood as a way of starting to be a designer for people, and not only for the show. text by Laura Sunyer

Elie Tahari Fall 2011

Spring Summer 2011

36 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 37

World Fashion News BY LAURA SUNYER


Balmain, the 66 year old French fashion house, reinvented itself a few years ago with designer Christophe Decarnin’s arrival, launching a series of collections based in skimpy dresses and sparyon jeans, very rock and roll, sexy and young, and shockingly expensive. All of this started in 2005, when Decarnin launched Balmain to a younger audience full of celebrities and fashion editors, breaking up with the classical and stuffy old Balmain and starting a new era for the brand, based in a rocker-chic style, very risky but genius in some cases. Six years later, the brand announced in March that Christophe would be leaving the brand and would be replaced by someone else to ensure continuity with the new Balmain’s style. Mr Decarnin’s departure had been expected since early March, when he did not show up at his show during Paris fashion week. Supposedly, one of the reasons for Decarnin’s departure was the many critics the brand received because of its extravagant prices, contributing to tension between the fashion designer and management over strategy. After the John Galliano’s episode, followed by this change in Balmain and also some other designer changes in Cacharel and Azzaro, we can see that luxury fashion houses, in part because of the crisis, are becoming less interested in promoting lively personalities than in protecting their own brands.

38 2beMag

A few weeks ago, a woman named Amber Atherthon tweeted this photo of a garment with a Carine Roitfeld tag. Since then, many rumors of Roitfeld’s creating her own brand have started to pop out. And, to top it off, the same day that picture was tweeted, some Derek Blasberg tweeted another picture where Roitfeld appeared with hairstylist Luigi Murenu and photographer Iango Henzi at the Wolseley in London, which have awakened the suspect that they could be already planning the lookbook for the premiere CR collection. After leaving French Vogue, it was known that Roitfeld was planning some freelance projects related to fashion, but never, since now, was thought that the possibility of a collection designed by her was among the options


Lately this last month, the French house has announced that the designer that will be replacing Christophe Decarnin will be Olivier Rousteing, who has been in charge of the brand’s woman design studio since 2009 and worked for Roberto Cavalli before getting in Balmain. This option has been considered the best for two reasons; the young designer already knows the enterprise running and will be offering continuity to Decarnin’s work.

Top model Natasha Poly was married last month to businessman Peter Bakker. The ceremony had place at the Byblos Hotel in the small and luxurious village of Saint Tropez, at the French Cote d’Azur. The celebration involved more than 200 guests and lasted three days, this means a whole weekend that combined both relaxation and glamorous and exclusive parties. At the grate feast that had place after the receipt, the British “Bleeding Love” girl, Leona Lewis, performed and sang a few songs for the couple. The day after, to compensate the hang-over, the couple ended the weekend with a relaxing brunch during a sunny day in the French coast. The bride, Natasha, chose a classic white gown for that special day, and honored Givenchy’s designer Ricardo Tisci to create the dress for the most important day of her life.

Raw Talents Issue 39

Dress Black & Gold Metal Manuel Albarr谩n





photography by

Juanjo Moreno

Stylist & Designer Mariano Le贸n Hair & Make Up Fran Alonso Muse Miriam Eme 40 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 41

Dress Sanchez Murube Metal Manuel Albarrรกn

Overall & Corset Sanchez Murube Metal Manuel Albarrรกn

Fringe Dress Sanchez Murube Metal Manuel Albarrรกn

Skirt Rabaneda Metal Manuel Albarrรกn

Talents Fan Club

Born 1989 Height 175 cm Eyes Blue Size 32 Measurements 81/58/81

XX 52 2beMag

Lapina was born in Riga, Latvia, and began her modeling career in 19.03.2005 when she was scouted on street of Riga by Nils Raumanis, the founder of DANDY model management in Riga, Latvia and after placed with MC2 Model Management in New York. Her runway debut was at the Spring 2008 New York Fashion Week in the Benjamin Cho show. In 2008 she signed with model agency Women Management. Lapina has since walked in shows for many notable designers in the Milan, Paris, London, and New York fashion weeks including Anna Sui, Nina Ricci, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, Vivienne Westwood, Miu Miu, Yves Saint Laurent, Carolina Herrera, Bottega Veneta, Versace, Valentino, and Louis Vuitton. Lapina has been photographed in editorials for fashion magazines such as Russian Vogue, Marie Claire, Numéro, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Italia, American Vogue, Dazed & Confused and Flair, and has been featured on the cover of Velvet Magazine. Currently Lapina appears in the Sportmax Fall/Winter 2010 campaign, and in the Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2010 campaign alongside Siri Tollerød, Lindsey Wixson, and Daphne Groeneveld. Lapina’s hobbies include listening to rap music, swimming, and playing volleyball.

Raw Raw Talents Talents Issue Issue XX 53

CK Last Campaign

Talents Fan Club Born April, 1983 Height 175 cm Eyes Blue Size 36 Measurements 81/61/86

Karlie Kloss was born in Chicago, Illinois, and her family moved to suburban St. Louis, Missouri in 1995. She was named the best model by People magazine in 2008. She began studying at Caston’s Ballet Academy in 2002. She soon became very talented at dance, and was in a number of performances such as the Nutcracker. When Kloss was 13, she was discovered at a charity fashion show in St. Louis. She was encouraged and inspired to model by one of her teachers in Webster Groves High School. In 2007, she signed with Elite Model Management before controversially moving to NEXT Model Management in January 2008. She has been in advertisements for Donna Karan,

56 2beMag

Nina Ricci, Chloé, Lacoste, Sportmax, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Gap, Bergdorf Goodman, Pringle of Scotland, Dior, Hermes, Oscar de la Renta, Sonia Rykiel, , Barneys New York, and American Eagle. Kloss is the face of the Marc Jacobs fragrance Lola. She has walked for numerous designers in New York, London, Milan and Paris, including, Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Gucci, Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Versace, editorials for American and Korean W, American Elle, Allure, i-D, French and Japanese Numéro,. Her covers include Italian Vogue in October 2009 and January 2010, Vogue Turkey, Vogue Portugal, Vogue China in February,

Talents Fan Club

August, and November in 2010, Vogue Korea and American Teen Vogue, alongside Chanel Iman and Ali Michael in February 2008 and by herself in May 2010.. In the Spring/Summer 2011 Season, she opened 10 shows and closed 8. Since Spring 2010, Karlie has consecutively opened the show and become the face of Christian Dior, as well as John Galliano In 2011 Kloss renewed her contract with Christian Dior for the third season in a row.

XX 58 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 59

World Fashion News BY LAURA SUNYER

DOUTZEN KROES CAST IN MOVIE NOVA ZEMBLA CONVERSE “THE CANVAS EXPERIMENT” In 1917, the Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers were released as a blank canvas, a canvas adaptable to the creativity of anyone that wore them the iconic sneaker become the artistic medium that is behind “The Canvas Experiment. “ This project comes to life through a wall of motored CTAS. A Mural of 5x4m with more than 500 Chuck Taylor All Star installed to work at the same time, but moving independently, creating shapes, words, pictures and images. Throughout the month of May, Converse will launch a series of short documentaries that show the creative journey of “The Canvas Experiment.” To do so, They invited all employees and friends of the brand and played music together with the flag and displayed through visual capsules, the sense and experience through music, video games and motion sensors to create something really new and amazing. The first artist to join “The Canvas Experiment” is Mitch, the Drummer.

Doutzen Kores, the supermodel original from the Netherlands and one of Victoria’s secret angels, has been cast in her first movie. The movie will be called Nova Zembla and will be the first Dutch 3D movie, directed by Reinout Oerlemans, which will be released in the Netherlands in November. Kores will be playing a passenger on a Dutch ship that wrecks in the arctic in 1596 and who falls in love with a cabin boy, played by Jan Decleir, when she is stranded with the crew. The film is based on the historical and famous sea voyage led by Willem Barentsz to Asia and will be recorded in Iceland, Greenland, the Netherlands and Belgium. So excited to see her on screen


But “The Canvas Experiment” does not end here. Three artists will show what is behind this project and will show us their own creations inspired by the concept of “blank canvas. “ So pay close attention to

60 2beMag

“After spending the last three months in New York with the Creative team, I’ve made the decision to make a change within our Gap Adult design team,” said Pam Wallack, head of the Gap Global Creative Center in New York. These words were said to justify the GAP’s Inc decision to fire Patrick Robinson, the executive vice president of Gap Global Design for Adult and Boy, who will be leaving immediately. For the moment, and while Wallack searches the adequate candidate to substitute Robinson, Jennifer Giangualano, senior vice president of Kids and Baby Design, will be providing leadership and direction on Adult during the transition period. Rosella Giuliani, who heads the brand’s design office in Los Angeles, will continue to oversee Gap’s 1969 denim product line, reporting directly to Wallack.

Raw Talents Issue 61

World Fashion News BY LAURA SUNYER


When, a few days ago, Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted leaving the Coach Headquarters, many rumors began to speculate that she would possibly become the image of the new Coach label, Reed Krakoff, launched last year by Coach’s creative director. However, it turned out to be even more than that, because Paltrow will be the new international ambassador of plain old Coach, celebrating the brand’s 70th anniversary this fall. Paltrow has already posed for the brand, in a photo session that had place on a Manhattan rooftop and was shot by internationally well known photographer Peter Lindbergh. Billboards and websites will be inundated by this campaign in Asia and Europe, but print versions won’t appear in magazines until the September issues.

PRIVATE EQUITY FIRM TPG MIGHT BUY JIMMY CHOO The news that the brand Jimmy Choo was on sale have been bombing the fashion news during months, and, since the announcement of that, many companies have showed interest in acquire the brand. The brand Jimmy Choo belongs to TowerBrook capital, and not to Jimmy Choo the man, who has been trying to buy back his namesake brand during this last months. The last thing we know about the subject is that the private equity firm TPG, which this spring has bought J.Crew, has put in a bid to get also Jimmy Choo. Some reports suggested that TPG might be considering to joint with Choo the man, which the firm has denied rapidly.

62 2beMag

FERRE CONSIDERS HIRING GALLIANO After the Galliano’s scandal, the designer has been despised by Dior and hasn’t received any other offers to continue his career as a top designer. The question of what was he going to do now and what would be his next projects was in many people’s minds. Finally, it seems that his name has started, again, to generate interest within the fashion industry, which is starting to consider him to design again. The first brand who has reportedly expressed interest in hiring the currently unattached designer has been Ferre, owned by Paris Group. This information has circulated according to WWD reports. Ferre, which recently let go designers Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi, seem to be seriously reflecting the possibility of hiring Galliano as a designer. Although Paris Group denied the reports and that a deal has not materialized yet, speculations about the group wanting to buy LVMH’S 91 percent of Galliano brand are circulating.

HERMES SELLS ITS 45% OF JP GAULTIER TO PUIG 30 MILLION WORTH Under Jean Paul Gaulter’s approval, Hermès has sold its part of the brand to the Spanish familiar enterprise Puig, located in Barcelona and which produces perfumes for famous brands such as Prada or Comme des Garçons, owns the cosmetic brand Payot and also possesses the brands Carolina Herrera, Paco Rabanne and Nina Ricci. Hermès CEO, Patrick Thomas, has sold its part for 30 million Euros and said that “the alliance between Jean Paul Gaultier and the Puig family will bring renewed successes”. The designer still owns the 55 per cent of the brand, so he still has the control over his company, but would like to sell a part of it to promote his brand in Asia. Hermès bought a part of Gaultier’s brand 12 years ago, but lately, it has maintained some tense relationship with the designer, who resigned from his post as artistic director of the brand after the Hermès expresident, Jean Louis Dumas, died and his son succeeded his position.

Raw Talents Issue 63

photography by

Ilaria Licci

Photography Assistant Daniele Barbagallo Producer Daniele Azara .Hair & Make Up Giovanna Antonia Stasi Muse Caterina Shulha @

64 2beMag

Asymmetric jacket with schiffon crepon mini flounces and silk organdie, added with a casiste pattern silk thread needlework.

66 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 67

Poncho made with schiffon crepon and silk organdie with silk thread needlework.

68 2beMag

Mantle cloth made with silk schiffon

Raw Talents Issue 71

Body La Perla Heels Pucci

Mantle with degradè flounces made with silk ottoman and silk schiffon flounces. Beneath: Schiffon crepon mini degradè cloth.

72 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue XX

Shirt Jean Paul Gaultier Shoes Semilla Socks Stylist’s own

photography by

Maurizio Fantini

Stylist Barbara Tarozzi Make Up & Hair Nicoletta Conteduca Muse Giordana Vasquez 76 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 77

Shirt Stylist’s own Jàbot Clementina Vintage

92 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 81

Shirt Jean Paul Gaultier Hat Borsalino Jacket Barney’s New York Jàbot Clementina VIntage Trousers Barbara Suzzi

96 2beMag

Socks Stylist’s own Bow-tie Stylist’s own Collar Cristiano Murani

84 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 85

Dress Kenzo Shoes Zara Accesories Paul and Joe

86 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 87

Veil Stylist’s own

88 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 89

New Faces

CATALINA OISIF Born15/01/96 Tecuci (Romania) Height 180cm Measurements 84/60/90 Shoes 39 EU/ 8 US Hair BROWN Eyes BLUE

102 XX 2beMag 2beMag

JULIUS PFISTER Katalina is a quiet girl, attentive, sensible, smart. She likes swmming She began almost forced by his brother Hers 1.80cm tall and her presence is real striking, the opposite to her personality.

Born W端rzburg Height 188cm Age 16 Ethnic Kaukasisch Birthsign Libra Music various styles

Hobbies Martial arts, Fav. artist Kanye West Places America & Many Asian countryes

Raw RawTalents TalentsIssue Issue103 XX

Gadget World

ECHOES, DIMENSIONS & WAVES Echoes, Dimensions & Waves is the first single from Shelby Grey’s forthcoming L.P. The music is on his side, an album which reflects Shelby Grey’s point of view, no genres, no rules, no limits. Echoes, Dimensions & Waves begins with a hypnotic synth which is shortly joined by Ricco Vitali’s (Cavaliers of Fun) vocal. It’s soulful disco driven by simplicity, the continuous synth together with a funk inspired baseline. Ricco Vitali’s lyrics strengthen the track’s optimism, it’s never too late, nothing’s impossible, the future starts tonight.

JAPANESE FOOD IPHONE CASES LG has launched a new Android handset, the LG Optimus 3D which comes with a 1GHz dual core processor, 4.3 inch WVGA display and it comes with 8GB of memory and 4Gb LP DDR2, there is also a dual 5 lens 5 megapixel camera on the rear which can record 3D video. The LG Optimus 3D can record and playback full HD video in 1080p in 2D and HD video in 720p in 3D, ti also comes with DLNA, HDMI, and HSPA.

Echoes, Dimensions & Waves is the first release from Holographic People, a label, management and booking agency based in Barcelona. Under the slogan Always on the wave Holographic People aim to release and work with innovative music without being limited to genres. TRACKLIST Original mix / Beaumont remix / Clancy remix / Stephen Falken remix / Worship Remix / AlbertOne Remix

GOOGLE WORKING IN A NEW GOOGLE TV? Google TV didn’t achieve major success because Google had legal issues with broadcast services, but that might change soon because rumor has it that Google is working on a new version of Google TV. To make things even more interesting, Google might introduce new Google TV at this year’s Google I/O which will take place later this month.

XX 104 2beMag 2beMag

LETHAL PROTECTION Lethal Protection is the first universal tool for the digital lifestyle. Move it from your camera to tablet to phone in seconds. The Lethal Pro holds thousands of devices. It clings, hangs, grabs, holds, hovers and rides. This tool will change the way you work, play, and use your most necessary devices. Available for Iphone, Ipad & Cameras.

Raw RawTalents TalentsIssue Issue105 XX


Projecting another realities Originality in videosystems has always developed with technological innovations in projection devices. Since the eighties, different artists started to experiment with the many opportunities that these devices offered them. Tony Oursler made some videosystems where he projected talking heads over some eggshaped ovals, and Bill Viola and Steve McQueen created monumental screened presentations in huge walls. The latest years, the 3D technique development and the searching for stunning methods for the show business and publicity have given place to a new communication technique using screening, the 3D mapping projection. This technique is characterized for screening third dimension images over surfaces such as huge building facades, big installations or objects etc. Agencies like the TCH Access Agency offer the maximum creativity to acquire incredible volume and depth effects . From the success of the Samsung 3D projection on the historical building in Amsterdam, Beurs van Berlage, in May 2010, many brands like Mattel, Nike or Toyota have recourse to this technique. We present you one of the most successful projections that gave been lately created for the “Adidas is all in” campaign. This projection had place on the Palais du Pharo’s surface in Marseille, a big scale project orchestrated by DJ Cut Killer. This technique has also been used for fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren and, recently, we could see a good example during the new Santa Eulàlia store opening, a classic in the fashion business in Barcelona, placed in Paseo de Gracia.

106 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 107

Dress La Perla Shoes Robert Clergerie Rings Luxenter

l a v r o N m Sa graphy by


Stylist Justin Jurd Hair & Make Up Eva Hedenskog Photographer Assistant Angela Schlabitz Muse Donna M & Julian S @ Ice Models Cape Town

110 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 111

Trucker Hat Traffic Check Shirt Traffic

112 2beMag

Washed Denim Jump Suit Traffic Sunglasses Victoria Beckham Boots Country Road

Denim cut off shorts H&M White Vest Calvin Klein Military Boots Cignal @Markham

Check Men’s Shirt Country Road Push Up Bra La Perla Denim Shorts Dondup

Raw Talents Issue 113

Check men’s shirt Country Road Push Up Bra La Perla Sunglasses Dior Denim Shorts Dondup

114 2beMag

White Vest Calvin Klein Earrings Ida Elsie Shorts Dondup

Raw Talents Issue 115

116 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 117

Earrings Ida Elsie Denim Shorts Dondup Animal Print Bra La Perla

118 2beMag

Earrings Ida Elsie Denim Shorts Dondup Animal Print Bra La Perla Boots Country Road

Raw Talents Issue 119

Hat Country Road Check Shirt Traffic

120 2beMag

Hat Country Road Underwear Vintage Closet Denim Shirt Diesel

Denim Short Dondup

Raw Talents Issue 121

Boots Markham Underwear Calvin Klein

122 2beMag

Men’s Vintage Underwear VIntage Closet Boots Country Road

Raw Talents Issue 123

124 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 125

Biker Jacket Traffic T-shirt Model´s own Boots Country Road Bag Country Road

Consolidate Raw Consolidated Talents Talents

Rick Owens was born in Porterville, California, in 1962. He studied fine arts at Otis College of Art and Design in La but dropped out after two years because he hated pattern-making classes. After that, he started working for some local companies specialized in sportswear and imitations of designer clothing. It wasn’t until 1994 that he finally created his own label and spent some years selling his creations exclusively to La retailer Charles Gallay. In 2001, he opened his selling opportunities and signed with Italian sales agent Eo Bocci Associati for worldwide distribution so he had to move his production also to Italy. His first step to fame was when photographer Corrianne Day shot Kate Moss, styled by Panos Yiapanis, (with whom he would continue working forever), wearing one of Owen’s fitted distressed leather jackets, and was published in Vogue Paris. After that, his pieces were well known all over the world and he finally showed his first collection in New York fashion week in September 2002, with the support of American Vogue and its editor in chief, Anna Wintour, who also featured him in a spread shot by Annie Leibovitz with the performing artist, Kembra Pfahler, as a model. After this first collection, he launched, in the second, his menswear collection which also showed in his S/S 2003 show in New York. After this second show and married to Michele Lamy, despite being bisexual, he decided to move, in 2003, from LA to

128 2beMag

Raw Talents Issue 129

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Rick Owens Fall / Winter 2011

Paris, where he finally settled, and started showing his collections in the French city. This move was also encouraged by winning, in 2002, the Council of Fashion Designers of America Perry Ellis Emerging Talent Award. In 2007, he received another prize, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award. Owens opened his first store in the Palais Royal, in Paris, where he also debuted with his furniture collection as well as with his wide variety of clothing lines, from the younger and more affordable Lillies to his very exclusive fur collection, Palais Royal. Later, Owens opened his second store in Tribeca, New York.

rock and roll style but giving it a chic look. He says, “I try to make clothes the way Lou Reed does music, with minimal chord changes, and direct. It is sweet but kind of creepy. It’s about giving everything I make a worn, softened feeling. It’s about an elegance being tinged with a bit of the barbaric, the sloppiness of something dragging and the luxury of not caring. At Revillon, I felt it isn’t about displaying one’s junk, but rather giving the woman a selfish pleasure. It is about using sable as the lining under a very humble jacket, the luxury is all hers.” This way is how Rick Owens is understood, a unique fashion designer.

He is famous by his avant garde and subversive eye, and his looks have been many times described as “glamour-meets-grunge”, always inspired by the

Text by Laura Sunyer

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