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Kosmopolitan Official Newsletter of Division 33 Key Club

Volume 1 Issue 6

PNW DISTRICT | Division 33

September 2012 Getting ready for dues, and back to school!

Auburn • Mountainview • Riverside • Federal Way • Decatur • Thomas Jefferson • Todd Beamer




Governor DID YOU KNOW…  We won the overall spirit stick at DCON 2009 (We need to repeat history! Lets step up our game at DCON 2013!)  We were also the District Derby Champion  Ms. Suzanne Endroedy also won Outstanding Faculty Advisor!  That year, we also had two Krakens who were finalists for talent! Does this inspire you Krakens to step up and win some awards? Check out the contests here and enter! px YOU can win scholarships, trophies, and medals!

ABOUT THE LTG Name: Amy Nguyen Grade: Junior Home Club: Thomas Jefferson HS Birthday: September 11th 1995 Cell: (205) 903 – 7641 Email: Favorite color: Red Favorite Animal: Shark Favorite character: Hello Kitty Favorite Key Club Memory: ICON 2011 Favorite Movie: UP and Lilo & Stitch Hobbies: Key Club, art, facebook, trolling, shopping, music, internet… Positions held: Key Club Treasurer 2011-2012 Division Secretary 2011-2012

Guess what!


My birthday is coming up!

Doing Dues 101 The dues doing process is actually quite simple. The only hard part is following the directions. Before starting any dues at all, you need to obtain your club’s username and password, and club member information. This is sent out by International and usually comes in form of a letter, you can get these from either your club advisor or by checking your school’s office for mail from the advisor. After getting your login info and names of members who have paid their dues, you can then proceed to the Membership Update Center ( MUC (for short), is where you will be able to add and delete members and faculty advisers from your club roster, only delete members if they’re not returning to key club, graduated, or simply is no longer in the club. After adding all of the new members, entering in their information, making sure you have at least 15 members, and double checking to avoid any misspellings or mistakes, you can then continue on with the next step. Be sure to make sure that all members are indicated on the membership list before you go on to generating an invoice. To generate an invoice, you just simply click on the button that says “print out invoice”. After printing out the invoice, DO NOT exit out of the page just yet, you have to confirm whether your invoice was successfully printed or not, so the information can be correctly sent to international. You may then pay in various different forms: Paypal, credit card, or check. For Paypal and credit card, you will be able to pay online which is quick and easy. And if you’re paying with check, you will have to confirm everything with your advisor then get a check from your school’s finance office to mail out the invoice along with the money designated. Mailing and dates are a very important part of the dues process. On October 1st, you’ll be able to start paying dues. November 1st is the Early Bird Dues deadline. You will most likely would like to get Early Bird considering our District recognizes clubs and divisions who do so, along with reward them with better seating at DCON. Then December 1st is the dues deadline, paying any time after that would be considered very late and your club could fall into delinquency or suspension. When mailing out your invoices and dues, NEVER mail them out on the date of the deadline, mail takes a few days to process and reach International so always give them a week or two! Just remember the dates and one quote: Early is on time, on time is late and late is NEVER!

Due dues! Earlybird deadline is

Nov. 1st



Kiwanis Children Cancer Program WHAT’S KCCP? KCCP is a program that supports three Pacific Northwest hospitals in raising awareness and money to fight and find the cure for children’s cancer. The three hospitals are Doernbecher’s 3Children, BC Children’s Hospital and Seattle Children’s Hospital. KCCP was founded by Past Governor Frank in 2010. Past Governor Frank’s inspiration was a young cancer patient named Penny. Past Governor Frank worked at the hospital where Penny stayed. Penny was diagnosed with a brain tumor and would require surgery and radiation therapy. Penny would visit Past Governor Frank during her hospital stays and talk about what was happening to her. Penny eventually lost her battle with cancer. KCCP was then founded in dedicated to Penny’s memory.

KCCP’S GOAL: KCCP is a long-term project that hopes to expand to a global program. Children’s cancer affects many families. Thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer each year, and with the help of research their chances of surviving have more than tripled. KCCP hopes to be a part of finding a cure. Not only will this benefit children it will benefit all cancer patients worldwide. Remember the research of adult cancers does nothing to help cure children’s cancer, but the research of children’s cancers does help find the cure of adult cancers. QuickTime™ and a decompressor The goal of the KCCP is to fund 3 oraremore needed Fellowships to see this picture. at the three hospitals in our district.

HOW CAN WE HELP?  Sponsor Fundraisers for the Research Program – Walks, Bike Rides, Restaurant Takeovers and Relays.  Schedule a speaker from any of the Kiwanis Cancer Research Programs.  Make hats, trauma dolls, and quilts for children going through cancer treatment.  Raise Awareness of the Research Program - Posters, Assemblies, Church, Facebook, Everywhere!  Miracle Minutes within board meetings or schools  Volunteer at our local Children’s Hospitals  Donate toys to your local Children’s Hospitals Anything we do can help the program. This is a big project and the Kiwanis are asking for our help to do whatever we can to contribute!


“The Pacific Northwest is the beginning. The world is our goal.”




During the last month the club officers participated at TJ’s registration where we set up an information booth for incoming seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. At that time we also took their contact information including their name, number, and email address. This next week we are planning to have an officer meeting at school so we could include our new Key Club advisor, Mr. Price. That’s when we will plan our first Key Club meeting of the 2013 school year and discuss other topics to get our new advisor acquainted with Key Club.

AUGUST leadership


caring character building

During the month of July, Decatur High School's Key Club has mostly had some down time. The officers have been planning and preparing for the upcoming year. We're working on boosting our membership count by creating a more energetic and involved atmosphere within our club, especially during our meetings. To help us with this, we have received a helping hand from an additional Kiwanis advisor named Sam Sim. We're excited to get things really going in August with our involvement in Seattle Rally, which should really gain hype for key club this year. With more board meetings and getting our members back on track with key club, we can't wait to get going with this new year of service and opportunity!



CLUB REPORTS CONTINUED This past summer of 2012, our club officers have been busy brainstorming of new ideas for our club. For example, when the club meetings should be at, where the meeting will take place, what requirements are needed to remain in key club, and etc. We attended Seattle Rally at Kent Meridian High School in July which helped us tremendously with our leadership skills and goals for our school and club. It was a wonderful experience for all of us who attended. Meeting new people, listening to speakers, and just enjoying the presence of other key clubbers from Washington and other states was truly a wonderful experience for all of us. With school just starting, we are discussing about what the meetings should focus on and what we should do in order to keep members in the club throughout the year. In previous years, Auburn Mountainview's Key Club have always had the meetings in the morning. We came to the conclusion that we should change the meeting times to every Thursday after school to see if more members could join Key Club and remain in Key Club year long. On August 23rd, 2012, AMHS had our annual Lion Pride day to start off the year. We had a booth for Key Club and handed out fliers for those who were interested in Key Club. We also had a sign up table for early sign ups for those students who wanted to get ahead start. It was good seeing all these new students being interested in Key Club and joining to help out the community and to be more involved in the school. We have a lot of returners from the previous years signed up to be in Key Club as well. Our first meeting is going to be this upcoming Thursday after school on the 13th of September. We will get the message out that there's a meeting through the morning announcements, fliers, and on social medias. The officers will get started with ice breakers and from there we will get started on discussing new requirements to remain in Key Club with the members. We have an upcoming event called the Hops and Crops Festival at Mary Olson Farm on September 15th.



Group planning over the summer isn't easy, but of course if you choose to meet up at a place like McDonald's (again), everyone will come. During Mid-August, Federal Way had a very productive Board Meeting to plan the upcoming year. In addition to fundraiser ideas, there was also great amount of consideration put into boosting paid membership. We planned for new themes (with food of course :D) each month in hopes of enticing new members/retaining old ones in addition to collaborating with other clubs at school which, in theory, should advertise Key Club a lot more. We are also working on our first community service opportunity: a biannual blood drive event!




Although winning isn’t everything and Key Club isn’t about winning, winning acts as a great motivation for most of us even myself. As Key Clubbers, caring is our way of life and we do whatever it takes to help out as much as we can without needing a reward or recognition. In order to reward ourselves for our daily deeds, we will need to work together to better our division, which will in return better our community and our Key Club experiences. There are some goals that I’d like for us to all achieve together!  Unity – Our division is one huge family. I’d like for everyone to be able to communicate and serve together as one division. Socials, DCMs and divisional projects are a great and fun way for all to get to know and befriend each other.  Increased Membership – As they say, “The More the Merrier”! We can’t ever have too many Key Clubbers! :D  Spirit Stick – We have as much spirit as any other division out there, if we put in a little more effort and get a little creative, we’ll definitely be able to claim that Spirit Stick for a year!  EARLY BIRD – Front row seats at DCON sounds good right? If the whole division pays their Early Bird dues not only will we have front row seats but an extra nametag badge and a better chance of winning the Spirit Stick.  Front Row Seats – This goes along with Early Bird, no early bird, no front row seats!  Communication – It’s always frustrating not being able to communicate well with another. The use of social media, such as Facebook, makes communication so much easier!  Increase in Volunteer hours – I want every member to have at least 25 hours of community service!  Having Fun – This is one of the most important things, I want everyone in the division to be able to have fun. Hopefully there isn’t a need for a further explanation of this! Auburn High School These goals are very simple and achievable as long as everyone puts Mondays @ 2:30 PM in a fair share amount of effort! In room 203/Ms.Pickle’s room

Club Meetings!

SEPTEMBER DCM COME JOIN THE FUN! This month’s DCM will be held at Thomas Jefferson High School’s Cafeteria. We will be having two special guests speaking at our DCM. One of the speakers is Soojin Min from University of Washington. She’s coming to talk to us about a Dance Marathon and Huskies United in Giving (HUG). If you guys are interested, we’ll be attending the Dance Marathon event to raise money for Seattle Children’s hospital. And Secondly, a

Kiwanian named Kevin will be joining us and speaking to our division, to see if we’re interested in doing a Food Drive! Not only will be have guest speakers, but of course we’ll have key clubbers from all around the division! Come mingle with us and meet new friends! We’ll also be discussing about October’s Tutu DCM.

Auburn Mountainview High School Thursdays @ 7:35 AM Auburn Riverside High School Every other Wed. @ 2:30 PM Decatur High School Mondays @ 6:00-7:00pm PAC Federal Way High School Fridays @ 2:15-2:50 Theater Thomas Jefferson High School Wednesdays @2:15-2:50 Little Theater Todd Beamer Between Wed/Thurs. @ 2:30 PM

What’s Kraken!!!


The Youth Opportunities


WHAT IS IT? The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is an endowed fund for Key Club International held within the Kiwanis International Foundation. This fund uses earned interest to help Key Clubs and Key Club members serve the world by providing grants for service opportunities. The fund also provides academic scholarships for higher education. The Youth Opportunities Fund is established through a portion of your Key Club International dues and through the purchase of G. Harold Martin Fellowships. YOF grants can help you take action. Look around and identify the things that need to get done in your school, community or world. Key Clubs have applied for grant funds to support many varied service projects—see some examples

HOW DO I GET IT? YOF grants are given only to Key Clubs and/or club members. There is only one funding cycle for the Youth Opportunities Fund. The application must be received by October 15 each year. Clubs may request funding assistance from $100 to $2,000. The committee typically funds those clubs who are asking for a portion of the total cost of the project, and clubs who are working with other organizations to fund and complete the project. Notification of the Key Club International Board’s decision will be mailed no later than January 15. portunity_Fund_Form.sflb.ashx Applications must be submitted to: Kiwanis International 3636 Woodview Trace Indianapolis, IN USA, 46268 OR fax your application to 1-317-879-0204. The YOF Grant application is included in the Downloads section of the Key Club Web site under Service. The guidelines for filing the application are in the Guidebook under Board Policies. Please review them before completing the application.

Whitney High School Key Club, California-Nevada-Hawaii District

– assist the Tijuana Project: three orphanages in Baja, Mexico. The club would take basic necessities such as shampoo, undergarments, soap, and other necessities for the orphans in three orphanages. They would also purchase toys and school supplies for the orphans and put them inside of backpacks and deliver them to the approximately 150 children in the three orphanages.


We are


We are

Caring We are Family



Governor Giovanni McKenzie

Calvin Leung Grant High School Portland, Oregon Clackamas High School, Clackamas, Oregon

Treasurer Kenneth Lam Kentridge High School Renton, Washington

DISTRICT ADMINISTRATORS John Jay Seattle, Washington

Editor Bassel Hamieh Clackamas High School Clackamas, Oregon

Suzanne Endroedy Federal Way, Washington

Secretary Kelsie Hoppes Astoria High School Astoria, Oregon


Convention Chair Andy Nguyen Garfield High School Seattle, Washington (205) 903 – 7641 Kentridge High School Kent, Washington


2012-2013 OFFICERS AUBURN HIGH SCHOOL President: Peter Youn and Irma Noriega Vice President: Jonathan Nguyen Secretary: Vanessa Nguyen Treasurer: Vanessa Nguyen Editor: TBA

AUBURN MOUNTAINVIEW HIGH SCHOOL President: Sophia Wagner Vice President: Jennifer Nguyen Secretary: Greg Park Treasurer: Tiffany Chung Editor: Salina Voraphet

AUBURN RIVERSIDE HIGH SCHOOL President: Casey Kaku Vice President: Janet Yi Secretary: Rachel Wilson Treasurer: Steffani Hedstrom Editor: Rachel Paik Historian: Judo Lata

FEDERAL WAY HIGH SCHOOL President: Linda Shackles Vice President: Dilya Joseph and Julie Ouk Secretary: Courtney Yoo Treasurer: Dong Song Editor: Aleena Ajmal

THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL President: Edward Park Vice President: Katherine Dier Secretary: Bryan Shim Treasurer: Alyssa Yun Editor: Angela Kwak

TODD BEAMER HIGH SCHOOL President: Bruce Lim Vice President: Hannah Cho Secretary: Christie Peralta Treasurer: Juliana Song Editor: Leo Lim

DECATUR HIGH SCHOOL President: Jason Kim Vice President: Shawntel Bali Secretary: Faith Pak Treasurer: Matthew Hsin Editor: Alexa Osorio



Kraken of the Month Ester “Bobae” Lee Thomas Jefferson High School






Member in your club?

Nominate them for

KRAKEN of the 11


How? Just send me an email labeled “Member Nomination” with their name and school!

50 Ways to Volunteer! 1.

Help teach a younger child to read. 2. Help cook and/or serve a meal at a homeless shelter. 3. Gather clothing from your neighbors and donate it to a local shelter. 4. Make “I care” kits with combs, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc. for the homeless 5. Pack and hand out food at a local food bank. 6. Visit senior citizens at a nursing home. 7. Rake leaves, shovel snow, clean gutters or wash windows for a senior citizen. 8. Hold an afternoon dance for your local nursing home! 9. Invite local police officers to present a dug awareness/safety presentation. 10. Tutor a student that needs help learning English or some other subject 11. Organize a canned goods drive. 12. Clean up a vacant lot or park with friends.

13. Raise money to purchase/install playground equipment. 14. Plant flowers in public areas that could use from color 15. Volunteer to help at a special Special Olympics event. 16. Set up a buddy system for kids with special needs in your community. 17. Raise money for Braille books for visually impaired people. 18. Read books or the newspaper on tape for visually impaired people. 19. Bring toys to children in the cancer ward of a hospital. 20. Plant a garden or tree where the whole neighborhood can enjoy it! 21. Set up a recycling system for your home or school. 22. Organize a carpooling campaign in your neighborhood 23. Adopt an acre of a rainforest! 24. Clean up trash along a river, on a beach, or in a park.

Why Volunteer? There are plenty of reasons why you should volunteer. I know one of your reasons might be “It’s because I’m a Key Clubber”. Even though you’re a Key Clubber or not, volunteering is a great way to help out the community and change that lives around you. Every small thing you do to help the community counts and can impact the lives around you, whether they know it or not.

Why do you volunteer?

The reason why I volunteer is because I love the feeling I get when I know I’ve helped someone out and put a smile on his or her faces. But there are plenty of reasons out there to. Through volunteering, you can make new friends, discover a new talent or experience new things. So go down this list or pick something that interests you and volunteer today! (:

25. Create a campaign to encourage biking and walking. 26. Contact your local volunteer center for opportunities to serve (: 27. Volunteer at your local animal shelter 28. Help build a Home with Habitat for Humanity 29. Send a letter to one of America’s Veterans or overseas soldiers. 30. Volunteers at a local youth center. 31. Participate in a marathon for a favorite charity. 32. Become a candy striper at your local hospital! 33. Donate books to your local library. 34. Donate clothes to Salvation Army 35. Start a book club in your area 36. Adopt a pet from the Humane Society 37. Coach a children’s sport team 38. Teach a dance class 39. Organize a project for Global Youth Service Day 40. Become a Big Sister or Big Brother 41. Get together with some friends to buy presents for a family at a shelter. 42. Hold a teddy bear drive for foster children, fire victims, or others. 43. Make a care package for an elderly. 44. Teach at an adult literary center. 45. Sing for residents at a nursing home 46. Make quilts or baby clothes for low-income families. 47. Bake cookies ad bring them to your local fire hall or police station 48. Donate toys or suitcases to foster children 49. Around the holidays, visit the post office and answer some letters so Santa. 50. Visit to find volunteer opportunities in your area!


DIVISION BUSINESS SEPTEMBER DCM Septermber, 20th 2012 Further information will be announced in the Division 33 Key Clubbers Facebook group @ Thomas Jefferson High School Cafeteria

Photoshop Savvy? Help Division 33 by submitting Kraken graphics/clipart that you have created! Email them to Keep in mind our division colors are blue and gold!



Visit your Kiwanis! They love seeing Key Club faces at their meetings.



Thank you for continuously keeping up with the Kraken Kosmo! One will be posted up and sent out every month. There will always be important information in newsletters so it is strongly suggested that every officer reads this, and also it would be nice if this were passed on to members and those in the community. But if you’ve read all of this there is a quick task. Send me a suggestion about the newsletter, what you think about it, what it should have etc. What would make you more interested in reading this?

Contact Information: Amy Nguyen (205) 903 7641 email:


Kraken Kosmopiltan: September Edition  
Kraken Kosmopiltan: September Edition  

The September newsletter of Division 33