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GREETINGS Hey Baby Dragons! It’s that time of the month again! And by time of the month, I mean newsletter time! The Toasty Times is finally out of the toaster so please enjoy with some jam and butter! Can you see it? Can you hear it? Can you taste it? Can you smell it? Can you feel it? “What are you talking about?” you may ask? Well I’m talking about freedom! With only a few more weeks, we’re dying to just get school over and done with. Just a little bit more and we’re out! I hope you all have studied hard to pass your AP/IB/EOC Exams! I’m sure you all did great! We only have finals left so keep going and work hard! What’s the perfect way to celebrate the end of the school year? Key Club events of course! Please attend Portland Rally on June 21st, the Officer Installation/Awards Banquet, which doubles as our June DCM, on June 22nd, and Tacoma Rally on June 28th! Summer vacation is a great way to have more fun with Key Club! From volunteer events, to DCMs, to rallies, Key Club never stops! Officers! Thank you for turning in your reports! Every single one of one got them in on time! Please continue to nominate outstanding clubs, officers, and regular members! I did not get enough nominations for Dragon Club of the Month Dragon Members of the Month of April and May. Please get those in so I can include them in my next newsletter! Shutout to Peter Da for being the only one to turn them in. (Yes, it’s true. Only one out of 42 Division 32 officers turned it in). You’ve all done a great job, but we need to work on that. The end of the school year also means the end of my unfortunate situation. I apologize for not fully being there for you guys these past few months! But now I’m back in action and nobody can stop me! Please look out for upcoming fundraisers, volunteer events, and socials planned by yours truly! Menchies and Brown Bear coupons anyone? How about a hypnotist show and some Key Club and Kiwanis collaboration? Definitely some interclub action! Maybe even another joint DCM? This summer will be packed full of nonstop service, fundraising, and fun in the sun! If you have any suggestions on volunteer events, socials, or fundraisers that we should do, please don’t be afraid to let me know! Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me! Mama Dragon is here to listen to you! I have updated the Dragon Scale Standings so please turn to page 15 for more information! Officers and members! READ MY NEWSLETTERS! Please. I’ve seen a decrease in newsletter participation and that just break my heart. I know you guys are busy, but it only takes a few minutes to read through my newsletters! I expect to see an increase by July! Please read your District Editor’s newsletters as well! Jenny Zhang spends a lot of time and effort on her newsletters and she loves feedback (as do I). Just keep that in mind for the future! Thank you Baby Dragons and see you around!

Yours always in caring, love, friendship, and service

Morgan Lucena

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KEY CLUB 101 What is Key Club?

Key Club is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. It is a student-led organization that teaches leadership through service to others. Members of the Kiwanis International family, Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities.

What do we believe in?

Mission Statement

Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership


We are caring and competent servant leaders transforming communities worldwide

Core Values

Leadership, character building, caring and inclusiveness


I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions


Caring–Our Way of Life


• To develop initiative and leadership • To provide experience in living and working together • To serve the school and community • To cooperate with the school principal • To prepare for useful citizenship • To accept and promote the following ideals: o To give primacy to the human and spiritual, rather than to the material values of life o To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships o To promote the adoption and application of highe standards in scholarship, sportsmanship and social contacts o To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship o To provide a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render unselfish service and to build better communities o To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which makes possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and good will

Where is Key Club?

The International Office is in Indianapolis, Indiana, at 3636 Woodview Trace. Key Clubis represented in 32 nations: Antigua and Barbuda Cayman Islands Germany New Caledonia Taiwan Aruba Colombia Guadeloupe New Zealand Thailand Australia Costa Rica Hungary Panama Trinidad and Bahamas Dominica Italy Philippines Tobago Barbados Dominica Jamacia Singapore Turks and Bermuda Ecuador Malaysia South Korea Caicos Islands Canada England Martinique St. Lucia USA

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Key Club and Leadership Structure

Preferred Charities

Fun Facts

• Key Club first formed in 1925 in Sacramento, California • Key Club has approximately 260,000 members in approximately 5,000 clubs • Every Key Club member should be willing to undertake 50 hours of service each year • The chartering fee for new a Key Clubs is US$400-US$600 • Fifteen members are needed to start a new Key Club • The Key Club District Convention occurs annually in the spring • The Key Club International convention occurs annually in July

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What is the Eliminate Project?

The Eliminate Project is a joint project with Kiwanis and UNICEF to internationally terminate MNT.

What is MNT?

Maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) is tetanus that occurs in mothers and new borns. Its effects are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. MNT kills one baby every nine minutes. It also kills mothers and there is little hope of survival.

Who suffers from MNT?

MNT strikes the poorest of the poor, the geographically hard to reach and those without health care. It is caused when tetanus pores, found in soil everywhere, come into contact with open cuts during childbirth.

Can MNT be stopped?

Yes! Just three doses of a 60-cent immunization protect mothers, who then pass on the immunity to their future babies.

DO YOUR PART EDCUCATE yourself Advocate to the world Invest to save and protect Eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus

$1.80 is enough to save the lives of a mother and her newborn

For more information visit:

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Key Leader

Great weekend Good Food Challenge Activities Leader Tools Meet new friends Receive Key Leader Grams (notes from new friends)

PNW Key Leader Weekends

Portland Area: Seattle Area: October 24th-26th November 7th-9th Camp Collins, Camp Sambica, Gresham Bellevue Register at: You can register ahead and click “pay later” if you don’t want to pay right away

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K-FAMILY Kiwanis International

Kiwanians around the globe have one common goal: to serve the children of the world. Kiwanis advocates this vision every day by providing opportunities to serve for every member of a community through Service Leadership Programs. Through these opportunities, youth and young adults around the world become competent, capable, and compassionate leaders.

Aktion Club (for adults with disabilities)

Aktion Club members in more than 200 clubs in seven nations allow adults living with disabilities to develop initiative and leadership skills through hands-on service. These adults return to the community the benefits, help, and caring they have received.

CKI (for college students)

Circle K International (CKI) is the premier university service organization in the world sponsored by Kiwanis International. With clubs on more than 550 campuses globally, programming is based upon the tenets of service, leadership, and fellowship.

Builders Club (for middle school students) Nearly 40,000 middle and junior high students in 1,300 clubs in 18 nations contribute service to school and community while developing leadership and people skills. Builders Club members implement practical service-learning principals as they focus on supporting organizations that focus on the needs of children.

K-Kids (for elementary students)

K-Kids is a student-led community service club for elementary students that teaches members the value of helping others through participation in community service projects and club activities.

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What: A mini DCON to learn about service, leadership, and Key Club spirit Where: Lake Bible Church (4565 Carman Dr, Lake Oswego, OR 97035) When: Saturday, June 21st 8:00am3:00pm Who: Everybody

What to Bring: Signed Authorization Form Divisional Spirit Gear Money for Miracle Minute Plastic Bottles Talent Show Registration Key Club Spirit

Prices: Early Bird: $7 (Deadline: June 15th 10:00pm) Register online on Eventbrite here: ckets-11757626377?discount=EXAMPLE At the door: $9

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SUMMER SERVICE FUN, SUN, AND SERVICE 50 ways to serve over the summer 1. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen to feed the homeless. 2. Sign up to read to children at your local library. 3. Donate time to your local animal shelter. 4. Volunteer at a local retirement or nursing home. 5. Check opportunities with Habitat for Humanity. 6. Volunteer at your local hospital. 7. Take some time out of your day to help out at your local food bank. 8. Organize a community clean-up project with your friends to clear trash and debris from a beach, lake, park, or neighborhood! 9. Volunteer your time at a local summer camp as a counselor. 10. Help out at your local church. 11. Plant a community garden. 12. Help coach a youth sports team. 13. Cook and bring meals to your local firehouse. 14. Start a school supply drive for needy children. 15. Send a card and a care package to a soldier overseas through 16. Volunteer to with your local Special Olympics. 17. Find opportunities on the United Way website. 18. Mentor a child through Big Brothers Big Sisters. 19. Volunteer at one of your local daycare centers. 20. Volunteer for an American Red Cross chapter. 21. Gather your old toys and clothing and donate them to your local homeless shelter. 22. Deliver bagged lunches to homeless living on the street. (Have a parent accompany you for this one) 23. Help clean up a neighbor’s yard that is unable to. 24. Teach a young child to read. 25. Find volunteer opportunities at a county fair. 26. Become a volunteer at your local museum. 27. Volunteer at your local zoo. 28. Collect unused makeup, perfume, and other cosmetics and donate them to a shelter for women. 29. Help neighbors paint and repair their homes. 30. Set up a walk to benefit a particular charity. 31. Join a group that loves to volunteer such as The Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or 4-H!

32. Volunteer to do office work at a non-profit agency. 33. Clean up a trail during the National Trail Day in June. 34. Collect aluminum cans and donate the money to your favorite charity. 35. With the help of a parent, start a neighborhood watch program. 36. Organize a neighborhood car wash for your favorite charity. 37. Grab some friends and have a garage sale with proceeds going to your favorite charity. 38. Put on a cheerful puppet show for sick hospitalized children. 39. Do you have a knack for sewing? How about sewing some simple pillow case dresses for young girls in African orphanages? 40. Volunteer to teach a class on something you know like karate, crafting, dance, etc. at your local community center. 41. Volunteer your time and lend a hand at local farm. 43. Become a GoodGuide Youth Mentor through Goodwill. 44. Organize a dog and cat food drive for your local animal shelter. 45. Start a pet therapy program in your local nursing or retirement home. 46. With parent approval, consider fostering a dog or cat from your local animal shelter until a forever loving home is found. 47. Do you knit or crochet? How about knitting hats for cancer patients? 48. Grab some friends and make some homemade cards to send to sick kids. 49. Have you heard of Terracycle? This company takes recycled wrappers and turns them into reusable items. Why not start a Terracycle recycling program in your community? 50. Still need more ideas? is a huge database that will connect you to local volunteer opportunities.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lindbergh June 4th: Alan Kwiatkowski June 4th: Kate Heebler June 5th: Molly Le June 7th: Ahmed Olson June 9th: Aman Buttar June 10th: Jamie costales June 16th: Justin Danao June 24th: Kimmy Dang June 28th: Alan Talmantes June 29th: Bese Mekonnen

Kent-Meridian June 4th Calvin Nguyen June 27th: Junelle Palisoc

Kentridge June 14th: Amanda Nee

Kentwood June 16th: Brian Kuranishi Hazen June 2nd: Nini Hong June 10th: Vivian Tang June 12th: Abner Pagunuran June 26th: Yena Nguyen June 27th: Crystal Tam

Renton June 8th: Abigail Gallardo Garcia June 18th: Ellyse Dallas

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MAY DCM REVIEW The Joint DCM with divisions 22/24, 26, 27, 28, 33, 34, and 35 was a total hit! We got to meet and bond with Key Clubbers from a multitude of divisions. Even Key Clubbers from Division 20i and Oregon came! Unfortunately we ran out of food to eat, but we still had a ton of fun! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and made a lot of friends from throughout the Seattle Area and beyond! We raised $654.23 from the Miracle Minute, enough for every LtG to get pied in the face! My presidential innie, Justin Danao, was the one wo got to pie my in the face. Division 32 held the first ever Key Club Tennis Tournament at a DCM. The mixed doubles pair, Luana Williams and Daniel Kim, both from Division 35, both won a free pass to Seattle Rally this summer. We made a total of $140 from the tournament, which means we saved 77 babies from MNT! Great job guys! I hope to see many more of you guys at the June DCM which doubles as the Officer Installation/Awards Banquet!

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WHAT’S NEW IN DIVISION 32? June DCM Officer Installation/Awards Banquet What: Divisional Council Meeting to celebrate a fantastic year with awards for outstanding clubs and individuals and install new officers Where: The Old Spaghetti Factory (17100 Southcenter Pkwy #160, Tukwila, WA 98188) When: Sunday, June 22nd 7:30pm9:30pm Who: 70 key clubbers and advisors maximum!

As the school year is coming to a close, it is time to officially install our new officers, retire former officers and give out awards for the accomplishments this year by clubs and individuals. All the awards have been decided by your former Lieutenant Governor, Alan Yen, and will be presented by him as well. The cost is $15.00 per person which pays for the meal as well as the tax. All drinks that don’t include water must be ordered separately. Hot and iced tea, coffee, or milk is $1.00 and all soft drinks are $1.50. Please fill out the order link below and bring your $15.00 the day of the banquet in order to enter. Only 70 people can come so please fill out your order form as soon as possible! You may come to the celebration without having to pay for dinner, but keep in mind that other people will want to attend and pay. Please wear semi-formal attire. Thank you so much for your service! I hope to see you there!

Submit your dinner order here: com/forms/d/1OmNAlew-WU0ecf_t83J3cbVcetutCoIdIoJAhCyZEXw/viewform

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The point of Dragon Scales is to create a comfy environment in our division, improve communication throughout our division, improve member, officer, and club performance, which combined, will improve our division as a whole.

How does this work?

Short term goals have been set for members, officers, and clubs as a whole. If these are met, Dragon Scale Points will be given. If a club meets their long term goal of a specific number of Dragon Scale Points by the end of the year, that club will be invited to The Dragon Scale Party where cool prizes like big checks and certificates will be given out. The long term goal divided by 10 will be the average number of Dragon Scale Points a club will need to reach every month in order to be on track to go to the Dragon Scale Party. Clubs can recover from a loss of Dragon Scale Points (or gain extra) by carrying out miscellaneous tasks throughout the year or attending Kiwanis meetings and DCMs.

Division 32 Facebook Page

Club Lindbergh Hazen Renton Kent-Meridian Kentridge Kentwood Kentlake Tahoma

President Duties 10/100 10/100 10/100 10/86 10/100 10/100 10/100 10/100

VP Duties 10/100 10/100 10/100 10/100 10/100 10/100 10/100 10/100

Secretary Treasurer Duties Duties 20/360 20/360 20/360 20/360 20/360 20/360 20/360 20/360

10/100 10/93 10/86 10/100 10/100 10/79 10/100 10/79

• President’s Report -- submitted on time 10 points (or late - 3 points) • Vice President’s Report -- submitted on time - 10 points (or late - 3 points) • Secretary’s Report -- submitted on time 20 points (or late - 5 points) • Secretary’s Email -- 5 points • Treasurer’s Report -- submitted on time 10 points (or late - 3 points) • Editor’s Newsletter -- 20 points • Editor’s Bulletin -- 10 points • Newsletter Participation -- 5 points per member (answer the question correctly) • DCM Attendance -- 10 points per member • Kiwanis Meeting Attendance -- 20 points per member • Kiwanis DCM Attendance -- 25 points per member • Complete Officer Attendance at DCM -50 points (my DCMs or Kiwanis DCMs) • Division 32 Facebook Page -- 3 points per new member • Miscellaneous -- Points will vary Editor Duties 20/100 /140 /200 /200 /100 /200 /100 /100



Kiwanis Meetings

Kiwanis DCMs


45/1500 300/1400 45/500 270/1050 45/500 80/1000 45/900 220/1350 45/1250 220/1550 45/1400 160/800 45/850 70/1000 45/250 20/350

Lindbergh, Hazen, and Kent-Meridian are on track to go to the Dragon Scale Party!

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Total 415 365 175 315 315 205 165 115

Goal 4222 2340 2340 3090 3560 3030 2610 1320

Lisa Antonio [District Governor] Division 28


Ik Hoon Jung [District Secretary] Division 65 John Jay District Administrator District Treasurer [Aneesh Pappu]

Division 56

Jenny Zhang [District Editor] Division 32 Tom Saunders Asst. District Administrator Cleo Tsang [Convention Chair]

Division 32

INTERNATIONAL BOARD Roshini Chandwani PNW International Trustee (Texas-Oklahoma District)

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President: Justin Danao Vice President: Jessica Tiamzon Secretary: Lisa Lai Treasurer: Efrain Velasco Bulletin Editor: Kenji Nicholson President: Cindy Truong Vice President: Jacquelin Huang Secretary: Constance La Treasurer: Crystal Tam Bulletin Editor: Jonathan Dieu

President: Emily Ly Vice President: Bryan Raganot Secretary: Elise Nguyen Treasurer: Kimberly Ly Bulletin Editor: Kelsey Tran Public Relations: Calvin Nguyen President: Nancy Tran Vice President: Sarah Turner Secretary: Truman Ngo Treasurer: Peter Da Bulletin Editor: Connor Chin

President: Emily Yoshioka Vice President: Carina Tran Secretary: Kim Anh Tran Treasurer: Tony Vo Bulletin Editor: Kim Tran


President: Natalie Cerna Vice President: Katarina Hunt Secretary: Katie Sherick Treasurer: Danae Golding Bulletin Editor: Anne Sweeney President: Michelle Nguyen Vice President: Jenny Feng Secretary: Kathleen Nguyen Treasurer: Naomi Cho Bulletin Editor: Denny Tran Historian: JoJo Saunders President: Zia Wanalista Vice President: Hieu Nguyen Secretary: Abbie Descargar Treasurer: Bannysa La Torre Bulletin Editor: Alexa Agustiano

Page Page17 3 | The Toasty Times | Page 17 3

Morgan Lucena Lt. Governor 425-306-9313 morganlucena.d32.kci

Jim Owens Kiwanis D32 LtG

Sue Owens Area Administrator Divisions 32 and 33

THANKS FOR READING! What is the purpose of Dragon Scales? Email, text or Facebook message me your response by June 24th for Dragon Scale Points!

The Toasty Times | June 2014  
The Toasty Times | June 2014  

Official Newsletter of Division 32 of the Pacific Northwest District of Key Club International.