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Seamonkey SEAmonkey STORY

S E P T E M B E R 2011 | V O L U M E 1 | I S S U E 3

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Important Dates September 30

RTC $$$ DUE!

October 13

October 22


RTC @ Clark! Cimarron! Page 1

LTG Corner

It’s been a while since I’ve given you updates and I am so sorry about that. I have been so caught up with school work and planning for our division yet I haven't put my thoughts to action. Don't ever feel like your problems are too small for me to assist in. I am here to serve you. If you guys need help recruiting members, finding service projects, or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact me. I know the school year has already started, but I want to say good luck for the rest of the year. Manage your time and put priorities up first. Let's all try to put service on that list of priorities. Let's make a difference. Let's improve not only as clubs, but also as individuals.

Lieutenant Governer:

Steven Kim Faith Lutheran HS About this picture: All your Region 5 Officers!

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Divisional News DIVISIONAL Membership Dues!  

 

You can start turning in membership dues October 1st. Clubs who have their dues turned in by November 1st get the early bird recognition. All clubs must get their dues in by December 1st. (website to register)

NEXT DCM! Date: October 13th Time: 5pm – 6pm Location: @

Clark HS Service Projects!

As the last couple of months of 2011 are passing by, there seems to be so many things to do! Sometimes, you may feel like you can get nothing done, with this short amount of time. But it's okay.. Remember that Key Clubbers are here to support you. We are all in this together, and that is the amazing thing about the service organization. I hope you guys have been creating close relationships among not only your club members, but also people from other clubs in this division. Let's try to plan out a service project, at least one, before the year ends. I can help you find a service project and maybe even help you joint with another club around your area.

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Club Articles Ed W. Clark HS Key Club School Cleanup Today’s Key Club School Cleanup at Clark High School was really exciting. I had to wake up really early on a Saturday but it was going to be a blast. We have so many new members joining key club! Everyone split off into groups to pick up trash with gloves on our hands. My group was Margaret, Connie, Shirley, Catherine, Sam and Jenessa. I met a couple of people while we picked up trash. I was surprised Sam had the guts to pick up a guy’s underwear off the street. At least the street is clean now and nobody else has to pick it up. (: After we were done, we had filled up one trash bag. I felt really pleased that we all helped to clean up the school because we are doing a favor for the faculty especially the janitors. Then, we had a friendly competition of “I’ve Got Spirit Yes, I do. I’ve Got Spirit, how about you?” cheer. I was glad to see everyone screaming loudly. The DOWN cheer is one of my favorites although it is kind of awkward going down. hahaha If anyone saw me cheer then look at my legs and shoes, it was because I had a lot of ants crawling up my legs! Did anybody else have ants? I am really scared of bugs of all kinds. I’ll be the one screaming and running away. How embarassinggg! Anyways, I saw that a lot of the freshmen were embarrassed to cheer. Come on freshmen! I was really thrilled though at the first meeting that some had the guts to come to the front and cheer. It makes me proud. I give those freshmen props. haha I hope the freshmen get used to all of our cheering. It’s a big part of key club (other than community service of course). Cheering is a lot of fun especially when cheering with all of your friends. It really shows how much spirit you have. They better be ready for RTC because Clark is going to win! :)

-Celine Endy Member

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Club ClubArticles Articles Photo Bomb! |Clark HS

@ Ice Skating social and School Clean Up. Page 5

Club ClubArticles Articles Key Club Ice Skating Social This social was truly exciting. I was so pleased to see all of incoming freshman key clubbers. Although I fell a couple of times, I had a blast. Ice skating is one of my favorite hobbies. My favorite part is the feeling of the cool breeze on my face as I skate faster. On that day, I introduced her to all of the key clubbers I knew. She showed me Markus and I was able to meet him. I mostly hung out with the freshmen to get to know them. I was able to talk to friends that I have not seen for a while like Maroon and Winnie. Going to this social made me realize how much I miss school. It was a strange feeling of missing school because I did not want school to start. After the social, school was going to come by sooner than I thought. -Celine Endy Member

Cimarron-Memorial Club News Here at CMHS key club we had both our first board and members meeting. It was great there were alot of new people who were intrested in joining key club. Our first members meeting was fun we played ice breakers, meet new intresting people, and provided our members with a informational powerpoint.We are hoping to keep exspanding our key club chapter through word of the mouth. In addition CMHS did attend the DCM at Spring valley. Here we meet alot of new people. We got some ideas for for upcoming service projects. (Above picture in the dashed red box)

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Club ClubArticles Articles Northwest CTA Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Awareness This event this past Saturday on September 17. The event was held in order to raise awareness about childhood cancer; apparently the rates of this disease are rapidly increasing in people of young age. This event was a 5k run; the runners could participate individually or in groups. There was an early bird sign up, which was a bit cheaper. All proceeds would go toward studying this deadly disease. The event was a blast, it was held at Exploration Park at Mountain’s Edge. The event started pretty early at 6:30 am, was the sign-in, and the race started around 7:00 am. After the race was ran, everyone gathered around the stage to receive awards. There were awards presented in various categories, ranging from age, to gender, to time record. The guests were treated with warm food and refreshing drinks. Companies like Walker’s Furniture, Century Link, and Starbucks were also there to give their support. Participants left the event with goodie bags, and a great feeling of accomplishment. For they had just ran 5 k’s to help a child survive cancer.


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Clu b News

Cimarron Harvest hoedown @

Mcmillan Elementary

oct. 15



Dodgeball game th sept. 30 Cane’s / yogurtland Fundraiser Please send in your school’s events so it can be featured in the newsletter! (:

Sept. 30

th Page 8

Seamonkey See, Seamonkey Do

OCT. st

1 – Membership Dues! th 13 - dcm @ CLARK HS th 13 - fall rally regis. nd 22 - RTC @ Cimarron – memorial

Nov. 19


- fall rally Page 9

Contact Info Contact Lieutenant Governor

Region 5 Advisors Ms. Alyson Palmer (702) 338-8239 Jenn Skidmore (702) 499-8819 Bright_eyed78@yahoo. com

Steven Kim 702.355.5228

Divisional Assistants Hannah Kim - Secretary Benjamin Dungca - Assistant Vivian Ho - Tech Editor

Division 28 West Clubs Centennial Cimarron-Memorial Durango Desert Oasis Ed. W. Clark Faith Lutheran Northwest CTA Pahrump Valley Palo Verde Sierra Vista Southwest CTA Spring Valley West CTA The Meadows


By: Vivian Ho Page 10

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The Seamonkey Story | September 2011 | Vol. 1 | Issue 3  
The Seamonkey Story | September 2011 | Vol. 1 | Issue 3